Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The Penguin and the Gremlin fly their rocket ship… Enzo gets off and worries that he may have pulled a hamstring..

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12am Out in the backyard Ragan and Britney are talking on the hammock. Britney tells him about the conversation she had with Brendon about him marrying Rachel. They laugh at the thought of Rachel and Brendon getting married. They talk about how Brendon is so much better of a person without Rachel here. Britney says he is so much more toe-lerable…. Ragan tells Britney about talking to Matt about what Matt’s conversation to Britney had been about earlier. Ragan tells Britney how hurt he was about situations and patterns in his life where someone in his life, friend or family, and he (Ragan) gets passive aggressive. Ragan talks about what made him cry was when he heard Lane’s story and then thought about how if he had won the phone call, who would he have, other than his mom and sister. Ragan says that it made him feel low for himself. Ragan says that he is happy for Lane though. Ragan says that he does not condone what Matt did but truly believes it’s a real friendship. Ragan says that he thinks he will grow up to be lonely person if he can’t forgive people. Ragan tells Britney that they need to have a serious conversation about the two of them, how they should go on in this game. Ragan thinks that they will be seen as the pair now and that makes them a target. He says they need to do things to distance themselves somewhat from each other so that they don’t get put up against each other. Britney says she has been spending more time with Hayden and that’s a good thing. Britney says that she also thinks people think of her and Lane as a sort of a pair.

Enzo, Brendon, Matt, Hayden and Lane are all sitting on the backyard couch. Hayden tells Matt that Ragan is creeps him out. Matt agrees. Matt talks about Britney and tells Hayden that he is so suspicious of Britney. Matt says that he just wants to have a talk with her, he knows it is done and over but he just wants to understand what happened. Matt says it isn’t about being up on the bock that upsets him, it’s all the drama and BLANK that lead to him being up. Matt says that he won’t be giving Britney his jury vote. Matt and Hayden are playing a game where they flick a folded piece of paper through a wine bottle and tinfoil goal.

12:25am Britney says that she agrees with his strategy to distance themselves even though she doesn’t like it. Britney tells Ragan that they will both get to stay there is Brendon doesn’t get HOH or POV this week. Brendon says goodnight from across the yard. Britney and Ragan say goodnight. Ragan says that he thinks that after Brendon is gone, Britney is the number one target. Ragan tells Britney that he has her back. Britney says thanks Ragan, and I’ve got yours. Britney says that their game got screwed by Rachel Riley. Ragan says he doesn’t understand why she was after him more than anyone else. Ragan calls her a psycho BLANK. Britney says that she wishes she would never have to hear Rachel’s voice again. Ragan and Britney talk about how amazing it would be if they made final two. Britney says that Rachel would have to wear a diaper because she would be so uncontrollable. They mimic how they think Rachel would react to Ragan and Britney as final two on the finale night. They laugh about how Matt is going to be sent to jury house with Rachel. They talk about how it is karma! They talk about how it would even be better if it was double eviction and Brendon went into jury right after Matt and Matt was stuck there with Brendon and Rachel.

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In the bathroom Brendon, Enzo and Lane are talking. Lane is in the shower. Enzo tells them that he was planning on coming into the house and pretending that he wasn’t married. Enzo says that he blew his own cover right away and just had to tell everyone he was married. They talk about their first impressions of everyone.  They talk about Hayden coming in with his glistening hair flowing all over the place.  Enzo says that he was scared of Hayden at first saying that he was a big dude …and that he’ll need to get in shape first before they get into it.  They talk about Monet.  Brendon says that he thought she was hot but that he’s into black chicks.  Enzo says he knew right away that Ragan was the gay guy. Brendon brings up Andrew and Enzo says he wasn’t scared of Andrew, he knew he was a big nerd. Enzo says that when he first saw Rachel he was like damn, bazookas… They laugh about how crazy it was the first day standing in front of the house waiting to enter and how they couldn’t say anything to each other. They head out of the bathroom.

Lane comes over to Matt and Hayden in the backyard. Matt and Hayden are still flicking pieces of tinfoil through the goal. Enzo comes over and says to Matt so yo, Matty you got no powers? Matt says that he has been talking to one of the diary room guys about Howard Stern…. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back, Ragan comes outside carrying a glass of red wine. Enzo gets up to go over and lift some weights. Britney asks Hayden if he is HOH next week and has to pick one have-not, who would it be? Hayden says Lane. Lane acts surprised but Hayden says they already talked about it. Hayden and Matt are searching for the folded up pieces of tinfoil that got lost in the couch. Ragan and Britney start talking about the Real Housewives of New York. They talk about what they got to see before they went into sequester. They wonder what Real Housewives franchise will be up next when they get out of the house. They laugh at Enzo working out lifting weight. Enzo asks what you’ve never seen a penguin lift weights? Ragan talks about how Enzo will be doing the live show in his penguin outfit and says that the more cantankerous you are the funnier it will be. Matt says now you’re going to have tell him what cantankerous means. Ragan tells Britney that he knows they make fun of how Brendon cooks food, but that the broccoli he made smelled good! Britney says that is his burden to bear. Britney is making a tinfoil tiara.

1:15am Enzo is lifting weights while Lane lays in the hammock and laughs at him. Enzo fools around on the weights. Enzo puts on the head of the penguin and pretends he is flying a space ship. Matt hops on the back and they pretend to are fly a space ship. Enzo starts making sound effects. Its pretty funny to watch. Matt says he is getting off they’re all crazy. Enzo gets off and worries he may have pulled a hamstring doing that. Britney is now posing and walking in her tiara made of tinfoil. Enzo goes over to Lane who is in the hammock. Enzo says that he hates it when Ragan tells stories. Lane and Enzo think he knows way too much about the game, Lane says what?! … has he seen every season? Britney joins them and Enzo says do Kristen, do Kristen!! Britney does her impression of Kristen. Enzo tells her if she did that in diary room session she’s going to get BLANK up. Britney say that she did … Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back …. They are talking about how Kathy is in the Jury House with Rachel. They talk about how they think Kathy would want to kill herself rather than be there with Rachel. Hayden tries to use a vase as a skateboard and then he breaks it. They start talking about things Rachel could do after Big Brother. They talk about how they think she would be great on Bad Girls Club or a Rock of Love type show, or Celebrity Rehab …. Enzo says that she could be on Skank Bus… They laugh. They laugh about Hayden breaking the vase. Ragan says that no one would ever guess by looking at him that Hayden has anger issues. They talk about how Rachel said Hayden is always yelling in his diary room sessions.. Hayden says goodnight to everyone. Matt tells him not to break anything on his way in. Britney starts attacking Enzo with a towel. Britney chases Enzo inside. Everyone is laughing. Ragan and Matt are alone on the hammock now…

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1:45am Enzo and Lane are talking and laughing in the Taj bedroom. Enzo grabs his fake saboteur note and holds it up to the camera and says I know your secret ….you’re gonna be wearing a penguin suit in two days.  They all laugh.  Enzo says that he is going to winning at least one HOH! Lane says watch he’ll win HOH during double elimination so he won’t even get the HOH room… Enzo says that they’ll give him half a letter and a ripped up picture. They laugh. Enzo jokes around with Britney and Lane. Enzo says he is getting used to the penguin suit and that it is becoming a part of him. Enzo says that people are talking to him now like they don’t even see the suit. Enzo says that it actually makes his upper body look good. Enoz says that he is thinking of wearing a belt and a hat with it on Thursday. Enzo says that he is keeping this BLANK when this is over! Enzo says that he wants to get it washed before Thursday! Hayden comes in and tells them he is bummed because he got in trouble for breaking the vase. Enzo starts talking about all of his clothes that they took away…and says that they are wearing my clothes, that’s what is happening behind the walls. Enzo says that someone is wearing a meow, meow shirt. Hayden tells them that he is on probation with Big Brother because he broke the vase. Hayden says that this is the second thing he has broken and he can’t be going around breaking things. Hayden broke a pool sticks and now the vase.

Matt and Ragan are in the backyard. Ragan asks Matt if before Matt leaves the house would he tell him if he won any prizes in the POV competition. Matt tells Ragan that he swears he didn’t get any prizes. Matt tells Ragan that he thinks Britney won the Hawaiian vacation. Matt tells Ragan that he just needs to understand what happened this week was from Britney’s mouth. Matt says that he doesn’t understand what is going on with Britney. Ragan tells Matt that he doesn’t think it was Britney it was someone else pulling the strings. Matt says that he always thought it was Britney on her own that decided to come after him. Matt thinks that Ragan is alluding to Brendon pulling Britney’s strings. Matt says he would like to see Hayden, Ragan and Lane in the final 3. Ragan says that is never going to happen, he does not trust Hayden anymore after last week. Ragan says that Hayden revealed a sensitive conversation to Britney that he and Ragan had. Ragan says that he trusts Hayden the least of anyone in the house. Matt is surprised. Ragan says that he thinks that Hayden and Enzo are our season’s ultimate floaters and that their days are numbered. Matt says good for you.

2:10am Enzo asks Hayden if Matt is trying to get votes. Hayden says a little, he just wanted to know that everyone has an open mind when it comes to the eviction. Enzo says he is going to have a crazy speech and that he wants to make it a long one. Britney says that they only give you forty seconds. Enzo says that he is going to make mad shout outs… Britney laughs and asks in your penguin outfit?! The conversation changes to cast for big brother. They talk about how they think there were about two hundred people that made the finals and that it was then cut down to the thirteen of them. Enzo is joking around and says that he can’t stop talking about production, its like a drug. Britney starts telling a story from a show called I Shouldn’t Be Alive. The group flips off the light to hear Britney’s story. Britney says that it’s a story about a group of people traveling in Africa. Britney says they were sleeping in tents and a herd of hyena’s entered the camp and ended up pulling a guy from the tent by his head. The others in his group were able to save the guy before the hyenas were able to drag him away and eat him. Lane gets up and scares Enzo because he cant see him in the dark.

2:30am Ragan and Matt are still talking. Ragan says that his big plan if he wins HOH is to make a big move. Ragan says that he thinks if he can win the next HOH he can be responsible for sending Brendon home and if he doesn’t win HOH he says he is going to try to fly under the radar and spend time by himself. Matt says he should be social with everyone, if they ask him to play pool, go play pool. Matt says he is still going to try to stay. Ragan responds that he is just being his friend and tells Matt that nothing is going to keep him here this week. Matt says to Ragan that as a closet fan of the show he can tell that Ragan is in a great position. Matt says that he thinks Ragan is in a great position, and that Ragan doesn’t even understand. Matt reminds him that this is a house full of pussies and they don’t want to vote you out.

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Enzo and Hayden decide to go to bed and head into the have not room. Brendon wakes up when they come in. Enzo comments on how he hates laying in the other beds and then coming in to sleep on the cots. Enzo says that he thinks Matt and Ragan are still talking out in the backyard. Enzo says that he wonders what is up with that BLANK bromance and BLANK!! They say goodnight to each other.

2:45am Matt tells Ragan that this day was low on his list. Ragan says that he is going to be so alone. Matt says if he wins HOH people will be kissing his BLANK. Ragan says that he is going into Thursday like it is double eviction and that he already has his mind made up as to what he’d do if he wins HOH. Ragan and Matt talk about how Hayden betrayed his trust. Matt says that he thinks Britney is the sneakiest most untrustworthy person left in the house. Matt really thinks that he is going to try to stay in the house. Ragan keeps telling him that it is a lost cause. They both head inside to the bathroom. Ragan is upset that he’ll be on his own once Matt leaves. Matt says that he thinks that is the best position to be in and to not be in a pair, because they will be targets. On their way to bed Matt and Ragan stop to look at the memory wall. Matt says that he doesn’t think they touched up the pictures. Ragan says they touched up his picture a little. Ragan says Rachel’s pores are like the opposite of a Noxzema commercial. Matt and Ragan are in the bedroom talking. Ragan talks about how Chima obstructed the camera in that room. Ragan comments that Chima’s behaviour makes more and more sense to him everyday. Matt and Ragan say goodnight.

3am All the house guests are asleep…

7:55am The house guests are still fast asleep.

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You forgot to mention 1:12AM (cam 3) Enzo seals his fate this Thursday by taking a small candy bar out of his costume and eating it. Will CBS over look his cheating? We shall see…..


Didn’t Enzo cheat once before when he was a have not?


he would get a vote against him


from Allison Grodner


Yeah, he cheated before and was told he would be evicted if he did it again. Nothing will make it better. Nothing. Whether he stays OR goes this season blows. Chill out psycho.

dany 1

psycho? dosent take u much to rattle your cage i see…u must be a fan of ragan’s…


Ha! Can’t stand Ragan.”Rattled my cage?” Not hardly. I just consider anybody that uses the “F word” as many times as u did about something as stupid as an annoying player that cheated by eating while being a have not after being warned of the consequences, a psycho.


or someone that has integrity!!!


Agree. Kristen put that ugly hippietard and wig on ebay.I wonder if enzo gets to keep the penguin suit if he doesn’t get evicted in it?


That doesn’t count because it’s a brocolli candy bar. Huh!


It still counts with Allison Grodner


Will Allison Grodner overlook that he ate the candy bar instead of her?


“instead of her eating it.” Enzo really doesn’t want any piece of her.


who would want any part of Enzo??????
He probably passes gas when having sex —- I doubt if you could call it ‘making love’ when he is involved. He is very gross!!!!


He’d probably pass gas when having sex with Allison Grodner. They would’ve probably had really big meal first.


Who would want any part of Enzo?????
He probably passes gas during sex, or after!! You can’t call it ‘making love’ when her is involved. He is very gross!!!!


They probably say something to him in the diary room. I am sure they don’t mention everything or when they have the WBRB screen up. All of them have probably cheated at least once while on slop. No big deal.


Allison Grodner wishes hamstrings were made of ham.


She is Meatloaf’s daughter.


But she listens to Lamb of God.

rachel's Nipple

I would hate to run into that juggernaut in the pit


As long as you can give her something else to eat, you’ll be fine.


And she also eats lamb.


And she eats it, too.


Do you have a crush on this Allison person?


No, but he would be crushed by this Allison person if she sat on him.


She wishes everything was made of ham.


can you shut up about that allison chick? its really annoying.




Dealing with Allison when she’s hungry, that’s annoying. And a little bit scary…


The pic of Ratt and Enzo is hilarious. It looks like the Unabomber and a Penguin practicing for the bobsled event. LMAO!
Ratt is still out on his ass. But, he might as well try to enjoy his last few days. 😉


Matt is creeping me out with his hoodie over his head all the time, if he had black hair he’d be a perfect Emo.


I thought he was only doing it during his DPOV time so that he would seem… he was angry…or didnt care

now it seems his true colors are coming out more and more…and hes becoming tough to be around

still dont get the continued hate for brenden…why vote out a guy who cant win? it makes no sense to me


He’s revealing his true identity as a Sith.


And not a very effective one, either, since it looks like he’s about to be evicted.


Matt thinks he is this great player???? … When will he wake up and realize the only hope he has is to out the brigade to Ragan, Brit and Brendon … then it’s the 4 of them against the 3 brigade.




The votes would be split and Brit would have to make the final vote! I would love to see the look on Enzo’s dumb face when he gets the boot!


Well BloJo and Gayhawk, you can dream on, but your precious little liar is going OUT. So, just get together and love all that hurt away.


That would make for some exciting viewing! … I’d love to see the tables turn …. Hayden, Enzo and Lane with their backs against the wall!!!


Does anyone else think that Matt is going to tell about the Brigade on Thursday? I think he is going to out them to shake things up before the vote so that he might have a chance to stay.


IF Matt does he will need to spin it where only Lane was loyal and the others kept pulling crap behind his back.

That will hopefully make Lane ok still in the house and could swing his vote and then making Britt vote for him as well.

At same time it might make hayden and Enzo look like the ones who have been pulling all the shit which isn’t far from the truth..

ho ho hum

dont like any of them Hard to pick a winner

angela melini

Matt isn’t being a very good friend to Ragan, If he were he would tell Ragan about the Brigade before he leaves and tell Ragan if he wins HOH he should, put up Enzo against Hayden. They haven’t won shit and are floating all the way to the end with Lane. It’s sad and pathetic if those 3 get to the final 2.


Matt keeping the brigade a secret is the most STUPID move all season!!! …. I agree that outing them would be the most strategic move and bold move all season! … Wish someone should shake some sense into the boy!


It’s not over yet. He still has time to out them.


it won’t make a difference if he outs the brigade however he would redeem himself if he told Ragan.


Oh, he’s already brought Gaygan back around. He promised him they could do the nasty in the jury house next week.


Sure it could make a difference!! … If he could win over Brit, Brendan, and Ragan … pointing out they had all been had by the brigade!


Outing the Brigade would make for great TV> Brit might turn on Lame (which she should) and hook up with Brendon and Ragan.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Matt seems to be hell bent on ruining Ragan’s game. I don’t get it. It’s one thing to not tell him about the Brigade but to go and repeat every word Ragan says to others is an act of betrayal. It in no way advances his game. The Brigade has already dumped him so why would he even care if they know Ragan’s plans?


I agree. I don’t get Matt. They have kicked him out of the Brigade. Does he not know that? So why go back and tell them stuff to help them.


Matt is STILL playing both sides. Once Hayden and Lane tell him that they are voting for Enzo to stay THEN AND ONLY THEN will Matt OUT the BRIGADE. Right now they keep saying that they are undecided so he thinks that he still has a chance with the brigade. If they are smart they will string him along until Thursday and still claim that they are undecided!!!


Okay, Hayden breaks things and gets put on probation, Enzo eats a chocolate bar, which is cheating. I remember when Ollie broke things and what happened with him. So, does this mean that if Enzo stays, the next HOH, Enzo and Hayden have a no chance in hell of winning it, and if they get put on the block, no chance of them winning POV. And, one of them go to the jury house. Why not just send them to the jury house now. I hope whoever stays: Matt or Enzo: goes after Britney, Lane and Hayden. Like to see the final three be Brendon, Ragen and (Enzo or Matt). The rest of the houseguest suck and need to go.


Enzo ate a broccoli candy bar, so it’s not cheating. It’s nutritious and loaded with iron and other cancer fighting agents. Try one!

BigBrothers Big Brother

Is this a joke? Was there really a broccoli candy bar?


It’s too bad that viewers didn’t have a chance to send the players messages!!!

Dr Poopy Pants

What has Lane won?

Hayden at least has an HOH and has stayed up longer on the endurance comps. Plus Lane is probably close to one of the most ignorant dumbasses that has ever been on the show. He’s a cartoon character, a clown, a fool. Sure he’s fun to watch but he’s even less useful than Enzo or Hayden in competitions.


agree, and hayden is smart in terms of social gameplay….he has had EVERY chance to go bonkers on brenden…and otthers, but he keeps his cool, remains friends(no matter what hes thinking) and keeps jury votes….

I respect hayden more than many other hg’s, hes becoming my hope to win since LaNE is USELESS…they are giving him this “comedy” edit…and its just annoying, its like hes reading off a script….

I really hope its Brenden, Hayden and Ragen/Enzo as the final 3, with brenden hayden final 2…winner would be hayden, but I would give him SO MUCH PROPS for taking brenden to the end because its the SMART thing to do…he just CANT win in terms of votes


If Brendon makes it to the final 2, he WILL win the game. It’s basically stated that Ragan would vote for Brendon if he was up against Lane, Hayden or Enzo. Matt said that he would vote for Brendon if he made it all the way to the final 2. I’m sure he would have Kathy’s vote and then there is Rachel. I can only assume that 2 of the Brigade members (combo of Lane, Enzo or Hayden) would vote for one of their own, but other than that, like him or hate him, Brendon has played the best game.
It wasn’t long ago that everyone thought once Rachel was gone he would be moping around, not caring. He’s surprised many.


lane can’t win anything, and he is not fun to watch, everytime he talks he shows how stupid he really is!!!!


Britney up in the HOH last night with the guys kept saying “this is my army” sarcastically whenever she felt they weren’t living up to her standards. I thought that was really funny because she seriously thinks she’s got them wrapped around her finger and they are all there to protect her. Wow .. can’t believe she can fool herself to that degree!


Thinking the exact same thing. Everyone becomes so egocentric when they are in the HOH room It’s ridiculous. She never says please or thank you and has taken to giving order to all the guys. I cannot believe that Hayden sits there and listens to her BASH KRISTEN!!! He doesn’t have to admit being with her while she was in the house but he could have stated that it was just her particular personality. Not everyone is the same in personality, thank goodness. Britney has become much too opinionated and is taking advantage of the others. Just wait until it’s her turn to be on the block again, because those guys do NOT intend to keep HER.


I would like to know if anyone besides me is tired of watching Enzo scratch his sweaty balls?!? He needs to go home and take a hot bath with Aveeno!!


And Matt the Ratt doesn’t do the same thing? Oh, but we won’t have to watch his sorry ass much longer. 😉 I guess if people didn’t scratch themselves, pick their noses, backstab, whine, cry, bitch, and moan, then we wouldn’t have anything to chat about. You can always turn the channel, but something tells me you want some of dat Enzo, Yo!


no, im tired of matt and his hand down his pants

BB12 is boring

What about Matt with his hand constantly in his pants? Is he checking to make sure everything is still there? I sure wouldn’t want to shake hands with him sicne I know where he keeps his hands!

dany 1

final 4 will be enzo,lane,brendon and hayden !! with enzo winning !!! he deserves it,cause hes the only hg ,with lane that are actually fun to watch on the live feeds !!!


lane…who has TRIED to win HOH, TRIED to win a POV…and has FAILED….”DESERVES” to win? because hes funny? OH COME ON!!!!

cbs is giving him lines, and cbs is wasting airtime to try and give him a positive edit because the “dumb” edit wont help them if he makes final 2…

it will be a shame if lane makes F2 and wins…I HATE ragen, but at least hes more deserving than lane

This Season Blows Bigtime

Fun to watch?! What feeds are YOU watching? Matt is the one that is fun to watch. The way he talks to America and makes those looks into the camera. He’s the one that’s fun to watch.


Ragen’s so nice, and Enzo’s so mean to him 🙁

dany 1

wich show have u been watching?!?! next year invest in buying the live feeds,u would know the truth about ragan if u did….biggest 2 face ,lying,backstabbing,cry baby,hypocrite hg ever !!!!!


Dany1, what show are you watching, Enzo, plays with himself constantly, complains all the time that he should have won, and he can’t even compete. That guy is an absolute embarrassment, like a few others. Brittany as annoying as she is, is playing a great game, as well as Brenda, who I could not stand w/rachel, seems to be a stand-up guy. Enzo, needs to go, and he has cheated on two occasions, kick his ass out.


oh please, ragen is a hypocrit who believes he has everyone in the house figured out to a T….and he doesnt….but hes arrogant, and keeps saying “oh brenden is playing off emotion blah blah blah”….what about you ragen? why would you get rid of a guy like brenden? PURE EMOTION…otherwise you would KNOW those people you have pegged so well would NEVER vote for brenden


I think Ragan said he was going after Brendon to test his theory that Matt is really part of the Brigade. Ragan said he was going to make a big move, and getting Brendon out isn’t a big move. He would take out either Hayden or Enzo. But if Matt tells the Brigade that Ragan is going after Brendon, it will move the target off him.


i think that Brendon is going to win it all. He keeps winning POV and HOH no one will be able to get rid of him. I liked matt but now he just gets on my nerves. Enzo is awesome because part of bb is a social game and he is winning that. Brit lane and hayden are stupid and ragan needs to align himself with brendon if he’s smart


Britney THINKS she is sooo great NOT!!! She doesn’t know how stpuid she looks picking at her nails.face and hair. (like a MONKEY) Enzo is a BIG YO want a BE. Lane and Hayden REALLY THINK that they are all that and are NOT.Ragen is a Cry BABY all the time BORING,VERY WHINNEY!!! Matt THINKS that he knows how to play the game, he really SUCKS AND VERY BORING. On the verge of being a cry baby. Brendon acts at times dum, but listens to every word everyone is saying. He stays in the back ground taking it all in. I think all of them are boring. BB 12 shound be a shame of themselves that they have picked such a group of DUDS. VERY BORING ON BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK.(Good thing that I don’t have to pay for showtime because THEY ARE ALL DUDS DUDS DUDS THIS SEASON !!!!!


POLL for this season’s best tits:
Annie’s itties
Brintey’s pageant store-bought beauties
Kathy’s big milfbags
Kristen’s Philly cheesteak king pair
Monet’s hershey kisses
Rachel’s Vegas moneybags


Kristen’s are pretty nice, but how could you go against the jumbo gel pads of Rachel.


Definately Brits! Not too big, Not too small!


With Brendon, I thought at fist it was too bad he hitched himself to Rachel. But it may have been too bad for Rachel since she’s out of the house. Rachel may have won HOH twice but she played a very bad social game and that’s also part of the game. I do wonder if she would have been as obnoxious by herself instead of part of a pair. Having said that, knowing that Rachel would benefit I can’t route for Brendon. If she wasn’t a factor it would sway my opinion because he hasn’t displayed the type of behavior he did when she was there.


rachel will not play a part, if brendon wins the money they will not stay together, he lives in L.A. and she lives in Vegas, she is not leaving Vegas


…..but they willingly and, typically, gleefully, volunteer to go on camera, even thought they know that many people will see and scrutinize all of their quirks, large and small.

BigBrothers Big Brother

What annoys me most of all about all the HG’s is that they study together and share strategy when it’s absolutely not even necessary. Have they forgotten this a game for $500k?! Why tell your other competitors your opinion of what the next challenges will be when you already suspect half of them are gunning for you? How stupid do you have to be to erode your own advantage by sharing?


I hate that it’s gotten this predictable that they can even anticipate what’s coming and prepare for it. It makes things really boring. I guess production can’t be bothered to come up with anything new, so they use the same old competitions and dress them up so they look different. So far this year most of the comps are copies of the ones last year. How boring is it to watch them study on the feeds when they could be doing something worth watching. And yes, how silly to study with the people that will put you on the block if they win.