Big Brother 12 Spoilers: It’s The Brendon show ..

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8:40am – 9:45am Big Brother switches the feeds to the we will be right back screen to wake up the house guests. At 9:05am the feeds come back up with two cameras on the have not room and two on the HOH room. Enzo and Hayden are still trying to sleep. Hayden says that there is a noise that sounds like its raining in there. Enzo doesn’t say anything. Up in the HOH room Britney is still asleep with the lights on. Brendon is lying out on the couch in the backyard. Big Brother tells him to exchange his microphone. Brendon grabs coffee and heads out into the backyard. Brendon starts talking to the cameras and says hi to his family if they are listening. Then Brendon gets up and starts cleaning up the backyard and puts the hose in the pool to fill it back up. Brendon says that they are going to be voting out Matt on Thursday … because he messed up his HOH with his Diamond POV. Brendon says that Matt will go home and that Ragan will be left without his life partner. Brendon says that the hope is that Ragan looses it and cant play the game any more.

Brendon says that there are three guys that haven’t won anything… and there is Britney and him that have won a lot. Brendon says that he still thinks that Hayden and Lane are the life long friends. Brendon says that he has to watch making deals with Hayden and Enzo because if Hayden and Lane are the life long friends he could end up turning on him. Brendon talks about how last night was when everyone starts to crack. Brendon says that they only have 3 weeks left and that this Thursday it should be double eviction. Brendon says that if he wins HOH he will send Ragan home. Brendon says that he and Britney have to go together to the final two… Brendon says that her and him agree that if either of them go to the final two with Ragan …they will lose. Brendon says that he thinks going to the final two with Britney is good for anyone because she has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and so no one will vote for her. Brendon admits that he doesn’t dislike Britney as much as he originally did. Brendon says that he is still here though by the grace of god. Brendon says that he believes that anything is possible. Brendon says that its gotten to the point where he cant study with anyone anymore because if he does he might be shooting himself in the foot.



10:20am Brendon says that if he hasn’t said before he wants to give a shout out to his family in Vagas. Brendon says that he has over 250 family memebers there. Brendon says it mi familia. Brendon says that he and Rachel were right …who ever stayed would have to win back to back HOH’s and POV’s. Brendon says that he definitely misses Rachel. Brendon says that if Rachel had stayed she wouldn’t have one that HOH and she would have been sent home. Brendon says that everything happens for a reason. Brendon says that the half a million dollars would help …but that there are definitely people that are worse off than him. Brendon says that he would definitely donate some money. Brendon says hi to more of his family.  Brendon says that he wonders how Rachel is doing in the jury house …and that he hopes she is happy.  Brendon says that he misses her and almost wants to be there with her but that he needs to keep fighting and stay in the house as long as he can.  Brendon says that he thinks that even if he does survive being on the block people will want to get rid of him even more because they will think that he cant be sent home. Brendon then starts to study the events of the house for upcoming competitions…
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gooooooooooooooo brendon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL… What is with you and your fascination with this Allison person?


He loves the fatties!


She ate his dog.


Who would you rather do…..Allison Grodner…or…….Sally Struthers?! LMAO!! XD


You’d really have to do them, though. Pretty tough the other way ’round. Not to mention dangerous…

brigadelover- TEAM LANE!

Who’s losing it? WOW!! He needs to make some friends!


Someone is very well rested. He seems to be making sense and finally getting a grip on reality of the other people in the house.


matt needs to out the brigade before thursday..he needs to talk to ragan and brit and brendon and have a long good convo with them it’s his only chance of staying..if he does it for his speech on thursday they’re still gonna vote him out because they wont have enough time to realize what he’s saying and figure out if it’s true or not….just like what andrew tried to do with kristin and hayden…come on matt THINK you can do ittttt…i hope he stays 🙁


Great idea! I hadn’t thought of that….if he really wants to stay that would be the way to do it!


I agree … Thursday will be too late to convince the others to back him up!


Britney is too dumb to be convinced. Kristen has already tried to tell her that Hayden them just be in an alliance, and Britney didn’t buy it.


Nobody in the house is going to trust him
Especially in that situation


Matt should mention the names Enzo gave them (meow meow, animal beast, brains) in the beginning. Tell Bren/Brit/Rag those names and have them use those names to Hayden/Lane in conversation and watch their demeanor.

If they (Lane/Hayden) start acting weird or start staring at each other like WTF, then Bren/Brit/Rag will knopw Matt is telling the truth about the Brigade.

Let them see it and figure it out as opposed to Matt throwing them under.

I hope that made sense. : ) it might work, who knows. worth a shot


Yeah I get it…good idea


I don’t understand how peolpe don’t like Brit for talking trash went, Enzo , Lane, Hayden talk way more crap, they are so useless, at least Brit has won comps.


at least she’s the one I like to look at


I hope today is the day the Brigade is outed!!!! …. We need something exciting to happen!!!! … BB is getting boring! … Things need to be shaken up!


BRENDON ALL THE WAY!! I always root for the underdog!

angela melini

YES GO BRENDON!! And he’s nice to look at as well. Especially with those shades on!! He’s the MEOW MEOW not Enzo.


I can’t even imagine what your life must be like if you watch Brendon on this season and see him as a viable lust object. Do you live in a town of like five people: You, Danny Bonaduce, Bret Michaels, Osama Bin Laden and Jared from Subway? This is theonly circumstance my mind will allow me to fathom that allows for a non-mentally-disturbed woman to have fantasies about this guy.

angela melini

Funny..I live in a city of 2 million people (Las Vegas). I don’t think he’s brightest but I think he’s good looking. And I actually have a very full life and very happy in it. Why do u have to try to put someone down for their opinion? Anyways, I still think Brendon is the best looking guy in the house, hands down.


Vegas, home of Carrot Top and Wayne Newton. No wonder you think Brendover is the perfect specimen.

angela melini

Who said he was ‘perfect’? Not I


BB must be boring cuz posters are ready to attack other posters!!!
The name angela melini conjures up a sexy vision for me!!! I would call her angelini!
She prob likes bigger guys like the ‘beast’ or ‘ogre’ as some call him. I don’t find him appealing, but not into guys! I would expect someone as sexy as angelini to think Hayden to be more appealing – he is a bigger fellow also.
Thanks for the vision Angelini!! (of you, not those guys)


I live in Philadelphia and I say Brendon is the best looking guy in the house hands down! Where do you live? On and island full of drunks? Maybe you need to go sober up and stop trying to dictate other people’s opinion, especially when they’re absolutely right!


Definitely GO Brendon. He’s looking more like a winner each day.


100% agree Go Brendon


Have you ever noticed when he is sporting the 5 o’clock shadow, that he resembles Matthew fox a little??


I can see it a bit. There was also a closeup pic of Matt on this site (just after he got the news I think) that had that look of Nicholas Cage in the eyes, determined and vulnerable, and though I can’t believe I’m saying this …. he was good looking.


Thats funny cause I had posted that same thing about Matt a few days ago……Oh yeah, it was when he was eating the eggplant and staring at the camera all crazy looking and he looked a little hot for that moment! Brendon has his hot moments too, he just needs to not be talking at the same time! My fav is lane, but after seeing that shower segment with the 10 (exagerated) min ear cleaning……I was kinda creeped out…..NOT……hahahah
Enzo has a nice face, but I really wish he would shave his head and not talk also……


Still think he is a douche, but he playing the game and not floating…


if brendan is a douche then so is everyone else


He has to play to win the comps, he doesn’t have the luxury to float since he isn’t well liked mostly because of his relationship with Rachel. I’m so glad that annoying laugh and witch face is gone.

#1 Mets Fan

I really hope Brenden gets to the final 2. If he wins the next HOH he should definitely put up Hayden and Enzo.


if he wants to go to the final 2 with britney then ragan needs to go


Was not a fan on Brenchel, but now that she’s gone he seems like a decent guy. I think of those left in the house he deserves to be F3 more than anyone. Love to see him, R & B to take out who’s left in the Brigade. Hopefully they can figure that out….I hope Britney can see that H/E/L are just using her. But I guess at this point they are all using each other.


ragan and brendon need to keep matt
and then britt needs to keep matt b/c the only way any of them have a chance of getting close to the final three is to keep matt
mattt come on already and out the brigade to britt, ragan and brendon
that is the only possible way he could maybe stay


For Brendon, Britney or Ragan to advance any further Matt has to go.
Matt wants Brendon and Britney out, Ragan now knows he doesn’t need Matt. The best thing that can happen is for Matt to go. It will bring the brigade down to three. The next HOH is going to have to get another brigade player out, then this will start to get interesting.


There goes Enzo again. Eating when he’s a Have Not. Will he ever have a penalty point for this? Will they go toward eviction likeJen? If not that doesn’t seem fair to the other Have Nots who are doing the right thing and unfair to Jen for the vote against her when she was on the block.

BigBrothers Big Brother

If there truly was a BB God, I hope Enzo goes. Ranks up there with one of the most useless BB players ever, second only to Jordan.


You mean Jordan Lloyd, BB11 WINNER? And, contestant on Amazing Race? Hmmmmm Dumbass.


I told you guys, Enzo is eating brocolli candy bars. They’re very nutritious and have lots of cancer fighting agent. Enzo should eat more to keep the cancer in the house away from him.


Brendon has gotten alot better since Rachel left, for his sake I hope he recognizes it!


I think Brendon really meant to say that “I am still here by the grace of the ” BB gods” who has manuvered almost every move and vote to get the outcome they want. BB is not discriminating, they are messing with everyones game from all angles. You hear the hg talk more and more about how involved and manipulating BB is. So for those of you who need proof that the show being rigged, there it is out of the house guest mouths.


If the BB Gods were trying to keep him there, Brendon would have received the DPOV instead of Matt. Brendon received a trip to a spa and lost his right to name the replacement nominee because Matt had all the power.


That why it is called Big Brother. Just like the real world we live in, just about everything we do or say is some what controled by Big Brother Goernment. It’s getting worst now then ever with government controls.


I’m not sure it is so much proof that the fix is in as it is proof that sometimes, when a houseguest is fearful of his/her safety in the game, he/she needs someone to blame. Production is the obvious choice. Nobody in the house blames/ credits production when things are going their way. This is especially true when the person is all puffed up and thinking they are controlling the whole house.


Boo on Ragan, he didn’t take care of the fish, as he promised Kathy he’d do. Already a couple of them have died. Poor fish. He’s been so distraught over that worthless Matt that he neglected the fish. Come on Ragan, pull yourself together and act like a responsible grownup.

Brendon looks great in blue! He looks like a swimmer — the perfect swimmer’s build. He is one gorgeous man! He’s behaving with great class. Hope he wins this entire season!


Something has to happen to shake up the house! … I’d love to see the Brigade starting to say Bye-Bye!


Brendon is a douche, but if he makes it through double eviction, he deserves to win. Matt is playing so stupid, and my girl Brit did a really dumb thing putting Matt on the block. It will be her fatal mistake. Now she is target number one. I don’t understand why Matt is still mum about the brigade. They all threw him under the bus. Why isn’t Brit telling him that? Why doesn’t he see that he has Ragan’s vote. He only needs one more to force a tie. He could maybe pull Lane over, or even Brendon. Lane is third banana in the trigade. Brendon needs to know that Enzo and Hayden cultivated him as a side alliance but will put him up in a heartbeat because they can’t beat him in competitions. He needs to tell Brendon and Brit and Ragan that he brought the BG this far and they turned on him because they don’t want to play against him in the end game, because they are afraid they can’t beat him in comps. If Matt works Brendon and Lane properly, he could still pull this off, but I’m afraid Lane is too dumb to see that Enzo and Hayden are together to the end, Lane is just there until the real competitors are gone. Neither of them want to be sitting next to Lane in final 2. Enzo would lose. Hayden would have to really plead his case to beat Lane. Hayden is sitting in the best position to win the whole thing. I don’t think it would matter who is against, he would win. Enzo could only win against Ragan and maybe Brit. Lane would beat anyone except maybe Hayden. Matt would only win if he was up against Ragan or maybe Brendon. Brit can only win if she is against Ragan or Matt. Please Matt! The brigade doesn’t exist. They used you. If you don’t out them to the right people, you will go home. I want to see Enzo sitting next to Julie in a penguin suit.




Agreed. Brendon is still a douche, always will be. The Gremlin is so convinced that the Brigade has his back he is blinded to any other possibility. He will really feel stupid for not listening to Ragan, who he knows is really smart and can win comps, yet his loyalty to the 3 Stooges trumps his own logic. Probably feels bad for lying so much to Ragan and has to feel better about himself by staying true to his original alliance (which allows him to explain his lies to Ragan and remain friends with him after the game). I don’t see Gremlin outing the Brigade, unfortunately. I think he will only have a chance if Enzo gets a penalty nomination for eating, and even then, it’s unlikely.


At least he can stir things up before he goes, and who knows. Maybe he can sway Brendon or Lane. He should at least try, and outing the brigade is the only tool he has left. I don’t think they do the penalty vote anymore. Last year Jeff got an extra day on slop for taking a sip of gatorade. I wish they did, because then it would be down to Brit to break the tie. Matt needs to work on her just in case and he needs to swallow his pride and get to work on Brendon. He should have done that when Brit and Brendon were chained together. He might have gotten both of them and never been put on the block if he outed the BG then. It is probably too late now, but he needs to at least try.


I forgot about Jeff’s sip of Gatorade, but that was an accident versus sneaking a piece of candy after you have been warned once already. Then again, BB makes up the rules as they go along, so who knows? And I would also love to see Gremlin stop his blind loyalty to the Brigade and out those jerkoffs! I got money riding on this, dammit!


but penguins are cute when they waddle, enzo is not appealing to watch sitting, standing, giving a face (so stupid) farting or playing pocket pool.

Saying So...

So well said.

Evel Jim

I like what he’s thinking about final 2 with Brit. I just wish Brit was on the same page. I think if they made an alliance, and actually stuck to it, they would run the house into the final 2 and I don’t think any other pair in the house could do that.


Here’s a thought. Maybe Matt and Ragan are not as concerned as they should be because they think Enzo may go due to a penalty vote? If it is a tied vote and Enzo gets a penalty, then Britney isn’t the tie breaker?????? I could be way off base, but Matt doesn’t seem overly concerned about being on the block other than looking for technicalities.


why would enzo get a penalty vote?


2nd time he has been caught eating, while supposedly being a have not, what an idiot. Nice way to cheat, send the idiot home.


I thought the penalities came at the end of the show in the finale (he would be penalized by bb decresing his vote count)


No, I think it’s as soon as they are nominated (if they aren’t already), they get a vote against them right away. It’s part of how Jen got kicked out on her season, though the penalty vote wasn’t necessary by the time she left.


Matt still needs another vote! … right now he only has Ragan … he needs to get Brendon, Lane or Brit


I agree that Brendon is playing a better game without Rachel. Hint, hint Brendon – this could be some foreshadowing in life…..You are better off without her.


they will not be together after the show, they live in different cities and she is not moving out of vegas


Yes, she will. Nothing is going to stop her from being with her man. She’s a student and a waitress. She’ll do just fine in Vegas. I predict that these two love birds will get marry within 2 yrs.


Isn’t Rachel a bit old to be a student? Hasn’t she been out of the field for a while now? Do you think she would give up her $100 bills, dates to different cities with different men just to take more chemistry classes — or what that just hype to counter the 34 double HH’s?


simon this may have been answered before so sorry – but why is ragan the only one without a picture beside him – i just noticed these and the bride of chucky/kathy one cracks me up! she kinda looks like her.


I hope Matt does tell them and they still evict his ass. I want Brit Rag and Bren
3 on 3 against the 3Duds. Haystacks ( Beiber) is a sneeeeeeaky dude, and for
the sake of pete can keep your tonguein your mouth and keep your fingers out of your mouth
It looks like Ragan ain’t drinking the Kool Aid from JJ ( da Midget) any more.
Good for u Rag u woke up and saw the light, the almighty matt isnt perfect and heaven sent. He is full of shit.


What a relief!! I was beginning to think that Brendon was actually buying in to what Hayden and Enzo are selling. He should never have been studying with them and he definitely needs to know they are gunning for him. And Lane doesn’t even pretend with him. He’s pissed because Brendon gave him that BB experience of a lifetime: Time on the block. What is with these people who think everybody should go on the block but them? If nothing else, it teaches empathy. Neither Lane nor Enzo understood that kind of pressure until it happened to them. And even at that, neither of them had to do it without a safety net, i.e., allies.


Brendon is a man, not a little boy. There is more to come. Just wait and see.
If Matt is not around, it will be Brendon who takes home the big money.


No Brendon and Reachel together were an unbeatable team but now that Rachel is gone he is gonna have to really fight hard for everything


Brendon is stronger without Rachel because he doesn’t have to expend all his energy taking care of her and keeping her in check. She was a huge drain on him and he didn’t even realize it. She is extremely high maintenance; a bottomless pit.


Let’s sneak in some hash brownies right before the live show and see how the voting goes and the comps.

Dr. Fartz

Hash brownies can sometimes take many hours to kick in.


Yeah I forgot about my own experience, ok qualudes then!


With matt gone I’m not sure I’m gonna keep watching


GOOD. Stop watching, and finish off that box of Twinkies.


Atleast Jordan won an hoh and stayed on one side and didn’t make an alliance with everyone and atleast Jordan didn’t call all the women in the house the. C word or B word. Enzo is a punk who needs to get knocked out. Kathys son better take Enzo up on that offer to punch him in the face. If he doesn’t want to do it then I will


Jordan was a class act, and so was Jeff. They are still doing great. Being true to yourself in the game is key. Even Evil Dick won and he was in somebody’s face every day. But, he stuck to his game play. These people on BB12 are followers. Not a leader in the bunch.




Jordan really did not win the HOH, Jeff gave it to her…but she was way classier than brit and rach


Jordan won the last and most important HOH


Like it or not, I think Brendon is smart. Rachel would be an emo wreck at times and Brendon was always trying to pep her up. Granted, sometimes Rachel would get to a point of thinking of her next move but she had her down moments where Brendon was having to nurse her back to life. After she left and he was alone with his thoughts (and emotions) he adjusted his game – became a more social player. He was friendly with Brit when they were handcuffed, he tried to cheer up Enzo and Lane (even when he put Lane on the block). He’s learned lessons for a lifetime. Haven’t we heard hgs admit that he is “better” without Rachel around? Hasn’t gone unnoticed. Ra said he would vote for Bren over 3gade. His ability to learn/adjust (in a positive way) is a show of intelligence. Even now, figuring out that he is better off studying on his own is another step up on the evo chart for the N’tal, as well as suspecting Hay/Lane are lifelong friends. True or not (about lifelong friends), this suspicion may work in favor of Bren’s defense game.

I just don’t think Brendon could win F2 against Matt or Lane. Think he would def have Rachel-Matt-Ra votes but against Lane, think Kat-Brit-Enz-Hay vote for Lane. B v. Matt: Matt gets 3gade votes plus Ra & Kat (not sure about Brit). But as Ra says: Matt is a lost cause this week. (Sorry but til it actually happens, anything is possible.) Not sure he could beat Brit in F2 either: Bren would get Rach-Kat-Matt votes. Not sure but maybe Enzo’s. Brit would surely get Ra-Lane-Hay votes & maybe Enzo’s. Depends on who Enzo is most disgusted with. If Brit sends him home this week (longshot, I realize), he’d vote for Bren. Don’t think Ra has a shot against anyone in F2. But what a difference a week makes – We shall see!


This is going to be good Thursday when the Ratt leaves


Matt, please out the Brigade. today. I want to see Brit’s face when she realizes Lame and the Brigade are playing her. It’s Matt’s only chance (not that I care about him), unless the producers have something else up their sleeve.


I don’t want Britney to go any where but back to Arkansas. There are people who lied and decieveful in this game, but this little girl is out right nasty toward other players when she’s in the diary room or when they’re not around.


I want my money back CBS. I am not as in love with Brenda as you are. I don’t need to see Brenda in all four cameras for hours.. I want to see the rest of the HGs. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!


You’re too uptight. You ought to put some whip cream on your computer screen and lick it. Give Brendon a wet juicy kiss. That will loosen you up a little. Incidentally, I think Walmart got whip cream on sale this week. I might be wrong, but you can check their ads.


Ragan’s picture should be Peewee Herman !


That’s a good one. I was thinking of Urkel, but your idea is better.


I want the next headline to Read “MATT OUTS THE BRIGADE TO BRENDON, RAGAN, AND BRITT” … I know, probably wishful thinking on my part.


Matt still has some integrity about himself. He’s not going to stab his boys in the back like that. That was why he ousted Kathy and not Enzo & Hayden when they voted for him.
Not too smart Matt, but that’s how the Male bonding works sometimes. You end up sucking your own balls.

EX grenade.bunny

They don’t even consider themselves “his boys” clearly if they’ll get rid of him so easily. If it wern’t for Matt the Bridage would have been in shambles weeks ago. They derserve to get stabbed.


If they could suck their own balls they would never leave the house!!!


especially Enzo!


They have no problem doing it to him so as far as I’m concerned … What goes around, comes around … their time is up!

EX grenade.bunny

Amen to that. How fun would that be.


IF Matt outs the Brigade, it will not save him! It will just reconfirm (to Brit) that he doesn’t really care about Brit or Ragan and that he was playing both sides. She will be mad at Lane/Hayden/Enzo, but they can spin it that she is now replacing Matt because Matt is so sneaky. He is smart not to do it.


What’s the difference. If he tries, he might have a chance. If he doesn’t, he is going home. Plain and simple. If he goes out without a fight, he will lose my respect. I thought he was smarter than this. Turns out that all of them are pretty dumb. I wanted Brit to win, but she messed up big time listening to Lane. Now I really don’t care, as long as it isn’t Enzo or Hayden.


I think Matt will out the brigade but he wants to talk to Britney first about how he got on the block. I would tell Britney that the brigade didn’t want him because they couldn’t win against me and that the brigade will do the same thing with her. There’s really no chance of Matt staying because he needs 3 votes but I think he’ll out the brigade to help out Ragan. Matt has absolutely no loyalty to brigade. When he was up against Lane, they were going to vote out Matt. Now that he’s up with Enzo, they’re still going to vote out Matt.

enzo hater

and I really don’t think they have calculated their votes in the jury house very well’s going to get down to where Any former brigade member will lose in a final 2….and even mreso whe Matt outs them

enzo hater

more so,that is


I know. I was thinking the same thing about the jury votes. Matt just have to give play by play of what really went down. How Brendon messed up things by nominating Lane and Ragan, not Ragan and Brit. I’m sure things will click. I want Brendon to win and as much as I don’t like Ragan, I want Brendon and Ragan to make a final 2 deal. I know Brendon probably wants it with Britney but Britney will put him on the block the first chance she gets. I guess the brigade is the popular crowd and everyone wants to sit in their lunch table. Very lame game play. Brendon already threw it out there to Brit that he wants a final 3 with her and Ragan. Guess not.

enzo hater

do you really believe America likes Enzo all that much? I don’t,and that’ may be a very good reason to take him to the finals..I mean really,the jury should know,by the time they vote anyway,that he’s backstabbed just about all of them,hasn’t won shit, and was kinda funny, to get there..if he makes it.. I guess there are 2 schools of thought
1-talking smack and backstabbing,floating,being generally disgusting,and being nice when he needs to and making it to finals is excellent gameplay

2-talking smack and backstabbing won’t get many votes in the jury

My opinion,which doesn’t mean crap by the way, is that this jury likely goes with number 2 here..They’re all so STUPID!!!


I liked both Ragan and Enzo at first but after a few episodes, the one after Jordan and Jeff showed up, my opinion changed. I don’t think he’s all that well liked. Also, I’m surprised that people think Enzo’s in a good place. I think Hayden and Lane are in the best place and I think they truly like each other; they’re both same age, both in same station in life. Or maybe that’s just be projecting. The ones I don’t want to see win are Enzo and Ragan.

enzo hater

I’m with ya on that Arby.At first mew-mew was ok…but yeah,after that pov,he became a guy you couldn’t take anymore.You could tell he would be the first one to want to “shrink” the BG..Then he goes behind Matt’s back and convinces Hayden and Lane that Matt ain’t right.Plus all the name calling about Brit and Ragan, and even Brenda,who is as dumb as Enzo himself…I don’t know,just don’t let him make it to the finals and I’ll be happy


Britney told Lane that she would be pissed if she found out that he was in another alliance.

What I don’t understand is Matt appearing to be all Brigade when he made it clear in his DR sessions last week that he didn’t trust them? He’s got to have something up his sleeve. Maybe he’s waiting for the right moment to spill the beans about the Brigade.


I would like to see short soundbites from each player on Finale Night, followed by Julie showing clips from the season, evidence of their misplaced trusts. Like Kathy talking integrity & the HoH room busting her out for her love/hate relationships flipping week to week; then showing her at 10 pm trashing Brachel & 10:05 her going up to tell them she loved them/gnite. Lane/Matt/Enzo give mad props for Bgade, then show Hay’s GB message to Kristen that he would have chosen her over Bgade. Brit hating Bren/loving Lane & Lane making fun of her; Bren saying nice things. Ra boo-hooing over Matt & Matt trying to get Ra put up & looking cocky at the camera trying not to lol. Enzo saying yo-bgade & Matt trying to get him out; Enz trashing Bren & Bren getting his back. Well, almost all of them hating Bren/Bren trusting & showing Bren being nice to them. Point is: If they claim loyalty is admirable, show that they can’t walk the walk; if they claim backstabbing is gameplay, then show that they can’t take it like they dish it out. Hold up a mirror, that’s all. It would be a humbling moment but show that they all got played. Maybe not Lane/Hay though. Only “negative” I recall anyone saying about them is Ra saying he’d vote for Bren over them & Bren’s suspicions…well, Matt did express frustration with carrying the Bgade in general. Even Matt got played by the BG.


I’m not sure that Lane can be beat if he gets to F2. IF he went to F3 with Enz/Hay, Lane could win final HoH & take one of them with him to F2. I think Lane is unbeatable in F2….if he gets there. I just don’t think he is too worried about anyone, even T-Dee & T-Dum.


Matt’s biggest problem is that he’s not as big of an asshat as he wants to be. He’s still got a conscience. If he really was diabolical, he’d be safe, and the house would be in utter chaos. This is what Dr. Will had that Matt just can’t measure up to.


i am counting down the hours when matt is the next one to go in the jury house on thursday and i hope brandon wins hoh and send regan out the door.after his boyfriend matt.


Matt needs to tell everyone about the Brigade and then team up with Brit, Ragen and Brendon to get rid of the Brigade and then every man for themself.


He is toast if he doesn’t at least try … he has nothing to lose, he’s at the end of his game … I think Brit would be more angry at Lane … he has played her big time!

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

Matt outing the brigde might not save him, but it’s his only chance and it would get some revenge on the losers in the brigade. Doesn’t matter though because BB’s story arc has Brendon or Lane winning …. both get favorable edits that don’t show their conniving, lying, nastiness.


With Matt gone the brigade doesn’t stand a chance Enzo, Lane and Hayden have to be the dumbest trio in an alliance in BB history, if the alliance didn’t have Matt in it these three bozos would be out of the house by now and we would be watching a more entertaining show instead of what we have now.

enzo hater

I concur..dumb,dumber,and dumbest EVER..and so LAZY!!

what are yous thinking

matt needs to out the floater brigade right in front of them with evryone there brenndon and ragan will beleive but they have britney looking to stupid and if the brigad doesnt get outed then dr is telling matt not to which is bullshit

DR's mom

the dr wont say anything like that…they leave it up to the hg’s to figure out themselves…and they are ALL pretty dumb..


I agree with Brendon about why are people studying together. But again, I can’t route for him knowing that Rachel is on the other side. I don’t care if it’s sounds petty. lol. And I question what’s up in his head to look at her and think she’s appealing to him and his life. If he won 500,000 she would be on his you know what like honey to a bee. So I’m not buying the break up stuff if he won the money at least not for awhile. Nothing would come in between her and her man and some money in the bank.

As far as Brendon’s looks, Brendon with hair isn’t bad to look at and I’m all for a good looking nerd. But his taste level is too bottom feeder so he’s not as attractive overall to me. But based off strictly looks, I’m there especially if he cooks and cleans. He just needs to probably be trained on that other stuff his ex was talking about if it was that bad.


Don’t all our comments get posted???


brenda rockin in them shades LOL

Team Brendon

GOO BRENDON!!!!!!!!!!!!