**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt tells Ragan his “Big Secret” and Ragan Tells Matt theres no chance of he’s staying

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:10pm Pool table, Lane and Matt Matt starts working Lane. Matt tells him that Ragan has really toughened up he’s tell Matt that there is no chance of him staying. Lane wonders if Ragan is mad at Hayden. Matt says no he’s not they’ve been talking a bunch lately and Ragan is onto the B, he’s throwing Ragan off our scent. Matt explains that Ragan knows about the splitting votes between you guys and now he thinks theres a 4 player alliance. Matt says he tryign to say that the 4 guys just hang out together they were talking about splitting votes during week 2 just as a gesture of fairness. Matt has a good idea how Brit was able to clue in on the guys alliance, Matt: “Within the span of 45 minutes all four of us went up to her HOH and told her the same thing”. Matt goes over a couple points that Ragan told him, Ragan thinks that there are Enzo, Hayden and Brendon are together and have some sort of arrangement.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:27pm-11:01pm Matt tells Ragan that he’s a crazy huge big brother fan from the beginning of the season. He’s hard hard hard hard core into this show. He was such a fan that he was suppose to be in last season, he would drive in cars with natalie, casey and Ronnie. (Him being a super big brother fan is his big secret)

Ragan is shocked that Matt almost made it to season 11, ragan: “Oh matt you should of won this season”. Ragan tells matt his biggest mistake was wasting the DPOV on Kathy. Matt agrees but adds that he made a lot of mistakes. Ragan asks a couple questions about matt getting called to be on this season after getting so close last season. Matt says he applied for every Big Brother season. Ragan says you must of been cast to be the offbeat.. Matt: “yeah It was casey or me… Casey just seemed like a old drunk dude”.

Ragan wonders if Lane sees how devious brit is.. Matt doesn’t know but he points out that hayden, enzo and Brit are up there all night.
Matt suggests a deal with Brendon: “deal with the devil… i’ll go to Brendon, make a deal with him.. tell him he has a way bigger BLANK chance of winning HOH then enzo does and if he does win HOH he’ll take out Brit”
Ragan: “that is straight up talk it will never work.. Brendon is an emotional player nothing he does is based on logic so you saying that will just make him happy”
Ragan: “For you to stay in this game you’ll need to make a HUGE move… a HUGE move.. Something bigger then a lie since you are already tagged as a sneaky player no one will believe you”
Matt asks Ragan which way is best getting Lanes/Hayden vote or Lane/Brit’s vote. Ragan: “I don’t think you can get Brits or lanes.. ” ragan explains that he had all the logic presented to brit and it was correct and for her to not accept it means there is something else going on up in the HOH between her and hayden/enzo. Ragan tells Matt to go into the DR and spitball ideas with production.. he thinks they might help him figure it out they’ve seen this happen before .. feeds cut.

Feeds come back and MAtt is talking about how BLANK the Jury house will be if it’s double eviction and him and Brendon go out. He’ll be stuck in a house with Rachel, Brendon, and KAhty.. Matt wonders if theres a red button in the jury house maybe he’ll jsut hit it and leave. Ragan says he’ll lose the stipend and be black listed… Ragan: “I think if you quit the jury it will be a decision you regret because they’ll never let you partake in any big brother events”.

They start talking about the POV and how strange it was to have that type of comp so late in the game and to have the buzzers working that way. ragan: “The contest is to test who can hit the buzzer the fastest” Matt: “I just don’t get why they have a crap shoot comp this late in the game”. ragan is really worried that he’ll get voted house before he can get a HOH. It’s very important to him to have the full big brother experience.. he’s had a lot thrown at him this season. Ragan says today that today it’s been tough to study because “I’ve had a pooo storm drop on me” but he has 2 more days until what is likely the Double eviction and he’s the target. Matt tells him he wants to see Ragan win that HOH.. Matt leaves.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:38pm Brit, Hayden and Enzo Doing a little studying, a little scheming, a little small talk

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:11pm HOH, Brendon and Brit on the bed Enzo the chair These three getting friendly while Matt hangs with Hayden and Lane downstairs.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:22pm Backyard Lane and Hayden

Matt asks them if they have anything going on.. Hayden says he’s mad no deals and has made no long term goals. Matt: “You guys sure theres not deal with you guys and Brit?” Hayden again says he has no deal Brit. Lane however says he has a bunch of deals, one with brit (sarcastically says it ), Brigade, ragan offered him final 4 yesterday. HAyden says that ragan offered him final 4 last week. MAtt laughs at Ragan’s saying final 4, MAtt never knew he was running around doing that, Matt told him not to do that.
Matt says that something is up with Brit thats why he’s been asking the guys about her because her reason are so BLANK up. Hayden: “We’ll what are her reason”
MAtt says she told me, “we’ll I just think he deserved it more because he tried so hard in the comps he deserves it.
Matt: “I know she thinks I got some BLANK prizes and I didn’t get any BLANK prizes”.
Matt starts to build up how dangerous Ragan is in the game, matt says that ragan has everything memorized he’ll be very tough to beat in quizzes, plus Ragan has the fire in him he wants the more than anything. Hayden asks if there is a double eviction, matt thinks there will be.
hayden: “If you stay who does Ragan put up”
Matt: “Brendon and Brit.. ”
Hayden: “I bet it’ll be brendon regardless”
Matt: “I’m not sure about that he’s very suspicious about the 4 of us.. plus he sees Hayden, enzo and Brendon as a side alliance”
Hayden: “I think it’ll be me and Enzo”
Matt agrees hayden and enzo if MAtt Leaves and Brendon Brit if Matt stays.
Ragan joins them with a glass of wine…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:50pm The Gremlin, Hayden and Lane screwing with dental floss and talking about how HUGE they are going to be when they get out. Lane tells them about his phone call and how his mom said that everyone in fort worth is his fan. Upstairs in the HOH Brendon, Brit and enzo are bonding..

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144 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt tells Ragan his “Big Secret” and Ragan Tells Matt theres no chance of he’s staying

  1. THAT was the big secret ?
    I’m gonna be mad if Matt doesn’t tell him about the Brigade .. If he doesn’t there’s no way he’s going to be able to stay in the house either.

    1. He wouldn’t stay even if he outed the brigade. They would still vote him out. Like Ragan said, he has been pegged as a liar so no one would believe him any way. Plus, the other three would deny it and say it was a last ditch effort of Mattt to stay.

    2. Yeah, but he will wreak havoc on his alliance that screwed him over and took him out before taking out a non-Brigade member. It would be fun to watch and see if Brit, Brendon and Ragan team up. i’d like to see Brit go off on Lame.

  2. Brit, get friendly with Brendon and Enzo. Get so friendly that you don’t see their knives aimed at you. It’s what you deserve, Brit!

    1. I think Brendon will make it to the end. I don’t know what makes Enzo, Hayden and Lane thing they’re making it to the end. If you don’t win HOH or POV, you have as much of a chance to stay in the house as Kathy, and we know she’s gone.

  3. If Matt was such a super fan and as a computer guy, it’s shocking he didn’t watch the live feeds — remember his making fun of live feeders?

    1. I think he did watch them for a while….his name was Matt. Then he got mad and changed his name to “Matt is Not watching live feeds or show anymore.” Then he wanted everybody to boycott and write CBS and threaten lawsuits because he said the show wasn’t fair because his favorite person wasn’t being treated right.

    1. he is way too smug..he will not out the Brigade ( until the last minute when it will not help) because he STILL thinks he can play them….. “SHUN”

    2. Highly doubt he’ll pull it off. But Lane and Hayden would be smart to vote against Enzo. Enzo in the end would win over them if it came to final two.

    3. i think we can all agree. cause if matt pulls this off he WILL be the greatest player ever, no doubt, but its highly unlikely

    1. If I was his wife I would be really angry about that lie… I mean use something regarding your own health or fertility… couldn’t he say he needs money for fertility treatments because he has lazy swimmers or something… why use his wife? That is beyond low.

      1. If one of us were his wife we would be mad at such a sick lie. Unfortunately, his wife is not like us. She wrote a letter talking all about how the neighbors and friends are taking such good care of her while he’s gone and how they are even bringing her home cooked meals. Sounds to me like they are perfect for each other.

      2. I was wondering what life is like for his wife right now. Can you imagine having your co-workers know about this? People in your neighborhood? Talk about being thrown under the bus!

      3. His wife is a good wife. Big Brother is a game. Matt came to play a game, and he if it takes lying, so be it. After all, this game is base on lies, decieve and back stabbing. Matt wife does what a wife is supposed to do, be supportive of her husband. Matt lie didn’t hurt anyone, he didn’t steal from anyone. He didn’t physically hurt anyone.
        Why are you people act like you’re all perfect? In real life, everyone lies. Some of you lie all day long. So now, you, the liars are here, trying to judge which lie is morally sound and which is not? Give me a break.

        1. exactly, how the hell can you justify one lie and not the next, cause in the end me saying i was on BB (which would be a lie) is in all reality just as bad as me saying i have cancer (which i don’t have). a lies is a lie people let the wife shit go, godforbid you all dont lie right??

  4. Yup.. (yo) bye bye Mogwai….Regan so obviously HATES you now…just watching the “shun” makes me laugh. Regan who used to be in love with you now sees you for what you really are… a assclown. (yo) This is so great. The best will be the GRENADE when Regan votes the Mogwai out for good. This way he can have more time to think about his sick wife.

    Yo, Mogwai you are sooooooo gone. Too much sunlight on your lies!!!
    I give you the “face” and the “shun”

    Suck it TOOL!!! (yo)

        1. dude what is all this shun shit, you seem to love a balding reject of the jersey shore too much. what has your boy enzo won, nothing nada, he should give him self the damn face and take his pussy ass out the door -meow meow-

  5. Simon, I know I’m only reading your blog and might have a different opinion if I was watching the live feeds, but it’s hard to be Team Gremlin when the Gremlin is looking like just as much of a backstabber as Lane and just as stupid as Enzo. Ragan has woken up and smelled the napalm — Matt still seems to be in the dark.

      1. Team Mogwai should rethink their position. at this point he is being given the “shun” by his closest friend…Regan… if Mogwai can pull it out and become the gremlin again perhaps I could at least respect his game..but it’s hard with his lame ass chumpy shifty eyes and wifey lies.
        I still say …TEAM SHUN!~

      2. Me too! That guy (matt) has done so much in the house to futher the BG. Brit, Ragan and Brendon have done more too than those bozos! Talk about Floaters! Matt Deserves to stay and Enzo needs to go!!!!

      3. I’m hoping and praying Matt somehow stays in the house. It would be one of very few things interesting to happen this season. Plus can you imagine how screwed Britney would feel. lmao, I would love it!

  6. Seeing as how there is no photo accompanying Ragan’s photo on the right here can I suggest The Nutty Professor?… Jerry Lewis? His faces during the Have/HaveNot competition really made me think of Jerry Lewis the other night.

  7. I am actually loving how Regan shows no emotion now… total “Shun”. It’s fricken beautiful!!
    Poor Mogwai…scramble…scramble..and dig your hole deeper. TOOL! (yo)

    1. Maybe Ragan came to a realization that – sometimes things are not what they appear to be, so don’t throw all you eggs in one basket.

  8. BB staff has a sometime to turn all the tables so that their super genius can stay in the house. They would love to keep him at this point since it will make for better ratings for the CBSconiving network. Game shows have always been about ratings…and so….Matt will be staying…just watch and see this Thursday. Matt will be smirking into the cameras this Friday and flaunting his self-proclaimed mensa-hood and BB will have their ratings.

    1. Nope.. because most of America thinks and the feedback they have gotten has been about how Mogwai is a diabolical super -turd. Most of America hates this clown for the lie he told about his wife…CBS wants him to go out in a blaze of stupidity….exactly what he has coming. SHUN!!! (yo)

    2. Yeah…sure. Matt is in way too deep for even BB to pull him out of it. If the impossible happens wednesday and Matt stays, well thats a because of Matt and probably the stupidity of the rest. Lane and Hayden are doing some serious thinking while Enzo is bonding with Dumb blonde and Needledick. This just shows how Enzo doesn’t know how to play the game and thinks he has it in the bag yo! This has been a season of backstabbing and a bunch of deceit, you’re a fool if you think your safe especially at this point in the game.

      1. If they didn’t keep Jeff last year, They are not going to try to keep Matt…. It will certainly be boring after Matt is gone, just like last year after Jeff was gone.

    3. Remember Ragan was in the DR for a long time,and when he came out he has a whole new attitude about the game, so maybe BB filled him in a little about what is really going on in the house and that the next HOH will be geared for him to win.

  9. simon/dawn matt told regan about his wife not being sick, or was his “big secret” was him being a big fan of big brother???

  10. matt played regan because he knew regan likes hem more then just a friend.all the viewers even knew that he likes hem that way.after matt leaves i hope brandon wins the next HOH and take out regan.”regan wants to be with matt sooo bad”.he can be with matt in the jury house.

    1. Enzo is very funny. If Matt and Brendo don’t win this, I hope it goes to Enzo, just because he created the Bridgade. He’s their boss.

  11. message to big brother producers! your medling in this seasons game will cost you a viewer.. and to be quite honest there’s a good chance i won’t be watching any future big brother shows. question: did you guys really feel you needed to get involved??? two pandora’s boxes??? allowing rachel to leave a message to brendan??? do you really think that all the viewers of big brother are morons????

    1. dont mean to be so blunt but CBS don’t give a rip about you. Neither does it giev a rip about 3,000 views. Maybe once it reaches 5k and thats a MAYBE……

    2. I agree. It’s just stupid as hell to bring Rachel back when she was voted out of the game. While I don’t dislike Rachel like someone of you guys here, I feel that her coming back had an impact on the game. It changed the game. It’s almost like Big Brother change the rules while a game is going on. No one wants to play with someone who keeps changing the rules of the game. Not even a child playing marble with his buddies. Whoever ideas it was to bring Rachel back, you should know that there are viewers who will be taking their marbles and go home. It wasn’t a cool idea.

    3. Oooooooo, Justin, I bet you have scared the living hell outta BB. Way to go, dude! *high five* ……NOT…….

      L M A O ! Funny. If your favorite player gets by with shit, it’s ok. But, if things don’t work out for you, you want to take your marbles and go home. Well, hit the road, bitch. Don’t let the BB door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.

      NYC is a sucka state!

    4. I agree. I realize the producers have a right to sway things here and there, but I think this season they were overboard and the manipulation was too blatant and obvious. And too much. To me, this year was more about watching what the producers were going to do next and less about what the houseguests might do next.

      1. Each year the producers are getting more meddling and it is more obvious. Also this is a show that is a game and of course people will be winning prizes but yet the HGs get so petty when someone does win a prize. It’s ridiculous but it would be fine if that HG wins a prize. I’ve noticed that the people on BB get so shallow and envious with this aspect. It’s pathetic really.

    5. CBS just posted that due to poor ratings with Justin Moore, they will be cancelling next summer’s Big Brother. Their rep said they just couldn’t live with the thought that they lost Justin Moore’s viewership and just couldn’t bear to go on without him.

  12. And you people are STILL fans of Matt the Ratt? Simon, are you just that stubborn or do you honestly believe he deserves to stay? And, how is it people will call out the other houseguests for shit, but it’s ok that Ratt told that whopping lie about his wife being sick. Does that not phase any of you in the least? I think once the other players find out about the lie, they will all hate him for sure. Well, maybe not Ragan, since he has a crush on him.
    After all the shit he’s pulled, you want this guy to succeed? I am not that loyal to these houseguests.
    There are no Jeff/Jordan couples, no Evil Dick “in your face” players. No really good BB strategy is being used.
    Oh well, whatever. I’m disappointed in the show period. You would think that after all these years, they could put together a more interesting group of people. Do you guys see a true Type A personality? I don’t. All I see are people just wasting their summer sitting around the BB house. Come to think of it, their wasting my summer, too.

    1. well little lady if they’re wasting your time watch something else, or is your life so boring you cant help but watch theirs. if it offends you so bad what matt said boycott it otherwise sit there with your thumb up your ass and stop typing shit

      1. Look “fella”, if that IS your real name….you don’t have a clue. Or, maybe you’re in love with Ratt just like Gaygan. That would make sense. So, shut your pie hole, and close your legs, you’re attracting flies. You might want to think about hanging a No-Pest strip down there. You’re full of shit and you wreak of it. Nothing offends me, I just make observations and comment. You do NOT want to provoke me, CinderFella. Piss off, pole smoker.
        If you like Matt the Ratt, hit the “Like” button. What, no button? Then, take your dumbass over to facebook and play some Zynga poker. Loser!

    2. I don’t think they will ‘hate’ him….did no one see Survivor when Johnny Fairplay said his Grandma friggin died??? She didn’t!

      1. Hey, “MARIO”! Are we talking about Survivor here? No? Then, go find Luigi and lay some pipe together. Donkey dong.

        1. And I was just stating my opinion, which everyone else on this site does. Everyone can’t believe Matt would tell a lie like that, well its been done before. Thanks for making me never want to post here again…ever…asshole.

    3. Its not that I like matt or anyone but matt staying at least makes BB interesting. Without him there will a guy crying in his room waiting to evicted. 1 Dbag waiting to see his vegas “love”. Makes us all sick. The brigade will sit around and talk about how huge they will be outside the house. Brit is boring when she’s not in the DR. Face it matt made this BB watchable. Farewell matt and greetings to boring tv

  13. this will be the lousiest bb if they dont get rid of good for nothing enzo he has not played up to any kind of standards in any comp lazy ass wish that all i had to do to win 500 grand was to sit and do nothing where did they find this guy anyway did they put him on as a joke or what

  14. Houseguests always think they can count jury votes without being part of the jury. When was the last time the final two actually got it right? Once they leave the house, there is a shift in the way the evicted ones think. Of course, some people nurse grudges (can you say, “Rachel”), but, in general, it is the first time in a while that they feel powerful and have nothing to lose by doing exactly as they please. No peer pressure or groupthink. Remember how Pigpen, er, Natalie was so sure all of the athletes had her back? Surprise!!

  15. I loved the Pandoras boxes. More the better I say. It threw some big wrenches in the play and caused a lot of drama. That is what we want, right?
    I also saw nothing wrong with the pretzel message.

  16. wow matt! really, trying to throw ragan under the bus again? he’s trying to play both sides very unwisely. you are gonna regret watching yourself on tv matt. i’m almost glad brit put him up.

  17. I’m watching Matt now, he has crazed eyes, feeling the bite, so desperate, I love it. But do those bozos see it or are they still under his spell?

  18. Big brother has, for most seasons, been the unseen player manipulating things one way or another. They let Rachel in for 24 hrs and let her leave a message because they wanted Matt to use his DPOV.

  19. I’m just going to say I told you so until you’re gone Matt!


    Even your boyfriend Ragan told you your biggest mistake was using the DPOV on Kathy. How in the world did people reply to my post when I started this “I Told You So Matt” that you made a power move by putting Kathy up. Heck, they even went into detail about saying she was the only one that might keep Brendon…are you people freaking serious right now!? OK, that is what I was thinking. :D

    Anyway…I know that you’re a Diabolical Genius, Big Brother’s biggest fan, Ragan’s boy toy, the nerd that placed a curse on his wife, Guitar Hero’s greatest player and the master of lying. That even if you tell the truth about the brigade before they send you packing, that people will not believe you anyway. People hated Ronnie, why on earth do they love you when you’re just as bad or worse than he ever was on the show?

    Please skip the jury house and go straight home to your wife, that will save the both of you from embarrassment. TC and GL in the rest of your life!

  20. I wonder how Many fans of this show have read Orwells “1984”, well for those that havent or wont … it is a story of a society bent on mind control and lets face it after the first couple of weeks the people in this are completely controlled not only by the “thought police” or production as some wopuld call it .. but by the other “Citiizens” or as cbs calls them the houseguests. Now in a way I dont mind that .. it is a great social experiment taking away free will both Overtly and Covertly. Now If i do have an issue with it .. one that I do see echoed here on the boards. CBS is doing it poorly and are setting up for a horribly boring end to this season .. so just remember folks …. when the creepy voice says go to the diary room and the citizens do it .. Orwell smiles just a little bit …

      1. Weird, comment got deleted. There was actually a lawsuit between BB and 1984 related copyrights. Surprisingly it wasn’t due to Allison Grodner weighing 1984 pounds at the time.

    1. I wish the show was more Orwellian. The houseguests are too coddled. They should have to earn the right to not be have nots. I would like to hear BB come over the loudspeakers at all times of the day ordering a specific houseguest to go clean the kitchen or sweep the floor. They should have chores and tasks to complete every day, and their reward for doing as they are told and doing it well would be that they get to hang out and eat that night and sleep in a decent bed. They should have to earn their privileges. They should have punishments for causing bubbles three times in one day. The competitions should be so random that the houseguests have no way of preparing and studying for competitions. I really hate that, it has bothered me for a few seasons to see them anticipating what’s coming. If they have to do double eviction, do it early when nobody expects it. I want them all on edge waiting for the hammer to fall. They would all have to play hard. Floaters wouldn’t have such an easy time. Orwell’s BB was authoritarian and messed with your mind until you didn’t have a mind of your own. But I guess most people like to see pretty people hanging out in a pretty house floating through the game.

      1. Awesome post .. and you are right It would make for an epic season …
        With one of two endings either An apple computer ending ( in away sort of like chima )
        or the Ultimate ending..” … he had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother

  21. Matt’s toast….bad move on using the DPOV. Heard a a rumor that the HG’s must decide who they are voting for 2 hours prior….that can’t be true b/c why have “why should you save me speeches?” Anyone else hear that rumor, Matt had already decided to use it on Kathy then found out about the Brigade throwing him under the bus..

  22. People can piss and moan all they want, Matts gone. He screwed up all along and especially today. The others with lead him on but everyone knows this is probably only chance to get him out. He sucks and now the show will be if and when Regan/Brit/Brendon or any of the dips shits can hang on. What’s he going to say about the brigade, that he was apart of it and was blowing smoke just as much as anyone and he had an Alliance with Regan, Reg/Brit, and he had deals with Brend/Rach, he has no creditability left and they know it, he try to screw everyone. And if BB cheats again (for the tenth time this show), all there after show stuff will be a Wash and they have already lost their creditability. It may cause Brit & Brendon to team up and go after every one else, they have won more the most of the others. And all it takes is Brit and Brendon to talk either Regan or lane (if he’s smart) to come together and it’s all over. And if Lane jumps ship with Brit then he’s the target along with Hayden. They can talk about how they are going to win shit, but they haven’t been able to the whole show, Brindon has a better shout than those 3 idiots. And Regan know he has Brit, so if he wins and they show up Brit, then they may go after them to.

  23. Straight up and straight blunt. Kathy straight sucks as a player and has no team behind her. Kathy was useless to the game.

    If Matt was really ALL ABOUT THE BRIGADE, Matt would have put Britt up with his DPOV. That way brigade would be a %100 lock for the final four. Matt did the dumbest most ignorant move in all of BB history by taking Kathy out of the game. Kathy sucks and was no threat.

  24. When did Ragan forgive Matt for throwing him under the bus or is he still mad and just playing the game with Matt? It seems like all is forgiven.

    1. No, it’s not all forgiven. Ragan has no one to talk to really. Ragan became indifferent toward Matt. Ragan feels foolish right now.

      1. Thanks. I don’t have the feeds and thought I missed something. I knew he was upset/hurt/made the fool when he found out Matt threw him under the bus.

  25. I mean seriously folks, some of you sit on here all damn day and bitch about the way the game is going, but have NO CLUE what Big Brother is about. Since you obviously have access to a computer. Research what Big Brother is. It’s a social experiment. Do a little bit more research, you might learn something.

        1. Ragan might be intelligent, but he’s not sneaky enough to win. It takes both good and bad characters to play this game. Ragan, while a big baby, and was nasty in verbal confrontations, is not devious enough to win this game. Britney, on the other hand, should win a gold medal for back stabbing.

    1. Uhhh! Bad humor. Ragan is a nasty person, but that has nothing to do with all gay people. I know straight men/women who are just as nasty, or even worse. Look at what Mel Gibson is accused of.

  26. I am actually afraid that if production does NOT get involved at this point that my favorite summer show will be hard to watch for the next ten episodes… I am not a huge Matt fan, but with him and either brit or ragan gone, it will be like watching 4 meathead jocks working out all day long… in this case, GET involved… give Matt some way to stay and get rid of Enzo already… I thought I hated Rachel but at this point I would even accept if she was let back into the game… they MUST do something to fix this season.. the enzo, hayden, lane and brendan show is not going to be something that I can stomach to watch

  27. I agree this isn’t the greatest season ever but come n guys stop getting All pissy be use people are telling lies and back stabbing this is big brother that’s what u do and as far as Enzo and lane not winning any comps why does that make them undeserving if they make it to final two. I mean look at dr will how many comps did he win in season two how many did boogie win in all-stars why would I work my ass off in a comp make people think I’m great in competitions and put a target on my back if I can just manipulate the hoh to accomplish my goals backstab everyone Enzo had the right idea last week make a big move when talking about getting rid of matt that’s what makes this show good lie cheat do whatever u have to but make an impression make everyone in the jury know that you are the reason the were evicted that way everyone knows your actually playing the game

    1. Sure he did, you don’t remember Brigadecode from season 9, you know because everybody that tries out makes it on the show.

  28. Wearing Black all week…..mourning the loss of my beloved Matty…Why did you throw the POV comp?????Throw Ragan under the bus???…..You should have used those balls you are playing wtih all the time and used the DPOV on getting out a BG member…What a disappointment….Now your freaking me out with your skulking around with that hoodie on, looking like a true gremlin…..OUT THE BG NOW!!!!!!! Do something please for the love of all things holy and redeem yourself.

  29. I was trying to figure out last Thursday what everyone was doing happy dances for. Matt staying or Kathy going? I thought more for Kathy going, but now everyone seems to be changing their tune, can these people not make up their minds? Matt probably thought it was better to keep the Brigade intact since the numbers were more and that is one way to look at it. But it would have been smarter and more logical to take out a Brigade member, especially when he knew how they were going to vote. If he had, he might not be in the posistion he is now, ironically much the same as he was last week, but with no DPOV to save himself. But things in BB change so frequently you can’t really plan much beyond each week, so who knows maybe he’ll pull something else off again.

    1. BB wanted Matt to use the Diamond Power of Veto, so they let Rachel’s pretzel message to Brendon slide. BB forced Matt’s hand.

      That aside however, it would either appear that Matt just wasn’t paying attention all that week, because he should have sensed something wasn’t right with the brigade. Either that, or he was just in denial about the possibility that they’d throw him under the bus first.

      And all the time he spent with Ragan that week made the brigade suspicious about who his alliances were with as well.

      Putting up Kathy as a replacement was a wuss move that did nothing for his game (or anyone else’s for that matter – she was always going to be an easy target at that point). He probably should have put up Hayden or Enzo, especially considering how things turned out.

      Additionally, taking a shot at Brendon by calling him a dummy, when Brendon already hated him, did nothing to help his game either.

      Now Matt’s all alone. It serves him right.

  30. The ONLY chance that Matt has to stay is to tell Ragan, Britney, and Brendon about the Brigade, that Hayden, Lane and Enzo have a final 3 deal, and for them to form a new final four alliance. If they go for it, on Thursday the vote will be tied and Britney can boot Enzo’s penguin ass out. Then they can pick off Hayden and Lane since they obviously can’t win shit. The final four will be the actual competitors in the house who will all fight tooth and nail to win the remaining competitions. THAT would be a helluva lot more acceptable and entertaining than the three stooges who do not in any way deserve to make it to the end.

    1. I totally agree!!! I’ve been thinking about all last night and that;s the same conclusion I came up with. He has been loyal to the BG to a fault! He can tell Ragan and Brit that’s the reason he(Matt) threw Ragan under the bus.

    2. That would be nice but Brendon won’t go for it and we would turn around and tell Hayden and Enzo what matt is saying. I think he is tryin to get Hayden and lane to vote for him to stay and get lane to convince Britney to vote for him. I hopes matt stays but I think the odds are stacked too much against him. I’ll watch Thursday and then probably just read updates online. This season is getting too bad to watch.

  31. This season is so boring that I quit watching the show and just catch up here. I would of disliked Brendon and Rachel but the others were so boring and gross that Brendon ended up being my favorite. Crazy stuff.

  32. Mogwai…as we can see so far… will NOT out the Brigade. He is too smug and full of himself. He thinks he can still play them and manipulate votes. But by the “shun” he is getting from Regan I see it as impossible. They all see his true colors now and know they cannot trust him. The Mogwai is toast.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> As for the”LIE” ….yes we know ..we get it…you need ot lie in this game. To me lying about a family member having an illness is just a bit much.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Maybe he can make up a child and have it dying too. Maybe that will save him. What a diabolical super tool.

  33. Go home Matt.
    Brit and Brendon to the end.
    Brendon deserves to win he has fought every week to be there.
    He is not the one throwing competitions.
    Brendon is not the one going around talking about a sick wife.
    Brit and Brendon are the only ones that give it their all every week.
    Yes they lie…But so does everyone else.
    Go Brit and Brendon.

    1. For the win, Matt or Brendon- yes, Britney-hell to the no.
      Reason being, she’s nasty. She said a lot of nasty things about other players, hitting below the belt. The only difference between her and Ragan is Ragan has the guts to say it to your face, Britney hides in the Diary Room or say it behind your back.

      Anyone but Britney. Heck, I would rather see Ragan wins than Britney. At least Ragan is not two faced.

    1. I have to agree… Brit and Brendon are indeed playing the game. The others are just lazing and floating and bragging which I hope bites their arses. I want to see Enzo taken down about 50 pegs from the post he’s put himself on.
      What a worthless disgusting idiot.

  34. hahhal comments are very biase this year.
    and again, i think its cause of the shitty cast,

    even if matty exposed the brigade, ppl wouldn’t exactly believe him, his kinnda know as the liar. i wanna see Brit make it to @ least finally 3 with brendon & hayden or lane. enzo is funny, but i dont see him making it, only if he wins HOH. &’d ragan; well never underestimate himm; he could use that anger to use & win a competition, i doubt that; he might lose focus. but expect, the unexpected.
    props to team brigade; for getting this far in the game…by being manipulative/scheming. so if you think they aren’t playing the game…they are; they are just getitng out with no blood on their hands.

  35. I really hope Matt goes this week and with the double eviction maybe Enzo also. Matt is such a conniving little rat and Enzo just a paper weight in this game. Please do not bring Rachel back if they are thinking of bring anyone back. She is just sooooo very annoying especially with her voice and laugh. It gives me e creeps even thinking about it.

  36. Britt was soo frustrated studying with Hayden and Enzo. Enzo couldnt get any of the answers right. She was like “this is my army hahaha (laughs to herself)”

  37. Hayden and Matt in Taj “We suck at this game”
    hahaha. At least they know they’re suckin it and admits it

  38. yeah I think Matt sealed his fate then by choosing Kathy. He knew the Brigade was turning on him then. He will regret that for years.

  39. opps! I think that one of the jurors will be voted back in. Remember the house was one houseguest short at the start of the show. I really think we haven’t seen the last of matt.

  40. Enzo should be ousted. He hasn’t won anything. He always brags about the brigade and being the leader, but as a leader he has shown nothing.

    All talk a big game but no action by Enzo.

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