**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – The Ogre Lovin the Chum and the Tournament Bowl is Gone HURRAY!

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:44pm The Happy couple making coffee


9:35pm Backyard Hayden: “Wheres the bowl?…. Guys guys wheres the bowl.. the bowl is gone” Yes there Pool Tournament was left outside and now it’s gone, Everyone suspects the penguin did it.
9:39pm Hot tub Lane and Enzo Enzo is a bit worried about Brit he asks Labne if she going to put matt up as Planned. Lane says everything is fine. Lane asks him if he has a facebook page, When Lane gets his family phone call he can tell them so say something. Enzo says if brendon wins the double eviction he’ll put up ragan and brit. Matt joins them.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:48pm Brendon gets to take his chum bath


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:03pm hottub Matt tried to make a bomb out of dry ice and chum but he was told by production to stop it, Matt: “Sorry showtime just trying to give you something to watch”. They asks MAtt about Ragan, He says that ragan is feeling depressed and he’s taking some personal time. Brit asks why? Matt doesn’t know, Matt: “you know how ragan is he’s emotional”. they start talking about the chum, Brendon says it really doesn’t smell too bad. Lane says it’s not real chum its the wrong colour.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:24pm Jumanji Room Lane and Ragan Lane says he doesn’t know what the house is doing there getting down to the final 5 anyone can leave at any moment. He understands on brit’s part…. Hayden comes in so they move to Taj.
10:29pm In the Taj Ragan tells him that there is 3 pairs in the house and the boys do not want Enzo to go. Ragan thinks that BRendon, Enzo and HAyden have an alliance and they’ve done a good job because now they are in a very good position to go all the way. Ragan says that when matt had the power he could of put the guys up but he didn’t . lane thinks its the three of them that scares the house (Brit, Ragan and MAtt). Lane knows the decision brit has is between Matt and HAyden, he doesn’t envy her he knows its a tough choice. Lane saying that people are getting close tot he money and you’ll start seeing the ugliness in their games. Ragan goes on and on about MAtt not taking out one of the boys last week when he had the DPOV and how it’s bullshit that he’s the target now. Ragan cannot understand why Brit is doing this because next week it’s going to be her on the block. Lane tries to explain that it’s come down to the wire people have to go up, Lane knows theres people in the house that are going to put him up with Hayden just like theres people that are going to put Ragan up with Brit. Lane tells him that this is getting close to the end and everyone has to make tough choices. Lane explains that if he wins HOH next week then he’s going to have to put 2 people up that he likes, he should of won HOH in the beginning when he didn’t know anyone. Lane mentions that the house is scared to go final 2 with him. Ragan doesn’t understand that he’s only had 2 friends in the house and he’s won 1 competition.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:44pm Brit and BRendon talking about stupid shit

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210 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – The Ogre Lovin the Chum and the Tournament Bowl is Gone HURRAY!

  1. bye bye matt u big dumb cocky idiot. d pov saved u last week but this week u are out go help your sick wife oooo my bad she is not sick u dumb fuk. brendon and enzo all the way.

    1. nice your rooting for enzo to win because unless brendon takes matt,regan or brittney is has 0 chance of winning the 500k

    2. lmao. how right you are. I hope he goes. and Ragan talking about matt deserves to be there because he played the game with integrity. Maybe he and start that charity fund for his wife and raise the 60,000 for the surgery she needs. Such a liar, boy some people really would do anything for money, even at the expense of his wife. I wonder how he would feel if she really did become ill. I know people lie in the game but that lie was pathetic.

      1. i would fight people for 500k, and thats what they should have to do, FIGHT for it not no rigged competitions the caters to certain HGs, that shit is BORING, Big Brother Survivor, i have yet to see some EARN the 500k or 1,000,000 in either show … this bullshit is NOT REALITY

        1. people keep saying bb is rigged, well if it’s rigged everyone has benefited from it being rigged except kathy, enzo and lane. When brendan was about to go home after rachel he won hoh. when matt was about to go home he had the dpov. when ragan was on the block he won pov, and brit has won hoh and 2 pov so who is it rigged for? Rachel, Monet, and Kristen couldn’t save themselves. Rachel won hoh and stayed an extra week, but if it was rigged for her she would have won pov instead of brit. so if it is rigged it is benefiting everyone in the house. no one thinks the game is rigged until their time in the house is threatened. Brendan was the first one to say that and eveyrone thought he was crazy and not having sportsmanship, now it’s matt that might get put up it’s rigged. spare me. bb has helped each one in there. if anyone REALLY should be saying rigged it’s Kathy. and then lane and then brendan, but they were on the block no one voted them out so how is that their fault.

            1. you say no one on survivor has earned the million that have won it. then i’ll take that as you saying that todd from china didn’t deserve to win and parvati in micronesia shouldn’t have won because she did nothing. what about bob in gabon or tom in palau and rich in borneo? but i will agree that not everyone deserves to win, sometimes you’re just stuck with two people and you say well, who played better? like in amazon when rob didn’t make final 2 or in africa when lex got snuffed because of kim. and then you’ve got the bitter angry jury like in samoa when russell should’ve got it or last season when parvati lost to sandra when sandra did nothing all season and what rob in all stars losing to am-bah because he broke his promise to lex and tom. but you have to consider the time when the best are rewarded like season 2 of bb with will and all stars with boogie and todd in china and yul in cook islands and dan in season 10 of bb. and dammit, it still hurts that terry didn’t make final two of panama: exile island.

          1. Mtt’s 2 HOHs was rigged for him Brnedon’s HOH was rigged for him………………..RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED, the POVs are the only ones that are every man for himself

            1. That’s funny because the houseguests complain about the pov being rigged, and the hoh. Either way rigged or not each of them benefits from the rigging so it’s no need for the houseguest to get mad when bb helps out someone else. they had their turn. All except kathy, lane and enzo. but lane doesn’t seem to care about it.

          2. i don;t care if it;s rigged i know it;s rigged i watch it for the entertainment but this season not one HG was entertaining

        2. Big Brother isn’t rigged, but production does get involved to keep us interested in the show, you have to remember this isn’t a true reality show

          1. Yes it is! BB, the “Big Bro” ultimatly makes the rules, just like in the book, the theme is the same. If you are playing the game, you should play it in way where America likes you. You and I are the audience. BB responds to what we want to watch, so they do manipulate the game a little bit. Notice that True and False questions, they get longer, and guess what, if they both can be false and they both can be true. I wonder, but I don’t think they do that, or get that deep. But just imagine. It is reality, but not ours.

        3. I think you need to think a little deeper my friend. The “reality” is that the game is “rigged”!

          If I were to play the game (pretend like you landed a high paying executive job), you would have to play the game. The Book 1984, is based on “Big Brother” not only watching your every move, but having all the control. Matt think he is smart, but he should have taken us into account. Isn’t interesting that we, America, seem to be in agreement that he is a doush, and he is about to leave here real soon. You are playing the game too, in a way my freind. Because the game is rigged, and BB (production) is responding to us.

          I personally want Britney to win, I think she has been entertaining to watch, so maybe they are manipulating the game a little so that she can last a few more weeks. That is what is all about. Brendon is not going to win becasue he has acted like an idiot, and Matt can’t win because he has been way to arrogant.

      2. Ragan is completlely illogical in that conversation with Lane above. Ragan’s snivelling, whining, right fighting, demonizing style is idealistic/unrealistic. Matt has honour, are you kidding me.

      3. That guy Matt is not as smart as he thinks he is. My wife has a disease, and she might not make it. Guess what, if that were ever to be a true scenario I think I would have to challenge the guy. Andrew should have, he would have showed his smarts, and it would have given him some utility to someone. He was pretty useless to everyone, and he even knew that it was a made up disease. He could have exposed Matt, and maybe gained some type of alliance out of it.

        1. i agree. i liked andrew and i think that would have changed the game a bunch. i think brendon and andrew would have been a good partnership if rachel had not been there to mess things up for them.

      4. i don’t think so! ragan has his face planted so firmly up matt’s tush that he will not even care that he lied to him about a sick wife, or the brigade, or anything else. it’s pitiful. makes me sick thinking that he is involved in anyone’s education and it sorta makes me ashamed to be gay. imagine that, my family couldn’t do it, my catholic church couldn’t do it… society couldn’t do it, but that silly excuse of a man makes me hate belonging to any category that he fits into. crybaby. i hope he’s out next.

      5. ewwww. if you feel that way, why watch it? it’s possible that it is rigged, but can’t you say that about every one of my beloved monday night football games. and the world cup had the worst officiating in the history of sports. when humans are involved, the outcome of any event is going to be biased. just don’t watch it if it upsets you. you deserve better than to be bothered by a silly tv show. good luck to ya.

    3. I don’t understand why people are for Brendan to win the money when he’s already promised to give ALL the money to his beloved, Rachel. Do you think she’ll honestly stay with Brendan once the attention and interviews are over he’ll be left with nothing and Rachel will be back in Las Vegas.
      Why give the money to Brendan just for him to give it to Rachel who definitely does NOT deserve it? Brendan only wants to please Rachel.

        1. Yes, Brendan definitely promised to give her all of the money if he wins, because she’s his “beloved”. So, BB is rigging the competitions for him to win, which basically means that Rachel will be the only winner because she’ll end up with the money and Brendan will end up with nothing, including her.
          Rachel told Brendan that she deserved to be there more than Him. He believed her B.S..She’s a prostitute in Las Vegas, she knows how to work men. Brerndan is just too stupid to think he can change her.
          Everyone should email or call CBS and complain about them rigging BB so that the people they like or will get them the most publicity will win.

    1. what animals is he killing , if it;s the “food” kind thats OK, leave other animals alone

      1. It being rigged is what it is all about. Matt are now finally coming up with that in week 7. You can pretty much see figure that out in season one. Your game would be based on luck, if you did not factor in the fact that you must add some element of entertainment into your game strategy.

        Matt is not a super genius, he is super foolish, and he played right into BigBrother’s hands.

  2. I really hope Britney doesnt put up Matt.Even though I don’t like her, it’s better for her to put up Hayden. & there’s no way Brendon’s going to win if she puts up Matt :(

    1. theres no way brendon is going to win PERIODE he can’t win BB with 1 vote and thats all he’s gonna get , UNLESS he takes regan,brittney or matt to the final 2 with him…. love how brenchel fans are rooting for him bring with the brigade members, they KNOW they have a guaranteed win against him….. that BIG DUMMY can’t see it HAHAHHAHA

      1. Actually , if Britney decides to put up Hayden instead of Matt, then Brendon has a good chance of making it to the final two, if he teams up with either Hayden or Enzo, which ever one looses.

        1. you just repeated what i said yes i know he has a chance of making it to the final 2 but no chance of winning against enzo,lane or hayden

          1. I didn’t repeat what you said, cause he could win if he makes it to the final two. And I said he would be taking either Hayden or Enzo to the final two with him. & if Brit puts up Hayden, the Brigade doesnt have a garenteed win against anyone.

    2. There’s no way brit will win if she puts up matt or dont put up matt. Brit doesn’t stand a chance against anyone in that house. If brit and matt makes it to final two matt will get ragan, kathy, hayden, & enzo vote, brit will get lane and brendan and rachel are up in the air so either way she won’t win. She is not even going to make it after next week, unless she wins pov

      1. brendon also dont stand a chance of winning big brother.. thats why hayden,enzo, and lane alined with him and i for one will ENJOY the pathetic look on his face like he’s about to cry when the BIG DUMMY finds out they was playing him

        1. I don”t know about that. Rachel will vote for him, and matt and ragan will definitely vote for him because they will be to mad at everyone else for not getting brendan out and getting them out first, and matt said if brendan makes it to final two he would vote for him, the rest of the house it’s up in the air, but all he would need is one more vote, and unless he goes up against hayden I think kathy will give him the vote.

          1. You don’t think Hayden has good chance. He has gone through the game with very little friction, and when he has had it, he has been the only one that has had the intelligence to go back and smooth things over. Everyone else holds onto a grudge

      2. Britney would have a better shot at winning if she put up Hayden instead of Matt. Cause if Hayden and Enzo, the two strongest brigade member go up against each other, and one of them looses, then the Brigade will fall apart . And without the Brigade , everyone else would have a better chance at winning.

    3. Morgaan, As I see it, with all the talk is about Brit keeping Matt. Brit cannot beat him in the final 2 no way. If she tries to keep with Reg/Matt, She is a goner. Now she has a Small chance with the 3 guys, Brendan will most like being gone. I have usually voted of the underdog weather it is in sport or in real life. And he has been fighting since week; no one has been more of an underdog than him, and that’s even if you put all the rest together. But I do not see him making it past the next week. So it still comes down to Brit (which I hate) going with the guys, because I think she is a little smarter then they. Now that a comp, the only girl smokes 3 guys. As Matt going and telling her about the brigade, go ahead, he was part of it. Plus the fact is he had an alliance with Rach/Brend, The Brigade, Regan and Regan and Britt. Yes he’s played, he’s played and punked everyone, so he gets what he deserves. All the guys have to say is well “Matt, Regan and you are in a side alliance”, we where just trying to stay alive. She doesn’t take Matt out now which is a great time, He may win HOH next week, and she’s long gone. No brainier. Lane is me new winner, but he has to step up and do something. I think he’s funny and he usually doesn’t freak out and go postal on everyone. But he has to get he game on soon.

      1. But I remember Julie telling someone that Matt’s wife isn’t really sick, so the word will most likely get around and no one would want to vote for Matt then probably. And if she does put Matt up, the boys will get her out for sure in the final four. She has a better chance if she puts up Hayden now, cause the people she has alliances with are still in the house.. including Matt.

  3. WOW this is the most quiet I have seen Matt the entire game. If he really wanted to be safe he should have taken the route brendan did and risk being tied to brit, getting his hair shaved and taking a chum bath every hour, but no he lied and said he clicked in just like he lied about his wife, and he lied about not telling b/r to put him up as a pawn. he allowed the house to think b/r was after him when he volunteered to be a pawn, just like he lied to the brigade that he would put up b/r the first hoh he won but instead he alligned with them that week. This whole game matt has been about self and maybe protecting ragan, but he was never really a part of the brigade, he was just using the brigade for votes. I still think he and ragan knew each other before the house, because this guy is to protective of ragan and no one else.

    1. And what are you porkie pig. Don’t get mad because matt is on his way out, and the brigade is crumbling. They are crumbling at the hands of matt. had he not wanted it all and stuck with the brigade and left ragan alone he wouldn’t be in the mess he’s in. He tried to blame the brigade for outing rachel saying he did what they wanted, no matt did what he wanted and it came back to bite him in the ass.

        1. Thanks I mean you can’t post your ocmments for someone saying something negative about your post. And the negative things they put in response don’t even have anything to do with what you originally post. They only post things to be seen, but they really dont have anything legit to say.

        1. how can you think that? except for hayden’s hoh, matt is the only one to win anything for the brigade. i guess you can count the movie being a win for enzo and hayden but no biggie. the hg’s were stupid to not figure out that h/e/l/m were working together. they almost had it when rachel was hoh…. they discussed it with kathy and ragan, but then ragan and kathy turned coated on them as soon as they were out of power and the thread snapped.

    2. And of course Matt has been playing everybody, even the Brigade. The Brigade has only really been 3 Deep Yo, because Matt has always been just for Matt.

      1. Exactly. his time has come, let him go to the jury house. He doesn’t want to play the game he wants to play the people in the house and manipulate ragan he can no longer manipulate brit and thats good.

          1. i bet he does. matt has said all along that he was playing for himself. of course he was using the brigade. everyone in the brigade is using and being used by each other. only one person can win so eventually they will all turn on each other in some way.

    3. not really sure matt is protective of ragan. i have heard him say on numerous occasions they he wanted ragan out. it seems like ragan is more protective of matt.

      1. he is protective of ragan’s vote!!! and i think that he would give ragan his vote if ragan were to make it to the final 2. do any of you believe for a second that ragan would actually give matt the money if it came down to the two of them? i thought that was funny. it makes him seem to fit a very negative stereotype of having to buy companionship/friendship. if i could stand him i might feel sorry for him, but i can’t and i don’t.

  4. Wow haha your know better then matt. The way your talkin. This is just a show eh? No need for the name calling. Your sayin it behind his back so how are you any better?

      1. Whinedon did what he had to win win that POV he’s really trying to LOSE BB to , enzo,lane,and hayden

        1. enzo gave up his clothes, i think thats the only other punishment everybody else went for the prizes , because enzo,lane, and hayden threw it to brendon

    1. Exactly, but ragan has been sleeping a lot. a classic sign of depression. he really takes this game to seriously. or he takes matt to seriously. I mean he is worse than natalie chema and lydia when jessie got voted out.

  5. As I see it, with all the talk is about Brit keeping Matt. Brit cannot beat him in the final 2 no way. If she tries to keep with Reg/Matt, She is a goner. Now she has a Small chance with the 3 guys, Brendan will most like being gone. I have usually voted of the underdog weather it is in sport or in real life. And he has been fighting since week; no one has been more of an underdog than him, and that’s even if you put all the rest together. But I do not see him making it past the next week. So it still comes down to Brit (which I hate) going with the guys, because I think she is a little smarter then they. Now that a comp, the only girl smokes 3 guys. As Matt going and telling her about the brigade, go ahead, he was part of it. Plus the fact is he had an alliance with Rach/Brend, The Brigade, Regan and Regan and Britt. Yes he’s played, he’s played and punked everyone, so he gets what he deserves. All the guys have to say is well “Matt, Regan and you are in a side alliance”, we where just trying to stay alive. She doesn’t take Matt out now which is a great time, He may win HOH next week, and she’s long gone. No brainier. Lane is me new winner, but he has to step up and do something. I think he’s funny and he usually doesn’t freak out and go postal on everyone. But he has to get he game on soon.

    1. If I was a jury member, and the final 2 were Brittney/Enzo. I would give my vote to Brittney.

      The most likely to win this is either Brenden if he makes it to final 2(Not gonna happen =/) or Matt. No wait, once everyone finds out about his wife lie no one won’t vote for him.

      Hayden would win this just because of one HOH win. Lane has been a floater in a weak alliance. Enzo has done nothing. Ragan, no way he doesn’t deserve that money.

  6. I wonder how Rachel will feel about Brendon and Brit being handcuffed together.
    I can hear her saying, “Don’t get between me and my man.”

    1. well if it was the rachel fellow HO in the house kristen she would be pissed… but i think she will laugh like i am

    1. Yeah while Ragan is inside spinning his game for matt. why is he so sure brit won’t put him up. eventhough I know she wont, but this guy is really for the second week in a row fight hard for matt? Matt really has Ragan fooled. I mean he must not have been around alot of people, because this guy doesn’t even know when he is being played. Matt tells him to go talk to people and he does it. I mean he is never campaining that hard for himself. He lays around and cry when it’s him on the block, but he fights like hell when it’s matt. Why is he on the show if his only goal is to help matt win.I can’t wait to see his face when he finds out matt is lying. I bet he will wish he faught harder for himself and not matt, because he is trying to help a guy win a half of a million dollars based on a lie.

  7. its not fair how productions got involed and set up matt cause now hes going home forsure
    first they gave brendon the pov and handcuffed him to britney so that matt cant even talk to her.
    matt and brendon dont both deserve to go home they are the biggest players as well as britney.
    haydeen and enzo should be on the block because they suck and hayden brings no ratings hes so shy and boring


      1. I can’t say that I actually watch this season of big brother because of Matt. In fact, I wish Matt were gone yesterday!

      2. Matt has given bb season 12 all the ratings it needs. if they were looking for that many ratings they would have kept rachel and made it hard for everyone to get her out, by letting rachel win pov. matt had his dpov and was safe for two weeks. matt is going to be just like rachel gone, and ragan will be like brendan, now he will fight hard and brit and brendan will be his targets, so there are a few plans left to save ratings if thats what they are worried about. Hayden won’t be going anywhere. The house will vote out enzo first.

  8. Ragan, for goodness sake, campaign for yourself! You might be going up yourself! Matt needs to save himself. Is that enough selfs in this comment?

    1. agreed, this guy fights more for matt than himself. I wonder how he is going to feel when he realizes he gave up a half a million dollars for a guy who’s wife isn’t sick at all, as a matter of fact she is just as healthy as ragan.


    1. Carol, I know! Ragan needs to lookout for himself. No one is going to save him. Does he really think Matt will? He would Matt but not the other way around.

    2. I know matt really has brit and ragan fooled. brit said earlier that she knows matt wont put her up. really she can’t even get lane to make a deal with her everytime she brings it up he avoids answering her. she is too trusting to the wrong people.

  10. Regan says he is flattered that people say he is a competitor but says it’s bullshit because he won only one competition. Hmmm… so he was so happy when Kathy got back doored, but he dosn’t deserve it? What a hypocrit.

    It would suck though because he coudln’t even take part in PoV. At least Kathy took part in PoV and she can blame herself for not trying hard enough. Just goes to show you, you should always try and not float your way through the game. You just never know when you can be put up.

    1. Hey Grandma, I asked that poster if they were the same poster that was known as, mimimew, cause they were the one that cut you up for your comment on Regan and and Matt, and that pissed me off. I as well as everyone on here who knows you, knew you were kidding, then I saw that poster make some comments on Matt and Regan. I have absolutely no prob with gay people but I really hate that word Homophobic, it seems to mean what they want it to. I am straight, I love women, and I don’t bother gay people, so why should I feel guilty because im straight. The gays have a flag and they want to be out there, but if you don’t join in the parade, your homophobic, give me a break.

  11. Rockstar, did I answer something that wasn’t you? Can someone use your name on here? I didn’t think it would except the same name. Simon?

  12. I can see it now on Thursday, Brits DR session she makes funny faces how she had to be next to Brendon when he showered and how gross it was and how she wanted to throw up being with him for 24 hrs. She is either really fake and two faced or is really good at lying.

    I be worried if she was my wife. She could lie right to your face and say, Nope I didn’t cheat or did that. I would not be able to trust her at all.


  14. I think you are an idiot for what your own comment You sound like someone that thinks they are some type of super genius like Matt. That is the way you come across!

  15. bottom line as of now…i just want Lane and Brendon to be final 2…all the others suck…brendon really proved he plays the game to do all he is going thru shows he will do whatever to win…and lane is just a sweetheart…a big teddy bear and i think he has a heart. that is strictly my opionon…I just cant stand that disgustiing dirty slob Scumzo…what a loser and small minded flithy uneducated, no manners, perverted piece of shit…thank you for letting me vent lol

  16. they got rid of the tournament bowl? did they take the pool table too??? they need to give them something else to play

  17. bye-bye matty. the brigade are bigger douchebags than you are. sick wife… yo,,, 5 g’s and a trip to hawaii and they throw you under the bus saying you won them. hahaha

  18. they will ALL be friends after the show man they do thie for our entertainment they don;t hate each other.. he show is not REAL

  19. rachel brittney and rachel,matt,regan, are gonna be singing “kumbaya”: in unison in vegas…..

  20. Add alot of mascara to Brit and her and Brendon look like Tammy Faye Baker & Charles Manson sitting outside! Can’t wait to see showtime tonight.

  21. Brendon is slowly becoming a real Ogre, Lane get the shotgun KILL IT before it eats brittney

  22. ragan is really getting on my nerves right now. I with he would just SHUT THE HELL UP!!. i’m so sick of him and his philosophy being worried about britney surviving in this game. He truly needs to worry about himself. i like ragan a little, but he is just working my last nerves being worried about matt and brit.

  23. hayden also won the Hawaii trip and they are saying Matt’s lying about winning something. And Hayden, Lane and Enzo are telling everyone that Matt’s the Sabatuer. Enzo needs to go home. He is disgusting and he needs to learn how to eat. He is just as bad as Nasty Nat from last season.

    1. If Brit decides to get really suspicious and puts up Hayden because of all the Matt being thrown under the bus, I’m thinking Hayden is going home. Hayden’s mistake was telling Enzo and Lane about winning the $5000 and the Hawaii trip. If Brit puts up Hayden, Enzo will for sure tell everyone that Hayden ended up winning the prizes and Brit will be pissed off and want everyone to vote out Hayden. In that case, maybe Brendan will lose trust in them and team up with Matt, Brit, and Ragan, even though they probably hate his guts. Not sure though, since he seems to be playing the game personally.

  24. Look at my Balloon Boy, my Hayden. He pulled his hair back off his forehead. It is easier that way to make sure air isn’t escaping out his ears. I think he finally heard me.

  25. I’m sitting here watching season 10 and from what is happening so far in this house(12) I think that this is going to be a repeat of Memphis getting rid of Keesha. I feel so bad for brit because she has No chance with Lane going to the end…She is doing all of his dirty work…But also when you look at it Lane is doing all of Enzo’s work…Its crazy how Enzo runs this house but know body see it…He’s playing an impeccable game so far without having to lift a finger..smh…I personally would like Enzo more if he actually started to win stuff

  26. I think I heard Hayden tell Enzo and Lane he won the $5,000 and then later he also mentioned going to Hiwaii with both of them. Enzo said he couldn’t go because of his little girl but Lane would go with him. He told them not to tell anybody and didn’t want Mat to know. What snakes! They have everybody plus Brittany thinking Matt won all these prizes.

  27. Worst case scenario. This couldn’t have worked out worse for Brit and Matt. Matt needs to get Brit alone and expose the brigade. He needs to tell her that the four of them have been tight since the beginning and that now that he has carried them this far they want to dump him and that she is their next target. He also needs to tell her that Lane is at the bottom of the pecking order of the brigade once Matt is gone, they will throw him under the bus too. He needs to form a 3 person alliance with Brit and Ragan and try to pull in Lane. It’s the only way Matt, Lane or Brit have a chance to win. Otherwise, if Brit puts Matt out, Enzo, Haydon or Brendon will skate to the finals without doing jack to deserve it.

  28. Can someone please tell me what everyone got in the POV? I missed so much today! Also, did Britney get anything special for opening Pandora’s Box?

  29. Who thinks that ,from misguided loyalty, Ragan will confess that he was the saboteur to save Matt and his sick wife. It could become one of the biggest blunders in BB history.

  30. Hayden will regret tell Enzo about the trip and 5g’s anyone that does’t think Enzo will use that against him later is just kidding themselfs..I do like the fact that Hayden wanted to come clean about it.. Anyone but Enzo winning has now become my matra..

  31. Britney, Britney, Britney, you are telling Brendon that Kathy was saying terrible things about Rachel! And, you said that he will see that when he sees the show! Sweetie, he is going to see a whole lot more coming from your mouth. But, if you can sell it, go for it.

      1. Hayden got a trip to Hawaii and $5000 and he has total Lane and Enzo he won those. Lane and Enzo told Hayden not to tell anyone else. He wanted either Enzo or Brendon to get the POV. Someone won a call from home but no one has said who got it. Matt apparently didn’t get anything including the POV which the others didn’t want him to get.

        1. I heard Lane got the call, is that correct? That sucks for Matt – they said he won the trip and 5k when it was Hayden. I really liked Hayden at first but the past week has really changed my mind. I hope Britney figures all this out and makes the right choice, unless production whispers in her ear. ;)

  32. brit is sucking up to brenden big time. telling him everything that kat said about him. she casually forgot to mention the fact that she herself was badmouthing him also. “pot calling the kettle black”.

    1. Does she really think she is convincing him that she is his friend after putting him on the block? I hope he realizes that she did everything that she is accusing Kathy of–only she was worse.

  33. O.M.G. Brittany wake up and smell the BB slop – Hayden has to go home given he won the trip & 5K. Why would he tell everyone??? DORK!

    1. Well, I think the bean dip cause Hayden to have a brain fart. But, I think he really didn’t want to keep that from Lane and Enzo. He gave them ammo. I guess we will see if they use it.

      1. Hayden has a brain? Who would have thought?
        Love having you around BBGrandma. We are a little more “seasoned” than a lot of the kids posting here. But I still like most all of them.

  34. I wish Brit would put hayden up. I want enzo to go home so bad. I can’t even watch the feed when it’s just him on it. Please Brit, wise up girl and send the Brigade home.
    Hayden and Enzo both are getting on my nerves.
    Production is definitely rigging these comps.

  35. Also, the dude that was suppose to be the bad guy for lying about his wife being sick is being made to look good compared to Enzo and Hayden.

  36. brit bren talking, talking how Kathy was everyones friend when the won HoH and then wasn’t brendons friend when he wasn’t HoH.

    Ragen finally comes out, talking with BritBren now. 2:45am est.

  37. chum bath #3 for Brendon. He said it was time, Brit goes, no not yet, and a minute later ding ding ding. time for chum bath.

  38. What ever it is, it looks so gross on the face, his mouth and eyes are closed so tight. Might not be real chum, but it’s gross what ever it is.

  39. Ragen asking Brit if anyone took the prizes, except for the phone call, and Brit saying no. She saying only 3 people could take prizes, it wasn’t Enzo, Brendon or her (Brit) So they know that Lane, Hayden and Matt must have took them but what, they do not know.

  40. Brit saying she didn’t take any prizes and she was quarenteed safty. She is pissed. she says who ever takes a prize will be up. So the witch hunt to see who won prizes begins.

  41. Brits saying how she never took any money or material goods and tried for HoH or PoV all the time and is pissed off how people are taking money or prizes. And here is Regan her friend who took 20 Gs LOL. Wait till she finds out. LOL.

    Regan. “I feel like” long pause.Has a stone look on his face.

  42. “I feel like it’s the same people every week fighting. Not just competion, but fighting, with each other up and down.”

    Ah I see why Brendon jumps in the pool since its so much warmer than the shower he takes.

  43. Brit saying Enzo was playing the game because he wanted the phone call from home so bad, but didn’t go for it because he was playing the game.

  44. Jessie told brit she needs to loose weight. Brit says she weighs 100 pounds, what message will that be telling young girls?

    She calling him a sick freak. She doesn’t like Jessie at all.

  45. Well Brit did say it should be a funny episode with all the funny faces she makes with Jessie’s comments. Will she how that comes out.

  46. EVIL THOUGHT: I think that Matt should out the brigade to Brendon, Ragan and Brit. They make an agreement to band together secretly. They get the other 3 out, then fight it out in the final four. As the last member of the brigade is on the block, Brendon should tell them that since they turned on Matt, who was the strongest in the competitions, he couldn’t trust them more than he trusted the other 3. Brigade is shot down in flames and the 4 people who have been fighting the hardest to get to that point actually get to stay. There will be many who will disagree, but I am cool with that. I think it would be entertaining. Hayden only had to fight once. Lane never had to fight. Enzo is on the block, but it seems to be a sure thing that he is staying. The other 4 have fought back both physically and socially.

    1. This is what I am hoping for but I wish they could do it without Brendon. He is still too much of a douche for me.

  47. did you notice Hayden’s reaction after asking Lane his mother’s name and learning that she is very funny person? hummmm Thats how Hayden described his step dad. Hayden’s eye’s almost rolled out of his head.

  48. Would somebody explain the chum bath? What does it contain and why does Brendon have to keep taking a chum bath?

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