**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – The Gremlin tries to Work his Power and The penguin goes for a run

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:48pm Taj Matt and Lane Matt asks him if something is going on with them all does even have any sort of chance. Lane: “You know were i am i’m in the same boat as you” Matt: “I don’t want to bother you guys if you have your minds already set on a plan”. Lane tells him he doesn’t think its a lost cause He thinks Matt should go for it. Lane wants to know what ragan thinks. Matt says that ragan told him its a lost cause and matt can’t convince them to vote for matt. Lane thinks that he should get him and Hayden together and talking, Lane: “I want to see the BG get far but right now people are smelling the money”. Matt just wants to know if they all have any deals going on and if he still has a chance because he doesn’t want to waste their time. Lane says he’ll tell Matt what the plan is, lane likes matt thinks he’s a stand up guy.
Matt: “you and Brit i get but what about Brendon and Enzo and where does Hayden sit?”
Lane: “I look at Hayden as too nice a guy to do any schemeing.. I get what your saying he’s in a good spot”.
Lane: “Preach to him that we all want brendon out this week and it’s going to be a quick quiz and you can win that”
matt: “My concern is he’ll keep brendon over enzo just becuase of the fear”… Feeds cut
Matt wonders what is really going on with enzo because it’s sort of late in the the game to be “going deep” with your side alliance. Matt tells Lane that there is brendon/enzo, Brit/Lane and HAyden is in the middle. matt: “ragan sorta knows what I was doing but I’ve already brought him back just like that” (snaps his finger)
Hayden walks in lane leaves

Matt tells Hayden that the next batch of comps will be quizzes and there going to be rapid questions. He asks Hayden to just tell him tomorrow if he has a chance or not because he doesn’t want to be bothering them and being a nervous wreck, Matt briefly brings up his wife and how he only need 60grand for her surgery he feels like he’s really letting her down. Matt starts to explain his fight with Ragan and how Ragan doesn’t know shit about the BG and matt’s doesn’t care if they want to take Ragan out next week. Matt says his target is still Brendon. Matt bring sup a bunch of evidence about Brit talking about people and telling stories, He warns hayden that brit is freaking dangerous and is very smart. Hayden agrees he sees brit as the primary threat. Matt tells him that he’s been loyal to the BG from square one all his plans have been to benefit the BG. Matt says none of his plans have worked out.. Hayden: “I’ll keep a open mind.. theres lots to think about now”. matt leaves HAyden starts talking to the camera, “I’m on showtime… S H O W T I M E” (lame)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:25pm Backyard Penguin running and complaining about how board the house is right now

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:38pm Lanes been quiet since his talk with the gremlin, Brit is playing pool by herself the Ogre is on the elliptical grunting away and HAyden/Penguin are studying in teh taj.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:56pm Ragan and Matt om Taj
Matt gives ragan a run down of his conversation with Lane and HAyden.. He thinks it went well. Ragan tells him flat out that he has no chance. Ragan: “right now they are just courting Jury votes”
Ragan: “If brendon gets it to final 2 with one of those boys i’m voting for Brendon”
Ragan: “You should of taken HAyden out instead of Kathy”
Matt: “Yeah you right but what I was trying to do was to stack the POV so we could get brendon out”
Ragan: “Today was a eye opener for me, those boy will not get my vote unless they are the final 2”
(The boys are Hayden, Enzo and Lane)
Ragan tells matt that he would be more shocked at matt haveing the votes to stay then we would if matt pulled another DPOV out of his pants.
Matt can I tell you a big secret that might cheer you up… you in a mood that you’ll laugh. Ragan: “is it weird.. like a hook up thing”. MAtt: “it’s something you’ll never guess i’ll tell you tonight.
Ragan: “Is this something someone told you ?”
Matt: “no this is first hand.. its not a game changer but i’ll tell you”
ragan thinks that one of the girls was a man.. MAtt laughs says no, tells him that it’s something both him and brit would find funny but he’s not going to tell Brit because he sort of mad at her now.

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52 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – The Gremlin tries to Work his Power and The penguin goes for a run

  1. Matt has his work cut out for him. As I said before…one too many lies…if these chuckleheads ( including regan) buy this load..they might just deserve the Mogwai (sorry this douche is not a true gremlin, if you know the movie you’ll get the reference) to stay. For now I am still team Enzo…what the heck will I laugh at if Enzo leaves???

    And on a side note I think Simon should change the pic of Matt to Mogwai!! (yo)

  2. loving Ragan right now. I hope Matt tells him about the Brigade… he has to make a mends. Matt just has too. He can’t be dead inside. I refuse to believe he doesn’t have a heart.


  3. Ok I am convinced the Mogwai will not out the Brigade…because he is just smug enough to believe he can convince them he is still a part of it. Hayden obviously does not buy it…and surprisingly enough Regan is not buying Matt’s load anymore either…

    I think Regan is taking a special kind of pleasure in telling Matt he is going home this week and he has NO chance to stay… Regan wants Matt to suffer. (yo) Do NOT be surprised if Regan votes to evict Matt! Grenade!!! I am loving watching matt scramble….why not lie now and say you have a child too..that is dying?? Mogwai….it only took a little sunlight to expose and kill you!! HAHA

  4. wonder if there was a tranny in the house……..matt told ragan he saw something first hand and ragan asked if a girl was really a man…..matt says no but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true or vice versa

      1. I too would be happy if he told Ragan, at least then he would start to redeem himself a little. But unfortunately he is just saying he was the uber fan not Stacey… such a let down… now maybe it will go from this to more disclosures…Fingers crossed….

    1. well we just got a glimpse of Matts secret before the bubbles came on. Matt was suppose to be on BB last season and hangs out with alot of those guys.

    2. if he is just admitting that he is a super fan and that’s it, I am so disappointed… I can’t believe people hadn’t already figured that out. so many times he answers BB questions that the others don’t so I would have figured him out already. BOO Matt just tell Ragan your secrets and see what happens. Ragan already says you are going home anyways so what do you have to lose :P

    3. Has Matt already told Ragan about the Brigade? If he hasn’t already told him, I think that is what he is going to spill the beans on.

  5. It good that Ragan found out now that the Midget threw him
    under the bus.
    When thursday comes he wont be in shock and all frazzled
    and he’ll do his thing in the hoh comp.
    That what I think. Him and B/B REALLY need to link up against 3Dumb.

  6. I seems like Ragan was trying to drop BIG hints to Matt that if he knew something he’s not telling, it might save him. Ragan was being very strange and shady. Matt just isn’t getting it! I don’t get it! What does Matt get by not “outing” the brigade? He gets sent to the jury house with nothing. He stands to gain lots by outing the brigade to Brendon, britt and Ragan.

  7. I love how Regan is being so cool , calm and collected now with matt….it’s obvious he secretly hates him now…he will vote matt out.

  8. OMG – It is so hilarious now!!!! Brit is in HoH tutoring Hayden & Enzo for the 2nd HoH comp this Thurs. She is rolling her eyes and moaning: “I am SOOOO going home this week!!!!” They tell her not to worry – That they are winning HoH, not Brendon – They “got this”, they got this! They keep screwing up and she is like: “OMG – I am SOOOO going home – You 2 are my army????:? You 2????? Aughhhh, I am going home this week so much!!!!” Enzo tells her to thnk ‘300’ – That’s us! We got this! Don’t worry! She is like: “You 2 are my army???? I want my army to just kill me now!!!! I’m going home for sure this week!” She told them she wasn’t going to vote for either one of the dodos when she goes to JH. Enzo said he “loves” quizzes – He loves to decipher stuff – He’s definitely got the HoH this time! Britney is rolling her eyes and moaning and then tells Enzo to just get Brendon to throw the HoH comp – PUHLEASE!!!!!!” It is so flipping hilarious – You have to see it. They just need some “dopey” music to play in the background.

  9. If Brit goes, this dull show goes from lame to unwatchable.
    Lane, Hayden, and Enzo (the weakest all time link) floated through worse than Kathy. Brendon is a cheap character, and Reagan is a comic strip version of a generalization. The only players worthy of the big win, at this point, is Matt, Brit, Brendon (unfortunately), and Reagan (drama).

  10. OK matt’s secret is sooooooooooo lame. what he was supposed to be on last season and he has inside scoop on the idiots that made it on??? ugh Regan must want to stab himself with a fork. I love Regans…totally fake…”that is sooo funnnny”. Regan hates Matt. It’s painfully obvious.

    1. yeah big secret, don’t believe it…..it’s no secret that he’s really a lying “nervous nellie nerd”……..when he started telling ragan, he figured feeds would be cut but wow, production
      let him go on and on for about 7 minutes..it was on BBAD but live feeds were cut

      1. Exactly… and because the Mogwai is so lame he will not out the Brigade until last minute because he thinks he is still the brain…. SHUN!!!

    1. CAROL= KANYE ????? JUST A GUESS…. YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHANGE YOUR NAME TO….Mimi is only commenting on the live feeds and show and commenters NOW!

  11. Ragan knows he’s been played by everyone — including BB, and that allowed him to find some peace, resolve to just play it out and get his 20K + stipend and no longer be emotionally invested.

  12. Ragan is not giving Matt any hope for staying. Every scenario Matt comes up with, Ragan cuts hiim off and says, “Nope. Won’t work.” He keeps assuring Matt he is going home and it is a lost cause. There is no changing anyone’s votes. His eyes “have been opened” and it is a “different game now”.

    1. Yup..and the more Mogwai lies to Regan the deeper the hole he digs…. Regan can see thu him now…he is like a lover that has secretly found out about an affair… Regan is going to make Mogwai pay…dearly. I love it.

    2. I love the psychological wreckage that is Matt now… he has nowhere to hide and nowhere to turn… kind of reminds me of Rotten Ronnie’s breakdown coming soon at a BB show near you!

  13. Britney is busting Enzo’s chops in front of Hayden & Brendon…telling him that in the HoH rope comp (Brendon won) that Enzo got beat by the Sabo (they still think it was Kathy) and the Sabo was trying to throw the comp and couldn’t cause Enzo was so slow!!!!!! LOL

  14. Day by Day it looks like Brenden is gonna win this season. Think about it, Hayden/Enzo/Lane haven’t won a veto till this day, and Brenden has won 3 I think. Brenden has this game won. Brittney & Brenden FINAL 2!

    1. But Hayden, Enzo and Lane still control everyones votes. And you cant win without votes. Brendons my favourite and I want him to win, but the Brigade is taking over. And it sucks cause they havent been doing anything to deserve it .

  15. I guess is really the end of the road for Matt. he is the biggest threat in the game. really dun think he can pull out any tricks now, fate is sealed. sorry, the self-claimed diabolial super genuis. I was rooting you for the win.

  16. wow, brenda in bed with brit lmao….well lying beside her in HOH , enzo’s there but sure hope the ROACH gets this footage

  17. Matt’s only hope to stay in this game is to OUT the Brigade and hope that he has Ragan and Brendan’s vote to keep him, out goes Enzo and HOH goes to Ragan who has been studying like a fiend…Britney has to make the correct vote to keep Matt and out Enzo. If all of this does not happen, the Brigade wins…

  18. I’m not watching the Live Feeds or show — I never said I’d stop reading or commenting on this blog. I think this blog is great and really admire Simon and Dawg’s work and dedication.

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