Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo: “After Brendon goes it’s us against Brit/Ragan”, Lane to Enzo/Hayden: “Next week you guys take out Brit”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:54pm Kitchen Ragan, Brit and MAtt Ragan and Brit are going through the dates, ragan is sure that its double eviction this week but brit is thinking that the season is a week longer then they originally thought. She asks them why did they all think it was over on sept 15th. Brit explains that the only reason they were thinking that the finale was on the 17th was because of the “vegas thing”. Brit went into the DR and asked them about it and they told me the “vegas Thing” is fan driven and cbs has nothing to do with it so they can extend the season to the 23rd. Ragan starts talking about the past houseguests he says that Annie wasn’t bad he liked her he just thought her game was very bad. Matt says he liked Annie. Ragan says Rachel is completely evil. Brit: “She is psycho”
Ragan: “the only person up on that wall who is truly evil is Rachel”
Ragan: “Shes completely psycho, and to go into the have not room to analogize to me…. and the motivation behind her apology.. and to ask for a hug is so shellfish so she doesn’t look like a completely rabid homophob … Like thats the only reason” Matt: “Well she didn’t even start with an apology it started with I love gay people and then it went to a apology”
Ragan: “She’s a disgusting human being”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers



Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:06pm Backyard Brendon, HAyden, Lane and Enzo Brendon telling Enzo that his plan on Thursday is to win HOH. enzo: “yeah you are huh… we all have to fight to win HOH on Thursday”. They start talking about what the people on the outside think of them. Brendon just doesn’t want to look like a douche. Enzo tells him they all will look douchy they will all be Donkeys at one point…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:23pm Backyard Hayden, LAne and Enzo they all agree they have to get Brendon out asap.. Enzo: “Yo we’re going to look pretty dumb if that donkey get to final 2”. Lane tells them that Brit will put brendon up and so will Ragan, so as long as Brendon doesn’t get it he’s gone. Enzo says that after brendons gone it’ll be them three against Brit and ragan. Lane says he’s feeling he’ll win HOH this week and he’ll put Brendon up, but he needs the other 2 guys to make sure they win HOH then they’ll put up ragan and Brit. Hayden brings up the scenario that Ragan wins the HOH after next week then he’ll put up Lane and Enzo. Hayden will win the POV take down one of them and Ragan is forced to put up Brit. They all seem pretty sure they will win.

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How much wood could a wood chuck eat if a wood chuck could be Allison Grodner?


wtf lane thats just not right brit is the thing that makes me keeps watching … im not paying to watch pool tournaments all day and besides i thought you 2 liked eachother

Other K

I’m sure Lane likes Brit as a person but he’s a user. He’s using her for her vote. He doesn’t want her in the game cause he knows he can’t beat her. She’s won 4 comps, he’s won 0.


Britney is officially an idiot. I’ll be laughing when Matt walks out the door, she’s shocked, and then someone like Brendon wins HOH and puts her on the block immediately. That’s what she gets for listening to the Brigade via Lane.

Britney's eyeball

Yup. I thought Brit had a mind of her own…wrong. I thought Matt was a genius…wrong. I thought this season would be entertaining…wrong. I’m saying something that I thought I would never say and makes me gag just thinking of it, but BRING BACK RACHEL! As annoying and vile as she was, I’ve seen the light. Bring back somebody to give Brendon a run for his money. If not, just give Brendon the 500k now, end the show, and save face for next seasons All Stars.


Ok umm yeah Matt is smart and no Brendon is not going to get 500k. There is no one left he could go up in final two and win. Rachel was his only shot at 500k.

Matt is not out yet and even if he goes this week he has done something really only will and boogie have done and he did it mostly by himself..

If Lane was smart he would vote for Matt and get with Matt Ragan Britt for final 4. He has no chance winning with any of the other guys but Brendon.


I asked already but no one replied so I will ask again: does anyone know how come the planes with banners don’t fly over the BB house anymore? That used to really get the houseguests in a tizzy and make them suspicious of each other…..Would love to see a message : Ragen is the saboteur!! or something about the Brigade alliance.


Because renting those costs a shit ton of money. Unless a whole hometown comes together, or someone has a rich family, it’s not really an options. Plus, CBS probably has worked out a deal with all the local places to offer them twice the normal fee if they’re ever approached by a HG friend/family.

Lennon's Ghost

I believe that CBS got an injunction against the local airport which prohibits planes with banners from flying over the house.


Who has spare money to throw away in todays economy? Everyone is watching every penny right now. So no more frivolous spending.

Or people think this season is so boring it’s not worth it for them to do this.


Apart from the costs, etc., it got to the point where whenever someone went to the trouble to rent a plane, Big Brother forced the houseguests to evacuate the back yard until the banners had passed. One season, one of the houseguests, even lied about seeing a banner and used the lie as part of a larger strategy to get rid of someone. In truth, there was a plane with a banner, but the people ouside at the time were ordered into the house before they could read anything.


I think CBS is using the “Sab” instead of the planes for a HG tizzy. I would like to see the planes instead, Sab so friggen Lame….


I don’t really like Matt, but I think he deserves to stay over Enzo. Matt’s been playing the game the entire season, and Enzo “tried really hard for the Veto” and their gonna keep him? Like, what about all the HOH’s that Matt won for the Brigade? I’m going to be disapponted if Brendon, Matt or Ragen doesn’t make it to the final 2, because they are the people that have actually been playing the game from the start. And also Hayden should be next to go since he hasn’t done shit. I don’t get why everyone in the house even listens to him, he’s not that big of a threat.. he hasn’t even won anything.


Dr. Will didn’t win many challenges either, but he’s still the best


Matt didnt really win both of them HOHs Ragan gave them to him! Matt is a scumbag, he should of went home before Jury , so he could go straight home to take care of his SICK wife, im getting tired of hearing him talk about her, and i cant wait until the finale to see everyones face when they discover that matt is a low life piece of s***


cant wait til Brenda is gone those who think he is an okay person since Rachel has left are slow learners. Brenda is what he showed while Rachel was in the house, rude, conceited, homophobic, arrogant and most of all a pussy in a big mans body. he is only civil and polite now because he is smart enough to realize deep down that he is truly alone and the boys don’t really have his back. he will get a harsh reality check real soon and he will be gone during the “D.E.”


Wow, all these words to describe someone you don’t know and is playing a mind game to win money. They all lie and show sides of them that are unkind and rude. It’s losers like you that need a reality check!!!!


I agree Brendon has made it far in this game. I dont think I would be nice to if they treated me the way they treated Rachel and Brendon and they didnt even know them.


I was pro matt before, but after watching him throw ragan under the bus i don’t care if he leaves. i have a feeling he’ll find a way to stay in the house. shut up lane, enzo and hayden. i can’t believe production supports these idiots.


I think lane’s plan is to keep brit around. he’s just talking this way so the idiots think he’s not that “deep with brit”.


Matt should had made a deal with Brendon and Racheal. They could have ran the house and picked each person off one by one. I think Matt has stayed loyal the the brigade. I was routing for the brigade 4 ontil they have stabbed Matt in the back! I do not think they need to keep calling themselves Brigades, it should be Stupid-gades!


“Lane to Enzo/Hayden: “Next week you guys take out Brit””
thats right lame keep proving why your just “dumb muscle”


I’m sure Matt is regretting celebrating his loss in the HOH competition. Loser.


I would love to see Brendon win this game but im not so sure that will happen but i can stilll wish


POLL: Okay ,, if you could afford to fly a plane over the BB house with a banner .. what would it say??


Here’s what my banner would say:





Saying So...

This is gets my vote for the flying banner. I love it.


Wow, the BB house will never have ‘that not so fresh feeling,’ because the BG is a bunch of douchebags.
I love to hate them cause they are playing the game real well.


why do some keep saying “brenda” this “brenda” that….

do you fail to understand that if you can take him to final 2, its a guarenteed win?



Why can’t he win? Hayden and Enzo have already said that if Brendon makes it to the final 2 that he would get their vote since he would have had to work so hard to get there. He has the best case to present to the jury if he makes it to final 2, he earned it.


brenden can NOT win this game…HOWEVER, if he can win HOH, he can take out ragen and brit, and REALLY shake it on up.


Yes he CAN win, he will have the respect of the jury by making it to final 2. It’s already been said that he would get votes if he made it that far and you already know he has 1 vote for sure.


big brother is now killed



i hope brendan and britney both make it to final 2 but in my oppion brendan will win because hes been fighting since day one pov hoh people wanted to get him out if he lasted that long let the man win sucks man never teamed up wit him but hopeffully britney does hayden enzo and lane shouldnt win havent done anything but float dont keep the gay brigade because wat have they done float some alliance hey, ragan shouldnt win hopefully hes out next week itt be better if brendan doesnt win this week so that enzo or someone does and they nominate brit and ragana and brit survive then brendan has brit as a team member because she know they lied to her and she can trust brendan then after the double eviction brendan needs to win then hes set to win GO BRENDAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


exactly what is it you like about him? He may have university degrees but he falls for skanks and lets them wrap him around their fingers? He is oblivious to the fact that Rachel is a terrible person. When he gets thrown out he will be stunned at how little he is liked by the viewers.


we do not like the houseguests either

Saying So...

Isn’t this the truth?….Brendon will be even MORE slump shouldered when he reads the feeds comments and sees how (most) of the viewers feel about him…If only he had not hooked up with Rachel (I am biting my tongue on a description)…he would have gotten more respect.


How is Rachel horrible? At least she doesn’t keep talking crap behind people’s back like Britney and Ragan, now those two are the most digusting people I’ve ever seen!

Patty McLean

I am a Matt fan, but I think his down fall was not putting up Enzo when he had a chance. He already knew the Brigade was stabbing him in the back. It was a bad move to put up Kathy.


you’re right…


Matt’s only chance is to out the brigade. It’s a long shot but it’s his only option.


Yo…I was the biggest Brigade fan out there and was hoping for the first ever final 4 alliance from first week to make it all the way…but let’s review the facts…

Matt – Diabolical Super Genius – makes the worst move by not putting up Brendon or Rachel the first time and after getting handed the most powerful HOH in history, screws up the DPoV by saving the one that now backdoors him.

Enzo – Makes probably the best strategic move by bringing together the Brigade and is the most likeable character in the house, which has been excellent gameplay so far, but as soon as he makes a move, it’s backfired big time and now he’s nothing but a floater and that’s it…yo!

Hayden – My choice for best BB player of the season as he’s calm and cool when Rachel attacks him and Kristen and as smart as the rest of the players (or smarter) because he actually doesn’t second guess himself and executes the right moves at the right time so he can move forward in the game.

Lane – The sleeper of the game this year. Best move is to align with the Brigade and Britney and act tough enough that no one wants to confront him when he really sucks at comps. Very similar to Hayden in gameplay, but with no blood on his hands so he thinks if he can just make it to the end, then he’s golden. Let’s see how he stands on his own 2 feet when his support system crumbles around him. He does have the best Diary Room one liners though!

Ragan & Brit are pretty much 1 person with their drama carrying the season through so we can at least be somewhat entertained since Rachel is gone. Both will be gone since they eat their own by floating to what the Brigade wants each time.

Brendan – The X factor. Poor guy doesn’t realize he has no hope and no friends in the house and will continue being the target each week and has to win to the end and hope for a miracle but we all know that Rachel will piss off whoever ends up in the Jury House that no matter how good Brendan plays from here on out, he’ll only get Rachel’s vote in the end.

Hope Alison sees this because we need to get this show back to the Evil Dick & Dr. Will way of playing the game where it’s drama and strategy each day and fun to watch.

Peace out yo! And that’s it…that’s that.



Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

I don’t know how taking out Brit and Ragan, after Matt is gone, would liven up the season. It would be the 3 lazy lameos + 1 hard-working lameo. Three of them have done NOTHING in the season so far.

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

Production told Rachel to leave message but it isn’t telling Matt to out the brigade. Obvs. Production wants Matt gone.


Omg these people are booooring. Please someone start a fire or blow up the house but just make sure there all in it


Ok Hayden I think your shake is shaken enough


Regan is the genius in the house. He know what’s going on now

Britney's eyeball

Hey Hayden,1979 called and wants its bowl cut back. All you need now is some short shorts. You mouth breather gay porn fluffer.


Enzo, Hayden, and Lane all agree they have to get Brendon out a.s.a.p. Enzo; Yo we’re going to look pretty dumb if that donkey gets to final 2. Don’t worry Enzo, your membership application to the New Jersey Mensa Association is in the mail. Excuse the violation of that which is politically correct, but I can’t help but think that Enzo is a real retard.


First Matt has needed to go for weeks, he punked everyone for the last 3-4 weeks! I knew Thursday that he was going to be put up, because of all the crap he’s done and it was going to come back and bite him in the ass. Then he turns on Regan, Which is game-play, put wrong. He started with all this Stacy being sick, bad play idiot. I will still hold my ground that it is better for Brit to get him out. Why because she is smarter then the 3 amigos. I also think Brendon does kind of likes and respects her. His big goals where to get out Matt and Regan, and that will probably happen. I think he knows that the guys want him out, so he might align himself with Brit, They are 2 good players. He may even go back on his plan to keep Regan, I don’t think he will, but if he goes with Brit/Reg/Brend they might be able to go to make it to the final 3. Those 3 are the strongest players left. I think deep down inside that Lane is playing the 2 other guys, but he can’t let it on, I also think he maybe thinking of the end, trying to get an alliance of Brit/Lane/Hayden or Brit/Lane/Brend. I have hated Regan and Brit for almost the whole show, and I still don’t like Regan. But I really think that Brit and Brendon are becoming closer. He didn’t put her up or back door her, and she didn’t backdoor him. I know that everybody is consistently talking crap, put when they sit down and think about it, they might just shock people and make a move to keep them in the game longer. I have also seen a nicer side of both (Brit/Brend) and I hope they make it to the final 2, they are both strong.


Wow Brit has a rocking rack. Playboy give her a call!


Matt is crap…he gotta go.

I hope Ragan wins HOH and Brit POV
Brendon will be gone..

and then…Brit wins HOH and Ragan POV>… (idont know if theres POV with only 5 left?)
and then enzo will be gone.

Brit-ragan vs Lane-hayden…Hopefullly Ragan goes.
and then Brit wins the last HOH take HADYDEN out.

and brit and lane final 2,,,, BRIT wins for 7-0

Im glad Brit was the first person to break down the Bridgade.


Brit isn’t the first person to break down the brigade; Lane, Enzo and Hayden were the first to do so by choosing to gun for Matt. Brit is just the person they used to do it for them.


Wake Up! All BRITT do is talk crap about Rachel n Brendon.Brendon fights every week just 2 B in the house. U Hater!


while i agree brendon should win now that matt is leaving, and brittney, regan will follow and i don’t want a floater to win again for the 2nd consecutive year(jeff carried jordan and gave her her HOH win so she floated to the 500k), but his chances are slim to none nobody likes him in the house but 1 person , and last time i checked you can’t win BB with 1 vote.


Ragan is such a hypocrite .. I love how he turned rachels comment about him being gay into something it wasn’t and is still talking about it .. He is a disgrace to gay people … Can’t wait to see him go.. Ugh this season absolutely blows!!!


GO BRENDAN i hope he wins hoh thurs


The brigade are horrible , people get a brain they suck, brendon all the way


I think Brendon’s an awkward, crazy weirdo and I still hope he wins over the brigade (except Matt who is pretty much a lost cause now anyway).


The only reason the brokegade made enemies with the two strongest people in the house (Brendon and Rachel) was because the hypocrite Hayden was extremely jealous of Brendon. All of a sudden, they made them seem like the two worst people in the world when they were like the best people in the house. They don’t talk shit, they work hard, hell, no one deserves to win this more than Brendon right now because the rest of them is plain out disgusting!


Broke Gade really suk! Matt shuld of kept Rachel n Brendon on his side. So stupid on his part. Good 4 him he is goen home. Go Brendon! Aloha


Agree completely with Jennifer, everything is so true!