**updated**Big Brother 12 Spoilers – The Crumbling Brigade can’t decide what to do


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:30AM HOH Kathy, hayden, Enzo and Brendon Everyone studying Kathy has her nose firmly planted in Brendon’s BLANK. Kathy had told everyone that MAtt asked for his sleeping medication and they told him no. They are certain taht the comp will be tonight or tomorrow early because matts medication has a prescription. Enzo walks in tells them that Brendon wants o put up Matt but they’ve been trying hard to change his mind. Enzo wants Matt to go up there and talk to Brendon tomorrow.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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1:10am Jumanji Lane, MAtt Lane explains his entire oil business and what his job entails. Lane comments on the BP oil spill, He says that off shore drilling is risky and BP must of ignored some warning signs. He says that BP’s mistake has now tarnished his career because everyone associates the oil business with a environmental disaster.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:18AM Backyard Pool Table Hayde, Enzo and MAtt. Enzo and HAyden are saying that they’ve been up in HOH for a hour tryng to talk Brendon into putting up Brit instead of Matt. Enzo tells Matt it’s time to go upstairs and throw Brit under the bus. Matt says that he’s mad a with Brendon that he wouldn’t go up or get backdoored he tells them he wasn’t worried before because Brendon made this deal to keep him Safe. Matt adds that Brendon came out of the blue with this deal. Enzo wants to know what Brit and Ragan are doing, Matt says they’ve been sleeping from before the tournament ended. Enzo: “I don’t want to see you and the Beast up there” They tell Matt to not out the brigade, Matt knows to keep the brigade a secret he tells them that no matter what happens they shouldn’t overreact and say anything about the brigade. Hayden says the chances are around 50 percent, Enzo says that everyone up in HOH was fighting to get Brit up but Brendon really wants to get matt out. Matt comments about whatever happened to the deal that Brendon gave him that he wouldn’t back door him. Enzo and LAne tell Matt if they win HOH next Ragan has got to go, matt tells them to not let the secret of the brigade out.. Matt goes to bed tells them he’ll talk to Brendon tomorrow morning.  
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

After matt leaves enzo points out that the reason matt has been acting so calm is because he had a deal with Brendon. they wonder who matt threw under the bus fort the deal. They both agree there is no way they can put Brendon up or backdoor brendon because they would lose 2 jury votes, they need to get Ragan to do the dirty work. Hayden the reason why i questioned matty’s loyalty is becuase matt said that he would vote for ragan. Lane joins them and Hayden asks “Who do you want up this week Brit or Matt” Enzo wants brit out but theres no way to know what Brendon is going to do. Lane says that he’s getting worried that matt might out the brigade if he feels threaten. Hayden start running through Matt’s strategy to bring ragan to the final 2. After hearing it all Lane tells them they all need to fight harder in the comps. Lane tells them he’ll put Brendon up and tell him that he’s a pawn. They agree to keep feeding Brendon what he wants to hear. They decide on Lane to go up to Brendon tomorrow and tell him that he won’t put brendon up if he wins HOH if Brendon put up Brit this week.

enzo Brit and Ragan don’t talk game to me they want us all to take Brendon out but then they will come after us next week. Hayden: “I hope they understand we’re not here to make friends”. enzo: “Sure they’ll be mad when they go home but when they think about it it’s all game, they know we are the target after Brendon is gone and if they don’t then there not playing the game yo. ” Lane wonders what is going on in Matts head he told Matt that if he goes up againt Lane this week they are still to keep the Brigade secret. They agree it’s because MAtt is being cocky and thinks he has the votes to stay. Lane mentions that MAtt is beign tight lipped about what is going on in the havenots. Lane is still int he loop because of Brit. Enzo says it time for them to make a power move they need to win HOH and they need to take out Brit and Ragan. Hayden: “If Rachel or production is not the saboteur then Matt has to be” enzo agrees, he points out that they need to worry about getting MAtt out because he’ll be tough to beat in the jury house he’s won a alto of HO comps and has a sick wife. They now flip back to wanting Matt gone this week they all figure it’s there only chance to get him out easily. hayden makes a point that he doesn’t really talk to Matt anymore and he’s feeling closer to Brit lately. They have a quick laugh about the HOH comp then Lane leaves to go to bed.


hayden : “I kinda like Brendon he’s a tool but He’s not bad” enzo: “Brendon is playing the game he’s telling people the world” Hayden: “We gotta keep until final 5” Enzo: “we’ll be like matty after this, we’ll have 2 strong alliances the brigade then the athletics (their allaince with Brendon). Enzo: “Yeah you almost feel bad for the BLANK doucher… ideally it’ll be you me lane and Kathy final 4”. Hayden agrees but is worried about the special power. Enzo leaves to take a shower.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:00am Enzo showering while Hayden watches Enzo says that he feels bad for them going after Matty after all they have been through but he’s here to win the money. Hayden agrees, reiterates that he’s not her to make friends he’s hear to win money.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:20 everyone sleeping


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:45am Hayden, Brendon, Matt, Enzo, they’ve received a new Sab message. Matt: “The sab is BLANK there no comp tonight” . The message told them to “wake up houseguests wake up”. They are thinking they will get messages like this all night. Enzo seems to think that theres going to be a comp.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


6:50pm Sabetour Messages Houseguest have been awoken all night with sab messages

#1 – HGs Wake up HG wake Up
#2 – HGs Expect the unexpected
#3 – HGs Did you miss me?
#4 – HGs Did you say your prayers?
#5 – HGs Could someone be going home tomorrow?
#6 – HGs Am I keeping you up?
#7 – HGs Your time is running out
#8 – HGs being evicted is not that bad
#9 – HGs Are you having nightmares about me?
#10 – HGs Insomnia is not that bad?
#11 – HGs Did u remember to pack your bags?
#12 – HGs Say your goodbye’s tonight
#13 – HGs Who can you trust in tomorrows comp?

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oh look, the biggest floaters r planning on the final 4 together. i like brendon and his alliance with hay and enzo helps his game but i would love for bren/brit/matt/ragan for final 4 but they dont get along which sucks


i agree and been wondering how the Brig can bitch about the “floaters” when all you hear from them lets throw the comp and let B/r or Matt do all the dirty work.to me tahts nothing but floating GO Matt


Couldn’t agree with you more!

Secret Vice (BB)

Me too – same pick for the final 4 – with Lane to win but he has to start earning it.


Enzo and Hayden are floaters who have not stepped up to the plate and have not helped the Brigade (yo). They are going to do themselves in, IMHO. They are not smart enough to make a plan. I could be wrong, but I don’t see it. And, Matt will use the DPOV which could either make them want to align with him again OR it could piss them off further because they think he has been hiding things. If I were Matt, I would be telling the Brigade (yo) I have the DPOV the minute I am up on the block. Enzo and Hayden could leave tomorrow IMHO.

Hot & Humble Librarian

Enzo & Lane are the biggest floaters of the Brigade (at least Hayden won one and Lane is super HOT!)
but KATHY is the biggest FLOATER in the house! What city or county in the world would hire her dim-witted self for being a Sheriff? And if you had cancer once….really? would you still be smoking?


This DPOV is breaking up your Brigade. Matt can’t tell them and the others think he is working against them. I don’t know if Matt really is up to something or not but I can see why the others are confused and Enzo says he has to go. If this goes on much longer, I think Enzo may lose more of his hair.

sickoftheir shit

Your right on Grandma. I think Bozo is gonna get KO’d.


LOL BBG. I was under the impression Matt could tell the Brigade (yo) that he has the DPOV. Am I incorrect?


Simon, you can’t go to bed! Okay, you can but do you think anything is really going to happen? Or is this another Sab’s crying wolf????


I wish everyone would get a clue and get Enzo the biggest floater in BB history out


enzo-no jury votes, kathy-no jury votes, raegan-brit,matt matt-raegan

Uncle Cool

So was the POV ceremony played?

I was cut off from my internet company (I am unemployed) and can’t keep up.


Why is this house the most stupid EVER??? Why has NO ONE ever ask Ragan if he is the Saboteur? Everyone else has been accused. What a bunch of dumb shits!!!!


Good point Taz everyone seems to be speculating about everyone EXCEPT Ragan. And I think he is the likeliest canditate. These houseguest can be so thick which in itself does make for good and funny TV!!


I don’t think Matt wanted to be part of the Brigade in the first place. He was sorta cornered into it by Enzo. What is he to do when Enzo says they all need to stick together, by saying no it puts a target on his back by the others right off the bat.
This in no way make me like Matt. I think he’s playing a great game, but his lying about his wife’s illness is a douche move.


I read this BB blog more than pretty much any other, but c’mon….SPELL CHECK


Make sure you check out the interview with Rachel, if you are interested


omggggg if u look at the preview at the end of the latest episode you will see that pandoras box is back and when they were talking about pandoras box if you listen closely you cN hear a doorbell in the backround And when rachel got evicted julie said this may not be the last u see of the bb house so she is comin back my gutt tells me it… the game works for my fav players… BRACHEL… lol


If you read back a bit Brendan opened the box and Rachel was brought back for 24 hours and he had to leave for 24 hours.


Are you speaking of a second coming of Rachel or do you realize she HAS already come back for 24 hours?

I dislike rach

Hayden and Enzo should probably keep Matt, the two of them have no brains. I really hope they put up Matt so so he can use the dpov and get cathy out. I can’t take no more brown nosing.


I wonder if the game changer is that both Matt and Ragan will play their veto’s today, and there will only be one eviction this week and a double eviction next week. I’m thinking when brendan puts someone up, matt is going to take them down and put up someone else.


matt will play his at the eviction ceremony according the info he read off of the card.


I am finding it hard to follow what this guy is typing because of all the spelling errors and grammitical errors!!!


I am finding it hard to follow what you are typing because of my blinding hatred of people like you.


You apparently can’t read then. These guys do this for everyone to keep up on the show and they do a great job!! This is the best BB site I’ve ever been to and if you don’t like it go somewhere else!!

rachel's Nipple

Say something about BB or else STFU. please:)


You try staying up for 24 hrs watching live feeds while typing out all the details for those of us who are addicted and stay up for 24hrs waiting for the updates Mistress Perfect, NOT!


I am finding it hard to follow what this guy is typing because of all the spelling errors and grammitical errors!!!” How did you guys not notice this little gem….it’s grammatical. Worst part is, when typing a message you get a nice little red underline to show you your error in spelling, something I am sure the writers of this blog don’t have. Does the expression “don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house” ring a bell to you Mistress?”


“Brendon is playing the game he’s telling people the world”….HUH!? grammar issues??? I think so. I can’t figure out what’s going on here. I guess I’ll just ahve to watcht eh BB After Dark that I recorded last night.


“I guess I’ll just ahve to watcht eh BB After Dark that I recorded last night.”

You mean “have to watch the”? Spelling issues?!?!


Oh God Stever, you caught it from her! We may have to shoot you in the face Zombie invasion style to make sure it doesn’t spread. No hard feelings.


Fair enough, I’ll take a bullet to the face to point out hypocrisy any day of the week…just make sure it’s a head shot please.


Haha, you’re a good man Stever.

Team Britgade

Hahahaha I agree Becks …MistressJ you’re so rude!


No doubt TB…Simon and Dawg do an amazing job on this site Mistress J and if you can’t handle a few errors in the amazinly detailed and speedy synopsis they give us then don’t read the blog. Keep up the good work Simon and Dawg; I will donating later in the week and will do so gladly.


Love the site!!! You guys do an awesome job! Thank you!



rachel's Nipple

Calm down and stop complaining. and check your spelling. ha


Im wondering if Matt goes up, and its betewen Lane and Matt, Mat used his special veto power then does it automaticly vote out Lane or does Benden have to choose an alternate replacemenet on the spot which would suk cuz that leaves Brit and Cath, i dont see him putting up Hayden or Enzo, therfore, the Brigade will b safe.


matt gets to pick the replacement nominee.


If Matt doesn’t have to use the DVOP this week, in the event that Brit goes up, will he be able to tell the other houseguests about it. If not the Brigade is doomed to fall apart, due to the suspicion Hayden and Enzo are feeling towards Matt. It’s so ironic that a power he initially thought was such a great thing might lose him the support of a very strong alliance, and even end his stay in the house. I suspect, since he will make it through this week, he will be able to repair the Brigade. For Matt the best thing will be to become the replacement nominee, and to put up Brit or Kathy in his place, and then the Brigade will realize why he has been acting so wierd the last two weeks. Enzo and Hayden need to take their heads out of their asses, and have a conversation with Matt, to express their concerns that he has flipped; something they have no hard evidence to support. One of the most interesting behaviours of this show is how people will hear stuff (sometime total bullshit), and completely accept it without checking in with the person who is supposedly acting a certain way or saying something. It happens every season and never ceases to amaze me. I hope Matt makes it through this since, even including the sick wife story, he is playing the best game so far. All is fair in love war and big brother!


Amen to that!


While watching the feeds when Rachel was back in the house, she kept going into the DR after every fight that she had. You know she was getting fed by production on what to do. After Ragan won POV the plan was to put up Britney, then Rachel spends some time in the DR and comes back out and starts talking mad game with Enzo and Hay that Matt needs to go up because he is a snake and can’t be trusted. If Brit gets put up then there is no need for Matt to play his DPOV. Now what fun would that be for BB. You know that Production told Rachel to put some doubt in Enzo and Hay about Matt so that they would then tell Bren to put him up instead of Brit because Matt can’t be trusted.


Not to start anything here, but to all of the people who are complaining about grammatical errors and typos, I just say “really?” Simon and Dawg are only two people… they watch all of the feeds, they PAY for all of the feeds, and then post the synopsis here for us to read. These two do all of the work so that you can sit back and critique them – how is that right? I for one am so grateful for the great work that they are doing, who cares if it’s not perfect. I bet they have lives outside of this BB parallel world that they would like to enjoy on occasion. If you don’t care for the typos and errors, just don’t read the site. Don’t criticize them for minor issues while doing something that you either can’t or won’t do. It’s not right. Simon and Dawg, thanks again for all of your hard work. You had over 600 posts last Thursday night alone – if that doesn’t say something about the forum you are providing here, I don’t know what does.


Here, here!

Mike Hawke

Exactly. If you have read it enough, you can understand what they are saying. Quit bitchin’


Well said, Gina. I watch BBAD every night and can’t even stop to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom without missing something. And to think that Simon and Dawg catch almost everything! My mind spins at the thought of brain overload these two must suffer through to give us updates. I donate to the site and don’t mind if there are errors. I just need a quick fix and an update. Thanks guys for keeping us informed….


I love this place. I’m totally addicted and it makes me happy when other people like it as much as I like it, good and bad and whether you agree with me or hate to see me post, simon and Dawg gives us a place to talk and rumble and it is bloody awesome. Donate, click on the ads, all help to keep this site up to date and rockin and rollin’. Team Simon Team Dawg. Team Matt. haha


who won pox


I mean who won POV


LOOK….If you have a problem with “spelling, etc” I suggest you not waste your time or effort to post such negative shit about this site…SIMON and DAWG do this out of the goodness of their hearts, they make no profits from this and are very very sweet nice people. I just bet you think your shit is ice cream well go eat it and dont come back here and be upset about the sitation here. there is no rson fr u 2 b here! Hows that for spelin u likes it hun…THANK YOU SIMON AND DAWG AND KEEP MISPELLING I truly appreciate you and your site…THANK YOU THANK YOU!


I agree 100% with you

just me

C’mon Brenda please put up Matt, so he will use the DPOV and put up Kathy. Then hopefully Brit, Ragan or Matt will win HOH and I HOPE the brigade members will go up on the block. Starting with Enzo, then Hayden.I can’t even imagine being on slop for the 3rd time like Ragan, and I think Brit too. I would probablly be crying too. It sucks being so stressed and not being able to eat. I felt that way when I was in Basic Training for the Army. Just being sequestered does a lot for your morale. I really like Brit. I’d like to see her take it all…..Cmon Britney!!!


I’m starting to hope this too. I want Matt to win but will be happy if he’s in the final three with Britney and Ragan. The others are non-participants.


Hayden, Kathy and Enzo make me want to puke. A holes


Simon and Dawg,

You gentleman do a wonderful job here. Fox news used to by my first stop in the morning but now your site is. After reading for a few weeks I decided to subscribe to the feeds yet I still come here everyday because I enjoy your recaps and occasional comment amidst your recapping (the comments are very funny). You have very loyal readers and I appreciate that as well. While I have watched Big Brother since Season 1 and have watched After Dark for 4 years this is the first year I have read any spoiler-blogs and subscribed to the feeds. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing!

Keep up the great work and I’ll be keeping this website in my ‘Favorites’ for next year.

Live from New Jersey

The Britany Lane relationship is definitely more then what they would like us to believe. Lane is playing the dumb country schmuck but he knows damn well he is someday going to tap that lazy eye’s ass. And Brit is playing the innocent “he’s just a teddy bear buddy” but knows she’s craving some loving from the dumb ox. This story is yet to unfold…..Brit is one “red bull and vodka” away from taking Lane to a spot where she thinks there are no cameras…

Uncle Cool

Lane seems like a good guy and would tell her to go sleep it off.

I think they are genuine friends. It does happen.


If they stay on the show lomg enough
and BB throws a margarita party again….. IT WOULD
B ON & POPPIN’!!!!!!!!
I remember Keesha was SMASHED on BB10
when they gave them a margarita party.
Thats my girl!!


The brigade is dead. I dont care if the Midget tells them
he had the dpov and couldnt say anything. H/E realize that that
Midget is making all the “power moves” and they get the feeling
he might just win the game. So they want to get rid of him asap.
Plus they would think even tjough u have the dpov, you still
hang out with brit/ rag too much. the Charade is DONE.


I can’t think of a dumber move on Hayden and Enzo’s part than trading Matt who is very effective if somewhat sneaky player for Brendover who can’t stop thinking with his dick and has the insight of a snail!


so enzo is an athlete? LOL on what planet? he looks like an italian gollum with bad hair plugs.


Ok I like Matt but it’s bull that ge keeps saying there is a power. Enzo and Hayden were all ready to tell Matt he was gone but now they changed there mind by talking about this power. BB needs to step in and either tell him to shut up or he can’t use it. He could have seen Enzo and haydens true colors but now they will keep quiet. Enzo is a floater and needs to go home.


Lane and Brittney are not friends outside the house. He is throwing Brittney under the bus every chance ge gets.

Secret Vice (BB)

Really? I haven’t noticed Lane “under-bus-ing” Brittany. Gotta ‘ferinstance?