**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Saboteur Messages all Night, Houseguests THINK competition or eviction today

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

**Last night the houseguests where being woken up with sabetour messages. Through the night Hayden and Enzo meet up with Brendon on separate occasions and work him to put Matt up.
6:50pm Sabetour Messages Houseguest have been awoken all night with sab messages
#1 – HGs Wake up HG wake Up
#2 – HGs Expect the unexpected
#3 – HGs Did you miss me?
#4 – HGs Did you say your prayers?
#5 – HGs Could someone be going home tomorrow?
#6 – HGs Am I keeping you up?
#7 – HGs Your time is running out
#8 – HGs being evicted is not that bad
#9 – HGs Are you having nightmares about me?
#10 – HGs Insomnia is not that bad?
#11 – HGs Did u remember to pack your bags?
#12 – HGs Say your goodbye’s tonight
#13 – HGs Who can you trust in tomorrows comp?

7:01AM HAve nots Ragan and Matt MAtt is going over that if Brendon is a putting him up it’s not a sure out for him but putting Brit up its a sure out. Matt doesn’t expect to be the one that gets put up because of this. Matt brings up that is Brendon puts him up he’s breaking a deal with me which guarantees i’ll be going after him but if he honors the deal I may not be. Ragan is going to go talk to Brendon about it he doesn’t want to but he will. Ragan will tell him that MAtt will honor the deal they made earlier in the week. Matt is would like to think Brendon would honor the deal because it was a handshake deal but you never know what Brendon is going to do. Ragan is so disgusted by Brendon it makes his stomach sick having to go talk to him. Ragan will try and tell Brendon that he’s a emotional player but thinks rationally. He won’t put Brendon up just because brendon put him up he’ll make a decision that benefits him in the game.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:17AM Living Room Hayden, Enzo and BRit Talk is about the saboteur message, Brit believes that this year the will use the messages as part of a HOH comp. All the houseguests look exhausted and stressed Hayden is worried that there an eviction today. Brit doesn’t think so she thinks this is for Thursday, hayden doesn’t know why if it’s for Thursday they would tell them this late. Brit agrees she suggests that maybe it’ll be like this all week. Brit breaks it down that the messages started at 2:00am with a frequency of 3 messages ever hour for a total of 15 messages. Hayden mentions the one saboteur message “being evicted isn’t bad” must of come from Rachel. They agree that Rachel is most likely the Sab (enzo sleeping only Brit and HAyden engaged in conversation). Brit is starting to think that maybe Hayden is right that there is an eviction today and A compatition. They all head to bed.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:25am All the houseguest are in their beds a bit of whispering most;y everyone is trying to sleep

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:52pm Hammock Ragan talking to the live feed audience
Ragan: “OK live feeds audience I have they biggest decision I’va had to make since i’ve been here”
“Heres the deal Brendon the imbecile is of course trying to make deals with everyone in this game so he stays safe the following eviciton”
“So i’m certain he’s made deals with brit, enzo, hayden and Matt and he thinks he’s safe with Kathy”
“The problem is you can’t have a deal with everyone and not break it”
“It’s obvious that Brendon word means absolutely nothing in this game”
“We had a deal that we shook on that Brendon would not put me up and guess what i go put up on the block”
“Matt went up to talk to brendon this morning amongst all these saboteur videos and matt and brendon had a deal that matt would not go up this week or get back doored”
“Now of course now that i’ve won POV he told Matt that him and ragan are the strongest pair in the house so basically he’s going back on the deal”
“I feel like the only way i can 100% keep matt in the game which is somrthign very important to me is to have a conversation with brendon and tell him something he wants to hear make the same bullshit deal he made with me then if I win HOH i can stab him in the back”
“This is something I don’t want to do every one in the house wants to Throw this next HOH expect for me and lane”
“The best thing for us to do is keep matt on the block and take out Lane because hayden, lan and enzo have a final 3 deal it’s obvious. If Lane goes then Brit no longer has a number one loyalty and she becomes more loyal to matt and ragan”
“My biggest concern will be can we get matt get the 3 votes.”
“what should I do… this is the move that will make or break my game.. I think matt has enzos vote and he has my vote and I think enzo and hayden could vote together”.
“all my strategies hinges on HOH and with all the people throwing it, I still might not win. I don’t know what to do”
“I need to talk to Kathy tell her if she votes to keep Matt we’ll have her back till final 3.. I can’t sound like i’m bullying her because thats what Brendon and Rachel have been doing since day one”
“the house wants Brendon then Kathy or so they say.. why is it in my best interest to get rid of Kathy.. I don’t think hey will want Kathy gone after Brendon goes I think they’ll want me”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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87 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Saboteur Messages all Night, Houseguests THINK competition or eviction today

  1. Can’t believe you boys stayed up all night to log those sabo messages! You guys are dedicated.

    My prediction (25% certainty):

    1) POV ceremony today
    2) Brendon nominates Matt
    3) Evictions today and Matt uses DPOV
    4) new HOH competition

    My alternative prediction (25% certainty):

    1) POV ceremony today
    2) Brendon nominates Matt
    3) No evictions or HOH today — that was just BB-Sabo messing with heads

    My third prediction (10% certainty):

    1) POV ceremony today
    2) Brendon nominates Britney
    3) Matt is nominated during double evictions on Thursday
    4) Matt uses DPOV when he is nominated during double evictions (2nd eviction) on Thursday ….and since Brendon is no longer HOH, he nominates Brendon

    I hope when Matt uses his DPOV he at least nominates Kathy or Brendon — if he nominates either of them, the 3-brigade + Brendon or Kathy are screwed.

      1. I do not think there is a comp. today, just the normal Veto, and I hope he puts up Brit and Matt does not have to use the DPOV.

    1. The evictions are aired live right? Even when they do the double eviction week? Kathy or Brit will end up getting the boot.

    2. Matt can only use the dpov at the next eviction ceremony, He will have lost the power by the second eviction. The card he read from said he could use the dpov at the this weeks or the next eviction meeting.

        1. This is what it said,” The new necklace allows for Matt to remove himself or any other player from elimination during the next two weeks, while also giving him the opportunity to choose who the replacement nominee will be. So if there is a double this week, he could use it for both???

    3. They have to choose a new HOH before Brendon is no longer HOH – him handing it over. If a new HOH is chosen then the week is officially over which would mean that the DPOV can no longer be used.

    4. Matt only had 2 weeks to use the DPOV and he did not save anyone last week so this is his last chance to use i,t and he would be stupid to use it unless he gets put up. I think Brendon will nom Britney I sure hope so !!

    5. when matt got the dpov, it said that he could not nominate the HOH or the current POV holder…. therefore, there is not really a way Matt could use it on Brendon… at least i hope not.

    1. They gave him a time limit in weeks, not evictions. Since it will still be his second week with the power, he can still use it.

  2. I really wish it was Thursday so we knew who was on the block. I am so sick of the house guests saying the same thing over and over. This may have been the only half way decent saboteur thing that Ragan has done so far, but again, no one thinks it’s anyone in the house.

      1. You are right Michelle, I am sure it is production. He is the lamest saboteur. Production should have made him have to disrupt things in the house and not just leave messages.

  3. Ragan is really in the lead for the coveted prize of most hated house guest this season in my book. He is a failure as Sab. Its painful listening to the amount of hypocrisy and child-like antics from a grown ass man. Being gay is not an excuse.

    1. For me it’s Matt. If he didn’t lie about his wife being sick, I would just dislike him, but I actually loathe him. The rest all all annoying and I don’t really like anyone in the house. It’s really a weird cast. They certainly do feed off of one another and bring out their worst in each other.

    2. Ragan can only work with what he is given and so far production/America have given him total crap to work with. Kathy is the lamest and kiss-assiest BB player EVER, and Enzo is right behind her.

      1. America gives him some ideas/goals they don’t say he can’t do anything BUT what they give him. He is tasked with staying in the game longer to win $20k and is given the title of Sab, he has to take the reigns and be more proactive in Sab duties. For those 24 hours in the house Rachel did more Sabing than Ragan has for the past two weeks.

      2. I agree. Why is everyone complaining that Ragan is a lame/dumb saboteur when his tasks are given by Production and America???? The man is not deciding on what to do, HE IS TOLD WHAT TO DO! Get a grip people….damn.

        1. He plays it safe, he won’t do anything but messages. Boring. I know he doesn’t want to get caught, but come on, YAWN! America’s ideas are lame too. These sab messages at least disrupted the house a little, not sure if this was productions or viewers doings.

        2. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t like him, he is a horrible representative for Gay people, but a perfect rep for overly sensitive, dramatic teenage girls. They should just change the name to America’s Bitch, because to me a saboteur is someone who works outside of a group and has different goals than the main body, maybe takes some risks. To me they could have got a trained monkey to do his job and be done with it.

        3. No he chooses from a list of suggestions and picks the one he wants. He should have to do what ever america sends in not say no that one’s no good.

    3. Ragan has done EXACTLY what has been asked of him. Why are you such a HATER! I don’t feel that he should be given a choice which ‘saboteur’ thing to do. I think America should make suggestions then production should pick the best 3 or 5 and then again AMERICA should vote for 1 through 5. That way up until now not everything would be personal.(Aimed at Rachel and Brenden). But as far as doing what has been asked he has done it.
      The HOUSE is(are) freaking themselves out. They believe that every conversation is rigged, the movement of certain items in the house, the way people look at you…ect….Ragan is just sitting back and laughing all the way to the bank! No-one has even mentioned him name as to being the sabateur as far as I know. He just has to make it through Thursday, without being found out, CORRECT??? And then the money is his. At that point will they tell the houseguests who it was or will they say the saboteur’s job is over and the identy will be revealed at the end of the game? Does anyone know how it will be handled?

      1. Ragan is sitting back and laughing his way to the bank!? Ragan is such a crybaby drama queen all he does is complain, cry or whine about his personal hated for Brendon and Rachel, meanwhile doing the exact things he complains about them doing. Its sad. Other than my dislike for him and his game no one is saying that he hasn’t done what America has chosen as a goal, it is his not being a true Saboteur. I guess they should just change the name of Saboteur to the person who does what America says, because he is doing the bare minimum. It is like a person at their job saying they are doing exactly what management asks and nothing more and they should be commended for their bare bones performance. Sorry not going to commend you. Should America tell him to eat, sleep and take a dump too since apparently America is suppose to tell him how to operate??

  4. i wish that he could use the dpov to replace both noms and puts enzo and kathy up..or enzo/hayden….or….if there is a double eviction…2 brigade members gone or kathy and enzo gone….if only if only…..i wish i was a producer for cbs so i could make this happen…..

  5. I hope Brenda puts up Matt and Matt slaps him in the face with the DPOV…..Enzo and Hayden are getting on my nerves these days…they have done NOTHING and they talking about turning on MATT who has LITERALLY Carried them through this game so far…I wish Lane would dump them and join up with brit Ragan and Matt…..and Enzo does is talk smack…hayden just tryes to please everyone….they haven’t done shit and think they are awesome…

    1. This is my hopeful scenario too. Matt takes himself off the block, calls out the brigade and how he is being thrown under the bus while he has carried them, puts enzo up and in front of the whole house, asks lane to join an alliance with ragan, britney and himself……guaranteeing lane the 3 votes to stay. Enzo goes home which makes next weeks hoh easily the most important of the season. Ragan, Matt, Lane, Britney vs Brendan Hayden and Kathy. The vote for next weeks eviction would be 2-2 if brendan, hayden, or kathy won HOH and they would hold the tiebreaker……..
      For as much as i hate how much this show is scripted, I hope CBS makes it happen. Team Hoff out.

      1. Team Hoff,

        On bended knee I beseech you to marry me! Your scenario is AMAZING and would catapult this so far lackluster season into the BB Hall of Fame as the best ever!

      2. I love the scenerio, but I can’t see Matt having the balls to do that. I don’t even seeing him using the DPOV unless he has to because he is put up.

      3. i would not be surprised if Matt gets put up as a replacement nom and STILL DOESN’T use the DPOV! I cannot stand him, he thinks he has everything in the bag. All I can hope is that Brendon got some sort of power from Pandora’s box similar or better than Matt’s…. I don’t like any of this cast, gosh I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m rooting more for Brendon than anyone else!!! :( I KNOW! I’m losing it!!!

      1. Yeah……it sounds amazing to me too…but TOTALLY far fetched. It would easily be the ballsiest move so far. I think Britney carries more weight with Lane than Hayden and Enzo do, and if Lane thought about it for a second, it would be a total no brainer to jump ship. Matt isnt a dumb guy, regardless of what people say on here. He has to at least see that there is a HUGE amount of separation within the brigade, so i guarantee he has thought about leaving anyway.

        1. What would make it even better is if Matt pulled all this off, and turned to Enzo and said “Im droppin grenades, yo”. Watching Enzo shit his pants on national TV would be worth it even if Matt didnt end up winning.

          1. I also just remembered that Brendan cant compete in HOH, and we all know that Kathy isnt going to do anything……Pretty much leaves Hayden to save their asses. AG……I hope youre reading this.

      2. Attention all BB fans – Allow me to introduce the “Amazing PretEdNZO”! He has the ability to get other HGs to carry his lazy ass throughout the game and yet still convince them he really wants to win competiotins! He also has hidden talents of talking a whole lot of crap about people behind their back and making nice to their face. Watch out because he could put a spell on you! NOT!!!

  6. Why is Ragan talking to us as if we care what he has to say? “Brendon’s word means nothing because we shook on him not putting me up…..” Yet you can talk all kinds of shit about Rachel and Brendon, freely try to stab them in the back and campaign against them but somehow putting u on the block is off the table and breaking his word?!? Are you crazy?!

  7. just a question, if Matt gets nominated at the POV ceremony today, does he use the DPOV right away and then nominate someone else – or can the DPOV only be used during Thursday’s live eviction forcing everyone to vote last minute without discussing it first??

  8. I was wishing that Matt gets put on the block and uses the DPOV and puts up Enzo or Kathy up in his place, but he may put up Brit and I think that will hurt his game.

    1. Ohh I think he would for sure put up Kathy, unless he figured out btwn now and then that Enzo and Hayden are turning on him….

      1. He will probably put up Enzo or Hayden as soon as he realizes that they are voting to keep Lane. He will know at that point that the other three are closer to each other than they are to him, so he will nip their threesome in the bud.

    2. Kathy would be his safest and most boring bet. He would either have to sever his ties with the Brit/Ragan alliance or his Failgade alliance. He is in a very powerful position to know that the rest of the house is gunning for his alliance (if not him included), so his smartest move if he wants to keep Brit/Ragan power alliance is to diminish the Brigades voting block.

      1. I want him to drop the Brigade and get Lane to team up with him, Regan, & Brit and take over the house. Kathy, Enzo & Hayden have done nothing in this house. I want ENZO GONE!

  9. I am starting to feel like matt is not married and him and ragan are lovers. They are both dumbasses for sure. Ragan you are the worst player in big brother history. Lets get a real gay guy back. We want buckey

    1. Ragan might have a thing for Matt, but Matt is definitely married. His wife Stacy appeared on the show a few weeks back.

          1. What are you, the morality police? Its Big Brother. Everyone on the show lies because their goal is to win 500k. Its not like Matt is breaking any of the game’s rules.

          2. Well since you brought it up, im curious to know if you can find ONE person that Matt’s lie has even remotely affected. Nobody is going to get Melorheostosis because of what Matt said. If Matts wife gets sick somewhere down the line, it wont be because of anything Matt said. People get sick sometimes. Karma is a total myth. Please keep in mind that nobody here knows anything about what these people are like outside of the house. Matt said from the very beginning in the pre-show interviews that america wouldnt see his true colors, and I can guarantee you that you havent. He is trying to win a game….a game that is COMPLETELY based on deception. I might be a little biased but I dont think his lie was any different than any lie told in the house. They are all being used to their advantage.

            1. you are absolutely right team hoff…it is a part of gameplay..not personal…actually it might bring awareness to this disease too….so win/win.
              im totally on team matt..i hope that he has the gusto to out the brigade and get a new alliance….i cant wait for him to throw down the dpov and throw bozo out of the house…with hayden next….

            2. I think his lie was pretty bad; however, I think he’s a good guy. He doesn’t seem to have the short man syndrome. He doesn’t seem to personally attack people, but I only see what CBS shows and what’s on this site. I do think he should be in the final 2 but I doubt it.

  10. Ragan and Britney are the worse…..seriously. It is ok for them to do things they freaked out over Brendon and Rachel doing. Wow – talk about pot/kettle. I know everyone is two-faced and it is part of the game, but yet they both act so above it all and then do the exact same thing. Total hypocrites.

  11. Brigade is not quite over. Even if they do throw Matt under the bus and even if he finds out he will consider they didnt know of dpov and move on. He will turn on Ragan n Brit before turning on his true alliance

    1. I’m not so sure about that. If Matt goes up on the block, he will find out that Enzo and Hayden are more loyal to Lane than they are to him. Matt will know that his alliance plans to get rid of him first (whether it be now or later), so he will use this opportunity to get rid of one of them. He would be a fool not to. Ragan would take him to final 2. The other Brigade members will not.

    1. Regan won PoV and will take himself off, Matt doesn’t need to replace him. Matt will only use DPoV to remove a Brigade member.

  12. I think if Matt gets nominated, he will see what Hayden and Enzo are up to by Thursday.Matt will use the DPOV if Hayden and Enzo are Dumb enough to tell Matt that he is going home. He will out the Brigade and put Hayden or Enzo up. That means Raygan,Matt,Britney will vote out Matts replacement. That alliance can go far if Lane Joins them. I also hope Britney finds out about all the crap that Kathy has been saying behind her back. I don’t care for either of their game, but britney wins competitions and is hot. That will leave Hayden/Enzo, Brendon, and maybe Kathy vs Matt, Rayan,Britney, and Lane.

  13. There’s Regan using his noodle. He’s figured out 3/4 of the Brigade and the only reason he doesn’t suspect Matt is the very same reason Enzo+ think Matt has turned, because Matt is ding the best job operating under cover.

    1. and the sad thing is, Matt hasn’t talked a lot of game with Ragan, they are just friends. Matt is with the Brigade, the brigade isn’t with him. If you listen to all Matt and Ragan’s conversations except for this recent one a few minutes ago that happened in the hammock, Ragan talks, Matt shakes his head and says yah or whatever. Nothing more. He has not let anything slip and has stayed true to his alliance.

      1. I don’t have the live feeds, so maybe I miss things in their correct context. The one thing I’ve noticed , that Matt does that the others do not, is that he doesn’t betray much emotion in his conversations. He listens and nods and lets others assume that he is siding or agreeing with them. It’s the same for the nomination ceremonies and his visits to the DR.

  14. I think Ragan is losing it. He’s ranting to America and says that he’s sure Lane, Enzo and Hayden have a final 3 deal. Then he’s counting Matt’s votes and says Enzo will vote for Matt and Hayden will vote with Enzo. That doesn’t make sense.

  15. I LOVED that last HOH comp. All the BRIGADE does on BBAD is whine about the fact that NO COMPETITIONS are geared for STRONG, MUSCULAR, ATHLETIC MEN!!! (BRENDEN was right along with them whining). What happened to ENZO? He barely beat Kathy. Lane did well. I have no idea where Hayden ended up but for the most part those big strong men failed miserably. Brenden knew that it was do or die plus Rachel eviction, he was movativated, but come on BRIGADE, MATT can’t do it all!!!

  16. If Matt is put up as a replacement for Ragan on the block , how do you feel the brigade will react to the “DIAMOND POWER OF VETO”?……ALSO DOES MATT GET TO NAME THE THIRD REPLACEMENT? I thought that I heard that when the DPOV came into play. TRUE?or NOT?

    1. the brigade will be pissed but will they win HOH? If they can’t beat Matt at HOH, then it doesn’t matter what they think

  17. Why is there not a picture to go with Ragans mug yet? I suggest Gollum fits his personality more than anything. since he talks to himself alot and he has a jekyll/hyde persona.

  18. Brendon still insist on wanting “deserving players” in the game, and wants all the floaters out ! He needs to come up with a new line…b/c this makes him look really stupid. The only winners in the entire game are, Brendon, Matt, Ragan, and Brittany! I won’t even count Hayden’s HOH win, b/c that was a deal between him and Matt…

    Enzo…you ARE the weakest link!

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