Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Lanes Has Had Enough “I gotta quit thinking it’s Stressing me out “

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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9:50pm Pool table Lane and Hayden Hayden wonders if production writes the show while the season unfolds. Lane is certain that is how they are doing it. they start talking about the sab message. Lane: “I dunno I gotta quit thinking it’s Stressing me out “. Hayden: “What if winning the competition is something you don’t want to do because it’ll piss of like 5 people” Lane: “Maybe they want to split up the Brigade”. Hayden: “But we’re already doing that”. Ragan and Matt start to watch. They ask ragan what he thinks the comp will be. Ragan thinks it’ll either be a double eviction spread over a week or a comp to get a special power like the coup d’etat. Matt shudders :” that makes me feel uneasy” Matt asks if they think it’ll be a power that the person has to use this Thursday. Ragan brings up season 11’s power and how Jeff had 2 weeks to use it. They start saying that maybe it’s Rachel who get to pick a replacement nomination. Matt: “if there is no comp tomrorow and next time i hear that static i’m taking a nap this is just bullshit.”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:10 Brit, Ragan and Matt. They start off talking about Brit’s wedding plans and how she wants to have a beach wedding and using opera’s book she’s been able to cut her cost in half. Ragan says he’s never been to a beach wedding but he’s seen them on Melrose place and they looked fabulous. Matt is saying he doesn’t think it’ll be a comp for the power because part of the effect of the cop d’etat is the surprise factor if you take that away it’s not as dramatic. He leaves to play pool. They comment on how stressed they are right now because of the comp. Brit says she gets the feeling that this enitre season has been geared to B/R’s favour. Ragan asks if she’s talked to Brendon about last night. Brit says she told him that she had a tiny argument with Rachel over a conversation they had about who the sab was. they decide to start studying their questions.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:30pm Brigade working out At one point MAtt tells Enzo they seriously need to consider doing something with their music when they get out of hear. He says he nows how it’s all done whoever wins the money will pay for the studio time for them to cut 1 track and they’ll build it from there. Matt knows a great studio and then can get a deal.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:35pm Kitchen kathy and BRendon Brendon saying he’s having trouble deciding who to put up . He knows Rachel is really wanting Matt gone but he thinks that Brit may be better for him in the game. He asks Kathy if she thinks that Rachel will be happy if either of them go home. Kathy says yes she will be but. Kahty really trying to get Brit put on the block. Tells him that she is rich and doesn’t need the money, KAthhy feels it inside that something doesn’t add up with BRit and all the stories that have been twisted come back to her. kahty has noticed that brit seems very comfortable even though she’s a possible nominee. Kathy tells him he needs to think of the jury votes and that Brit is a very dangerous and smart player if he has a chance to get rid of her he should take it.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:40pm Hammock Hayden and Brit They’re talking about the competition tomorrow, will it be tonight? will it be mental? (pretty much the same thing everyone is talking about), brit is stressed out about all the competitions they have been having lately. She fells like ever day theres a stressful event. Brit tells hayden she’s worried she might go up. Hayden can’t say for certain but he has a feeling Brit will no go up this week. Brit doesn’t believe it she was talking to Brendon earlier and he told her that people in the house are wanting her to go up. Hayden asks her if she’s ready for the quiz. Brit thinks she’s got t0 figured out but it’s hard to remember some things plus she doubts she’ll do well under pressure. Hayden says he tries to study but it still foggy in his head.

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Please someone get Britney’s two faced ass out now! While you’re at it, get Kathy out too! Kathy is so worthless it’s not even funny. I don’t know what the process is of picking contestants, but she should not have been picked (worst ever)! Now back to Britney with her cry to the world…are you kidding me!? You can actually hate Rachel but love Britney? It would have been so much fun watching Gnat and Britney go at it!

Yeah right!

Enzo, worthless! Hayden, worthless! Lane, worthless!

Matt, Rachel, Brendon, Regan and two faced Britney would be the only ones who deserve to win this game. Matt shouldn’t because of the lie, but at least he’s playing the game.

sickoftheir shit

How dare they convive House- unheard of! lmfao..idiot! Why dont u go watch SpongeBob – I hear he was still on.


Brit is two faced and she needs to stop flirting with Lane. She claims it’s a brother/sister relationship but all the touching says otherwise! I’m sure her fiancé says the same!


Who isn’t two-faced in this game? Look at the brigade..especially enzo. Now he talks about matt behind his back and brendon is his friend?


Don’t forget about Sheila from season 10 I think…it was the one that Adam won…she was just as worthless as Gnat too!


Gnat at least attempted to play the game, Kathy has nothing. First she acts as if she’s the mom of the house, but then talks about everyone just as Britney does behind everyone’s back. If she would have just been real about it, I could stand her more. But to tell you the truth, she is fake and worthless.


You can lie, but lied about something you shouldn’t lie about. If I see Britney walk out the door, then I don’t care who wins. Scratch that, I would jump off a sky scraper if Kathy wins this.


seriously. i know brit wont win the whole thing, but i’m gonna be pissed if the hottest girl in the world with a lazy eye gets evicted this week. i’m really hoping matt makes a power move an DPOV’s enzo or hayden.

also, kathy is really dumb for sandbagging brit. her only real chance of winning this game is being in the final two with another girl.


Matt is playing a good game. His lie was for sympathy votes. That is not a necessary lie for game purposes. He wants sympathy for his wife in case he is up against another good player so the others will vote for him on that fact not just the game he played. That is not a necessary lie for the game but a lie for sympathy. Don’t come back to me that you would lie for $500,000. I would float for $500,000.



Are you serious?



Kathie from Canada

Both Kathy and Matt have bugged me all season with their attempts to gain sympathy. This isn’t a charity fundraiser for these two. Are other HGs supposed to step aside so M or K can have the win?. It is game where the person who can successfully wiggle through the season takes the grand prize. If their strategy proved to be effective, the types of future contestants could really change.


🙂 Please update with Britney and Hayden smack-talking Matt.

sickoftheir shit

If there is a competition I think it will be for more food. These people refuse to eat the snails and cant survive on eggplant for a week. I think they are getting food.


Yes, they are getting slop. 😐

sickoftheir shit

Actually, now that I think about it, I am glad Brenda got the pretzel message from Roach. He doesntt have the balls to go against the Roach so he will definately put Matt up. Then Matt will put Bozo up. hahahhah. Perfect..

Bye bye Bozo…………………………………………………


I’m very interested to see what the Brigade thinks after the veto ceremony. If they are trying to throw Matt under the bus, with the DPOV that won’t happen and their plan will backfire. Matt has been the only valuable member of the Brigade after the very first HOH comp. Hayden only won cause he was the last member of his “team” to cross over. I hope Matt realizes that a side alliance with Regan right now is probably stronger then the one he has with the Brigade. But we’ll see


i’m pretty sure matt doesn’t value the brigade alliance. he’s going to get much further DPOV-ing him or brit (whoever goes up) and backdooring hayden or enzo. preferrably enzo, even tho hayden would be smarter as hes the better player. I really soured on paranoid enzo this week. first power move the brigade wants to make is backdooring one of their own. fail.

lane would obviously join brit/ragan/matt cause they’re better players and than any alliance involving kathy, and they’d have the numbers. that’s what i hope happens at least, but i’m partial to britney.


What are they studying for?????? What quiz??


Sab left a messege saying there would be a game changing competion tomorrow, so now they are all freaking out. I would also just like to reiterate that I love that big, dumb Lane! <3


Kathy`s the two face old hag that has to go! Telling brentoe that she hates all three of them (mat ,brit,regan)when she was kissing their ass last week.Why hate on brit just because she may have more than others that would be the reason to keep her if your with her in the end you know you will win,damn people don`t yall know how to play this game yet.Plus I want to see that DVeto USED!


Now, Lisa, lets don’t pick on the old hags. I might be one someday.

Mr. Pickles

Grandma, nobody would ever accuse you of being an old hag! We all love you!


Thanks Mr. Pickles, I love you, too. Hmmm thinks I am a joke. Jump.

Team Hoff

Dream Scenario. All comes down to Matt figuring out that Hayden and Enzo are planning on throwing him under the bus, and also depends on Lane trusting Britney….

Lets say Matt gets put up in Ragans place, putting himself and Lane on the block. Matt calls a house meeting, tells them about the DPOV, and that he is using it to take himself off. He then calls out The Brigade, saying that Hayden and Enzo cant honor deals, and that they are putting him under for something he couldnt control (keeping DPOV a secret). In front of everyone, he puts up Enzo and then turns to Lane and publicly asks him to join an alliance with Britney, Ragan and himself…..Guaranteeing that it is AT LEAST 3-2 for Lane to stay. Its an incredibly ballsy move and would shake the house up more than anything else has this season. If it ended up happening like I wished, I think it would be a no brainer for Lane to jump ship. I dont know how Matt would figure all of this out, but he at least has to see that there has been a HUGE amount of separation between him and the rest of The Brigade. I know its a total longshot but I would personally love to see ENZO shit his pants on national television.

Mr. Pickles

Yo Enzo just smashed in his pants!!! That would be hilarious!!!


was thinking if there really is a competition tomorrow, might involve rachael……thought it was very odd she didn’t go out with a big bang……..don’t think BB is done with that angle yet……..they need to keep the drama going in the house and she sure does bring that


Ok so my opinion. As a whole the bergade is worthless. As individuals not so much….well besides lane. The only thing he has going for him is brit is on his side. Matt wins comps and also has ragen. Hayden and enzo are smart enough to see the side alliances that matt and lane have made and just made one there selves. And although they cant win comps they have a good socalgame which doesnt make for good tv which is why we dont respect it. Matt plays good comp game and social game which is a very good but tricky game to play. The only game lane play is oh i made an alliance week one i have the numbers im safe i dont have to play a game til final four. Which means he doesnt watch the show very often because those alliances barely work. Besides the exception of CHILL TOWN but this required a social and comp game such as what matt plays. I personally dont like matt but he seems to be the only one left in the house to have even somewhat study the show before entering the house. But i am and will always be team rachel so go brendon

sickoftheir shit

Are you an idiot or what? Brit has won two POV competions and what has the Brigade done? Jack squat! Matt and Brit are the ones winning stuff.

Kathie from Canada

Sure, she has won the POVs, but yet has had the courage to actually use them. She always takes the safe way out.


I think the phrase you were looking for is “the smart way out”.

Kathie from Canada

… or not.


Oh, I’m sorry, I assumed that that was what you meant since it’s so much smarter than what you said.


Ragan, Brandon and Matt are safe. That leaves Lane, Britney, Kathy, Enzo and Hayden. I think Lane is safe and probably Hayden. Britney, Kathy and Enzo are the only ones that can be evicted – chances are it will narrow down to Britney going home. (based on the conversations and relationships in the house) Thursday will definitely be interesting to see how all this goes down. Right now, I’m jumping on the Matt wagon!


I would love to see Britney cry her ass out of the house! Fingers crossed that you got this one right. 😉


yeah but enzo is throwing Matt under the bus so it’s hard to point fingers.


I like how you sometime add stuff like grenades to the images. Thank you for the updates!


I WANT ENZO GONE! Rachel once said that Matt was a snake but the real snake is Enzo. He doesn’t win anything and sucks everyones balls. WTF! I really hope some news gets out that Hayden and Enzo are playing Matt and he backdoors them with the DPOV. Do I think that will happen…no! I do not think Britney should go home. If I were playing the game I would want competitors in the the end because at least I would lose to someone who actually played the game and did not float through..,i.e. ENZO!


I feel ya! The last couple of days Enzo has really gotten to me….however…it is a game and that is his game play! I was hoping to see Brigade final 4……but Enzo is walking a fine line and he is stressin’ me out more than I like!!


yeah, dont you think he has become kinda slimey??


I know! Enzo is like the male version of Kathy. He gets everyone and Matt to do his dirty work and then outs Matt? He wants to float his lazy ass to the finish. He’s all talk and does pathetic in competitions!


Im kinda sick of seeing the top of his head too!! Put a hat on it!


That was mean…….just shave it!


I’m so hoping that Matt gets put up so he can use the DPOV!! Since it is HIS choice to put someone up, I’m SO hoping it will be Kathy which will allow Britt to stay. But someone HAS to get ENZO out. He doesn’t add anything to the game and he is much worse with the ass-kissing than anyone except Kathy. KAthy and Enzo need to GO.


I would like to see either Brit of Kathy go up. I would LOVE to see him use the DPOV in front of everyone to see their reaction…lol. that would be the best!


matt gets put up takes himself off, everyones like wtf puts up brit still hoping for kathy though next week matt is out unless he wins hoh or pov he probably will because brigade will speculate sabatour, turning on them, another power. hes gone next week if he uses the d-pov.


Did I miss something? What are they all studying? Did BB give them a sheet of information on everyone or something? Isn’t there some rule that the HG don’t have pens/pencils etc. to write stuff down?


The worst part is that Britney didn’t have that lazy eye before she got to the house. Her ocular muscles decided to commit suicide to get away from Rachel’s laugh. The same thing happened to most of Enzo’s hair, Hayden’s upper lip, Lane’s brain, Kathy’s personality, Ragan’s compassion and at least a foot of Matt’s height. Sadly Brendan got too close to the fire and has been reduced to a pre-modern man. No one was spared.

Secret Vice (BB)

THAT is the funniest piece of writing I’ve read in ages. Fantastic. I particularly enjoyed your subtle reference to Brittany’s frequent, hyperbole-licious suicide threats. Cheers, SV (BB)

Live from New Jersey

The Britany Lane relationship is definitely more then what they would like us to believe. Lane is playing the dumb country schmuck but he knows damn well he is someday going to tap that lazy eye’s ass. And Brit is playing the innocent “he’s just a teddy bear buddy” but knows she’s craving some loving from the dumb ox. This story is yet to unfold…..Brit is one “red bull and vodka” away from taking Lane to a spot where she thinks there are no cameras…