Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo tells Lane that he thought about taking Britney to the final 3 over him…

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11:40pm – 12:40am Up in the HOH room Hayden, Lane, Enzo and Britney are all hanging out. Britney is trying to convince Lane to dye his beard. Lane tells her that he doesn’t want to. Britney is looking at the HOH photo that Hayden has of his dad and him. Britney tells Hayden that he looks like mountain man. She says that his face looks a lot beefier because he let his beard grow out. Britney tell him that he looks a lot like his dad the way he smiles. Lane is playing a few hands of blackjack on the floor. Hayden and Enzo are watching. Hayden gives Lane advice about what number you have to stay on or to hit. Lane tells Hayden that’s in Arizona. I’m playing Oklahoma Indian rules. Hayden says Lane to never split 10’s. They decide to clear off the table so that they can all sit around it and play blackjack. They convince Britney to join in the game. Enzo says that they need to practice for when they go to Vagas and he also wants to play in Atlantic city. Hayden explains the rules to Britney. They start playing. Lane gets up to pour them drinks and he tells them that he feels like Rachel. Britney says thank you waitress. Enzo gets excited when he wins a few hands. They are using candies to bet with. Lane has a pair of tens and wants to split them. Hayden tells him that you shouldn’t split 10’s. Hayden tells Lane that even the dealer will question if you really want to split 10s. Hayden says thatpeople get mad at the table when you don’t play right. Enzo decides to taking a break from blackjack and listen to music, he climbs into the HOH bed and puts on the headphones.

1am They finish up playing blackjack. They talk about playing gambling in Vagas. Hayden says that when he goes to Vegas with some friends have a lot of money and they play $30 hands. Hayden says that the largest hand he will play is the $5 table. The conversation changes to talking about the reality show awards that happen after Big Brother is over. Hayden says that he thinks Rachel will be voted as the biggest villain. Lane decides to go downstairs to take a shower. Enzo says that playing cards was fun. Britney says that she thought it that was fun too. Britney talks about how tired she is, she says that she didn’t sleep much today. Enzo says they took like seven naps today!! Lane comes back up to the HOH room and asks Britney if she will help him die his beard. Britney says yeah and heads downstairs with him. Enzo says he is finally going to do! Downstairs in the bathroom Britney is dyeing Lanes beard.Britney tells Lane that he has a big beard. Britney starts laughing and Lane says don’t be laughing! After Britney is finished putting the dye on Lane ask how long he has to wait because he can feel it burning. Britney tells him to hang in there Lane were almost there….don’t pansy out on us now, we came this far!! Lane gets into the shower and washes it out. Britney tells him that it isn’t dark enough and that they may need to do it again. Britney says that she is really tried and decides to go to bed.

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1:20am – 1:40am Up in the HOH room Hayden and Enzo are talking about what will happen this week. Enzo says that wants to know what’s going on this week. Enzo asks if he thinks Wednesday will be the endurance competition? Enzo says that he thinks Wednesday might be the live show. Hayden starts reading his HOH letter. Enzo tells Hayden that he thinks Lane will take Hayden to the final two. Hayden doesn’t think so and says that he thinks the only way he’ll make it to the finals is by him winning the final HOH competitions. They talk about the jury votes. Enzo says that he thinks it will be a 4-3 vote nomatter who makes it to the finals. Hayden says that the ending is going to be insane! Hayden asks who do I take, I’m close with you, I’m close with Lane. I fell like I’m in a tough spot! Enzo says that we are all in a tough spot! Hayden says that he isn’t going to use the veto and its up to Enzo to decide who it is best for him to go up against, he will have the choice of voting out Lane or Britney. Enzo says he knows voting out Lane would be the best thing for him but he is just thinking about having the brigade make final three. Enzo says that he thinks Lane is playing for the $50,000. Hayden thinks Lane and Enzo both have a good chance of winning the half a million against him. Enzo says that whichever one of them leave the house at the final three, will definitely win the $25,000 America’s choice vote. Enzo says that he thinks Lane would be happy with the $25,000. Enzo says that its nothing to stress about, we made it to the final 3!! Enzo says lets have fun with this. Enzo says Britney will be gone soon and says that she is just salty. Enzo says we are awesome ….we are greatness!! Hayden says that he wonders how they stack up against other seasons and wonders if they are they the greatest Big Brother alliance. Hayden says that he wants the Brigade to go up against the other alliances in a Big Brother allstars season. Hayden says that it could be called alliance allstars. Enzo says that he knows he would be a way better if he came back and played the game again. Enzo says that it makes sense to get rid of Lane but I’m not going to do that! Enzo says that he thinks this next week is going to be a lot of fun. Hayden says that he thinks he is in a BLANK position going into the final two. Hayden says that he doesn’t think he could get Brendon or Rachel’s vote… he says that he thinks they hate him. Hayden says that he doesn’t think he would get Britney’s vote either. Hayden asks Enzo if he thinks Matt was closer to him or Lane? Enzo says that he thinks he was closer with Matt. Lane joins them up in the HOH after his shower.

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1:40am Hayden, Enzo and Lane are up in the HOH room talking. Enzo asks Lane who he would take to the finals? Lane doesn’t answer. Enzo tells Lane that he thought about keeping Britney over Lane. Enzo laughs. Then, Enzo says nah….that’s not me thinking that, you know what I mean? Enzo tells Lane that he would never do that to him, he is looking forward to the three of them making final three and having a great week together. Enzo says we’re the brigade, were going to the final three. Enzo says that he is sorry he even brought up what the diary room threw out to him about voting Lane out over Britney. They talk about the jury votes. Hayden says that he thinks Britney still hates him. Lane tells him that Britney isn’t mad at him anymore. Lane says that he is only playing for $50,000 and that he doesn’tthink he has a chance at winning the game. Lane says that $50,000 is a BLANK load of money! Enzo says that whichever one of them doesn’t make the final 2 shouldn’t be salty over it. Enzo asks Lane if Britney is still talking game or does she know its over? Lane says she knows its over for her. Enzo says BG to the final three then let the best BG member win! All three of them get ready for bed.

2am – 4:30am Hayden, Lane and Enzo head into the jumanji room to sleep. Enzo says that he really feels like there could be an eviction on Wednesday. Hayden says that what is helping him get through this is thinking about his family and their steamboat trip. They are all excited to meet each others families. Enzo says that he thinks of them as his family. They talk about what happens after the finale. Enzo starts talking about his wife and daughter. Then the conversation changes to talking about what they remember from this season. Enzo tells them that he threw the paint can competition. Hayden says that he knew he threw it. Enzo says that he didn’t throw the rope one though. They talk how dramatic Brendon was in the competitions. Enzo says that was one good thing about him. Hayden says that he wonders if they know about the brigade in the jury House? Lane and Enzo think that they known for sure. Lane says that they aren’t supposed to talk about the game in the jury house without the cameras around. They talk about how they the next competition is going to be endurance. Lane and Britney are now asleep. Hayden and Enzo talk about Evel Dick. Enzo says that he looked him up on youtube and says that he liked him. They say that he would definitely be on an allstars season. Enzo asks them how they think they would have done if they were on last season? Enzo says that he thinks he would have been voted out early. Hayden says that he would have been in the athlete clique. Enzo says that he would have probably been in the popular clique. They discuss whether BB10 or BB11 was better. They talk about all the different house guests that were their favourites. Enzo says that it is going to be crazy to watch their season and that they cant wait to see each others diary room sessions. Enzo says that he wants to see Kristen’s diary room sessions saying that she looks like she’ll scare the lens off the freak’n camera. They talk about the brigade. Enzo says that its going to be a storybook finish and thinks that the Brigade is the dream team and since BLANK day one. They talk about how they couldn’t have done this without each other. Enzo says that no one has ever done this in Big Brother history yo! Enzo says that he hopes Wednesday is a live show. Enzo says that he thinks it would at least make the time go by quicker. Enzo says that he isn’t stressed at all to go into the endurance competition; he wants to get it on already… They start playing 20 questions. Then Enzo talks about how he almost didn’t audition for Big Brother. They talk about being recognized after it is all over and how long it has been since they’ve seen their families. Enzo and Hayden finally decide to go to sleep….

6:40am All the house guests are still asleep…

8:20am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the “We will be right back” screen.

9:20am The live feeds have been showing the fish tank for the last hour…

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91 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo tells Lane that he thought about taking Britney to the final 3 over him…

  1. for you guys who watch the feeds and bbad , you must get real sick of enzo constantly talking about how great they are! when i read it, it’s like he mentions it every 5 min! is it really that bad?

    1. Oh yes, it is definitely that bad. I think its kinda funny how they all seem to think that American is just in love with them and when they get out they will be big stars or something, yo!

    2. YES,YES,YES….sickening ,that’s what it is ..he’s constantly saying how they are going to be famous and he might get a movie deal from this …dream on honey …no one even likes you …pig..

  2. Im sorry, but I used to like Enzo, but he just won’t shut up. They think they are going to be famous? How was this alliance one of the best???? They formed it in the beginning, but they turned on one and then they couldn’t win any comps!!! Call it the BOZO alliance. None of them deserve to win…….out of three if we HAVE to pick a winner, then I guess Hayden. He at least one an HOH before everyone was pretty much gone.

    1. it’s NOT that their alliance was the “BEST” in BB history (snooz-fest is what I like to call it)…it’s that every HG was just plain stupid to see it. To busy playing a PERSONAL game, instead of a strategic one.

      Worst season ever !

      1. Idk i personally hated season six more:) but i guess people love each other to hate and get pissed off and scream and yell..these guys didn’t give anyone that chance to…No one knew what hit them lol….your right no one was paying attention..matt(fan)being a fan of bb should no never to trust or leave ur alliance alone especially if your the strong one in ur alliance…To always try to ease drop…never seen anyone try to even listen in on anyones convos wtheck…andrew was the only one i could see doing that…They were to busy trusting then to see its a game of deciet..i think they got to wrapped up wanted brendon and rachel out they forgot about the game..

    2. What I want to know is: Why is Enzo appologizing to Lane about joking around saying that he will keep Britney and get rid of Lane?
      Lane put Enzo on the block one week, and the next week, he put Hayden up……just to keep Britney safe from Enzo or Hayden voting her out.
      Lane is not loyal toward Enzo or Hayden. Still, I would keep Lane over the nasty mouth little girl from Arkansas.

    3. Bear in mind Hayden didn’t even win that first HOH! It was handed to him in exchange for safety! Booo :( I wish they had some sort of twist and none of these three could win!

      1. But, it was the first HOH and no one ever wants to win that one because you are usually the one out the next week. Balloon Boy has made it to the end.

  3. Split 10’s, hahahahahahaha…..
    He is right, we get pretty mad when people don’t know how to play the game correctly. I only played at the local casinos, and you need to stay away from the cheaper tables because that’s where the beginners play. Oh, and I really hope something interesting happens at the POV ceremony.

    1. There is no right way to play a game of chance… regardless of the odds or “best strategy” it is still chance with a shoe and split. I split 10’s at a $5 table and walk away $400-$500 richer darn near every time I play. Call me a rookie but I make out…

  4. I too am sick sick sick of Enzo’s yapping mouth. Not only because he has to brag continually about their alliance being history but just in general. The man never shuts up. And if that isn’t something to deal with, the idiot has to repeat everything twice. I absolutely will throw something big at something big if that man wins …. I don’t want him to win the $500 Grand, I sure as hell don’t want him to get America’s Player and I thrive on believing he will face the fact he isn’t gonna be famous, and America for the most part thinks he is a foul mouthed uncouth jerk off.
    I respect Hayden simply because he has handled himself in a proper manner. I’ve lost respect for Lane with his stupid stories that are probably mostly not true but put him in a horrific light.
    So I am rootin’ for Hayden.

    1. enzo keeps saying they are the 1st alliance to go from the beginning to the end together, that is not true the brigade had 4 members now they have 3 because they turned on matt, but in season 3 danielle and jason teamed up in the beginning of the season and made it to final 3, plus danielle made one of the best moves ever when she got marcellas not to use the veto on himself

    2. They’ll all get their 15 minutes of fame off this show just like other past guests. But by next month they will be old news. I bet even die hard fans don’t remember much about former HGs. The only ones that get remembered are the winners, the ones who came back twice (All Star season), the ones who were so outrageous they’re still being talked about years later(Boogie, Howie, Evel Dick), the ones who got hired on or made themselves BB commentators(Diane, Chelsia, Jeff), and the ones who have gotten in trouble with the law(Adam and Matt). Even the showmances don’t hold our interest b/c none of them have lasted outside the house, except Jeff and Jordan, but they’re still only long-distance dating. I hope the best for them, but time and distance can take a toll.

      1. Eric and jessica made it outside the house…idk if they are still together..but i know they were for atleast a yr or so after there season…A lot of them have fans..and people who will notice and recognize them after the show…not every one get live feeds or check online so they just watch the edited versions of the show…like survivor:) We don’t get to see how the survivor cast act outside what is shown to us(edited version)…this show you get to see 24-7 there flaws mistakes and there annoying habbits:) love them or hate them…

    3. You are taking things too serious. Enzo has already said in the Diary Room that he’s putting on a show, more like playing a character while he’s in the Big Brother’s house.
      The guy is having fun, poking fun at himself and other people. Enzo likes to joke around and laugh. He gets a kick out of his own jokes. That should tell you right there that the man refuses to be a miserable person period.
      I rather listen to a guy like Enzo BS all day, then listen to the nasty mouth little girl from Arkansas.

  5. ENZO is an Ass.
    He is a floater and has zero for a brain. The only one left in the house that has really played the game with strategy, won HOH and POV and has held their own is BRITNEY, bBut the guys will vote her off..too bad. This has been such a lame season. BORING!!!
    I’ll be so glad when it’s over. On to the AMAZING RACE and SURVIVOR!!!

    1. Hayden should take Lane off the block and put himself on the block.
      The boy is a charmer. Only gullible would buy into his “nice kid” personality. He’s a charmer. That’s what charmers do. He’ll tell you what you want to hear.
      Look at Britney with her silly self. She expected everyone else to go back on their words but not Hayden. Imagine that, someone as nasty as Britney thinks that Hayden is pure and honest. It’s like Hayden is so charming, he can fool the devil himself.
      I think if baseball doesn’t work out for Hayden, he should go into politics.

    2. That would take Britt to get off her ass & play the game. Again I can’t belive she is not working on Hayden 24/7 and where is Lane? Why isn’t he working Hayden too? If Lane wanted to keep Britt I think between the two they might be able to get Hayden thinking. Not only has Britt stopped playing the game , but so has Lane. Why would you ever take 2nd or 3rd place. Put him on the bench.

  6. Please please America dont vote for these three idiots as america’s choice. They are so confident that they are going to win america’s choice. I would rather see Britney get it over them.

    1. MEOWASSWHIPE says the Brigade is the greastest ever. He stated he started it and help carry it to this point. “Use guys have to take me to the final 3”.
      Meowface has lied constantly and gets away with it. He is worst than Matt who had the ***s to confest every rauchy thing he did.
      Last nite Meow said “I am goin to used that 500 Gs to quit my job and go traveling. Maybe I will start a business. (I hope it isnt cleaning) . He hasn’t talked about donating or a college fund for his kid. He did say that “Wifey” will invest it for HIM. What s selfish piece of crap. He is constantly scratching or? his crotch. He picks his nose and hasnt shower in days. Yuk.
      He lays around in Haydens HOH bed. I have not seen him cleaning anything and when he sees a mess he comments “Wheres Britney”. Hayden and Lane love to laugh at his jokes which are usually about them. Stupid Hayden could and should win hands down. However he is compromizing his chance by taking Meowscrud with him. Britney deserves at least 3rd place. Meowface is playing them like a fiddle.


    2. None of these people get my vote for America’s Choice especially Brittany.

      It would be so great to see the looks on their faces for Brendan to win the money!

  7. I think for the next Big Brother show that one of the major requirements should be that
    the contestants have an IQ that is higher than room temperature.

    1. From everything I saw this was supposed to be one of the smartest group of HG’s…
      Rachel – a Chemist
      Matt – calls himself a genius-I think a member of Mensa
      Brendon working on his PHD in Physics
      Brittany has her degree
      Hayden is in college
      Lane – I think went to college
      Ragan – College professor
      (not totally sure on the others – but I think Enzo has stated he didn’t go beyond HS)

      I really think it’s something more than IQ —- it’s called MATURITY!!!

  8. As ANGRY as we are at the 3 STOOGES, think about it this way. These guys are cooped up with NO outside NEWS, NO FAMILY, NO FOOTBALL,NO NOOKIE(lol), NO ONE TO SAY I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU AND EVERYTHING WILL BE O.K., SO THERE FOR THEY HAVE TO ‘STROKE’ THEMSELVES!!! I too am so tired of hearing how great they are but we really do need to try and see it from their point of view!!!

    1. Aw, c’mon. They have no point of view. Everything is circular with them. THAT is one of the reasons it’s so boring!! Gees, watching a hamster work out on a wheel would be more entertaining then them. Even if they are confined, we need HGs that have more skill at conversation.

    2. Kathy – you do have a point – and I can almost handle Enzo’s greatness complex. Someone earlier said he’s acting – just trying to have fun, being a character (find it a little hard to believe).
      I do believe it’s hard to be in the house and we are judging them from the outside. But in this case, character (not playing one) does matter. Lately, if Enzo and Lane can’t say anything good (about sex, women, crime, etc.) – then don’t talk or try really hard to think of something a bit more appropriate. If they think this trash talk is making them famous – really, it’s making them look famously lowlife!!

      1. I don’t think enzo is acting any part….he is more paranoid then russel was…He is locked hip to the guys to know infact he will be in the final 2..he has already tried getting into haydens ear about lane…telling him lies so he will take enzo and not lane… enzos wife in an interview said this is the real enzo what you see is really him…so….still boring lol

    3. NO NOOKY????..Enzo doesn’t need a woman,he’s got his wiener that he always plays with his ..his wife should be so proud… sick of this pig and so happy it’s finally over ..

  9. Did anyone hear when Enzo tried to say Worcestershire sauce last night on bbad? LOL
    Team Enzo all the way. Why do u call him a floater ? He’s in the Charade. Unless there is a different meaning to floater.
    He played just as much game as Hay/ Lane, didn’t win as much as Hayden. But do remember ya favorite Hay didn’t win until he had to go against Rag/ Enzo/ Lane /Brit.

    1. Just want to correct you, he did win against Brendon when he was the only one smart enough to find both names first. Then take them one at a time to the podium, Had he gone about the game like everyone else, Brendon may have won. So give him some credit.

  10. can anyone help me? What object is next to Britney on the right side of this web page? Can’t make it out? And why is Regan’s slot always blank?
    I get the Gremlin , Boy George, The Bounty man & granade…but those 2 are freaking me out….what’s next to Brit & Regan? Anyone?

      1. Just copied this know from the page on the HG’s images…
        What is Britney’s pic? Is that the Pazuzu statue from The Exorcist?
        ?simon says:
        August 6, 2010 at 10:16 am
        Good job nanabug your one of the few people that recognizes Pazuzu.

  11. Anyone see Michelle’s transformation from BB11?
    Yikes…she went all Jennifer Grey on us. Totally not the same nerd that left the house a year ago….and don’t let me get started on her boobies…

  12. Enzo is another example of someone who was liked in the house making it to the end. He hasn’t done anything all game, except form the Brigade. The only member of the Brigade who actually won and did anything was Matt. The only reason the remaining three are there is due to a majority vote. The only thing I can say to that is, well, however they got there, they made it when all the others didn’t. I also can’t understand why they think Rachel will get the biggest villain award. If there was an award for the most annoying, perhaps, but she wasn’t that much of a villainess. If someone sees this differently, please explain the view of her being a villain to me. If anything, I think Enzo or Matt would get the villain award. Enzo for his constant yapping and yo and Matt for the lie about his wife. As for Hayden actually thinking for himself and using the POV to shake things up and actually make a move in the game…hasn’t happened yet I don’t see why it would change now, but it would be really fun if he did and booted Enzo out.

  13. I see that britney was on her knees doing lanes beard question is what else did she get down on her knees for, she should probably do thatfor hayden if she’s gonna save herself finish what she starts hahahahahahahahah

  14. BB12 feeds will be blocked for extended period of time beginning Tuesday AM. Feeds will be replaced with special programming… This sucks!
    Guess I’ll go play in the rain today.

    1. reply to myself lol…….never mind, Simon………I found this……..No easy way to put this, live feeders. CBS calls the shots on when the live feed cameras are turned off and on in the Big Brother house every year and this season is no different. Due to what I believe to be the compressed television broadcast schedule of back to back Wednesday and Thursday episodes, CBS has ordered the live feeds to be blacked out until Wednesday night:
      CBS production is blocking the live feeds, [but] SuperPass is providing special programming to subscribers during that time. The block will occur for an extended period of time starting tomorrow (Tuesday) morning Pacific Time.
      Since there will be specially created and fun content featured on SuperPass, [viewers can] visit the Live Feeds and Live Shows pages for the most updated programming calendar.
      I believe the feeds are being turned off so production can pre-record their Wednesday “live” episode which won’t really be live at all. They’ll be filming the Veto Ceremony, “live” eviction, and even possibly the first round of the 3-part final HoH competition. By keeping us out of the house via the feeds they’ll keep the suspense for finding out what happened and boosting their ratings.
      Unfortunately I have no control over this situation, nor does RealNetworks, who delivers the live feeds. But what we can all do is register our complaints with CBS for their decision to block out their most dedicated Big Brother fans. Go here on CBS’ website for the feedback form and let them know your thoughts:

      1. Thanks for clearing this up jake.. I still haven’t figured it all out myself if its true looks like I will have time to change up the houseguest avatars

        1. I think that we are being blocked from the live feeds because BIG BROTHER made an excutive decision and said: Just my opinion but I think the HOUSEGUESTS were told to get there skanky butts up out of the bed and CLEAN that NASTY house up or NO ONE would be getting the 50,000.00 or 500,000.00. thousand dollars. There is NO EXCUSE for ANYONE to live like that!!!!

            1. bet they did it because PETA came in and saw how they were not taking care of the fish!
              BB —don’t leave live animals with ‘kids’!

  15. I am so glad to hear what America thinks about the stupid alliance!!! I’m so sick of listening to Enzo constantly promoting himself I could pinch his obnoxious head off!! My vote goes to Britney as well.

  16. BB has really lost its touch, best part was watchin racheals tits bonce all the time everyone sucks but enzo is the worst he shoulda just got the 3-D tv and left

  17. Enzo is an idiot. I can’t stand the way they think they will win the 25K also. It’s not funny anymore to hear him go on about being in the movies. Does he think he can act? An the way he speaks is so lame. Ughh. I think I’m going to go for Matt for AC but I haven’t decided.

    1. Matt:) that would be hilarious haha the one birgade member that was liked be like a slap in there face:) the love hated villian:) wish he would of stayed longer..

  18. Go Boring! ehh I mean Brigade! NOT!!
    Talk about Dodos! Hayden looks like he needs a flee dip Lane looks like he should be washing the floor at the local Wal Mart, and Enzo is all talk and no action!
    I want to see more of the Sequester House rather than the Big Brother House!
    This year started out with a bang, but it’s going out with a fizzle!

  19. I missed the Fish Feeds so much better than bubbles, So I LIED, I am back, Could not stay away. Thanks to Rockstar, BB Grandma and Kathie from Canada for Showing some luv, I am going to be having Surgery in the comming week to remove a cavernous malformaton from my left Brain, I will undergo a craniotimy to remove partial skull, I will have plates and screws and a Bald head, the Dr;s are optomistic, I am really positive that I will make a full Recovery….SEE YOU NEXT SEASON! COUNT ON IT> Pigpen

    1. yeah pigpen… glad to hear from you. I’m sure Grandma and Kathie will be glad to hear as well… good luck to you once again.. my fingers and toes are crossed everything will go perfectly.. try to sneak some candy or something into your bag because if you are like me, hospital food is sooo gross… This one time, they gave me wax beans. Because I was bored, I would throw them at the wall and they would spring back and land on my bed. I tried to revolt against the wax beans but I wasn’t allowed out of bed… haha joking aside once again I really hope to see you around these lonely halls next season.. -hugz

    2. Here’s to a speedy recovery and happy days ahead. Let yourself be spoiled by others, your family and friends. Relax, if you can in a hospital with them coming in ever hour to check to see if you are asleep. If you are, they will wake you. You can cuss, throw things and complain then blame everything on the drugs. (I still use that excuse sometimes…………) I wish the best to you and real soon! I will wait to hear from you even if I have to wait until next year. I will look for you on here. As ET said, “I will be right here.” xx

  20. A blog about the finals floaters———Big Brother always seems to be won by floaters and this year is no different!  Big Brother 12 has been populated with people who only do enough in the game to save themselves and protect their friends.  Let’s face it!  When the final five comes down to an alliance of three and an alliance of two you can’t help but wonder why?
    When you stop to consider how little these five did prior to making the final five,you are left scratching your head.  There is a problem here that isn’t due to lack of skill.  Let’s call it a lack of will — the will to win and be seen as a threat!  With the additional consideration that the house very seldom voted except as a block, you also see the problems of over thinking the game.
    It’s nothing new for Big Brother.  Even these house guests were making fun of last year’s winner, Jordan, almost as soon as they walked into the house.  They saw her as the ultimate floater.  And, to me, this is almost comical.  When Jordan returned, they fawned all over her and Jeff (a showmance that worked) and seemed to forget what they had said before.  The fact of the matter is that Jordan had more polish and even the ability to communicate last year better than this group could ever hope.  We were entertained by not only her showmance with Jeff but also her naive approach to life in the house and also in the real world.  We loved her innocence so her floating didn’t matter! 
    I can’t say the same for this year’s crew.  While Jordan and her house guests had a sense of being who they are, this year’s crew didn’t learn that skill from them.  Let’s look at the final four for a minute and compare them to last year’s final four.  Last year at this time we were still watching to see what Natalie and Kevin might pull.  We wanted to see how Jordan, an outsider, would deal with their schemes.  Would she finally lose her cool and wise up or would she have dignity?  This year, we’re left for one girl who until this week did very little more than complain and trash former house guests with her buddy Ragan.  The “brigade” of Lane, Enzo, and Hayden seemed to think we’d be entertained with their eating, sleeping, and talking about their self-importance.  I’m sorry guys, but you just aren’t movie material in my book.  Everytime they talk movie roles and how good they are, I want to scream;  “Don’t forget your day job!” 
    This week I blogged Sunday’s show.  I want to say upfront that if I hadn’t been blogging, I would probably have fallen asleep!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this final four is like watching paint dry!  The show was slow and it wasn’t because of the editing.  The executives/sound/editing crew had their work cut out for them to find anything that would keep us on the edge of our seats!  Even the luxury competition became slow because this crew didn’t seem to sense the urgency.  They spent more time going through the same cabinets and boxes than looking for unique hiding spots!
    Sometime during the first week in the house, Enzo claims to have come up with the idea and started the “Brigade.”  Honestly, I thought it was Hayden, but it really doesn’t matter.  The Brigade was supposed to rule the game.  Rule the game?  I don’t think they really know what that means.  If Matt hadn’t carried them through those early weeks winning HoHs when needed, they would probably have found themselves on the outside looking in at the money.  Hayden also got in a showmance with Kristin which put the unholy alliance at risk — especially in Enzo’s eyes.  When in doubt, they got Matt to do their dirty work and maneuver the departures to meet their needs.  The departure of Kristin was to bring Hayden firmly back into the alliance and it did!  This though also set up a pattern that would see all the ladies sent on their way at the Brigade’s whim.
    The brigade constantly targeted Rachel and Brendon.  In the early days, if Rachel didn’t win HoH then Matt did.  This seemed to control the nominee seats with it consistently being Rachel and Brendon or Anne, Kristin, Monet, or Kathy on the block.  Since the Brigade didn’t like Annie (and Britney’s strong opinion played a part here), Annie was the first to go only to be followed by Monet (a threat because of the money she won), Andrew, and Kristin (due to her showmance).  If this crew had listened to Andrew, the game would have taken a different turn and been more enjoyable to the viewers as the Brigade would have been outed and the others would have had to step up and actually do some dirty work.  With Kristin’s departure, Hayden had to return to the fold and do his part — namely after the departure of Matt.
    As the weeks counted down, the house became a place where cattiness reigned.  First Rachel and then Kathy were evicted — two more girls gone leaving Britney alone to reign supreme as queen.  With Matt’s departure, the rest of the Brigade had to step up and the alliance that Brendon thought he had with them fell by the wayside.  Ragan and Britney thought to control all with their obnoxious comments about Rachel, Kathy and the rest through rants and snide comments.  Watching the feeds, I had to wonder if they had forgotten who would award the cash.
    Big Brother has now been cancelled in England and I have to wonder with this lackluster crew if it could be on its last legs here.  Big Brother 12 a summer show, the weekly viewers have remained faithful but the ones who pay for feeds and those who watch After Dark on Showtime have been losing interest.  While the ratings will help keep the show on the air as CBS loves to make money, fans may erode if the casting is the same next year.  I hope that the executives take into consideration some of our comments and make changes in the hopes of getting a more exciting crew of house guests.  And, in my dreams for next year, I hope that they find a crew who is more exciting, less catty, less sure of their future star power, and willing to play the game.  It’s time that the players won and not the floaters.  Fill the house with players — or at the worse bring back Evel Dick or Kevin to shape them into shape!

  21. So sad Brit told Enzo the truth about his “fame”……..Britney tells Enzo the cold hard truth.  She says that he has to prepare himself to not be famous when he leaves. Enzo says he will be very famous and will get a role in a movie in two days.  She tells him that the Enzo he was when he came in here will be the Enzo everyone remembers a year from now.  She says nobody remembers most of the past contestants.  She tells him she has already prepared for it to end with the show is over.  …..that was like a deathblow to his ego. lol

    1. really?!?! I wish I could have seen his face. She is totally right… Out of all of them, I think that Matt could possibly do something with his stint in here… I was impressed with how at ease he was when talking to Julie when he left, he seems to be made for television.

    2. Enzo has been putting on a show, and still is. He’s playing a character, and that, he has already told us.
      You people are just too gullible.

  22. okay, I think we all agree that Enzo had the best game fo far. Now for the worst- It has to be Matt. Although he has a high IQ and a great competitor, this douche bag lost BB before it even started. How he could have thought that he would get away with the big lie is amazing for a super genius. Okay, so production rigged the game so you would lose. Are you surprised? Did you seriously think that BB and CBS would let you create a PR disaster for their hit show? What he did was similiar to the people you read about in the newspapers that raise money to send their dying kid to Disney World. And then you find out the kid didn’t have a cancer and Dad blew the money on booze and Ho’s. F— you matty, you got what you deserved

  23. For those of you who think taking Britt to the final 2 I would disagree. If Britt goes up against any BG member, she wins. Do the math:

    Kathy= britt (its a chick thing)
    Regan= britt (didn’t like the boys alliance)
    Matt=britt (this super dumbass becomes aware he was backdoored by the BG)
    That is 3 firm votes for her
    Brendan/Rachel- this is a tough one for her if they vote as a duo. The smack talking about rachel and her going back on her deal with brendan loses these 2 votes to any BG. Though brendon could be a wild card and give her the victory right here, but I doubt it.

    0kay, Britt is up 3-2 fo far

    Versus Enzo- Lane throws her a bone (from his pants) and she wins.
    Versus Hayden- Enzo gets backdoored and is so pissed he votes for her much like matt
    Versus Lane- Enzo gets backdoored and is so pissed he votes for her much like matt

    The BG would be stupid to take her along. They have a better a chance without her

    1. I agree! She HAS to get evicted next, I can’t stand listening to her talk shit about everyone any longer..the worst is her imitating Kathy..hello u sound just like her! So annooyyiinngg

  24. “I BEAT YOU!” … that was so funny last night when Enzo was doing his southern accent and Britney and Lane were like “damn! he’s good!”. lol! :D

  25. I thought the finale was on the 15th?? Did they change it?? How can they do the competition now with a fourth person still in there?? that don’t make sense???

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