Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney tells Hayden & Enzo that she wants HOH really bad and if they don’t want it ..there won’t be any judgement …just throw it ..

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12pm Big Brother calls an end to the lock down. Enzo and Hayden head back into their bedroom and get back into bed. Enzo says that Thursdays are good you just sleep all day. Enzo says that he aint talking to nobody today. Enzo says that when he wins HOH he is putting up Britney YO! Then he says but we’re not going to win. They both laugh. Enzo and Hayden go back to sleep.
In the kitchen Ragan is making slop. Lane comes in to get some cereal. Brendon brings his things down from the HOH room. Ragan and Lane eat their breakfast/Lunch. Britney and Ragan head into the cabana room. Britney asks Lane if he wants to come too. Lane says that he has to go finish packing but thanks. Britney and Ragan go into the cabana and Britney says that she is sad that if Matt goes home and they win HOH he wont get to see what will happen after. Ragan and Britney talk about what the true/false questions might be and how they should answer. Ragan then asks Britney to ask him some true/false questions about the other house guests but for her to falsify some of the information to see if he can get it right. After studying for a bit Britney and Ragan leave the cabana room. Britney goes and sits on Lanes bed with him. Britney asks what Lanes going to wear tonight? Lane says a wife beater …just in case he gets into a fight. Lane says that he has to take off his shoes if he gets into a fight, and his that he will wear his favourite underwear cuz maybe there will be a bachelorette party is waiting for me. Britney and Lane make fun of Brendon for wearing a bandana. Britney asks what does he think he is competing today? They laugh.

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In the bedroom Lane and Matt are talking about what they are going to wear. Matt says that he literally only thought he would be on the block and HOH four times and so he only packed 4 button down shirts. Production switches all the cameras back to Britney and Ragan in the cabana room.


12:35pm Matt and Ragan are talking in the have not room. Ragan and Matt talk about the strategy to beat Brendon in a number quiz competition where to beat him you could just answer just a bit more than Brendon. Matt thinks because Enzo and Hayden are spending so much time up in the HOH with Brendon studying that they should know more knowledge on the house than everyone. Matt thinks that if Enzo or Hayden don’t win a quiz competition then he is convinced that they threw it. Matt tells Ragan that he thinks Enzo and Hayden don’t want blood on their hands in evicting Brendon so they may throw it to Britney or Ragan. Ragan asks Matt if from talking to Enzo and Hayden if he genuinely want Brendon gone. Matt says that he really feels like they do want him gone. Matt also says that without even bringing it up to Enzo, Hayden that outside of them (Matt, Hayden, Enzo and Lane) Ragan is the fifth person they all trust. Ragan tells Matt that he can imagine the house without Ragan. Matt says that no matter who leaves there will be a big character loss. Ragan says that hanging out with Britney only after Matt leaves isnt agood thing. Ragan wants to form a solid alliance with someone if Matt leaves but not Lane because of Britney. Matt says thats too hard because if that person doesnt want to do it they’ll tell the whole house and it will back fire on you. Ragan keeps saying god I don’t want you to leave. Ragan says that he thinks that if they were keeping him ….they would have already told him. Matt says that he has been sleeping up until a few minutes ago ….but that Ragan is right …bad news would wait until the last minute and good news I would have already been told.


12:50pm Britney and Hayden are talking in the bedroom. Britney tells hayden that he has been acting shady by staying up in the HOH so much with Brendon. Hayden says no … he’s giving us all his brain power. Hayden then says that he thinks most of Brendon’s information is wrong anyways …thats what he’s been told. Enzo joins them and they talk about who will take what bed. Britney tells Hayden and Enzo that she wants HOH really bad and if they don’t want it …there won’t be any judgement …just throw it .. Hayden says that he wont throw it but if you beat me you beat me. The conversation changes to what they will wear tonight. Enzo says that he might rock pink and Hollywood Hayden says he’ll wear a flannel shirt.

12:55pm – 1:10pm Ragan is in the have not room crying. Britney comes in and tries talking to him and he tells her that he is upset. Britney asks Ragan if he want to be alone or talk and he says that he just needs to be alone. Britney goes into the kitchen and Matt asks her if she really wants the HOH …she says yeah I do! Matt asks her who she would put up if she won. Britney says that she isn’t sure of one of them but that it would definitely be one of the 6 people that will be left in the house.

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1:15pm – 1:30pm Britney and Matt are in the kitchen talking about random stuff. Matt is eating. Britney is giving herself a manicure. Lane comes in and Britney says Langel what are you doing? They start talking about how dirty and sticky the house is. Meanwhile Enzo and Brendon are talking in the bathroom. They start talking about whether or not there will be a double eviction tonight or not. Enzo says why dont they just set up 8 courses in the backyard and then just do them all. Brendon says yeah then we’ll see who the real champion is…. Brendon starts trash talking Britney saying that she acts like she has all the power. Brendon and Enzo can hear Britney talking in the kitchen and Brendon tells Ezno to just shoot him now, slice his throat …just get it over with. Enzo comes out of the bathroom and says that its been a day and a half since he took a shit. Brendon then tells them that they should all study just in case its a quiz … study everything backwards and forwards just so that they are ready. Then the feeds cut to the we will be right back screen….

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Allison Grodner wants HO-HOs really REALLY bad!


You know, QAZ, I’ve seen people on here giving you a lot of shit for your AG comments…but honestly, I like them. They don’t bother me at all, and I’m sure you don’t care what everyone else has to say! I think you should just keep them coming! = ]




Thanks for the support!

I am the saboteur



I think they are awsome as well. I love hearing about the KFC grease dripping from AG’s jowels as she lick smacks her lips sucking down a gravy boat.


Well now that AG my be out of work, she’s definitely gonna go off her diet!I am definitely going to broaden my investment portfolio with major purchases of Hostess, Drake’s, Little Debbie and McD’s stocks. Come September Im sure they pay split dividends. I wonder if she’s behind the 380 million eggs being recalled? Any thoughts QAZ?


So perceptive! Who’s the bigger villain? AG? Or AIG?


AG is the victim of her perceived “Brillant Career.”


I’m thrilled you both ignored Rockstar’s suggestion to stop AG comments!


Dear Allison,

I have never ever said one bad word against you. I’m the crazy Canadian who sent in that video tape. It’s me, Rockstar, Remember me. Yah, I asked them to stop AND I will not participate in it either. Don’t hate, love me, pick me. I want to be on Big Brother. Forgive them Allison for they know now what they do.

Love, me aka Rockstar..

Dr. Allison Grodner

Dear Rockstar,

If you bring me a bucket of KFC, a box of twinkies, and massage my fat ass for 2 hours you’re in!


I think you would have better luck if you wrote:
Dear Allison,
Eat me.
Luv, big fat juicy Rockstar snack


Taken from Julie Chen’s Blog on Entertainment

LUXURY COMPETITION (Movie – The Oyjer Guys)
There were 9 obstacles in this week’s Luxury competition. The fastest time was 0:47 seconds and the slowest time was 2:18.

VETO COMPETITION (“Wizards of Pinball”)
– It would cost $1.75 to play all the pinball machines that were on display for 1 round and the giant pinball machine was 16 ft long by 20 ft wide.

– The diameter of the paint can in last night’s HOH competition was over 14 feet and the giant swinging paint brush was over 11 feet long.
– A Crazy Canadian known only as “Rockstar” was on the paint can and went “POW” as each houseguest was hit with the brush.

– “Rockstar” will be the first Canadian to ever be cast on BB.

– The curse of the Big Brother costume is alive and well. Two years of evicted Houseguests, who wore the red unitard, followed by Casey’s unfortunate banana suit last season and Kristen’s swift departure last night courtesy of the hippie-tard.

– I felt like this week was a coming out party for Britney. She demonstrated that she’s more of gamer than I may have originally thought. She’s successfully working all sides of the house and not just standing by waiting to be evicted.

– I think you can make the argument that Lane is one of the most underachieving players in the game from a physical standpoint? He’s a former collegiate athlete, but his performance in competitions as of late is on par with Kathy.

– Word of advice for all future contestants — if you’re on a reality show that films your every move 24/7, it’s probably not smart to become romantically involved with a fellow Houseguest after you told your boyfriend waiting at home that you want to remain faithful throughout your time on the show. You never know where the love bug will strike inside the house.


Britney: “If I said an f-bomb on TV, my mom would cry and my dad would have to skip a Sunday at church.”

Hayden: “I think cougar hunting is dangerous…I like to hunt young cubs in their 20s.”

Kathy regarding Rachel: “We got the devil upstairs working in the devil’s den.”


I look forward to the AG comments 🙂


Who is Allison Grodner? I’m new sorry.


the producer


Bb producer


A fat hooker, aka Rachel’s mom.


Enzo sucks


They can are no longer the bridgade. They are now the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Douchebags!”

BigBrothers Big Brother

yaya…lol Funny!

Dixie Doll

*sniff* That was just…..beautiful!

tipsy topsy turtle

Poor old Ragan…crying, crying, crying over the possible loss of Matt becasue Matt is such a nice guy! I really wonder what Ragan will think and say when he finds out that Matt lied about his wife having tht deadly illness? Matt is such a creep.


I’m sure he won’t care since IT’S ONLY A GAME!


I really hope Matt uses his DPOV and puts up Hayden. The reason I want Hayden up there is because I think he is smarter then Enzo. Once Hayden or Lane leave, Enzo will be kissing Matt’s ass. And, Matt can laugh in Enzo’s face.


I agree oh so much–Matt needs to wake up and smell the coffee—Hayden/Enzo are tag alongs that will sell him out in the blink of an eye. Please Please Matt put up Hayden because if and when one of the lazy aids do try and win, I think Hayden would be the bigger treat. The only way that Enzo & Kathy can win is if it was given to them. GET RID OF HAYDEN/BRENDON/ENZO/KATHY/LANE…….

FINAL 3 – Matt/Brit/Ragan


4:53pm est, Regan and Kathy in the Cabana room I believe. Regan still crying, sayhing to Kathy how emotional he is.

Didn’t Regan make fun of Rachel on how much she cries? He does as much crying or more than her, and he is not even on the block.

BigBrothers Big Brother

They need to overhaul this whole floater thing, seriously. Incentivize winners of comps (maybe with additional cash added to the pot if they win BB?) and penalize those who do nothing, like automatic noms for eviction if you go so many rounds without winning anything. It’ll cut down on the do nothings spreading gossip like Enzo and Kathy and reward the real players. NO MORE TALK ABOUT ENZO’s allegedly social game. He is a straight up buster. I’m no Brendon fan, but damn I’d vote for him to win simply because he has a sense of order/cleanliness. I would go ballistic if I was doing all the cleaning and the rest of those lazy asses sat around drifting off to sleep.

beau beau's chocolate pee pee

Not winning a competition is a strategy. i don’t consider then a floater simply based on their inability or not wanting to win competitions. There is a social game in big brother and playing that(i.e. playing your other housemates) is sometimes a better strategy than dominating at competitions. That being said, floaters,who don’t play either the physical competitions or try to attempt to play their housemates are worthless


With that being said — LANE/ENZO/KATHY AND HAYDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Again another person that doesn’t understand this game, winning comps puts a target on your back because that proves you are a strong player, then once you win HOH you have to eliminate someone thus making an enemy in the jury house. Most evicted people will not vote for the person that nominated them, it’s human nature. Enzo has done absolutely nothing in this game, how many times has he been nominated for eviction? Like it or not, it is a good strategy.

BigBrothers Big Brother


Kathie from Canada

So Kathy is a stellar player using that logic???

beau beau's chocolate pee pee

well it all depends on your definition of a stellar player. Granted Kathy cannot win a competition and she really is only trying to befriend all the housemates,not really making power moves but more following around the power but either way you want to look at it Kathy,while boring to watch, is still playing the game.many have won more competitions and have played a lot less than kathy… Now if she somehow pulls something out of her ass and starts winning stuff or makes a power move we will all think differently about her (not going to happen). My point is this, if you remain in the game,and work to make things happen that keep you in the game then by all rights you are PLAYING the game. regardless of the strategy as long as it advances your game,without creating a problem for your game or any jury votes you may get I say do it…. If you were playing BB would you want to have all the best competitors in the game with you or would you rather have a bunch of inbreeds that can be easily beaten physically and mentally?


Mad grenades goin off tonight yo. Matt whips out the DPOV and there’s gonna be a big BOOM yo.
Bling Bling Style!!!


When Bren is gone what then?? Do they really believe that the house becomes all butterflies and faeries, then they will cordially decide that everyone deserves to win and to the victor go the spoils? Please they are the absolute BEST liars and lowest form of human decency left in the house. They should thank Brendon and Rachel for being a concentrated spot for all their lies, bitterness and malice. “He is such a know it all.” The last time I heard that was in middle school and the kid who said that would always get in trouble for eating his own boogers.


Doesn’t it burn?


Hahaha that’s funny….


LOL!!!! You think they throw the HOHs??? You actually bought into that crock. They are FAIL. The don’t win because they CAN’T win. They aren’t the smartest and they aren’t the most athletic. Getting rid of the cream of the crop is their only hope to shine at the end. The revisionist history will read: “Yay we were just holding back for the last comps to start winning everything, it was pure strategy” They won all the last comps because NO ONE ELSE WAS THERE TO WIN IT! All they are good for is lying and voting.


I’m with you on this. They can’t win so they pretend they are throwing them. Enzo in the rope challange was pathetic.


Watcher, couldn’t agree more. Your post was a boat of reason, lost in a sea of ignorance. Its a one man Brigade, Matt, because the 3 stooges he aligned with are almost as useless as Kathy. I guess if this competition was about lifting weights, they might have something to offer. Otherwise, they are just taking up space…

“Sisterhood of the Traveling Douchebags!”…Classic…


Wow I just woke up. I added a new rule to the drinking game and lost 4 days of my life. Sorry I didn’t let you all know about the new rule last Sunday but I was drinking too fast to post.. The rule was to drink whenever anyone posted the idea that Matt was wearing the DPOV around his neck so why couldn’t the other HGs figure out he had it???? Thank God that rule will be gone after tonight. I can’t wait to see what our next rule will be. I’m sure you folks won’t let me down!




How about how many times, when ever Brit sits down, her legs are wide open? Or how about when ever this will be Brendons last week in the house?

tipsy topsy turtle

Brit is a dick-teaser!


hahah that is a great rule.. yeah who knows what kind of crazy rule we’ll have this week. Probably something about BRendon having a power from when he opened pandora’s box.

or maybe.......



HA HA HA HA HA. Very good.


Brendon is going home tonight. Let me dream. Geez, take away a girls fantasy won’t yah all.


New rule for Moaner: one AA meeting a day for 30 days. xoxoxo


There is no way I’m going to an Athlete’s Alliance meeting. Unless I’m drunk.




Ragan might just cry when he pulls out the dpov.




… says the guy that can’t find the god damn caps lock key.

Kathie from Canada

Great line! LOL


tbone: word!


I agree I can’t stand him or that bitch brit!


feeds cut out with quizes now. So does this mean no more BB until after the live show at 9pm est or bb time? What is BB time by the way?


feeds will come back.. they usually are off and on until 10 minutes before the live show then they come back about 15 minutes after the live show is over.

BB Time is PST


Thanks Simon for the answers. I wasn’t shure if BB was on it’s own time scheduel or was PST.

Also did anyone hear about Matt saying Something to Regan about Brit told Kathy she is gone soon and wanting to Kathy or Brit to take out all the gays or what not? I didn’t get to hear it all.


If it’s not a Double tonight, could Matt take down both he and Lane? Put up Hayden and Enzo? It says he can use it two times in two weeks, the first week he was HOH???


OMG somebody just kill me, I can’t take it anymore


POW. Did you hear me, did you see me on the paint can, I said POW. Did you see it, did you see me. POW. I was on the paint can, they showed me on the paint can saying POW….


I’m praying to GOD that Matt puts up Brit tonight.


um no britt is a player i hope enzo goes up


will we find out if everyone had to pack? or wud that be too big of a clue……..

just a thought

MAN, I HATE I won’t be home to see the show live, ggggrrrr, damn husband wanting to go out on t BB night. What was he thinking?!


And of all nites, tonite. Can you tape it at least? Do you have time shift channels to catch it later?


He must be thinking he wants a divorce!


No live feeds right now, 3 hours before showtime. I can shower in peace. I might pretend to be Lane and have some hand lovin’ since I’m a nun during the summer months. I just won’t rub my excremente on my face.

Dr. Poopy Pants

Great idea, tell him he can go out with the boys on his own and that you’ll see him some time tomorrow morning.


“DVR is a busy person’s best friend” hope you have it


Ah, the house guests are playing a game right now, that will be aired on the next show. So what game could they be playing that will air tonight?


I cant wait to see their faces when plays the dpov!! Go Gremlin, Ragan cry your little azz home!! and take Brittany with you! she is another whining little fool. I miss Rachel

no way

you really miss her? Lol

rachel's Nipple

Britney’s head is going to explode when the shit storm hits.


if he doesnt put up brit I will be disappointed

if he does

I will instantly hand my vote(if I had one) to matt if he makes it to the final 2

Dr. Poopy Pants

I hope he doesn’t put up Brit. Then the whole thing is one big sausage fest and an old lady. Brit was pretty much the only decent to look at chick on the show. Hopefully she sticks around a little longer.


I don’t know if anyone commented on this yet because I’m at work and can’t read all the comments but did anyone else think it was dumb that Brendon’s strategy for POV comp was to copy Ragan, the person he wanted to beat, while he was a letter behind him? Like hello if you are taking the time to copy his puzzle and he is one letter ahead then you are going to lose cause Ragan will finish first. The level of idiocy that comes from Brendon does have me picking at everything he says so maybe I’m being too harsh but that was so DUMB to me.


lol your toatally right!


Best Moment from last night’s broadcast: “Watching Brandon sit at that huge table eating dinner by himself (“This is really good,” he said to…no one) was absolutely one of the most priceless moments of the season so far.”


Before I offend anyone, let me just say that I don’t think Kathy should make it to the final two. But, I do think people could lay off her for a little bit. I don’t think she is lazy or floating or anything else. I think she is depressed, and that alone would suck the life from you – but to do it surrounded by people that you know dismiss you as a person, surrounded by cameras, and being judged by the audience would just add a whole new dimension to your mood. For crying out loud, her best friends in the house are the fishes!! And she killed them!! And then got yelled at in the DR for it!! Picking on her is like kicking a little kid when he is already down. I think she is praying to get voted out.


Will Matt be the person who nominates someone tonight when he takes himself off the block, or will it be Brandon who does the nomination again?
Well, by the time I get the answer to this question, BB will be on.


It’ll be Matt. 🙂


Thanks Anonymous. Well, if it’ll be Matt, since he can’t nominate Brandon this week, Kathy would be an easy choice. If Matt has any guts, he’ll send Britney home with a kiss.


Get your popcorn ready, BB will be on shortly. It’s going to be good tonight.