**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt to Ragan: “If theres a Eviction today get ready for a BIG surprise”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Lots of new things havve happened over the past 12hours check out The early morning Big Brother Update and the Late Night Big Brother Update
8:25pm All feeds on sleeping houseguests

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:36am Hammock Gremlin and ragan
Matt: “Good morning johnny good mornign America”
Ragan: “so this is what I feel like doing i’m going to blow some smoke up Brendon’s ass i’m going to do everything but make a deal with him…The question in my mind who is Brendon more threaten by brit/lane or me and you ”
Matt: “it’s you and me”
Ragan: “well then your going up for sure”
Matt tells him the house wants us out to so Brendon may want to keeps me to shift the target from himself to me
Ragan: “i’m starting to think what Brendon is doing right now is he’s forcing hands that could of waited awhile to be played this may be a time to start thinking about final 4 situations”
Ragan: “The thought I was having in bed was that working for enzo and hayden’s vote because those 2 will vote together”
Ragan is going to go up to hayden and Enzo and tell them Brendon wanting a deal to keep him safe next week is basically saying that he needs to put up Hayden, Enzo or LAne if he wins Next week.
Matt: “why is Brendon’s deal is not saying put Kathy and lane up”
Ragan explains that if Hayden and enzo vote out Matt then if he made the deal with Brendon he’s going to have to put up Hayden and Enzo.. Ragan wants them to know all the deals brendon is trying to make.
Ragan: “if they don’t vote to keep you in the house they need to realize that anything to do with Brendon is complete utter bullshit”

Matt: “yeah I think they do”
Ragan: “I think they (Hayden and enzo) like you and lane equally..if you and lane go up on the block who would they want to take out? that is the question”
Ragan thinks he’s going to tell them that Brit has more house knowledge and Lane is holding back but he’s still a very psychically powerful player.
Matt: “don’t make any deals with them just explain to them how it’ll pan out”
Ragan: “I think theres a strong chance your going up”
Ragan: “I have been watching Brit and I am certain there is a deal with her and Brendon”
Matt: “If there is a evcition today expect a surprise”
Matt: “If you win HOH i want you to nominate me and brendon and i’ll win POV use it then vote brendon out that is how confident I am with the houses final 5 agreement”
Ragan: “if you were in my shoes what would you do”
Matt thinks Ragan should go talk to Brendon this morning and make sure he’s the last person brendon sees before the POV lockdown. Ragan hates talking to Brendon so much but he’ll do it to keep matt around.
Matt: “I think enzo has less moral fortitude so what he says doesn’t really need much.. Hayden’s word is more solid”
Matt wonders why Brendon thinks his friendship with all these guys that has started the last few days will stick.
Matt tells him some of the bullshit Brendon was telling him that he’s glad Ragan won POV because Brendon put Ragan up so see him compete at 100% ragan: “He’s a fucking douche bag”

Ragan: “I just don’t want to give up another HOH, not that you didn’t legitamately win those 2 HOH’s It would of ben a much longer battle… UGH the thought of going up to HOH and tlaking to him makes me sick”
Matt: “Don’t do anything uncomfortable on my behalf. If I am up on the block, we will work on the votes.”
Ragan starts reiterating what he plans on saying to Brendon.

Ragans talking points with brendon
1st – Be vague about a deal with us and him..
2nd – Matt and Ragan are 2 people that will keep their word and Matt is a player that plays hard in ever competition. He is one player that has not thrown each competition like so many other players in this house.
3rd – Matt has a better chance of staying against Lane then brit so do yo want to break the deal with Matt and have him stay int he house next week or do you want to break the deal with brit and see her walk out the door on Thursday.

Ragan: “if it was any other person in the house we could make a deal with him but he’s so full of shit he makes deals with everyone”
Ragan: “I feel like eating eggs”
Matt: “yeah me to maybe i’ll get them today in a hotel somewhere..”
Matt suggests Ragan should says he’s uncomfortable making a deal with Brendon because Brendon would be making a deal based on breaking one with Britney, therefore there are major trust issues. They got over the votes and they think that they can get Kathy’s vote the trick will be to get hayden and Enzo.
Ragan: “it’ll be 3-2 to evict you or 4-2 to keep you”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:20pm Ragan still going over what he will say to Brendon.. (reiterating the same thing he’s said above)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:30pm Ragan gives Brendon his speech Ragan is doing a good job making it very clear to Brendon his logic about keeping matt off the block. Ragan does a lot of talking, Brendon understands what Ragan is saying and agrees with his logic. Brendon tells him that ultimately he’ll be making his decision based on which player will get him furhter in the game.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:50pm Ragan still talking in circles with brendon rest of the house is sleeping

11:27pm Bubbles

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gosh I hope he doesnt use the diamond POV to just eliminate kathy…that would really kill it…


AGREE, but this week is the last week to use it, and i am going to say again cbs did not put the d veto in the game for the first time ever to not have it play out on tv. I hope they will have a three way elimination and let brendan make his replacement for ragan and matt choose a person and the two with the lowest votes are eliminated. but i doubt if that will happen. I think brendan will put up matt, or brit the question is will matt use the d veto to save brit if she is put up, and i think he will because he will need the numbers.


it’s not the first dpov. they had one in bb3 or bb4, i can’t remember right now but that is the only time it was ever brought into the game until now.


i have watched every season and there has never been a diamond pov. the golden power of veto was new in season 3. before that it was just veto.


Season 4 at the end when it was down to the final 4 the d pov was used to evict someone except hoh. they were the only vote. matt doesn’t have that power he can only replace a nominee, but you’re right about d pov.


but Matt says in his blog that he has no intentions of using the dveto unless he is forced to. I think the only way he will use it is if he goes up.


he may not use it on brit, but if he wants to last in the game and brit is up he will use it to save her, because little does he know the brigade want him out. even before taking brendan out


I think Matt will only use the DPOV if it is for himself. Otherwise, he will reveal to the house that he lied (nothing new to us, but they don’t know he is a liar) when he said he didn’t get a prize for opening Pandora’s box. They already suspect he is the saboteur, beside being a strong player. My guess is he will either use it on himself or let it go. But I do agree that CBS wants to make damn sure one of their “extras” gets used so I think they will do something so that Matt is on the block. Enzo and Hayden are really pissing me off for breaking away from the Brigads (yo) but they were probably egged on by production cause they need to breathe a little life into the game this year!


this one is perfect for ragan!!!!!


This is great too. Who says “I always cry once a week” as a matter of fact ‘nothing to see here’ sort of admission?? That is NOT normal. You need medication or a long chat with a therapist not a spot on a reality TV show.


Love it. But it is too cute for him.


LMAO… I love that picture for Ragan… it’s perfect!!


this one can’t be used because unlike ragan, we like the professor


Regan’s making all these plans to try and keep Matt, but Matt’s not going to be on the block for the vote. He sure is trying though. Matt’s in a good position if he can see Enzo and Hayden turning on him. He can either put up Enzo, but I don’t think that will happen, or Kathy because keeping Brit could benefit him. That’s another person in his corner.


Does anyone remember Matt losing his collective shit and campaigning people like crazy for Ragan when he was on the block?? Doesn’t that stick out to Ragan? Ragan sees Matt as his only Alliance and is fighting for it, but isn’t it apparent that Matt doesn’t feel the same….wonder why…maybe because he thinks he already has an Alliance elsewhere. Wake the F up Ragan.


if Matt knew his allaince was kicking him out, I think he would head over to Ragan but he hasn’t because Matt has kept his word to the Brigade.


If Matt gets put up, he should prove his loyalty to the Brigade by using the DPOV and putting Brit up as a replacement (outing the Brigade)

I am the saboteur

I do not think that he should out the Brigade, per se…
What I think he should do is say something like “I told my friends at home that if I ever won a special prize/power, I was going to give them a shout out at one of the televised ceremonies. So…this one is for my brigade and their continued support”


That’s a really good point!


I’m shocked Ragan being a college professor, and says he’s so smart, that he has not once questioned matt about him being so confident about being on the block and asking matt what he meant by the BIG SURPRISE. But then again he’s so busy talking he is not even listening to what matt has said. And why all of a sudden is he trying to throw brit under the bus instead of pushing for kathy. No wonder he and rachel didn’t get along they are too much alike, but I would trust rachel a whole lot more than ragan.

just a thought

Ragan is worried his only alliance will be voted out of the house and frantic to save him. I am surprised no one is really clueing in on the fact Matt is so calm. If Matt was smart, he would act outraged if Brendon puts him up and campaign to stay even though he knows he is safe. Ragan wants Brit out because she won’t further his game.


Maybe he wants to be picked so he can put up Kathy. He may be worried that Brit will go up losing another piece to his alliance and since Kathy isn’t with him he can save an alliance member and get rid of a vote against him in one swoop (with him going up). Still its dumb because he really needs to make a power move by choosing an alliance at this point because he should realize with all the talking Enzo/Hayden have been doing with Brendon, it would make me suspect they had a hand in my going up (Matt), because Brendon would be alienating two potential friends in H/E if they are seriously fighting for Matt (which they aren’t). I would tell H/E that if I go up on the block that would be a failure on their parts and since he has been taking the Brigades full weight, that needs to NOT happen (hint hint).


Brendon needs to be smart and put up Brit. If not he will be sorry he didnt


if we are playing from brendon’s perspective (not knowing about the DPOV) it would seem smarter to get matt out (since it’s not a guarantee that you can get him out easily in later weeks) but from our (the viewers’) perspective, of course, it makes sense to put up britney…this is all really crazy….matt could turn around and put enzo or hayden up if he suspects they are turning just to turn the tide in his favor…anyone could go home this week


I agree. Brit needs to be put up. Otherwise they are all screwed.


i still think matt will use the d veto to save her, because he needs the numbers, and he will look at it this way, i can get kathy out now because i probably won’t get her vote if i make it to final 2, but if i save brit and remind her and lane of that then i can get brit out next week or whenever and she will trust me and give me her vote when she gets to the jury, and she can try to persuade the rest that i am really not a bad guy.



You nailed it dude!


I’ve been thinking Gollum all along myself.


really hope he puts up brit

since if matt uses it then and puts up kathy

it will equal the worst move in the history of the game


guarenteed to lose rachel, brenden and kathy as votes…that means ONE MORE VOTE and he has no shot at a win

just a thought

If Brendon or Matt put up Kathy, it would be a dumb move!

I dislike rach

I agree if he could only see that Enzo has turned on him he would put him up.


Hopefulluy. Brendan will put Matt up which will leave Matt against Lane. Matt can then see which way the brigade will go to save either him or Lane. Hopefully, he will see Hayden and Enzo are not on his side, use the dVeto and get rid of one of them.


I just can’t wait to see what happens on Thursday. This should be a game changer. And I agree, Lane should team up with Brit, Ragan and Matt. I think that alliance would be stronger than the brigade, since they’re more diverse.

just a thought

I would thiink it would be right before eviction voting begins. It would be the most suspenseful.

angela melini

If Matt uses the DPOV, does he use it, right after the POV ceremony or right before the Eviction ceremony? Someone tell me please, it makes it more exciting if he uses it right before the ceremony, so no one has time to talk about what to do. Thanks, A

Love ToEat Brit the Clit

Reagan will use the POV , Brendon will put up Brit , on Thursday Matt will use the DPOV and depending on the rules put Brendon or Kathy and they will vote out Kathy or Brendon. then the new HOH will Nominate Brendon/Kathy and the 2nd one will be Brit or Reagan . Next week POV will be somthing like the morph face test

The Excitement

Matt’s still Brigade in his mind. If Brendon puts up Matt, then Matt will use the DPOV. then Brendon will unquestionably put up Brit as a replacement. Because Brendon’s 3 targets are Ragan, Matt, Britney. It’s that easy.
it’s gonna be fun to see the look on everyone’s face when Matt pulls out the DPOV. Enzo, Hayden, Lane are gonna be like “Holy shit! The Brigade is still alive! The Gremlin is back!”.
The Brigade is running shit more than ever now!

just a thought

If Matt uses the DPOV, he gets to put up another house guest in his place, not Brendon.


I’m a first time watcher/follower of the BB show. How much intervention can BB do during the show? The original Sab (I guess their big twist this season) was out in the first week, so they assigned a 2nd sab, which the HG’s view with derision rather than fear. All in all, a loser tactic from the Production standpoint. Will they/can they (BB/CBS) influence Brendan in the DR’s so that he puts up Matt in order to force the DPOV to be used? In the alternative, if Matt is not nominated, would they influence Matt in the DR’s so that he starts to question the loyalty of the Brigade, which again could potentially force him to use the DPOV on Thursday? Basically, the Sab idea was a nonstarter. And now the new DPOV has the potential to backfire from a Production standpoint. Would BB influence HG’s in the DR sessions to manipulate a scenario to force this new Power to be used this season?

I am the saboteur

Newbie, just remember that it is a TV show first, contest second. CBS/BB will do whatever they can to influence the house guests to what will make the best TV ratings. I do not think that they would ever say “These 4 are in a secret alliance called the Brigade”, but they might ask questions like “do you think there could be a secret alliance? Who would you think would be in such an alliance?”

I am the saboteur

In which case, I believe that they ARE trying to influence Brendon to use the DPOV by maybe pointing out that Matt nominated Rachel and she got evicted, etc…


Thanks for the reply. I thought I was imagining the signs of manipulation – good to know I’m not so far gone in this thing that I am getting as paranoid as the HG’s!

Kathie from Canada

Seems like Matt is getting dangerously close to spilling the beans about the advanyage he has at the moment. Was this just a dumb mistake, or is he trying not to have the DPOV??


Brit has to go up..
It will be boring if Matt goes up uses the DPOV and puts Kathy up.
I think even if Matt doesn’t go up CBS will make him use the DPOV.
The best case is if Matt does go up he uses the DPOV and puts up a Brigade member and goes with Ragan Brendon and Brit. No one would beet them and it would cause so much fighting in the house. The final 4 should be Brit Brendon Matt and Ragan, since CBS really runs who goes and who stays ..why cant they see it would be a great final 4 with good action.

just a thought

How can CBS make him use the DPOV?

Ronnie kalil

Sadly everyone is blinded by enzo. he cant win a competition to save his life. the meow meow is code for pussy….cat. no one stands a chance against this kiss ass if they take him to final two


Based on what he said in his speech, I think Brendon wants Lane out. He was right, Ragan and Lane aren’t doing well in the comps and both are sort of sitting back and letting their alliance do everything for them. If he really wants competitors I don’t think he will backdoor Matt. If he really believes in his deal with Enzo & Hayden, I think he will actually put up one of them as pawns. That would be smart as the Brigade would lose a member. Matt probably wouldn’t use DPOV because then he’s choosing one of his alliance mates over the other. I could see them saying, “Matt votes for Enzo, Hayden votes for Lane, then you’re on your own for the other votes.” But as I said before, I don’t think anyone but Brendon understands his game. I wonder when these HGs are going to realize that it’s time to start playing the social side of the game as well as the strategic? No one seems to care to work any kind of jury vote.

just a thought

You are 100% correct, no one but Brendon understands the game he is playing. On last night’s show he was saying how he would put Brit up , but Rachel would want Matt out. He’d be smart to play the game and forget WWRD

just a thought

Team Hoff (I think I got your user name correct). I think Matt’s lie crossed a line for me (an no am not the morality police, but there is a point where people completely lose any repsect I have for them) and was completely unnecessary. He obviously can play the game and didn’t need to make up a lie that in the real or fact BB world would make people loathe you. It would have been better to see him play the game without that lie. I have never said he better hope his wife doesn’t get sick. I do however believe in karma, but not the way it is tossed around the site. I am also sure we haven’t seen anyone’s full potential as people. They are put into a game where they are expected to lie (again each person has to choose where to drawn the line and as a watcher we have that right as well), cheat and stab each other in the back. You are stuck with a bunch of people all playing the same game in their own weird ways. The thing is, what they put out there for us to see is how we will interpret them as people. I do think some of the house guests worst traits are really showing, ie Brit, Ragan, Enzo, Rachel, etc. I honestly, don’t like how most of the players are playing the game and really don’t have a favorite. I can tell Matt is dying to go up to use the DPOV and it would at least turn things upside down and make it more interesting. This season has been pretty boring over all, tha includes Rachel’s drama (It got tedious). The ?s are: Will Brendon put up Matt or Britt or cop out and put up Kathy? If Matt goes up, will he put up a brigade member (that would shake things up and maybe get a game going?) or will be cop out and put up Kathy. I would like to see something happen that turns the house upside down and keeps people working and ontheir toes for more than a few hours.


The brigade is dead. I dont care if the Midget tells them
he had the dpov and couldnt say anything. H/E realize that that
Midget is making all the “power moves” and they get the feeling
he might just win the game. So they want to get rid of him asap.
Plus they would think even tjough u have the dpov, you still
hang out with brit/ rag too much. the Charade is DONE.


I think you’re most likely right!


One week ago, this house was a MUCH different house, now no one knows who to trust or where to go. All I know is this, Enzo, Hayden, and Lane are going to regret backstabbing Matt if they decide to do that since out of all the Brigade members, Matt has played hard and won MORE often than the rest of the brigade. Talking two HOH’s and being lucky enough to get the DPOV.

If they would just stick to the 4 way deal from day 1, they would not be so stressed/worried.

Plus, if the next HOH doesn’t get a Pandora’s box, it will just go to show that CBS will do whatever it takes to stir shit up. I can understand advertising a Pandora’s Box when Matt won and showed it would be the new Saboteur coming out, but when an Unannounced one shows up for Brendon to JUST let Rachel back into the house to stir shit, that was the dumbest twist in BB History. Be fair to the rest of the house CBS.

Ok, off my soapbox. Last Point: Brendon needs to be SMART and put up Brit or Kathy, send them out the door and let the rest of the house play out. Putting up Matt will force a very big play in the house and will leave everyone scrambling.

Mike Hawke

If Matt uses the DPV, can he put Brendan up?


Man I hope he doesn’t put up Brit. That hot little girl is nice to look at. If she goes then it’s an old lady and one big sausage fest.


Has there ever been a bigger drama-queen crybaby whiner in the history of BB than Ragan? He is sick at the thought of having to talk to Brendon? He sobs for days over being nominated? His mood swings may just knock the planet off its axis at this rate. I seriously think he will have a complete meltdown when Matt stabs him repeatedly in the back as will surely happen when the time is right ;p


I think Amber from a couple of seasons ago was definitely a bigger cry baby


Agreed, Amber = Biggest Whiner ever


Getting really sick of the lameteur twist.


It’s basically “America’s Player” all over again.


I thought he could not put Brittany up on the block because he told her she was going up and that was against the rules that is why he had to change his mind or can he still put her up?


what does Bubbles mean? =s


He intended to add that as an update rather than a comment Im sure 🙂 When the live feeds cut out, they go to a “bubble” screen saying they will be right back.


lol i don’t understand why would they cut the feeds for “paying customers”?? this is another reason i hold back form buying feeds every year i want to be able to see EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS, even if someone pulls out a knife and start slicing HGs up i wanna see that….


I miss FISH!!!!

sickoftheir shit

There is no doubt in my mind that Brenda will follow Roach’s order to put Matt up because if he doesnt and something goes wrong, Roach will kill him and his so-called relationship will be over.


If Matt got power from Pandoras snatch … what did Brendon get ?


Yeah. And where did he go when Rachel was in the house?


If all the theorists think that CBS will manipulate the game for its ratings, then look at the possible storylines of a final four.
Anything involving Deputy Droopalong would be ” See america, the stupid and weak can win” Been done, no one cares
Anything involving a Regan would be ” See America, if you whine enough, you can win” And that is just not going to Happen
Anything Involving the Dumbest Scientist in america would say “Just cause your smart, doesnt make you intelligent” and america doesnt want to hear about it

The best scenario is to have The Brigade together in the FINAL 4 and watch this tenuous alliance that have been together YO Chucking Grenades at eveyone else, start to really turn on each other and fight to win. They have already previewed the “Benedict Arnold” side of the Brigade. and it can only get better.

I really hope matt wins, mainly because of when he reveals that it was a lie, Everyone will get in line to kick his ass, and he will wind up with about $500000 in doctor bills. NOW THAT IS TV WORTH WATCHING