*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan To Hayden : “I Like Brendon now that Rachel is gone, She really brings out the worst in him”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:17pm Hammock Hayden and Ragan Hayden tells him that Matt has a chance to stay. ragan says no he doesn’t and that is not why I asked you here. Hayden mentions how sad he’ll be when MAtt goes home, Hayden says he talks about how sad he is in the DR. They both agree that MAtt’s website for his wife probably made enough money for her because of all the donations. Hayden can i ask you a question? Ragan: “HAyden are you HIGH i can’t believe your asking me that” Hayden: “I just want to ask you because Brendon is my target”. Ragan says that He like BRendon and he’s being cool and not stirring up shit.
HAyden I think it’s clear that he’s probably the biggest threat…
Ragan: “He’s not coming after you and enzo he’s coming after me and brit…IF POV is used then it’s Lane that goes up.. If he stays in this game he is going to win this competition”
Hayden: “theres no questioning he’ll win in the final 2… Hayden doesn’t want to see Brendon slip through the cracks he wants them all to fight for HOH”
Hayden: “He’s the only person out of us all that is a clear cut winner”
Hayden explains, Brendon/brit won 4 each, Hayden/Ragan won one each , Lane/enzo won nothing
Ragan ask if he wins HOH who to put up, Hayden: “I dunno it’s somebody that need to know they are a pawn its up to you.. again you need a back up plan in case Brendon wins the veto”
Hayden say that MAtt is probably going to go home but its not 100%, ragan knew that. Hayden is worried that he might lose Brendon’s jury vote if he’s the one that puts him up. Hayden: “I like Brendon i really do”. Ragan: “Brendon is a completely different person now that she’s gone… She really brings out the worst in him” Hayden mentions that Enzo will put Brendon up even though it’ll be awkward. ragan isn’t sure that will happen.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:40pm Brit and MAtt There talking about there all time favorite songs/ albums. Matt’s says when he was in college he smoked pot and hung out in his buddies car.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:00pm Brit and HAyden Hammock Hayden tells her that Ragan is going after Enzo and HAyden but when he talks to Ragan he says he’s going to take out Brendon. Hayden has a feeling that Ragan is up to something. BRit says that Ragan is all messed up in the head he says that I’m expendable and that all you boys have an alliance. Brit: “I think Ragan is super paranoid”. Hayden thinks Ragan is cracking because MAtt is going home. Brit is worried that ragan is going to start playing like Matt did.. he’s going to run around the house and “pump” things into enzo’s, Brendon and Brits ears. Hayden basically says that Ragan is fucked in the game and they are going to move to move to final 3. (Brits is starting to says y’all as much as Kathy said You Know.. more evidence that they are related). HAyden starts to point out how much money Lane has compared to the rest of them, New tahoe, new house, parents bought him a gym..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:38pm Ragan telling Matt all about his podcast, Brit, Brendon, ENzo and Hayden talking about sports.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Midnight Enzo, Lane, MAtt, Brendon and Ragan, There talking about Kathy and how funny she is. They all share stories about how funny KAhty was. Lane and Ragan tell them about the time Kathy was feeding Andy like he was a baby.. It was very gross to watch.

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I really wanted Matt Regan and Brit to win butttt now im pissed at how stupid they are being….Matt needs to rat out the Brigade but instead he is giving them info! Regan actually has what is going on in the house figured out but he is telling the wrong people and screwed because he has no one! Brit is being a moron and trusting Hayden and Lane and telling them everything! I really want some miracle to happen and Regan and Brit to go final 2 but that will never happen. At this point I want Brendon (who I hate) to win over Lane, Hayden and Enzo. This season is starting to suck! Hopefully something changes! I am hoping Regan wins and doesn’t put up Brendon but that does not seem likely.

hawaiian cat

That little puppy-dog hayden is really starting to get on my nerves. I think it is just his hair!!
God, get a hair cut already. Actually, everybody’s hair is creepy: Enzo: thin & balding; Brit: dry, over-colored and always being handled; Lane: greasy & flat; Brenden: shaved; Matt: ugh, little boy styleless; and Ragan: too little hair for such an inflated head.


you need to see a docter if you got a problem with hairs come on just stfu nobody cares whatyou think……

and big brother is all rigged get over it

Aaron C.

Why do you need to be a dick?


You might be right on the hair thing, but don’t let it get to you.


Hey, we all have opinions on here and if we disagree with each other , who gives a crap? Why do people get so cranky over a dumbass t.v. show? I watch the show and love it and hate it at the same time but I don’t get crazy over people who don’t agree with me about it. In the grand scheme of things, what difference does it make? Just say what’s on your mind and move on.


Although I don’t much care for Hayden, he has played a very strategic game. He has manipulated getting the people he wanted on the block without getting blood on his hands. Enzo and Lane are complete floaters. If Brendan makes it to the end, he deserves to win since they wanted him out since week one (Hayden thought he was the Sab). Matt deserves to go home this week for no other reason than staying loyal to a group that is obviously screwing him over. He should not have sent home Kathy but should have put up Hayden with his DPOV. Ragan has figured things out, but too little too soon. Brit thinks they are going to take her to final three because she is “Brit” but she is in for a disappointment as “Bro before Ho” will prevail.


I am gay and I have to agree with you. He is such a drama queen.


Congratulations on being gay. So now should we worship you because you made your sexuality known?




this is the most boring season in the history of big brother hands down..OMG…WTF!!!


Agree! These people do have BAD hair and are very boring! Matt and Brit are dumb as dirt and poor Ragen dont have a soul to back him. He should try to link with Brendon or something. This BB sucks!!!!:(:(


Goodness, BB is very boring and everyone is getting really testy!!!!


Really though?? Was that necessary … DICK


not one of your best… ;-(


What is your problem. No where in that message did it say we needed to worship them because they are gay. Grow up and stick to BB talk. The fact is Ragen is acting worse then a woman and I can say that for a fact. I will be glad when he is gone.


Britney should have trusted Ragan instead of those floatgades. Is she really that delusional to believe she’ll get in the final 3 with Lane and Hayden… Of course Lane is going to dump her before it’s final 3 but it could be a win/win for her only since the floatgades haven’t even won anything…


Ok there are still 7 people left in the house but these people are soooo boooring that it seems like there’s only 3 left. And listen to Brendan talk. He studers a little and fumbles his words. How did he make it on this show? And I know Matt is a huge fan but for some reason he talks like he has marbles in his mouth and you can always tell when he’s lying. I can understand why Enzo made it but he totaly is a fake. He was funny for the first 3 weeks but then his true personality came through. He can’t say 1 sentence without saying the F word. And all he does is talk sh*t about everyone. I feel so sorry for his friends. Lane is extremely boring. He only has a personality when he is the DR. And all that is is him yelling at the camera. How did so many people fall through the cracks this season


Lane does not have personality in the DR, he shows how stupid is really is!!!!!!!!


Hey Michele. I was only kidding when I said he had a personality in the DR. That’s why after it I wrote all he does is scream into the camera. The guy is an idiot. There were so many lame people on this show.


This season is kinda really boring.. and I think that once Brendon and Ragen go home I’m gonna stop watching it cause their the only two that have beeen playing hard since the beginning and are actually fighting for themselves to stay in the house.


They have to fight hard to win, they had no ALLIANCE in the house. I cannot for the life of me understand how the majority of people on here don’t comprehend the fact that a 4 man alliance is a brilliant idea. The alliance was a safety net that gave them the luxury of sitting back and not having to win competitions, which would make them a target in the house and would ultimately lose them a jury vote in the jury room.


It’s like nobody wants to play the game, they just want a vacation. Britney even got upset because Matt was talking game and not trying to hide it! Like that is such a crazy thing to do when playing a game.


Lol I know your exactly right beerad. I mean some of these people make no sense. Brit talks game all the time. So I guess she feels she can talk game but no one else can. Isn’t that what BB is about. I actually liked Brit when she wasn’t hoh. She seems to forget it was her Regan and Matt in the alone in the HN room and nobody cared. I hope she goes home right after Matt does


Omg Brittney just said she wants to go some place with alot of people and when someone says to her hey are you brittney She will say to them yea get away from me and then take off in her car. Brit is such garbage. When someone sees her I hope they spit in her face. Or atleast tell her what a loser she is for falling for lanes crap. Please don’t act like she’s all that if you see her.


what’s with all the hate? you really are a lowlife aren’t you?


What’s with all the hate? This girl basicly said that if you or me or anyone who watches the show notices her and goes to say hi, she will say go away I don’t want to talk to you and get in her car and drive away. These people think they are gods gift all because they got on this show. Shes nothing special. She’s on a reality show and she’s getting played. I’m saying don’t give her the satisfaction of running from you and acting like your some crazy person who wants an autgraph. If I saw evil dick or janelle or Dr will or mike boogie or chicken George and I said hi to them I guarantee they would be respectful and say hi back.


She was kidding! GET OVER IT!!!


I do not think she was kidding. She is a princess and thinks hse woll be famous.


I agree with you Donna!!!


Agreed. I don’t know why these people think they are going to be big celebrities.


It’s so funny that u guys bring this up .. Kristen was in my casting group and her reason for wanting to go on BB was .. ” well I’m an aspiring model and people said I would be great on this show and I think it’ll further my career.” I looked at her like she was nuts like has this bitch even seen an episode of this show .. No one gets crazy famous you idiot..


CBS tries to make her the new Jordan, she isn’t even close


I’m so Happy Brendon won POV. He is the only 1 fighten every week 2 stay in the house. He is fighten against all the haters. Britt sux.


you sux!


Britney will not last. She’s a tool.


He must win he doesn’t have a choice. If he doesn’t win HOH, no matter who actually does win it, he’s getting put on the block. And if he doesn’t win the POV, he’s going home, same thing can be said for Ragan as well.


Brit and Ragan are the biggest haters of all…why are they the only one allowed to talk trash about everyone…rachel is quite a character but the way they carried on about her was disgusting.


Once Matt n Britt is gone. Brenden can split the loafers brigrade. They sux 2


brit is awesome! she has her own agenda!


and that makes her awesome??? then i guess they are ALL awesome, cause everyone in the house SHOULD have their own agenda…britt has been whiney and nasty about people since day one….as long as things are going HER way, then its all good….soon as they’re not, she turns on the tears….and if I ever see her on the street, you sure won’t have to worry about ME pretending to notice her horse face….she’s not THAT pretty….


Brendon and Brit final 2. I do not like her but she deserves a shot at the money just like Brendon.




Stop yelling. We can hear you. Or don’t you know that typing in all caps is yelling? NOW you DOOOOO.


I HATE ALL THE YELLING TOO! Enzo is so annoying. All he has done is complain about everything ALL the time. I have to fast forward whenever he talks. He’s constantly looking in the mirror at his hair disappearing. Granted, they are ALL annoying but he’s always saying how he can’t wait to get out of there. Then GO! Ciao! Aren’t there still “friends” in the house? Brit and someone else? I think Brit and Lane are the friends. When they interviewed her mom, she didn’t seem upset by the idea of Brit falling for Lane.


I think everyone on here knows it is a game, but and this is a big but you can play this game without personal attacks and you can play the game and do it well without being a nasty person. Her comments are disgusting and she should be ashamed of herself.


Then they are all disgusting since season one. That’s all they have is time to sit around and talk about each other. It’s game play and it’s what you have to do or you are out of there.


Okay Hayden, now stop yelling.


Trying, But not a favorite of mine at all…I am voting for muh man for sure.


These people really crack me up thinking that they are going to be these huge celebrities when they get out of the house. I don’t think a single one of them is marketable in any way shape or form. Every season has had at least one that was, but this one there isn’t. And I’m thoroughly disappointed in the fact that BB isn’t making Enzo wear the whole Penguin outfit. I’ve never seen him with the hood on. I give it a 90% chance that Brendon will win this year.


And Hayden and Lane talking about opening a restaurant. Now that is funny. Dr. Will and Boogie have a succesful one but they were probably the two most popular players in the history of BB. And Dr. Will had the money to back it. A restaurant is the most difficult business to make profitable so good luck to you two…..lmfao. Maybe they can get Matt and Enzo to cook for them. I can see them in the kitchen playing with their peckers while they are cooking.


The most entertaining part of this season was watching someone find their true sexuality. Over the course of the summer we’ve been able to see Matt slowly come to grips with his homosexuality. I feel sorry for his wife, but I’m thrilled to death for him. He can finally be happy with his true self. Congrats Matt.

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

What is your problem?


Uh, I think Mimi is unhappy with herself. Why does Eaglebirdie’s comment translate into him having an issue? You’re reading too much into this Mimi. I think you need to take a deep breath and then fart.


lmao. That’s a good one.


funny the 1st time. Eaglebirdee sez it’s a “fact” thats the problem. UR right tho that mimi has a problem becuz MOST of the people on thse sites dont have enuf good stuff in there life, ya that includes me. No wondr everybody is so bitchass. Poor simon, works hard for all us losers.


Ouch!! Nice retort buddy! Hahahahahahaa

You’re right on money being happy for Matt…he’s probably been living life on d down low { hey! Him n Ragan could be life long partners! } Whatever the case is, he needs to go this week, then d dumb bimbo Britney, then d morons aka Brigades n give it all to Brendon. I’m sooooo over this season! Thanks to Simon n Dawg for making it bearable! I actually look forward to reading posts n comments than the actual show itself!! There are great characters on this site that’d make BB a nice show to watch again. Shout outs to Qaz—Alison Grodner’s nemesis n d rest of “y’all” !!!


geeZ, i was liking you till you wrote this. Feelin mean?


He is also HOT for HAYDEN!!!


Hayden talking about how much money Lanes family has is interesting.
He is already trying to set up a vote for him and not Lane if they are final two.
Good move Hayden.
I am not a Hayden fan, but found this interesting.


Why is it interesting? I said from day one that Hayden is his own man. Alliance or not, Hayden will step out on his own when the time is right. It was Hayden who first told everyone to watch out for Britney. Under all that hair, there are many brain cells. That boy doesn’t talk much, but when he does, logical things come out of his mouth, if you ignore the other dumb bridgade mumble jumble stuff that he spews.


who’s andy?


Andy usually short for Andrew maybe? I know I might be stretching there!! Or maybe it’s the nickname that Enzo gave to his hand that fondles his unit, HANDY ANDY!!


I think it’s Andrew aka captain kosher


If Brit was smart she would realized that she needs to stick to power players like Brendon, I mean Brendon put his emotions aside and realized it, Why is Brit sucking the Brokegade’s ass? Why is Matt sucking the Brokegade’s ass? Why the hell are people listening to floating Enzo? If this guy wins then he won it on brains alone. And I can’t believe Hayden is still jealous of Brendon. This guy has been trying to take Brendon out since day 1! He turned the Brigade against Brendon since episode 1. What is with your insecurities Hayden??


Britney is rolling with them because she likes them and furthermore she knows she can beat them.


Boogie already had a few restaurants with his other partners.. I saw him on some
show designing and opening another one with them.. Saw Dr. Will on Kat Von D’s
show, he had some stripmall place and was removing someone’s tattoo that
they didn’t want anymore.

bob J

so that’s where the fame and fortune took Dr. Will???? Ouch! Maybe the Brigade is delusional about their 15 minutes! Except for Kristin’s unitard — my gawd.


Boogie was already a partner in the restaurant/night club business and Will was already a doctor. They already had things going on. They just used BB to further their already existing careers.


I wish that someone could enlighten Britney that making fun of how weird she thinks Brendon looks is very futile because she is not good looking herself! She has crooked eyes, she picks her lips and bites her nails and she talks like a moron… and just by the way, she walks like she has a board up her butt.

Yeah… whenever she makes fun of Brendon or Rachel… it only makes her look worse!!


You have it wrong. Everyone has those type of things about them… either they bite their nails, pick their butt… Something. But one thing is for sure, when we are judging someone’s beauty, slight asymmetrical eyes are not what we are looking at. Britt is hot, get over that. Rachel is ugly, even with her fake boobs and botox. And as far as her talking goes, she makes Rachel sound like a toddler. Britt is goofy, and makes fun of people too much, sure. But, a moron she is not.

Ragens Weiner

you are right about Brit. I am said to see Matt go.

Just saying

I feel sorry for Britney. Her true ugliness lies on the inside. She has displayed an aptitude for cruelty, lying, and backstabbing that is sure to follow her reputation for years to come. An aptitude which has obviously come from years of fine tuning! Do you think any of her friends will doubt that the minute their backs are turned she is using that razor tongue of hers to bad mouth them?!? Her only hope is that noone she knows watches anything but the one hour slants big brother displays in prime time. As for her kicking Brendon when he’s down…. well, that is pretty obvious, she can’t understand him at all because class and empathy are not present in her personality traits. I hope for her sake she is never on the receiving end of such displays because sadly she will not recognize the traits as her own and will instead sit around crying “Poor Me”.


If Britney looks worse when she makes fun of Brendon or Rachel, how do you look when you make fun of Britney? hmmmmm…LOL


Did you make this same speech when brendon was making fun of britney’s eyes and when enzo was saying how pale she looked? Or did you just save it for britney. There is a difference between bashing someone and joking about what someone has said or making funny observations about people which is what britney does.


I can’t stand that little red neck.

Joe Mama

Amen! I have said that from the first day. Her eyes are all messed up! I would hate to be around her because of the way she talks about other people.


And it’s not like she talks about them to describe their behavior, she takes personal stabs at them. That’s one nasty little girl. She’s worse than Ragan and I thought Ragan was bad.


Brit and Brendon final 2
They have won the most and deserve to be there. Every comp. they try.
Hopefully Matt out Thursday then Regan.
The following week Hayden or Lane.
Go Brendon and Brit.
Bye Bye Matt


and Brendon is million times better than her BF NICK omg Britney is so mean


My theory is that both Hayden and Enzo were embarassed when Matt presented the DPOV and they had already told him they were voting him out. The looks on their faces were complete fear. Since they knew that he knew their intentions they realized they had to get him out first, before he came after them. It was downhill for Matt unfortunatelyj ever since. Don’t know what happened to Britney but for a while she was fun and nice and now she is back to her old self. She is snippy, arrogant and very moody mean to other houseguests.


That is 100% accurate. Matt should have made a HUGE move at that time. Instead he gets out KATHY??? Matt sealed his own fate then (with DPOV) and then again when he threw the last HOH!!!


Ragan is in his own little world. It’s not because Rachel is gone, that Brendon is nicer. Brendon is the person that he is. Just because he stood up for his girl friend, doesn’t make him a mean person. It only mean that he’s a protector. Ragan is something else. I can’t wait until he goes to the jury house.


Just the TIP:

Simon Says: Don’t call other site guests names, that is bad bad bad.
Simon Says: He and a few select people can say whatever shit they want, but not everyone has this privilege.
Now, everyone hug the person to your left. No, no, no. Simon didn’t Say!!!!

Oh, relax. Just kidding. But, I did see a few people calling other people names and putting them down. And, that’s in just the 32 comments on this page.

You know what they say about good intentions. The road to hell….

Hope you all have a great day. I still may check in on you from time to time. I may even add a little excitement to your day. Lord knows that Rockstar, BBGrandma, QAZ (aka SPAZ), and a few others are getting OLD (no offense Granny). I think it’s nice to have a fresh perspective from a smart, straight, funny heterosexual. And, really, my opinion is the ONLY one that counts. At least to me. 😉 And, who really believes mini-mimi isn’t watching the feeds and show? If you believe that, she’s also got a full box of Twinkies to sell you.

Jimmy Rhythm

“Brits is starting to says y’all as much as Kathy said You Know.. more evidence that they are related.”

lol..Stop that!


Brit = Dorothy, Lane = Scarecrow, Hayden = The Cowardly Lion, Matt = the Munckin that Hung himself during the filming, Enzo = The Snake Oil Salesman, Brendon = Tinman, Rachel = Wicked Witch, Raygay = a Flying Flaming Monkey, Kristen = the Good Witch, Andrew = the Yellow brick road everyone walked on. Kathy = Auntie M.
AND the nameless first to let the door hit her in the ass can be = ToTo
OH YEAH and there weren’t any Knee Grows in the Wizard of Oz so Monet’ can be the Grand Wizard of the KKK


IM sick with Grief…oH Matty boy….if only we had more time together…..Im so desprete for you to make a solid comeback move… ..its too painful to watch…darkness is looming..I am afraid the end is near…..a moment of silence for The Gremlin aka Midget aka The Brains aka Diabolical Super Genius …….You will be missed….. :'(


I hope things will be more exciting in the house today than they have been the last few … This show is getting really boring … Things really need to be shaken up a bit to give the viewers something to watch.


Yeah, it’s boring alright. Take Matt off the block and stick Britney on there. That’ll get the house going for another 2 weeks. Then give HOH to Enzo and watch him come up with all kind of jokes. That’ll be good entertaining for another week right there. Let Ragan have a party with the Chip and Dales guy and watch him get wild. That’s another 1hr of entertainment right there.


So, the rest of the show should be very boring. Matt goes Thrusday, Ragen, Brendon and Britney after that. Which leaves Lane, Hayden and Enzo final three,BORING. Not worth the time to even watching the show or checking the spoilers. I wanted to see the final two be Brendon and Ragen, but now that is probably not going to happen, what’s the use in watching. Another year of floaters making it to the final two.


IMHO the show needs a complete facelift if its gonna survive. Change it up CBS..tweek the rules..stop letting peeps who have watched every season and know exactly what is about to happen, what alliance to form, what comps are going to occur, to enter the house. The seasons, including HG’s, are becoming very predictable. How about offering BB points to HG’s for winning HoH, PoV or even food comps. Points can be spent later to negate votes against that person if he/she is on the block, or something of that nature.. Stops peeps from “throwing” comps and encourages actual competing. Forget the “THIS YEARS TWIST” crap..the SAB worked great eh?..evicted first week. Thats bush league crap, do something thoughtful and entertaining.


That was a post worth reading. I liked it.


Agreed! That would be great if CBS could throw something new into what looks like endless days of pool.


I agree. I hate that they play to the camera all the time. This is the first season that everyone in the house are SO aware of the cameras and every part of the game. It’s no fun watching them tell US what is going to happen next. BB does need to be tweaked and revamped big time. They really need to throw them for a loop and take away a lot more. I don’t like that they give the have nots other food. Remember poor Chicken Geoge was on slop forever?!! He is probably yelling at the t.v. everytime he sees a have not eating broccoi or fruitcake or whatever else they give them. BB has gotten too soft and the contestants are all babies compared to earlier seasons.


”a monkey could knock down more pins then brendon”


It is my opinion that Rachel Does care for Brendan right now but outside of the house , she will see him as too weak and wimpy and BORING for her lifestyle. They will argue over her drinking , which will increase even more out of her boredom once she moves in with him . I’m not saying that Brendan is really a boring person. I am saying that he will be to her. I think that there is a lot about him that she admires but she is not ready for that kind of lifestyle yet. She is a party girl. He will spend most of the money, if not all, on her and then when that’s gone, so will she. She won’t want to hurt him, but she will.But she will spend that money first.


and how strange that since rachel left brendon has won comp again and again..hmmm.


He is playing with the correct HEAD now!


brendon, ragan, and brit need to get together. it’s not that I like them but it would be entertainng, more than the damn brigade sitting around not having to do anything but talk. two scenerios I’d like [[matt would have to say something about the brigade before he leaves out the door in both]],..brendon wins hoh, ragan wins pov. brit will see who lane’s loyalties are with. and MAYBE he won’t put her up bc of the brigade…or ragan wins hoh, brendon wins veto and the same ending result as the other…one of the brigade, hopefully hayden bc the others don’t win anything leaves.

Wait for it.

WOW , i find it funny all the hate for the brigade, call them floater if you want, but they are going to final 4 and not get any blood on their hands is good. Not as good as Dr.Will or boggie. Matt really should have put brittany up with dpov and he might still be safe. Brendon is crazy bad sport. But he wins and plays hard, too bad he is not smart enough to see the brigade for true colors. Ragen wow, that dude is worth bb person in bb history. He cries more than old girl from 2 seasons back. Dude quit crying and man up.


Well, yes he cries, but he has the most insight into who has paired up in secret alliances and even provides reasons why (theoretically) and is pretty damn accurate. It will be interesting for them to watch the season and see just how close Ragan was to having them all figured out at this point. For example, his awareness of why the “guys” would split the vote for Matt – no reason to give that bone to someone you are not in an alliance with. I thought that was insightful.

Wait for it.

worst person in bb history.


Ragan worst person in BB history? Really? Nothing could be WORSE than Matt lying about his wife having a disease that real people are suffering from! Crying is nothing compared to what Matt has done!


These ppl are losers BRITNEY is clearly stupid she was supposed to put up HAYDEN he was the best person to get ENZO out. BRITNEY is going home next and then RAGAN, MATT disappoint me because he didn’t out the brigade. I wish i was matt i would out them and then when i get to the jury house i will hope all of them come one by one. I don’t appreciate them throwing matt under bus because he bring them to this point. At this point of the game i don’t want the rest of the BRIGADE win nor britney. I’m voting for TEAM RAGAN and TEAM BRENDON, the rest could sit pretty in the jury house. THIS SEASON OF BB IS TOTAL SHIT.