* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney tells Hayden that Enzo called Kristen the crazy eyed killer.. Hayden says its okay he only knew the chick for 3 weeks…

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12:30am In the backyard Matt and Ragan are talking. Matt asks Ragan that if he is so sure that the Lane, Hayden and Enzo are going to make the final three then why doesn’t Ragan just put up two of the guys and forget about getting Brendon out. Matt is trying to convince Ragan that it would be such a great move to throw a kink in their plan and evict one of them. Ragan says that he is still worried about Brendon coming after him. Matt tells Ragan that he isn’t trying to sway him any which way he is just giving him some scenarios. Matt tells him that whoever he gets out ….whether its Brendon or Hayden or whoever, Ragan will go up on the block next week regardless. Matt is really pushing for Ragan to put up two of the three Brigade members against each other. Matt tells Ragan that he is just giving him options. Ragan says he thinks that those four are definitely working together. Matt asks what four? Ragan says Hayden, Lane, Enzo and Britney. Ragan says that he is thinking about putting up Brendon and Enzo and then if Brendon wins the POV, Brendon would come off the block and then he would replace him with Hayden. Matt tells Ragan that would be such a power move. Ragan tells Matt that Hayden told him that he would put up Brendon next week and that so would Enzo. Ragan says that he doesn’t really believe they will. Ragan says that Hayden is being sheisty. Matt and Ragan wonder if they are up in the HOH studying. Matt says that he thinks they’re up there plotting. Matt then starts quizzing Ragan on the time line of events in the house.

12:50am Up in the HOH, Lane, Britney, Hayden and Enzo are all joking around and talking about commercials. Hayden pretends to do a Burton snowboard commercial. They want Lane to do a Coors beer commercial. Hayden says that Enzo can do a meow mix commercial. Britney explains to Enzo how the nutritional information on the back of foods work. Enzo and Hayden talk about being have-nots. Hayden thinks that taking the cold showers is the worst part. Enzo says they are almost done being have-nots. Enzo wonders if there is a chance that they could all hate each other after this? Hayden says certain people probably will hate some people. Britney thinks that Brendon will hate her, she also says Rachel is going to hate her. Hayden says that Nick will probably hate Lane. Enzo says that he thinks that Kristen will hate him. Enzo brings up Monet, he says she was her for two weeks and cried for a week of it. Enzo says he can’t wait to see Britney’s Kristen face in her diary room sessions. Enzo asks Britney to do the Kristen face. Hayden asks the what face? Hayden says its okay he only knew the chick for three weeks. Britney tells Hayden that Enzo called Kristen the crazy eyed killer. Britney then does her Kristen impression which makes Enzo lose it laughing. Hayden laughs too. Britney thinks Kristen is going to hate her. They talk about the week Kristen and Hayden were nominated. Enzo tells Hayden that Kristen was doing a thing when she was on the block, that she was telling everyone she should stay the house over Hayden. Enzo says damn she’s throwing Hayden under the bus! Enzo wonders if Kristen has the 24 hour live feeds. Britney tells Hayden not to be mad at her over the Kristen face. Hayden says that he isn’t and that he thinks it’s funny. Enzo, Britney and Lane start making fun of Kristen for how she acted during the week she was on the block.

1:15am Britney, Lane, Enzo and Hayden are all up in the HOH room and now making fun of Kathy. They all laugh about how clueless and two faced she was. Lane says that all of her speeches were exactly the same. Britney says that she probably wrote that before even coming into the house. They all laugh that it was probably the only thing she memorized all summer. Enzo says that Kathy being evicted was the craziest backdoor ever on Big Brother. They all says how they can’t wait to watch Kathy in the caramel competition. Enzo says that Kathy was a creeper, and how she would wash all their clothes and constantly eavesdrop on everyone. The conversation changes to talking about Pandora’s Box. Britney tells them that the Pandora’s Box was actually pretty of cramped. Enzo asks her how Pandora’s Box worked. Britney tells them that there were two envelopes that are waiting outside the box. Lane wonders what if Britney would have decided to not to open Pandora’s Box? Lane says she probably would have heard Jessie from within the box say SHIT! Britney says that Jessie had said that Russell is short. They remember from watching the season that Natalie was even taller than Russell. Lane thinks that Russell is probably Matt’s height. They talk about how Jordan was taller than they thought. Hayden says that he thinks Jordan was about 5′ 7”. They talk about how they think Jordan and Russell were probably about the same height. Hayden says he thinks Matt is 5′ 6”. Britney wonders if he is really that tall? Hayden says yeah maybe he isn’t that tall. Lane says that would suck being a short guy.

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In the backyard Ragan and Matt are talking. Matt says that Hayden and Lane have been avoiding him ever sense he got put on the block and that he thinks it’s weird. Ragan says that he thinks the biggest mistake everyone made in the game was not keeping Kristen. Matt sees Hayden, Enzo and Lane come down from the HOH room and called them the parade. Ragan says that it was weird. Matt says that he thinks Hayden, Enzo and Lane went to the HOH room to avoid him. Matt says that they are acting guilty because he thinks they are doing shady stuff.
1:30am Enzo talks about how good the luau food was. Enzo says that he was so thankful he got to eat even though he was a have not. Hayden agrees. Britney tells them that the diary room told her to go straight up to the HOH room and gave her 5 minutes to decide whether or not she would open the Pandora’s Box. They start talking about Natalie’s Pandora’s Box. Enzo says it was awkward watching her boyfriend propose with a garbage twisty tie. Enzo says that they were so ghetto. They start talking about how much dirtier their season is compared to last. Hayden thinks the ratings are high from what he heard. Lane thinks this season has been the hardest Big Brother season yet. They talk about how having the saboteur in the game has made it so much more difficult.


1:45am In the kitchen Hayden, Enzo and Lane are talking. Enzo asks them if they are going to hang out with Matty after all this is over? Hayden and Lane both says that they hope so. Enzo says it would be like the Beatles breaking up! Matt comes in and he heads to the bathroom. Matt comes back in and asks them what they were talking about up in the HOH room. They tell him that they were reminiscing. Matt leaves to go back outside. Enzo asks Lane what is up with Matty? Lane says he thinks Matty knows it is done and that he thinks he feels weird around them now. Lane says that Matt knows he is leaving. Enzo thinks that Ragan told Matt straight out that he didn’t have a shot. Lane says that Ragan did tell him that. Lane says he doesn’t want him to feel weird about talking to them. Enzo says he has to go, he’s a liability. Enzo says that he thinks that being a have not every once in awhile isn’t so bad, at least you don’t eat crap, you eat nothing. They talk about working out. Enzo says that he and his brother complain the entire time they work out. Enzo says that they mostly check out chicks at the gym. Lane says that working out is the best part of his day. Enzo says that he is curious to see how Big Brother edited him during the first episode when they introduce all the house guests. Enzo says that he can’t wait to see everyone’s introduction videos. They start talking about when they first came into the house. Matt and Ragan join the conversation. Enzo says he entered the house right behind Andrew who yelled out Mazel Tov when he entered so the first thing Enzo said in the house was oh shit he just said mazel tov!! Ragan tells them about how Matt told him about how he spoons his wife while still being in his bat cave. Matt explains how he does it and uses some props to demonstrate. All the guys think the way he spoons his wife is weird. They say that maybe it is normal for a gremlin though… Matt says that doesn’t like that they call it his cave, he says he calls it sleeping. Matt says he thinks the way he sleeps is normal and that he thinks there has to be other people out there that sleep like that. Matt says that he doesn’t get why that makes him a gremlin.
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2am In the bathroom Enzo and Hayden are getting ready for bed. Enzo looks at his penguin suit and says that he wants to check with the diary room to see if they can wash it. Ragan and Lane come into the bathroom to brush their teeth. Matt joins them and sits on the couch. Enzo, Matt and Ragan are talking in the bathroom about when the finale date is going to be. Ragan says that he remembers seeing Sept 15 as the finale. They talk about how on Thursday there will be three weeks left in the game… (Big Brother cuts the feeds to the we will be right back screen.) When they come back, Ragan asks Enzo if he is going to wear his penguin head on Thursday? Enzo says he isn’t because he can’t see with it on. They all tell him that he has to wear it! Enzo puts the head on and pretends to give his speech. Enzo asks if he is the first penguin to be on Big Brother. Enzo says that he thinks this is the best costume, and then starts making fun of Casey’s banana costume. They all leave the bathroom for their bedrooms.
2:20 – 3:35am Enzo and Hayden head into the have not room. Hayden gets into his cot and starts talking to Brendon and tells him that they were up with Britney in the HOH for awhile. Enzo comes into the have-not room. Enzo says to them that they better not let Ragan win HOH. They can hear Ragan laughing in the other bedroom. Enzo says oh my God, I don’t know why he’s laughing, his boyfriend (Matt) is going home. Hayden says shoot me now. Enzo says you know Ragan is going to try and hang out with us next week. Hayden says I know. Enzo says watch they’re not going to be laughing Thursday night. Enzo looks over at laughs at Brendon’s bed, he notices the extension Brendon made to the bottom of the cot so his feet don’t hang off. Enzo laughs that he’s got some extension on that thing… Hayden and Enzo start to study the events of the house …they go over the time line of events and the saboteur messages. Enzo and Hayden quiz each other. Hayden tells Enzo a way to remember that the Hawaiian party was on day 50, is to think of the movie 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler. Hayden says that it took place in Hawaii. Enzo says we can do this bro, we just need to focus. After studying for awhile, Enzo says that he thinks it is all coming together for him. Enzo says that it’s crazy bro, we’re getting good. Enzo says that he thinks they need to keep testing each other to get it down. Enzo says we’re good!! Hayden says that he thinks they are too… Both of them decide to go to sleep…

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7:30am All the house guests are still sleeping…
9:30am They’re still fast asleep..

10:10am All is still quiet…

10:50am All of the house guests are still in bed. Enzo is laying in his cot with his eyes open …

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189 thoughts on “* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney tells Hayden that Enzo called Kristen the crazy eyed killer.. Hayden says its okay he only knew the chick for 3 weeks…

  1. IMHO the show needs a complete facelift if its gonna survive. Change it up CBS..tweek the rules..stop letting peeps who have watched every season and know exactly what is about to happen, what alliance to form, what comps are going to occur, to enter the house. The seasons, including HG’s, are becoming very predictable. How about offering BB points to HG’s for winning HoH, PoV or even food comps. Points can be spent later to negate votes against that person if he/she is on the block, or something of that nature.. Stops peeps from “throwing” comps and encourages actual competing. Forget the “THIS YEARS TWIST” crap..the SAB worked great eh?..evicted first week. Thats bush league crap, do something thoughtful and entertaining

    1. I agree…. But I think they need to get rid of the POV too – make the HOH nominations stand and have these people fight to stay, campaign for their votes! BB12 is such a far cry from BB1. It has gotten to be too much “pawn” and “back-dooring” crap… Nominate someone and let the HGs decide who stays, don’t back-door someone because you’re afraid to just put their ass up in the first place. For all the bitching about Kathy, at least she voted for what she wanted instead of house majority. I don’t remember a past season where everyone voted for the house so often

    2. I know it may sound lame, but why not go back to season 1 rules where HG’s each nominate 2 people for eviction and America votes on who leaves.

      1. that’s what they do in the UK BB edition. The people vote on who stays and leaves not the HG. It’s a totally different format. And it’s on everyday for an hour.

        1. I think that would be a much better format that what BB12 is doing now. Its become too predictable and boring. The HG always talk about game play but i havn’t seen any real game play at all this season. The “Big” aliance this year at the first sign of trouble is all but gone, people are throwing comps…did you see Matty in the last HOH comp happy he was eliminated..bet he wishes he’d not done that!! I dont know its just not as good this year.

          1. It says that Britains have different taste in TV shows than Americans do. It also says the BBC has more control of programming and they don’t give as much credit to public opinion and ratings as we do. They also have other reality shows that I watched while living over there. They are different and some of their most popular ones would never make it over here. Besides, most all the other BB’s around the globe use the same format as the British one, but once again they do well enough, but foreign governments have more control over TV programming than ours so they decide what stays and what goes.

      2. I like having America vote. Hey, why not make a combination of the two? At least give America one week to vote out someone. Make it on eviction night, after the POV’s have been played. :D

        Option 1:
        America gets to Veto one nomination and replace them with _______.
        Option 2:
        America gets to vote out WHOEVER THEY WANT.
        Option 3:
        America gets to vote out one of the nominated HGs.

        Just *something* to make it interesting. Once its only Lame, Hateden, and Enzoid, b-o-r-i-n-g. No need to watch.

        1. I agree with BBBoring. All other seasons I would get upset if I thought I was going to miss an episode. If Hayden, Enzo and Lane make it, I will not even care if I miss the finale. I am already not looking forward to the finale. Imagine. Lane and Hayden really don’t say anything and Enzo playing with himself and using his 10 word vocab.

          1. Production wants to maximize drama.. My prediction is that Double eviction will go badly for the “boys”. Matt goes home, Ragan wins HOH, puts up enzo and Brendon, Brendon wins POV ragan puts up Hayden… Second HOH is won by Brendon he puts up LAne and BRit…

            1. The fans keep complaining about how boring this season but people are watching. Someone on this page said this seasons ratings are higher than last seasons. That means no matter how long I stare at turd its always gonna be shit.
              Dont watch it if you dont like it then maybe there’ll be changes.

              Brite & Brend-ohn!!!

              1. Actually I don’t even watch it any more, I just check out Simon’s posts to see what’s going on. Have to admit this season does seem pretty boring. easily the most boring one since I started watching the series (BB8).

        2. are you kidding! America’s phone vote system can be and had been changed by staff for viewers ratings and program popularity.

          Example in the last Survivor…that Troll Russell was the worse unlikable person by all and by America
          after the call inVote it wind down between Rupert and the Troll and guess who won the $100,000 ..it was the Troll. My dear friends , this was the survivor staff awarding the player that made the show popular with his dirty tricks , lies and back stabbing…and there is nothing that will change and convinced me other wise. Some TV critics agreed also.

          Phone in votes will not work and if it happens count on much suspicious gosiip happening and the ratings down.

          1. I didn’t mean to revert everything back to BB1 – and its too easy for production to rig “america’s vote”. I just think POV need not exist and force the HOH to show their hand by saying “I nominate Joe and Becky for eviction because Joe refuses to clean and he’s a complete slob, and Becky is a strong player that I want out.” I’m just tired of the pawn and back-door bullshit. It gets worse every season

      3. America voting would mean that it would become a popularity contest and the best players would almost never win. That would be so boring. If America voted last season they might as well have just given the money to Jeff and Jordan from the start. The HGs would be trying to come across as likable and not playing the game. There would be no backstabbing and lying. Dick would have never won even though he deserved it. Another factor is that only a certain kind of viewer is likely to be willing to pay to vote. I wouldn’t and I suspect that a lot of feed watchers wouldn’t either. It would mostly be people who only watch the episodes, and they only see what CBS shows them. Let them vote for their favorite at the end. I agree that they need to shake it up, but mainly they need to give them incentives to not throw competitions and stop coddling them so much. The twists are lame. The sab was the worst twist ever. Not only did it fall flat in the first week, it really was just another name for America’s player, which also was the lamest thing ever. Pandora’s box is stupid. In earlier seasons the houseguests had to earn appliances and recreational items. If I remember correctly, they would come up with a couple of things they wanted, like toaster oven, trampoline, etc and America would choose what they got, and then the houseguests had to earn it. Now they just give them everything. Nobody does chores around the house and every year they whine about how dirty the house is and about the ants. BB should make them do chores instead of lying around all day.If they don’t do their chores, they have privileges taken away, they have to do more chores, they have to do time out away from the others. I am also sick of watching them study in anticipation of the competitions. I don’t want to see that. It’s like watching Trivia on the feeds. It’s too predictable. It’s no longer expect the unexpected. They know exactly what to expect. They even know when to expect the “game changing” power to be introduced.

        1. I agree with you… The twists have sucked in recent years (the twin swapping was decent), they need to keep the house in order AND earn luxuries, and they need to switch up the competitions. Some should be 2 part competitions – quiz and endurance, etc.

          1. I think the last good twist was the ex factor. The twin thing was boring. Season 5 was one of my least favorite. Bringing Kaysar back in season 6 rocked, but unfortunately it fell flat. The coup de etat didn’t even get used in season 7 and America’s player in season 8 was the stupidest twist up until then. Season 9 the couples twist could have been good, but they chose the worst players of all time for that season. I stopped watching after a few weeks because it was unwatchable. Canceled the feeds. Season 10 was just plain annoying. I didn’t like any of them and didn’t watch to the end. I don’t even remember what the twist was. Season 11 the clique twist was ok, but Pandora’s box sucked. This year is the worst twist ever. The sab didn’t change the game, just pulled pranks. They voted the sab out without knowing it, and second round they accused everyone but Ragan of being the sab. Didn’t change the game one bit. Production needs to get some new ideas for competitions and forget the twists. They never measure up to the hype. I say just let them play the game and give them reasons to not throw competitions and float.

        2. I love that idea of making them do chores around the house. Like having to eat slop, some of them loose a comp and have to clean. It makes me sick when they all complain about the filth but none of them take care of it.

          1. And depending on how well they do their chores and how their attitude is, they should be called upon at all times of the day or night to do special chores. For example:

            4:00 am BB: Enzo, please wash the kitchen floor, and since you did a bad job last time, you must use a bucket and a rag on your hands and knees. Big Brother will be watching you.

            6:00 am BB: Brittany, please go to the kitchen and make pancakes for the houseguests. Then prepare yourself some slop because you can’t eat pancakes today.

            9:00 pm BB: Ragan, Brendon and Lane. Please go to the have nots room. You each caused bubbles more than twice today. You must stay there until BB tells you otherwise.

            Now that would be fun to watch.

      4. I’ve been saying about going back to BB1 rules for a long time. It was actually a much better show then because the HGs had to watch themselves and their behavior since they didn’t vote. Lane is such an ass saying that this year is the hardest BB. None of them would survive on some of the previous ones especially with Evil Dick. This year’s HGs are so lame, boring and soft IMO.

    3. What about having 3 people sit on the block for eviction? The 3rd person is picked by the POV winner. If the POV winner is on the block, he/she picks his/her own replacement as the 2nd person, HOH picks the 3rd person.
      If the POV winner isn’t on the block, that person can either take a member of the block, choosing their replacement; or elect to not to save someone and just put up the 3rd person; the HOH will no have to pick a 3rd person in this case.
      Basically, a 3rd person is picked AFTER the POV competition. The HG with the most votes for eviction leaves. Then for double eviction weak, the person with the least votes against them stays. That way you won’t have that quick HOH-for-a-minute crap. Tie-breakers decided by current HOH as usual.

      After 6 HG’s remain in the house, go back to the current 2 player eviction rules.

    4. I really think it is just this cast. They are boring. I think this is the worst season ever of BB. CBS could add a few more things to make it more exciting.

    5. What you said is true. All the people saying things are “fixed” and certain comps are made specifically to benefit particular players should take note. Since what you said is true (“stop letting peeps who have watched every season and know exactly what is about to happen, what alliance to form, what comps are going to occur, to enter the house”) then clearly the rope untangling comp, which has been in past seasons, wasn’t brought in just so Brendon could win. Just stop people! Conspiracy theories are always fun but usually fall short of reality. I agree with you that things need to be shaken up with BB. Tweak the casting formula too. Why not have a house full of Rachels or Britneys…LOL. All hell would break loose on a daily basis. Good TV.

    1. Hey Curious. Live Feeders can’t watch the diary room sessions either. Just the going ons in the house minus the DR sessions.

    2. Actually, even with the live feeds you cant watch the DR sessions. On a side note, is anyone planning to go to Vegas this year? i went last year and had a blast. Im not so sure with this cast if there is anyone im really too excited to meet!!

    3. I do know this, that the live shows, and the shows on Sunday and Wednesday nights, really do not tell the story. You have to follow the live feeds or at least follow Big Brother after dark, to really see these people’s true personalities, two hours during the week and one hour of live addition, does not do any justice to their true colors.

      1. You do gain a lot of insight from the live feeds but the best part about watching the show on TV is seeing the diary room sessions. Even though the live feeds make us more familiar with the HG’s, their TRUE color only comes out in the diary room.

      2. I also think that this season the BBAD shows were pretty bad. All they did was play pool and be on good behavior. They never seemed to talk game until 12:30 am. Also, why is no one eavesdropping? They really don’t seem to try to find out what the others are really saying.

        1. Apparently Kathy was a lurker and an eavesdropper…I think they believe there are eavesdroppers because their whispering is so silent, I almost go nutzzzz trying to figure out what they are saying. Last night on BBAD, Hayden was moving his lips and nothing was coming out…and it’s always just great when he talks with his hand in front f his mouth. Nothing compared to Matt who talks 100 MPH with his mouf fuwl ov mahbles.

        2. I love all of it, except Britney picking at herself, pulling out strands of hair, etc., etc. She cannot realize how she looks to others, and will probably start “cutting” out of embarrassment, when she watches the tapes.

      3. I agree totally. I have a lot of friends who only watch the CBS shows & I only have BBAD. I usually also get the live feeds but this year haven’t really cared to. My friends think that Enzo & Haden are not back stabber’s and are the greatest. Boy they are so wrong!

  2. Matt should have focused on geting Enzo out. Tell em if Enzo made it to final two, most of the JH would vote for Enzo. Matt probably doesn’t realize most of them are already thinking that far ahead.

    1. He should be throwing them under the bus. They rode him to where they are now, then discarded him. I know it’s a game and is supposed to be cut throat, but man……they are acting low and shady!

      1. I don’t like Matt but I think it would be really funny if he exposed the Brigade right when he walked out the door. Kind of like Andrew did when he left.

        1. Matt’s only mistake was not sending Brit instead of Kath…..I wish he could win, but I hope the viewers will vote hime SOME money at the end. Man, one dollar for the entire summer, and he had the best plan. Meanwhile, dumb and ignorant Enzo is still alive! What a great game it is.

    1. I think Regan will be fine. He seems to be adjusting already. He has the best insight into who is teaming with whom. I’m afraid Britney can’t see the truth.

      1. I miss was it season 10 with Chelsia, the first night was a party!! women topless all over the place….we need another season like that! BTW, i meet Chelsia in Vegas last year…the coolest chick i have ever meet!!

  3. I don’t think Matt’s situation is hopeless. He already has Ragan’s vote, so he still needs 2 more votes to stay. Since Hayden and Lane are just playing him (which he is FINALLY starting to realize), he needs to work on Brendon and Britney. He needs to convince them that Enzo, Hayden, and Lane have a final 3 alliance, and that neither Brendon nor Britney can win against any of them in final 2. He has been branded as a sneaky player, so it will be hard to get Brendon and Britney to believe him, but since he is an ex-Brigade member, he should have inside knowledge about E/H/L that could back up his claims.

      1. I think he was still pissed at Matt for throwing him under Britney’s bus when he said that. Later, he told Matt that he would throw him a sympathy vote if he needed it. It is possible that Ragan thinks Britney lied about Matt throwing him under the bus. We know that he doesn’t trust Britney anymore because he thinks she has a deal with E/H/L. In any case, if Matt can get 2 more votes, then Ragan will definitely vote to keep him. Ragan knows that if Matt leaves, then he has to win HoH or PoV every week to make it to the end, which is unlikely.

  4. I think it is hysterical how they all think this has been the best big brother ever and they all are gonna be big stars after they get out…. thinking that they are each america’s favorite and all their fans and crap. I’ve watched the last couple of seasons and I’m with you Stormy, I think this has been a pretty boring season. It takes a lot out of it when the hamsters can guess what kind of competition its going to be before it even happens! They know the game inside and out and that’s no fun. Get some people that haven’t watched, and throw a little diversity into the game again, CBS. Nothing but the beautiful people this season.

    1. They think they know the game they keep saying that when there is 5 left the last person that won HOH does not play the next one that is not true they all play and the double eviction this Thursday there is no PO, so do they really know anything ??

    2. I agree with you. These guys are all talking about how they will turn this into a career opportunity. Enzo is going on about being in the movies. HA! What a laugh! They all think this is a popularity contest and they are all winning. I think they are all pretty self centered.
      I think it was weird how they started talking about the “What would you do” challange when it hasn’t been used for a couple of years. And Brendon was saying he would do anything. And bam! They have the challange and Brendon wins. Seems like the production staff get their ideas from the HG’s.

    3. what would be the BEST is if BB does NOT give them a before/after competition or anything else that would coincide with what they are all studying for. I would just HOWL if that happened!

  5. Why does everyone in this house believe they are going to be famous when they get out of the house?!? I have not heard ONE thing about any past BB houseguest. They havent become famous and neither will any of these people. Get over yourselves!!

    1. Completely agree! Lane, in particular. I live in Dallas, and I haven’t seen word one about him on the news or any other local program here, haven’t heard talk, etc. And even if he won, maybe CBS would cover it briefly on their local affiliate here, he might make a few appearances, but most of us in the DFW area would be none the wiser. I cracked up watching him and Hayden talk last night about how he was going to open up a bar or burger joint after this, sure it would be huge and that he’d easily get a small business loan because of his fame on BB.

    2. Jeff and Jordan went on to do more stuff. Jeff even has his little segment travel segment he’s doing this summer. And who wouldn’t recognize Dick and Danielle? Or Will and Boogie? Not many have achieved that kind of fame, but a few have. They either have to be extremely evil or extremely good people to make it that big.

    3. EGOS — all of them are inflated. BB must cast for that. Actually, most of these people should be embarrassed to be seen in public. their behavior has been so awful.

    4. I know. I didn’t know to laugh or to vomit when I heard Enzon & the rest talking about being in the movies. Funny, Enzo can’t even remember a few questions on before or after. They have to keep telling him and giving him ways to remember. How is he going to remember his lines. I guess they can give him 2 words at a time, stop & give him to more untile the movie is finished. What a joke.

      1. I know in my 76 years on earth, and most in the northeast, that I have met very few men like Enzo. Why does the rest of the country think he is the stereotype…not Sopranos or Jersey kids, either, Most of us are literate, normal, don’t ogle strippers at the bar after such a short time being married, and I hope, like Enzo, aren’t PROUD of ourselves for passing the Realty exam!!!! OMG, why didn’t Andre stay. He was smart and quirky, and really edgy in his thoughts,

      1. 2 thoughts – Matt’s story about his wife is funny, but didn’t help him – Andrew said Ragan and Matt are gay friends. Maybe he is right!!!!!!

  6. Matt surprised me this past week by not throwing the Brigade under the bus. I thought maybe he was more indifferent and hardcore than what he’s been showing. I’m all for being laid back but I didn’t expect for him to be like this. I would have wanted to throw a monkey wrench in the Brigade knowing they wanted me out. Maybe he’s not aware to what extent. Oh well, bye bye on Thursday.

  7. I can’t wait until all the house guests find out that Matt lied about his wife being sick. I really don’t think they will want to hang out with him after the show. He is such a creepy little lying a$$.

    1. I think Regan will be sooooo mad. I don’t think they will be friends at all afterwards. Regan was feeling soo bad for Matt, telling Hayden that he figured that people online would contribute to his wifes medical problems. Boy are they all clueless.

  8. I’d really like to see a reunion special, roughly three months or so after the finale. Bravo does it, CBS does it with Survivor, a million different shows do it. Get all these guys back in the house for a one-hour special…after they’ve watched all the feeds, read the internet, etc., then put them all in a room together? Now that I’d pay to watch! If that’s happened in the last few seasons and I just didn’t know about it, then somebody’s seriously not advertising it nearly well enough.

    1. some of the houseguests last year haven’t even seen the season because they are too busy trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame that they can’t sit down long enough to see proof of who lied and who told the truth…

  9. I don’t think it would be fair to have the viewers vote on who to evict. Reason being: We only see what CBS wants us to see. They can make or break a house guest with their editing. The way the house guests talk, they are told how to act and damned near what to say in the diary room. I agree that the rules need to be changed to spice up the game, like HoH nominations stay. No veto. Let the house guests get rid of who they don’t like. And make the rules harder, and stiffer penalties if they are broke. I’d like to see it where, the HoH picks the Have Nots for the week. Give the Hoh more power. Put a target on his/her back when they try and be to pushy. Make it worth watching. It seems like the first 10 minutes of each episode on CBS is what we all already knew from the last show. People that keep up with Big Brother already know whats going on. CBS needs to stop wasting time showing us what we already know. That is all. Done ranting

    1. What if the views get a percentage of the vote? I wish that nominations didn’t happen so fast and POV so quickly after that. Then you have 4 days of boring depression and begging for votes.

  10. I would like to see that CBS brings back “What are they doing now?” of past HG’s of BB.

    That would be interesting…. like what recently happened to Baller who was recently arrested for selling drugs.

    1. I know!!! I was wondering about how that came up, must have been on the live feeds. I just heard hayden (or Lane?) ask Matt about it, saying he stuffed it behind his bed. Do you know any more about “the bag?”

    2. well, if he got more than one DPOV and Brendon only got the day out and Britney got to talk to Jesse (big whoop) — there will be a mutiny!

      1. So, if Brendon wins HOH on thursday — hopefully, he’ll get a wish granted — and they will bring Rachel back in for a day or two — to stir things up a bit, again.

  11. everybody in the house are completely delusional. for people who think that they are such good game players they all really suck when it comes to not being able to sniff out the obvious loads of crap. matt knew before he put kathy up that the brigade were throwing him under the bus. he had his chance to stay in the house and possibly even make it to final 2 but the “diabolical genius” messed up his game and has no one to blame but himself. he needs to come right out and expose the brigade already. I would love for him to do it during his eviction speech.

    1. What cracks me up is that production did everything but hit Brittany over the head trying to get her to not put Matt up but she still listened to Lane. She is going to be so embarrassed when she sees these shows. I too wish they would do a reunion show after about 6 months. I saw one reality show, (can’t remember which one) where there were like two fist fights at the reunion. Saying things about somebody in a game type of way is one thing, but what most of these players have done and said behind each others backs has just been flat out rude and mean for no apparent reason.

      1. Give some examples of what production did? I watch BBAD and I have not seen ANYTHING that would even suggest that they interfered at all OTHER to OPEN RAGAN’s eyes!

    2. What brigade????? Matt is the only one worth anything, and because he isn’t a loser like the other jerks, he’ll go this week, and Brendon is still there!!! Well, I guess it’s been a good season if Matt and Andrew were my faves!?

  12. I think Matt should wait until Thursday before he approaches Brenden and rat the Brigade out. With all the details he would be able to give, there’s a good chance Brenden would believe him. Brenden seems keen on taking Britney far and respects those that compete. So I think Brenden voting to keep Matt is very do-able. Then get britney in on it and rat the brigade out to her and then you sell the final 4 of Brit/Bren/Matt/Ragan and try to pick off the remaining Brigade. If matt starts this before Thursday, you leave too much time before live eviction for a lot of crap to happen

  13. They all keep studing for the before & after comp n bb knows this so why not change it up n elimate that game n come up w/ a freaken new 1. Throw them off w/ something that hasn’t been done before…:))

  14. I don’t think I agree that Matt’s mistake was putting up Kathy. Had he put up either Brit (who would have gone to JH and not been around to win HoH) or a BG – he still would have been the prime target for the next HoH. I think his big mistake was throwing the HoH comp. He did it early. When Ragan threw comps, he did it when he knew Matt was the only one left to win and that was his partner. Matt bailed early in the HoH comp because he was self-assured he was safe with anyone. Had he competed, he may have won and, yeah, his No. 1 target (Brend) won POV but at least Matt wouldn’t have put himself on the block. He’d have to worry about the 2nd eviction but at least he’d be around to play for POV and to build alliances for a week.

    1. I don’t think Matt would’ve beaten Britney in that HOH comp. She knew her stuff. I think it was a huge mistake to use that power on Kathy; he should’ve voted out Brit. That way he would’ve gotten rid of the person that the brigade wanted and also break up a possible Lane/Brit alliance or Brit/Ragan alliance. Nobody wanted Kathy out; she was no threat. I’m just surprised that Lane/Hayden/Enzo were able to get Brit to nominate Matt.

  15. I hate Brit and I want her out so that she will learn how she is being played by Lane. BUT, I hate Enzo so much that I would love to see him go before Brittney.

    1. I like the way Enzo is playing everyone though my choice to win the whole thing is Lane. If he don’t win my second choice is Enzo.

    2. I am not totally sure that Lane is using Brittney. They truely have a bond and he may keep her to help him further in the game. He will NOT WIN in the final two with her and he knows that but Lane may keep her around for awhile. Let’s face it, when Matt is gone, her and Brendon are the only ones that can win anything!

      1. No, he isn’t loyal to her. He is doing what all men do when they have a hot babe that they would like to take for a tumble. He is totally bros before hos. He doesn’t have the brain power to see that Hayden and Enzo will turf him as soon as the bigger threats are gone. They don’t want to be sitting next to him for final 2. On the other hand, Brit would have Lane’s back. He will totally burn her when it suits him.

  16. Maybe next season they should give the HOH some inside info without names and that they can’t share. ie there is a four person alliance in the house, one person is married who says they are single, someone has this career….that would make it interesting.

    This would make people want to compete for HOH and not just assume they are safe. Let us pick who is on the teams for Have Not & Luxury comps….

    1. I like the idea of ‘earning’ insider information. It would circulate the speculation instead of re-hashing the same old self-assured arroganace.
      If they could also make more announcements that might or might not be true – well, that would keep conversations going & fuel the paranoia. The paranoia is most interesting activity this season. Last, the viewers should get more input, but not voting.

  17. they should let us(here on onlinebigbrother) choose their next comp.. and make the loser have to wear the “zingbot” costume the rest of the time in the house, and we all know enzo would lose because he is the laziest of the brigade members

    1. I don’t like the costumes or the have nots. They could do away with this part and bring in more challenges. I like it when they play for food groups.

  18. I live in Southern IL. A few weeks before Big Brother 12 aired, our local newspaper ran an article to announce Monet will be on Big Brother. She’s from near my area. I was hoping Monet would win and bring home some recognition to our area. I was cheering her on even before the first eposide aired.
    Boy, was I disappointed when I saw her on TV. I might be wrong, but twice she said something about wanting to hit someone. In my opinion, that’s ghetto behavior. Then her and Britney sat around and took stab at Rachel from across the yard. Needless to say, it was pathetic. Very classy Monet. I’m glad they voted you out. I was embarrassed for you.

  19. @ Rockheelio
    “Then get britney in on it and rat the brigade out to her and then you sell the final 4 of Brit/Bren/Matt/Ragan and try to pick off the remaining Brigade.” Brit wants Brendon OUT so she would have to really swallow her pride and be sweet to him for the next few weeks. Plus Matt telling them about the Brigade would bring up a whole lo of questions from Brit and Ragan as to why Matt kept it secret so long and now he looks even more like a sneak and a liar to them. So either way Matt gotta go unfortunately.

    1. Again, I love Matt. The brugade never helped once, and his obvious alliance with Ragan has helped b/c Ragan has a crush on Matt….I guess that’s better than being aligned with a bunch of dummies, yo!

  20. The guys want Brendon to get rid of Ra & Brit. Not sure how they plan to get rid of Brendon though; yes, one of the 3 amigos will have to win HoH to nom him but he will get POV and they will have to send home one of their own. (Will be Enzo unless Enzo wins HoH) In any case, with Brendon warming up to Brit, they may have a time getting him to put her up…even if Ra wins POV. Don’t think Lane would put up Brit (in some universe where he wins HoH) because he has her JH vote he THINKS. But if Hay tells Lane what Brit said about giving Hay her vote b/c Lane doesn’t need the dough, Lane may pull the trigger himself. Hay won’t want to if he believes he actually has Brit’s JH vote against Lane. Speaking of trigger: Hey, Brit – That light at the end of the tunnel you see is Lane “spotlighting” YOU!

    1. It’s about cute little Brit, b/c they don’t have Showtime to see that neurotic pick at her skin and teeth, and pull out her hair. BB should have told us that she’s naurotic and takes Lithium. I know she takes something, b/c she can’t seem to stop talking. Is there a Nick, and how nervous is he?????

  21. So Enzo hasn’t been wearing his penguin head and might not wear it in the live show?! And watch BB sit by and not penalize him…. poor Kristen wore that hot, itchy, nasty wig all the time but Enzo is immune from BB rules. Freaking unfair, rigged game.

    1. I feel bad for Kristen because she was at her lowest point and she never complained. She remained stoic and worked her heiny off. The hippietard was like a scarlet A and yet she soldiered on. Enzo doesn’t care and has said as much.

      1. She didn’t complain because all of the guys kept telling her how HOT she looked in it. So she STRUTTED her STUFF………….LOL!

        That penguin suit doesn’t do much for Enzo’s BEAUTIFUL BODY like the leotard did for Kristen!

    2. I agree. Enzo should get two penalty votes: one for taking off the penguin suit, and another one for cheating on his have-not diet. I don’t get it. Why isn’t production taking advantage of this to get Enzo evicted instead of Matt? They have to know that Matt staying will create tons of drama, and the ratings will skyrocket. Without him, the rest of the season will be a predictable snoozefest. Hopefully production is just waiting until the right time to penalize him, for maximum drama. They better, because I will definitely stop watching this season if Matt gets evicted instead of Enzo.

      1. Ryan, you are brilliant. Matt had such a good plan, and only messed up once, by backdooring Kath instead of crazy Brit. I have just canceled Showtime, b/c I fully expect Matt doesn’t have another trick up his sleeve. AND, the brigade has never helped him. They are all meatheads, so I guess they’ll win something now that all the smart people are gone. If I didn’t hate Brendon so much b/c he tried to use Annie but had to use Rachel, and he looks like Frankenstein, I would even want him to beat L-E-H…they have been backstabbing Matt for weeks…SOME ALLIANCE. I know lying is part of the game, but not until the final 4. There was no need (especially Enzo) turning on Matt so early. OR, is he frightened by him? Oh, give Enzo some Italian food; I won’t have to listen to him chew any longer!!!!

    3. He wears it all the time on the live feeds and on the show. You’d be surprised on how much you’re missing by not watching anymore………lmfao. Hypocrite!

    4. I wondered about him not wearing the penguin head. Casey had to wear the whole suit. Kristen wore the whole suit. Lydia did too. I have yet to see Enzo in the full penguin costume. Why do they let him get away with it? This is another example of production coddling the HG. This is exactly the kind of thing that leads to situations of mutiny like last season when Chima refused to cooperate and Natalie and Lydia blackmailed production after the Chima meltdown. Rules are rules and they should all have to obey. A more Orwellian BB would not stand for a houseguest cheating on diet restrictions or not wearing the costume. I can see them letting him have some down time every day, say half an hour without the head, but I do watch the feeds and I still haven’t seen him wearing it. Could he possibly get a penalty vote? If that were the case, it would only take one more vote for Matt to stay. Is production setting him up for a surprise, or are they just too spineless to do anything about it? I didn’t see him eat the candy. Does anyone have the time stamp for flashback?

      1. I believe it was around 1-1:15 am, and it looks like a pizza, but I believe someone said it was a candy bar, on the 24th of August, He definately should be penalized, or kicked out. I believe this is the 3rd time, because 1st one he got the warning, then Brittany went up to her room after Enzo was up there and found candy rappers on the floor in the bathroom. Then this. Kick him out, fricken cheater.

        1. I’m tiring of telling you guys the same thing over and over. Enzo was chewing on a broccoli candy bar. It’s very nutritous and low in calories. Either that or he was eating fish food, ’cause some fish in the tank went to fish heaven.

    5. Enzo is in tight with production yo. He knows some ppl yo. Forget about it. But yes, def not fair. Shit i sound like Brenden now

    1. thats a bad idea , because there’s the possibility of the same person winning and them getting “power-trip douche bag” streak(imagine the powertrip evel dick was on x 1000) put it this way if he had been able to win hoh for 4 straight weeks everybody wouldn’t be trying to evict them they would be plotting to “kill” him

    2. They are once they reach a certain point in the year. What is it Simon, final four when they can go for back to back HOH’s?

  22. If Ragan wins HOH, he should go to Brendon and tell him his theory that Hayden, Lane, Enzo and Britney have a final 4 alliance. Ragan should tell Brendon that he will not put him on the block or backdoor him. Ragan should nominate Hayden and Enzo. Offer Brendon a final 2 deal. If someone wins a POV and uses it, then put Brit or Lane (whoever’s left) on the block. Ragan will remember that this is just a game and that Brit has already been brainwahsed. Yeah, I know, will never happen.

    1. Sadly, Brendon has the guys in his ear AND is warming up to Britney, not to mention past issues. What Ragan has going for him in this conversation is that Brendon knows Ragan has always kept his word. If Ragan can convince Brendon of the alliance, it could work since Brendon is already studying alone so as not to help those who might evict him. He has an affinity for competitors….
      Since no matter how nice Brendon is to her (and overlooking her betrayal though that is probably more gullible than anything) and how close she & Ragan were, Britney is infatuated with the idea of going to F3 with Hay & Lane. If she’s beyond redemption, Bren-Ra should write her off and put their superpowers together. But once they commit, it has to stick. Once they elim a BG (with Matty gone), the other 2 BGs will feel the heat and lines will be drawn….Brit will play up to Bren-Ra, as will the remaining 2gade. Bren-Ra can’t let her in after they close ranks; she isn’t trustworthy.

    2. I don’t think it’s that far fetched an idea. But I think the big obstacle is Brendon’s hatred of Ragan, and how Brendon has convinced himself its a principled position and not something more emotional (like revenge). Once Brendon gets a notion in his head, he isn’t likely to budge, even if it costs him.

    3. Ragan should most definitely pull Brandon aside and have a conversation with him. Brandon already suspects the 3 stooges will want to take him out, so the smartest thing for both of them would be to put their differences aside and work together. They would also somehow have to get to Britney, because unless Ragan or Brandon win the HOH or POV, they are in trouble just based on the number of votes.

      1. No, don’t include Britney. She already went to the dark side and she has lost her way. Brit doesn’t like Brendon. I mean she really doesn’t like him and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him… unless he wins the POV and then she’s all about him.

        1. I understand that and it would be a hard sell, maybe impossible. However, if either Ragan or Brandon is nominated, they’re going home. Even if they get one of the 3 on the block along with either Rag or Bran, the other 2 stooges and Britney will vote them out. They need an extra vote from either Britney (or Enzo?). Again, it is now 4 vs 2, even if Ragan and Brandon start working together. They just don’t have the votes to stay in the game if they don’t win HOH or POV. Lane and Hayden really are in a position to win it all.

  23. Gee…. this years group is so exciting they can’t even get up to watch themselves in the morning but believe us viewers think they are the best ever! Damn I want whatever ever drugs Grodner is handing out in that house! I could delude myself that I was a billionaire, had no bills, and was loved by all even after being a hateful Sh*t to them! Do you have to go to rehab after the season is over? I imagine the withdrawal and reality slapping you upside the head has got to be a b*tch!!

  24. There is noone in the house deserving to win this year. I wish everyone would be on a outside lockdown, and a fire breaks out and the house burns down. Sorry houseguests. Noone wins. Expect the UNEXPECTED. hahaha

  25. So predictable?! Who predicted Matt would leave the week after he used the DPOV? NOBODY! Who predicted Brendon would still be in the house.

  26. Is something wrong with live feeds?it’s11:a.m. and all are in bed, lights all off, like it’s middle of the night……if it’s live lights would at least be on….this is very odd

  27. I really wonder how much Matt got on his website from donations for his wifes surgery..lolol…Makes me sick he lied about something of that nature when there are so many people fighting different kinds of dieases on a daily basis…Hope karma doesnt come back on his wife for that :((

  28. I like to call this season of Big Brother reality TV’s version of Modern Warfare 2. It was good at the beginning with something different, but it eventually got to be boring and predictable. Fans were angry at the huge dissapointment, but the makers/producers were only caring about money/ratings. Then they try to fix it and the “fix” turns into a total bust. All in all, both BB12 and MW2 were overhyped sequels of a great game/season which turned into a total dissapointment. Reply if you agree.

  29. enzo just got up to pee and on way back to bed think I heard him tell ragan that it’s 11 so guess live feeds are working but so strange they never woke them up

  30. Did Lane really say that this has been the hardest season yet?? WTF! He hasn’t done ANYTHING. The zingbot was so right about him! He really does have a diminutive brain. The houseguest will be so dissappointed when they find out this is the lamest season of BB yet! NOT THE HARDEST. BTW I absolutely abhor Lane’s DR.

    1. I liked Lane until they started focusing on him more. Now I see him as a meathead douchenozzle. I’m wondering if production told him to be more interesting and this is what he came up with. Now he just reminds me of my idiot ex… LOL

  31. I would like America to have one single vote at the end of the season and it would be a simple yes or no vote as to whether the final winner and runner up deserve any money at all.

  32. Anyone here wants to play for points.
    If you guess correctly who will be evicted from the house each week, you earn 10 points.

    I will go first:
    This week, the two who will be evicted are- Britney and Ragan.
    That’s right, Britney and Ragan.
    Angels in heaven are watching over Matt.
    He will be the last two standing.

  33. Kathy being backdoored was not BB’s best backdoor(cmon Brit!), I think Jeff’s backdooring Jessie was the best backdoor, and being that it was Jessie made it even more sweet!

      1. Agree, agree, I hate Brendon even more. He is so lame, so dorky, so blah, I really can’t believe he’s right-brained, having all those science degrees. Now, let’s find out if Rachel has a BS in Chemistry, she’s always talking about, and how can Brendon like the fact that she can make so much money for dating? He just doesn’t get it, and there was obviously never a man in his life – w/o a woman he’s lost.

  34. @ Hellothere–Not sure how Brit n Ragan can be evicted this week considering Matt n Enzo are up unless Brendan uses his POV and they put up Ragan then they get Brit. Highly doubt that would happen, unless Brendan is really a jackass.

    1. Brendon used his POV to remove himself which is how Matt got on the block. I don’t see how Brit & Ra can both go home this week.

  35. Does anyone know of a website that shows what past HG are doing now?

    Did anyone get any model or acting gigs?

    How many lost their jobs when they got out or had family issues form teh crap they did in the house?

  36. So does anyone know if Kirsten went back to no boyfriend and now knows Hayden could really have cared for nothing but a booty call? lol Hey they’ll still have Rachel to show ’em VEGAS!

  37. Although I think this has been one of (if not, THE worst) season yet… I do think tonight and tomorrow night’s episodes will be really good. I’m looking forward to seeing what the heck happened in the POV and how Britney came to the decision of putting Matt up. She, he (Matt) and Ragan would have been a force to be reckoned with. They would have made it to the final 3 for SURE! I don’t like Matt one bit, although I do think he and Brendon have been the best players thus far. As long as he and Brendon don’t win, I think I’ll be able to stomach the season finale.

    One more thing… I’m so grateful to the person who gives us all this information. I wish I could donate more! He/she so deserves it! Whoever you are, you do a fantastic job at keeping those of us who can’t afford BBAD or the live feeds abreast of all the goings on in the house. Excellent job; and I, for one, sincerely appreciate it. Many thanks!

  38. “They talk about how having the saboteur in the game has made it so much more difficult.” The saboteur has done absolutely nothing and I can’t understand why these idiots were so afraid?????

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