*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon Bashing is back in fashion, Brit: “Look at how sweaty his back is it looks like butterfly wings”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


8:50pm Backyard couch Brit and Enzo Brit tells Enzo that Matt had asked Ragan for his vote and Ragan told him not a chance. Brit and Enzo Laugh.. Brit mentions that the day before the POV ceremony enzo was a nervous wreck she didn’t understand why because she told him he was safe.
Brit: “Brendon looks like a p***** with his hair cut”
Brit: “Look at how sweaty his back is it looks like butterfly wings”
Brit: “He’s even like the colour of a p***** ”
enzo: “look… he doesn’t know how to play sports”
Brit asks him how he thinks the Gremlin is doing.. Enzo thinks he’s feeling down but he’ll be alright.. Enzo: “It’s unfortunate yo” Brit says you just wait until Rachel see what me and monet said about her, Brit: “She’s going to cut me” Enzo plans to apologize to everyone before the finale because he talk some mad shit about people in the DR. Brit brigns up Kathy and how her son is going to hate them all. The badminton game is over BRendon joins Brit and Enzo.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:10pm Hayden, LAne and MAtt talking about ragan and how he’s being weird and pissed at everyone. LAne asks about how much “text” can a phone hold, matt tells him it depends on the phone.. On the couch is Brendon, Brit and enzo talking about what they will do once they get out.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:22pm Lane and Matt in the Pool
Matt: “am I dead lane?”
Lane: “Your not dead if those things you say are true then something ain’t good”
Matt says that Ragan will vote for him if he has the house majority otherwise he’s voting the other way. Matt starts talking about how he’s probably a bigger celebrity in Fort Worth then in his home town. Ragan walks over, matt asks him if he wants to go on a trip to fort worth, Ragan says yes..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:36pm Kitchen Lane tells Brit that Matt has been asking him for his vote and wanting to know if he has a chance. Brit: “We’ll what did you say…” Lane: “I told him he has a chance” Brit laughs. Brith tells Lane he better go up to HOH with Hayden and study.. because she’s depending on them to protect her. She says that is so obvious that matt is talking game to y’all he doesn’t even try to hide it. She heads up to the HOH to take a bath. (in the picture Lane trys to toss brit int he garbage can”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:41pm Ragan and MAtt Matt sounds pretty convinced that his “goose is cooked”. They decide to stay up late tonight and take a swim.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:12pm Matt and Ragan @ Hammock There talking about the casting process.. Matt has tried out for a lot of the seasons using the same basic application tape. Ragan went to a open casting call…

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70 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon Bashing is back in fashion, Brit: “Look at how sweaty his back is it looks like butterfly wings”

  1. Unless Enzo is sent home on Thursday (and he WON”T be) the remains of the Brigade (Enzo – Lane – Hayden) will end up as the final 3 – This is going to be the MOST boring final few weeks in the entire 12 seasons.

      1. I agree… by design Big Brother experiences massive power swings. That’s why an alliance of 4 can make it to the final four in Survivor but not in Big Brother. Where the power will lie in Big Brother is also incredibly hard to predict. Nothing ever works out for large alliances in Big Brother in the end.

  2. Brit is engaged and she has been brain washed by some red neck loser. If I was Nick I would dump her. Please let her go home on Thursday so she will know right away what lane did to her. I wish I could interview all of these losers


    1. Yuk! And with a Sausage fest featuring Enzo – Lane – Hayden and Brendon … most of the viewers will have abandoned the season and about 35 people will tune in to watch the finale. Lane is boring – Brendon is boring – Hayden is comatose – Enzo is hard to take … so if that is how you want the season to end, you will be one of the 35 people still watching the season.

  4. Ohh god here we go again with bashin brendon.
    Britney that all that comes out of your mouth diarreha.
    She makes the game so personal. Hope she leaves right after matt
    and brendon wins HOH :)

    1. All she said was that the sweat on the back of shirt looked like butterfly wings….you people are too sensitive. That is hardly bashing someone. She’s playing around

  5. Enzo, Lane or Hayden being the final 3 would be awful, what a pathetic embarrassment for this show. I mean, I know its only Big Brother, but still, at least have SOMEONE in the final 3 that at least fought a little to be in the game.

  6. There is no way the brigade would beat any other alliance. They can’t win anything without Matt so they would be all taken out 1,2,3. Plus Hayden and lane have no personality so they probably won’t be on the allstars because there so boring

    1. Lane is from Decatur, Texas, near Fort Worth. He is somewhat a celebrity since he is a small town boy. Matt thinks it is cool all the recognition Lane will have when he gets home and they all want to go visit Lane and be stars for their 15 minutes.

  7. I think Brit is talking shit about Bren just to throw
    Enzo off. Hay and Lane think they r gonna be so big after show
    I think its because they are small town people.



  8. I was pretty mad at the start when matty got put up. But thsts karma. He should used the dpov on brittney or drew first blood on the brigade by using it on Enzo. Hopefully it’s Brendon, Brittney and ragan final 3. after matty leaves they will be the only ones who won anything to that point(Hayden won a team hoh that anyone could have got)

  9. Brit needs to be reminded that she applied to be on BB and she was chosen to go on BB. The way she talks it sounds like she was forced to be on BB. She is such a bitch in every way. I hope with the double eviction that she is the second one to go. I hope next year they pick people with personalities and not boring and whiny people like this year. Geezzz!

  10. The BRIGAYDE should keep Matt, he saved their asses by winning HOH twice and kept them in the game this far. Enzo is useless. All trash talk and a performance of a 90 year old on competitions. He is a shit !

  11. Matt was clearly playing both sides of the house. That is why he kept Britt over kathy. There is NO reason for Britt to stay over Kathy. Kathy sucks at the game, everything about the game, and she had no back up. Matt made the stupidest move in BB history.

      1. Rockstar….you saying you’ve kissed a girl. I have but the Darkhairyhole is a dude and he likes it. Rockstar…did you like it?

  12. All I ca. Say is if lane, Enzo and hayden make final 3. Somehow, they better not walk around the house saying “brigade” cause come Thursday the “brigade” will be in the jury house

  13. i like to sit around the house and piss moan and bitch. i like for everyone to clean up after me, while i do absolutely nothing. i will drink every night. i will fart and touch my self on camera. i can pretend to like people, and not try in competions. hey i wonder if i could be a star on big brother?

    1. Filthy mutt — you might be a big star! Additional criteria — are you almost bald, with some stringy hair trying to cover it up? (Nothing wrong with balding, just shave it rather than try to do a lame cover-up.)

  14. I keep seeing that stupid BB commercial. Hayden screaming in DR room “I’m not your little puppet, Dude” — since he’s screaming, I wonder if that clip is from BEFORE Rachel’s visit — remember the brigade were trying to get out Matt BEFORE Rachel visited. Hayden found out about his screaming from Rachel and I think has tried to turn it down to 9 (from 11) since then.

  15. Ooh, the commercial really shows that CBS is trying to create drama about Matt being voted out. Tables turning and all that shite …. brigade had ALREADY turned on before last week’s vote. Since they are trying to create drama, it’s clear that they are not going to penalize Enzo and get him out instead.

  16. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks these are the most boring people ever chosen to be on Big Brother. I mean, what were they thinking when they cast them?! Especially Hayden, Lane, Matt, Kathy and Kristen! They have no personality whatsoever! At least I loved to hate Rachel, and looked forward to someone putting her in her place! I was hysterically laughing when she came back in the house and Ragan told her off. That was the best episode! Anyway, Lane & Hayden seem like nice guys, but they are excruciatingly boring! Jeff & Jordan from BB11 were really nice too, but at least they had fun personalities! Those 2 should have their own reality show. They were so fun to watch both on BB11 & Amazing Race. Next season I’d like to see some all stars from a variety of reality shows on BB. For example: Boston Rob, Jerri Manthi, Colby Donaldson, those 2 hippies from Amazing Race that used to always say “ta-pow”, ya know…ppl with PERSONALITY!! that would be an AWESOME BB!

  17. On CBS’s website/Big Brother’s Cast Bios – These cracked me up:
    Kathy – Hgs you don’t want to be with? “Women!”
    Brit – Same question: “Old people”
    Hayden – Same question: “People who don’t pull their own weight”
    Brit – Hobbies: “Cooking & Cleaning” (Huh?)
    Kathy – Hobbies: “Exercising” (when did that happen???), canoeing, muddin’, etc (tomboy activities) Huh?

  18. IF he knows his goose is cooked — why isn’t he outing the brigade? What does he think he gains by staying quiet about the brigade? Is he planning an Andrew? That will only make him look stupid but it will give BB some of the drama that they love….

  19. Brit is an immature twirp. i remember once she said Kristin and her pants were up in her crotch and looks nasty. ok Brit them shorts ur wearing tonight is looking mighty funky if u ask me. I dont get all the bashing. please someone send regans ass home, followed by brit, enzo hayden and lane please

  20. Matt told Lane/Hayden in pool tonight that Ragan was all game now – kill mode. He told them that Ragan is targeting them to go home now, not Brendon at all. Matt thinks they should keep him so he can manage Ragan.

    When Matt went inside to study (?), Hayden laid in hammock with Ragan and they are chummy. Ragan talking about getting rid of Brendon. Ragan said he likes Brendon now so personal stuff aside, Brendon is gunning for him & Britney; not Hayden/Lane so it’s survival and Brendon is the biggest threat & will win if he gets to F2. Hayden wasn’t sure at first he believed him but he didn’t “out” that Matt had fed them that crap. He just asked if Ragan was sure. Ragan was like: “Hayden. Are – you – high?” Ragan was like: Look at me – Nothing shifty here. I’m looking you in the eye (inches apart) and I’m telling you straight up: I want Brendon out of this house. Think he was totally believable. Hayden will share this with Lane for sure. That will ensure that Matt goes home, I think.

  21. they act like they are the only ones who are allowed to fight and stay in the house. cbs please shake up these floaters, ie, hayden, lane and enzo. brit and regan man please i hope dont make it to final 2 pleaseeeeeeeee

  22. Ragan is schooling Hayden on the remaining weeks and how easy it is for Brendon to get to F2.
    Hayden is getting it the way Ragan puts it. Matt’s so busted.

    1. Hayden tried telling Lane what Ragan explained. He told Lane that Brendon had to only win 2 comps (1 HoH & 1 POV) to make it to Final 4. Lane was nonplussed: “Well, that’s any of us…to get to Final 4…” LOL

  23. Ragan its time for u to get over that bullshit beef u have with Brenden.
    Use that 3rd eye or you’ll be in the JH pretty soon.
    To hear Hayden talk is like watching the grass grow.

  24. I think I want Lane and Hayden to go, even though I like them much better on a personal level than I do Ragan and Britney. I just don’t think they deserve to win. Then Enzo because he is just as useless. And I really don’t like Ragan and Britney, but they’re much better players and I think they deserve to be in the final three with Brendon over the others.

  25. Brit & Hay in the hammock laying plans for Final 3 (them plus Lane). She said she’s not sure which she would vote for if the guys went to F2. She said she loves Lane to death but he doesn’t need $500k. Hay agreed, saying Lane’s family has a ton of money. Brit said yeah – that the family got his brother out of jail the same night and his bail was $100K so he’s got dough. Lane has a gym, a new house, a new Tahoe & a Lincoln. Hay said he drives a piece of crap car that he paid a few hundred bucks for and he needs to pay off student loans and help his mom. Brit said she can pay off her car and make a downpmt on a house. She said she expected Ragan to start warning her that Hay/Lane/Enzo are gunning for her (rolls her eyes). They plan when to take Ragan out.

    1. If it’s between Lane, Hayden, and Enzo, I definitely like Hayden the best. I don’t think I’ve seen him get angry one time… like, genuinely angry. I think he’s a nicer guy than Lane. Lane actually surprises me with the way he sometimes talks about Britney. I understand he’s trying to win, but I think he goes over the line at times with the things he says. Anyway, it is hard for me to completely root for Hayden, since he hasn’t won anything. I understand the social game part of the show, but, man, win something already.

  26. Brit/Hay/Enz studying – “(Her) Army”. Enzo is asking why the h Lane doesn’t study? “This guy – yo!” (all disgusted) – LOL

  27. OMG – Brit talking to Enzo, Hay & Brend about after the show how she is going to go places just to show up and be recognized, then immediately leave, telling her fans that she doesn’t have time to talk; then she wants to go to her brother’s school to pick him up in front of his friends so they’ll all be jealous and want to be his friend and Brit will tell him to come on, Dylan – You don’t like him anyway and tell the kids to get away – he doesn’t like them – just “shun” them all and it’ll be the best day of her brother’s life. (sigh) Obnoxious Britney is back.

      1. Wonder if she will still want the attention after she finds out she got played by a playuh? I really want tto see her reaction when it sinks in that Lane played her.

  28. If Ragan goes home with Matt this week, will he tell Rach & Matt that he was the Sabo? Or will that wait til Finale Night to be revealed?

  29. It is interesting to read these posts. Everyone has a favorite and three or four they dislike intensively. When you add all up-no one in this season is really liked. What it turns out to be is a finale that a small percentage of the so called “America” is happy to see the finale-more like disgusted with the results-no matter who wins. A handful of people will be happy and think it was worth watching BB and the vast majority will vow never to watch it again. But, here we are watching again, I am feeling much like these good for nothing, worthless players(which Allyson being worthless herself hand picks them. Are we ever going to learn that we are the dummies for watching this crap of a show?

  30. Brendon was thinking about taking Brit to F2 with him, thinking he can beat her and he’s warmed up to her, too.

    Ragan told Matt that the 3 boys want him out and are talking to Brit, not Brendon! He told Matt he is in denial. lol Matt told Ragan he is gonna fight to stay. Ragan said to leave him out of it – He doesn’t want his name brought up in it in any way. (Look at Ragan!)

    Matt told Lane that Enzo has a side alliance with Brit. Wow. But earlier, Matt & Lane were commiserating about how Hay/Enz didn’t “understand” Matt/Lane’s SA’s…. Enz/Brit – really? Brit had been talking to Hay about her/Hay/Lane having an F3 deal – getting rid of Ra and Enzo. She’s eating it up, too.

    Brit compares notes with the 3 boys and they determine Matt is lying to everyone. She also tells them that Ragan is trying to stir up trouble, too, cause he is trying to convince her that the boys don’t want Brendon out. They want Brendon to take out the competitors. Lane/Hay want Ragan gone first now (before Bren-Brit) cause he knows too much. They keep saying in front of Brit & Ra that Bren is gone this week for sure though.

    Matt emerged from the DR and Ragan told him that the boys were whispering together forever and why can’t he (Matt) see that they have an F4 deal with Britney? How can you not see that, Matt? Matt told Ragan that if he was “so sure” that the boys have an F3 deal, why not put up 2 of them and break up their party?

    Ra truly believes the 3 boys have a deal with each other. Bren is studying alone now so as not to help the other guys beat him but is “warming up” to Brit (he admitted) to the point of wanting to take her to F2…so maybe he can be swayed into gunning for the 3 boys (with Brit – not Ra so much). But Brit – slurping on that Kool-Aid the boys are feeding her. When she is flanked by the boys, she feels like a queen and likes feeling intellectually superior to them, after seeing firsthand they can’t win a quiz to save their own lives, much less hers. She refers to them as “her army” and distrusts Ragan’s motives. If Bren-Ra could bury their hatchet and somehow reel Brit in, they could do some damage but Brit is crushing too hard on Lane/Hay and herself. That’s a shame. She sees a light at the end of the tunnel and thinks it’s her spotlight – she’s doing the Miss America/”lightbulb” wave. BOOM!

  31. God i cant wait until that two face hoe leave the house. All she does is talk crap about everybody. I cant stand her. I want brendon or ragan to win. Now i know why Hayden is not in survivor. He never win any challenges. He sucks.

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