**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan: “Those boys are on a Golden Path.. They’ll hit a snag… Me and Brendon”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:59pm Kitchen, Hayden, LAne and Enzo Hayden thinks that Matt is making it all up that Ragan is gunning for them. Hayden suggests If Ragan was on to them then he would be in the DR all the time. Lane and Enzo agree, Lane says a lot that Matty is saying is just to cover his own ass. Lane: “How much damage could ragan do on his own”. Enzo: “Ragan is going to put Brendon up we all know that… Lets not even think about Ragan lets just worry about winning HOH.. The power will shift Ragan got the power this week because BRit got it the power is going to


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:12pm Jumanji MAtt and Ragan Ragan tells him that Hayden, Enzo and MAtt have a deal going and Brit is part of it. Ragan guesses that brit was the one who figured it all out. Ragan tells Matt there is no way they are going to keep him the ‘boys’ are golden right now. Ragan mentions that Enzo, HAyden, and Lane are trying to get out the strong players and they are scared to death about Brit and Matt. Matt says he has to try theres always a chance. Ragan agrees but doesn’t want Matt to get his hopes up. Ragan: “they are going to catch a snag.. I’m the only snag .. we’ll me and Brendon and we’re the sangs and it’s funny that he doesn’t even see it now”. Ragan: “It’s too bad I can’t have a conversation with Brendon…Just so he knows whats coming up”. Matt thinks Ragan should talk to Brendon. Ragan tells him the only chance he has in the house is to win win win all the comps becuase he’s number one target. Ragan: “I’m sure they told Brit they will get rid of Ragan after BRendon.. that would of been one of her condition’s… and they pitched it that she keeps MAtt in the game and that just adds one more person they have to send home”. Ragan says that Lane is in a very good position more so than HAyden. Matt says he so wants to stay in this house he never thought it was going to be his endurance comps that would paint him as a threat. Matt briefly brings up the POV comp and how it was kinda weird that he didn’t get one thing because he was hitting the button repeatedly, Matt: “Why don’t we just draw straws for POV its all a crapshoot”. Ragan starts studying like made counting everything around and using his candy to help with the math.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:36pm Jumanji Enzo, Ragan and matt there talking about how BLANK it is to go to the jury house with Rachel and Kathy there. Enzo says when he’s in the jury house he’s sleeping all day and laying in the pool (so he’ sdoing what he does here).

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:20pm HOH Hayden and Lane Hayden wants to know if its ok with lane if he puts Brit up on thrusday. Lane says sure whatever, he suggests they keep Brit until Final 4 then get her out. Lane is confident that he can control Brit. They starts to go through all the possible scenarios in there heads and are feeling very confident that they have it set. 90% of lanes and Hayden’s conversations are about how they’ve won big brother 11. (man I hope something huge happens to these two and BLANK up all their plans.. all they talk about is how awesome they are)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:38pm Matt and ragan in the Jumanji They’re talking about the only thing that can save Matt right now is if Ragan has a power, Ragan asks him if they ever played 2 powers. MAtt: “No way that would be too much”. Matt is wondering if Hayden and Lane care about Brendon, Ragan says they don’t he thinks they are scared of him. Ragan continues on about how he’s finished in the game if he doesn’t win HOH or the POV. Matt tells him that Enzo is the most untrustworthy person int he house so his vote is hard to pin down. Ragan thinks Lane has some serious time invested in Brit so he’s not going to piss that away. Matt disagrees, lane will drop brit because if he starts to make a fuss about brit he’ll be the odd man out and he’ll be sent home.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:40pm HOH Brit and Lane
Brit: “do you know what happens in the house.. because right now your acting like you know BLANK”
Lane: “This is why you brought me up here?” (joking)
Lane: “Get out of my room”
Brit tells him she’s serious, she really needs him to win HOH next week or she’s gone.. she knows he like to play dumb but she hopes he know more then he’s letting on. Brit in the worlds most winny voice “Lane you have to win I really really really don’t want to leave”.
They start going over long term plans.. Lane says that he wants Brendon gone first but if Ragan is there maybe they should go for it. BRit really wants Ragan gone she worried he’ll dominate in the later comps.
Brit: “I really want Brendon and Ragan both gone I don’t care which one goes first”
Brit: “I don’t know as much as Ragan, Hayden doesn’t, you certaintly don’t”
Lane doesn’t think Ragan is a problem in the quizzes becuase Ragan cracks under preasurre. He points out the last HOH comp they had and how Ragan was the first to go. Lane blames it on Ragan knowing too much and he over thinks things. Hayden joins them and they start to bash BRendon.. Brit brings out her play dough and starts to do some planning she wants the next 3 HOH to go.. Hayden, lane then her. She plans to throw the next HOH if Ragan is all ready out that way she can play in the following HOH. (there all very confident about there position in the game)


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:28pm Backyard Brendon, MAtt, LAne and HAyden playing badminton..

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126 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan: “Those boys are on a Golden Path.. They’ll hit a snag… Me and Brendon”

    1. You have got to be kidding me? You said like the biggest idiot right now. I think its you that shouldn’t be allowed anywhere, or to “thrive”. You have alot of issues you need to work out.

  1. OMG. I CANNOT stand it anymore!!! Why doesn’t Matt just tell Ragan about the Brigade & then Ragan tells Brittany then Brendon finds out… I thought Matt was such a better player than what he’s doing now.

      1. It seems so obvious that Matt should out the Brigade since this is the only way he can stay in the house and form a new alliance with Brit, Brendon, and Ragan against the two remaining members of the brigade. Maybe Matt has a life-long friend in the Brigade, but that theoretical life-long friend is getting ready to vote him out of the house.

  2. Thinking the best thing right now if Matt gets evicted is for Ragan to approach Brendon and Brittney for a final 3 deal.

    1. yes that will be sick and the best move i hope it happens then brendan and brit will make it to final 2 and brendon wins or enzo and brendon because brednon won more actuall enzo hasnt won anything just lossibg stuff GO BREDNDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont want ragan to win

  3. When is Matt just going to tell him about the brigade? What is he waiting for? These guys have hung out all the time there is no way they will get rid of Enzo. If BB does step in and try to change things then this is the best time. It’s like revenge of the nerds when the jocks pretend to like the nerds only to hurt them in the end. Only this time it looks like the jocks may win. I was a jock but even I hate Enzo, lane and Hayden.

    1. I don’t consider Enzo a jock. Brendon, Hayden and Lane, yes, but not Enzo. Ragan and Matt have him beat hands down (no pun intended towards Matt’s habit) in the physical competitions.

  4. I hope Ragan wins next HOH because he has been working very hard. I am still team Matty!! All the way!! Just hopes he pulls off getting votes Thurs because I am going to hate to see him leave. If he leaves, I hope Enzo finds a power that sends him and Hayden to the jury house and brings Racheal and Matty back (for good). Go home Enzo and learn yourself how to eat with your mouth shut. Bring Evil Dick in the house for a HOH because that would be fun to watch!
    I hope Evil Dick comes back next season. I am hoping for an All star season. I really liked Eric that season. Even though he was Americas player, Eric seemed to be able to convince anyone to do just about anything.

      1. Ragan is Pee Wee Herman in disguise (Pee Wee’s playhouse), because he is so over the top with his expressions and emotions!

  5. If Ragan doesn’t win HOH he is screwed up the ass yo. All this studying better pay off for him, but this dude needs 2 go. He don’t deserve no money.
    TEAM ????????? YO!!!

    1. It would be better if Ragen won POV. – he could pull himself off probably against Brendon- then Brendon and one of the others go up – They vote Brendon off, and then Ragen wins the HOH, puts up Enzo and Hayden.

  6. Hope BB pentalizes Enzo and sends him home for not listening to them. Then Matty would be safe because they evicted a house guest( of their choice) and then they all had the option of playing for HOH.Send Enzo packing BB because if matty goes I am afraid some of your audience will be packing instead of Enzo.
    Go Team gremlin!!

      1. I hope not. I hope Big Brother change the game somehow. Give them another challenge and let them win some special power to take themselves off the block and nominate someone else, like….hint, hint, Britney, hint, hint, Ragan, hint, hint.

      2. says “Screw Enzo, he’s been in the house WAY too long and probably WANTS to go homo anyway”.He can take his wrinkled up right hand right out the door……NOW!!!

      3. I wonder if their will be a double eviction and they might have another POV comp then matt could win pull himself down and let the games begin. Britt will out Hayden, Enzo and Lane to save herself. Lets see if BB can work some magic and le the real “More suprises then ever” season finally start.

  7. The Gremlin is starting to work his magic. Hayden & Lane are talking about what he said, and Enzo saying “Lets not even think about Ragan lets just worry about winning HOH” isn’t very reassuring, since it is painful to all to hear him trying to study for quiz comps. The seed of doubt has been planted – it’s too early to cut Matt out at this point in the game.

    1. Agreed. Matt is trying to scheme his way back by threatening the boys with Regan (which is ironic for a whole host of reasons). He might be giving them too much credit though – they are all too busy congratulating themselves on the movies deals and fan clubs they will be starring in when they leave (get over yourselves!) If he waits too long to just out the Brigade Alliance he will come across as looking desperate and making sh*t up to save himself. I am hanging onto my “Go Matt” membership card for a little while longer though. Hope springs eternal.

  8. If Matt tries to tell Brendon, Britney, and Ragan about the Brigade, they probably won’t believe him. Brendon definitely won’t believe him because he thinks that Matt lies about everything. However, let’s say that they believe him. Brendon still won’t evict Enzo because he would be afraid that Matt will stay with the Brigade if he’s still in the game.

    I still don’t understand why Hayden, Enzo, and Lane want to evict Matt. It doesn’t make any sense. Matt has already made enemies of Brendon, Rachel, and Kathy. All it takes is one more vote and he would lose against anyone. Those three knuckleheads are thinking too far ahead. They should be thinking about making it to the final 4 before thinking about who they would beat in the final 2.

    1. the only reason they want matt out is because of rachel…when she was back for those 24 hours she was talking to enzo alone and fed him a bunch of lies about matt and blamed all the bad stuff that happened on matt and he was dumb enough to believe her…and then he figured after all that matt would turn on them and out the brigade…matt has been 100% loyal and honest to everyone up until he decided to throw ragan under the bus and that only happened because he has back against the wall and he wanted to prove to the brigade they can still trust him…if they know what’s good for them they will keep the brains and get rid of the brawn!

      1. Matt…Honest??? Are you frickin kidding me? What’s wrong with you people? Have you forgotten about his lie about his ‘poor, dying wife’.

    1. I think he ate food even though he is a have-not this week. They usually penalize HGs by putting them up automatically as one of the nominations. Since he is already on the block I think in the past they have given a penalty vote for the eviction ceremony. If the vote were to go 2-1 then that penalty would make it 2-2 with the HOH (Britney) casting the deciding vote. This is bad for Enzo. He is probably costing himself jury votes as well since other have-nots haven’t eaten this season. They all should be ticked off at him.

      1. oops, there are actually FOUR votes this week so he better hope it doesn’t go 2-2 because the extra penalty vote will get his Jersey ass kicked out of the house. If there is a penalty vote it can’t end tied so Brit won’t be involved. Matt could luck out yet again and avoid elimination because of Enzo’s total and blatant disregard for the rules. Douche!

      2. I thought I remembered that the penalty was an extra day as a have-not.
        Also, if Matt tell them about the brigade, he may make some enemies for the brigade, but Brendon will still vote for
        Enzo to stay, as will Hayden and Lane. How will that help him?

    2. really? he apparently ate a candy bar while being a have not,which I believe he did.But really he doesn’t think he needs to play by BB rules anyway,so get him OUT !!!!! NOW !!!

    3. Leave Enzo alone!
      The candy bar he ate was a brocolli candy bar. Very nutritious and low in calories.
      Eat up Enzo.

      1. Also in some of the past seasons if someone ate while being on slop, they weren’t allowed to play for HOH. I believe it was Jenn.

        1. Jen received a penalty vote as I stated earlier. She started the eviction vote already down 0-1. For the sake of consistency they better do the same to Enzo. Whether they don’t allow them to try for HOH if they survive the vote I don’t know. No one has survived the penalty before.

    4. Actually, Hayden and Enzo have been putting chocolate milk in their soy protein shake for the last two days. Remember last year Kevin got penalized for eating a single grape? I think if no one says anything, production doesn’t do anything but yesterday afternoon Matt sadi something to the guys (not production as far as we know) that he felt they were being very lax this year, letting them cheat. Usually, as soon as someone says something BAM!

  9. After Matt leaves – maybe Bren-Brit would trust Ra. I don’t see Brit giving up Lane and Bren won’t turn on his buds unless he learns something that makes him mad. If Ra could convincingly tell them something to make them wipe their hands of the 3gade, they have a great chance at F3, I think. If Matt threw Ra a bone and told him details about Brigade strategy so that Ra could put the pieces together and believe it; then pass it on to Bren-Brit – then maybe. But Matt would have to tell him/them specifics so they believe it. Otherwise, Brit won’t abandon Lane and even if Brit-Bren-Ra “ally”, she will be a double agent. Let’s remember: Double Eviction Thurs so the sides won’t be even, depending on who wins HoH: 3gade vs BB or BBR vs 2gade. If Ra wins HoH and can’t get Brend out (not sure he will try to this week anyway), he will put up 2 Brigs – possibly a 3rd one if POV is used. That would be something – to see them talk afterward that Matt was telling the truth! (He wasn’t but they’ll think he was.) Ra & Bren have to vote out Lane. Bren would have his relationship with Hay/Enz (if he was still drinking their KoolAid) but it would be important for Ra to separate Lane from Brit so he could get into her head and open her eyes. The 2 of them would stand a better chance of working on Brend after the fact. Plus Hay/Enz won’t be as hard to get out. Brit would have to gun for them (backdoor Enzo): Put up Hay & Bren – tell them both they are pawns & Brend wins POV and bye bye birdie (penguin).

  10. There’s alot of Ragan hate but I hope he doesn’t get sent home next week. He was over the top with the love of Matt and all that crying and over dramatic emotion last week. But I do think he’s intelligent. It would be interesting if he won HOH and put two of the Brigade members on the block and they went out in a the double eviction after all the planning from Hayden, Enzo, and Lane has done over the past week.

  11. Come on production. If Matt goes you lose your audience. All we will see is stupid enzo doin the nasty with his self. Who wants to see that? At least Matt the Rat adds flavor to the show. Enzo just leaves the show with a feeling of “don’t touch anything after he’s touched it” sticky fingers yo.

    1. That’s OK production……I’ll stick around with joyful smiles at the idea that Mr. Hand’s in His Pants is gone. yeahhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Who the hell was fired at CBS Big Brother for Hayden and Lane to think they’re in charge of this game? These two not very competitive guys, are talking so much smack, like who they’re going to send home first, second, and who they’re taking to the final 4, final 3 …..
    They need a wake up call, and it’s going to be beautiful. Get them Brendon.

    1. Seriously…Those two chuckleheads have played a great “social” game? My mom has more of ANY kind of game than they do..As dumb as Brenda is,I now suddenly think he has precisely 42 brain cells more than them two..which gives him the edge in the math dept. which also takes him just that much farther in the game….GO HOME ENZO!!!!!!

  13. I dont like anyone in this house anymore, there isnt anyone im willing to even root for, except maybe Ragan! Matt should tell Ragan & Britney & Brendon about the brigade – i think that would be his ONLY way to stay in the game – though its probably a lost cause at this point anyway…

  14. Enzo continues to eat anything he pleases when he is a Have Not. There were candy wrappers in the hoh that were not Brit’s after he left the bathroom. Today he was behind Lane (Lane was on the hammock) outside eating something that was not broccoli, a couple of weeks ago he ate something that he fessed up to, he ate some of Brit’s birthday cake, the guy hardly wears the penguin suit. What will it matter to anyone if he doesn’t get penalized for eating ? I don’t know it seems pretty disrespectful of the rules and if anyone remembers Jen eating an apple and ice cream as a have not, she got a penalty point that worked against her when she was evicted. Those were the rules back then.

    1. One of the things I have noticed about Big Brother is: Different rules for different House Guest. “different strokes for different folks” and so on, and so on……..

  15. I think if it’s going to be a question about counting stuff….the perfect question would be
    “how many pillows are there in the house?”
    Think anyone would know that?….counting the pool pillow too?

  16. sigh. the truth is,
    matty is going home. most people want him to stay. but he’s leaving. the truth hurts, life sucks, karama came to bite him in the ass. i’m gonna miss him. putting his hands down his pants. &’d he played a good game. the only way he can stay is if; there some type of power. which i doubt. he wont screw the brigade over; i doubt he’d do that. he’s mind’s not there yet.
    ragan. well he’s cool, i just dont want him to win HOH…i want him on the block with one of the brigade members. it would make intrestinq drama if ragan & lane wer eon the block & brit won pov…i’d love to see who she’d pick,
    brendon is so much better, now that the witch is gone, i can see him making it to at least final 4
    enzo; is gonna float his way to the topp YOO.
    hayden; needs to start playing his own gamee. but he’s being good so far, he’s gotta win the next HOH. and think for himself. he’s my fave this year,
    brit; well, proud of her; being the only girl in the house. (Y) hope she makes it to @ least final 4.

  17. Brittany really has a thing for Lane whether she wants to admit it or not. I hope her BF sees that. He needs to break off the engagement right now, she’s not cheating literally, but if she thinks it, it’s the same thing. Why is she so stupid? Lane could care less about her. She thinks she’s safe with him, but just wait till he tosses her right under the bus. I guess this girl needs a wakeup call. She sent Matt out due to thinking she would be the guys hero. They could care F’n less about her at this point.,

  18. After Matt leaves, this show will become sort of boring. I cannot think of anyone who deserves to win at that point. I think Britney has become a different person with too much attitude. I think Hayden, Enzo and Lane have done nothing to deserve a win. Yes, Brendon does participate but you know he’s still the same person he was when Rachel was in the house even though he seems calmer at this point. If he wins, it will be a win for her and that’s not what anyone wants. Sad course of events have left this season flat.

  19. This finaly is going to suck. You know when Julie chen asks Hayden and endo questions she will puss out and ask all weak questions. She will never ask the tough ones to make any of them look bad. They either need a new host or atleast get someone in there who is willing to call people out the way jeff does on the finaly of survivor. Let evil dick, Janelle or Dr will ask the questions. You know they will call these players out. Don’t get ne wrong Julie seems like a nice person but so much goes on in this house and it’s just swept under the rug. Either Julie needs to grow a pair or she needs to step down

  20. OMGGGGGGGGGG!!! This is the first time I am posting and I am pissed!! How stupid are these people in the house…
    Matt needs to out the Brigade
    Britney needs to stop being a 2 faced bitch and come back to Regan and Matt
    Then them 3 need to make an alliance with Brendon and get stupid Enzo,Lame and Hayden OUT!!!!!!!!!! I cant stand them, they cant win shiiiit!!! aghhhh

    Thank you Simon for all the hard work btw!!!

  21. Maybe BB will give us some viewing pleasure tonight on “After Dark” …. The Brigade secret coming out ???… or the house turning against Enzo for cheating??? …. Something needs to happen to bring some excitement back to this season … it is getting to the point that I could care less if I watched it.

    1. Word – It would be great if it happened live. That would be so fun. “Happy Feet” may be out the door and be sitting w/ Julie Chen this week if he gets punished by an automatic eviction or at least a strike against him.

      1. That’s all I’m sayin,,,At least a vote,for cryin out loud! And BTW,maybe little Matty is already using that angle a bit? maybe?

        1. Mattykins is all about the angles. I have to say he has a pretty good poker face…when he is not looking straight into the camera or winking into the camera. Geeze.

  22. It’s so funny how all season Enzo HATED Brittney and barely talked to her. Even before she made her decision he wouldn’t go near her. And the week before her and Matt were in the HN room together talking about everyone. Now she’s buddy buddy with L/H/E/B and hanging out with them. The only justice that can come of this is if Brendan wins hoh and Regan wins POV and Brittney goes home. Or Regan wins hoh and lane Hayden or Enzo goes home.


  24. I must have missed something and apologize if I am asking a repeat….What did Enzo do to cheat? Is he cheating with food again? If so, YES he should be penalized. He thinks his life is miserable for having to wear a penguin suit…give me a break. And…..does he even know what shun means? I am so sick of hearing his nonsense. UGGGG!

    1. Yes, food and he has not been wearing his costume as required. Happy Feet is a rule breaker…he just is so lame. He can’t win anyhing and he can’t follow the rules.

  25. I really don’t care who wins so long as it is not ENZO. When Matt goes to the Jury House, I hope he is followed by Brittney.

    1. Say Matt & Brit take the ride of shame to JH this week. Yes, Rachel will howl with delight but after that is over, I so hope they show the viewers (not the BB house) Matt informing Rach & Brit of the Brigade. But will he out them immediately and jeopardize the JH votes – or wait until Finale Night?

  26. Brit = Dorothy, Lane = Scarecrow, Hayden = The Cowardly Lion, Matt = the Munckin that Hung himself during the filming, Enzo = The Snake Oil Salesman, Brendon = Tinman, Rachel = Wicked Witch, Raygay = a Flying Flaming Monkey, Kristen = the Good Witch, Andrew = the Yellow brick road everyone walked on. Kathy = Auntie M.
    AND the nameless first to let the door hit her in the ass can be = ToTo

  27. Matt is on his way out. Why should he care about making enemies. They can’t vote him out twice. So I say bring Bren/ Britt/ and reg and tell them everything. Even if he goes atleast he’s getting back at those guys

  28. How could Matt and one of the brigade members be life long friends??? All 3 wanted him out. If my life ling friend did that to me I would kill him

  29. Maybe BB will cut out enzos tongue for cheating while being a have not and we won’t have to listen to his big mouth any more

  30. BB commercial on CBS — Announcer says “Matt thought he had it made, but are the tables now turning on him?” Hayden says in DR “I’m not your puppet, Dude.” — So there you have it, CBS is playing the good guys are triumphant against evil mastermind (Matt) — even though everyone from Live Feeds (formerly in my case) knows that Hayden, Lane, and Enzo have been plotting against Matt for WEEKS and that those three are the true “puppetmasters.” CBS isn’t going to show their evilness…..

  31. If they penalize Enzo then they have to penalize all the have nots… They all ate at
    the party they had when Britney opened Pandora’s Box and Britney was locked
    in the HOH with Jesse..

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