*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Lane’s Famous Last Words “I think we’re guaranteed final 3”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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3:35pm Cabana Room Hayden and Lane. They’re talking about what Matt has been saying about Ragan knowing about the brigade. Lane doesn’t think it really matters what Ragan knows because either way they need to win HOH this week and they need to get Ragan out. Hayden: “if Ragan puts up me and enzo then Brendon will vote for enzo to stay”.
LAne: “well Brit and I will vote for you so your good”. Hayden brings up the chance that enzo wins POV. Lane isn’t worried he’s sure they have the votes and the POVs will go their ways. (my prediction is Ragan wins HOH thrusday puts up Brendon and Hayden brendon wins POV enzo goes home BIAM the curse is still alive) Hayden: “I think some of the things matt has been saying about Ragan is true”. Hayden brings up that matt told him Ragan is saying he’s going after Brendon put he really is going after Hayden and enzo, Hayden is very worried that Ragan will win the HOH. Lane: “if I win HOH Brendon and Ragan are going up”. lane: “Who will be harder to get out Ragan or Brendon”. Hayden: “Ragan will be much harder to get out, Brendon is smart but he’s not that smart and Ragan is better at endurance… .we can beat Brendon in physical competitions” Hayden wants to get Ragan out sooner then Brendon, He says whoever wins HOH on thrusday needs to put them up especially if its double elimination. Lane runs down scenarios that its double elimination this week. Lane: “Matt and Ragan out this week.. then we take out Brit leaving you.. me.. Brendon and Enzo”. Hayden is sure he can get Brendon to put up Lane and enzo if he wins HOH., Lane isn’t sure. Hayden says he’ll start working on Brendon today to try and break the bond he has with enzo. Hayden: “It’s almost better if Brit would of put up Ragan this week” Lane agrees says he did mention it to her but she told him they were too close friends. Lane: “I think we’re guaranteed final 3”. They both decide they need to really start studying, Lane: “I hate studying with brit that little shit head she says too much stuff”. Hayden: “Yeah brit just makes us feel stupid”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:59pm Matt, Lane and Hayden
Matt telling them that he’s 100% brigade he can get the three of them to final 3 he’s proven himself loyal to the brigade. Matt explains that if he stays he can convince Ragan to put up Brendon otherwise Ragan will be putting up Hayden and enzo. Matt tells them that Ragan is saying that Matt is going home on Thursday.. matt wonders why he would say that. Lane tells im that Brit will vote for Enzo to stay and Brendon and Ragan are both voting for MAtt to leave thats the only reason why Ragan thinks MAtt is going. Matt tells them they have to be careful about Brit and Ragan they are unstoppable with quizzes, explains how ragan has been studying. Matt mentions that ragan has everything memorized in every combination forwards and backwards. He also tells them that the quizzes are all based on speed and Ragan and BRit are fucking fast with there house knowledge. Matt says saying this makes him sick but Brendon is not his target right now but Brit and Ragan are HUGE competition to them. Matt points out that the game gets very quiz heavy and that is were Brit and Ragan will excel. Hayden and LAne agree, Hayden is confident that he can beat Brendon head on but he’s unsure about ragan and Brit.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:11pm The penguin comes in gives them all a update where everyone is in the house. He tells tells them how good the fish sticks were but he really can’t eat the bean dip (of course penguins eat fish) Enzo goes on and on about how much he can’t wait for the season to end..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:15pm HOH Brit Listening to Lady Gaga hanging out under da bus

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:40pm Backyard Enzo, Brendon and HAyden Studying (Hearing these 3 study compared to Ragan and BRit is hilarious)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:40pm everyone is studying or sleeping here we have MAtt and Ragan going over things. Matt is asking ragan questions ragan is kicking ass with his answers.

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148 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Lane’s Famous Last Words “I think we’re guaranteed final 3”

  1. If the production team end up with Enzo – Lane and tthe ever boring) Hayden as the final 3 – they will end up losing most of their viewers. Who in their right mind would want to follow these 3 lunks to the final episode of the show. Seriously! If BB production does not do something to liven this potentially boring conclusion to this season -viewers will flee, ratings will drop and we may never see a BB13. If anyone in BB production monitors comments here – be warned .. we are all about to die from BOREDOM …. do something .. anything!!

    1. Agree 100%! I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch after Thursday. I used to love watching BBAD after episodes, now all they do is sleep and play pool. What a waste!

    2. My friends of 1 million people will all join you in not watching BB. This show is getting too boring and just seeing Enzo/Hayden/Lane is taking it to the next level of boredom!

  2. Really Matt why are you so stupid just tell everyone about the brigde and you will stay. I guess your not that smart. Evil Genius? No dumb ass is more likely. Britt and Ragan need to talk to brendon.

  3. Just the TIP:

    When you have a good plan going, stick with it. Talking it out too much, and listening to the person you have decided to evict, will just ruin your play. The TRIgade better stick to evicting Ratt. Then, they can go after Gaydan.
    BUT, BrITCHney is starting to show some fight, and won’t go down easy (although Lane wishes she would). ;-)
    Brendon? Well, he’s just hanging around, no ain’t he? He may be there for the end.
    After all is said and done, I just don’t care. I mean, I hate Ratt for THE LIE. I hate Gaydan, not because he’s gay, but because he’s such a cry baby bitch. If somebody other than those 2 win, then I’m a happy BB fan. Well, not HAPPY. I’d only be happy if zingbot won!

    1. so u hate ragan b/c he is a “a crybaby bitch” aren’t u forgetting abt what a little whiney, crybaby, dbag that brendon has been all season. I am sick of ragan’s crying as well but brendon has been even worse b/c besides crying like a little girl he has been making excuses everytime he loses a competition. This season just sucks all around. They should have had matt on last season and casey this season b/c at least w/casey they would have had someone entertaining.

    2. You can hate Ratt for the lie, but think how interesting it will be if he wins and then all the other houseguests find out he lied about it! That will be fun to watch!

  4. So not only does Brit believe Lane’s lies…..Matt does too?!!!! WTF. And Lane has been getting the super-good edit on the tv show …. so DR won’t be putting any bugs in any one’s ears about him, sadly. I think production wants / is planning for Lane or Brendon to win. Sad, sad season where even a fixed show is boring.

    1. Everyone seems to use the word “fixed”… I choose to use the word “manipulated”. They can only fix it if they actually determine the outcome of competitions, evictions, or decisions DIRECTLY. They plant seeds that may sway things a bit (even a lot), but it’s not like the production staff itself is winning/losing comps or casting votes for eviction. BB is a formula show that follows the same routine yearly just with different individuals filling the set roles. I still watch each season! Sometimes they hit it big, other times not so much. They would PREFER Britney and Brendon to stay after Matt gets evicted since they are both polarizing figures with the fans (while Lane, Enzo, & Hayden are somewhat dull), but can’t DIRECTLY decide what the others decide to do. Yes, I left out Ragan. If I mention his name I’m afraid he may start crying or something.

      If you want to talk “fixed”, let’s talk SuperBowl XL when the Steelers were GIVEN the game over the Seahawks when several mysterious referee whistles determined the game DIRECTLY. Bitter? Still am…lost some money on that one.

      1. Manipulating is DR talking to contestants. Manipulating is setting up some contestants that are better for a certain contestant (ropes and Brendon). Manipulating is when powers are granted that wouldn’t be if a different person was HOH (although I think that verges on fixing). Fixing is when the equipment doesn’t work for some contestants (buttons during last POV and Matt). Fixing is when some contestants are allowed to cheat (Enzo and costume / Enzo and food) and when other contestant’s cheating is not only allowed but facilitated (Rachel / Brendon and pretzel message). I understand what you are saying and agree that manipulating is allowed, although I think there should be a disclaimer at the end of the program like many reality judging programs have. Fixing, on the other hand, is never acceptable.

        1. even though i LOVE big brother , the idea that they “manipulate” and “fix” things to go a certain way especially this season and the last this season being the most “fixing and manipulating” is NOT fair… if i was on the show i would sue if i got evicted or was cheated out of a contest.

        2. Mimi, is this your first season watching BB?? This year is NO different from any other. Seriously, this is how it works and contests have always been rigged (paint can for smaller people, yes its true). I don’t understand how it is that you haven’t figured that out before now. Ranting about it here, to the FCC, CBS, etc. will not change it. You need to read the show’s disclaimer, accept that the show is for entertainment, and stop watching if it continues to get you so worked up about something you CANNOT change..

      2. Being from seattle, I totally agree with your last statments. That game was stolen from us and we haven’t recovered since!!

    2. Lane is this year’s Jordan. Kind of a dumb happy fool. He’s the male version. It worked last year, so why shouldn’t production manipulate that again? Personally, I hope he gets voted out soon for the way he has used Brit.

    1. I WANT TO SEE!!!! I’ve been hoping/praying/begging for some skin pics of Land. That guy is gorgeous! Love brawn like that!!

      1. There is a link to the right of the page. Unfortunately, there are only pics of the females (with the exception of one of Brendon). Nothing for us girls to drool over.

  5. it may be boring to you everyone, but your still watching and your still talking about it, so must not be to bad LOL… like watching Nat, Kevin and Jordan was sooo much better, constant chess playing was waaay better then pool LOL

    1. yea but w/jordan in the house there was someone that i actually liked, who wasn’t a jerk, and didn’t whine and cry all the live long day.

  6. hey everybody hows it going. I’m Britney and i’m in the bog brother house right now. Do you guys like my game play in the house.

    1. no you are a traitor!! I think you are going to be embarrassed when you get home and watch the season. Lane and the bozos played you!

  7. Why are Lane and Hayden, (the two who won the least in the house) are so confident that they get to make the call who go home and who they will let stay for another week?
    I’m waiting for their wake up call. Well, it might not be soon given Britney obeys their every words.

  8. final 2
    Brendon and Brit they deserve it. They have won the most.
    Watching Matt lie and back stab trying to stay in the house is not boring. It just shows why he needs to go.

    1. if you say matt needs to go because he lied then all of them should go home this week and cancel the rest of the season. it hasnt been a great season anyway acutally it has sucked big time

  9. hey everybody hows it going. I’m Britney and i’m in the bog brother house right now. Do you guys like my game play in the house!!!

  10. Ok rate this cast from 1 through 12. 1 being the best cast in BB history and 12 being the worst cast inn BB history. According to Brittney and Hayden America loves BB12 and they have the best cast ever with the best and most characters

    1. I think they eat too much slop because they are dreaming if they think BB12 is loved by America. I hate the cast this season and Lane & Britt have been the worst in my books. I think the whole show is boring this year.

  11. Maybe Hayden or Enzo should win. Hayden needs the money to get surgery because he was born with no lips and Enzo could afford to get hair plugs

      1. Mrs. Grodner, can you please stop eating all the slop before it gets into the BB house? People are starting to think that BB is just a huge scam so you can corner the slop market.

    1. Mike: You should also include Lane — he needs Rogaine — have you seen his hair when he takes off his bb cap? There is a reason why he wears that cap allllllllll the time.

      1. Don’t forget Brendon. He needs balls, a spine, small big toe, a frontal lobe, and a new nose after all that picking..

    2. A historic comment on thin lips, only for the interested, everyone else please disregard!: Different styles in lips — as well as clothes — have changed throughout the decades. For example, military style clothing is typically popular when there is not an active war. Thin lips and thin mustaches were popular in the 30’s and 40’s (look at famous actors). Big lips and big hips were considered lower class, probably because of the racial undertones that were prevalent . The Europeans & especially the English were considered the “thoroughbreds” (?sp?) of style (not cowboys) and they did not want big lips or big hips, which were considered lower class. Take the language changes that have become popular (“who dat” – “what up”) along with rap “music”, holes in the jeans, ill-fitting garments, and it is easy to see we have popularized the lower echelons as social comment. Expect this trend to last 20 years, then there will be a new ideal of beauty again.

      1. Thanks for the history lesson, but Hayden still looks like a freak…. If you look at him in the HOH room with Britney from yesterday, he looks like a crash-test dummy!! Flat face…. Weird tiny mouth. *shiver*. Thank God Lane is around for eye candy!!

  12. I still don’t think the show is fixed, just maybe weighted more in some HG’s favor than others. I think the HOH comp will this Thursday will be the “Before and After” quiz and the POV will be physical, but a short one. If that is the case I could see Ragan getting HOH, putting up Brendon and it’s a toss up between the other Brigade members. Once again Brendon will fight hard and likely win the POV, so essentially the Brigade will be no more.

  13. Dear BBGrandma, Tell us the story of Muc, how he got his name and where you got him. This is a boring night and we care!

    1. Well, when we got Muc we already had our Scottie and Westie terriers. So, adding the great dane we needed his name to fit. They became Mic, Mac, and Muc. Our three boys. We lost Mac 2 years ago at 14 yrs and Mic followed last year at 15 yrs old. Muc will be 8 next month which is old age for danes. Our sign on our fence is “Guarded by Scotts-in-Yard. Gread Dane Enforced.”

      1. Awwee Grandma, no wonder I love yah so much. You’re an animal lover too. I have 4 dogs and a cat now. Two of my doggies and my cat died not long ago. We had one cat that was stolen from our home a few years ago as well. Now, I’m constantly freaked out over the animals, where are they, I don’t even like people around the house because I don’t know who took the cat – she was 12 at a time and gorgeous long grey fur. Our oldest dog is almost 8 and the remaining cat is 20. I’d have millions more if I could afford it. I hope Muc will be okay. -hugs and luv

  14. EVERYONE in the house knows that Lane, Hayden & Enzo are a tight 3. So why in the hell would’nt Brit, Ragan & Brendon come to an agreement to work together rather than pick each other off and allow Hayden & Lane to coast to the final 2 as they have all game? Brit, Brendon & Ragan would be locks to get to the final 3 since they have done so well in comps to this point. Is Brit truly dumb enough to think Lane will be more loyal to her than Hayden? Does Ragan truly believe that he alone can make it to the final 2? For a suppossed professor, Ragan is an idiot and for playing so well in comps, Brit has shown no idea how to play this game strategically.

    1. You are right, but Brit and Ragan have let their love for another houseguest affect their gameplay. Ragan by Matt, and Brit by Lane.

  15. I cant believe this Matt is being so stupid he should really out the brigade itll be awsommee i was with matt in the beginning and im still with him but hes trusting the brigade too much and hes loyal to them when all they’re doing is lie to him and backstab him poor matty :(

    1. Like you I have supported Mat all along. However he’s toast now. If BB production has something up their sleeve to liven this whole boring mess up maybe something will change but there is NO doubt now that Matt is gone on Thursday. He should never have put Kathy up with DPOV .. he should have gone after one of the other 3 Brigade members .. ESPECIALLY since he knew they were going to vote for him to go. Matt got greedy .. thought he could stay in the Brigade and get support from the others. He is gone Thursday ….

  16. I’d like to think the “HaveNot” rules are in effect and Gonzo ends up hanging himself in the process…Then we can hear how F’d up the BB rules are and how much he DESERVES to be here because he REALLY tried in the last POV.

  17. Lane, Hayden and Enzo will not win any competitions because they are stupid. If Land and Hayden vote out Enzo and they team up with Matt they can make it to the final three (although a slim possibility),

  18. The three stooges are getting f’n funny. It’s almost like bad comedy. Satire kind of. It’s like they all stumble around then at the end the least dumbest ends up on top. i.e. Hayden (Mo)

  19. I haven’t been reading these blogs since Brit turned on Matt. WTF- why is Matt throwing Ragan under the bus and not Enzo?

  20. Ok Happy Hour is over at my house and now I am thinking more clearly. I am no longer pissed off at the Gremlin and I like his loyalty/win comps angle he’s trying with Shaggy & Lane. If he pulls this off, he will truly live up to his diabolical super-genius moniker. Go Team Weewee Gremlin!!

    And just for good measure, the lifelong friends are Lane/Haydon, Simon’s spelling sucks, and QAZ get a life. That’s three more shots, my friends!

      1. Actually it’s Screamer and Moaner, and you’re not part of the drinking game since you can’t hold your liquor, only your dick. Now it’s time for night-night, you have school in the morning.

        1. Simon. You are starting to tick me off. Be careful. This isn’t school, it’s a discussion forum. Besides, Bitch n Moaner handled it himself. What’s with you? You got something against smart, straight people?

          1. I’m just finding the majority of your comments are mean to other people on this site and theres no need for it. Have fun insulting the houseguests and get along with the other site guests.

              1. You people sound like BB production. “Stop that”. Why don’t you get some thick skin and learn to laugh. Geez. Please, remove the sticks from your asses. Besides, most of you are hypocrites. You jump at people and insult them all the time. Hard to take some of your own medicine, Electra? LOL Whatever….

                1. ok, so subtle isn’t your strong point, ratney. anybody else in your life think you cross the line or is it just us? There’s funny and then there’s crude & rude w/out the funny, that’s all i’m saying. Sarcasm is very hard to determine in print, so maybe your humor is going over our IQ. Is that better? We all have a responsibility to self regulate. Crude remarks for pure shock value is a self-indulgent behavior.

                2. Ratnery, I think you are fine with your posts. I guess calling a spade a spade is not allowed. I have a personal gripe with someone on here myself and I’m sure I’ll be censored before long. I guess it’s ok to lie and be a hypocrite all you want on here but by god nobody better call you out on it. Keep up the good work Ratney.

            1. So, we’re playing Simon Says? Fine. But, let’s see you call down every single person who is making fun of other people. Most people see it for what it is, just bullshit and funny comments. It’s just a way to pass the time since the season is pretty boring.

            2. And, Simon, the “majority” of my comments are making fun of the house guests. When people make negative comments on my posts, I reply. And, form time to time, I throw a shot out at a person for their comments, just like people do to me. I’ve just been more active than most. But, I may retire from commenting. Hope that makes you a happy camper.

                1. Don’t we all have an evil twin? ;-) Everything I write is with tongue-in-cheek. I’m never scowling or angry. Quite the opposite, I am smiling and laughing.

          2. I don’t know if I am more amused that this dickwad doesn’t know that Simon runs this show or that he thinks I’m a guy. FAP FAP FAP

              1. Rockstar, a guy? That’s debatable. And, MiZZ Moaner, it really didn’t matter to me if you were mail/female/shemale, just said what I had to say.
                I’ve been reading the blogs here for a LONG ass time, so I know how Simon is. I also know he can handle me speaking my mind. He doesn’t get his panties in a bunch like Rocky here.

  21. Ok question. Your in the BB house. A once in a life time opportunity. You have 2 days left in the house do you A) go to sleep. B) keep trying to stick with the alliance that wanted you out last week and obviously wants you out this week. C) do anything and everything to stay and even if you don’t stay atleast your getting back at the guys who backstabbed you?? Well I guess if your Matt. You do both A and B

  22. Lane is by far the worst player in the game. he’s awful at quizzes and endurance and skills. how the hell did he manage to last this long??

  23. A Question: If you know you already have a penalty for eating as a Have Not, why wouldn’t you eat more??? Especially if they cannot compound the penaly…

  24. Brendan needs to stop picking his nose on camera. Can’t he go to the bathroom and dig for that gold. I do not know what is worse : Enzo and Matt scatching their balls or Brendan elbow deep in his nose?

    1. OK for the record, I have never seen Gremlin scratching his balls. Hands down the pants, yes. But full out scratching & sniffing? That’s Enzo all the way.

      1. Moaner got it right… Enzo’s hands will forever be looked upon with great disdain. How frickin’ stupid can someone be to play with your junk on national TV? …Enzo is that stupid. His wifey must be so proud of him…all that burping, farting, junk handling. And oh I forgot those mahhhhvelous table manners.

          1. The $45.00 is Annie’s required opening bid, but the number of bids is zero. Tthe number of bids is listed by a small blue numeral above the required opening bid.

    1. They should tell the HGs about it so we can watch them scramble and talk about the crap they will try to sell. It would be an improvement over recent activities…..

  25. Jaime, they could up the penalties. There is no rule, afaik, that says, you can only get penalized once. But production doesn’t seem to be penalizing him any way.

  26. Brendon seems to be blind to what we see on the live feeds. Sex, bjs, picking his nose …

      1. I used to watch the live feeds and show and seen all three. Eaglebirdie and Ratney, my least favorite bitter commenters, I doubt either of you have experienced the first 2 of the three ;).

  27. I want Brendon and Birt, and even the dumb ass ragean to be final three, they deserve it the most, they have won and fought to be in the game. If Brendon, Brit and ragean were smart they would do a final three deal, they can easily beat Hayden, Enxo, and Lane at all the HOH’s and POV’s back to back why don’t they think of this, they are so dumb!!!

  28. This show is great, there are too many people complaining about the show yet they are still watching it and blogging about it. I don’t like this and I don’t like that, it’s fixed or manipulated, they don’t belong to be here, they didn’t win anything. Quit complaining or turn your live feeds off, cancel showtime, and watch reruns of Mr Rogers if you want everything to be all sweet and perfect.

    1. Slapz, if you have read the last few days, you’d know that I’m still reading the blog — I’ve just stop the live feeds (got a refund) and stop watching the show. I still love this blog. I’d also love BB if it wasn’t fixed.

      1. Got a refund? Real nice and very ethical I might add. Do you go out to dinner and eat the majority of it and then say it tasted like shit and you want your money back? I’ve seen your kind over and over and it never ceases to amaze me. Please go away. Like anybody believes for one minute that you quit watching the show and all you do is read this blog.

    1. I think it’s funny how Brendon barely even reacted to DPOV. I lose some respect for him for not getting pissed. I think Chima went a tad overboard — especially since she was decently far in the game and could have possibly won — but I don’t think her crazy antics were completely unfounded. It’s funny because every season people wonder why I rip on Allison Grodner so much (I’ll admit I’ve never been this heavy on the hate), and then half way through the season people start to realize production is a piece of shit and then it clicks that Allison Grodner is the the hydra with one head, but a million stomachs. Punch her in the gut, and she just grows another one. How do you defeat such an obese evil?

      1. It’s called good sportsmanship. Maybe if you ate like Allison Grodner, you’d have enough brainpower to understand that.

  29. Tomorrow from Matt after he finally realizes he’s done.
    Matt:(ideally around table when all are there, or call a house meeting)
    ” Just thought you all should know that since day 1 or 2 Lane, Enzo, Hayden and myself have formed an alliance, know as the Brigade. Enzo created nicknames for all of us; Animal, Brains, Beast and meow meow. Unfortunately I was the only member of the Brigade that actually won any comps and when the HG’s numbers started to dwindle, my alliance fabricated scenarios about me in order to convince others as well as themselves, that I was going against our alliance. Don’t kid yourselves though by thinking the Brigade is finished now that i’m leaving. it’s still exists, just with 3 members not 4. The rest of you are the Bridaes targets. With brit unable to compete in next HoH, and with me gone, they will outnumber you in the comp 3-2.Anyhoo..goodl uck and i’ll wait for you in the lobby Brit when the double evictions over you and I can go to the JH together.

      1. Grandma- I’m trying to stay out of confrontations because I’m having a bad week but.. argh! My post went awol as per usual, lordy knows what I’m at these days but poor simon just got slammed.. We don’t bite the hand that feeds us here. shesh..

        1. Chiming in……Even the best of intentions seems to go south around here anymore….and all these damn eggshells aren’t helping!!

  30. Sorry about your week, Rockstar. I hope things get better for us both. I just saw where Simon is getting slammed. I think it is the heat and the fact that the show is getting boring because everybody is excited about Thursday. So, tonight isn’t moving fast enough.

    1. We all know who is attacking LJ. They seriously have deep rooted emotional issues and seriously need to seek help. It’s beyond abuse now in my opinion. This person lost their marbles a long time ago. She was calling out LJ a few days ago as well.

      1. Well, i guess they don’t know who they are messing with. You and LJ are a couple of tough cookies and have very thick skin and can handle yourselves. You both are a couple of my favorites!

          1. good for you LJ …. my patience is gone. gone…. g.o.n.e… anyone can feel free to disagree with me, even make fun of me because I’m crazy over Matt or I liked Rachel or even Natalie but this is gone on long enough.. stay strong chicken wing.. haha -hugs-

  31. Ok, we’re not supposed to like some of these people in BB just like in real life. Rachel, Brendon, Matt, Britteny, and Ragan have provided the entertainment for me this season and maybe Rachel most of all. She kept things moving whether one likes her or not – this is entertainment. About the others: I don’t know, but suspect many of us would have acted the same way in the House as those who have gone or are still floating. After all, the House is just like Life. Some of us are overbearing, others are calculating, and maybe most of us are just floaters trying not to offend others and make our way through.

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