Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan tells Lane that the proof is in the pudding…

11am Ragan goes to the kitchen to eat breakfast and then goes back to the cabanna room. Ragan starts going over his speech again that he wants to give to Lane. Ragan keeps saying “The proof is in the pudding”
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11:25pm Ragan asks Lane if he has time to talk to him. Ragan goes right into it and says that he is going to ask him a philosophical question that sounds like a straight forward answer. Ragan asks are you here to win a half an million dollars or are you here to give away a half million dollars. Lane says I’m here to win. Ragan says that the proof is in the pudding …actions speak louder than words. Ragan goes right into his whole speech that he has rehearsed all morning. Ragan explains how each member of the jury will vote. Ragan tells Lane that up until this point he hasn’t made any big moves in the house yet… but that this is his week to make a big move. Ragan explains that both Enzo and Hayden are looking out for each other more than they are for Lane. Ragan says that Lane will beat Ragan and Britney in the end but that he wont beat Enzo or Hayden. Ragan says that everyone can agree that Enzo will win this if he makes it to the end. Ragan explains how Brendon will be voting for Enzo and Hayden in the end. Ragan explains that Brendon doesn’t hate Hayden for getting him out of the house because it was the house that voted him out not Hayden. Ragan says that all Hayden has to say is that he thought Brendon was safe and that it was the house that switched. Ragan says that at the end of the day he will still get Ezno and Haydens vote because just think of it as if they voted you out …you wouldnt hate them you would be like hey you got me. Lane says that Ragan has some good arguments. Ragan says that they are already working me for votes. Ragan says that Hayden came up to him last night and said that it is really hard to be up against him. Ragan says that Lane is the one that is going to be cut out of the equation. Lane says that he keeps going back on … how Britney will beat him in the final two.

Lane says that Britney says he will beat her in the final two but that Lane keeps thinking back and knows how many competitions she has won. Ragan explains that in the end if you think of a fair jury member … friendship will be part of it … but that it will come down to who made the biggest moves. Ragan says that this will be the biggest move of the game. Ragan says that its a big move but it is an easy decision to make. Lane agrees is it could be a 500k move if everything fell into place. Ragan says he doesn’t want to beat a dead horse but hinks he made his case and will let him marinate in it. Ragan starts talking again about this being the biggest decision in the game for Lane. Lane asks Ragan what he would do if it had been him, Matt, and Britney at the end. Ragan says he would take Britney. Lane asks Really? Just then someone outside of the house screams Ragan’s name! Ragan says did you hear that I swear to god someone just screamed my name. Right then Big Brother cuts the feeds to the we will be right back screen …


12pm – 12:10am When the feeds come back Lane is in the kitchen making something to eat. Ragan is in the Taj bedroom by himself studying and going over the time line for the events of the house.

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12:10pm Big Brother call for an outdoor lock down. All the house guests get up and head out into the backyard.

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the problem is that he would have to be the tie breaker vote to evict hayden. BUT that would guarantee final 3 at least becasue Enzo would be the next target, or if Enzo actually won (looonnnnggg shot lol) then i am sure he would put up R and B because Lane would be the only friend Enzo had left, most likely making this move would GUARANTEE final 2 for Lane. Brit would take him, make a deal with Ragan to take him and Enzo would take him. Seems like a no brainer, some times the hard decisions are the best to make.

rachel's Nipple

Lane making this move could also make him a target for Enzo when he wins HoH next week (wishful thinking). If Enzo can get the remaining two Brigade out and take Ragan and Brit to final three that would be legend……wait for it…..dary!

Creator and destroyer of the Brigade! fat chance though


The only way anyone would be the big winner of BB12 is to take Enzo into the final 2. Any other combination is a crap shoot!


Justin your exactly right. And no way would Enzo go after lane. He would still want Regan or Brittney out so I agree with you 100%

okc watcher

i hate it when they do that!!


Does anyone think Lane can get Brit to vote hayden out?


I think Brit will do what lane wants. If shes being honest (?) about ragans plan that its a good plan then yes i think he will talk her into it. But in my opinion he wont he will keep it safe and hopefully lose over. Everyone this season likes to talk a big game but have no big moves to show for it.


Brit likes Hayden. She won’t vote him out.

Jimmy Crack Corn

Is the Big Brother house not on a tv sound stage? How can someone just come around and yell Ragan’s name? LOL>

Yep Yep

My son works on the lots as he is in the entertainment business. It seems to me when we drove by the lot, he pointed and said “there is the Big Brother House” so I am thinking it sits as a building and not on a sound stage. Anyone know for sure?

Evel Jim

It’s a soundstage, but in the backyard there is no roof. So someone walking by can yell and it could possibly be heard. And like earlier in the season when they had an indoor lockdown because there was some concert going on in the area and the music could be heard.


let the back stabbing hmm will enzo go along with voting out haden or will it be a tie and lane will have to send him packing let the game begin lol


ragan just need to give it up.that bitch is gone on thursday and thank god.he is going to be in the jury house with his boyfriend matt


why so harsh Mark? What did little Ragan do to you to get you so twisted?


Sounds like an in the closet homophobe.

rachel's Nipple

Nope. Just a super hate monger.


Well I hope Lane really thinks but I dont think he has it in him to go against the BG I think his friendship w/ Hayden is more important to him then the 1/2 million


I don’t see Lane agreeing to this. He and Hayden made a F2 deal weeks ago. I don’t think it matters to them who comes in 1st or 2nd. And as far as I know they have not made a F2 deal with anyone else.

I give Ragan an “A” for effort.


I agree, Lane will take Hayden to final 2 regardless of having no chance of winning. hopefully brit wins HOH and brings some excitement into next week.


i think Hayden has made that same deal with everyone! lol

Who cares

Ragan makes a good argument to Lane. Lane is a big guy and surely loves pudding


this is a valid point 😀


I sure do love pudding.. I love it just a little too much. I found proof in my pudding once. It was awesome


found my proof in a box of Jell-O Pudding Pops…had to finish the whole box to get the proof., gave me a stomach ache but i found my proof.

Kathie from Canada

We went out for dinner and we had to call our waitress over because we had proof in our pudding. She was horrified and called her manager over. Our dinner tab was picked up by the house!! Freebee for us!


we will see if lane really wants to win, for that much money I would send any of them out of the house, there is no friendships in big brother(there is no being friends with these people,LOSERS!!!!!)

okc watcher

It is on a TV sound stage but part of it is outside. You can hear the planes fly overhead.


It will be exciting and some what dramatic-thank goodness– to watch the boys turn on each other. We will get to see their true alegance come out.


We won’t get to see crap, mollydog. The game is going to be simple if the BG keeps the power.

Ragan gone, Britney gone, Enzo gone…final two Hayden and Lane.

If for some reason Britney wins, Enzo gone then Britney gone.

If by some crazy turn Enzo wins, Britney gone then Enzo gone.

It’s a done deal, there will be no backstabbing blah dee blah, its a simple, boring ending.

Even if Hayden and Lane aren’t final two, it won’t be dramatic and eventful, it just means someone that they didn’t plan on winning won a comp


Lane, Kathy and Haydens pics to the right of this page are awesome and first time i looked at them made me lol-literally!

rachel's Nipple

Hayden staring at the sock puppet is the best. It’s like he’s like “who are you and where did you come from?”


OMG I didn’t even notice it until I read ur post… just about fell of my chair laughing!!! HILLARIOUS

rachel's Nipple

Ragan still has some fight left in him! But getting the Brigade to turn on each other will be a very difficult task. Not bloody likely.


its only difficult because all three are idiots,
lets see 2 friends or 500,000 dollars for us its an easy decision, but they were born with no common sense


If anything does happen on Thursday we won’t get to see until 12:30 in the AM because of football. (CST)


If Ragen can convince Lane to vote out Hayden, that will be a great move and shake up things in the house. But it won’t happen. Lane won’t budge from the BG. The Brigade is more imporant than winning to those lugnuts!


I agree it would make things more exciting then they have been and it would be a power move!


Would the Jury look at it as a power move by Lane or a power move by Regan for talking him into it?? My guess would be the latter and Regan would be the one walking away with the 1/2 mil. Way to risky for Lane to even consider it IMHO.


hayden was just watching something that came on living room tv screen about 5-6 mins ago, think it said surprise or something like that…..wonder what that was all about. and if he will share that with others…..also last night, cam 3 I think it was, kept zooming in on the shark in h/n room……wow more lame non/excitement coming up, folks lol

rachel's Nipple

HGs would not stop talking about production and their DRs. They were breaking the rules big time last night.


yeah I know that but what does any of that have to do with what I posted? you realize you were replying to my post about Hayden and tv screen or did you post yours there by mistake?


it relates to your comment because you were talkin about the camera focussing on the shark and he was telling you why that was happennng becuase of all the dr talk

rachel's Nipple

Production told him he can’t give up. They told him to stop bein a bitch and try to campaign or else he would be SSSHHHUNed!


If Ragan pulls this off and gets them to vote out Hayden , this will go down as the greatest move this season.. Not Lane turning on Hayden and voting him out.


OK, the only way Ragan’s plan will work is if Enzo goes along with it, right? or Brittany. I can’t see that happening.


I hope Lane realize that Hayden sold out the BG’s for 5,000 and a Hawaii trip when all there life was up for grabs he felt safe enough to take the prizes but I dont even think they remember that


Lane does know and he told Britney today, Hayden told the BG after he won the stuff.


Yeah I seen that but is he smart enough to realize that shows what kind of Charecter Hayden is he will sell u out for the money. And is Lane really gonna give away 1/2 million for a new found friend that he just met 2 months ago. If he let Hayden slide by he shouldnt win the money


I try to love BB, I watch the feeds but honestly this season really does suck. I wish Matt would have gotten rid of Britney with his DPOV, I don’t know why the hell he didn’t, maybe he kept her in hopes of a threeway alliance with her and Ragan


I don’t know about you guys, but I think Ragan has made a mistake. I think he should not be talking to Lane. He should be talking to Enzo. Enzo knows he will be going before Lane or Hayden. Why not try and guarantee final 3. With Britney and Enzo.


Oh by the way. I can not stand Ragan. So I hope he doesn’t try that.


he needs lane because brit will vote for regan to get out and it would be a tie and lane would be pissed and get Regan out

rachel's Nipple

Hopefully Dawgs next post will be just that. He went to Lane because he knows Brit’s vote is heavily influenced by Lane. He should be working Enzo now. Or maybe he will talk to Enzo alittle closer to decision time.


That sounds like a better plan to me, Lane has nothing to gain by keeping somebody that he knows if he does will turn his back on him the moment he can. Ragan working on Enzo and Brit is smarter, but just as much a waste of time, Enzo is not wavering from the Brigade. Stranger things have happened. I would much rather see him lobbying for votes than to hear him crying and feeling helpless.


Big admiration for Regan’s game play for much of the game and certainly for his recent discussion with Lane. Althought it is the right move for Lane, backstabbing Hayden would be a bold move, but is probably too bold for Lane. Classic old decision of money versus friendship…or really percieved freindship.
Ragan is an enigma; there is much to like about him, including his game play (when un-emotionally thought out), but his over-emotional reactions and some of his truly disgusting comments about 12 year olds and other things are a big disappointment. As for his nasty streak, it has been mostly directed towards a pretty disgusting in-your-face person and not like Britney and somewhat Enzo who are nasty behind almost everyone’s back.


So true.


I agree that he should be talking to Enzo, now that Matt is gone, Enzo is low man on the totem pole. He has a better chance of Enzo and Britney voting Hayden out than Lane tie breaker voting Hayden out


Britney will go along with what Lane wants her to do.. She said to Lane when she was telling him what Ragan said to her, that what Ragan said she can see benefits her
but didn’t know how it benefits Lane.. But, when Ragan was telling Lane himself
he showed him how it would benefit Lane to do it.


Something might be brewing——-12:55 pm BBT  BB announces the Lockdown is over. They moves quickly inside and Lane says he’s going to take a nap…  Britney wanders around. Ragan goes to the Sunset room and gets into bed.  Lane starts up the stairs and says he might work out but he is feeling lazy… and the sun is beating right there… We hear the door open to the HOH room.  Britney wanders to the back of the house.  Enzo says come on yo!  Hayden forages for foot.   

Britney comes out and says there was another bottle of wine in there last night.  Hayden goes outside, then comes right back inside.  Enzo goes outside.  Britney wanders to the counter and says is that your lunch?  He says I’ll eat soemthing else in a little bit.  Britney goes upstairs to the HOH room.  She says did Ragan talk to you?  He says yeah.  She says how did it go?  He says he had some good points.  She says told you!  Lane tryies to talk her into rubbing his inner thigh.  She says no.  Lane says he made some good points…. but… He says I could make a big move, but I could still use Hayden.  Britney says Hayden has given up on me and is trying to take you, Enzo and him.  Lane says Hayden knows he loses to Enzo.  Britney says and both of you all win against me.  

Britney says I’m not naive, the people that are left, I can’t win against.  Lane says I can beat anyone in here.  Britney says you are delusional thinking you will beat Hayden.    Lane says if Ragan stays, he has I have a worst shot of going to the final 2 because it will be harder getting him out.  Britney says Hayden is with Enzo so you have a better shot with me and Ragan.  Hayden will send you home.  Lane says if I get to pick the final 2, I’ll be keeping y ou.  Britney says if Hayden wins the HOH, he will keep Enzo.  If it was you and Hayden – I don’t stand a chance against Hayden, but I like you better and I feel like that is the situation Hayden would be put in, but you know him better than I do.  

Lane says the only reason I think I can beat Hayden… where do you think those prizes went?  She says how will you ever convice the jury of that.  He says because he told me he won them all.  He was really stressed out and wondered if he should tell you.  I told him no so I could use it on him in the end.  She says I kinda knew that because I knew you wouldn’t lie to me.   She says I also thought might have got at least one of them, so that makes me feel better about Matt.  Lane says no one went for the prizes and that is why he won them.   Britney says don’t tell him you told me.  I don’t want him to know that I know.  Lane says he doesn’t want the Hawaii trip.  She says he can give it to me.  

Lane says you see Enzo and Hayden?  She says yes.  I think that Hayden is really desperate for money and his is playing for himself and is willing to do anything to any of us to get to the end.  I think he is playing everyone.  He is guaranteeing that he gets to go to the f2.  She says everyone hinges on that POV.  Lane says you have a better shot at POV than they do.  Lane says they don’t study in front of you, now they don’t do it anymore.  She says that’s why I don’t tell them anymore what the comps are going to be.  Lane says I can easily convince Hayden to keep you over Enzo (no ya can’t…)  Britney says I just feel like anyone that gets rid of me is just dumb, cause I’m playing for $50K rather than 0.  Britney says Hayden is an emotional person.  If I went to JH I wouldn’t vote for Enzo… I’d be the only one but.  Lane sys I know what Hayden is doing and he knows what I’m doing.  He knows I don’t want to get rid of you and that it is strategic.  He says Enzo also said yesterday he knows he has to win everything or go home.  Britney says I don’t want to be mean, but he doesn’t deserve to win this game out of all of us.  Britney says as far as the Ragan stuff goes, you would beat him in the end.  Britney says you think Hayden is going after Enzo?  Lane says yes.


GUYS i find this site more usefull than the live feeds!! so how do i cancel my live feeds? …its been three days can i styll cancel it after free three days??? …thanqqqqq


Ok let’s pretend to be Lane for a moment ok? Ragan is making this proposal that Lane should keep him because Ragan is of the belief that Lane would beat him in the final 2. Ok with that being said, Lane should realize that if he keeps Ragan, with Ragan feeling like he wouldn’t win against Lane in finals, Ragan would be targeting Lane to get out of the house. It isn’t a very well thought out argument from my point of view. Lane knows nobody else in the house is gunning for him, Brit is next target he’s guaranteed final 3., if Brit wins HOH he knows he golden. He lets Ragan stay in the house, he loses Enzo since it would take Britney to vote to evict Hayden, then Lane would break tie. Lane now has 2 enemies out of the 3 people left. Brigade all the way to final 3, then fight it out is the only smart way to play this.


but when you get to final 2 you need to be sitting next to someone you can beat, lane can’ t beat enzo and hayden


Lane will not make it to final 2 if he keeps Ragan. That is my point.


First time back in about a week. (depression sucks, didn’t care what happened in BB after Brendon going home.)

Brit in the HoH bed, Lane sitting down. Talking about Brit and her fiance. I just caught the ending, Brit saying something about that since he is engaged, that he shouldn’t be Facebooking anyone or looking around something like that.

Would Nick want her more for Brit being on the show, or wanting her less since he has been alone for so long.

Then Lane saying something about having great sex for about 3weeks or a month from getting out of the house.

They are talking about what if Nick has intrests else where, what would Brit do if she is left alone at the BB alter (huh?) stuff like that.

I think Lane is trying to see what Brit would do without Nick. He said something like how Brit and Nick are not good together.



So if Nick can’t be close to anyone how come it’s ok for Brit to be close to Lane then?

Lane telling Brit he could be out there right now scoping around LOL.


oops I forgot, time is 4:40pm est.


Holy shit, Lane really feeding Brit bad vibes about Nick LMFAO. Saying how Nicks friends is saying lets party, so he goes with his friends, then his friends tells someone and this someone tells somone else, lets go to the BB final for girls finace house and party. They bring their girlfriends along and maybe Nick is drinking and has fun with them LMFAO.

Lane is a shit disturber.


Lane said Brit could forgive him, Brit says she would never forget. Brit saying something about not making mistakes. Some of the stuff she is saying, she is so naive. She is going to get her little heart broken in a few years.


LOL “Nick has 3 months to do what ever” Lane.


It’s enough time for someone to forget about easy. Not hearing her voice, or seeing her, it’s easy to turn TV off and forget her. Lane


Lane saying they really are not sole mates. Brit saying she will have a really hard time, but when the Denver Broncos come calling to help out (what ever this means) she will do it and leave him behind if he did anything like that.


the problem is in the casting! housemates seem to think just their very appearance on the show will grant so much noderity that the final prize is not that appealing. these people want exposure & a move to LA. I wish casting would cut all the beutiful people & cast some people that REALLY need the $ and the game will be more about gameplay and not these corny friendships & relationships! if the money is no longer the objective…..then BigBrother is no diffrent than MTv’s real world. just my thoughts


why couldnt someone come earlier in the game and scream that hayden,enzo,matt and lane is in an alliance, that would have been GREAT!!!! Someone should have, to stir some shit up


Matt sould have thrown them under the bus, this would really make things exciting then. All you see right now, is everyone talking to Brit and she in non the wiser.


5:09pm est, something about a helicopter hovering over them. they in the back yard looking at it.


Feeds are still going on, I guess it can’t be anything bad then or controversial.


ragan is going to fill like he was played by matt because he trusted matt about his wife being sick.never fall for a marred man ragan


Hayden waving to them like he was stuck on a desterted island.


Well Hayden back in the house now. The excitement seems to be over now.


I hope Ragan leaves and takes his honor, friendship, intergity, and tears with him! Can’t stand that guy.. he just sits on his high and mighty horse. He makes me sick.


when ragan and Britney go, all that will be left are the 3 stooges. And the biggesgt one of all just won a POV! Could have blown me over with a feather when I learned that. Ragan is going this week, Britney will go next week == then what???

The Fat Israeli

I heart sandwhiches. This is funny. I like sandwhiches.