* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo asks Hollywood Hayden if told the diary room that he’s the Cinderella Man..

9:35am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Hayden is in the diary room, when he comes out he comes back to the bedroom. Enzo says that wasn’t so bad. Hayden says no. Enzo asks him if he told them he is the Cinderella Man. (One of Eminem’s songs on his new cd is called Cinderella Man) Hayden gets back into bed. Big Brother calls Lane to the diary room. All the house guests are still trying to sleep. Ragan gets up from the bed in the Taj, grabs his sweat shirt from the jumanji room and heads out into the backyard to lay out in the hammock. Ragan talks to himself …he says this is stupid …I have no shot… this is humiliating. Ragan says that he is never ever going to turn his back on Hayden …and I look ridiculous doing it … its humiliating. Ragan says that if Britney was more on board she would be more enthusiastic …she would do more. I am not going to have a conversation with Lane. Big Brother calls Ragan to the diary room. Ragan says this SUCKS!! This is so embarrassing. Ragan gets up and goes to the bathroom were he washes his face and hair. He keeps saying that this is so embarrassing. Ragan is in the middle of putting gel in his hair and Big Brother cuts the feeds to the “We will be right back” screen.


** Updated **

10:12am The feeds come back. Enzo, Hayden, Britney and Lane are all in the jumanji bedroom sleeping. At 10:22am The feeds switch to the backyard where Ragan is talking to himself again about what he could tell Lane. Ragan is asking are you here for half a million dollars or are you here to give away a half million dollars. Ragan says that he is never going to beat any of the guys. Ragan says that Enzo will win against any one …he doesn’t have a single drop of blood on his hands. Ragan says that Hayden is the same way he will get all the votes …not as many as Enzo though. Hayden says that he has Brendon, Rachels and Kathys vote. Ragan says that Britney will lose against any one she goes up against. Ragan say that the only way a girl will win in the end is if she is up against another girl. Ragan says that it is the same way if he is up against him… it would be a 6-1 vote for him (Lane). Ragan says that Lane wouldn’t win in a landslide against Enzo or Hayden. Ragan goes over the possibilities of what would happen depending on who wins the HOH and the POV. Ragan goes on to say that Lane needs to picture himself in the big blue chair and think about who he wants next to him. Ragan says that Lane needs to think about what big move he made in the game… Ragan says that if he was in the jury house he would be hard press to think of a big move he made in the game. Ragan says that this is the time to make a big move. Ragan says again are you here to win a half a million dollars or are you here to give away a half a million dollars. The proof is in the pudding. Ragan says that both Enzo and Hayden will get Rachel and Brendon’s votes in the end because they were the only ones that stuck by Brendon when everyone was against him. Ragan keeps going over the same thing rehearsing what he will say to Lane to convince him to save him.

10:45am – 11am Britney comes out into the backyard and says good morning. Ragan asks Britney if she wants to hear what he is going to say to Lane. Ragan joins Britney on the lounge chair and goes over his rehearsed speech. Ragan explains the how all the jury votes will play out. Britney is agreeing saying MmmHHmm. …and right .. When Ragan tells Britney that Britney would lose to them. Britney says that she disagrees …and says that they 100% think that she would win against them in the end.

Ragan says that’s just what the are telling Lane because they all want to go to the end with you. Britney says that its really hard to take Lane into things. Britney says that Lane doesn’t get that he wont beat Hayden … she says that Lane doesn’t realize that Enzo is with Hayden more than he is with Lane. Ragan says that he just really needs to find time to talk to Lane today. Britney says that he should … and that she thinks he is in the jumanji room sleeping right now. Ragan asks Britney if she talked to Lane last night. Britney says that she couldn’t because Enzo and Hayden were up there all night and the only time alone she had …she listened to music while he took a shower. Ragan and Britney head inside. Ragan goes into the cabana room by himself… to sit and think …

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To fight for your position in the house is not embarrassing Ragan. Hayden is not Ragan’s friend. Hayden is looking out for numer #1, and that’s himself. To secure a jury vote from Ragan, Hayden was nice and apologetic toward Ragan. It’s psychology 101.
Ragan’s problem is that he’s too trusting. And as the weeks go by, I realize that Ragan has integrity and he will not sell it for any amount of money.
Even if Ragan doesn’t win, I would bet on Ragan to be a great spoke person for any Fortune 500 companies.

dirk diggler

you are kidding right? did you not see the episode where ragan tore rachel apart? he’d be more of a good spokesperson for “bitchy gay men” .


Ragan did not tear Rachel apart. Ragan was defending himself as Rachel was bullying him.


Kidding right he’s a pathetic little gullum no body with class or compassion derides or demeans anyone as much as he has for so little reason. He’s sad and most likely lonely he doesn’t seem capable of being a prof but you say so ok but I would never take a class from someone so utterly mean and defiantly so vindictive. he is an obvious mean queen mentality. I believe that was what equally pitiful rachel tried to say


Did you not watch the feeds and see what they didn’t show you on the episode? Ragan got a bad edit. Watch the flashbacks and see how Rachel provoked him. If someone brought up my dead father to insult me I would have beat the shit out of them. Ragan was brilliant.


they both wrong, just because rachel acted like that, doesn’t mean ragan has to act the same way


sorry, they were both wrong, I really need to pay attention when I’m typing


Agreed. If he wasn’t such an OVER-SENSITIVE PUSSY, he would have thanked Rachel for the cookies and asked her to leave one aside for him because he can’t eat one right now. Instead, he went off on her like a crazy man. Rachel can be obnoxious, but Ragan has some major emotional issues going on.


Ragan did say he gets emotional when it comes to being bullied from past issues..but i agree about the cookie remark..haha thats something i could see matt saying to um lol…but i do feel britney encourages the talks..if you notice enzo would commit how much he liked brendon but now with britney he is turning into gossiping about them..I think sometimes being in the house makes you stop thinking irriationally..and you go along with the group..also at that time ragan was a have not for like 23 days…Anyone who has been a havenot for that long tend to be a lot more emotional..hince why they set the havenot room to be so dredful..and they said this years havenots are the worst room..I agree the walls everything looks dredful..


I think it’s good to try to be the better person as much as possible. However, I wish people would get it in their head that if you provoke someone in their face than you may get back what you give or more right back in your face. You can dictate your own actions but you can’t dictate how someone will respond. So it’s best not to screw with people especially in their face. Besides, it’s not always good to walk away for your own self dignity. He didn’t hit her or anything. He didn’t slam her head in the hot tub or take the hammock and wrap around her neck. From what I remembered he was walking away while he zinged her. If she or anybody else can dish it they better get ready to take it. But normally, that’s not the case with most people who try you.


I think that they both looked like 2 year olds


As soon as she walked in the house, I know she singled him out and said something. I assumed the bleeped word was “fag” and that gave him plenty of reason to do what he did. I didn’t have to see the live feed to know he had every right to punch her in her ugly mouth, and I was proud of him for the way he acted.


Ragan has unresolved emotional issues. Maybe it is from being bullied or because he’s just nuts and in need of medication. Either way, I hope he’s seeing a psychiatrist. Rachel is just Rachel… a loud, obnoxious, party girl.

Dr Poopy Pants

That’s ridiculous, no word ever gives one the right to physically assault someone. Besides, how weak of a person are you if the words of others can control your emotional stability?


How weak is someone who allows others to disrespect them continuously? She used a slur, and most others would have hit her. He didn’t, and I respect him for that, but I would completely agree if he had hit her. I think the route he took was more hurtful, though.


Ragan is just as vile seeing as he can’t let it go and continues to talk about her like 3 weeks after the fight


I thought he handled him self really well in that situation, she is a bitch. He remained fairly calm and his thoughts were shared in a firm manner. I would have lost it. He held onto some dignity. As for Rach there is no such thing.


Ragan is a bitch, Britany is a bitch, Rachael was defending Herself & fighting to stay in the game, just like Brendon…Now that He’s up for eviction He’s crying, but, it was ok when it was someone else…

Gavin's Lola

Defending herself to stay in the game??? She ATTACKED him AFTER she was evicted, so therefore she was just being a BITCH & trying to push his buttons. She started in on him as soon as she walked in the house & then went outside to taunt him because he was a have not & couldn’t eat!!! She got exactly what she was asking for… GO REGAN!!!


Do you think you would see a real man go off like that? Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Sylvester Stallone? Or would they play it calm, keep their emotions in check, and have the other person look like the jerk? Well, what Ragan did made him look like as big an jerk as Rachel. He cries, he bitches, he complains, and he goes off at the drop of a hat. He’s a looney toon.


Why do you think production had rachel go back in? Just to see all the people who were against her? I bet you anything production told her to get back in and cause as much drama as possible.

Kathie from Canada

I completely agree. She was on a mission to stir up crap. The season was becoming the big snooze and she just went in pushing buttons.


they told her to come back in and get matt out lol I so saw the set up..the things she said to the brigade about matt thats when they turned on him..allthough she went on ragan cause he was the only one that was achknowlodging her outburst…the rest ignored it..but she did go on him the hardest and you have your breaking points once again point out that he had been a havenot for over 20days at that time..which ask or go look at any old bb hg videos they will admit it throws you off emotionally wears you down..


Most of them have been fighting to stay in the house. Rachel was fighting to stay in the house but she was also starting fights and drama with people. I understand people not being Ragan’s fan or Britney, but not to the point of defending everything Rachel did in the house because she was fighting. Besides, there is an short article Q&A on the net and they ask Brendon who he would like to see in the final two and he said Ragan and Enzo.


After this boring Big Brother 12 is over, I hope Donald Trump gives Ragan a chance to come on the Apprentice.


he(ragan) sure can talk if he wins he will still be talking but i lobe him tears and all


love him i meant to write




IF production wanted someone to fight to get off the block they should have called Enzo
on his cheating ahd shoving Ragan during the POV contest. Is it any wonder somone’s
spirit is broken when they have to be there everyday and watch someone break the
rules over and over and not get called on it.. Enzo’s the plotter and big mouth , why
didn’t you take the POV away from him and watch him fight to get off the block?
Production and their interference in the game created this situation now they have
to deal with the consequences of it .


you have no idea what you are talking about. you dont know what happened in the POV. so maybe it got a litle rough, maybe it didnt. they called time and went over the situation and decided that the results will stand. ragan lost–his time is over. if production did give into cheating then last year they would have figured a way to keep jeff in the game. they let things play out naturally.


When Enzo was bragging to Hayden and Lane on his performance in the POV competition he admitted he went after Ragan because he was ahead of him when they both saw the
CD. He said he hip checked him on purpose. Both Britney and Hayden said they saw it.
So I guess Enzo, Britney and Hayden also don’t know what they are talking about , because you say so .


I know right..I just looked up a video cuz i forgot but jeff was telling natalie and jordan he got an extra day to be a have-not for taking a sip yup a sip off a gatorade..he got jordan a gatorade and wasnt thinking..the next day he was called in and punished for it…


next season it should be 7 religious whacko nutjobs and 7 agnostic / atheists. Watch the sparks fly.


that would be hilarious

The Playa

these guys dont even fight to stay…
i cant turn my back on hayden..gimmie a f..ing break nell carter….
what an idiot…..why not out the boys alliance in front of the entire house….
dont be scared


At this stage in the game, what good does it do to out the BG? Britney knows the E/H/L are a team and we know for sure Ragan knows it’s an alliance. They have the numbers and numbers are power. If Brit doesn’t win HOH or POV, it’s all about the BG. If everyone says that the BG members aren’t smart and don’t deserve to win, what does it say about the rest of the HGs since the BG played every one of them?


The BG would have been screwed if Brenchel weren’t such strong competetors.

The Playa

by puting it out there it may scare enzo, he’s the key, cuz lane & hayden are going to take each other to the end.


Why haven’t they brough anyone bak .


Nancy Ragan is clearly upset.


I don’t feel sorry for Ragan…he is a big baby and spews so many insults and then thinks he is such a good person…far from it…I hope he has taped all the after darks and shows so he can see what he is really like…Brittney just doesn’t get it…she is a spoiled little brat!

Yep Yep

I feel the same way and have been hoping that all of the house guests have someone who has not only taped the shows but more importantly taped After Dark because that is where their real selves appear… Ragan is a little cry baby… He keeps saying “this is so embarrassing”, just WAIT til he sees his reel after reel of crying constantly. Man up, Ragan… Enzo….what can one say about him except he is the crudest person ever to be on Big Brother. Crude down to his Jersey core. Yo…. Rachel never took responsibility for anything she did so hopefully she will see what we saw…an in your face scank. Brendon, you better watch the tapes too…. and you will see how stupid you looked when you were trying to protect Rachel. You got into conversations that she started without you and you had no business merging into. She didn’t need your protection. Although you were motivated by revenge for Rachel, you really turned around and became a decent fella after she left.


ENZO is by far NOT the WORSE HOUSEGUEST EVER!!! How soon do we forget!!! Did you happen to see the season with TRICKY DICK, DIRTY DICK whatever his name was, but he held the TITLE BYE FAR!!! You LOVE TO HATE HIM AND HATE TO LOVE HIM!!! In the END I loved him because of how his story played out with his daughter but EVIL DICK HAS THE MOST DISGUSTING HABITS OF ALL TIME! (I KNEW IT WOULD COME TO ME IF i GAVE IT TIME)The groping, spitting, smoking, curseing did I say SPITTING ect………………….


Enzo all most always has his hands in his pants and they aren’t even his pants


what gos around comes around ragan


Right on Paula, they all can dish it but he surely can’t take it…..whiners this season is full of whiners

angela melini

These people (all of them) have the worse eating habits. They all smack their food and eat with their mouths open. Didn’t their parents teach them any manners? Gross


I don’t watch the live feeds so I don’t know about the smacking, but just imagine that you have a microphone on every time you chew. The microphones amplify the sounds that are actually being made so it isn’t nearly as bad as it is coming across on the live feeds.


How right u are I have a 2year old who does better then them


do people in the jury house get to see all of the antics? or just the previous shows?

I wonder when we are going to see Kathy, Matt and Brendon arriving at the Jury house or don’t they do that anymore?


Yeah, I’ve been waiting for the Jury House shots/info as well. Previously, they only show the people in the house the previous episodes, not the uneditted stuff (boo!). I want to know if and when people in the jury house start talking to each other and reveal alliances, who won which prizes, once Ragan goes will he tell him he’s the sabetour, etc….


The jury house only get to see a short video of the competitions..thats it…they get there information from other hg who come in…I would love to see if brendon finally told matt how his precious brigade brothers didnt just vote him out..they are the reason he is there by a backdoor lol..


I really wish the producers would show more of the jury house when it gets to this poing. There is no real gme or many competions so it would be more interesting to see the jury. At least for part of the time.


Hey Simon, curious question. Are less people checking your website because they no longer care about the remaining lame houseguests? I know I haven’t been on here much at all. I can’t stand those lame douch bags, especially Lane because of how much I hate the oil industry for destroying our planet, and not to mention their bible thumbing ways…..


Its up and down.. generally this time of year things start to slow down.

Jimmy Crack Corn

Great Site Simon!! Love the comments as well….Are you going to update the BB Nudes sections? 😉 LOL.


Thanks.. if I find some nudes i’ll put them up but right now the nudes are not a priority


Any better ideas for moving people around for $3 per gallon? On the other hand it, I guess you do not have to answer that if you never heat or cool your home via a utility, drive a car, fly on a plane, ride a bus or subway car.


ragan should just be happy with the 20k that he just won.thats more then some of the other people in the bb game has ever got.bont be a greedy bitch.look at the 20k as a blessing and move on


ragan doesn’t need to change a word of his speech to lane, everything he said was perfect, the problem is lane is an idiot and he thinks hayden is his “friend”
they laugh a brenden for having feelings for rachel so soon, but thats the same thing they are doing with each other, I want to scream you just met these people they aren’t your friends


This is the first time for me to check this blog out , I just got one thing to say ,Big Brother 12 this year is the stupidest season shown on air yet, and I would be amazed if they were to film another.

I see where production is always stepping in and playing this game the way they want it played, and it looks a little bit too much planned if you know what I mean.

It’s very predictable .

Dr Poopy Pants

While I don’t like the season either, I wouldn’t say it’s going the way the BB12 people would wish. They’ve been throwing in everything but the kitchen sink (DPOV, multiple Pandora’s boxes, multiple sabs) to keep people interested but nothing seems to work for long


Big brothers ratings are higher then ever…they are actually doing good..the live feeds probably are a bore lol..but the actual edit shows are normal and good..I miss the fierce competitiveness the I want to be in the house..which is now just showing up on these guys..but you cant hate um for being sneaky and playing scared lol well you can but..that is why there in there and might get a vote..


I agree this year seems to be played the way they want it like the firat time Rachel won HOH it should have been Brit because she was the only answer for a while they had to ask for the other 2 several times. And enzo has had no punsichments for ALL the rule breaking he has do e. I have always loved BB but this year was not so good I don’t think BB has been very fair

BigBrothers Big Brother

What the hell is happening to the BB House? It’s like a garbage dump. Discarded towels in every corner, dirty dishes everywhere. I’m betting there’s a bed bug infestation festering there too. CLEAN UP BEHIND YOURSELVES PEOPLE otherwise I’m contacting the EPA!

Dr Poopy Pants

Actually in terms of predictability I would say last season was more predictable while this season was less satisfying. Come on now, I don’t think anyone didn’t think Mr. and Mrs. popular (Jeff/Jordan) weren’t going to win that last highly overrated season, not like I didn’t root for them at one point as well. Sort of a nicer, slightly less annoying, version of Branchel

Then many of us wished that Dan the man would win the season before that and it happened, sort of similar to Matt except for Matt not being as likeable.

Then there was the Adam season which seems like the one closest to this one in terms of interest, couple “Bros” and one female dragged along from a long term (albiet poorly started) alliance from the beginning.


I personally wanted Ragan to stay. He’s not perfect and can be cry like a whinny little byatch sometimes but at least his aware of it. I can understand him not wanting to make a speech to Lane.Lane is going to go right back and tell the Brigade members what he said. It will fall on death ears and Britney isn’t much help to him at all with pleading his case scenario. Even though, she will be following him to the jury house if she doesn’t win HOH or POV.


“We’ve been thrilled with the ratings this summer,” said Allison Grodner, executive producer. She’s been with the show since its second season, when “Big Brother” started to emphasize game-playing over the simple voyeuristic experience of watching strangers live together.

Last week all three of its episodes finished among Nielsen’s top 12 most-watched shows. For comparison, the only thing on Fox to reach that many viewers was an exhibition football game, and the only thing on ABC was Tuesday’s edition of “Wipeout.”

Entertainment Weekly recently put “Big Brother” atop its cultural barometer “Must List,” calling the show “as addictively silly as ever.”

Worst Season Ever

Now that we are down to basically 4 (assuming that Ragan is finished this week) Anyone else consider the options that are left for Final 2 and who would win? Consider…

Lane & Brit.. Lane wins, he will get Brachells vote and what remains of the Brigade
Enzo & Brit… Enzo wins, in spite of potentially being labeled by Brachell as floater I think their hate of Brit and the brigade votes will tip this one… It will be close Brits ONLY chance.
Hay & Brit… Not even close Hayden wins this one too likely a unanimous vote (like the rest of this season 😉 )

Conclusion, Brit is now playing for second, no way for her to win.

Lane & Enzo… Lane wins he will get Brachells votes, Matt, Ragan and Hayden
Lane & Hayden… This one is a toss up… could go either way… Hayden might pull this one out since everyone seems to think that Lane is rolling in dough and plays golf and eats out for a living.

Conclusion If Lane takes Brit, or Enzo to the end with him he wins… Hayden? Maybe not.

Hayden & Enzo… Not even close Hayden collects the Brigade, Brit, Brachell and Matt too… likely unanimous.

Conclusion if Hayden is in the Final two I can’t see how he can lose.