Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brits too short for the Competition she’s worried ND will win

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:00pm Backyard Brit, Brendon, Hayden and LAne practicing. Brit asking him if NeedleDick is any good at it. Lane asks who is that you mean BRendon… says that Brendon sucks at it. Hayden is sure they are going to win this competition, he tells LAne that this HOH is his. Hayden and Lane try to give Brit some tips on how to do the comp. Brit makes excuses that she’s too short and can’t see where the ball is lined up when she ready’s her shot. Matt and Ragan are there, Brit asks Ragan wheres he been and Ragan answers in the DR. Brit didn’t hear him getting called in, Ragan says he went in. Ragan and MAtt start to practice, lane and brit go to play pool. enzo and hairdo head into the hot tub.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:25pm Hot tub Enzo and HAyden Enzo saying that they have to win the HOH then they have it in the bag. Hayden is positive they are going to win, they’res 3 of them fighting for it. Enzo knows comments that by the looks of things they’ll win this competition. Hayden points out that the comps are always different than the one they let them practice.

11:49pm Matt, Enzo, Hayden, Lane and BRit. Brit tires to starts up some Brendon bashing but Brendon comes out to practice on the apparatus. BRit starts talking about her HOH blog, Enzo is having a side conversation with Hayden and Lane about football. Brendon joins them.. Ragan is inside the rest are around the hottub. 11:57pm Ragan joins them talk is on the double eviction. MAtt is saying that he’s not sure theres a double elimination but it still double. Ragan doesn’t think so because there is too much stuff to set up and they haven’t called a lock down yet. Brit agrees thinks theres no way they can set up 3 comps in the little time they have left.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Enzo and his wife .. More pics here


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205 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brits too short for the Competition she’s worried ND will win

    1. I”ve never seen an ugly bride so this picture doesn’t count. I want to see some candid shots of her. Regardless, he definitely married up…..way up. I thought I’d seen and heard it all out of this house until the comments Regan made earlier today. How can somebody make jokes about r**** and molestation and then say something about 12 year olds. I hope he gets some major repurcussions out of that when he leaves the house.

        1. It is hard for me to be nice about the Italian “pony” I looked at the pictures and I noticed in one of them he was smoking, didn’t he make fun of Kathy for smoking? Also his wife is pretty but did anybody notice that she had a nose job? One last thing I noticed, his brother is very good looking, so that would make him the ugly brother!! inside and out!!

          1. I noticed in the majority of the wifey’s photos, she does not look into the camera straight on. She has a side tilt. Maybe she is showing off the nose job.

          2. First of all…why do you care if she had a nose job? And who cares if his brother is better looking than him? I for one don’t care for Enzo, but I’m not going to sink so low as to care about his wife’s nose, whether or not he was smoking a cigar in a photo or who is the cuter brother.

      1. I hope someone says something to Ragan about that as well. I mean how can you get mad at Rachel for calling you gay (when you are) but make jokes with Matt about 12 year old boys in your cave? That;s not a joke that’s serious, if he didn’t mean it in a sexual way. No grown man should be in a cave with 12 year old boys.

    2. Gotta be something wrong with her. Maybe she’s punishing her parents. I can not imagine listening to penzo talk for more than 30 seconds. I just looked at the clock imagining him talking but, yo I only lasted 4 seconds. He’s so crass and when he chews, I hit the mute. Actually when he talks I hit the mute. Between him scracthing his penguin balls and watching Brendumb and Hairden flicking boogers every where, I’ve decided this is the sadest group of people in BB history. Lame says something rude and then says it’s because he’s from Texas. I’m sure the state of Texas must be very proud of him. Raging turned into another Rachel, and Brendumb may act nicer but he’s still an ass. And Britch used to be mean funny but now she’s just mean. I’m a Matt fan, if it wasn’t for him the BG wouldn’t still be there. They turned on him. He’s probably still thinking tonight that they’re just messing with him. And yes, he did campaign against Raging but don’t tell me he wouldn’t have done the same thing.

    3. Enzo is so full of words! Looking at the family album you can see they have a great family and lots of friends. They also have a large wardrobe, extravagent parties and a lavish honeymoon to several European countries. Now who do you suppose planned all these events? Who paid for all these events? Can anybody see Enzo putting in any of the work or do you think he sat back, talked shit about , well everything, and let wifey put it all together for him? Wise cracking works in sales, but we’re not seeing any substance here on the BB lot. Most of what he says … who the f**k cares — what does he do? He donated wedding gifts to charity. Good for him, but makes me want him to go home all the more.

    1. Questions: Were you fired by this person Allison?
      What’s with all the Allision negative comments?
      When will it stop?

      1. I seriously have truly wanted to know what Allison did to this guy to make him hate her so much. We all can get mad at producers but why is she so important to Qaz that he spends most of his life insulting her.

        1. QAZ, If I ever make it on Big Brother, I am giving you, Simon, and Dawg a shout-out. That AG stuff is priceless. I even thought of filling in for you while you were away for those few days.

    1. Your taste in women is clearly awful. I have Allison Grodner’s number if you want it. Wait, no that’s here weight. Ah! Here’s here number. Got it. Lemme know if you want it.

      1. No, Allison’s your babe. I’ll let you keep her. You know you want her and her box of donuts! Actually, my favorite chick right now is Candice Swanepoel. ;-)

    2. Enzo’s wife has that natural beauty. She looks soft so it’s easy to look at her. Britney looks manufactured, hair and all, and the worse part is when she opens her mouth, nasty, just nasty.
      Enzo and his wife are a cute couple.

    3. Enzo’s wife is kind of cute but Britney is about ten times hotter. I don’t even get why you’re comparing the two?

  1. Didn’t Enzo say Britney didn’t need the money because she has traveled the world? Looks like he and his wife had a nice time in France and Italy shopping at Gucci! Lucky girl! :)

    1. Lol BAB. Your exactly right. I was thinking the sa
      exact thing. This guy has some nerve saying Brit doesn’t deserve the money and she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. This guy still has a silver spoon in his mouth. This guy is living the life and has the nerve to talk about other people. And where are the pics of his baby daughter? Could he be lying to get votes? They really should try and put people who seriously need the money on shows like this. Hell I couldn’t even afford a wedding when I got married. I live in an apartment. My grandmother is 86 and still works hard for a living. I’ve never been out of the united states. Now im not saying that I should be on the show but I would like to see someone in my position win the 500k then someone like Enzo who obviously has it alot better off

      1. You live in an apartment? Is that why you’re hating on Enzo? You resent the fact that a happily married man with a baby is in the position to win some money? Oh, cry me a river.

        1. If it was about who was the poorest and needed the money the most, they should do Big Brother 13: Homeless Bum edition.

          1. I didn’t mean to have homeless people on here. The person who brought this whole thing up is Enzo by saying Brittney doesn’t need the money. Well obviously Enzo doesn’t either. He has said plenty of times that his wife has money. So if Enzo believes that it should go to people who need it. Then put people on who are living pay check to pay check.

            1. Mike, that was my point! He talks about his wife having money and then we see nice trips of him traveling Europe. Most people do not have the luxury of traveling like that on honeymoons. Keep in mind how bad the economy was a few years ago!! Maybe it was gift but to travel but who is he to speak of others?!

              1. Hey bab I hope you don’t think that bad messege was meant for you. I meant it for the guy who said I don’t like Enzo because he has money. And then attacked me personaly

        2. Hey jerkoff. If you read my post I said that who is he to say someone doesn’t need it when he obviously doesn’t need it. And the reason I don’t like him is because how he calls women bitches and c*nts. That’s why I don’t like him. Why don’t you keep your comments about the HGs because abviously your one of those people who will talk crap to someone online but hall no balls to say it to there face

    2. Yes he did, and yes she does. He went on a honeymoon with his wife which is what a lot of couples do when they get married, but Brit is not married and travels extensively for someone crying broke. It’s her right she can do that, but I guess her version of broke is not having as much as she would like to have.

      1. Didnt she go to New York and Spain for her college course (Hotel Management?) And really, how is going to New york travelling the world? I’ve seen a lot of countries and Im broke. I just save up a few dollars and go. Doesnt mean your rich, just you have different priorities.

        And if her step dad was generous and sent her places, that’s not her money and she’s lucky not spoiled.

      2. bbfan, a lot of people I know do not have the time and money to travel Europe on their honeymoon! Most go to the beach, moutains or on a cruise. Point is, he obviously has money and shouldn’t worry about a 22 year old and where she’s been!

  2. I looked through all the pics — kind of weird that her wedding pics from 4 years ago would be on facebook … but no pics of her daughter?

    1. I thought they were from myspace, but I’d have to look back again to see. Once was enough for me. Maybe she used myspace then and switched to fb? Just a thought, but then again…don’t care.

    2. That’s not awkard at all. Many people don’t like to put their children’s picture on the internet for fear of them falling into the wrong hands like pedophiles. And being a new mother and now single for the moment maybe she is very busy.

      1. Look at all the comps it looks like they can be fixed with magnets or tailored to certain players. Look at the tapes of the POV tonight Matt and others were trying to earn points and they said that the button seem like it didn’t work. It just seems like the fix is in for it to play the best for the viewing audience.

    1. If that’s the case they must be letting us know that Hayden will win also, because he walks around saying he’s going to win. Or maybe they told Ragan he will win with as much time he spends in the diary room, and studying.

  3. Lane – arrested watchers. I’m wondering if it was his brother who got the record and Lane was released with being charged? If Lane didn’t get anything on his record, BB probably wouldn’t care — plausible denialability and all that jazz.

  4. I don’t see how the stupidest people in the house, are the ones that are winning?
    & I’m pretty sure Britney couldn’t get any stupider. She complains about everything, and she says the rudest things about Brendon, when he’s actually being nice to her.
    I also don’t get why everyone hates Ragen so much? He’s the nicest one in the whole house.
    If Matt, Brendon and Ragen don’t make it to final two, I’m gonna stop watching. Their the only ones left fighting.

    1. well, your logic is kinda flawed there since say final two and list matt brendon and ragan. i could see them making it a final three like survivor which would suck but cbs doesn’t have smarts in that area. you see, all the smart people are working in the csi and ncis area because for some reason people are still watching those shows, but when it comes to rules and rigs in reality shows they are run by malfunctioning androids who are paranoid and depressing. shout out to hitchiker’s guide.

      1. She won’t make it to the final 3. Don’t be too surprise if Hayden and Lane drop out before Ragan and Brendon.

    2. The beauty of this whole thing is when the show is over, and they all would have to go back home, and face their friends and co workers.
      It’s going to be Ragan who has the most to lose. He’s a professor, and the way he’s carrying himself on the show, in my opinion, demonstrates lack of self control & integrity.
      I wish he had some self control when Rachel and Brendon approached him. Had he done so, America would’ve fallen in love with this man. Big mistake Ragan. Big mistake and it was over a young lady who has less education, intelligent and wisdom than you do. How sad!

      1. I agree. Reagan hits below the belt. I would think with his education he would have been more tactful. I expected the dumb crap from Rachel but I expected more class from Reagan. I actually felt bad for her when Reagan went off on her the way he did. Not because everything he said was so far off but that he said it at all. I would think a college professor would need to sign a morality claus??

    3. Are you reading the spoiler comments?…Ragan is vile with his comments, he is head to head nasty with Brit and their bashing. You must have missed all of those quotes from Ragan.

  5. I bet Ragan was in the DR saying, “WTF, BB, there is no way I can win this comp … why should I even try … just send me to jury house right now.” IMHO, Ragan realized this week that the game is fixed and I believe most of the time only the 20k + stipend are keeping him from pushing the exit button.

    1. He has won something so who cares let him go home. They (Matt, Ragan, and Brit) are a whining hypocrytical set of douche bags. Brendan and Rachel started it with the complaining about the game being fixed and not fair, and Ragan and Brit and Matt thought they were SOOOOOOOOOOO ridiculous, and not showing sportsmanship, and now like Ragan has said many times KARMA. I mean these people really need to think about the things they have said. Now Brit is complaining about being too short, and when Brendan said the game was rigged for short people she thought he was stupid. I really hope Julie plays the tape back for these three on the night they get evicted, and then ask them was that not showing sportsmanship. And Ragan and Brit are the only ones soooooooooo obsessed with Brendan and Rachel, no one seems to being them up to trash talk but these two. I mean their lives certainly can’t be that bored that they need to focu on people they say they can’t stand.

  6. Enzos wife is hot. What ever did she see in him. Is it the balding head? Is it how he calls women c*nt or b*tch? Is it that stupid thing he does with his mouth? Is it the fact that he plays with himself 24/7? Oh maybe she’s blinde. Either that or really really stupid

    1. Looks can be deceiving as they say. Maybe wifey is as obnoxious as Enzo because otherwise how could she put up with him. He should never say Brit doesn’t need the money because he was quoted as saying “wifey has money”. At any rate, I am sure wifey has to be proud of her head patch man with his eating habits and fiddling in his pants. He’s a waste…. all talk, no action. I always laugh when I see he has said “he’s ready to win”. That’s a laugh.

  7. I’d say the fix is in. BB this year has turned into a joke and it’s on all of us for watching. It looks like after tomorrow I’m done.

  8. Enzo’s wife is very attractive but their friend Celi,,, damn!!! Why couldn’t she have been on this season?!?! Enzo must behave much differently at home otherwise I can’t figure out why she would be with him unless she likes him for his ability to make her laugh. I know everytime he says “I got this hoh yo” I bust out in laughter!!

  9. Enzo’s wife must be the female version of Brendon to have married Enzo. Talk about love
    being blind she is the one with the money and brains and yet she settles for him.. Didn’t he
    say she was the rich one and was an investment banker? If her judgment with money is
    anything like her judgment in men, I wouldn’t let her handle a nickel of my money .

  10. I have been reading around and there has been word that if Enzo is not penalized for his constant cheating then the past house guests that were penalized for not following the rules (Jen, Kevin, Jeff and Chima) can all sue CBS productions because they were penalized for breaking the rules and one man has not been penalized when he has had multiple offenses.

    That also goes for the current house guests because they have to follow the rules, but Enzo doesn’t? So if CBS doesnt do something about it Big Brother may be making news headlines because someone may take action.

      1. Basically not playing by the rules, sneaking food, which he was already warned weeks ago, and still continued to do it this past week. He also does not wear that costume like he should, the head is never on. Enzo has his own rules on the show, and CBS is allowing this. What a joke, and for all you Brittany bashers, yes she does act very immature, but she is very nice to the eyes, nice body, forget the lazy eye!

    1. Nope. They are contracted actors, playing roles in a reality show. There is no obligation on the part of CBS to be in any way fair vis a vis the “competition”.

    2. The only chink in that armor would be if the past BB HG’s signed different contracts with different terms, which I’m betting they did. There’s no telling what the current HG’s contracts stipulate for penalties. I think we are all hoping in vain. Enzo’s not going anywhere. Believe me, I wish he were too.

  11. I am so sick of Britney’s bashing Brendon. This mean and ugly inside girl should not be in the finals. Hoping that Brendon realizes that soon. I would like to see Brendon and Ragan final 2 and Brendon wins it.

    1. What about Brendon, using the “C” word constantly and Enzo also, come on, don’t just rule her out, there are other idiots also, talking shit, you have you ears focused only on Brittany.

  12. I think Brendon has a “Pygmalian Syndrome” … He should change his name to Professor
    Henry Higgins… He thinks he can turn that sow’s ear Rachel into a silk purse… Didn’t
    his exfiance say that he tried to change her into his idea of what a woman/girlfriend/wife
    should be like?

  13. I hope Brendan is the one to send BrIt home, I bet she will cry even harder then Monet. And boo hoo when she see’s the tape where she’s been played. She will see Brendan wasn’t the one stupid she was, because at least Brendan knows the house is gunning for him, she has no clue, and they are gunning for her harder then gunning for Brendan. I mean how much dumber can she get, when she has Ragan someone she says is her friend telling her they are coming after her, and she does not believe him. But she can tell Ragan she has his back, but I guess she doesn’t believe Ragan has hers. This girl is DUMB she keeps saying she would never vote against Lane, and you never hear Lane say he would never vote for her except to her face. MAJOR DUMMY.

        1. BTW- I think America’s choice should get $100,000 because it’s the viewers who know the whole story behind all the lies and back stabbing.

          1. Actually, America only knows the edited version of events that is shown on network television. The % of live feeders is nominal, and BB Production paints a much different picture of events in the house versus what really happened. Your suggestion would not be fair at all.

              1. even people who comment here don’t even read the blog posts nor even look to see who is nominated so it would not be fair at all to let America vote. America’s Player, CDT? anyone remember those flipping flops

  14. Ragan is a whiny little crybaby. I can’t wait till we don’t have to listen to him anymore.

    Nobody left in the house deserves to win except Brendon. At least he had the balls to take the punishments and didn’t go for all the prizes, like sneaky little Hayden.

    1. Brendon HAD to take the punishments, there wasn’t an alternative for him. He has to win either HOH or POV every week in order to stay in the house. Hayden was smart for taking the prizes, for one nobody knew who was taking the prizes, and two he didn’t need to win POV, he wasn’t on the block, and knew Britney wouldn’t put him up. Hayden is very capable of winning competitions, he CHOOSES not to and that is playing smart. He is the only person in the house that is liked by everyone so if he makes it to the Final 2, unless it’s against Brendon, Hayden will win.

      1. I can understand your logic, and I know you might be right, but God, I hope Hayden does not win. Anyone but him, Ragan and Britney…. If it comes down to those three, I would rather see Ragan wins. That’s how much I don’t want Britney and Hayden to win.

  15. Judging by last night’s episode, Matt clearly has no clue what’s actually going on- there is no diabolical plan- nothing. However, Ragan appears to be getting it- he even told Brittany that if Matt goes next then they’re the next two to go, and he’s exactly right. SO… what difference does it that Matt screwed him? If he’s starting to figure everything out then why not figure out how to keep Matt? It’s the only chance he, Britt, or even Brendon have. He only needs to sway either Brendon or Lane, and Brittany would be the deciding vote- then its Bren, Brit, Matt, Ragan in final four.

    1. Getting Matt out is smart move for everyone, Why would you want to keep someone in the game that is better at it than yourself ? Getting rid of Enzo will do absolutely nothing in this game except get rid of the weakest player. Is that a smart move? If Enzo goes because he’s not following rules, then so be it, the house has to vote out Matt, or they will regret it in the end. Same situation as last week, Matt should have used DPOV to get rid of a strong player, but he made a dumb move and put up Kathy, the weakest player at that point, now that move is biting him in the azz.

    2. Matt should go to Brendan and say “look man, the Brigade has been here from week one. I got a little full of myself thinking I could win this game AND keep all of that intact but I screwed up. But you and I can still do something about it because if you think they are going to keep you around you are crazy. I regret trying to go that route but now I need to play this game hard and for myself like I have been this whole time.” It outs the Brigade, it forms a new, stronger alliance, and it keeps Matt in the house. Not sure if he deserves it at this point but I want to see that happen.

  16. Enzo has game!

    Very pretty wife and now I see how he can talk his way through big brother without doing anything. :D

    Thanks for posting the pictures simon!

    And here I am thinking Enzo is all talk, LOL!!

      1. Then why did she marry him? Listening to him is like nails on a caulk board. Brandon is getting better now I fast forward Enzo. Why would anyone put up with him?!?! And they think America loves a liar, back stabber, and a slacker?!?! Employers of America can see this guy is worthless, a yes man that if given the chance will slack his way through the day. Last night in front of Matt and Haydon he made a glass of Ovaltine and milk. The camera men zoomed in on them. The look on their face was priceless. And Enzo was talking about the olvatine and milk while he made it then drank it!!! And that is ok with production?!!? He’s a cheater and a slacker then bitches about the other players!!!!!!! Yet the rules don’t apply to him?!?!

    1. Listening to Enzo talk about his “Wifey” I can see he adores her and has a lot of respect for her. Thats what she sees in him. She might be a little upset with the money comment tho when he gets out.

      As for the gross bodily functions in the house. I couldn’t imagine having a camera/mic on me 24/7 for 2.5 months. Wow! Think about it.

  17. Did Brendon really approach Brit about a deal with her & Ragan? I haven’t seen the actual conversation posted anywhere. She told Lane it was like 3 different times

  18. Ever notice how Brendon is the only one not talking ugly about anyone and actually full-out playing the game. All others are immature and have malicious intent every time they open their mouths. Sure hope someone puts Britney, ugliest personality to ever come out of the state of Arkansas, where she belongs—-OUTTA THE HOUSE.

    1. Finally I can agree with the star of bigbrother online LOL!

      You’re exactly right Grandma and I can’t see anyone saying it better than you just did!

    2. tru, true. im starting to like him. but maybe this is the real brendon? cause when the witch was around, he was a total asshole. but his ex-girlfrend seems to think different of himm. maybe he’s like a camillion, blends in with the color.

    3. Yes, I have noticed that from the begining and they accused to B/R of playing personal. Last time i checked, when you attack someone verbally, especially non-stop- It IS personal. Those two are knuckle heads (brit and ragan) if they think they have played this game with integrity and honesty. They forgot their medication at home.

    4. Brendon has and continues to say things about other HG’s, he is not a saint…not nearly as much as the rest but I have to disagree here.

    5. Grandma – Brendon is horrible too. Same deal with Jeff last year. He was a saint on BB, Brendon gets the same fuzzy glow around him in the edit as well. BB pooped themselves when he hooked up with Rachel, they were desperate for a showmance and got a great one. Not as porn as Ollie and April but more along the lines of Romeo and Juliet. Brendon playing the role of Juliet in this case. Women all over the US were oozing all over themselves. Brendon and Rachel. They met and fell in love. He treats her good, he loves her even when she is a bitch and acts out. He calms her down, rubs her back., he is the ultimate man and the viewing public are eating it up.. on the feeds you see Brendon flapping him gums about Brit, Ragan and Matt and he is not nice whatsoever. Of course he has had the houseguests talking smack about him too so it’s give and take. BB is just not showing him be mean. They need a hero to save the day and Brendon is the hero this year.

      1. SIMON AND ROCKSTAR I DID NOT MAKE THIS COMMENT!!!! It doesn’t even sound like me. Simon, please check this out. I do not like someone using my ID!

    6. Stop attacking BBGrandma and watch your language!
      She is an onlinebigbrother icon and deserves respect!
      I’ve got your back BBGrandma!

      1. Thus that being said, I cannot bring myself to support Brendon. He was a major pain throughout the B/R days, when they bullied and trash-talked everyone.
        Just because he has changed his tune since Big Red left and realizes that he must work with the others, does not obviate his earlier actions.
        With Matt leaving I am having a difficult time liking anyone that is left. If pressed, I would say Ragan and/or Britney and that is all. The remaining members of the Brigade have shown their true colors and deserve nothing in return for their betrayal of Matt who carried them so far.

    7. I DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE but I do not like you using my ID to get your point out there. If you can not come up with your own ID, I can FAKE and FRAUD! I would never say anything like this about Britney and I would not at this time be choosing Brendon. I have said that my favorite for the week only is Ballon Boy Hayden. I do not have a favorite for the win as of yet. Please everyone that has commented after this comment, it was not me and I am very upset that someone could be so low as to use someone else’s ID.

        1. Grandma – glad you found an imposter.. it’s hard to figure out who is who sometimes. there are some people who you might think is your bud but they are slamming you in another post when they pretend to be someone else..

            1. LJ – you don’t even know the half of it… just be careful who trys to bond with you here, the walls have eyes, ears and a keyboard… you made yourself known to be a Grandma friend, that means you must pay.

  19. Brit is pretty stupid, actually even dumber than Lane for not seeing through his BS, and that’s seriously dumb. Hayden is actually playing the game smart believe it or not. He gets along with absolutely everybody and has never been on anyone’s radar. He does win some things, has had an HOH. He buddy’d up to Brendon and Rachel keeping him in the game during Rachel’s second week. He has the “Athletics” alliance, a final 2 with Lane, the Brigade, and he gets along with Brit. Plus he got the 5 grand and the vacation without anyone knowing about it to the point that Matt gets the blame and Hayden gets what he wants in seeing a tough competitor go home. As far as being manipulative, really Hayden is probably the best in the game right now at it whether you like or dislike that type of floater game play.

    1. You are so right about Hayden. Nevertheless, I want to see “scoobie doo, where are you?” to go to the jury house.

  20. I’ve read several things in the last couple of days that haven’t been brought up lately: Enzo cheating on have nots sneaking food– can they give him a penalty vote if is not caught on camera? Wouldn’t the dr have told him by now that he has a penalty? Second, I read that either Lane or Hayden was suspicious of Ragan hiding something in a white laundry bag, then hiding the bag behind the bed– they said Ragan acted nervous that one of them caught him hiding something …I don’t think there’s anyone to “root for” right now… I always thought that the hardest player is most deserving, but I don’t want Brit to win the money–I feel like I want Matt to stay, but after everything he’s said and done, he shouldn’t get the money either… Ragan deserves the money over the floaters, but once again his mouth has gotten him into trouble. I hate to write it, but I think I want Brendon to win…

  21. One more thing: i can’t stand how everyone in the house is down on Matt for throwing Ragan under the bus. Excuse me, but isn’t that EXACTLY what the brigade is doing to HIM, as well as Bratney turning on Ragan????

    1. Throwing Ragan under the bus was stupid. If he wanted to stay, he should have told Brit and Ragan about the brigade. If he did that, he would have accomplished a lot more. It would have planted mistrust in Brit about Lane’s loyalties. And Matt probably wouldn’t have gone on the block. By throwing Ragan under the bus, all he did was show Brit that he can’t be trusted. If he will turn on his best friend, then how can she expect him to not stab her in the back? Sure he is trying to stay loyal to the BG, but they are the ones that campaigned to get him out. Super genius he is not. Before I watched the episode and saw Brit and Matt’s DR sessions, I thought Brit was an idiot, but even though I wish she would stop listening to Lane, I understand why she chose to put Matt up.

  22. ^^Exactly what BB Grandma said, every word of it.
    I’m rooting for Brendon, because he seems like the only decent person in the house. I hope Brittany gets a brain tumor, and then gets hit by a bus.

  23. I do not think I can keep watching BB if Matty leaves because if BB would not had NOBODY’S button but Brendan’s working then Brendan would be still on the block. Matty would not be up and probably going home. I do no think it if fair to make comps in favor for one player. So as that said if BB does not do something in Matt’s favor tonight- I am Done being a faithful veiwer all these years. Maybe next season will be more interesting but if BB does not start punishing the House guest for breaking he rules then next season why have any rules in the house if rules are ment to be broken? I am still team Gremlin and will be until he walks out the door. Sure he has had a bad week and his popularity has been down but it is only because he wants to believe in his allience that he has had from week 1. I believe he would have taken Hayden, Enzo and Lane to the end. Hopefuly next year they will have an All star because I cannot hack the looks of the Big Brother house without Matty ( he does make it interesting). Team Gremlin all the way until he is out the door. Then for me it is no more BB this year for sure!

    1. someone posted last week “you watch, Brendan will win POV” and sure enough, he did. That was the most rigged game I’ve ever seen. I usually don’t care if they rig this or that- or at most make a game that favors one player over another, but that one bugged the crap out of me. And Brittany getting mad- she had no idea who was or wasn’t trying- she didn’t get any punishments either, and no one accused her of not trying! I wish I knew what her thoughts will be after she watches this show. Production rigged it AGAINST Matt, because they are done trying to help him win.

      1. I suppose if brenden wins one more hoh in the next two weeks, it will be even more of a conspiracy?? Enough is enough. He’s playing the game that much harder for himself than anyone else in the house right now. It’s 6 against 1. I respect him that much more for his determination considering all the odds (5-6 people) stacked up against him and he continues to bull doze through them. GO brenden !!! I hope he wins HOH tonight and sends ragan or britney home. Atleast he is winning comps, he deserves to be there more than anyone else for that alone.

  24. brendon doesn’t need to say anything to be a douche bag, the whole house is well aware that he is. and britney is just a riot and i love her. the shadiest people in the house are clearly the brigade members, everyone of them besides lane would turn on any other member if they thought it would further them in the game. enzo and hayden re the 2 biggest losers and the worst players i have ever seen, i just wish britt was smart enough to have put up hayden instead of matt. like come on brit, you dont see the alliance? and you dont see brendon making good with them?. you really think a pack of meat heads like that are going to keep you till the final 4?

  25. I’m on team Brendon. After what the did to Matt, the Brigade is dead in my eyes; a team of bozos and losers. Brendon still has some serious character flaws but he is playing hard to stay and you gotta give him props for that.

    Britney is cute but is easily bamboozled. She is snubbing her nose at Matt & Ragan, two people who would have her back, and sticking to lane who is marinading her to feed to the sharks.

    Ragan; why bother rooting for him. He’s given up already in his mind. He has $20K and he wouldn’t care if he was voted out to the jury house now so he could be stress free, with his buddy Matt.

    Sorry Matt, you got a raw deal and it’s only partly your fault.

      1. Sounds like you have a nice setup there. I’m thinking the same. It’s going to be me and the TV tonight. Turning the phone off.

  26. Matt is probably not going to tell on the Brigade because if he outs the brigade and stays and then still ends up going next week to to the jury house, there goes 3 votes, plus Kathy and Rachel.

  27. American Hates Enzo BB! So quit giving us OLD* pictures of his him and his wife trying to force us to like him. We do not like him!! Letting us have those pitures are they trying to tell us that this next comp is going to favor him? Let the cheating stupid clown win! That is not smart on BB part because the public is taking your possible hints. Go home Enzo and ding up some new pictures of your wife!!! (Not saying she does not look way better them him because she does How can she stand him she has to see how he feeds her a bunch and crap all them time because that is how he plays his game.)

    1. Wifey is an investment banker, according to Enzo. So that means she has to have a computer. And if she is any kind of curious wifey, let’s hope she has taken a gander at the comments herewith. But then again, I doubt we are saying anything about Enzo that she doesn’t already know. Can’t imagine being around that dork for 5 seconds. Maybe she’s as bad.

      1. enzo’s wife did an interview on line, she defends him, says he eats like a gorilla at home but outside he eats normally.

  28. How is the double elimination going to work? Will they do one tonight and one Sunday night? Gonna be kinda boring once Matt is gone, although I don’t approve of him lying about his wife being ill, he IS entertaining. All the rest of the houseguests are boring and two faced… Brendon is tolerable now that Rachel is gone. Bet the jury house will be more interesting. I hope Brithney goes home after Matt, serves her right for being so nasty all the time.

  29. I would love to see Britney and Ragan in the final two. I will be sorry to see Matt go, but for me that stupid lie about his wife and his screwy game play makes him unworthy of walking away with the big money. He’s not as smart as he thinks he is. I truly detest the Brigade’s sense of entitlement and don’t want any of them to win. Why is Enzo so untouchable that he doesn’t have to follow the same rules as all the other have-nots in the house? I’m hoping that the fact that the houseguests don’t think production has enough time to set up a double elimination means that Enzo will be called out for his multiple violations and kicked out on the live show. I honestly think that Enzo believes himself to be the next big sensation in the world of show business and he’s pulling diva crap already. Come on CBS, if you wish to at least try to maintain the fiction that you run an honest competition, Enzo needs out of there.

    1. Enzo got it like that! LOL
      Enzo is a natural leader. I like his sense of humor.
      If Matt goes to the jury house tonight and for some reasons, Brendon doesn’t win, I hope Enzo takes it all. You guys see how Hayden is already trying to team up with Lane to out Enzo?

      1. Also, Enzo is the only guy who is smart enough to stay off the HOH bed while Britney and Rachel were HOH. You know, wifey is watching.

      2. Enzos the biggest jerkoff I’ve ever seen on tv. You must be his friend. I feel bad for you because he must talk so much shit behind your back. I’ll admit Enzo was funny at first. But if you watch the live feeds he’s a different person. Why say stuff the way he does about people behind there backs. Obviously he is homophobic the way he talk about Regan. And he obviously doesn’t have respect for women by the things he calls them. That’s why people don’t like him. It has nothing to do with anyone being jealous.

  30. Although I don’t think it is fixed, I do think they use competitions to manipulate outcomes. It is a tv show and they make money based on ratings. Maybe they should post the scheduled competitions once the HGs are inside. Then no one can say “they did an endurance because Matt is good at endurance”.

    Suggestion to BB: Do a weekly “America’s Play” where the audience picks a HG and an action they can choose to do for two or three grand. Ragan making $20k for doing not much of anything was so not worth it. I think Pandora’s box would have been better if the HOH had to randomly pick one of the three. It appeared the DPOV was given to Matt directly and the other two got screwed.

  31. I know they say this game includes lying and scheming but this cheating is getting out of hand. It’s never been this way before. I know this season is boring but still. I wish Matt would out the Brigade or at least tell Brit and Bren what Enzo really thinks of them. That’s what the game is about. They all call Matt a hypocrite but what are they doing?

  32. As far as the game, this is the first season (watched all but 1st season) where I don’t care who wins. Hayden has played the most manipulative game (a more personable Gnat from last season). Brendan has played the hardest, but I got tired of his showmance long ago. Ragen has played a good game and is a smart player but he has taken things to a very hate filled personal level. Lane and Brit seem to be spoiled brats used to getting their way. Matt is obviously not the super genius he claimed to be especially the last two weeks. Enzo is just plain annoying since day one and has no game play.

  33. Sadly i think Hayden showed his true colors yesterday…at least Lane wanted to talk to his folks, but Hayden, like an immature kid at a candy store just started grabbing…Matt carried him the first half, now it is like the “losers” (Lane, Enzo) will carry him the second half. Curiously on the HBO feed they just put three names in the credits? Is that a giveaway of who will be staying the longest? Yeah Brendon is kinda of a nerd, who just kinda misses his jokes, but I like him the best cause he is has always been trying to win, not just float along on somebody else’s skills….though of course i think is he gonna have a rude awakening with Rachel. Matt just got waaay too full of himself, he got to thinkin he was running the whole game, which is always a bad sign, but at first he was quiet about it, i usually dislike the self proclaimed “genius” people, they annoy the heck out of me. Regan what a snake, liar, and cry baby….he screwed em all to be the “Saboteur” and win some money then whines when people lie? lol

  34. I just have to put my two cents in about the costumes that BB keeps making these HG’s wear. What is the point? It’s ridiculous looking and serves no purpose. I also think the slop situation is stupid. I liked it better when they had to eat PB&J for a week. I’ve been a faithful fan since the beginning but this season has been so boring. Just had to get this off my chest. Thanks for listening!

  35. I have a question- isn’t Matt supposedly playing the game for his wife? If that’s so then why has he supposedly tried out for almost every BB- I mean, how long has she supposedly been sick? Ragan should have instantly been suspicious when Matt told him how long he’s treid to get on BB, when he has repeatedly said he’s here for his wife.

    1. She could’ve been sick since birth, but just been diagnosed. Or she could’ve been diagnosed 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 yr ago.
      You’re reading too much into this.

      1. you’re right. I was probably just trying to find SOMETHING to talk about since the whole thing is pretty boring right now. I can’t believe I even care- this show is way too easy to overthink.

  36. Maybe Penquido feels so untouchable and abover the rules that everyone else have to follow, is because he might have a friend in production who got him on the show in
    the first place. Why else would he feel so secure and acting above it all and that the
    rules are for others and not him? He came in with that sense of entitlement and
    took charge of the Deadbeatgade from day one.

    1. I tell you, Enzo is a natural leader. The sooner you guys understand that, the sooner you’ll understand how Enzo operates.

    2. It’s becoming a recurring theme. Last season Chima and Natalie broke the rules often and were not punished. Chima only got turfed because she destroyed a microphone. Yet Jeff got punished for taking a sip of gatorade. If Enzo took the penguin suit to show how bad he wanted to stay, then he should have to wear it or go. Kristen could have just refused to wear the wig and it wouldn’t have made any difference. She would have gone home anyway, but she was a good sport and obeyed the rules. Why should Enzo be any different? Kristen got stuck with the hippietard. Enzo chose it. Rules are rules and Enzo has broked food and costume rules and apparently there will be no consequences. So why should anyone else?

  37. I know that everyone is saying the competition was rigged for the POV and I am NOT saying that it wasn’t but I am just considering that it wasn’t. I mean Brendon got all the little punishments and Enzo got the big punishments, maybe just maybe those two started buzzing in at the right time. I mean seriously it was a crap shoot. Who could start hitting their button the fastest first. I don’t know just from watching the show it seemed the Brendon and Enzo wanted these things more than Brit or Matt. I mean Lane and Hayden could have cared less. The editing definitely showed Brit hesitating for a bit on each punishment then pushing her button, so maybe it wasn’t as fixed as everyone is bitching that it was. But maybe this is much like the Hills and isn’t a reality show at all but a cast of players sent in to entertain America for summer…….. they are given their roles, just not their scripts and so they are playing out their roles to the best of their abilities. JMHO

    1. It was by FAR the one game that I have seen on BB that had the most potential to be completely influenced by Production. If they wanted to do this type of Veto Comp where it was blind to the HG’s as to who won what and yet still keep it honest in terms of who actually won, they should have done away with the buzzers and gave them all chalk boards and had them WAGER points, if it was a tie, then both people got the punishment or go into a quick tie breaker. The buzzers were SHADY as hell.

      1. I will agree with you that the buzzers were shady as hell for sure… now that you point that out I can agree that it does definitely feel like BB is staged for Production to do with as they will..
        Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t the premise for the whole Big Brother idea in the book it was taken from that some all seeing source could influence the turn of events and see how people cope and manage in those situations???
        I do wish they had done a wager though, that would have been great!!! And if they wagered and lost then they lost the points they could use the next round… but if they won they got that many more points…. it would have definitely been a crap shoot.

  38. Last night’s show, with Britney hamming it up in the DR while attached to Brendon – sorry, but I just can’t enjoy her antics anymore. Initially, I appreciated some of her sarcastic wit but last night – I couldn’t laugh along with her, though she was trying to be entertaining. Nor shall I be moved by her tears when she learns that Lane & Hayden played her (she doesn’t care about Enzo) in concert…They double-teamed her.
    Hopefully, Brendon wins HoH & puts her & Lane up & she stays up and goes home. If she has to stay, then put up Hayden (who Enzo will vote to keep) so Bren/Ra can get Lane out – Lane & Brit both can’t stay plus Lane is more dangerous, I think, than Hay/Enz. Then Ra wins the 2nd HoH and is not swayed to put up Brend & instead puts up Brit or Lane and Hay, with Brit/Lane the primary target. If B/L wins POV, then Enzo goes up & Hay goes home. That would leave Bren-Ra vs Enzo-Brit or Lane (or Enzo & Hay). That’s your F4 group: Bren & Ra each take 1 HoH to get there, having taken out (hopefully) the biggest threats: Brit & Lane so Bren-Ra have better odds at F3.

  39. Everyone seems to think this is the most boreing group of “children”.
    All I can say is….anyone want to bet that tonight’s show will be the
    highest rated BB this season?

  40. Matt does deserve to go home. For one he threw the HOH comp cause he thought he was safe. Anddd 2) he still trusted the brigade after they told him they were going to vote him out. And then he throws his bff Ragan under the bus to Britney…one of Ragans good friends.

    Britney is so stupid. Why is she so loyal to Lane? When she said they were in an alliance did he not say that he didn’t think they were? Every time she asks about final 2 or voting her out he never straight out right away says oh yeah of course you and me. Soooo what is wrong with her? Is she letting her little crush play her…even though she has a fiancé.and she calls Brendon a dummy when he figured out how it is. Him Brit and Ragan are the targets.

    Team Brendan. Hope he makes it to final two!

  41. How is Brendon tops in popularity!! I never thought in a million years that we would see him with almost 40% of the vote. How the heck is Hayden beating dawg am I watching same show as everyone else?

    Double elimination today lets hope that something happens to shake up the house cause another week of this and we’ll have to start making shit up to post

  42. Matt needs to out the Brigade immediately! It is his only chance and Brendon, Brit and Ragan need to get on board. The only problem I anticipate is that everyone will think he is lying and desperate and not believe him. He really botched things up for himself last week when he had DPOV and put up Kathy. DUMB MOVE!!!!!

  43. I used to Love Britany, Firery, Fiesty, balls out kinda chick. I loved it. Now with her all sappy shit and being controlled by Lane, what a joke. Definetly see the 22 year old little girl who has a school yard crush going on. She knows what is best for her and she is totallly blinded by Lane and the other guys. Lane has told her outright that she shouldn’t trust him and that he will be voting her out when it comes time. Sick Sick Sick, After Matty is gone, I like Ragan but not enough to root for him to win…..I can’t believe I am saying this but I’m rooting for Brendon to take the whole thing after Matty is gone. God help me.

  44. I just read the “rules” and now I am definitely confused cuz they re breaking most em?????

    5.Housemates are not permitted to discuss nominations with any other Housemates.

    This includes:

    * Any discussion with another Housemate that could be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to influence their nominations.
    * Predicting or guessing who may be nominated or evicted.
    * Discussing the reasons Housemates might use for nominating.
    * Discussing the type of person Housemates are thinking of nominating.
    * Writing down or using materials at Housemates disposal to form names, initials or other symbols. For this reason the use of pens, pencils or any written communication is strictly against the rules.
    * Communicating in code or languages other than English and/or devising other methods of communication.

    Housemates are, of course, free to talk about how they feel about the other Housemates. Their good and bad points may be discussed with others but NOT as part of a discussion about nominations.

    1. BB makes the rules and enforces the rules. And if they choose, they can (and have) let some of the rules slide.

      The game might not be totally rigged, but it’s definitely manipulated.

      Selectively ignoring some of the rules may be part of that manipulation scheme, or because BB doesn’t care enough to make a big deal out of some of those violations.

  45. Everyone keeps asking why Matt doesn’t out the Brigade…. He would be better off to sway the jury house if he goes, versus shooting off at the mouth now… If he outs them and stays, it will be just like Enzo & Hayden telling him they were voting against him before he used the DPOV. The only upside to outing them now would be a chance to stay and possibly end up final 2, but no one trusts him after he threw Ragan under the bus soooo, I don’t see that happening. If it did, at least he’s guaranteed $50K. I don’t feel bad for him, he’s done it to himself. He got outplayed by team moron… I hope Lane takes it and Brendon for 2nd. Everyone else can leave now… Boring cast anyways

  46. cmon brenden…..hes been the HERO of this year’s show(obviously once rachel left since she held him back a bit)…but we have NEEDED him to win and ignite the other HGs, and the hgs like brit remain FOCUSED on brenden…its so stupid…hey brit, why dont you send home the ONE person who cant win…good call.

  47. What do you think the chances are that Matt gets evicted…and the other comps are no longer needed as Enzo is kicked out for cheating?that would sure srtir the pot a bit…

  48. is it just me or has anyone else NOT found anything about Lane playing football at Texas Tech University? i could not find him listed on any roster from 2002 until 2009…am i missing something? nor could i find a jersey # 38.

    1. & scroll down a few stories til you see a photo of Lane. The story is about the arrest of Lane & his brother in 2008 & references that Lane played for TT, I think. It has a football profile of the brother, Gunter. That’s all I have to go by.

        1. It doesn’t appear that if Lane actually PLAYED for Texas Tech, but it would appear he was on the roster.

          Coincidentally, he’s not doing much playing in BB either…

          His brother Gunter, plays for Texas State, but for some reason the Texas State player bio link doesn’t work right now. Here’s the Google cached page for that link for Gunter:

  49. Ra suspects the boys have an alliance & have pulled in Brit plus he told Matt she is not trustworthy. Matt could confirm it to Ra easily but advise Ra 1) keep it quiet for now so BG can’t counterattack & 2) align with Brendon. Ra suggested previously that Matt “make a pact with the devil” Brendon to stay and Ra said the other day how Brendon is likeable now. I think Ra might do it because he now is more focused on ousting the backstabbers than Brendon. The trick is getting to Brendon. Brendon can be loyal to a fault, as we know, but maybe if Matt fed him enough “secret convos” between Bren/Enz/Hay, the “psycho” theme starts in as Brendon realizes he’s being played. Brendon knows Ra keeps his word & is a competitor so he would trust Ra if they align. Another fatal flaw of Brendon’s is that he tends to wear his heart on his sleeve but for this “alliance” he needs to suck it up and keep it on the down low for now. After Rachel left, he adjusted his game to his advantage so he is capable. At this point in the game and being thoroughly convinced by Matt of the BG’s existence, Raden shake on the deal to exterminate the cockroaches. Matt smiles at the camera, hopeful he gets the last laugh on the BG without them even knowing it (if Raden keeps it quiet), til it’s too late for them.

  50. Matt was my pick for the win. Guess I picked wrong, though he and Brendan have been the only ones in the bunch truly playing the game. The Meow-Meow is a joke. He needs to be skinned. Hayden needs a freakin’ hair-cut to loosen the pressure off his pea-brain. Lane, I used to have respect for the guy, but now he’s a token for the joke of the Brigade. Ragan plays from the heart, and Brit is too clue-less to key in on she’s being played. She was quite the “B” in the beginning. It might come back to bite her. If she wasn’t so cute, I’d hate her for her stupidity. The latest POV was the turning point of this season. Matt’s taking crap when Hayden is the tool in the toolbox.

  51. Brtiney, Ragen and Brendon are listining to WHAT people say to do to other people.
    The way to play is to figure out what you are NOT hearing.
    When you never hear Enzo mention Lane or Hadyen, Hayden never metions Lane or Enzo and the same for Lane. Dr Will was great at figuring out peoples SECRET aliance by what he did’nt hear.

    Matt has an easy sell if he got Britney, Ragen and Brendon alone for 5 minutes and explaines what that have’nt heard.

  52. It amazes me that these people believe they are the “best big brother 5” in the history of the show, and that they haven’t a clue that Brendon is the favorite so far…the self delusion is amazing. Also once again the “jocks” and the “nerds” (even tho Brandon is a jock too) cannot understand each other or even enjoy each other….amazing. There is NO ONE for me to like left or to root for to win, they seem so immature, weak and clueless. I am a MO myself, but Ragan? what a douchebag. Oh well, next year…lol

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