*Updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan makes a Abacus out of Candy and Matt finally gets to talk to Brit

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


3:50pm Matt and Ragan Matt is telling him that it’s really hard to talk to Brit. She was handcuffed to Brendon is now taking a nap and he’s found out it’s Brit’s birthday party tonight. They both wonder why they are having it tonight when it’s not even her birthday they could have it tomorrow. Ragan says “they” (production) are privy to conversations we are not so they are wanting this to build up the story. Ragan thinks that there are real strong reason for keeping Matt in the house and they will most likely have to really work those reason after the POV ceremony. Matt hopes he’s right he hopes they can get the votes, Matt: “i can’t handle the stress my poor wife”. Ragan still working on his candy bar math, using the candy bars to help him calculate dates and events. Matt laughs calls him a loon, ask “Did you make a abacus out of candy bars?” Ragan doesn’t seem as stressed out he thinks “they” (production) want to keep Matt in the house and they can get the votes he’s thinking of the future and is studying like never before. Matt adds that if he stays he knows he’ll win HOH and finish the job…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:06pm HOH Lane, HAyden and Brit Lane telling her that they are thinking if Brendon wins HOH he’ll put her and Brit up but she’ll just be a pawn. Brit doesn’t want Brendon to win the next HOH, she wants to know why the guys are going to throw HOH to Brendon. lane tells her they aren’t he’s just saying if Brendon does win HOH that her and Ragen or him and Ragan are going up. Brit still thinks if raygen wins POV then she’s going up and home. Hayden tells her there is no way that Ragan will win. Hayden: “I hate to say this about Ragan but if Matt goes home ragan will mentally check out..” Matt walks in.. Brit completely ignores him.. she doesn’t even look at him. They start talking about her birthday party and how they are going to grill it up. They start to talk about Double eviction and they wonder if the first HOH gets a letter….

Lane leaves and they start talking about the episode that is showing tonight, this is the episode where Nick gets called a Bogey. lane asks if nick will hate them. Brit: “He’ll love you all…. he’ll thank all you guys for taking care of me (LOL) ” Lane leaves..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:30pm HOH Matt and Brit
Matt: “can I pick your brain brit now i’m worried i thought i had a zero percent chance of going up”
Brit: “it sucks ”
matt: “what are you doing?”
brit: “theres only 4 people left i have to pick someone you all are really good friends to me”
matt: “I understands.. I’m sure that Brendon is slandering him”
matt: “I had your deal since day one i have proved that since day one and you know it i want to win HOH i want to take Brendon out.. If I go up i’m pretty sure i’ll go home and Enzo has everyone’s vote so i go up against him i’m going home.. I’m freaked out”
Brit: “I really don’t know what I can do i’m not putting up lane and that leaves 3 friends.. I don’t want to put up Ragan cause he never played int the pov ”
matt agrees say that putting up ragan looks seedy… Matt tells her to just think about it all in his head she knows the pros and cons. Matt: “if BRendon wins the next HOH and if POV is played she’s going home but if someone on his team goes then I’m the target and so is ragan… If i stay in this house I am the target for Brendon not you”
Brit: “i’m not in a good position either way.. so my other option is to put up hayden”
matt: “Yeah and enzo will be going home, I know this is a BLANK thing that happens”
Brit: “Someone has to go home”
matt: “I want brendon out of this BLANK house he’s a burden to our games.. if you keep me rest assured i’m going after him and he’s going after me”
Brit: “you and Ragan are loyal to each other period.. you guiys have each other i don’t have anyone”
Matt: “Lane”
Brit: “Lane is as loyal to hayden as he is to me”
Brit tells him the POV was fishy, no matter what she does she’s making enemies

Brit tell him that theres no way she’ll make it to final 2 if she with Ragan and MAtt. MAtt say no that is not the case, ragan and I are friends but we have a undertsanding to make moves that help us in the game. Brit starts to cry says she was really happy last week that MAtt stayed in the house but now she doesn’t know she’s in a bad position and whatever she does she’s screwed. Matt says theres a huge danger if Brendon wins POV he’s not touching Hayden, Lane or Enzo he’s going after you.. I’m the super target. MAtt says he’s super good friends with all the guys they’ve talked about splitting votes weeks ago. Matt explains that Ragan wants it to be him, Matt with Brit and Lane in the final 4, then its 2 pairs against each other. Matt asks her to please think about it in the long term…I’ve protected you in the past, never said BLANK about you and i’ll continue to be there for the future. Brit: “I like you to Matt, I love Hayden and I think he’s a great person.. he’s very good for his word” Matt: “With the DPOV I could of taken out a strong person but i took out Kathy and now it’s biting me in the ass”. Brit tells him whoever she puts up she’ll piss people off, Matt doesn’t think things carry over week to week like that. He points out how Brendon and everyone else are friends now and 2 weeks ago there was mad BLANK being said about Brendon.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:56pm Brit and ragan HOH
ragan asks him to promise her beyond this game that if they talk game they will not repeat it. Brit agrees. Ragan ok he says that the entire house see Brit and MAtt as the 2 biggest threats in the house.
Ragan: “this is what i see is happening in the house right now…I think there are 3 pairs in the house, ragan/matt, brit/lane and enzo/hayden … enzo and hayden have been playing both sides of the fence and it’s been great for them”. He continues that biggest mistake he took was taking a stand of the rachel and brendon thing because ever since then he’s been a target and so is Brit. Brit agrees. Ragan: “I think they want brendon in the end with them and I think they would have loved to have seen kathy be in the game because they want people they can beat in competitions and they want someone they can beat in the final 2. Ragan says he thinks Brit will be fooling herself if she thinks they will keep her in the game because it’s mostly quizzes and there freaking out, Ragan: “They are smelling money as we all are.. but they are really smelling it”

Ragan explains to her no matter what side she picks it’s 3 vs 2.. If matt goes home it’s Ragan and LAne vs Brendon, Enzo and Hayden. He tells her once Matt is gone then the target is on her. Ragan the second option is if Matt stays then she has MAtt, ragan and LAne against 2 of them….

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:22pm Brit telling him that there is no way she can beat Matt in final 2 and she’s sure that no one in the house will beat him, Brit: “I’ll need to win the final HOH to move it forward”. Ragan agrees, he tells her she’s in a position now to name her terms.. she needs to make a final deal. Brit tells her if Matt wins the final HOH he won’t bring her along. Brit tells him that she is worried that she’ll lose ragan in the house even if MAtt goes home. Ragan tells her if Matt goes home he’s not going to be going after her. Brit: “I love matt i think he’s a great guy but he’s my biggest threat”. ragan explains that Matt is only a threat in final three otherwise the other guys will

Brit tells him that everyone in the hosue wants Mat to leave becuase he’s playing a sneaky game.. they’ve traced it back from week 3. Ragan: “I think the majority of the house wants you to leave to and it has nothing to do with Matt being sneaky it has everything to do with you and him being competitors”. Brit agrees. Brit says that Brendon told her that when Matt goes home he wants it to be her, Brendon and Ragan to team up. Brendon: “That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard” Brit agrees. Ragan: “You get rid of matt and you move into his shoes… I promise you that”. brit: “If i keep matt here i can’t win the 500K” ragan: “Yes you can if you make a deal”. Brit says she believes that the house wants brendon to go. Ragan: “Ohhh brit you are being fed BLANK.. sorry brit but I’ve seen what is going on between the boys”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:35pm HOH Ragan tells her he will drop out of the part 2 of the HOH comp and let Brit compete against Matt in it. Ragan thinks he has a much better shot at winning up against Brit then Amtt so he wouldn’t mind making it to final 2 with her. Brit tells him that Matt is her biggest competitor and if she doesn’t take him out now he’ll make it to the end. ragan tells her that if Matt is staying in the game then the 3 of us are in the game. He tells her you stick with MAtt it’ll be easier to get to final 3 but harder to win but if she sticks with the boys she’ll have to win all the comps or she won’t make it, However if she does make it in the final 3 with the boys it’ll be easier for her. to win
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:09pm Brit getting Ready for her Birthday Party

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:06pm Brits party starts to winds down… apparently one of the fish is dieing.

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180 thoughts on “*Updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan makes a Abacus out of Candy and Matt finally gets to talk to Brit

  1. Lane needs to change his name to LAME, Enzo needs to keep his arms closed in the DR, his saggy hairy armpits make me barf in my mouth, Hayden needs to start winning competitions, to young to be a chipmunk loser. Ragan is demented.

    1. hello everyone..do you know when it will be announced who brit put up in place of the evil brenda?? i cannot wait!! i am like a kitty in a room full of rocking chairs!! i hope hope hope it is hayden the no -lipped two faced tramp!! thanks y’all!!

  2. Allison Grodner’s favorite candy flavor is Abacus! Sorry, Ragan. I bet you weren’t “counting” on that! Ba-dum CHH! Thank you, thank you. You’re too kind. I’ll be here all night.

  3. Just the Tip:

    Yeah, Ratt, putting up Kathy is biting you in the ass. Throwing HoH the other night is biting you in the ass. And, for making up shit about your wife having that disease, KARMA is biting you in the ass. Oh, almost forgot, Gaygan would LOVE to be biting you in the ass. LOL

      1. Karma? Really? Karma is a myth. Matt would be in the same position regardless of the lie. If he gets evicted, he goes home to his normal life. If that is this mythical beast karma showing its power, then karma is a gigantic vagina.

        1. exactly everyone is on that karma shit. matt is their now because he is trustin ppl and brit cant keep a word. i mean look she’s engaged and she’s all on lanes nut sack. sad thing is if britt would realize if she took matt to the final to she would win she would probably start getting rid of the popular crowd, if she puts matt up thats a bitch move

        2. im pretty sure matt would have to head straight to the jury house after getting evicted (im trying to sound sarcastic, duh lol). and then after his jury house stint and the bb 12 season wrap-up will he finally be able to get back to his “normal” life. good luck to him for trying to keep it normal…with all the PR he’s gonna have to handle, the repercussions he’s gonna face for lying about his wife..and i cant forget being recognized practically everywhere he goes in public. karma what?? LOL

          1. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that everyone else in the house is going to be hounded by PR and be recognized everywhere they go too. That has nothing to do with “karma”. I’m still searching for one person that has been even REMOTELY affected by what Matt said. Are these kids getting any sicker because of it? Doubtful. Is Matts wife going to get sick because of it? No. If she does, it has nothing to do with karma. Its because people sometimes get sick. That phrase is completely overused. If karma is a real thing, its basically like you’re saying these kids got this disease because their parents are shitty people. Doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not saying that all Matt has done was raise awareness for Melorheostosis, because I know that wasn’t his intention, but like it or not, that’s been the ONLY thing that has happened because of his lie. I am willing to bet that the president of the Melorheostosis Association is secretly PRAYING that Matt wins. Not only will they get the donation he will give, but it will once again bring the disease into the spotlight.

  4. Ok Matt just blew his chance with Brit. He may not get a chance to get her alone again. He said nothing that will help his cause. As for Regan. The only thing smart he said was Enzo and Hayden are playing both sides and are friends with Brendan. But the rest was nonsense. Regan tells Brit to trust her gut? Lmao. Her gut has a name and that name is LANE. 2 morons Matt and Regan

    1. Yes it appears they made a horrible horrible presentation. Britney is an emotional wimp that likes to think she is made of stronger stuff than she really is. It will be fun to watch them throw her out on her soft behind. she has the WORST posture too, anybody notice this?
      she is always slumped over in her shoulders like an old lady.

      there really isn’t anybody to root for. really, its Enzo that has played the best game by mind controlling everyone else.

      Brit’s reason for not putting Hayden up against Enzo is because she gave her word to Enzo that he wouldn’t leave ha ha ha

      in a way, if enzo wins it will be funny. but I get the feeling he won’t win the votes against Hayden or Lane. He needs to take Brendan to final two. Also, Enzo may not make it to final two because he just can’t win anything.

    2. if matt goes it’s 4vs2 and she can’t even play in hoh
      if hayden goes it’s 3vs3 with 2 playing in the hoh
      lane just sides with whoever he’s talking to as does most of the house so if he saw the power slipping from the brigade he would probably jump ship pretty quickly

      especially since it’s gonna be so tough for them to win anything

  5. Matt telling Lane and Brit about his dream of about a shirtless Hayden visiting his parents was hilarious.

  6. Matt says Bren is a burden to our games…What does that mean? I don’t get it. Can someone explain? It was said that BB can manipulate everything in the house including the games and the outcomes, do the HGs know that? They seem really paranoid about production, they are all BB experts why don’t they know this?

    1. then it can also be said that Matt and Regan are a burden to Brendons game. Give me a break. Matt has Regan being his lapdog fighting for him. People its a game. ur there for you. why are everyone protecting matt so he can ride to the finals..geez get rid of matt, regan enzo and let the games begin

      1. there’s nobody worth cheering for this season so watching it from a not caring who wins perspective, britney would be a fool to evict matt when she could be making a final 3 deal with people who win comps instead of handicapping herself by kicking out one of her few potential allies

      2. ?? seriously?? matt WINS. but the brigade hasnt won shit. hayden won on matts good graces, lane cant win even tho he always says “this is just like texas” enzo, god help him is more concerned with being this meow meow character.
        honestly i hate brenda but id rather him win over a bger… wait no cause then rachel will freakout.. no no no matt ftw

  7. How about telling her that Hayden, Enzo and lane have a final 3 deal. How about telling her that Matt could have sent you home with the DPOV but he didn’t. How about telling her remember when we were HNs and Hayden and Enzo were up there with Brendon all week. How about telling her everything Enzo says about her? How about telling her how Enzo only tried in the pov when he was on the block but the rest of the season he didn’t try to win so everyone is friends with him Come on. Does anyone know what to say in this game???

    1. No kidding. And being that her target was Brendon, doesn’t it make sense that if she can’t get him she should get one of his allies to at least make him weaker?

    2. How about tellling her about the damn Brigade?? And get her to swear (on Nick, of course) to not spill the beans until Enzo is walking his rude, crude self out the door! Can his wife take him out anywhere and not be embarrassed, especially if eating is involved?

    1. That was probably taken from last week. The same reason they showed Lane lifting weights- not enough has happened this week that they can show

      1. Didn’t you see how much Lane bench pressed on tonights show? I sure don’t see how you could call his arms fat?

        At any rate that would have no bearing on his status in the game. Lane is a good ole boy.

      1. Dr. Phil, I read that you got a multi-million dollars home up for sale. Can I borrow it? I mean, just for a few decades that’s all. Just me and my family, that’s all.
        Thanks Dr. Phil.
        You’re the best, especially when I’m not watching “Let’s make a deal.”

      2. You bench with chest. Someone could have huge arms and not bench much.
        But 325 isn’t even that much weight for a meathead.

    1. Very much, muscles covered in fat. Probably due to his hillbilly eating habits! Fried chicken, burgers and fries.

  8. Why is Regan talking final 3?? Forget final 3. Just say. If you put Matt up he goes home and then your the next to go. If you keep him then Matt is still brendans target and Brendan is still matts.

  9. God….Brendon’s face during the Have/Have not competition…..so f*ckin’ funny! He looked like Beaker from The Muppets

    Also, i’m getting sick of seeing Ragan. Less is more. And Lady Gaga sucks

    1. Right, Lady Gaga made her millions by cheating, lying, and berating people. Such ill gotten goods, they are all puppets of Ms. Grodner and her writers.

  10. When Brit told Regan she promised Enzo he wouldn’t go home. Regan should have said you promised me and Matt would not go up on the block. Hello. What is going on.

  11. If Britney is stupid enough to put up Matt in Brendon’s place, and watches Matt walk out the door, then she deserves to be booted by the Brigade the next week for believing she’ll actually be safe. Jesus, these people suck at playing this game. Where is Chilltown when you need em?

    1. She’ll put up Matt, watch. In my opinion, she will because she want to get in good with Hayden. I might be wrong, but it seems to me that Britney has graduated from Lane and she wants some of that Hayden.

  12. Matt is full of shit!!! I know it’s a game, but using your wife fake illness is very low! They need to get rid of MATT, because he will win against everyone in the final 2.

    1. No.. you have no way of knowing that Matt would win against EVERYONE in the final 2. absolutely no way of knowing that. We need to get over the wife’s fake illness story.. water under the bridge. Matt is funny. So is Brit. Ragan, except for the Saboteur (which was not really his choice) has been honest. Matt has made two stupid moves.. nominating Andrew and Kathy instead of the happy couple, and then putting Kathy up with the DPOV instead of Yo or Hayden. C’mon.. are you really gonna watch if the final 2 are Enzo (gross) and Hayden? How BORING.

      1. you are ridiculous. watching regan makes me want to puke. his ugly facial expressions and acting like the world owes him. deal brendan she’s gone. DEAL IDIOT your boyfriend is leaving buh byeeeeee to a loser who makes up fake illnesses to gain sympathy with others.

        1. dude the fake illness needs to not be brought up anymore. shit is old. he made up a lie, okay, he did it. we got it. just shut the hell up about it

      2. She is right on ,she can’t make it to the final 3 if Matt is still here, she has a better chance of winning a POV or HOH without Matt and Regan, and she can beat the 3 idiots, she’s smarter.

      3. Matts lies about his wife’s pretend illness are NOT water under the bridge if they still have a bearing on how folks would vote if he were in the final two. It could have a DIRECT bearing so therefore VERY much a CURRENT and CONTINUING concern.

        I hope he does NOT make it to the end.

        1. LMFOA that worrying about the lie BLANK thats 95% form brenchel fans is getting really annoying… and seeing as NOBODY in jury will know about it doesn’t matter HAHAHAHAHA stop your freaking whining brendon has no chance of winning.

    1. ‘This guy is no genius’ – I don’t think Matt has ever had that conversation with himself, but the time for it may be drawing near. He has made a few boneheaded mistakes lately because he is so sure of his own brilliance. Sad,

    2. Again, Matt throwing another person, his only friend. He has had 4 alliances and playing everyone. She should put up Matt and if not, Regan. His power is gone.

  13. Finally Ragan lays down the law. She either goes to final 3 with Ragan and Matt OR she goes to the Jury House next week. I wish Matt wouls learn to talk game rather than beg to stay in the house. Way to go Ragan. If it doesn’t work then all you can say is you tried.

      1. She’ll put up Matt because God knows if Lane and Hayden don’t like her. Can you guys tell by the way she acts with the guys? It appears to me Britney wants to be cool with Hayden as well. Hayden has nothing for this little girl. His mind has been on Kristen.

  14. 1. Raging Regan for PRESIDENT!!!!
    lovelove love love him……….pissed my self….LOVEEEEEEEE (he does need to be medicated)

    2. I’m starting to believe Hayden’s IQ is in double digits

    3. Enzo, enzo, ezno….oooo enzo…..oooooooooooo enzo ‘I’m gonna get thisveto’ ‘yo, she the sabotour’, ‘no, yo he is the sabotour, i know dude i could tell right away’…..’yo, I can guess no problem who had the bad shot…..cause I’m a good judge of character….I can smell it’……………..awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sorry about the spelling…..I can totally see him and SITUATION have a gig when he comes out

    4.LANE in his diary, the biggest DOUCHEBAG!!!!! IDOT!!!!!!! Him trying to look cool is sooooooo fake and painfull (i appologies to all my sister friends, who want him in playgirl, and I hope that there is a money shot of him soon for you)

    ….possibly even bigger then Brendon ‘yea my girlfriend’ ‘my girlfriend and I’……….WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU PSYCHO??????? YOU HAVE KNOWN HER FOR LIKE WHAT 3 WEEKS?????????? something is really wrong with him

        1. “Sorry….I……Just had…. I mean I feeeeel lliiiiikkkkee… I just had a Ragan moment…

          LMAO about ratney’s comment… Hilarious!!

    1. wow really? maybe its time for you to get a life. MOST of america hates regan and his ugly ass facial expressions. hes such a little baby crying and moaning every single time the game doesnt go his way but using the bullying term when it does. he is so pathetic.

        1. o jesus……..really people?……….no I was not drunk, and true, not sure what america thinks, considering I do not know every single american and could not speak in their name..and how would you know that america hates him???????? …plus I’m not american, so there is that

          please accept my appologies… i tought it was obvious, but i guess i have to take out the crayons and paint the picture, it might be easier……………regan for president……because HE WAS CRAZY TONIGHT, HE LOST IT and it was hilarious…….hilarious……it was finally fun to watch that crap called bb12………

          also I would like to thank all the great people out there who celebrate…’freedom of speach’…….it was nice to see how simple comment during the discussion got so personal and ugly……no i do not drink, no i do not have mental disease…..and i do have a life…….thx it was great

          p.s. and since when are women so agreesive and rude……is this because i said LANE is a douche?????????…….

      1. I agree, Ragan acts as though there’s something wrong with him! Oh wait there is, he’s a whiny baby that likes to dish it out but can’t take it!

    1. Notice how she said she likes Matt but LOVES Hayden. I told you guys before, I really think she has a crush on both Hayden and Lane. But Hayden wouldn’t give her the time of the day, and since Kristen got his attention, Britney ended up spending more time with Lane.
      Seems to me Britney wants attention from the guys. She’s trying way too hard.

  15. Regan really needs to just go home if he is willing to just hand the prize over to Matt, let someone who actually wants to play the game for themselves stay and fight.

  16. I hope Britt has the courage to go ahead and put up Matt. If they don’t get the arrogant one out of the house, he is going to win. He said Brendon out this week, Britt out next.

  17. Britney needs to listen to Ragen and Matt.. their the ones looking out for her best interests, as well as their own. Lane is all about the Brigade, and Britney’s only his second choice. If she doesn’t put up Hayden, she’s gonna be next to go.

  18. If Matt is such a genius why does he not see thru the brigades bullshit? I want Matt to stay and Hayden to go up because that would send ENZO out the door. I am so tired of seeing nasty enzo with his hands down his pants playing with his gonads. He is just pain nasty! Even his attitude is nasty. Why are people wanting to keep enzo in the game anyway? Get him out of there. I hope Production talks to Brit and tells her they will all stab her in the back if Enzo stays.

        1. hmmm, maybe because Hayden is cute? Just look at Nick, then look at Hayden…day and night….. Hayden has been campaigning to get rid of her for weeks now. She has no clue.

  19. THe Cast this year, is so afraid of hurting each others feelings, thats whats made it so boring, I mean The year of Evil Dick was crazy, he went around clankin pots and pan, these people are too afraid to do that,. Except for Rachel.. Other than that. THis cast sucks, Brandon , and Matt, and Brytani, or the only ones I see that half way have played BIg Brother..

    1. it’s not that rachel wasn’t afraid to do it, she was just so oblivious to her own actions that she didn’t realize what she was doing it’s slightly different

  20. I am really loosing respect for Regan every time I see his DR session.

    Man Lane made the show today with his DR comments. He is great. Where was he all this time?

    1. Yeah, Lane had me laughing so hard in his DR session. Ragan has lost my respect weeks ago. I used to be a fan until he started running his mouth. To me, it was all show off.

  21. hey simon, not sure if you saw this, but was wondering if i could add a link to it for others who are interested to see. but seeing its from another website i wasn’t too sure. also not even sure if it’s real or not. but anyway if it can go up – enjoy everyone ( or not) it’s kinda disturbing. if it can’t, no worries.
    great site – i check every couple hours hoping that there’s an update! you got me hooked. =)

    lane doing his thang in the shower: http://jezebel.com/5614935/watch-a-guy-masturbate-on-big-brother-live-feed

      1. I’m not so sure. Production gave Enzo the funny suit and that’s usually a death knell. Plus Hayden won a bunch of prizes and that makes him a target. Brit should also know who has been loyal to her in the past and who is just sucking up for convenience. She may be blind to the truth though.

      2. wrong it will not be matty she not listening to the brigade’s bullshit…goodbye enzo or hayden and then brendon cuz we know matty gone win HOH again

  22. If Brit puts Matt up then I will laugh as she starts to cry her eyes out when she walks out right after him this Thursday. Every year I pick someone I want to win and every year they make a dumb decision and go home that week just like jeff did when he backstabbed Russell. It’s funny how fast they forget the week before

  23. omg britney needs to open her damn eyes ! she needs to listen to ragan , when he’s telling her that if matt leaves shes gonna be filling his shoes, and how she’s gonna be going up. She needs to realize that by keeping matt another week everyone will still be working to get out matt and brendon/ragan and britney will be safe

  24. Here is the conversation of the final 3 at the HOH competition

    Lane: 1:00 minute into the competition………. Man I’m ready to drop.
    Enzo: 1:01 minute into the competition…………… Yo! Me too!
    Hayden: 1:02 minute into the competition……………….I was just going to say that before you said it.

    Enzo: let`s play rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first.

    The 3 of them take one hand off the bar to start playing, when they all lose their balance and fall off at the same time. Big Brother had to do a slow motion replay to see who was the last to hit the ground.

  25. Matt is disgusting and predictable. at the end of the season he is going to say that it was genius to say he hates natalie and that is what helped his lie seem legitimate… to be hating on ratalie for lying about her age and then lie about his wife he would seem less suspicious to be lying. matt is female version of natalie who i hate the most, they both thought they were smart and america loved them lol! im going to call him mattalie from now on

    1. production shold give matt a personal bottle of whatever he drinks (presumably arbor mist) so he will have an affair with ragan. he is definitely curious and just needs a little push

    1. she said they were asking and probing questions to see why she would get matt out when he isn’t gunning for her. they were planting seeds of doubt about her choice. makes for better tv?

      1. yeah and when she was hinting to lane that it was production who was planting seeds to keep matt, they cut the feeds…….trying to prevent us from hearing that production supposedly plays huge part in manipulating the game…….duh, memo to production…..too late, we fans aren’t dummies..you make it way so obvious how you determine the outcome of every single play of the game

  26. BRITNEY…!!!… i’m not really a Matt fan…but plz do yourself a favour and put up Hayden…otherwise, u have just screwed yourself big time…so for yourself …DO THE RIGHT THING…PLZ!!!….i don’t want the brigade running away with this game when they are not doing anything…so plz do yourself and favour and nominate Hayden…or else u will be out the door next…

    1. Well, if that’s the case, Britney should be crying just about right now because she just come to a realization that she has no one. That her friendship with Lane is secondary to Lane. Time for her to pack up and sing my favorite old song from REO Speedwagon :
      “Time for me to fly.”

      1. Matt deserves to win this game, if not, it should be Brendon.
        Hayden has shown that he would dump Enzo in a heart beat.
        Did you guys catch that?

    2. Simon I sure hope you are right. I used to like Enzo but he is acting like he is running this house. When are these people gonna wake up? It is that time in the game to make a huge move. Britney’s only chance is for Hayden or Enzo to leave this week. That leaves Matt and Brendan with targets on their back.

    3. I hope so because their brainwashing her! If she’s smart she’ll tell matt all about their plan to back door him!Lol

    4. I knew she would. Still wondering about Pandora’s box. Yo !
      Will the house get something bad? I only hope… LOL

      1. I’m not buying into the Jesse story.
        Don’t think BB production would let her talk about it.
        Just a story like, Matt getting a dollar. Yo!
        Think she got something good but gonna B bad for the house.
        We’ll find out come Wednesday’s show.

        1. So you’re saying she just made up the story about Jessie so she didn’t have to go to the cookout? How exactly is that supposed to be good for her and bad for the house?

  27. Like I said before, evidently Britney spent way too much time poking fun of people in the Diary Room, and back stabbing. She didn’t invest too much time in her game plan. Now she’s waking up. Too little too late little girl. The end of the road is for the big boys. Go home to Nick little girl.

  28. RATNEY i think ur funny and appreciate ur humor. making gay jokes about a gay person is no more offensive than making googly eyed jokes about britney. anyone who disagrees is probably a southerner who is just learning not to be homophobic and is a little oversensitive. to all of you i say… why so serious?

  29. OMG….what a shock. Brittney actually told lane that she thinks she should take out Enzo. Ok here is a girl who says she knows the game and watches BBAD and the live feeds and yet she continue to confide on this guy. I hope Nick kicks her out when she gets home.

  30. FINALLY – brit puts up Hayden and Enzo starts campaigning like crazy…they find out about th trip and the five gs and Hayden goes home…………good stuff

  31. Britney needs to put up Matt and then Matt needs to bust the fraudulent Brigade wide open. They’re not really an alliance anyway. 3/4ths of them just talk big and let everyone else do all of the work. If you’re a tough guy who dominates, you lead the charge not lead the coattail riders. There’s nothing respectable about being a weasel who hides behind everyone. This season has been really boring because of all of the weasels hiding in dark corners.

    It’s easy for everyone to say Matt is sneaky, because they haven’t done anything. Now that its nearing the end of the show and the 3 useless members of the Brigade have buddied up with Brendon, they need to get out Matt so Brendon doesn’t take them out. Pure weaselness, but not one of them would admit it.

    Before the show started Lane said his favorite player was Memphis. Memphis is one of the most useless players ever, that’s why Dan got all of the votes. Everyone was furious with him but he still got all of the votes because Memphis was nothing more than slug. If he was on this season he would fit right in to the Brigade.

  32. Matt is gross. Why does he have so many fans? What is one good quality he has? I believe that he’s very much aware of regan’s crush, and not only revels in it, but also probably would smoke pole. I’m sure his wife is dealing with the people whispering behind her about it constantly. If he does win I hope they pay no mind to the foot situation and fix her freaking choppers and pizza face. Ugh. Normally I don’t sink down so low, but that gross ass thinks he’s the cat’s meow. Yuck.

  33. I guess that I am disillusioned. I didn’t think that production would try to sway others to produce an outcome. Now, its obvious to me after this season that they arrange competitions to suit the person they feel would be a more popular win but to actually sway the HG’s? I call objection!!
    I have watched every season of BB. After hearing that. It WILL be my last. (Unless Brendon wins, in that case all is forgiven ;)

  34. I think Matt deserves to win…lane , enzo, and hayden do not! sure the brigade is a smart move, had they kept their alliance with matt and not been so sneaky themselves, then they would be safe…but they turned on Matt to play with Brendon, with BRENDON!…C’mon, that is just dumb. Ragen is smart and he knows whats going to happen without anyone telling him, he thinks about things that we know….and he has not been backstabbing people…he should win something too…Britney, she started off okay, now, those guys have her brainwashed, if she sticks with them and looses, serves her right, but if she goes out on a limb, puts up hayden, then she has a better chance, and she deserves to win as well.

  35. Brendon if he does not win by a miracle. Shoud get the votes for the 30,000. He has faught so hard to be there. He deserves it

  36. just get rid that nasty dirty ass scuzo..he is useless and a waste of human organs….he has done nothing but played his fantasy mafia boss…what a joke he is…vote him out this week.

  37. Ragan makes me dislike gay men. What is his problem. He was all up Rachel’s ass when she was HOH and not he hates her. WHY???? What reason has he given??? What the hell did she ever do to him??? NOTHING!!!!!

  38. Lane thinks he is so cool, always showing out in DR. He is just a chubby, do nothing! Hayden is utterly useless and there is not enough words to describe nasty Enzo. Please use your head Brittany instead of listening to a bunch of dumb guys who think they are so smart but don’t do anything but yak.

  39. The people that are left in the house now are only a bunch of tools that can only see past their own self worth. They are nothing with no interesting qualities at all. All they know how to do is make fun of people who were actually interesting. (Rachel) These people are fools!!!!

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