*Updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden and Enzo run the house and Ragan prepares for Thursday’s HOH

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


2:15pm Have Nots Brendon, Lane and Enzo Brendon telling them his conversation with Brit, He explains to her that If she puts up Matt then she’s safe next week but if she puts up Hayden or Lane they will all be gunning for her. Lane says they’re giving her an incredible deal they promise her one week and at this stage of the game that is huge. Brendon is happy that Ragan and Matt will be gone he feels like there will be no backstabbing or lieing at that point it will be straight competition (but the competition is lieing and backstabbing)
Hayden joins them.. Brendon says that the one thing Brit was telling him about keeping matt was that if she leaves him in the game she leaves the biggest target. Hayden says that brendon is still in the house and he has a big target on him. They agree to all keep talking to Brit getting her to put Matt up.
(If the brigade can win competitions without MAtt then they have this game in a bag)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:29pm Taj Brendon and Hayden Brendon saying he’s sure that he’ll win HOH next week and when he does he’ll put up Brit and Ragan but the target is Ragan. Hayden thinks that maybe it should be Lane and Ragan. Brendon agrees because that way he keeps his word with Brit.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:33pm Have Nots Hayden and Enzo Hayden is getting worried that Matt is going to tell everyone about the brigade. Enzo isn’t worried they will just tell Matt that they are splitting the vote and he’ll keep his mouth shut (Man i hope not) Enzo thinks that next week they will get HOH becuase the power shifts. They agree that they need to survive this week and win the next HOH and then they are golden. The plan is to take Ragan or Brendon out next week. They think Ragan is going to be messed up when Matt is gone and will probably just disappear. Enzo says he wishes they kept Rachel, he wonders keeping Ragan around longer might be a good idea since he’ll be dead in the game. They start going over what they will say to Brit, Enzo is going to tell her that if Hayden goes up with him then Enzo goes home and its not fair to do that because she promised him he was a pawn and was safe. He’ll brings up the POV comp and how he really fought for it and matt never fought. Hayden: “I think we’re going to win” Enzo: “yo”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:00pm Backyard Silence

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:00pm Ragan Studying (Ragan has the entire BB12 timeline memorized and is spewing it out over and over again he’s got it locked in)
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:31pm Ragan continues to study using the chocolates as study aids
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:32pm Matt tries on the Penguin costume

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80 thoughts on “*Updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden and Enzo run the house and Ragan prepares for Thursday’s HOH

    1. I’m not because the rest of this season is so predictable. brendon is going to lose against the “former”brigade. not that thats a bad thing, Im just saying. they should make the 500k to about 70k because thats all the gameplay I’ve seen. how you gone let any of them get half a mil when all they’ve done is “play personal,talk shit and float”


  1. God, I hope Britney puts up Hayden with Enzo. Can’t stand Hayden, I thought he told Enzo that he was going to fight for the POV and take him off the block. I quess the prizes were worth more to him then Enzo’s friendship and trust. Maybe Matt threw that pov, but at least he didn’t turn on his friend and take the prizes. Come on, Britney, wake up and smell the coffee.

  2. I love how they predict that Reagan will fold when Matt leaves…didn’t they also say that about Brendon when Rachel left??!!

    1. They did say that…. exactly!….they thought he would fold, they thought he would punch the door open and leave…. all wrong. He turned into a competitor with a strong vengance.

    2. I really hope that if that does transpire that Ragan will “man up” and kick the shit out of the house in regards to competitions.

  3. Wonder how their gameplan will change once they find out it is double eviction. Technically they just promised her she would be safe from 2 evictions without realizing it

  4. Wow, I shock that they will try to get rid of Matt. Brit ready needs to think. Shw wants to be on a team of weak ass player. Lane and Enzo have never won one thing. But those floating losers need to go home. If Brit puts up Matt, she done.

  5. BBgods . . . . Send home Enzo and Reagan. Bring back Rachel. Brendon – Rachel against Matt and Britney in final 4.

      1. Hayden and Lane go to the jury right after Enzo and Reagan. Between the 4 of them there is only the first hoh and one veto. FLOATERS!!!!!!!

  6. Simon, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Some of us girls have been waiting a long time to see a bare-from-the -waist-up pic like that of Lane. Droooool … what hunky, yummy, guy!

  7. Why the hell hasn’t Matt tried talking to Britney yet? She’d be an idiot to keep Hayden and Enzo around. She’d have the best chance if she turned the Matt and Ragan friendship into an alliance and go after the rest of the Brigade. I’m so sick of Hayden and Enzo walking around the house, acting like they own it, when they’ve done nothing to get there except stick their noses up the HOH’s ass. Especially Enzo.

  8. PRIZE!! for winning BB should be $1Million. BUT! no… $500k is for the WINNER!
    the other $500K for the bribes BB has to pay others players to maniputate the game. Telling them what to do.

  9. Mattt go home. I guess he shouldn’t of thrown the HOH and he wouldn’t be going up.
    Brit is better off with Lane, Hayden and Enzo because she can beet them.
    Matt is ready to throw Ragan under the bus and he will do the same to Brit.
    I hope it is Brit and Brendon final 2.

  10. Enzo has mind controlled the entire damn house I got to hand it to him. It bugs me though. Matt and Ragan should have approached Brit and Brendon while they were tied together for a final four.

    Lane / Enzo / Hayden these three guys are WEAK at competitions both physical and mental. Three old maids and somehow that old jersey maid is running the house through his motor mouth and whining. Unbelievable.

    Matt should blow up the brigade publicly or at least talk to Brit what the hell is he waiting for?

    Heck, they don’t even need Brendan. Matt / Ragan / Britney should be able to beat those wimps. Ragan is superior in physical competitions to the four of those soft little flowers as is Matt.

    I find myself rooting for Ragan to win the whole damn thing even though he is certainly annoying in his own way, I now find that whiny wimp Enzo and his minions more annoying.

    1. That’s what I’ve been saying for the last two days. It’s weird that Brit only question’s Matt’s motives. For a brief second last night when Brit,Brendan and Ragan were in the yard talking, I t hought they were going to finally get to the crux of the problems in the house. Never happened.

  11. Just put the lying and conniving Matt up so he will be out of the house with his arrogant better than everyone else attitude. He deserves nothing due to his lying about his wife having an illness. That totally finished me with him and when you lie like that karma will kick him in the ass which he deserves! This season is one big circus and the clowns are so dumb and not amusing, in other words pathetic clowns. LOL!!!!!!

    1. I think Matt is going to way and see if he will be put up on the block…If he is, he will either blow up the brigade then or wait until he gives his speech about staying.

      1. Matt will not go without a BIG BANG! I also think he will out the Brigade before he goes.
        Then we can all watch the fallout! Now that is fun…

  12. I don’t get the live feed so can someone tell me if Enzo and Hayden are really with Brendon or are they still just yanking his chain?

    1. It’s a marriage of convenience. Until they can ditch Brendon. At least thats the impression they give. Enzo and Hayden believe they are taking each other to the Finals. Lane’s just a hillybilly parriot that repeats what the other two stooges tell him. He’ll be ditched shortly after Brendon.

  13. The brigade couldve done exactly what they wanted to do the whole game and make it to the final 4 with no one finding out about them. Matt and Lane were the only ones that were going along with this plan from day one, up to now. Matts biggest mistake was not realizing Hayden and Enzo are the 2 biggest pussies in the house. I used to like both of them. But now, I think I hate them more than Rachel.

  14. ok….doesn’t anyone realize that Lane is the biggest asshole here???????? He is the one who is manipulating Britney and her friendship and doing everything enzo and hayden tell him!!!! What am I missing here?????

  15. “(If the brigade can win competitions without MAtt then they have this game in a bag)”
    LOL – LOL – LOL … wait … LOL
    That’s rich that is.

  16. CBS: Alison, due to lousy ad revenues we don’t have the full normal funds for Big Brother 12.
    AG: Ok, I can do it for 1/2 of normal. I will find the most delusional, narcissistic, laziest, freeloading, comp throwing, and fame whoring group ever. Mind you, they will be boring but we can edit to make it look just like normal. On top of that, I will make certain my second cousin Brendon wins and he will never ask for the $500k. I have his balls in a jar on my mantel and will offer those in lieu of the cash. Another cousin manages several Super 8 motels in Hawaii so we can have that be the trips. We can bid on eBay for any real prizes or buy refurbished stuff. The group I have in mind will never know the difference between Samsung and Coby.
    CBS: Proceed with season 12.

      1. Gee..cumb…really hope that was sarcasm as my post was. As for the homemade moonshine, I have the means to buy better. Sorry if that delfates your balloon/ego (wish I could have the same effect on a certain red witch drag queen’s t*ts!) but I guess the knock on Brendon/Brenda was too much for you! Or maybe you are more into the “dog dick”?

  17. She would actually be smart to get out Matt because he has no alliamce to her and he is a big threat in the competitions. Then she only has to worry about Brendon in the competitions… The rest of them couldn’t win a comp if BB gave them the answers….rofl

  18. If matt goes home i hope anyone but enzo, the puppet master, wins. when watching bb after dark i literally have to mute the tv if enzo is eating. gums flapping,lip smacking just disgusting

  19. “Familiarity breeds contempt.”What we’re coming to feel about Enzo as time goes on and his motor mouth does not SHUT UP!

  20. Omg who picks the people to be on this show. I want to punch them in the face so bad. This is the lamest bunch of losers I’ve ever seen. If I was Matt I would grab regan and go upstairs and say hey Brit can we talk with you for a bit. Alone. But noooo there’s Regan who is just sitting there crying like a baby. And Matt who just walks around with his hands down his pants. I don’t get it.

  21. I think Matt is so hot. I hope he wins it all. I love his voice and that video where he says ” all day baby all day” is sexy as he’ll.

  22. don’t get me wrong, i respect what enzo is doing, he is in with a bunch of softies and he is mind controlling them, he clearly threw a few comps but even when he tries who knows the difference?

    1. I totally disagree with you about Enzo. Enzo hasn’t and won’t do anything. He is all talk and nothing more. He is just taking up space and not a threat at all. Enzo is also soooo annoying. I hate his attitude and I grew up with guys like that only I lived on Long Island, NY. My pet name for these type of guys is BS guys and I’m a gonna and they don’t do nothing, just like Enzo. LOL!!!!!

  23. Regan said 1 smart thing so far. The rest is just nonsence. Don’t tell her to trust get gut. Because her gut is named lane

  24. nick is a dork….brittney is my type of women i love a women who don’t care about looks only care about whats on the inside too many females end up with good looking pieces of shit men who treats them like shit not that all good looking men do but most of them do…

    1. Why would Brit with a snake and a whiny b itch who would throw her under the bus the first chance they get …. Stick with the plan and put Matt up

    2. Why would Britney stick with a snake and a whiny bitch who will throw her under the bus first chance they get…..stick with the plan and put Matt up

  25. This Thursday is double eviction….. I hope Ragan and Matt are shown the door as it will give them “alone time” in the jury house where they can re-ignite their past sordid affair….

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