**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit to Lane: “Keeping Matt is a fool-proof plan.. I’m not taking a bullet for Y’all”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:21pm Lane and Brit HOH

Brit says if she send matt home there is no chance she will make it out of a Double Elimination but if she keeps Matt she’ll survive because matts the target. Lane: “uhhh so your thinking about putting HAyden up.. what did ragan promise you”. Brit: “Matt isn’t putting me up why would I take someone out that has my back” she says she’s been talking in the DR… Feeds cut… Lane tells her if Hayden goes this week then Enzo and brendon will be coming after her if she doesn’t take out matt.. he tells her he doesn’t care what she does it’s her HOH.

Brit: “why would I take the bullet for you guys, enzo will be taking me out, sure he’ll take brendon and ragan out first but he’s coming for me.. matt isn’t…. ultimately whats your goal?”. Lane: “to make it to the final 3”
Brit asks him that hayden and enzo are wanting to take brendon to final 3 why would they take Lane or her? She beleives that Enzo and Hayden have an agreement and she thinks her and LAne will get left out. Brit: “I love HAyden and I think he’s a good guy…. i’m thinking i’m being pressed to make a decision that protects other people but doesn’t protect me”…

Lane tells her that matt is telling him to try and talk her into putting Ragan up so MAtt doesn’t care about Ragan why would he care about her. Lane: “Matt wants Ragan out then matt is going to go after Brendon and that is whats going on” (man if she’s buying all this to) Brit reminds lane that he was saying that they all want enzo out so why doesn’t she get Enzo out now because enzo would probably put her up but MAtt will never put her up. Lane: “I can control Hayden and Enzo’s vote”
Lane is now saying that MAtt and Ragan are one, Ragan is feeding her bullshit to save his buddies ass Brit tells him if Brendon wins HOH then Brit is safe as long as Matt and ragan are left in the house. Lane: “When did you think of all this… when Ragan was up here”
Brit gives him a quick rundown of her 2 conversations with Matt and Ragan tells him they didn’t through anyone under the bus they just pretty much had a good talk.. Brit is convinced that enzo is easily manipulated and has no loyalty to her at all she thinks that Brendon can get into enzo’s head and enzo will put her up if he wins HOH. She doesn’t want him to go home but she’s here to win. Lane asks if she was talking to the DR and she said she was, they are helping her figure out all her options. Brit: “I’m taking a bullet for you all and taking someone out that Brendon wants out…Brendon told me last night if Hayden wins POV then i’m going up on the block”… Feeds cut

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:47pm Feeds back lane telling her that he hasn’t thought of a fend game plan that has matt and Ragan stay this week. Brit tells him that Lane’s, Hayden’s and Enzos plan helps Lane out a lot but doesn’t help her. Brit tells him it’s a fool proof plan to keep matt and Lane’s plan screws her. Enzo and Hayden join her.. They start just chit chatting..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:56pm Pool table hayden and Lane lane: “I don’t think BB likes us” Hayden: “WHY?”… Feeds CUT….

8:22pm Feeds still cut

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You go Britney!!!! Dont let these lame fools manipulate you. Bye Bye Hayden. Useless Floater!!!!!!!


Enzo will go before Hayden. If Enzo goes, Hayden will shut down and Lane will be 100% with Brit because the brigade will be dust. It`s smart for her game.


exactly. and wouldn’t that be much more fun that listening to stupid enzo for another week. it’s to the point where brendon is more tolerable than enzo.


she would be smart to stick with matt and ragan…im ready for hayden enzo and brendon to go home!


matt will eventually go after brit now that he knows he cannot trust her 100%


As long as it is in final 4, I am okay with it. I think her best bet is to keep everyone BUT the brigade. I have posted this theory before. Right now, all I want is for Enzo to go.


well.. eventually.. only two people go to final two, so even the brigade would have to turn on each other at some point.


Enzo will definitely go and it won’t be soon enough!

Saying So...

I agree. I want to see the back of Enzo’s head, walking out the BB door, cussing as usual.


Floater yes… albeit a pretty floater Hayden. Interesting this BB season how house guests look like fim & cartoon’s. Brit… “Angelica” from Rugrat’s, Hayden….. “Dora, the Explorer”, Ragan…… “Gollum”, Rachel…… “Witchy Poo”. And so on.


Yo..When did Brittney grow a pair of balls. Amazing, now she is playing the game, lets hope she sticks to her plan, because she now knows that Lane has nothing to offer her.


Once production clued her in to what is really going on, so they can manipulate the game………….


F*&% the Brigade (yo). So glad someone is clueing Brit in!!!!!


The Gremlin lives


HAHAHA ! CHIT HAS HIT THE FAN! Now tell matty brit!Lol


god i hope this goes thru. brit needs to think long term, and hayden enso ond brendon are trying to get final three, notice brithney’s name is not among those


Hopefully Brit won’t let Lane, Enzo or Hayden bully her into putting up Matt.


good on you britney! put these brigades in their place.


Yes ! It will be fun to see them turn on each other! Hahahaha! Loving it!

BAB - formally BB

I agree! Enzo is going to lose it but he hasn’t done ANYTHING in this game. Britney needs to send him home!


how can enzo not anticipate any repercussion for not investing himself physically and mentally in this came? you have to pay for every move you make and don’t make. now is the time for enzo to pay.


seriously I’m about ready to pass out.


hey no laughing I’ve got the vapors.. hahaha

Saying So...

I love it…the vapors. My grandmother used to have those …


xD All of these fat jokes. But still, GO GREMLIN!


Yay! Brit has seen the light (even if it was with productions help – lol). I can’t believe she was so quick to accept ‘Lane’s’ plan before.

mikey b

I think it was mostly because she was so emotional at the time, and therefore very irrational. She has definitely thought about what is smart for her and should now make the correct decision.


Sounds like Brit is finally getting a clue. I would love to see Enzo or Hayden sent packing


Bye Byr Brit, no final 3! she’ll last for just a short time. I am not sure but I think Lane, Brendon and hayden may be after her now?


that’s still better than listening to brigades. hayden and lane don’t plan on winning anything, so how does that guarantee brit any safety. atleast she knows matt and and ragan will be playing their heart out. better to be on matts side than relying on people who’ll throw you under the bus they minute you turn your back.


That is so true…… Her best bet is to tell matt and hope the brigade crumble.!


Well That s the point. She has won and she is smarter then the 3 guys, she hasn’t won against Matt and I don’t think she can. I was just thinking she has a better shot with weaker players than 2 stronger ones.


As long as Matt and Ragan are around, Brendon will focus on them first. And I don’t see Lane going after Brit…. yet.


That could very much be true. But she has to think about the end of the game. Matt goes then there are only two strong players that have won. He stays, and there are 3 plus her. It is sometime better to take out the stronger players first and then pick off the weaker ones.


Personally I think it would make the show more interesting to have Matt go home just to see Regan melt down, but either way Brit is screwed because she can’t play for HOH and there is a good chance any of those guys(including Matt) will put her on the block.


No thanks I’ve had enough of Ragan crying and bitching.


Hayden , Enzo, and Lane cant win chit! It’s better if enzo goes and they all turn on each other


I might order live feeds if she puts hayden up and ezo lose it ! They dont deserve to be final two any way. Lane shouldnt make it to final two either. Hayden, Enzo, and Lane has piggy back on someones back all season. They suck! Let’s see if enzo is suxh a bad azz now! Good chit this week hopefully!


your so right Hayden and enzo suck they need to go. They are just whinning back stabbing punks.


Well make shure you click on the link on this site so it helps out Simon and Dawg. Don’t forget you get 3 days free before they charge you. How you cancel I have no idea, but if you are going to get it, get it now, since you pay $14 for one month, and it should be over soon.


of coarse If I do it will be from this site only!


Okay Simon so I clicked on the free feeds through your site and signed up for them and they should be charging me anytime now……since I went thru your site, does that mean you get something for it? Lord I hope so……also, on those nights that they are playing Endurance HOH, do they turn the feeds back on so that we can see what happens? I only started watching them on Wednesday so I haven’t seen an endurance on the feeds yet…and is it common for the bubbles to be on soooo much? Seems like over the weekend the bubbles and trivia were all that I have seen!


thats a cute dress 😛 and go her for being smart


Whats this shit about production helping brits decision?


Production influences the players to do what they want. Like last season production was trying to convince Jeff to not get rid of Russel.




Omg I’m not near a computer. I’m on my phone. What is being said?


BB does it every year. Last year jeff and Jordan got caught having a convisation about how the DR was telling them they should keep Russell. And look what happened to jeff when he didn’t listen


Brit looks like Bucky Beaver in the above picture, funny!


brit is hot!


yeah a hot pale face troll


Thank you Simon.


Now this is funny!!!!!!!!! Where are all those people that were complaining yesterday about the show being rigged, BB talked her into this? But they have been all show, nothing new!!! But it’s funny how so many where saying I am going to stop watching this show, well they will be back now.


I liked lane up until this point. He is manipulating Brittney. She seems to really like him and he’s just using her. I thought he would watch out for her after watching his DR sessions but he is not at all


I kno lane is a meatball douche!

BigBrothers Big Brother

Yeah and Lane lies so convincingly. If I didn’t know better, I would believe his shit too. I thought he really liked Brit but he’s under the gravitational pull of Enzo the Idiot.


If Brit would have just lead Lane to believe that he would get a little something something, she would have Lane in her pocket right now. Brit didnt even have to anything with Lane just make him believe that something would go on between them. OH well to late now…..or is it?????? a little snuggle time in the HOH????? NIck wont dump her over a snuggle/dry hump (especially if she wins as a result). LOL


Lane got a lot of air time in tonight’s episode… he is getting pretty aggressive


I kinda like Lane to; he is easy going and funny. I think he does care for her. I think he is looking longer term, but getting out Matt and Regan. I don’t know. But I think her might be thinking Brit, Brendon and him for the final 3, I know he his friends with Hayden, which I like too, But He is not the strong as a player. It might not sure, but he might be thinking she might not be able to beat a super strong player like Matt. I don’t know guys, just and idea! Hey mike I seem to be replying to allot of you messages, I am sorry and mean no affiance.


Atta girl brittney! Don’t let the fag gade tell you what to do.


brit will lose in the end no matter what she does

Saying So...

This may be true but if she is the one who successfully gets that worthless lazy bum mouthy Enzo out, I appluade Brit.


ditto – if she doesnt make it to the final 3 then she should get the fan favorite just for being the one that chumped the Meow meow –


Agreed…I’m already predicting she’ll be the one to go at Double Eviction unless she wins POV.


I said the shows rigged but I said I may stop watching atfer this season. If a floater wins anyways. Brittney, Matt and Brendon are the only ones winning.


Ok what would be more interesting. Matt and Brendan going at it. Or 4 guys manipulate a crying gay guy and little girl??? I’ll pick the first one.


Haaa Haaa good one. I think it would be better that a girl, smokes 3 guys to win. Now that would be cool, and as my wife and young women I coach are always telling me, women are way smarter than any guy. LOL

Im drunk

To those who say BB is fixed i say good morning… you woke up late! remember a few years ago when the airplane flew by with a message banner. Who DOESNT think it was planned by production? BB is fixed but they can do it legally when they say its a “twist”


I’m no big fan of Matt and Britney, but I think they should be final three with Brendon. Since they are the only ones left who have actually won anything it would be the most interesting match up. I believe they are the only ones who in the end would each play for themselves and really fight it out. Enzo, Hayden, and Lane are big talkers but little doers. Ragan just annoys me no end and his constant attacks on Rachel in the DR are just downright mean. Wasn’t he blasting her for crying when she was on the block and going home? And what was he doing all last week? I just really don’t like people who get their kicks by being mean to others and who are hypocritical. So I’m hoping for Matt, Britney, and Brendon final 3 then we’ll see a real showdown and whoever wins will truly deserve it.


you know what..I’m no fan of Brendon, but I have to agree with you Matt, Britney and Brendon have done more and deserve to be final 3


Yes they have! I have to admit to that.




What did Matt say to Kristen when she left in her unitard? It’s the curse of the costume. I really hope Britney puts up Hayden. This show has been so predictable! THAT would be a game changer, and maybe the show will start getting interesting.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Hell. How many more of times can they hand out a costume this season? We have a few more idiots to get rid of! lol In lieu of Enzo wearing, IF HE ACTUALLY LEAVES, another Brigade Member should honor his memory by wearing it and thereby assuring they are promptly evicted right after Enzo. Long life the curse!




You’re a poet
and don’t know it,
but your feet show it,
cuz they are Longfellows!


Brit is playing smart. I can’t believe I just said that.


I know I agree!


Brit’s playing like a stressed out 13 year old girl. She is throwing temper tantrums when her target wins p.o.v. Whatever Brit you’re not going to win.


Why couldn’t this have happened 45 minutes from now


enzo, hayden, and lane should just walk out. They’d get more publicity that way and that’s what they want. If Lane wanted to talk her into it why doesn’t he just make a final 3 deal with her and Lane then cut her out when it’s convenient. feeds been out for over 20 minutes now since Lane told Hayden BB didn’t like them.

Other K

Finally Brit is thinking clearly! So happy to hear this! I’m glad she came to her senses and realizes that with Matt/Ragan/Lane, she can dominate the house.


i know right? it was like a sigh of relief when she told lane straight up she knows they are using her. i just hope he isn’t able to con her into changing her mind.


possible scenario I can see playing out:

Brendon votes to evict Hayden
Lane votes to evict Hayden
Matt votes to evict Enzo
Ragan votes to evict Enzo

britney is forced to vote and loses a jury vote no matter what. We already know Kathy doesn’t like her so assume that Kathy will vote against Brit in final two if she gets there. Unless its Brit and Matt in final 2, Brit won’t get Brendon or Rachel’s vote. Thats 4 votes lost in jury for Brit. Her best bet might be to just put up Matt, and use that to try and get Brendon and Rachel’s vote. Everyone is assuming Brendon will win HOH.

On a side note I think production will do everything they can to string along the Matt/Brendon fued, to the point of interfering in gameplay. It’s the only game related drama in the season so far


Thats dumb! Brendon or rachel wont vote for matt.


I don’t think Lane would vote to evict Hayden. Enzo’s pretty much doomed if Hayden goes up because Matt considers him to be shadier, and Ragan will vote with Matt. Lane is closer to Hayden than Enzo, so that’s three votes…bye Enzo.


Sorry Mike again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like you thinking, good job.

Allison Grodner

Only one girl left… uh oh! here britney, this is called the Platinum POV…. Its not really a POV you just get a free oily massage from me when you get kicked out


whats the deal with the bubbles?


Brittney is playing smart. She may have finally woke up. I only hated Brendon when rachel was around. Brendon, brittney an Matt. Final 3 with Brittney and Matt final two. Don win who wins

Allison Grodner

Matt… you too, youre girly enough for me

big brother fan

Brit is hottt!!!!!

John Marshall

This is the best thing for Brit to get Enzo out this week. For her game it’s the best pick for next week. This House you can only play one week at a time so I know she knows Matt will come after her but not until he takes Bren out.


when will the pov ceremony be?


what will Lane and Hayden do without Enzo, they do whatever he says


They would be lost!Lol


haha forreal…should be interesting


Maybe Hayden and enzo did walk out. Oh we could only wish.


I hope Brit puts up Hayden


Lane doing work son!


I just watched tonights show. Man, is Enzo a complete piece of shit! Hayden is not far behind. Lane needs to ditch those two and join forces with Matt, Brit and Ragan. I hope the idiots do not get in her head again! And I really hope that if she does keep Matt he does not screw her on Thursday.


If you are on the block in a costume you are toast LOL…


Don’t care*


lane is trying to change brits mind right now 🙁 im starting to not like em

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

Have other seasons had so many contestants openly speaking of rigged contests (equipment not working), manipulation of house guests in DRs, and rules violations being allowed (pretzel message, Enzo out of costume, Enzo eating while Have Not)? If so, shame on BB and AG for keeping up their unethical acts. And while I love this website and will support by clicking on ads, no, I’m not going back to watching the show — regardless of who the cheating helps.


Yes. Which is why you should all be ashamed that it took you this many weeks to start agreeing with me that Allison Grodner is a fat piece of shit. This seasons isn’t even as bad as the Evel Dick season. There were so many rigged production cheats, that Evel Dick ended the season with a secret clue/power that the show never even revealed, because it ended up not being needed to help him win. It took them sooo long to help Evel Dick overcome Eric in the last half of the season. Imagine watching Ragan as saboteur, except it lasted all season long, and production constantly tried to make the game harder for him by forcing him to expose himself or ignore his allies. Rachel is a saint compared to Amber; they put Eric through hell that season, and he still almost won.


wow, If I knew all that I probably would of never watched the show again..