**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan Hints of a final 4 with Hayden/Enzo and Brendon tells Brit to “watch out”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


8:00pm hammock, ragan and hayden There is something Ragan wants to tell Hayden but he feels like it’s not in his place to do it, he thinks that maybe Matt should tell him. ragan doesn’t want to step out of his place but he has some ideas he would like to talk through with Hayden. Hayden asks if Matt has the power. Ragan says he’s good at reading people and he’s sure that Matt has no special power.
Ragan: “maybe i should bite the bullet and just tell you whats on my mind”
Ragan: “this week we have 2 guys on the block both with integrity there basically equal”
ragan: “You have to look at the people who have palyed the game you have to see that Matt did what everyone in the house wanted to do he got his hands dirty”
hayden: “besides Rachel Matt has the most blood on his hands”
ragan: “All thing equal I think Matt deserve to be in here more because of what he has done”
Ragan: “I’m playing a game right now that i’m guaranteed I won’t have vote in the jury and I have the sneaky suspicion that the same thing will happen to Matt ”
Hayden agrees, Ragan mentions there is now way B/R will vote for me. Ragan saying that kathy told him Rachel left a message for Brendon to evict MAtt. Hayden knows, Rachel made it out of preteselz and it said I ‘heart’ U then under it was MATT. Ragan says this eviction is a game changing eviction they have to think about the next phase in the game. ragan proposes that him and Matt and Hayden/Enzo could have a good run to final 4. Hayden: “its not out of the realm of possibility”. Ragan doesn’t want to go into the next couple of weeks and have no clue what is going to happen he doesn’t want his life in this game hanging in the balance. Ragan: “if brendon wins POV i’ll shoot myself in the head”. Ragan explains if Matt stays and for some reason BRendon survives the week then Brendon’s main target will be left in the house. Ragan brings up how awesome Brit is at this game she knows it inside and out. Ragan looks at brendon’s gameplay and he’s a moron and Ragan doesn’t respect his gameplay. ragan respects Brit’s gameplay. Hayden asks if Brendon would of put up Brit and LAne where would the vote have gone. Ragan I would of voted for brit to leave.. I love her but she’s deadly in this game.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:40 Hammock Ragan and Brit Brit is thinking that this season will have the final 3 right to the end. ragan isn’t sure that the double eviction will happen but if it does it’ll be Thursday. Brit says that Brendon could tell the change in attitude towards him after the POV ceremony, and that is why he’s hiding in his room all day. they briefly talk about the sab and how stupid it is, Brit is sure that the sab messages are created from what they say in th house because they’ve been talking alot about double eviction. Brit mentions that Brendon told her after Matt goes ragan will be lost and she better watch out. Ragan laughs “ohhh you need to just watch out” Brendon also warned her about Ragan telling lies about Brendon because Ragan will be mad at Brendon for getting out his friend. Matt joins them says that Production is doing pick-ups all night tonight so they probably can’t go to bed early. .. Brendon is now outside playing pool, Ragan heads inside to shower.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:59pm Pool Table Lane, Enzo and Hayden Hayden telling them that he’s talked to ragan and he’s convinced that Matt doesn’t have a power. Enzo: “If matt has a power we can’t tell him that we’re voting out Lane we gotta lie” Enzo tells them they have to stick to the plan take out Needledick and Kahty then ride Brit and Ragan to final five. Enzo wants to get Brigade shirts after Brendon leaves. Hayden isn’t sure they can easily beat Brit and ragan in mental comps.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:05pm bathroom Brit and kathy Brit saying that Brendon’s days are numbered unless he keeps winning comps he’ll be going home and she can’t wait to be the one that does it. kathy is just tired of big brother she sick of Rachel, brendon and the sab wants them to go away. Kahty is saying that Brendon is all over her asking her what the house is saying about him, Kathy says she’s been trying to get away from him. Brit: “What a creeper”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:28pm Pool tournament Gremlin vs Enzo

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42 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan Hints of a final 4 with Hayden/Enzo and Brendon tells Brit to “watch out”

  1. This all sound good. If Hayden and Enzo are smart, It would be good for them to side with Matt and Ragan, since Matt is good at competition.and depending on what it is so is Ragan, who also is the sab, which I think would be good to have on there side to help create mischief on the other side of the house.

  2. just curious…didnt ragan just have to make it two weeks and then he gets the 20,000? wouldn’t he just go home this week then since he made it? what would be the point of him staying..so if he is supposed to be going home why is he so concerned about making a final 4 deal? am i missing something?

    1. He’d also like to win BB and he would lose his BB stipend if he just quit. The saboteur job is just a side activity while he’s in the BB house. He gets 20k if he survives 2 weeks as saboteur.

      1. oh gotcha i always thought it was stupid haha he didnt even do anything that would get him caught so basically he got a free 20K….retarded

        1. You’re not retarded. I thought Annie was only playing to get the sab money and not win the entire thing, either from the beginning of the season so I thought it was the same with Regan. I do have the attention span of a goldfish though so I may have missed something :)

    2. As the replacement sab he can earn his $20K (or not) and also continue in the game. Annie (original sab) had a different deal: to survive 5 weeks then she would be eliminated with the sab $$ she would have earned.

    3. exactly what was said above. why would he just quit after he won the 20k when he can still compete for half a million?

  3. Britney has a big mouth. Three hours after she makes a deal with Brendon and swears on her engagement to “Nick” that Brendon wont go up, she bashes him to everyone in the house. Does she think no one is gonna tell Brendon? She really needs to be more humble cuz everyone but Matt and Ragan is willing to throw her under a 15 wheeler without hesitation.

    1. They all do it. Look at hayden and enzo. They hate brendon and now they’re practically an alliance. Kathy was talking bad about brit and now she can’t stand the people she was talkin about brit too. I just can’t wait to see their faces if and when matt uses the dpov.

  4. If Enzo were smart, he wouldn’t be ignoring Brendon right now. Rachel hates people who are her “friends” and then turn on her. If Enzo continues to avoid Brendon, Brendon is going to see it as Enzo turning on them AND he’s going to tell Rachel. Rachel will say, we’re not voting for him…and Enzo will lose their votes. I really can’t believe that Enzo hasn’t see this yet. He’s such a brown-noser that I thought he saw it.

  5. Looking at the pics above in the “Special Live Events” advertisement I can’t help but feel a little nauseous at the site of Chelsia. She was a revolting human being for most of her season along with her cohort James. I’m sure she was thrilled to find she was messing around with a guy in the BB house whose last job before coming into the house was doing gay porn. YUK!

    1. me either…everyone seems equally guilty of being a douche. Maybe that is it, like homophobia, you hate what you truly are inside..

      1. Oh, Sandra Bullock loved Jesse James and no one holds that against her. We can make a mistake now and again when it comes to love. And, we can make a lot more when we are in heat.

        1. yep. Her whole goal was to ensure that Brendon won’t put her on the back, that’s why she was acting all motherly/flirty with him the past couple days. And now that Kathy wasn’t put on the block, she knows she’s safe and can go back to hating Brendon and Rachel again. lol!

  6. BBGrandma, sending a hug, bad news puts me in a fog. Jimik is right, this site is a good place to take your mind off yourself. Seems some people here put on different faces than they probably / (hopefully) are in their real lives, like you said there’s a lot of hate out there tonight and hateful words can go over the edge from time to time. Luckily many of the posters here give them shit before simon has to cut them off. But sometimes we all feel mean and nasty — and this anonymity is a safe way to spew the venom it seems. I am loving AND hating each of the houseguests more all the time. I find things I love about them but there’s also the crap I hate about them. My favorites change continually, but right now Kathy and Enzo are useless. (By the way your city has GREAT restaurants — thx!)

    1. Electra, I hope you enjoyed Portland. Yes, we have great restaurants. I know people on here are like people in fast cars. They are brave to honk, cuss, and shot you the bird, then hit the gas. If you catch up to them they are quick to tell you that they meant the car beside you. I know most are kidding around here but some I think take it too far. I usually have thick skin but I still can get bruised. So, I know others have been, too. I really have a good time on here and try to stay neutral. And, I have some really good friends here that are always checking on me and asking about me. What more could an old woman ask for? Thanks for the hug!

      1. you are welcome BBG, and being a grandma doesn’t make you old, you have a fun, young spirit! Your analogies are hilarious! You’ve had to deal with illness in your own life so you will know how to walk through this. All good thoughts. I’ll be watching for you…

  7. Enzo and Kathy should just be shown the door for being so f****** useless. Dont worry next week brendan will win pov plus he already probably got a secret power. He ain’t going anywhere. The fact that hayden enzo and lane want ragan and britney in the final 2 is beyond me. They even though I hate them will kill those three in challenges. Dumb asses.l

  8. Hey mike lane would be smart to want Brittney in the final 5 because she won’t vote for him or put him up. As for the others I think they want them to take out Brendan so they don’t “get blood on there hands”

  9. Why don’t all the others see that Hayden and Enzo talk with Brendan more then anyone and that there just coasting to the finals.

    1. Hayden and Enzo told the Brigade (yo) that they were going to warm up to ND, so it’s no secret. However, Enzo is playing both sides, covering his, no doubt, hairy ass. And Hayden, who went from being handsome to scary caveman, has no backbone of his own. Enzo is one of those “love/hate” kind of people. He is funny at times. At other time I think he is embarrassing the crap out of his wife, but mostly he is ALL TALK. He couldn’t win a competition if his life depended on it.

  10. I know no one is talking about this anymore but I was reading the comments from the last post & some jackass was complaining about the nude pics of the women and none of the men. (I didn’t even know there was a link to that until they started bitching and acting like a total ass) so I clicked on the link and I don’t see anything that bad. Just pics of nipples and an ass shot of Rachel. What’s the big deal??? If you don’t want to look at the pics DON’T click on the link. Simple as that. Another reason why Simon may not be able to get any pics of the men is they probably have little weenies and are embarrassed by them, so they make sure they don’t get undressed in front of the cameras. Just a thought :)

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