Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon says that Enzo had a diary room leak saying

1:10pm – 1:30pm Lane and Matt are sitting at the kitchen table. Lane is asking Matt multiple choice questions off of the back of a cereal box.

1:35pm Enzo and Hayden are talking in the backyard by themselves. They are talking about whether to keep Brenon or Britney. They discuss when to put up Brendon. They say that they will put him up and tell him he is a pawn. They talk about who they think Brendon would put up. Enzo says he told Brendon he should put up Britney and Ragan and not Lane. Enzo says that they have to think about themselves too. Enzo says that if it’s a double eviction he’s gonna put up Brendon. Hayden says that he will to …and that he made a deal with Britney and so that he has to put up him (Brendon) and Ragan. Enzo says that if Brendon wins HOH they are golden. Hayden says that we have to start winning BLANK though man. Enzo says yeah I’m going into this BLANK to win it. Enzo starts going through the timeline of the events of the house. Hayden is confirming Enzo’s answers. Enzo and Hayden starts asking each other before and after questions.

1:50pm Lane comes out and they start talking about what they should do if it’s a double eviction. Enzo says that if the first competition is a quiz then the next will be a physical. Brendon comes out to the backyard and asks Hayden what he talked about with Ragan over by the hammock. Hayden says that Ragan was talking about how if Brendon wins one more HOH he will be in the finals. Brendon says that they all have an equal chance to be in the finals. Brendon says that its funny when the tides turn everyone thinks I am a threat. Brendon asks Hayden who he would put up. Hayden says that he doesn’t know yet… that Ragan is going up for sure and that he already promised that he wouldn’t put up Britney. Brendon says that he did too but Britney went back on their deal.

Britney comes out with the camera and tells them that she needs HOH pics. Britney tells Hollywood Hayden to do something exciting. Britney then tells Lane to pretend to grill. Lane complains that he doesn’t what to grill. Britney tells him that he just has to pretend. Britney tells them to hurry up …because she wants to go blog and talk to her family. Britney takes a photo of Lane pretending to grill. Lane picks Britney up and holds her upside down and they take a picture of her. Britney gets a photo of Hayden on Gremlins (Matt’s) back, and another one of Hayden, Lane and Brendon posing. Britney tells them that they look stupid.

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1:55pm Brendon and Hayden are talking in the backyard.  Brendon and Hayden talk about how Britney doesn’t need the money.  Brendon asks if Lane would agree with them that Britney doesn’t need the money.  Hayden says that he thinks that Lane would agree.   The cameras switch to the bedroom where Matt and Ragan are talking.  Matt has on a t-shirt bandana and some chandelier earings and says that it is going to be his eviction outfit for tomorrow.  Matt heads into the kitchen and takes it off.  Matt, Enzo and Lane sit at the table and talk about random stuff.  Enzo talks about how he cant wait to write meow meow on his penguin suit.

2:10pm Brendon lets Enzo know that there was a DR (Diary Room) leak from Enzo’s diary room session. Brendon says that the heard him say …I’m gonna kill those mother BLANK. Brendon says that he was like, is that Enzo? …for real? Enzo is confused and says that he was just talking about his wife. Then Brendon says just kidding man, ..we did hear a little sound though. Lane makes a bandanna for the duck in the pool. Enzo goes out to the backyard and puts it on the duck and says Yeah thats what’s UP, YO!! Lane goes to get ready to get into the pool. Enzo takes off his penguin suit and gets in the pool too.

2:30pm Matt and Ragan are in the bedroom talking. Ragan says that he can’t imagine them having to do their messages tonight… Matt says yup. Ragan says but that he is just curious why they got to sleep in so late. Matt says that he doesn’t want to get to into the theorizing because it doesn’t really matter for him any more after tomorrow. Ragan then asks him if Matt will come up with some before and after questions. Matt says Ummm… Im so bad with these. Then the camera switches to the backyard where Lane and Enzo are in the pool.

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Are F********ing kidding me MATT. Man up already, shi!. Ur woah is me BS is killing me dude. Srsly…this all better be part of your master plan..I’m on the edge……Dont make me jump….


I honestly don’t get Matt’s lack of fight. Evictions are tomorrow and he hasn’t done squat to sway the votes. I am beginning to wonder if something happened during the veto comp this week to make him think he will be ok. He isn’t acting like someone that is leaving or that wants to stay. If he were to go out fighting, he would get my vote for fan favorite, but he is fast losing ground with me this week. I guess I’ll have to watch tonight’s episode to get a better picture of how things ended up this way.


Matt’s going home tomorrow .. I want him to stay … can’t see ANY way possible for it to work out that he stays.


I’m sure matt has a bigger plan, I just don’t see him going out without a fight


he has got to throw the brigade under the bus. clue brit in. try to get lanes vote. he has regans and brit and break the tie. not so difficlut. Maybe he knows this but doesnt what to show his hand too soo or the bg would have time for damage control. when he makes his move he has to be fast.



BB for life

Could enzo get evicted since he’s been cheating? Matt shouldn’t go home. The house is gonna suck without him!


He has ?? What has he been doing??

BB for life

He’s been eating regular food and not wearing his penguin costume sometimes. In season 8, jen got a penalty vore but they’re just letting enzo do it.


I wish that somehow Enzo gets a surprise penalty vote and by the grace of BB God Matt stays plus double eviction that will def. be good entertainment.Enzo blindsided sent home in a Penguin out fit..You’re a Bird that cant fly, dip shit. The CURSE LIVES ON!


I’m sure we won’t know until Thursday’s show whether he gets a penalty vote. Matt not fighting for survival may mean production has either told him about the penalty vote or worse. Maybe they told Matt that Enzo would be evicted if he kept eating. If I were Matt I’d stash food under Enzo’s pillow…LOL.


I agree with you totally. Matt isn’t fighting because he has been told something. Same way he was when he had the DPOV. It’s the only reason he wouldn’t be fighting his ass off right now. Production has told him something. They have to act on Enzo and his cheating or they lose all credibility with this show.


interesting theory… Hmm we’ll have to see if Matt does anything tonight.


How can you humor these people? LOL! Matt is going home and he knows he is going home because he SCREWED HIMSELF with the DPOV and throwing the HOH!


Hayden Lane and Brendon will all vote for Matt to leave the House. Doesn’t matter how Ragan votes – Matt can’t get the votes he needs to stay … he knows it ….


He could have tried at least. He could have maybe worked something out with Brendon and Brit. He didn’t even try. I expected more of him. And now for some stupid reason, he is throwing everyone under the bus to help the brigade, when they are the ones that got him nominated for eviction. He better pull a rabbit out of his ass by tomorrow, or I will have to conclude that he is not a genius, and not even a very good gremlin.


how has he been cheating. If he has broken BB rules he should go home leaving Matt in the house. We can only hope. Please Matt, find a way to stay. Enzo is just discuting with his hand down his pants all the time. No class. Get him out.


Matt is the one with his hand in his pants 24/7, not enzo. And yesterday ragan started wearing his hand in his pants, tho he chose to place it in the back not the front–no kidding! It is bizarre, maybe the small numbers of females make them think it’s ok?


I completely agree. That cheater should get evicted or at least get a penalty vote against him. If Matt doesn’t end up staying, the rest of this season isn’t even worth watching IMO. My stomach cannot handle another day of those three losers (E/H/L) gloating about how “golden” they are. Those parasites wouldn’t have even made it this far if it weren’t for Matt. I would normally frown on production for interfering in the game, but at this point, I would be happy if they gave Matt or Ragan a game-changing power for no reason at all. Perhaps the coup d’etat. The survival of this season definitely depends on it.


Enzo is an ass. So cocky.


I think Matt is bisexual.


That huge sigh of relief was Matt’s wife. After what’s been said in the house she had to wonder if he was still gonna be interested in her (or women in general) at all.


Does anyone know where the HOH blogs at? I had no idea they got to blog.


Scroll down (or up) this page. There is a link clearly marked under *Categories*.


Matt should stay because the rest of them (with the exception of Brendon), are so boring.
Matt won’t reveal his Bridgade. It’s a man thing. The man side of him won’t let him do it. The woman side of him made him throw Ragan under the bus, which was a beautiful thing. For the rest of you knuckle heads in the house, send Britney to the jury house.

saboteur v2

well at after tonight there’ll be one less hand down ones pants member ive had enough of the gremlins mini-ball scratching for one season!


you mean tomorrow?


Poll of this season’s best tits:

Annie’s itties
Britney’s Store-bought Pageant Beauties
Kathy’s big Milf-bags
Kristen’s Philly Pink Puppies
Monet’s Chocolate kisses
Rachel’s Monster Moneybags


I hate to even reply, but….Britney BY FAR!


Agreed. Britney by far. Unless she has a nip slip and it turns out she has some fugly nipples, she’ll go down as the hottest U.S. BB contestant ever in my book. Ok, maybe tied with Jessica. But probably Brit > Jessica.


Please don’t post this a third (or fourth) time.


Goodbye Matt


I find Matt boring now. He will be leaving tomorrow. If Enzo was going to get evicted because of the cheating, then maybe when he was in the DR, they told him that he will have a vote against him for cheating and that is why he yelled.


SWEETTTT. i like the way you think. ; )


I also would love to see matt pull a rabbit out of his hat, and Enzo go to the jury house. But I know it is unlikely.
How is Enzo cheating? I must have missed something there


He has been cheating on his have-not diet. And it wasn’t a one-time mistake either.


He cheated earlier in the season, but you only get a penalty vote if you’re on the block. It wouldn’t matter if they gave him one now, cuz it would still be 3-2 anyway so Enzo would stay and that’s assuming Ragan votes for Matt to stay. They could give him two penalty votes and Britney would still get to choose in a tie of 3-3 and she’ll send Matt, so it really makes no difference


not sure if serious


I find it suspicious that matt says he didn’t win anything during the competition when everyone else had.. Maybe, he won something but is playin it cooler this time because
of last time he kept dropping clues about DPOV and production had to keep
warning him. This time he seems the extreme the other way ..


Why are you still here Matt? Leave already!


I have become increasingly disgusted by Ragan and I liked him the first few weeks….but those feeling aside….if Matt were truly as smart as he claims to be, he would call a Brit, Brendon, Ragan meeting. He could out the Brigade and inform them that they ALL have been used to further the brigades agenda. They could all keep quiet and tomorrow really make a power play by voting out Enzo. (hoping Enzo gets slapped with a penalty too!!!) He and the brigade would not see it coming. Has Matt really given up? My final thought is that I could care less who wins. I am not sure any of them deserve it and I am not sure I like any of them anymore.


OMG..sob sob..Bratney is like, having the worst HOH ever..sob sob !!


Absolutely stupid comment to make about Brit doesn’t need the money. This is a game not a who needs the money more game. It has nothing to do with who needs and doesn’t need the money. Brendon and Haydon need to grow up and quit sounding like spoiled little brats which basically all of them are, at least this is how they act. If anyone told me to hurry up in that house I would just come back at them and ask why, we can’t go no where or really do anything so why hurry up. LOL!!


I hate that Matt is leaving, out of all of them I like him the best. He has played both sides but…he is the only one on there that has played. Enzo has done nothing, Lane has done nothing, Raegan umm nothing, Brit made a big mistake putting up Matt…..They say Matt plays both sides, what in the world is Lane and the rest of them doing…I agree with the rest of the people on here, I hope Enzo gets caught for cheating and gets out of the game.


bye matt …lmfao



I wake up expecting Matt to be gone, but he is still in the house!?

Go already!!!


Marshal Matt (Dillon) is in final 4, I betcha. The rest of the brigade threw him under the bus and can’t even win comps to save themselves?? Disband the Brigade. Matt & Brendon are competitors and they should stay. … u got any biscuits back there in that mugg?? i wanna sop up this chop suey…

‘Nuff said.