** Updated ** Big Brother 12 Spoilers Ragan and Lane are put up

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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7:21pm Have nots, Ragan and HAyden Ragan doesn’t understand what brendon is doing he had gone around and told brit she was going up then he does this.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:20pm Cabana Room BRit says she’s not surprised this is all part of Brendon’s plan he’s going to backdoor Matt if Lane gets POV and Brit if Ragan gets POV. Matt agrees he thinks they need to take Brendon out during double eviction. He thinks they can make a deal with Brendon then break it. Matt explains that if you break your word with Brendon and send him out during double eviction you don’t need to deal with all his BLANK.

Enzo wonders if there is really going to be a double eviction. Matt if they are going to have one they need to do it next week. They start talkign about Brendon telling everyone it’ll be Lane and Brit, Enzo: “He’s all BLANK up to” they ask lane if Brendon told him he was going up. Lane says Brendon gave him all this BLANK about him respecting Lane as a player but he never told him he was going up.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:04pm Have nots room, Ragan, Brit and Matt Talking about next weeks HOH will most likely be a short quiz and Brendon can’t even Play so they are in a very good position to win it. Matt says the bottom line is they need to win POV to save themselves.

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271 thoughts on “** Updated ** Big Brother 12 Spoilers Ragan and Lane are put up

    1. Ok correct me if i’m wrong but the dpov conditions were that they had to be used this week and it can change any nomination and allow anyone on the block including the hoh???

    1. i hope he backdoors matt otherwise he won;t need to use the DPOV because they brigade already got the votes to keep lane??, don;t production want him to use it??

      1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Matt will somehow end up backdoored. BB doesn’t want yet ANOTHER one of their twists to fail. That would be 3 for 3.

  1. Interesting. Looks like Brendon is going to play a personal game after all. I’m disappointed. I was looking for him to really get back into the game and play strategically and shake up the house.

    1. Did he have to change his noms because he told Britney ahead of time? Or was he not telling the truth when he told her?

      1. no he changed his mind b/c brit is a fighter just like rachel and him. and also, brendon believes rachel really liked brit so he gave her a chance

        1. OMG. He is totally snookered by witchy women and 2-faced lazy men (Enzo)….. Britney has been talking horrific smack about Rachel since Day 1. She was talking about her behind her back because Rachel even went on her HOH power trip. Rachel has NEVER had a real friend in Britney.

          1. And, Brendon has never liked Britney. He told that to Rachel many times. I don’t think he would have not put Britney up because Rachel liked her. There is more to it.

            1. Brendon did tell Brit that he feels he has to like her because Rachel does….so, he is going to give her a chance. I’m surprised he followed thru with the promise he made to Brit just before the nom ceremony. I’m starting to like Brendon a little bit more, so I’m hoping Brit keeps her word as well.

            2. I think Brenden is realizing the baboon alliance in his gut. Lane and Ragan aren’t good POV players and the nom’s should stay the same, then you know who would go. I hope it does because backdooring Matt will force him to use his D-POV and Kathy will go and the 4 monkeys remain in the jungle with Tarzan & Jane. Ugh!

          2. and brittney didn’t have a real friend in rachet, they both were using each other thats why she got monet out so she could pull her into their alliance but brittney hated her and wanted revenge for monet so she used them. it was like twos head butting because if they knew about the brigade they would’ve put personal disputes aside

            1. Exactly, Birtney even said that the whole time she took baths with Rachel and hung out with them, they’d trash the whole house and try to get information from her. They were using her just as much as she was using them.

        1. I think he just said one thing and did another to show that he can screw with their heads, like the entire house telling him that they were giving him his eviction wish but kicking out his girlfriend.

        2. I don’t think so because hoh’s have told the people they were planing to put up before, I doubt that’s against the rules.

    2. how is it personal? personal would be putting up Brit and Matt and backdooring Ragan if someone won POV. Brendon is finally playing the game. Lane needs to go. First real move of the game. Go Brendon

      1. I guess I can’t be sure just exactly what he was thinking,but at this point I’m purely speculating that he put up Ragan out right just to show Ragan that he’s more pissed off at him for turning on Rachel. Maybe Brendon doesn’t think that Ragan has a chance in hell of winning POV and saving himself. Could still make for a more interesting week either way if Ragan could save himself and Brendon gets a shot at back dooring Brit.

    3. How is Ragan a strong player? He hasn’t won any comps. He has been a have-not 24 days. He doesn’t have a real alliance. And Brendon KNOWS that the others will vote to keep Lane. Brendon IS NOT making a good strategic move. The best strategic move would have been to break up the brigade by putting up Lane and Enzo. If Lane were voted out in that pairing, he’d also have broken up the known alliance between Lane and Britney.

      1. His target is Ragan because Ragan was Rachel’s friend and then he turned on her. Brenden never trusted Britney so I don’t think it surprised him but Ragan definitely seemed to.

    4. If he was playing personal he would not have put lane up it would have been Britt or Matt. I guess there goes your theory this was a very smart move.

  2. If Ragan wins POV, I’m pretty sure Brittney is going up.
    If brittney wins POV, matt is gonna be a replacement.

    I’m pretty sure Matt won’t use Diamind POV, it will expose him as a lier. Brigade will be pissed, and the replacements he choses will be pissed. To me the DPOV is a game changer but it’s a game killer for the user.

    1. I think all he’d have to say is that BB told him he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone so he made up a lie. Nobody believes that he only won $1.

      1. Right. Matt is too big of a liar for anyone in the house believe. I mean about his wife being sick like that. Now that’s crossing the line I think.

    2. Again, really, they know that the Pandora’s Box had something that the winner had to keep secret. Now, they just think that Matt won extra money but he could still truthfully use the DPOV on Ragan and say that he couldn’t say that he had the DPOV, that was one of his stipulations.

      I don’t think he’s a nice enough guy to use the DPOV on Ragan in a Ragan v. Lane competiton but I wish he would. And putting up Kathy is the perfect out…doesn’t cost him any real harm….

      And seriously, if the brigade is made at Matt, what worse can they do to him? By getting rid of Ragan, they already ruin his chances of winning BB because he will have lost his 2nd alliance while all the other brigades have other side-alliances still.

          1. I’m not so sure about that. It’s about winning pov when you get to the end and Matt has proven he can win alot and the rest of the brigade hasn’t. I agree that he’ll be the first out socially voting, but if he wins the pov’s he needs then he can make it.

      1. Oh, I don’t think Matt would pick Ragan over Lane with an extra power. That would cost him the brigade for sure. Enzo and Hayden are already questioning his alliance to them. That would cost him some major votes in the jury, too. Even if Lane was safe, I don’t think they would like him making Lane sweat it out.

    3. I wouldn’t call it a game changer. He’d put up Kathy as a replacement and then get her out. Nothing significant would happen since Brenden can’t be put up and Matt wouldn’t put up a Brigade member.

    4. I was thinking that as well. But I think Matt may use the dpov and say well I couldnt tell u all I had it. he is creepy and sneaky, matt is not going home this week..Finally Brendon grew some balls and put down his purse. by putting up lane and regan he is trying to seperate a pair. now if matt goes up, he uses the dpov then chooses the replacement. that person goes to jury mad, thats vote 2 against matt, then next week unfortunately Brendon goes home thus vote3 against matt if he makes it to final 2. honestly if 2 brigade members are in final 2 with matt, matt is losing regardless. his best bet was to keep Brendon that way he is guaranteed half a mill. are these people thinking. u dont take the nice guy ie regan, enzo to the end. well after next week the backstabbing amongst the brigade will begin.

  3. o thank god brit isnt up i want here to stay and she has to win pov so she can save regan and rendon has to put like a bergade memeber up

    1. Are you sure she’d save Ragan? I’d think she’d be more apt to save Lane, but she may not use it if she wins it for fear of Brendon’s wrath. Right now they may have some kind of a truce going.

    2. No, she wouldn’t save Ragan. She’d save Lane and say, I’m saving Lane and saying that this way, Brendon will put up Kathy (knowing that Brendon would NOT put up Kathy). She knows that she has a stronger partner in Lane.

  4. this is so cool. i really wanted ragan gone b/c i dont want him to win an easy 20k by saying some lame stuff that no one believes(sab). now he will deal with rachel for a whole weak in the jury, serves him right. oh., and matt better not use the dpov and save ragan b/c the brigade will quest his loyalty so it means brendon just took down the sab and stopped matt from using the most powerful power this season. nice work brendon:)

    1. It would be ok if the bridgade questions his loyalty. Matt should be questioning theirs — Hayden had Kristen on the down-low (didn’t tell his alliance) and it didn’t hurt him with the alliance when they found out. Hayden still has Kathy and Hayden and Enzo now have Brendon. Lane has Britney. Matt should be smart enough to use veto, put up Kathy, Kathy is voted out…doesn’t hurt the brigade at all and helps Matt.

    2. Iman, was it that he had to stay in the house and not be discovered for two weeks or was it that he only had to not be discovered as the sab for two weeks?

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      1. I find it quirky that the saboteur (Annie and Ragan) have been put on the block and possibly have no chance to win the money. This idea is so stupid anyway and they should have learned from the first time that it was not a good idea.

  5. I think it’s smart because if Brit wins pov she would have to choose between her friends. That’s why I think it was lane

    1. I agree with SMART, if someone takes REGAN or LANE off and BRENDON back doors MATT then MATT uses the DPOV, man that would be soo cool. The house wouldn’t know what hit them……

      1. This is where it gets interesting. If britney wins the pov she’ll take lane down and then if matt goes up in his place then matt will take himself down. Then who goes up? Can he put britney up because his diamond pov trumps her pov? Or is brendan off limits? We really don’t know the answers to these questions.

        1. i think the hoh and pov winner are the only ones safe from the dpov therefore if brit uses the pov on lane and matt uses it to take himself off matt would put kathy up and then the brigade chooses who goes home yo

      2. no way.. matts gotta sit on that DPOV for when the brigade turn on him, which they will cos hes the strong player. no one would use the POV on lane because theyd all know ragan would go home anyway and they wouldnt chance who brendon would put up.

      1. Rachel and Brendon. Taking baths with Rachel while talking smack about her 5 minutes later in the next room….the worst type of smoozy two-facedness.

  6. ugh wtf brendan…well at least brits not up….i really hope she doesnt get backdoored and either kathy or ragan go home….team brigade and britney!!!!

  7. Really annoyed right now and don’t know if I’ll be as dedicated a watcher. Perfect opp to get rid of Brit.

    Poor Ragan has no chance against Lane, especially with the boringade. If Matt was a stand-up guy, he’d use diamond POV on Ragan and put Kathy in Ragan’s place….that shouldn’t hurt Matt too much with the brigade and would allow Matt to continue to rely upon Ragan as his second alliance. I hope Matt is smart enough to see that the brigade is ditching him at the final 4 (if not before) and he needs Ragan.

    If Enzo wins BB, what a travesty. Two-faced, lazy schmoozer floating his way to the finale.

    1. i agree…he has a better chance with Ragan then a final 4 deal with the brigade, which they are gonna take him out in because he is the most least loyal one…plus the brigade really doesn’t who goes as long as it isn’t them…

    2. first off enzo is one of the saving graces of this season because he is entertaining

      secondly, brendon knows its a good time to take out britney and by not puttin her up she is not guaranteed to play in the veto comp therefore making it easier for him to backdoor her so stop talking crap about big brother and learn how the game is played

      1. i knoe how the game is played…thank you very much…i’m just implying that Matt should keep Ragan for his own good…

  8. Also if Matt wins the POV and pulls off Regan the Brigade will not be HAPPY. So I actually think the move worked. Also does Matt have just this week coming to use the Diamond Veto or 1 more week after that……….

    1. Who cares if they are not happy? They’ve all had their 2nd alliances… Matt isn’t allowed a 2nd alliance and the others are?

      And what’s the brigade going to do about it? Enzo win a comp? Lane win a comp? Maybe they will and show that they’ve been losing on purpose earlier in the comp.

      1. i so agree…he better off with Ragan because Matt is the only one that wins shit…plus he can get in final 2 vs the brigade which will turn on him in the final 4…and it’s not like other ppl don’t have side alliances…(Lane/Britney, Hayden/Kristen…etc)…the brigade is totally useless and Matt is already starting to get fed up with it…and really the brigade doesn’t even care who goes as long as it’s not them…Lane is already 100% safe and they know it…if Matt would smart…he should will keep Ragan around and stick with him…

    1. She’s a gorgeous blond, wearing cute bikinis and spouting ‘oh-so-commercial-ready’ one liners. She’s an advertiser’s dream. If I were in production I’d try and influence Brendan to keep her too.

  9. That doesn’t make any sense that the DR would get mad at Brendon for telling Brit. HGs tell people all the time when they’re going up as a pawn. Waiting to find out!! Thanks for all the speedy updates!

    1. they have (at least they used to) a rule that you can not directly tell a hg if you are putting them up for nomination.

  10. finally ragan and lane will see how if feels to be on the block. the only one left is enzo and i home he feels it soon. he will freak and punch someone and the production will kick his floating ass out of the game

    1. Yes, I agree. Shoe is on the other foot and it’s not very comfortable!!

      Gee, the cocky group abandoned their TV show BB Tips. Look how much has changed in just a couple of days. Can’t wait to see if Matt has to use the DPOV on Thursday.

      I wonder what Julie meant when she told Rachael last night on the show that she may return to the BB house but more on that later….???

  11. But brendon said earlier if anyone wins the pov he didnt want them to use it. He is trying to get rid of lane

    1. Not according to wikipedia (admittingly not the most reliable source). It says Matt can’t use it on the HOH. Just google Diamond Power of Veto to see what I mean.

  12. I think they are interesting nominations as well…Matt will only use the DPOV if one of the nominees uses normal POV and he goes up…And I think that should he use it, and he nominated Kathy in his place, the Brigade would forgive him, as they now have an option to vote out a person who is not Brigade. I think once he explained the rules, that he was NOT ALLOWED to tell them about the power or risk losing it, they would understand. But he’s out 100% if he were to use it to save Ragan; however, I think Matt is too smart to do that. Or at least, I would hope so, as he is the self-proclaimed diabolical genius.

    1. Especially if he explains that he was holding on to an amazing insurance policy that he would use to keep the Brigade in tact. They might even feel endebted to him for his ‘loyalty’.

  13. I hope Kathy wins POV. That would make Matt choose what side he wants to be on because if he took down Ragan then he would have to put Brit up.

  14. Matt uses DPOV on lane and replaces him with Kathy… He along with Brit vote to keep Ragan so Matt will look good with the brigade for takin Lane off and with Ragan because his attempt was to save him to backdoor Kathy… Lane Enzo and Hayden vote to evict Ragan…. Thats a CBS script for ya bri bri bri BRIGADE!

      1. hahaha@Grandma if Evel Dick was there at 4 am, he would walk up to Lane’s bed, shine the flashlight on him and say, POW, You’re Dead.

        haha this would be awesome..

    1. He aint got his truck, he he haw, He aint got his gun, he he haw, He aint got his spotlight he he haw, He aint got no game, He should be back on the range soon. Yeee Hawwwwww.

        1. Ah yeah, im Canadian. Proud of it and would have it no other way, we can travel the globe and we only have to worry about the Taliban now that our dollar is worth something. Why whats your angle on asking that,?

            1. haha @ Grandma. We do not use outhouses or live in igloos. You can be an honorary Newfie but you have to french kiss a cod fish and shoot a shot of Screech. It’s awesome, the kissing of the fish that is. Then you get baptised with a set of oars. Anytime..

            2. Grandma, I live in Nova Scotia Canada, its really not that bad here weather wise, we have winter which is cold in January, Feb., and sometimes March, but summer is really nice, today was 80 plus. We would take you up here in a New York minute, lol but America would be down one dam fine lady and that doesn’t seem fair.

              1. Oh, you are sweet! Have I told you lately that I love you? I have to think about retiring to a warm climate because of health reason for Rattlesnake Jake and me. Thinking about Belize. That is British owned. I can go for the Queen. I like hats and always carry a purse.

              1. Hey Charlotte, sounds like you may be from Winterpeg or Northern Ontario, if thats the case then we arnt really lying to Grandma, its just a very big country and depending on where you live in it, determines the weather, that said, Long live Steven Harper, just kidding, lol

  15. I believe Brendon is thinking in a different way than everybody else. He probably does have a strategy of sorts, but most likely it is one that would only make sense to him. If he tries to explain it in a DR, you’ll probably have a headache from trying to follow him by the time it is over. I’m not surprised to see Ragan on the block, all that avenging Rachel stuff. I think Ragan is suprised because he’s overconfident in his powers of persuasion. He most likely really thought he did a great job of snowing Brendon during their little talk earlier, but unless he is just that dumb, Brendon is like the rest of us and saw his speech for what it was. I would not be sorry to see him go, he hasn’t done much in the game, he is a lame sab, and his DRs are the most annoying ever. I kind of compare him to Casey last season. Both were banking more on their likableness to advance them rather than any sort of strategy or being a good competitor.

  16. i wonder where the game would be if they knew about the brigade? rachel,brendon, kathy,regan, brittney against them? damn that would’ve been GOOD… i don;t think they will reveal themselves

  17. Brendon’s nominations almost make it appear he is trying to force suspected alliances to finally expose themselves. If Britney or Matt uses POV then Brendon will know exactly where each of their loyalties lie. If Enzo or Hayden uses it on Lane then perhaps The Brigade comes out into the open. If Kathy uses it…LOL. Kathy winning a POV? I suspect Brendon is on a fishing expedition here and it will be interesting to see exactly what he ends up catching.

  18. brendon would never put enxo up he wpuld put kathy up and to all the people who say enzo is a terrible player should realize that he is playing the best social game out of anyone because he is tight with brendon adn the brigade and i gurantee he will win an hoh and a pov in the near future. Go Enzo!!!! droppin grenades yo!

    1. It’s a smart move to put Lane and Ragan up. If Ragan wins POV, Brit goes up. Matt most likely won’t use DPOV. If Lane wins, Matt goes up uses DPOV, Kathy is replacement. From the looks of it, the Brigade will vote out Ragan over Kathy, they want to keep her longer than the others think. Brit will also be a likely candidate to go up if Lane wins POV. Brendon wins, he could save Ragan and put Brit up and then she will get voted out, or save Lane and Brit will still go up, but it looks like either way, Brit or Ragan will go home, even if DPOV is used.

      1. That would be dumb for matt and lane to vote out brit or ragan. That will be better for hayden and enzo. I hope matt see’s it.

  19. Best case..Kathy gets off her ass and wins POV so Matt cant use the DPOV and put her up and take down Ragan. and with Kathy having the POV Matt would have to put Ragan up.
    There could be a lot of action in the house this week. Maybe it is finally game on. Still hope Brit goes home she is a backstabbing bitch.
    Kathy please win the POV so there is some excitement in the house.
    »I think if Cathy wins the POV…
    »Matt wont use the DPOV. Matt is likely only going to use DPOV if he was on the block.

  20. I smell a lil backdoor action. Although backdooring doesn’t work nearly as good as putting the intended target up initially. That POV thing gets in the way, especially if the target wins. I’m hoping Brit pulls this one off.

  21. The fact that all these Brenchel fans are coming out of the woodwork tells me one thing… People are really deluded. Honestly, I don’t think there has been a bigger wimp when it comes to certain things, and a total a$$ when it come to his woman than Brendon.

    On top of his boo hoo acting, and strong arm tactics when it doesn’t even matter, he isn’t the worst part of this gruesome twosome… We have VEGAS. The botox riddled nasty girl that dresses as if she is in Showgirls. The only time she can be tolerated is when her mouth is closed. I will say that she is strong at question competitions, but is blatantly two faced, and can’t take criticism at all. The show is better now that she’s gone.

    But, mark my words, production will get her back in this house. It makes for good TV

      1. Rockstar, I am a fan of this site, but don’t comment for that very fact. This site has some crazy followers. People that actual consider themselves an fan of a person like Rachel is mind boggling to me. She is really a small step above white trash. She needs her Botox BAD.

        1. Welcome chica. Sad you’re not a fan of the dynamic duo but it’s alright. I think a lot of people like last year get scared to go against the majority because they get ripped apart and eaten up for lunch. Been there, I made a nice afternoon snack. haha The Brenchel fans finally get a little bit of reprieve. If Kathy wins HOH next, her fans will jump up and scream too. It goes with the territory around here.

          1. Rockstar, I have been on Kathy’s band wagon some today and I am not really for her, yet. But, you are right, it can get scary on here if you are going against the tide. However, there are a lot of people that will come to your defense if you really get ganged up on. Even some that aren’t on the same wagon with you, will still not let you get too bruised by the big guys. I know that for a fact. I have swam with the sharks.

            1. I’m a strong swimming fishie. I’m not afraid to battle sharks, I’m quick so I can take a bite before they even know what nicked them.

              No matter who’s side you happen to be on, if you need me just hollar, I’ll throw my cape around my shoulders, put my rechargeable batteries into my lightsaber and come out fighting.

      1. Sorry, I didn’t know. But, cheers from one Cowgirl to another. And, believe it or not, Grandma was a cowgirl once.

    1. I just read that he couldn’t use it on the HOH but what I read didn’t say anything about the POV winner. That would be a cool twist to have. Take yourself off thinking your safe to be put back on.

    2. HOH and POV winner are BOTH safe from going on the block due to the D-POV being used. If Matt ends up using the D-POV Brendon can NOT be put up as a replacement nominee but his reign as HOH would be worthless.

      Matt could change everything if he put up Britney with the D-POV and got her out. That would be a genius move since she is his main threat in comps. He then could win HOH next week and get Brendon (his other only competition) out. The Brigade will think it’s all good for them since they continue to be safe. Matt is CLEARLY the best player this season as he is manipulating everyone including The Brigade.

  22. REGARDLESS of what happens with POV.. who wins it, if they use it, who the replacement is, who is planned to get backdoored… MATT is the holder to it all. I hope Hope HOPE he uses the DPOV to put Kathy up in Lane’s place. She is the most useless player in the game.. reminds me a lot of Natalie from last year. Deputy Sheriff? really? She has finished last or near last in EVERY competition this year and is a HUGE floater. I HATE when players get by like that..

    1. That’s why I call her Sleeper Cell Kathy. I keep waiting for her to be activated and wreak havoc on the game. Otherwise she’s as good as a housesitter who goes around feeding your fish and watering your plants occasionally.

  23. best case scenario, ragan wins POV and Brendon puts up Brit in his place. Matt uses the DPOV on Lane puts up Kathy, Kathy goes home. Brigade comes out and the game really begins

  24. Simon,does Matt have to use the DPOV?i think hes in a pretty good position to not use it right now,though the POV might change things.

      1. ooo that would be a good twist if he had to use the dpov. I bet he will not use it unless his butt is on the block and not even mention that he had it.

  25. Britney wins POV, takes Lane down. Brenden puts up Enzo, Matt uses DPOV, takes Ragone and Enzo down, puts himself and Hayden up. Votes himself off and he goes to jury house. Vegas comes back, screws Brenden, gets pregnant, has the baby on live tv, Baby looks like Enzo. All is good again. haha!!

  26. Simon the updates are coming really short and along time in between.
    Is this because don’t have Rachel to rip apart.
    Hopefully are are going to be more fair and talk about all the house guests. We have all noticed Brit is nothing but a skank and deserves to go home.
    Thank god this week you have to stop ripping Rachel apart. It will make for a better site.

        1. Simon, don’t stop ripping on rachel just cuz she’s gone. Her lingering stench will need attention as much as her skank ass does!

          1. We can still rip Rachel apart! We have our memories! AND….they’ll start showing Jury House clips! YAY! Vegas skank trash-talking lives on! But I have to say, not having to hear that laugh and her sing-song voice will be relief. Now if only Enzo could take his hand off his balls things would be just splendid!

    1. We have all noticed fun is an idiot and has a hairy upper lip. See, I can make stupid comments about what everyone else thinks too!

  27. I hope kathy wins the veto thats the only way anything interesting will happen this week, and the likely hood of that is well none so im sure this week will be a waste. kathy will go home.

  28. i am really mad that the only reason brendon didnt put matt up was b/c of his wifes fake illness. doesnt he get guilty?

  29. this is just a thought…what if Matt wins the Veto and takes off Lane…and then Britney goes up…and then on Thursday Matt uses the Diamond one and takes off Ragan and puts up Kathy…that would be the best scenario for him…

        1. No it’s ok Grandma, rule #1 is when a poster complains about Simon/Dawg’s spelling errors. Otherwise we all would have been in the drunk tank with QAZ this weekend.

  30. hey simon and dawg i think you should have like a chat box on the side of your website so we can talk about things happening on big brother right then or just random stuff :)

  31. I think Brendon’s plan was this: put up Ragan and Lane, see who wins the POV, and try to backdoor Brit. Because now that Brit isn’t on the block, there’s a less chance that she’ll play for veto. If either Brendon, Lane, or Ragan win the POV, they will use it and Brendon will put up Brit and send her home.

  32. just imagine how cool this show would be if the eliminated ones were there instead of these idiots…annie, monet, andrew, kristen, and, even (gasp) rachael…..now THAT would be a killer cast! can’t even believe that i am actually liking brendan now. really proves that they would have always been better without each other…just sayin…

  33. Are you 13? Or on what planet or backwoods do you live that homophobia is ok? Or are you trying to cover for something?

  34. This group has not learned yet that back dooring does not work. And if Brendon is trying this with Matt, which Brendon doesn’t know, Matt having the diamond veto will take himself off and put up someone else. IMO BB has gotten just plain stupid with the twists!

  35. Am I missing something? I just went back and listened to Matt read aloud the card that came with the DPOV. Either that card says nothing about him not being able to use it on the HOH or PoV winner, or he doesn’t read that part out loud. Does anyone know for sure that he can’t turn around and use it on Brendon? Otherwise, what makes this power “diamond”?? It would just be an extra PoV for the week. Just sayin’…

  36. POV players selected —- everyone except Matt and Britney playing…Lane had player’s choice and took Hayden apparently.

  37. Has no one read Brit’s bio? Typical girl who believed daddy everytime he said you’re a princess… She needs a swift kick in the rear end.

  38. Brit will not be using the POV because she can’t play and neither is Matt! ..Brendon lane enzo kathy and ragan are playing its looking like a midnight POV they just picked players!!!

  39. Brendon may have had to change his Brit nomination. BB had a rule at one time that you could not directly tell a hg if you were nominating them. This was a huge topic of debate amongst the hg’s last year.

  40. PLEASE LET HIM BACKDOOR MATT!! I cannot stand the fact that Matt lied about his wife being critically ill. To lie about someone being critically ill is just too much and should not be allowed and Matt just needs to be sent packing. Please Brendon use your brain and shove Matt out the door this week. He just neds to go!!

    1. matt has the diamond power of veto. even if brenden puts matt up, he can take his own self down and matt can choose the replacement nominee

  41. BB Production is running things! And it pisses me off!!
    Brendon told Britney straight up that he was putting up her and Lane.
    Then he went to the Diary Room, and Production most likely told him to not put Britney on the block. I’m not sure if it’s because he broke some rule by telling her in advance, or maybe it’s just because if Britney goes home they will lose a lot of viewers because there are a lot of Britney fans(including me!! she’s so hot! i love her!). the season would be boring without her.
    So, I think Production forced him to change his nominations. And that’s why we saw him running out from the Diary Room and calling Britney right back up to the HOH to tell her he’s not putting her on the block. OMG.. this is all just a phony shitty Production-controlled show. it’s such a farce. totally exposed now. Big Brother is NOT Legit yo! BOOO! lame.

    1. Well, the houseguests aren’t professional actors and there is no script. This is a TV show, so, I think Production has to run it some to keep viewers. I don’t always agree with them, tho. It does get obvious, too, at times.

    2. production might want to keep her in a little longer to win anerica’s player like they tried their best to keep jeff in last season

  42. Another reason BB told Brendon to change his nominations is because Ragan is the saboteur, and it would cause better drama for tv to see if Ragan will win the money by not getting evicted. This is Ragan’s 2nd week of being a saboteur. if he escapes eviction, he will be rewarded the $20,000. if he’s sent home, he won’t get that money. see, it’s great drama for TV viewers. BB Production pulls the strings yo. it’s so obvious they forced Brendon to switch his nominations.

  43. Brendon’s strategy is to put up 2 weak players that have won nothing. Ragan for personal reasons and Lane because he believes he is the sabateur. Why put up the Queen Veto player in Britney – at least she’s not guaranteed a spot if he doesn’t put her up. But by telling her she was – he doesn’t burn a bridge if one of the other 2 take themselves off – he backdoors her. Then worst case scenerio for him is that if Lane or Ragan wins – he puts up Britney. His target is to break up the pairs. So split em up. Smartest thing “brenchel” ughhh it barfs me to say it…. he has done yet.

  44. So I was just thinking, I could be way off lol!
    So pandoras box brings evil and good, I was thinking because good came to Matt evil has to come to him too….so if he uses the dveto an old house guest will be brought back into the house(Rachel, like Julie said the other night that she might be back) its probably based on if Matt uses the dveto. I get that the sab is something bad but that happened to the whole house just because he opened the box but something bad has to happen when he actually decides to use it. I dunno what do you think

  45. I am all for any of the brigade to be put up and put out they have not done anything and matt he’s as dumb as they come , hope brendan uses his smarts bc I think he doesn’t have any commen sense. put enzo or hayden up against lane if reagan pulls himself off.Its just a game meow meow what a pus name

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