Big Brother 12 Spoilers – New Saboteur Message and Brendon tells Enzo he better start winning sh!t

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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4:00pm HOH Brendon and Enzo Brendon telling him he doesn’t want to Backdoor anyone. He thinks that LAne’s tactic is to float through and not win anything/get blood on his hands and then come out blazin int eh final few comps. Brendon thinks that Lane really isn’t as good as he thinks and he doubts he’ll win many comps. He tells enzo they better start winning more comps they’ll need everyone fighting for POV and HOH. Enzo thinks they shouldn’t worry about lane and take out Brit because she’s much better at quizzes and later in the game most the comps are quizzes. Enzo: “Matt and ragan are really tight yo they want final 2 i don’t think brit and lane are as tight as you think.. Matt and ragan are the tightest..if you ask me i don’t like brit and ragan i don’t trust them”. Brendon doesn’t trust Brit and ragan either. Brendon: “brit runs from power to power”. BRendon really doesn’t respect how ragan is playing the game becuase ragan jumped off during the second HOH, Brendon doesn’t play that way he’s a competitor. they are called intot he living room as they go Brendon tells Enzo he better start winning comps they need wins.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:13pm Sab message Everyone in the living room The sab message was about 2 life long friends in the game and they are a girl and a guy. Matt thinks it’s complete bullshit. Brit and Kathy both swear on their family’s that they are not saboteurs. Matt: “Knowing Kathy and Brits character and having them swear on their family is proof enough that the message is shit”. Brit starts to replay the message they got when the sab came back the second time “Pandora’s box is open and it said you’ve released a saboteur back in the game.. it doesn’t say specifically say that it was a player” They are all convinced that the sabetour is useless. Matt: “This sab is swinging a miss every-time.. there hasn’t been one message that is confirmed true” Brendon chimes in about the love conquers all message. Brit mentions that the message will hurt Kahty and her game so whoever wrote it is targeting them. Matt mentions that theres a good chance that the sab is production.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:29pm Nominations Today comes up on the Living room TV set

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:30pm HOH Matt and Brendon Brendon says he won’t put matt up or Backdoor him if he can promise the same thing to him. Matt: “Really you won’t backdoor me?” Brendon: “yeah its a good deal but yo need to fight for POV and don’t use it.. I would rather keep you in this game”. Brendon’s reason is that Matt’s has blood on his hands and he feels other players have been hideing behind him. Brendon doesn’t want the POV played he wants matt or ragan to win it.
Matt am I allowed to know who the target is? Brendon: “no, I’m going to put up lane and brit”. he thinks the house will want brit gone. Brendon wants someone to win this game that deserves it and that needs the money. Matt thanks him on behalf of his wife Stacey. Matt tells Brendon that he swears there was no money in the saboteur box. Brendon nows there was some crazy shit that happened last week and he knows emotions were running high but he doesn’t want to carry that over into this week. They start talking about the sabetour.. Matt making a case as to why the sab is BS


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:42pm BAckyard Sab talk


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:45pm HOH Brendon tells Brit she’s going up
5:36pm Trivia Nominations ceremony
6:48 Trivia

7:07 Trivia

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182 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – New Saboteur Message and Brendon tells Enzo he better start winning sh!t

  1. If Brendon puts Lane and Brittany up, I hope Ragan wins the POV and pulls Brittany off, which would mean matt goes up and then he would have to use the DPOV to save himself and then either Hayden or Enzo would go up which would mean a member of the Brigade would be going home.

    1. You’re missing Kathy in this situation. When Matt uses dpov, he’s able to select the replacement. He’ll choose Kathy over any member of his alliance.

    2. you forgot about kathy. kathy has no alliance or friends. if ragan win pov and matt goes up and then he uses dpov then he will pick kathy.

      1. wow. if i had known that five other people were going to say the exact same as me while i was typing it, i would’ve said something interesting.

    3. You are wrong no one from the brigade would end up going home because matt gets to decide who goes up if he uses the diamond veto and he will obviously put up kathy not someone from the brigade or reagan which means that kathy would go home and this week would be a total waste.

    4. Why does everyone think just because you use the veto that means you are safe?? If you use the veto on someone else you will go on the block as the replacement like 80% of the time, remember Marceles???

      1. you cant be nominated if you use the veto….Marceles was already ON the block when he used the veto on the other nominee.

  2. haahhaahahahahaha brit ur going home, then ragan will be next then enzo,matt,enzo , hayden, final 2 kathy and brendan unless rachel comes back then final 2 branchel

    1. What are you nuts!!! Rachel is the worst sport ever!!! She rubs it in everyone’s face that she’s won then pouts and crys when she looses. When wonders why everyone wants her out?!?!?! She is clueless. Haden, Kristin and Kathy are playing with integrity. Ragon was until he started hanging with Brit then Brit’s bad mouthing rubbed off on him!!! Then Brendon telling Brit to take Nicks balls out of her purse… OMG he needs to get his out of Rachel purse!!! And I was for both Rachel and Brandon until Rachel showed her true colors and Brandon showed he was also a poor looser at the bowling term throwing his ball at Jeff and Jordon!!!

          1. Oh, don’t go there. He was only her boyfriend for two months before she got on the show. She was with Hayden for almost the same amount of time. Kiss as many as you can, girls.

    1. I thought the same. there will be another pandora’s box, brenda will open it & out will pop vegas! tits & all! I hope brit wins the pov…..

      1. Me too. there’s too many swingin’ dicks in the house now. I hope they send Regan home, but that doesn’t seem likely this week.

      1. I agree. Matt would be dumb to use it on anyone!! It would put a target on his back unless he saves himself, And no one will know if he doesn’t use it so no harm on letting it go to waste!!

  3. ugh Brendon.should’ve gotten rid of him when they had the chance.whatever i hope matt uses the DPOV should lane not get POV this week.

  4. brit goes up, and if brenden is smart and doesnt backdoor matt…we may just see a lack of a diamond pov and thats a good thing…id hate for it to get kathy out….id rather have the POV die

  5. i wonder if he’s still going to put brit up since production got on him for telling her he was putting her up? i guess production wants it to be a secret or something, but i don’t see why.

    1. Really? Production was trying to keep Brendon from telling her? Why? Production interferes in weird ways and is not helpful in shaking the house up.

      1. For whatever reason its against the rules to directly tell someone there going on the block. My guess it is so CBS can edit the action to create more drama with who is going on the block.

          1. I’m not sure how the rules work exactly but I remember hearing houseguests talk about not being to directly tell them there going up. You can hint at it and say “I’m thinking of putting you up” and you can even tell people there not going up but for whatever reason you cant say “you are going up”. One of many wacky rules they have.

        1. I find it hysterical that Production doesn’t want the HOH to be up front and honest with someone. This REALLY is a sleazy game isn’t it? Don’t you dare treat someone like you would want to be treated, Brendon. Instead you need to blindside Britney so we can watch her overreact live on camera. Eventually people are going to start getting turned off by the way Production manipulates the entire show. I guess this proves this is not a reality show, but rather a multi-player game show played out over several weeks.

          1. Coco, isn’t it funny that it is okay to hint but not tell someone they are going on the block? Really, that is kind of silly. If you want complete surprise, you shouldn’t talk to anyone. It isn’t like someone in your alliance wouldn’t tell you that you are going up. And, apparently that is okay. A silly rule in so many ways.

          2. The game is fun to watch because it’s sleazy not in spite of that fact. Watch Extreme Home Makeover if you want nice people doing nice things to make other nice people smile…rainbows, kittens, butterflies, etc.

            1. I think we were questioning it being a silly rule. I still think it is silly. I won’t take your suggestion to watch something else. I like BB. But, that is a silly rule.

  6. just like i said….matt is a lying jerk. can t stand him. hope for stacys sake karma doesn t strike her/ especially since she said she was against his tactic

    1. I wish Matt’s lie would come out. The whole house would turn on him! I wish CBS gave the SAb real information to mess with the house and not viewer suggestions of things to do. The stuff is lame and no one is buying it.

      1. You can always send in a suggestion to Ragan that says “expose Matt as a liar about his wife’s illness”. Whether he uses it or not he would know about it. Of course Production would be sure that message never saw the light of day. We need another skywriter or a plane pulling a banner to help expose Matt…LOL

      1. This has got to be the easiest $20K anyone has ever made. Notice I didn’t say “earned”, because in no way is he doing enough to EARN it. Whatever happened to the pranks from past seasons? Put mustard on the pillow of someone with a short fuse (Brendon). Do something to spoiled Britney (hide her makeup or bathing suits?) so she flips out and starts crying. I changed my mind on hiding Britney’s bathing suits. She may be a bitch, but she is smokin’ hot. C’mon Ragan…step it up.

  7. Lane vs. Britney
    Best case scenario:
    Brit wins POV.
    Hayden or Enzo is the replacement
    Lane vs. Enzo/Hayden
    Matt uses Diamond Veto on Lane
    Kathy would be replacement
    Brigade member goes home since they’re stronger!
    yay me.

    1. The brigade wont go home. They always have the votes to keep them safe as long as one brigade member is up on eviction night.

    2. I got news for ya… no matter how you cut it a brigade member is not going home this week, unless as a group they have a falling out. No matter who is on the block come next Thursday (even two Brigade members) Matt can use his DPOV and put up a non-brigade member. Regardless of who wins the veto and who is saved with it, there will be at least one unsafe non-brigade members for matt to put up. Assuming that after Matt uses the DPOV there is a Brigade member and a non-brigade member one the block. With 5 votes total (3 to win) the remaining brigade members control the vote. End of story… Brendan is safe this week as HOH and can make deals with his power, but Matt is holding all of the cards.

  8. frig! I dont want britney to go up!!!!!! either lane…frig I hate brenden.! well britney better play her butt of at the pov cermony cuz if she doesn’t win shes going home!

  9. Brendon is horrible at reading people or the situation. Why get rid of Lane this week? Seriously, he’s not a huge target in the scheme of things. Yes, he is in the Brigade, but Brendon has no clue. He’s the Kathy of the Brigade.

    1. just a thought: so true. I think Bren chose Lane b/c he is close with Brit and it follows suit (Hayden/Kristen on the block together, then Brendon/Rachel, now Lane/Brit). He is much more likeable by himself; I couldn’t stand him before and now I can watch him without barfing.

    2. He has no intention of getting Lane out. He put him up for one less vote to save Brit. Duhhh. Brenda is still smarting from the can of whoop azz Brit used on him and make him look like the fool he is.

      1. Ahhh, you are right, Lane would be one less vote to keep Brit. However, if the Briigade said to vote Ragan or Brit out, I am not sure he would go against it. Maybe he would? He would use a POV to save her.

    3. Brenden doesn’t know about the Brigade!! And Lane is the only guy in the house besides Ragan that hasn’t promised Brendon safety next week. B thinks him Enzo and Hayden are an Alliance and Mat promised not to put him up or backdoor him if he wins. Brit wouldn’t make that promise and if Lane gets HOH Brit will have a say in Nom’s I think Brenden is smart but I think kathy needs to go. She has gotten too far without doing a damn thing and she is bound to get lucky eventually and win an HOH!! I will be pissed if she is in final 4!!

  10. If Britney goes home i’ll be upset. I dont want to watch sausagefest+grandma Kathy for the next 5 weeks. Gross!!!

    1. I get why Brit is up, not really Lane. I am shocked it’s not Ragan/Brit. I don’t even say Matt because he is safe regardless.

    1. I agree. Atleast Annie locked to supply room and planted noise makers. The messages dont scare the house guests. The sab. needs to do something other than messages.

  11. is brit really begging brendan to not put her on the block or backdoor her? is she crazy or does she really believe brendan is?

    1. She’s just playing the game….. She thinks she can play Brendon. I am sure because she is pretty/small that IRL she gets away with a lot of crap someone else wouldn’t. So, she is trying the same tactics here.

    1. Yeah, she’s a really pretty girl. I think it’s a testament to her social abilities that she was able to avoid being hated by Rachel most of the season since Rachel fought with every other female on the show like a psychopath because she is so insecure. If she can survive this week then she’s the best player of the season in my books, besides Matt maybe.

  12. Brendon is still being a gentleman to Brit even though he’s HOH. He does have class. I respect him now that Rachel is gone

  13. I would love to see Lane and Enzo put up. Dosn’t seem like it will though. This way it will teach people not to be floaters in the house.

    Sadly I think people will use this strategy even more, espically if Enzo some how wins it all. Lets stops this “Friends” crap and put in people like we had a few years ago. From all ages and gender. 2 people who are 40 and the rest 30 or under is sooooooooooooooooooooo boring.

    This is suppose to be BB not “Friends” Never ever bring back the sabeteur, sabeteur is BullShit and boring. It’s even more lame than Lane.

    1. I completely agree. This floating bs is getting worse each year. Last year it was rewarded with that airhead Jordan winning. Now half the house is floating by. Again,I like Sleeper Cell Kathy as a person and if I needed anybody to housesit, she’d be the first person I ask..buttttt, this is a GAME for $500K, she should automatically get a penalty vote for NOT doing anything whatosever. It drives me crazy every time I see her laying around smoking cigs.

      1. Kathy did knock Rachel out from winning the POV. Not everyone can win in comps. There is only one that can win each time. There are some better than others at them but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the others weren’t trying to win. Now, if they jump off on purpose and say they are going to throw the comp, that is game?? Kind of like letting the others get blood on their hands not you. Staying under the radar. There is all kinds of game play. Winning comps isn’t everything. Floating can be a form of game play, too, the way I see it played. I don’t really care for someone winning that way, either, but I have to say it is a form of play.

    1. I know-my family is flipping out that I’m not cussing up a storm about Brendon winning HOH…..I sure was last night though.
      If Brit plays her cards right, she and Brendon can make it to the final 2

    2. i have this vision of rachel getting pissed because brendon isn’t melting down now that she’s gone. she’ll demand an apology when she sees him, for not crying endlessly in a pool of his own tears.

  14. Let’s say
    Brendon puts up Lane and Brit. Brit win’s POV. Brendon ends up putting up Hayden or Enzo.
    Then Matt uses his Daimond Veto to save Hayden or Enzo (knowing Lane will have the house votes), Then Matt put’s up one in replacement right (because of the power of the diamond veto) Could he put up Brendon, even if Brendon is HOH?
    I am curious if the Diamond Veto can work like that?

    1. I think the HOH remains safe if the DPOV is used, just like with the POV. The difference if Matt used the DPOV, he is safe, can take someone off and name the replacement instead of Brendon.

        1. I wouldn’t think so, but who knows. CBS didn’t go into that much detail in Matt’s description of what he won.

    1. Noooooooo laura!! Chuck shows up and is annoyed. He picks up the entire house and spins it on his finger like a basketball. He spins it so hard,as only Chuck can do,that everyone goes flying out of the house…except for Kathy cuz she had to save her cigs and held on with remarkable strength. Everyone else is too battered and bruised so BB brings Rachel back. Rachel passes out from the shock at Kathy being the only survivor and Kathy wins by default. bwahahahahahaha
      Production learns a very valuable lesson and IF there is a season 13 they don’t do stupid things or Chuck destroys them all with just his pinky finger….

    1. I’d hve to agree. I have a very dry sense of humour and will readily admit I don’t get emotionally invested in the houseguests. But every now and then, someone on this site throws in an amazing oneliner that is beyond hilarious. Keep ’em coming!

  15. UPDATE – Chuck Norris just attempted suicide – but his body fought off the attack from itself and he is resting comfortably…..

    1. I thought you were only suppose to talk about BB. Someone mandated that jokes about AG, CBS, or anything else wasn’t allowed. What did it chang back again?

        1. I was asking in defense of your comment! I asked because earlier today someone suggested that jokes about AG, etc. not be posted because it may have a negative effect on the traffic to this site. THATS ALL! I am all for comments like yours!

          1. I appreciate that …..I just could not resist continuing my CN assault ad naseaum……..thanks for the support and Chuck has already been to your house – rotated your tires, walked your dog, potty trained your children and added a gazebo. No thanks necessary either as Chuck KNOWS your gratitude

            1. Geez – OK Colette Wanna-Be! i could give two shits about you – it was the principle I was concerned with! Like FAVORITISM!!!!

  16. i hope britney stays and wins pov and kathy or ragan go home…then brendan next week please i don’t think i can take much more of him

  17. ‘here’s a saboteur suggestion from april on facebook: “why don’t you tell everyone the sky is green.” wow, april, great suggestion, that’ll really shake things up and be quite a challenge for ol mr. ragan. what a great idea this saboteur 2.0 is!’

  18. Just give Ragan the 20G’s and be done with the saboteur bullshit yo. Brit needs 2 go now, the innocent crying game don’t work anymore. You got got Brit and don’t let the grenade hit ya on the way out yo.

    1. So glad she is gone? You can’t even stop talking about her. Just goes to show you how all you haters of Rachel really like her. You can’t even stop talking about her when she is gone.


      1. Haha, this reminds me of when the ugly annoying girl’s Mom tells her that all the other girls are just jealous and that’s why they hate her. Classic.

  19. This sabetour garbage is SO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean what is the purpose if actions aren’t going to be performed. Sabetour may as well be that nasty and annoying julie chen

        1. Talk how you want about the house guests but leave that gloriously coiffed Fembot out of it. Moonves hears all and he sees all. This will not go unpunished.

  20. Brenda needs to go.i really hope Brit wins POV.its farfetched she will win three in a row though.but anything can happen in that house.also i read on realityblurred that the house itself sucks.kinda sad.

    1. Fat chance Brit will win, although it’s possible and I hope she does, but she’ll already be demoralized by spending time in the Have Not Room and eating slop. Not to mention worrying about whether or not she’ll get the votes to stay. But hopefully she’ll pull off a win.

  21. Curiosity question that is a little off topic right here right now, but the subject has sort of been talked about previously. If BB makes it to a season 13 and decided to do another all stars, using guests from Season 8-12, and decided to do like what Survivor did and make it a Heroes vs. Villains type house….who would everyone like to see? And to which category would you place them. Villains I would think Evel Dick, Dan (10), Natalie and Ronnie (11), and James (9). Heroes obviously Jeff and Jordan, April and Ollie (10), Chelsia (9), and Michelle (11). Does anyone else think this has possibilities for BB to make a comeback from this lame season?

  22. So Brenda puts of Lane & Brit. I’d hope for Ragan to somehow win POV and take Brit off. Then Ragan can’t be backdoored. Brenda would probably put Kathy up as replacement, but if her were to replace with a Brigade member then Matt can pull out the Diamond POV and put Kathy up – she will go home. Then next week send Brenda out the door. I just know that I’d hate to be the 2nd person in the jury house & have to put up with BG for a week. Kill me now. LOL

    1. You could…oh I dunno…watch something else and stop commenting on a show you don’t like. Just a theory, but I believe that if you do things you enjoy instead of things you hate it makes you a happier person.

    2. yeah, the only thing funny last night was Matt ragging on the new intern in production who was pushing all the buttons

  23. Ok. Here are my predictions……lane’s really Nick and that is the lifelong friends. Brit and lane/Nick. Also I think Rachel the skank will be back in the house at some point. Remember Julie saying “you may not have seen the last of the biig brother house”? And lastly, for some stupid reason, I think Kathy may end up being a final 2!!! No one has mentioned her lately because they are all talking about Brit, ragan, Matt, lane and Brendon. If she’s smart she will lay low and then start winning shit. Just my two cents!!

    1. JJ, for one of the pennies, I can tell you for a fact that Lane is not Nick. Nick was on another program being interviewed. They had pictures of him and Britney together. Sorry but Lane is not Nick.

  24. Britteny,Ragan,then Matt need to go. If they can’t figure out that there is a 4 man alliance. Then they need to go home. Then give Rachael a comeback shot to get her revenge against the brigade. Then if the other 4 don’t figure it out let them all go home. And the brigades can then fight it out. Hopefully they then would have to work for it if they win it. So lame. DDM

    1. Rachel didn’t figure out there was a four man alliance and she got voted out so why does she deserve to be there? You need to go home (home in this case being the Perez Hilton website or Funny or where ever someone with your logic frequents).

  25. I think if there is a next season of BB and if it’s allstars with floaters in it again, then they should change the rules. HoH only gets to be safe, he dosn’t nominate anyone. The people who fail are all voted for elimination then. This way nobody is safe. If it comes to a tie, then they are both gone.

    Simple no more floaters, Only if you win, you are safe.

    1. Yeah and then they can also sing and America can vote on who sings the best and then that’s how you win. Bam! No more floaters.

  26. I just cant believe the ONLY thing the lame SABOTEUR has to do is say stupid stuff behind the tv screen…as Rachel would say, “Are u kidding me?” AWFUL saboteur this season…Dan did alot more as Americas player..they should change the name from SABOTEUR to…………….??

  27. BB after dark is somewhat borrring without Rachel in the house…and she even got on my nerves alot, but atleast there was some excitement!! Listen to Brit talk bad about everybody while theyre not in the room..whata coward she is!!! Kathy= WORTHLESS, USELESS…GO HOME!!! Enzo may be funny but he just sux at comps…The Brigade suxxxx PERIOD!!!!!

    1. I don’t know if this occurs to any of you but it’s a pretty bad strategy to talk shit about people to their face on BB. It’s not brave, it’s just stupid.

  28. lets face it ,production didnt want britney to go up on the block thats why brendon came back to tell britney hes not sure…plus giving extra time for britney to save herself from being nominated

  29. I can only assume that Weewee Gremlin made the deal with Brendover with every intention of throwing the HOH comp next week. He has already stated in his HOH blog that the next HOH comp he wants to win is when there are 5 people left.

  30. no Rachel is not back. apparently Bren wanted to nom Lane because hes a floater. not that it matters because if Matt uses his dpov,he will put Brit up.

  31. Brendon needs to expose Matt and the DPOV. Hopefully then the brigade can see he is a scumbag. Scumbag=using one’s wife health to gain wealth

  32. I hope Brendon puts up Britney and Matt…cause I want to see the DPV used and Matt will use it on himself for sure. I want Matt to put up Kathy…which he has done before…. and either her or Britney will go home

  33. Choices, choices for Mattie boy. Save his best friend in the game or his Brigade brother? No doubt that Matt will be tempted to use his special power now!

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