*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan And Enzo up on the Block, Enzo is pissed Brit and Hayden can’t understand why

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:02pm Hayden, Lane and Brit in the Kitchen Lane says he hopes Ragan isn’t too made at him. Hayden doesn’t think so its part of the game. Brit is chopping up food there chatting about the pandoras box punishments.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:00pm Taj Ragan Ragan is studying he’s going over facial features that are distinctive to each houseguest (preparing for the face morphing comp)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:06pm HOH, Hair and Enzo Hair tells him that dinner is ready, Enzo is going to listen to a couple more songs then he’ll come done. Enzo is worried that Lane won’t put Brit up.. Enzo starts getting pissed about it thinks Lane will not put brit if if Ragan wins POV. Hair repeatedly tells them its good Enzo is safe. Hair heads downstairs and Enzo goes back to listening to music. Hair tells Lane and Brit that enzo is pissed, he doesn’t understand why he told enxo that someone has to go up. Brit pipes in about being thankful it’s not her.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:10pm Lane, Hair and Brit eating dinner. Ragan still studying for the morph comp (he’s going to win it if thats what they get) and Enzo still listening to music gett mad.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:25pm Pool table Hayden and Brit Brit wants to know why Enzo is pissed. Hayden doesn’t think enzz is really that mad. Brit thinks he is. Hayden: “umm yeah I think he only upset because he just was on the block….. oh well what are you to do”. They go back to exciting pool talk
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:34pm Jumanji , Ragan he’s studying for the face morph comp. Ragan has memorized everyones facial features and is now going over them all. (the funny thing is he told Lane a couple hours ago that it’s probably not going to be face morphing because they’ve done it 3 years in a row, Ragan has been studying very hard for this comp)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:00pm Backyard Brit, hayden and LAne. Brit calls them the final 3 and wants to hang out at the NFR in Vegas.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:02pm taj Ragan and Enzo Enzo is asking what he thinks the POV will be, Enzo wonders if it will be the face morphing comp. Ragan explains to him that he doubts it will be becuase the comps seem to be different this year and oout of order. He mentions they didn’t have the comp where the houseguest get woken up through the night with messages from the fans. Enzo thinks the comp will be a messy one because they haven’t had those in awhile.

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98 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan And Enzo up on the Block, Enzo is pissed Brit and Hayden can’t understand why

  1. I hope Enzo wins pov and see what happens. Hayden is a mini version of matt, and lane will not give up his side alliance with brittany. I HOPE Ragan and enzo and ragan team up together. because if ragan wins pov and lane puts up brit, brit will then be the pawn, because hayden will vote for enzo, and ragan will vote for brit, and lane will have to choose, and won’t want brit in the jury house because he know if brit goes home at his hands he will loose her vote, and that mouth will probably turn the jury house against him.

    1. yeah but the same exact thing would happen for enzo….if lanes the tie breaker and sends enzo to jury he loses enzo’s jury vote and enzo will talk a bunch of shit just like brit…i think lane will stick with the brigade

    1. You have terrible taste in houseguests. Brendon? Really? And Big Pussy? Those two should have been gone a long time ago.

  2. Enzo shouldn’t get pissed. That is warm bodily fluid and it can melt the ice he is floating on. Ask any penguin.

    1. Love your posts so much! You lighten my day, kudos to you. Last season the same. I was laid up for 6 weeks with a very serious injury to my left hand ( I am left handed) and left foot. you were an inspiration to keep funny any keep up to date. Thank you.

      1. Paddy, thank you and that was so nice. I do really try to make you laugh and maybe sometimes add a little thinking from the older generation. But, I love to hear the young ideas on here, too. I hope I can keep you looking for me and laughing! You all mean a lot to me, too.

        1. God love yah Paddy… that was super sweet.. don’t go missing this year Grandma or I’m sending out the national guard and believe me, us Canadians can find you in a rabbit hole..

          1. One pill makes you larger
            And one pill makes you small
            And the ones that mother gives you
            Don’t do anything at all
            Go ask Alice
            When she’s ten feet tall

            Oh, the sixties had the best music. Okay, I’m prejudice. Love the Canadian Mounties.

            1. On the pills to make you larger…

              Knew a guy who kept going on and on about herbal medicines. This other guy was really into it, too, so much that the two of them were suggesting they would open a store. I offered them this slogan, “Soften your stool and stiffen your tool with Steve & Sean’s herbal remedies.”

              For some reason they didn’t open the store and they didn’t use my slogan. Not that I know of…

  3. Sure I reckon…. I’m just laying around my backyard doing nothing but making fun of people while the real joke is firmly snuggled in my hand down my pants. “$5,000 that’s more than I have made in 2 years!” This explains why Shaggy can’t afford to cut his hair and donate it to Scooby Doo for hair plugs.
    Brit and Ragan speculate about the size of Lane’s PENIS.
    Ragan hopes Lane’s penis is one of the HG’s punishments.
    Brit admits she has held it in her mouth and that RAGAN’s little ass couldn’t handle it.
    Brit invites Ragan to shave with her in the bathtub.
    Ragan ask Brit if he can borrow a tampon.
    Brit says, “borrow, does that mean ya’ll gunna give it back?”

  4. What the hell is the world coming to when Hayden hasn’t made $5000 in two damn years? I knew you could be a floater in BB but it seems like that clown is a floater in real life too. Go home Mickey Dolenz.

    1. you may be surprised how many there are JUST like him, I graduated HS in 04, I am employed, however most of my friends who also went to college and have a degree are without a job and have been since 08-09…

      they think of college as the end game, its sad. that and there are just too many communication majors

    2. He’s a college student and a certified Mimbo.

      Order of remaining evictions should be:

      1) Big Pussy. Enough is enough with the ManKathy.

      2) Hair. Because he already won HOH twice, and like, that’s more than he’s done his whole life!

      3) Lane. Ragan will win final HOH and take his girlfriend to the finale.

      Brit wins. Ragan only gets one Brigade vote. Rachel makes a spectacle of herself and Brendon finally grows a pair and shoves a sock in her mouth as she’s telling off air molecules for getting between her and her man!

  5. I think the best plan, if Ragan wins POV, is to put up Hayden. Alliances are fluid at this point. Backdoor Hayden and send him home. He has potential to win if he stays because he has tried to be “friendly” to everyone. Enzo never wins anything anyway but he is likable enough.

      1. Brendon had to have a chum bath that smelled like yeast, Enzo’s penguin suit does smell like chum. Can you imagine his body oder and that ball meat smell? oh gawd, now I’ve gone and done it.. puke.

          1. how much do you think Enzo’s penguin suit will go for on ebay? 25 cents? or will someone bid a 100 dollars because they think the brigade was the best ever alliance in BB history.

  6. if enzo goes home the entertainment value for the show will dissappear for me. does no one realize that if they take enzo to the final 2 they will beat him????? lol i want jersey boy to get 50k

  7. Poor Ragan. He traded in his college professor job for a student. I have never seen anyone in BB history study as hard as Ragan. it’s like BB house is a school for him. I think if ragan wins pov enzo is going home. I don’t care who gets put up in ragan’s place, enzo will go home. Lane is not going to loose his side alliance with brit, and hayden and lane have repeatedly said they couldn’t beat enzo in final three.

    1. Well, I just assumed he’s really good at studying, considering he’s a professor, so all that studying is bound to pay off at some point, especially if production comes up with a thinking challenge.

    2. Haven’t u all heard Brit repeatingly say: No girl has ever won against a guy in BB history.
      She sure wants to instill that thought into everyone of those putts heads and Lane’s for sure.

    1. I don’t find Enzo all that funny. I found a couple of things he said a long time ago kind of funny but most of his DR comments are misses these days. I wouldn’t miss him. I’d love to see him get seriously pissed if he’s about to get kicked out though.

    2. If that’s the case everyone in the house except Brit floated up to the point they’re at. Ragan threw two hoh’s to matt. Enzo, Hayden, and Lane, didn’t even try to win anything because the other STUPID houseguests were too busy being personal to even think about houeguests that are left in the house.

  8. Lane has it made if he keeps Brit because Hayden and Brit will both take him, and Ragan would really consider it, so no matter what happens Lane is pretty much set for final two

  9. Enzo has too many friends in the house and will play the new born baby card. Remember last year Jordan won and she had no game at all. Enzo can say he started the brigade and wasn’t the one who put people on the block. Even Rachel said if it’s not Brendan then she want Enzo. And Brendan will vote for whoever his master votes for. If Regan wins pov then it’s better to keep Brittney so they have someone who can even cone code to competing with Regan in quizzes. If they keep bozo then Regan may go all the way. Rachel and Brendan hate Regan so he may not win in the end any way. He only won 2 povs. He hasn’t had an hoh yet. I would keep Brit so they have a better chance to get to the final 3

    1. Now that would be an ultimate funny twist :) 3 stooges?? Now there not even close..the stooges are funny:) to watch..the 3dodo’s are zzzzzzz

      1. @ enihsnus. Your exactly right. My bad. Calling them the 3 stooges would be a compliment and that’s not what I was going for.

  10. If Brendon had made a four-person alliance with Ragan and Andrew included, instead of solely wooing Rach, the BG would have been destroyed by now. It’s playing BB with bad strategy on every non-bg members part.

  11. Hey Simon I have a Q for ya. If when someone who is not on the block wins pov and takes someone off the block bothe people are safe from going up right? Well what happens when it’s final 4 and the person who is not on the block wins pov and takes someone off then who would go up?

    1. I need grandkids but first I need kids. I don’t really like kids so I probably won’t have grandkids if I don’t have kids.. Maybe I could be Angelina and adopt Big Brother rejects.. they need love too.. oh Matt, where for art thou?

    1. the penguin has an ace up his sleeve or down his pants, somewhere, he just needs to use it to get Brit to turn on Hayden

    2. If Bozo wanted to do something in the game he would tell Brit about the prizes just in case she wins the POV, but he’s too weak to play the game. He needs both Lame and Hairden to hide behind.

  12. the very moment brendon went home meant enzo was out of the house….and bc he lacks foresight and the ability to strategize, he will realize it much too late. WHY would you get rid of someone who considered you their closest ally in the house?? he should have know brendon was blindly on his side and targetting everyone else except enzo (and maybe hayden a distant second). once you get put up as a pawn, it pretty much means the house considers you expendable and is just looking to get rid of you soon – so based on that enzo should have fought to keep brendon to save himself.

    bad BB gameplay and once you make a fatal mistake like that, my thoughts are you deserve to go. clinging to the same alliance since day one is not stratgey, its foolish — and will not win you the game.

  13. Why are the PBs so lame. A good PB would be to let someone come back in the game for good not just 24 hours. Or if they open PB then the DPOV is hidden somewhere in the house like the idols are on survivor. Or if they open PB they get to walk behind the mirrors to hear what everyone is saying and see who is scheming against them. And another thing when Matt opened his PB he knew b4 he opened it that it was the DPOV and Brendan knew it was a getaway b4 he opened it. But Brittney saw just a box with a question mark on it. No one should be aloud to know what is behind the door until the open it.

    1. No britney was giving the option…it said to get advice from a previous house guest..so she new someone would be there

  14. Lane will win the whole thing. He’s likeable and never had confilcts in the house, he finally won hoh. He’s got it!

  15. Drinkin’ deep from the bottllllle, on a Firday niiiight!
    Hangin’ out with some idioooots, drinkin’ deep from the bottllllle!

  16. I want Enzo to snap…..and i mean absolutely snap and go nuts.Cussin Lane out in italian, pouring 950 degree alfredo cheese on Britney, throwing stainless steel knives at ragan, and pissing on hayden’s toothbrush. (the last thing has already been done on reality tv….and by me) LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Not sure wth that meant, but I’m not rooting for lane to win, I was rooting for brendan, but he has never been on anyones radar to evict.

  18. If Ragan wins, they better backdoor Britney.
    i don’t trust Hayden and Lane anymore. they’re trying to kick Enzo out and keep Britney. that is not cool.

  19. Can’t wait until brit gets what’s coming to her. She and Enzo are always trying to talk tuff when that person is not in the room. I hate that. Say it to their face tuffstuff! None of them deserves to win. They should just shut down production due to BAD CASTING AND BOREDOM and flash on the screen “OUR BAD”.

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