* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hairdo offers to be a pawn but thinks The Penguin is a better choice

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:00pm Jumanji Hairdo and Lame hairdo is telling lane that he trusts if brit wins POV that she’ll not use it on Ragan. He thinks it’s best for Lane to put up Enzo and not himself as teh pawn. Lame says he knows what to do, he’s going to do whats right. Hairdo adds that if he’s trying to think of what to say to Enzo he should bring up that Hayden didn’t have a chance to play for the HOH and that Enzo hasn’t won any HOH comps so he has to do his duty and go up on the block. Lame tells him he’s not going to say that because Enzo has been getting sensitive lately about his inability to win shit in the comps. Hayden says he’s not going to be mad if he’s the pawn but he thinks its a better strategy to put up Enzo. They head into the kitchen.. Lame is practicing his noinations speech, “one of my duties is to nominate 2 houseguests….”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:10pm Enzo listening to Lame’s music

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:11pm This seasons Keesha and lane in the bathroom Lane tells her he;s got a tough decision to make, he doesn’t know who he’ll put up. Lane: “Its a toss up” Brit: “well i’m not a toss up”. Lane brings up that he’s stronger than Nick, Brit says you don’t know that. Lane says that nicks armss would break if he tried to pick her up by her ankles or do pushups with her on his back. Brit: “How so yo know we don’t do that every morning”.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:30pm Nominations ceremony coming up the penguin still listening to music, Lane talking about how HOH is unimportant it’s all about the POV. Ragan correcting him saying that HOH keeps you safe so it is important.
4:50pm Trivia Nominations ceremony under way
5:15pm Trivia Nominations ceremony under way
5:42pm Trivia Nominations ceremony under way

Dawg has kids and a cat to feed please he needs your votes ;)

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98 thoughts on “* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hairdo offers to be a pawn but thinks The Penguin is a better choice

  1. If you want votes for Dawg, he needs to make a campaign speech. Make promises. Evict all houseguests and start OVER! Something.

    1. I thought Lane didn’t care what brit thinks. Why did he choose enzo and ragan. I hope ragan wins pov and see who he puts up. These people are so afraid of getting their hands dirty. This is a game. I mean seriously they all play like babies. If they didn’t want to do the dirty work why vote out brendan and matt?

      1. Oh, I don’t think they are all afraid of getting their hands dirty. I have seen Hayden run his fingers through his hair.

    1. I didn’t fall for anything. I deliberately, consciously, made the decision to vote for Dawg.
      :- ) Dawg seems like as good a candidate as any of the people in the house.

      1. before I vote for Dawg, I am a huge perv and would like to know if we can expect to see any nip slips the male version anytime soon?

  2. I would only be interested in this show again if they get rid of Enzo. Penguins are excellent swimmers and floaters. I think the costume fits him just right.

  3. dont forget hairdo has a hawaii trip and 5 grand (more he’s made in 2 yrs) so he should have a target on his back, however I would love to see gayman go, he is too ugly and painful to watch ( and listen to) he sounds like a 70 year old gay man that has never had a partner and is jealous of any woman cause they have virginas. :)

  4. WTH is voting for Crygan?? Christ what is this world coming to….This race officially is Dawgs, no one else deserves it.

  5. Hopefully Bozo or Hairdo will get voted out this week. Hairdo hair is killing me. It looks like a roach motel or something. Bet he cannot get a comb in that rats nest.
    Team Dawg all the way*

  6. Sorry, but I also have to ask – who is Dawg? Well… it doesn’t matter. I’m voting for Dawg – I don’t want anyone who is left in the house to win. How soon until the next season of BB starts? This one is a bust. (HA! that was the truth.

  7. Team Regan all the way! Bozo…nice name and Hairdo along with Lame need to go.. if I could pick anyone in the finale two.. wanted Regan and Matt but at this point Regan and Brit will do…

  8. Ah the suspense, I want Reagan and Brittney in the finale..but unless they get smart fast it doesn’t look like that’ll be happening….

  9. Maybe the Penquido does have a career in movies.. they could always do a remake of the
    March of the Penquins or Happy Feet.. This one would have to be Deadbeat Penquins.

  10. Hayden is going to get out and go to Hawaii where he will meet a Hollywood Agent and pay him $5,000 upfront to represent him. After not getting any work for a year, he will go back to college to finish off his 10 year degree. 2 years after Lane gets out he is arrested along with his brother and charged with a hate crime for breaking into Ragen’s house and beating him half to death while trying to rob him of his $500,000. Brittany pays for his defense with the $50,000 she got for second place. He is convicted and sentenced to 20 years. Enzo moves to Hollywood to break into the movies. He was arrested for stalking Jennifer Anniston and last seen being put in a straight jacket while saying over and over….”meow, meow, meow, yo.”

    1. donnaj says:
      August 27, 2010 at 4:57 pm


      my puter not working good……..thinks hayden should give me his 5G’s and a pair of scissors…….

    2. Lmao that’s hystericle. Did you know lane and gunter already broke into someones house and beat the guy severely? I thought they do background checks on these people?

      1. Best line in a long time! I love the oneliners. I get so tired of people bickering about which HG they hate the most. But BBGrandma, you’ve done it again. Rock on sister!!

  11. Did you hear that Meow Mix is filing a lawsuit against Enzo Palumbo, cast member of Big Brothers Season 12 for copyright infringement. They want compensation for the punitive damages Mr. Palumbo has incurred by using the ‘Meow Meow’ phrase which is copyrighted by the Meow Mix company.

    1. seriously?that sounds fake but i wouldnt be suprised if it was true.I would feel bad for him i guess.i dont really like him though…

    2. Hey Rockstar. Good to catch up with you and BBGrandma again. I always seem to miss you folks. That’s what it is to live in Ontario. But adding to the Meow Mix lawsuit, Enzo’s problems are ‘snowballing’ (groan) Disney is also after him because after the hit movie ‘Happy Feet’ they established a fan club. The president of the club has the same identical costume although the prez doesn’t look like a letch in his. They are suing for psychological damages to young moviegoers. Poor Enzo better win. He has a lot of legal woes!

        1. Don’t forget ‘The Hair Club for Men” I don’t know if it is local to the Toronto, but they do hair restoration (aka plugs) for balding men! Poor Enzo, we do talk about you a lot but not for the reasons you think.

          1. Katie, great minds are always thinking. You and I were writing the same thing at the same time. Yes, we are having fun with Enzo but it is just fun.

        2. Oh, hell, I meant Men’s Warehouse! Although the Men’s Club is hair pieces and plug and such. I am sure they will pay him because he is good advertising on needed their services.

      1. Kathie – Happy Feet was cute, there is nothing cute about Enzo.

        I’ve been busy the past week or so.. I had to figure something out job wise and I just put a deal in for retail space in the mall.. I’ve lost my darn mind..

              1. thanks Kathie… I have lost my mind but I didn’t know what else to do.. I need to be able to leave work at a moments notice so working for someone else is out of the question

              1. a bunch of stuff – crafty stuff and musical stuff and maybe some books.. a little bit of everything if I can and have room

                1. Oh, that sounds great! I use to have a store once. I wish I could help but I am to far away. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for you!

      1. or hiding in the closet. simon already knows this… when the website went down last year I thought it was the end of the world as we know it.. I did not feel fine

  12. if Brit doesn’t use the POV to take off Ragan if she wins it she as dumb as Matt was. Lane can’t play the next HOH you get rid of Enzo or Hayden, it’s 2 on 1 for HOH. I really hope she’s smarter than that, but with this cast I think they’re all idiots

  13. whats that things that enzo always says about “no gb’s for the bg” ?? or something like that haha. britney heard him saying that and asked what it meant and he said BIG BROTHER GAME YO. lmao

  14. i hope brendon wins americas choice. lol.

    And I voted for Dawg. I do not know how Ragan Brit and Lane are still beating him.

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