*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel’s boobs are still being discussed and Lane/Hayden didn’t come from monkeys

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:50pm Ragan playing dominos by himself
2:52pm Backyard Everyone but Ragan They’re talking about the pool vacuum, Brit wants to know how it works. Hayden explains the one they have at there house is different then this one because theres doesn’t climb up the walls. Brit says she would never marry a guy with a tattoo her mom would freak out. She tells them that when at college her first boyfriend was a communications major. When she told her mom he was a communication major her mom wasn’t too impressed with him, Brit: “I was like mom I’m a communications major what is that saying about me”. Lane and Hayden laugh. Enzo brings up the POV competition he impersonates Ragan, “OMG did you see that” . Lane: “We’ve seen the devil come out”. Brit explains the pov comp says it was very close and he body checked ragan out of the way. Brit: “It was so funny i hope we can see it in slowmotion.. After you got it you screamed this is my time”. Brit adds that after enzo won Ragan walked down and said “jesus Christ you see that”. Enzo didn’t catch Ragan saying that he heard him say “oh my god! did you see that”. Enzo just looked at production and they “scampered off” so he was worried that they were going to review it.

They start talking about what to have for dinner, BRit wants Hotodg. Enzo says he heard hotdogs give you cancer. Lane disagrees says you have a better chance getting cancer by being near Kahty then you do eating a hotdog, Lane: “Enzo you hung around Kathy out side more than anyone”
They start talking baout Rachel.. Brit:”Her boobs were so gross they would float in the hot tub” hayden wonders how big they really were. Brit says F, Hayden says she told him D… Brit calls BLANK on that. Brit: “Rachel really gained a lot of weight while she was here”. enzo: “You think they BLANK in the taj” Brit: “Maybe but they did it in the HOH” Brit brings up how B/R were so excited to be in the jury house together because they thought it was going to be a huge sex fest then they were told they couldn’t be together and they must be pissed.

Talk moves to religion, Lane says he had friends that would think because they went to church on Wednesday and didn’t have tattoos they would get a bigger mansion in heaven. Enzo is Catholic and Brit is Church of Christ. Both hayden and Lane don’t like it when people say they come from monkeys, hayden and Lane do not believe in evolution.
3:20pm Ragan sleeping in the Taj

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:00pm Hot tub Brit, Hayden and Lane They are talking about who should go up as the pawn with Ragan, BRit or Hayden. Brit says that she feels safe but maybe a little less safe than Hayden would be if he was up. Brit says she wants Enzo out next week but thinks they shouldn’t put him up they should back door him. BRit says if she wins HOH then she’ll put up lane and hayden with the intend to back door Enzo. Hayden asks what if POV isn’t used then one of us goes home. Brit explains that regardless of what happens if they win POV or Not the outcome is the same. She thinks if Enzo isn’t on the block he won’t fight as hard for POV. Lane agrees. Hayden says he might be the best one to go up this week because he wants to do a shout out to steamboat moutain and his mom.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:18pm Brit and Hayden trying to figure out what the next HOH comp will be. Brit says she’s not underestimating enzo anymore he’s starting to do much better in the comps. Hayden agrees says one of them three has to win HOH.

4:45pm Backyard Brit, Enzo and Ragan bashing Rachel Brit is telling them that Rachel was so proud of her hair extensions because she painted them. Brit: “You ever notice how they were all different colours?… well she did that”. Ragan: “She’s like the Michaelangelo of hair extensions”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:19pm Kitchen Enzo He’s building a stealth fighter .. (LOL he really is, Big Brother production has given them crafts to play with to help pass the time, Enzo is having a lot of fun)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:39pm Stealth Fighter almost complete

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:10pm Music comes over the speakers and the houseguests have to dance.. Lane really gets into it.

Big BRother 12 Poll Whose the hottest BB chick

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103 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel’s boobs are still being discussed and Lane/Hayden didn’t come from monkeys

  1. This season sucks big time.

    I can’t stand Enzo. I now despise him just barely less than Rachel, which puts him at number two in BB history

    1. I hate Enzo too. I really hope he doesn’t make it to final 2. I don’t want him walking away with even a dime. He is way too big of a baby. He thinks he is tough shit, He is nothing. My 7 year old could take him.

    1. there’s so much to say about hayden and lane’s comment. But i don’t think this is the place to open up that can of worms…. :S

    2. Proof that Lane and Hayden are real ignorant dummies. They are technically right though; we didn’t evolve from monkeys. We evolved from APES. Big difference. Apes are primates that lack tails. Monkeys diverged millions of years ago.

    1. haven’t seen pictures that lead me to believe that they are but always being held up in a bathing suit isn’t the ideal way of deciding

      1. Look at the pictures when she is lying down. Natural boobs have a tendency to fall down to the side and sometimes out, especially the size she has (bought). Hers never do. Fake boobs stay straight no matter what position. Scroll up and look at the pics where she is laying down. Another way to notice, Fake boobs do not have a natural bounce. No matter how good of a bra or bath suiting your wear natural boobs will flow with gravity and not stay taunt like an overfilled water ballon….. Of course your probably a guy, and you are obilvious to all of this, Females can tell the difference, Men dont care LOL.

        1. i usually go off of how the breast meets up with the armpit, generally fake breasts get very narrow right before they get to the arms whereas real ones don’t curve back in towards the body
          but a push up bra or tight bathing suit would cancel a lot of this as well as the bounce factor
          on top of all of that her breasts do flatten out when she lays on her back, it’s just that d cups tend to still stand fairly tall when supported

          i am a guy and i DEFINITELY know my breasts

          1. Her bathing suit is a couple strings and some fabric to cover the front. IT IS NOT A TIGHT SUPPORTING SUIT. They are fake. You dont have tits, and you dont know how they behave in different situations, FEMALES DO. You are not as “breast wise” as you think, Armpits dude!!!!! REALLY!!! If a girl is not bone skinny like Brit, your “armpit” theory is out the door. Trust those who have them. I mean i wouldn’t argue with you about penis matters/ or men who body build, so step off dude, They are fake. But speaking of body build, Is Lane all natural? I can never tell.

            1. i wouldn’t know, as i don’t work out as much as/use steroids potentially

              sort of like how your insecurities are showing

            2. It would not surprise me if Britney bought her breasts. After all, she was a beauty contestant.
              You just never know what some people would go through to get notice.

          2. D cups that are natural do not “tend to stand fairly tall when supported” when lying down. You’ve got it wrong, anon. In fact, its just the opposite. Smaller breasts will tend to stand up, but you can’t do anything about the law of gravity. The larger the breasts, the more they will fall to the side and widen out while prone (IF they are natural).

    1. Hearing Lane say that Enzo could ‘catch’ cancer from Kathy is beyond ignorant. That took my breath away. I’ve had the big C twice so maybe I’m being super sensitive, but com’on!

      1. Congrats on beating cancer twice! I think they are all ignorant, but the catching cancer is likely a reference to second hand smoke.

          1. But the point is you don’t catch cancer. One thing that people DO think is that they can ‘catch’ your bad luck. It certainly separates your real friends from the rest of the herd.

      2. Kathie – wow woman, you are indeed a fighter.. my Dad had cancer twice… he made it through again a few years back and previous was 20 years ago.. I hope you are doing okay now… I know how tough it can be..

    2. Attention Everyone:
      Please stop talking about Lane. His family owns oil. You don’t want to piss them off. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and find out gas is $4.00 a gallon like a few summers ago.

    1. I wish Hayden goes home next week, or the week after.
      And take the little girl with you.
      It’s funny how the two of them were talking about how Lane doesn’t need the money.
      Who the hell cares if Hayden or the little girl need the money?
      I’d give Hayden a referral for a job at Walmart, and if the little girl wants money, I suggest she gets in really good with Lane. The boy’s family got oil money.

    1. I might be wrong, but I think the little girl is still holding a grudge against Rachel, for accidentally slamming the door in her face when they were meeting one another at the pre-show.

  2. I can’t wait to hear what arguement these guys will have when they have to say why they desereve the 500k to the jury on finale night.

    1. Lane will say he needs 20k to fix his 50k chopper. 100k to fix his leaking house his parents gave him. And 40k to get a new pickup since he’s tired of his ’09 King Ranch Special addition P/U. And lastly, 10k to get hair implants.
      Sounds reasonable to me! NOT!!!

  3. If they MADE it to final two they have every reason to be proud. It’s no easy task to hang in to the end no matter HOW they did it. I’m just glad Matt is out. I didn’t know who I wanted to win but I knew I wanted him out for the lie about his wife. That didn’t deserve any reward.

    1. the lie is one of the main reasons he got kicked out

      besides it’s a game where you’re trying to win 500k why is telling one lie worse then telling another lie?

      1. seeing as not one other HGs knew about that lie, WTF is you talking about? what got him out was he had too many alliances and was too sneaky THATS the only reason.

        1. they all believed it so much that they thought it made him a favorite to win if they were against him in the final 2……

          and again, why is it worse to make up that lie then to say that you’ve got massive student debts or being dishonest about your level of education

  4. Simon, i thank you for keeping all of us updated to every minute in the house, but sadly now everything I check the blog i can only read the first paragraph and get bored as hell. All i really read is the title and see who won what. Thanks thought.
    Your fan Krystal :)
    p.s This season sucks!

    1. Don’t feel bad for Ragan because you think no one is talking to him.
      It’s obvious to me that Ragan is the one who keeps himself from the others.
      Ragan’s intellectual level makes it impossible for him to carry Sesame Street level of communication 24/7. And this is why I think Matt and Ragan got along really good. Matt enjoyed sharing with someone who is smarter than him.

  5. Here’s an idea for a new rule in the BB house:

    For the rest of the season, if anyone mentions either Rachel or Brendon, they get put up on the eviction block automatically, randomly bumping off one of the two that is there.

    These people really revel in being nasty, even to those that aren’t in the game any more. It’s getting very very old and not at all entertaining to keep beating the same dead horses over and over.

    But since no one was punished for talking without using the sock puppets (several were talking with the sock puppets on, but not even bothering to move the puppet mouths – can you say Hayden?) it’s not like BB would probably follow through with enforcing my suggested rule either…

    1. I agree their hate for them is visceral and uncalled for but that goes to show what shallow people they are
      In a way I feel sorry for them there life must be pretty empty and with out any soul

  6. Enzo has no business being there. He should have been kicked off a long time ago. They showed him eating pickles last week and he was a have not.

    1. They are allowed condiments, and for some reason, pickles are included – I think it was Brittany that mentioned it. Weird.

      1. everyone needs to stop freaking over this while enzo eating pickles situatio, as ka boom said he did not break the rules because pickles and condiments such as ketchup sugar mustard are allowed to be eaten so calm down

  7. I thought Hayden was in favor of back dooring Britney this week? Is he just playing her or is that the way he really wants it.

  8. i can honestly say i don’t understand why anyone has such a problem with the houseguests talking bad about each other. that’s just how some people ARE. and in a situation like this, of course the cattiness is heightened.. maybe that’s just me. find it annoying, sure, but not want them to win because of it? that doesn’t seem reasonable..

  9. These people are the worst contestants ever, they must not have any kind of life outside of the house, all they talk about is Rachel, I mean are they that jealous of her? They talk about poor sportsmanship, and some of the names and the things they say about Rachel, what are they like four year olds? If these were my kids I would be so ashamed of the way they talk about people. If Rachel could get away with it, don’t vote for any of them.

    1. People still talk about lots of terrible people. It doesn’t mean they are jealous. People talk about Charles Manson, Dahmer, Bin Laden, Hitler. Hell, there`s even movies and books about them. Doesn`t mean people are jealous. Im not comparing Rachel to these people, don`t get me wrong. However, meeting a person as crazy and as annoying as Rachel is a once in a life time experience. They`ll probably be talking about that bitch for the rest of their lives. It blows my mind how a person like that even exists. So they don`t talk about her because of jealousy, it more amazement that there is a human being that is actually that crazy, mean, and annoying.

      1. I don’t know alot of people who sit around talking about charles manson, dahmer or hitler, if you do you may want to stop hanging around with them

  10. enzo is right….if you get evicted you have nobody to blame but yourself, everybody got evicted because they deserved it one way o the other for something they did.

    1. That’s easy for Enzo to say because he wasn’t going home. The only person who was going home was Regan. It’s 4 against 1. I would feel safe with those odds. Even if Enzo lost the pov he was still not going home.

  11. Damn I didn’t Lane has che$$e like that!!!!
    His pops owns planeS . All Lame does is play golf all day and gets paid for that.
    He needs to go.

    1. Lane: Do you want to lay in bed with me. Britney: NO! Lane: If i put u on the block will that make you feel better Britney: NO! Lane: Will we have a make-out party. Britney: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

          1. Hahahaha! I thought about Charles Barkley when I typed that comment, but since he’s not a professional golfer, I dismissed his name.
            Did you see Sir Charles on Shaq’s TV show? It was Shaq vs Charles playing golf.
            Man, they way Sir Charles was walking on the golf course, his behind was sticking ALL the way up the air, the back of his shorts go almost up to his shoulder blades… it was a sight to see. Shaq made fun of that too.

  12. looks like the bg is turnin on meow meow, i hope he wins hoh next week and takes out hayden ( I like brit and lane). My ideal final 2 would be enzo and brit with enzo winning the money over brit but if brit won the show i wouldnt be mad because she was a competitor the entire season with her 3 povs and hoh win

  13. Lane needs to put up Hayden to keep Brit safe. Brit & Lane need to get rid of Enzo & Hayden, if they want to make it to the final. Enzo, who has only won 1 POV hows he get to the final 2. Some people can construe has that being very smart. I personal can’t stand Enzo, he talks to much S**T. Stating I don’t want to be on the block next to Ragan this week, but he didn’t mind it last week, when he stated put me up with him I want to see him go home next to me.

  14. I do have to say that after hearing about the money in Lane’s family….I would be voting for Hayden to win of those remaining in the house.

    As far as the 25 K I will vote for Brendon to get it. Staying in the house as long as he did when the houseguests were literally gunning for him from the first week means he really fought each and every day to hang in there as long as he did.

  15. I actually think it’s hilarious that the “brigade” are so proud of their many accomplishments in the house over the last week. Um, there’s hardly any competitors left. It’s not going to be difficult for them to be so victorious. And BRITNEY is such a whiney chick. (I’m a woman, and yeah, I called her a chick lol.) Britney loves to dish it out, but she sure can’t take it.

  16. This final five are a bunch of clueless baffoons (Merriam-Webster definition: a gross and usually ill-educated or stupid person). THEY ARE ALL SO FAR BEHIND THEY THINK THEY ARE FIRST! They have spent the entire season just bashing Brendon and Rachel, who are two of a few that actually played the game. Bring one or both of them back to maybe save the season, if that’s possible.

  17. I wish the jury members would get together on finale night and say that none of the guys did enough to win so we are not voting and then just walk out.

  18. I love lane and hope he wins even if he does come from money. I think he’ll get more votes then anybody else. And he’s funny!

      1. Lanes Dad is an oil man! Lane’s suppose to be an oil rig salesman but says all he does is golf all day with his dads associates!

  19. OK, Folks. Here is the scoop! I hope to goodness I am wrong, but here is the FINAL 3 and it is a near LOCK. Britney, Lane and Ragan. Saw it on the prompt from my DISH Network program description from the beginning of the show. Watch Hayden walk out this week followed by a Ragan win and an Enzo eviction. I cannot believe I wasted another summer on this totally staged crapola. Ouch!

  20. Booooring all they talk about is B/R constantly. They are gone already. Get rid of these idiots. If all I hear about is B/R bring them back. Put the camera feeds in jury house.

    1. It is primarily Britney and Ragan. If Ragan goes, Britney will have to take another bath and ditch on Rachel again. This girl loves to talk about people and not in a nice way. She must be a joy to have as a friend.

          1. Rockstar, I screwed up! I did say that one. I am losing my mind! I haven’t been on here for a few days and I forgot myself! Dumb ass, that is me! I need a drink!

        1. Simon, I was teasing you! I have been gone and just wanted to know if you missed me. That was me that said this comment. Don’t check it out. I have lost my memory again! I am sorry if I have cause you any confusion. Like you aren’t busy enough! I thought you might be bored like so many others are, apparently. Again, SORRY! Grandma’s old but she sure is slow!

          1. haha @ Grandma.. I hope everything is ok.. I’ve been super busy so I’m a little confused too.. don’t worry about it.. we almost put an attack dawg out on your ownself. haha

            1. Rockstar, I hope that is a good busy! Working on that project for yourself, I hope. Muc is doing great! The Doc says he is improving. We are hoping for the longest time we can have with him. Please keep me inform on your business. I really care to know.

              1. Grandma – I’m glad Muc is holding his own… Everything is going good with me.. I’ve had an hour off since 9 am this morning, it’s now 11pm and I’m going back again in a few minutes to try and get everything together. As soon as everything is set up, I’ll be able to rest and then I’ll actually have to work but it’s exciting so yeah..

  21. Enzo ” Cheated ” to win that POV & he knows it. Hayden & Enzo both need to go home. Enzo, Lane & Hayden all three have bashed everyone in the bb house just as Brittney & Ragan. “””BUTTTTT”” Brittney & Ragan should win hand’s down. The two have played a great game other then the three ass wipe’s have. Enzo thinks he’s going on talk show’s, Haydan think’s he is better then cream for coffee, & Lane has no respect for his poor Mother, after what he did in the shower in front of all the camera’s. He has no self control. Guess you can tell he was raised like cattle. And you can bet Enzo has shamed all the people in Jersey, they all don’t talk that tuff people with money have manner’s & have very respectable friend’s. He act’s like he’s coming out of the bb house with production having a line of ” Ronnie Howard’s ” standing with paper’s to sign for movies. ” He tell’s everybody he want’s to be paid for ” Talk Show’s ” I sure would not be a tiny bit interrested in anything he has to say. And after the remake he make about Brandon & Rachel making ” ugly babies ” in the jury house, I can tell you he HAD to have been a ugly baby. He was shit out on a hot rock, you can tell that by looking @ his ugly ass face. He has a face only a Mother could love. I bet she was afraid to take him home for fear of scearing the pet’s or the neighbor’s. BB has let Enzo get away with more , then anyone in bb history. Can’t wait for Sept. 15th Survivor’s start & this is the very last season of bb’s i’ll watch. It’s the same-o-same. They study for the next week & it was more exciting the first 3-4 years. The house guess were not fake like they are now !

  22. I have never missed an episode of BB in all the years until Brendon got voted out and i quit. Like or hate him, he played the game. Hayden, Enzo and Lane have coasted though. What a mean spirited group of young men. Anyone but those 3 I would have said ok. I cannot watch them.

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