*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Debbie downer Hinting to Suzie sensitive to Send Hayden home.


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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:33pm hot tub Lane and Hayden lane ask hayden if he’s OK with going up.. Lane isn’t sure were enzo’s vote is if Ragan is up against Brit, he thinks it’s best to put up Hayden. Hayden agrees, he brings up that Enzo has really been talking about taking brit out. Lane doesn’t want to be the one that breaks the tie and sends ragan home because that may cost him a jury vote.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:39pm HOH Lane and Brit Lane asks how bad she wants to go up she tells him -2 and hayden is 6 so…. Brit: “hayden is basically safe going up so put him up”. Lane tells her he thinks the block would be good for her he wants to hear her speech. Brit: “Stop making up stupid reason to put me up on the block”. Lane asks her why she’s so scared of going up on the block. Brit is scared of them all turning on her. Lane: “I won’t turn on you”. Brit: “yeah hayden is your friend you like him better”. Lane: “I don’t wrestle with hayden”. Brit: “I think you would but your scared it’ll look gay”. She threatens him that she’ll take Hadyen to the final 2 if he’s turning on him. Lane laughs tells her thats fine he knows who to put up now. Brit tells him he has a better chance winning the 500K against her then Hayden. Lane disagrees, Brit breaks it down for him basically Hayden has 3 votes locked in if lane sends home Enzo then biam hayden now has 4 votes locked in the jury house. She say nither of them can win against Hayden…. Lane silent.

Brit says are you mad because I told you all those people in the jury house will not vote for you, Brit: “Oh my GOD your mad because I said those people don’t like you” Lane: “I’m not mad i’m just thinking”.
Brit: “your being Suzie sensitive”
Lane: “your Debbie downer”
Brit is really trying to convince him that Hayden is unbeatable in the final 2. Brit tells him she has by far the hardest road to get to the end, she’ll be lucky not to go home next week. She says theres no way your going up next week enzo won’t put you up, hayden won’t. Brit: “hayden is going to win this game … I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve it he does but he’s going to need it and he reall needs the money” Lane: “We all need the money.. why does he need the money more than me?” Brit tells him that hayden said his family is having money problems. Brit says that everyone in the jury house thinks Lane is has money, SHe doesn’t know how much money hayden has but the jury house probably thinks he need it.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:59pm Jumanji Hayden and Enzo Hayden tells Enzo he’s going up as the pawn.. He’s still a little worried because Lane has been talkign to Brit upstairs. Hayden: “Worse case scenario I have your vote (enzo) and Brit votes against me that means its up to lane” .

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:31pm DANCE
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:03pm DANCE

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:43pm Lane Playing pool by himself
Big BRother 12 Poll Whose the hottest BB chick

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117 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Debbie downer Hinting to Suzie sensitive to Send Hayden home.

    1. Ragan and Britney haven’t cried for awhile! Part of the Brigade needs to go because they’re not even fighting to stay. They don’t deserve it.

        1. they have no choose now but win cause there is only 5 left if Brendon and Matt was still there Hayden, Enzo and Lane will still be floating. I dont want either one of them to win they havent done nothing until now. Brit for the win

      1. I am so sick of hearing Ragan make comments about people. “Little people, waitresses, and now he just said if he saw a car wreck he would say to his friends no you don’t get it, you didn’t see it, then proceeded to say I saw a baby flattened.” He is a disgusting human being, a disgrace to humanity, and for anyone who thinks he is a good person, you are just as disgusting as him.. He will say things, then it is like “production” mentions certain things he has said the day before and he will then apologise, but it is never sincere. So again, for all those Ragan fans, you must be horrible too. He is going to have the biggest reality check when he leaves the house and realizes that a lot of people feel that he is a nasty, gossiping, disgusting, person. It IS NOT because he is gay, I don’t agree with people talking about him being gay, it is just because he is absolutely revolting.

        1. I agree with you Alice. This is the worst cast Big brother has ever had. Ragen and Britney have no class and it’s hard to watch them on TV. They are a poor excuse for human beings. Instead of bad mouthing everyone, Ragen and Britney need to take a good look at them selves, thay are so boring and have made Big brother not worth watching. They call Racheal a bit–. Well Britney!…Back at you

          1. I am so glad we have a real BB fan on here, and someone that sees the truth about those two. Ragan is jealous that Rachel is a strong woman because no matter how much he works on his pecks and wears tight v-necks, he will never have the chest he wants.. Also, Brit is jealous of Rachel, because she is smart, strong and caring (even with her mishaps and her inappropriate comments sometimes), she still has a kind heart and Brit knows that she is a two-faced gossiper who cannot hold an intelligent conversation and that is why 90% of her conversations are about Rachel or Kathy. She is an idiot and I also cannot wait to see her face when she realises that she was played by Lane and when she sees Hayden saying that she is pale and has no ass. She thinks that Hayden and Lane want her, maybe Lane wants her because she’s the only one in the house and he hasn’t been with a woman since the house; but that’s it. He says all the time he gets hot woman at the bar and Hayden is very picky. She is going to feel like such an idiot.. I can’t wait.. The mouthy, bratty, immature, two-faced, BIT**!!

      1. my problem is why call him Gaydan in the first place? sure Gay shouldn’t be offensive because it’s true and it is what it is but why say it if it isn’t meant to cut or be a slur.

    2. Regan and Britney are always talking about Rachel .and they say they can’t stand her and the way she acts , Well people get over it !!!!!!!! IF YOU DO NOT LIKE HER STOP TALKING ABOUT HER. !! I hate people like you guys that are putting down people all the time. that makes me not want to watch BB

    1. he needs to but unless they can promise me enzo will go out the week after i would rather hayden stay and he be in the final 3 with brit and lane…none left in the house really deserve anything but enzo is the worst…he doesn’t deserve it game play wise plus he’s just so unlikable!

    1. I’m watching the show and I cannot believe I just heard that stupid Hayden say that because of “Lane’s Greedy Ass” they all have punishments. WHAAAAAT?….. isn’t Hayden the one who secretly took the trip and the $5 grand?….and let Matt take the fall for it.
      Hayden’s hair has sapped all of his brain cells.

      1. yeah I figured that but is it their 3rd punishment? if so not really punishment, looks like they are enjoying it, unless it continues into the middle of the night……guess that wouldn’t be too much fun

  1. Lane should put up Hayden and get him out. It’s true. Hayden will win if he’s in final 2. If he doens’t get out soon, he’s gonna soar to the finales.

    1. I wrote this to another person, in case anyone misses it, here it is AGAIN!

      I am so sick of hearing Ragan make comments about people. “Little people, waitresses, and now he just said if he saw a car wreck he would say to his friends no you don’t get it, you didn’t see it, then proceeded to say I saw a baby flattened.” He is a disgusting human being, a disgrace to humanity, and for anyone who thinks he is a good person, you are just as disgusting as him.. He will say things, then it is like “production” mentions certain things he has said the day before and he will then apologise, but it is never sincere. So again, for all those Ragan fans, you must be horrible too. He is going to have the biggest reality check when he leaves the house and realizes that a lot of people feel that he is a nasty, gossiping, disgusting, person. It IS NOT because he is gay, I don’t agree with people talking about him being gay, it is just because he is absolutely revolting.

      1. I hope his students say something to him when he gets back to school . If they really care .He is not a very good professor , to be talking about people all the time and saying nasty things .that is just rude

  2. For all you Hayden hater! Are you kidding me…. Hayden, Enzo and Lane have been playing a smart game. Never turned on there each other like! Hayden has been a smart player! Hayden or Lane should win! So what if they don’t win. They have won when they needed to.

      1. if they didn’t matt was gonna play them like a bitch, matt even said it when he go eliminated, he was playing to sides. his showmance with ragan & BG. so he had to go.

        1. there all playing sides..matt also side they had side alliance to play each other..matt knows that up against each other he was in the bottom..but them back dooring him and trying 3 times he didn’t no at that time..He also said he would of gone to the final four with the brigade..There is no brigade in my eyes..if you make an alliance and then say half way threw kick one out haha they have played a very smart and strategic game….also pointing out they didn’t win comps but they did win food comps lol..lane never been a have not hayden once..enzo twice..Playing others and turning and changing when the time is right..is the biggest part of the game..

      2. Matt was getting too close with his other alliance. So he was starting to turn on them. He admitted this in after eviction interviews. Brigade just beat him to the punch

    1. AZ: I completely agree with you. I was mostly an Enzo fan, just because he is the most entertaining guest on the season. The cast has been boring. Then Lane came out of his shell and Hayden is just a sweet kid. The brigade is amazing and I am so glad that they are finally winning. Matt is a liar, he wasn’t loyal to the Brigade he was closer to Ragan and getting really close with Brit before he left. I am so glad he left, he was way too cocky and thought he was carrying the Brigade when the fact was that Enzo and Hayden mostly were getting everyone, especially Matt to do whatever they wanted done. He “got got”..

      1. If Matt wasn’t loyal to the fraudulent Brigayed, he would have exposed them when he learned that they were voting him out before he used the Diamond Veto, and once he knew he was leaving last week he would have exposed them so Brendon and Ragan would vote to send Bozo packing and Britney would have been the tie breaker.

    2. the brigade sucks… they didn’t go to the end together, they had to take out the strong one. it’s a complete joke. they dropped a grenade and blew up themselves

  3. When the F is Ragan going to campaign?!?! Throw someone under the friggin bus already. If not he totally deserves eviction.

      1. Exactely that is why matt and ragan and brendon went..they did not change it up when needed to..these 3 boys are..they got out who they needed to they changed there alliances when they needed to and won challenges right when they needed to..they are playing the game very well..no one is really mad at them lmao..that is priceless seriously..they had everyone fighting but them..annoying as the 3 guys are they are playing good..brit is to..to the point she got them trusting her..but she is kicking back instead of kicking forward hard..big mistake..

  4. for once lane needs to listen to britt and not the brigade. and as far as the brigade being loyal enzo has said this whole time that once they get down to the final four the brigade is no more. They will all turn on each other. Lane’s only chance at getting the money is to listen to britt. Please Lane use your freaking brain.

    1. that’s true. I don’t see hayden picking lane for the final two if he wins hoh. everyone’s safest bet is enzo. britney’s loyalties stay with lane and i think he’s starting to realize that the longer he can keep her the best it is for his game. she’s gonna pick him for the final two no matter what.

  5. I’m not a Hayden fan but out of all of them him and Ragan need the money most.
    Richie Rich(Lame) he don’t need the $$$ mommy and daddy will help his lazy ass out.
    That 500 G’s will be play money for that spoiled dude, it would just be money to blow and show off with
    in front of his friends.

    1. Im so sick of people saying Hayden needs the money so he should win. You wouldnt care if CBS gave Hayden $500K but you wouldn’t give him a dime if it was your $500K would you? STOP BEING HYPOCRITICAL.

      1. I wonder if Dr. Will needed the money. And he is a favorite of a lot of people. I personally don’t care who has money and who doesn’t as far as winning. Hayden is 24 years old. If he doesn’t win he can go work and make himself useful like every body else.

        1. ENOUGH!!
          They are all on this show, to play a game and to win money.. Everyone of them need money. It isn’t about who needs the money more, it’s about who played the best game. I pray Ragan doesn’t win, and he will need the money, because if the university he works for and the students he teaches, see him this season, and hear his foul mouth, and prejudices, they will fire him. Ragan sucks…

          1. I agree..I liked him at first till he started ranting that crap…I only was hoping he win pov..to make lane and hayden make a choice..it been finally have to turn on britney or enzo and finaly stop being nice to there face and take a stand…now they will go without showing any backstabbing cards..till they see the show…grr i wanna see it lol I wanna see britneys face when good old lane and hayden played her like a fiddle..

  6. As much as i hate to say this one of the final five is going to win Half A MILLION and it sucks. i am not a hater at all i watch the show and Love it (BTW this season was lame and boring). It totally blows my mind how the final five got out 2 of the strongest players in 1 night. so i guess they are not as dumb as we think.

    1. As much as I like him, he has a strange body or maybe its his clothes and he also has small junk…nothing ever shows and i have been staring…lol no basket…

    1. yea, i guess people who don’t really watch them on live feeds make them out to be some lame people, but i can watch them all day. people here would rather watch two people offending each other in the most humiliating way. i’d rather watch them just have a good time and pull pranks on each other. i miss how dan, keesha and renny were in season 10. no F bombs just pulling each other’s leg all the time.

      1. OH i no i just watched seasons ten after party..it was so dam funny i watched it like 5 times just to laugh lol..I started watching back seasons and episodes..and this one is kinda refreshing..but i do agree the bashing on rachel and brendon is really ridiculous..i just think they have nothing else to do…but what happen in the house..and that was all that was going on..

  7. It’s really sad to say this but if Matt would have let Regan win those 2 HOHs then he would still be there right now and Regan would have left when Matt did. The brigade would have never thought Matt was that big of a threat and they would have stayed together. Then Brit would go home and the 4 brigade members would have been left. Matt had such control over Regan that he would have put up whoever Matt wanted. Unless BB changes it’s format somehow then this is what is going to happen every year. Remember last year how long russel and jeff stayed on that swing. This year everyone wanted to fall off because no one wanted to be HOH except Matt and Brendan. There has to be a big insentive for winning and a huge punishment if you don’t win. Like if you win HOH you get $10,000 plus you either get to play in the very next hoh or your safe for the following week as well. Maybe that will work or maybe it won’t but something needs to change or every year there will be a house of people trying to lose every week

    1. I don’t think that’s the prime reason the BG let go of Matt. Matt was in too deep with Ragan and was deemed to be a sab, remember Enzo’s theory of how Matt got the DPOV? Matt disconnected himself from the BG and started hanging out with Ragan to the extent that the BG were afraid that Matt would choose Ragan over them. Otherwise Matt carried the entire BG this far in the game and the BG would have been happy being parasites.

      1. They saw matt strong..and them weak..and didn’t want blood on there hands..so they decided to get him out…Matt showed his loyalty to them over and over..they were all in deep with there side alliances look at lane with brit…enzo with brendon…but matt stopped playing when he got the dpov..this happens to the best in the game…He made to many mistakes..and not trying to make a final 2 deal with anyone in the brigade..like lane…He got side tracked thought to much and thought he was safe..when he finds out haha i love to see when he is told they are the ones who got him out…smart on there part.. so tired of people saying they are not playing the game..there in the house still…they controlled pretty much who has gone up every time..member hayden got rachel to put up brit and monet over any of the guys she was putting up..

    2. The incentive thing would be good to try. They do that on other reality shows. Like on Project Runway and Top Chef the winner gets immunity the next week.And on one of the seasons on Top Chef they had challenges where you might win 10,000 for winning what they called the quickfire.

    CBS is broadcasting football on Thursday.
    Both the east (NY) and west (LA) coast feeds of BB are affected. It will not be shown live, but later in the evening or early morning.

    1. think you are wrong………according to my time warner program guide, fox has football but sometimes that is wrong so guess time will tell………….might not be any football, other than college…….seems it was said that tonight’s steelers/broncos game was last for preseason

      1. I was just going by my Direct TV On-Screen Guide which shows the Eagles vs Jets on Thursday, September 2nd on CBS.
        Hopefully Direct TV made a mistake in its’ listing.

  9. Can someone explain why the jury people can’t stay in the rooms together? Can they hang out together or they totally separated from each other? Why is this?

  10. watching tonight just killed me

    lane…your logic on keeping brit over enzo this week because brit has won things…uhhhhhhhhh earth to lane, thats not good logic, face it, you are ##### whipped

    anyway, then hayden noms brenden, why….WHY?

    and now ragen is the target



      1. No Brit shouldn’t win. She is just a gossiper. Enzo and Hayden (mostly Enzo) have been orchestrating everything that has been happening in the house for noms and evicts. The Brigade deserves to win, especially because they have been scheming and playing Brit and she is an idiot for believing them. Looks good on the gossiping twit

        1. brit for the win! enzo gossips just as much. watch the feeds. he couldn’t have built the brigade without his 3 tools but he’ll be happy that you give him credit for something he “supposedly” deserves.

          1. Oh and how can your name be janellefan, and you would like someone like Brit who thinks she is the hottest shit going? Janelle is beautiful and when she would say something, she would back it up and repeat it if need be. Brit is two-faced and an idiot if she thinks she is hot enough to be approached by Playboy or any kind of casting director for anything. (how would the consumers know what she was looking at?)

    1. Lane probably is whipped. But he’s probably thinking is he going to find a witty, clever, and pretty girl like Britney when he goes back to Texas? No. I think he wants to see where their relationship could go if Britney leaves “THE NICK”. Lane already has money….I think he wants to win something more.

      1. lol id pick the rich and handsome guy XD lane > nick im sorry brit

        you would have a better life with lane and you would get that extra money in your pocket

  11. It may be good for Lane to keep her. I’m not sure. It depends on the opinion of the people in the jury. I don’t think Enzo or Hayden would vote for her over Lane. She put Matt up and he got evicted. Not sure she’s high on Brendon’s list. She also had that little tiff with Rachel after she told her too much and Rachel twisted it during her 24 hour visit.

    1. Because out of all the boring HG, he has been the most entertaining. He is always cracking jokes, whether they are funny or not, and the things he does are hilarious. Everyone else is boring. This has been the worst cast thus far. GO ENZO and Brigade!

  12. If I was Brit alone in that house with the Goof Ball Gang..I’d be getting more pricks then a hound dog fight’n with a porcupine.

    Call it game play..Call it control..Call it anything you want.

  13. Brit is full off shit! If anyone that watches Big Brother After Dark heard her saying that ambulance sirens flash a certain frequency in which describing whatever emergency that is being transported is wrong. That’s an instant HIPAA. I am a first resonder and was never taught such a practice with sirens as per D.O.T. regulations.

    1. You are a moron. How is that a HIPPA violation? You can’t violate a mechanical object. HIPPA applies to individual patient’s right to privacy.

  14. The Meow Meow is a joke. He needs to go. He gets on my last freakin’ nerve. I’d hate to see Ragan go. He, Brit and Matt were my original choices to win. If I have to choose after that, then I guess its Brit for simply having some sort of gameplay.

  15. ragan is for sure going to the jury house this week, that bitch brit is gone next week, I wouldn’t mind who wins from the brigade.

  16. These idiots continue to make fun of all of the former hg’s. They are too chicken shit to fight it out amongst themselves. They’re not plotting, scheming, trying to win. Sure, the little bitch is worried, but not doing much about it. Neither is Brit. ;-) LOL
    Anyway, BBAD is just SSDD.
    And, who cares if Lane is rich or not? Dr Will was a DOCTOR, helloooo????
    Some of you want the gay guy to win, some want the girl with store bought tits to win. Some want HAIRden to win, some want Lame to win. And, then a few really crazy people want jersey shore to win.
    I say leave the music on until they pass out! Brit, you don’t have an ass to shake, sugar.
    Bunch of handi-tards……

  17. I am really getting tired of hearing I don’t want to go up on the block and who do I put up, just shut up and put someone on the block, the brigade is really running the house they have to go to every houseguests and ask if they want to go up as pawn

    1. Oh gosh i so agree!! and I don’t want to upset anyone??wtheck…so what that is what you are there for..Think man Think….Who can you win against in the final 2..Not who you like the most..lane probably only win against enzo or ragan..he must know that by now…why does he think he can win against hayden or brit??? I mean shoot that jury would vote brit over lane..they see her make it to the final 2 out of all those guys?? and has some wins also..Matt probably wouldnt vote for her..but othrr then that she has the votes idk just thinking she does over enzo and lane..i could be shocked

  18. If Lame got to the final four with any of the houseguest left, I am not sure he could win the big prize? He has floated so much in this game. Maybe over Britt he might could win because she made Grimalin, and R&B mad at her. I do not hink he could win over Hayden, Enzo or Ragan. I am not sure what his best move would be. Probably take Britt to the end and hope the other houseguest played a personal game and Britts handsare more dirty than anyone else in the game. But she has been good at her pov & hoh comps. He would be smart to get rid of Hair this week, Ragan & Bozo next week.

    1. Idk..I think lane get more vote against hayden..just from what others said when they left…brendon seem to respect lane and britneys game..but had a friendship with enzo..Matt said he want ragan or hayden..so i am assuming hayden..i no kathy bonded withhayden before she left..so i really do think brit is right…no one really has a chance against hayden..he formed friendships…and didn’t show his lies or his backstabbing to them..I think those 3 guys have done a very good strategic game..ragan has put nada into the game really if you think bout it..Thats why he is in the situation he is in…and lane will not turn on hayden for ragan..sheesh..

  19. Going back to what Lennon’s ghost said earlier — yes, Thursday is a full night of preseason football (Sunday night was the last Fox telecast, but local stations have football Thursday night)

    Many of the CBS O&Os are affected including NYC, LA, and Boston. Some cities BB will be on another station (usually the CW) and in other cities will be tape delayed to early Friday morning.

    Here’s a link to a forum listing the changes for September 2nd (first post of thread):

  20. I’m not sure who I want to win anymore. There is not many good players left to choose from. Missing the Gremlin and ND! In my opinion; Even though Matt told a lie about his wife, so did everyone else. Sure it might not be a disease but I think Matt played a good game with comps. He was a smart player until it came back and bit him. I am not saying I agree with his decision he made with his lie. It was low but I don’t think it ment to hurt anyone. He was just trying to win sympathy votes. (His lie didn’t work because look where he is sitting tonight.) (Team Hummmmmmmmmmm.. Not sure yet) Still waiting for a twist in the show that will knock our shoes off us!!

  21. Wish they have a double eviction and get this season over with..sad they have to force punishments in order to get them all to do something besides talk chit bout brendon and rachel.

  22. With ragan leaving thursday do you think they will show them a video saying he was the sab?? That would be funny and get them to shut up about who it was…:)

  23. Hoping that Hayden goes up and Enzo turns on him. If Brit and Enzo vote Hayden out, Lane doesn’t have to break the tie. If Enzo votes against Ragan and Brit votes against Hayden, I don’t think Lane has the balls to vote out Hayden and that will be his fatal mistake. Ragan needs to start working on Enzo instead of whining and dissing the jury. Enzo has got to see that none of them can beat Hayden in final 2 and this might be the last chance to get him out. Seriously, if it comes down to the 3 of them for the last competitions, Hayden has the advantage, Lane can only win against Brit and maybe Ragan. Enzo can only win against Brit, Ragan or Lane. The brigade doesn’t exist anymore. Matt’s loyalty to an alliance that was more fictional than real was his downfall. Reading his interviews he still doesn’t realize that the reason he went home was that the brigade threw Brendon the POV so they could back door him and put it all on Brittany. He says he threw Ragan under the bus because he intended to stay loyal to the brigade to the end. So much for the diabolical super genius. Lane should realize that if he saves Ragan and sends Hayden home this week Enzo is suddenly odd man out, and it’s more likely that Brit or Ragan will win HOH than Enzo. That would mean Enzo goes home and Lane Ragan and Brit would be final 3. In that scenario, Lane has the advantage in a strength competition, Ragan has the advantage in endurance and Brit has the upper hand in the mental competitions. It would be anyone’s game at that point. For me that’s better than watching Hayden cruise to the grand prize.

  24. Just a thought….Lane IS “Nick” which is why he won’t put Brittney up, thought the picture of “Nick” didn’t look like him, both Lane and Brittney’s mom would be happy if they got together….even though she’s engaged. And when Brittney was talking to Hayden about Lane having money and he him not needing it, Hayden just listened…maybe Brittney was feeling him out to see if he should be in the final 3.

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