Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel Tells Ragan: I Think Logically I Think Strategically I Make Powermoves

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:30pm Hammock Hayden and Ragan Ragan basically tells Hayden the same thing to Hayden that he did to Kristen, There hard votes and easy votes get the hard votes first. He recommends they talk to Brendon and Rachel and tell people to vote based on which player will take them farther in the game. Ragan “it blows my mind that one of you are leaving this week”. (in the background you hear Rachel laughing and Brendon doing his POV host speech Using the English accent) Ragan asks Hayden if him and Kristen have talked about how there are going to handle this week.. he imagines both of them being nominated is going to be tough. hayden says they have, they’re both going to campaign for themselves but not campaign against each other. Hayden asks him if he want’s to talk later, Ragan says yes of course I told Kristen the same thing please come to me I take this weeks decision the most serious of any decision in the game yet. Ragan says it’s not easy being in the Big Brother house, “it’s f** brutle”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:40pm Hamock Rachel and Ragan Ragan: “let me ask you a queston who would you like to see go home”.. “and How does it benefit you to see Kristen go?”. Rachel: “I want Kristen gone”. Ragan: “why?”. Rachel: “Becuase she’s coming after me”. Ragan: “and hayden isnt?”. Rachel: “I know they both are” Ragan: “Then which one has a better chance of winning HOH” Rachel: “Kristen does” Ragan: “REALLY?” Ragan doesn’t think Kristen will have a better change at Winning HOH competitions.

Rachel wants to tell him something but he’ll need to pinky swear first. “I don’t think Hayden is too smart I don’t think he’s manipulative or very good at the game”. She goes about how she doesn’t think he’s been really playing all he does is hang out with Kristen and talk sh!t with the boys. Rachel thinks Kristen is much more dangerous, “Kristen attacked me”. Ragan has a feeling it’s going to be a 6-1 vote Rachel thinks it’ll be 4-3. Rachel was assuming there was a few pople that would want to keep Kristen. Ragan says Kristen and hayden are fierce competitors, “I have amazing respect for them thats why this so hard to do”. rachel: “HUH you really think they are fierce competitors?” Ragan: “yes I do”. Rachel says she had to make a power move since winning HOH she feels the decisions she makes show she’s a logical strategic player. “it was a time in the game to make a power-move”… Live Feeds cut for a moment. Live Feeds come back and their discussing competitions and whether or not the next HOH competition will be physical or mental.. Rachel leaves to work out Ragan goes to hang with the pool guys still playing in the pool tournament.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:05pm Kathy and Kristen kathy saying that she would like to be on survivor because she loves Jeff Probst. She would just want to touch him (yes she said that). Kathy: “If he came into this house I would just sit there and drool” .. She then goes on to explain to Kristen that she doesn’t like Jeff Probst in a sexual stalker way she just thinks he’s a cool dude. (Kathy’s cracking yo)

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52 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel Tells Ragan: I Think Logically I Think Strategically I Make Powermoves

  1. LoL

    she and kristen are both in denial about their game….

    rachel makes bold moves…which is more than most of th e house, but they arent smart moves…I would have locked up kathy as a vote by now, I would have put up the guys who provide competition…

    instead monet, kristen and kathy are your top 3 targets?

    boooo, sadly monet was one of the few who would make deals, she just had it twice as bad as everyone else when it came to talking smack…she was BRUTALLY mean

    1. I agree. All of Rachel’s move have been very personal; not strategic! I def think she should have kept Monet and gotten rid of one of the stronger players!!!

        1. Yeah she is def winning. She just kept saying that Monet was coming after her and Brendon and now Kristen is coming after her and Brendon. Everyone in that house is coming after her and Brendon for crying out loud. She’s taking out 2 females when there are clearly stronger guys (mentally and physically) in the house. Well I don’t know about being mentally stronger but you know what I mean. Lol!!!

  2. if ragan keeps using his logic H will be going home. And B/R needs to thank him if H goes home, because that will take the target off their backs and put it on Ragan’s back and break up the brigade.

      1. big brother 10 and big brother 11…. but seriously???? jerry was a dirty old man, and chima a poor sport… meh, to each his own i guess

        1. k, now i remember jerry was that old fart that always wore a hat and shimale was that one that threw her mic into a pool thus getting expelled from the house. :)

        2. How was Jerry a dirty old man did he do something to 1 of the female HGs that I dont know about? I believe won a few things too. Maybe he was a tad cranky but who wouldnt be in a house full of youngins full of vim & vinegar and he embelished his Marine career. When you call him dirty it implies he went around sniffing the girls dirty laundry or something.
          Thought Ol Jerry held up pretty good considering.

          1. Winning a few times doesn’t make you a great player, sometimes its a little luck I just didn’t like how he felt the need to constantly throw around religion like he was judge and jury. And dirty could mean different things to different people. All depends to each his own view ( or her!)

  3. What Rachel fails to realize is that EVERYONE is coming after them. Hayden’s dumb but he’s got the upper hand over Kristen in athletic competitions. Rachel’s trying so hard not to make her game personal but she’s horrible at covering it up.

  4. “Win a Date with Jeff Probst” – that is the most logical HOH game that Big Brother could set up in Kathy’s favor.

      1. He’s the host of “Survivor”.
        He’s the guy that says, as an example, “Kathy, the tribe has spoken”.

  5. it sucks that kristen leavinq.
    there needs to be a freaking twist!
    gosh; i wnat her to stay and but B/R up. the rest of the house is to pussy to do it,
    kristen’s eyes are trippy. they are like greyish..blueish. i dunnoe, they are freaky; but cool.
    i juat want to see B/R go based on personal no strategically. KMT. they’ve gotta go..ASAP.

  6. Oh god BB should specifically bring in Jeff Probst when Kathy’s evicted, so he can say “Kathy… the tribe has spoken”.

  7. I love how everyone in the house is bad mouthing Brendon and Rachel. I would love for Brendon to win HOH this week just to see the other houseguests’ reactions.

  8. why can’t she play personal? what is the problem with that? it’s a game. If I disliked someone I’d nominate them, why nominate a friend?

    1. She’s not playing strictly personal, she’s also analyzing moves. But, Kristen continues to accuse her of playing person while Kristen is doing the same thing. I hate that sh*t. Kristen’s biggest victory would be able to say I’m still in this house bitch. Wow .. nothing personal there. All great game play. LOL

      1. Kristen said bitch, why didn’t she call Rachel sweet or person I have a difference of an opinion with, nope, she called her a bitch which was personal. It’s hypocritical.

  9. LMAO at Brendon and Rachels fight about Vegas. She’s giving him the death stare, not saying a word and he wont STFU.

  10. brendon obviously never had a girlfriend b4, what man does not know who0men can tal about the same for for weeks if it’s what they love, either listen or leave the freakin room, put some headphones on block em out LOL

    1. Lmao. Hmm successful relationship techniques for a “successful” showmance, or just a simple guide to surviving life with a wife?

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