Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kristen starts campaigning, Enzo: “Is this f**king amateur hour in the f**king apollo”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:28pm Ragan and Kristen Ragan asks her how it’s all going, She had a good talk with lane but still needs to talk more in depth with him and other people. Kristen thinks if she’s left in the house over Hayden it will benefit Ragan more. Ragan asks who else does Kristen have for votes, She says kathy, Probably Brit, maybe enzo and maybe lane because Lane listens to logic and you can talk straight game from him. Ragan suggests she go talk to Enzo and Brit.. Kristen says she going to talk to Brendon becuase if rachel does go home down the line he would benefit from her being in the house more than hayden. She thinks that it’s time for the house to vote based on whats going to benefit themselve not because “the house” wants the votes a certain way. Ragan “i think there are people that realize that, but the problem is if the numbers are against them it become even more dangerous for them” Kristen “why does rachel want me out of the house so badly becuase hayden is going after them just like me and hayden has won comps I havent”. ragan tells her she’s right she needs to bring that case up to Brendon and ask him who he would rather compete against next week Hayden or her. Kristen “This kills me becuase i’m on the block based on personal reasons and because Andrew threw me under the bus”. Ragan tells her theres no point to talk to just brendon she’ll have to talk to both of them. Kristen knows but she thinks she only needs a couple minutes alone with Brendon. Ragan “go right now and talk to them”.. Kristen doesn’t want to right now she has plenty of time this week to do it. Ragan tells her to work those hard votes first cause if she can get one of them it’ll be huge in helping her stay. Rachel walks outside “HEEEYEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY! WUD UP”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:15pm cabana Room Brith and Kristen Kristen says she only needs 4 votes and she has one so she just needs 3 solid votes to stay. She offers Brit the same deal she offered yesterday to get Brit to use the POV, “I will offer you all that for one vote” (HOLY SHIT she offered BRit the world for that POV) Kristen mentions that Ragan thinks it’ll be 6-1 because the house is too scared to vote its own way. Brit fully understands how much BS it is with this years house votes, she says the same thing happened with Monet. Brit tells her the smartest thing is to not offer any alliances but just offer 2 week deals. Brit thinks KRisten has a chance to be in the house but she really has to work it. She has the fire in her belly and a common enemy with everyone else. They talk about how personal Rachel is playing, they’re convinced she won’t make it far in this game. Kristen about Rachel “sorry girl you’ll be powerless next week”

Brit: “Next week the party is over for Rachel” Kristen knows that brit wantted to use the POV but she was under a lot of pressure no to. Kristen says she understands and that is why she wasn’t mad. Brit said that they had laid out all the ground work to make this deal work but “LITERALLY at the last second Rachel said no if Hayden goes down lane goes up”. Kristen says all she wants to do is to stay here and take out R/B. brit doesn’t understand why everyone wants to do what Rachel says this HOH, “the whole house is going after Brendon next week…THE WHOLE FREAKING HOUSE” Kristen asks if she thinks Matt has a strong deal going with B/R because Kristen is convinced they do. Brit says that MAtt played his HOH very safety so he looks good to both side of the house. Brit isn’t sure if he has anything going but she warns Kristen to watch what she says around Matt because it could go back to B/R. Brit: “I don’t know what Matt has going on but His stuff doesn’t add up” Kristen asks what Brit opinion on Lane and Enzo.. Brit thinks they are open minded people so their worth a try, she says lane and Enzo can be trusted.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:45pm Pool Tournament going on
Enzo isn’t playing a good game of pool “Is this fucking amateur hour in the fucking apollo”..”AHHH major Blunder man” There a side conversation going on the couch between kathy, rachel and brit about the double eviction.

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i think it would be hystarical if kathy won hoh what would the house do


Don’t mean to be so blunt but I will – they would crap in their pants. Couldn’t resist. LOL!!


1st they would all wash their eyes out to make sure their not being deceived, then rachel will be the 1st up her ass like she did with matt, then brittney would follow and so on and so forth til she puts brenchel up but thats wishful thinking the only chance kathy has to win if it;s a chain-smoking contest


I want her to get hoh. But if she does ,it would be a waste. She would put up brit and matt. brit will end up leaving. But I want her to put up 2 of the brigade. Sense their azz love throwing comps , well claim their throwing comps.


whats worse?

kathy saying um every other word
rachel saying smamered and obvy
brendan (in general)


i vote for rachel.


Rachel. Kathy doesn’t make my ears bleed from volume. Rachel’s slaughtering of the English language is bad enough, but she doesn’t stop there, she wants to make sure people in Micronesia can hear her. In the DR, when wearing a lapel mic, with the camera an arms length away she shouts. What she says when she talks decreases my hope for mankind but the fact she says it so loud leads me to believe she’s been trained to torture people.

The Excitement

Rachel takes the cake for being the most annoying. But i’ve been getting annoyed with Ragan saying the word “logical” constantly.


This season has been a drag to watch! It could completely turn around if Kristen( who i love to call Daphne) can persuade Brendon, Britney & Ragan to vote for her. I think that Ragan is influencing Kristen to campaign because he realizes how much it benefits him to keep Daphne over Shaggy! If she can work that same angle with Brendon and make him realize that it doesn’t benefit his game long term to keep another strong male…. And Britney would keep her for the simple fact that if RacHell were to win HOH again she’d target Daphne before Britney. I desperately need this season to get interesting!! This is the best case scenario in my opinion!


yes Tai, I agree with you…refer to my post on the previous update. I would like Kristen to plead that case to Brendon first…..then he can persuade Rachel……she may just have a chance. Brit should offer Kristen and Kathy her safety for 2 weeks at least for her vote to keep Kristen and then get Ragan on board….then they would have 4 votes to keep kristen (Brit, Ragan, Kathy & Brendon). We all know the Brigade will vote to keep Hayden.


I highly doubt Kristen will stay but would not be shcoked if she does


If Kristen wanted to go out with an explosion, she should start really flirting with Brendon and hanging on to him. Come between Rachel and her man! Oh would there be fireworks. Red (not TRUE RED) could go crazy. But hearing her voice might be too much for Simon.


That would be fun. Rachel would go nuts.


Everyone in tht house is spineless when they “vote with the house” !!!! Don’t they realize how bad their season looks and is when no one will cause waves?? Some have had some good ideas, but they all puss out in the end!!! I’m sorry to say it ( bc I’m a true Roachell/ BG hater) but if she wasn’t on the show, what would we be watching? Love to hate BG, Brat makes me laugh, I’m gunning for Lane to get with the program– merely bc he’s from TX !!! Go Spurs Go!!


i’m from houston, go Rockets!


Obligatory Mavs fan checking in LOL! Go Brit/Lane!

hayden is a baby

if kristen had a brain she would have gone about it differently

rachel plays on pure emotion, brenden does what rachel wants

she could get a vote from them, its just pathetic.

funny line by enzo but the guy is funny 1/10 times he tells a joke


Go Brigade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Figure out a way for Kristen to stay. Hate that everyone is making fun of her wearing the wig and unitard. She has to, no choice. She and Brit are both very good looking girls. Many girls in the real world would love to look as good as either of them. Kathy is pretty, makeup and all. Rachel is the only nasty looking one. If she put clothes on, she would look much better.


kristen pretty? are you mad? and britney looks like 2 million american girls. bleached hair, fake boobs etc… rachael could be pretty if she had a nose job, reduced those boobs and went back to her natural hair colour. 🙂


I agree interrachel.

sweet power

there boring they put me to sleep

sweet power

this year sucks. everyone is going after b/r why? why arent they going after the stong people or the floters?


I’m not completely happy about this season either; there have certainly been more interesting house guests before. Despite this, I’m still watching. And it’s completely amazing to see how absorbed people are with this floater mentality. Rachel turned the house into a fully blown high school. Big brother is usually filled with cliques, but not as immaturely executed as this one. It’s not about booting floaters, this is about who Rachel and Brendon like in a completely superficial way. The argument after HOH was confirmation. Kathy tries to break up the argument and Swimfan starts going teen-bitch about if Kathy talks to Kristen she’s not her friend anymore. Really? It so happens that these single-track minds also win them competitions – or it’s blind luck (not sure yet) – either way B/R are the two to get out if you’re a house guest, and quickly. Otherwise you’re a bad hair day away from getting on Rachels adolescent hit list. If they were the least bit rational, it may benefit everyone to keep them in their pocket and turn on them later, but their unpredictable like rabid beasts.
I like Kristen. I think she played the no threat game a little too much and now she’s probably gone. Britney and Lane are the people to beat. If Ragan solidifies something with those two, they could come out as a force to be reckoned with. If their heads are in it they could get B/R out of the house into much needed mental health therapy, and leave Enzo and Hayden scratching their heads. Enzo’s only contribution so far has been a few one-liners, and getting everyone to say “yo” all the time. Hayden just looks lost. If they want Kathy out, just throw her pack of smokes over the wall – she’s gone.

sweet power

kat is the best one in the game. i hate brigay and regen is a hoe


I’ve been in and out all day, so I might have missed it, but is Hayden even talking to people about getting votes? I know he feels secure with Enzo, Matt and Lane, but has he approached Brendon, Kathy, Ragan and Britt about their votes? Does he really feel that safe? If he doesn’t campaign, people are going to get suspicious or think he doesn’t mind going home. I still hope Kristen stays.


good point but people are too stupid on this season to figure it out


I hope Kristen is gone! Cant stand her.


I am VEGAS!!!
That is half of who I am !!!!