Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Lane: “Past 4 weeks was the BB Pre-Season It’s The Regular Season now.. game on”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:30pm Enzo’s is joking around with matt says this time of the day he always looks stoned. Enzo brings up all the pills Matt has and how they’re drugs, “the gremlins doign 6 lines under that blanket yo”. Enzo starts asking Matt a bunch of questions about Matt losing weight, Enzo wonders why he has no stretch marks. Matt says he lost 40lbs, “My baby fat” They start talking about stretch marks and how some guys get them from lifting weights in their pec muscles. Enzo shows them a stretch mark on his ass. Rachel comes in and wants them all to play a drinking game.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:43pm Kristen and Lane She tells him that she’s going to talk to everyone and tell them reasons why he should keep her. Lane asks what did feeling did she get on her other talks. Kristen has only talked to ragan and brit, ragan will vote for the majority, but if it’s 3/3 he’ll vote for me. Lane thinks ragan wants B/R out to, Kristen agress but he’s playing safe. Kristen: “argh I want to stay here and piss rachel off”. Lane asks what brit had to say. She explains that Brit seemed pretty open to her ideas.. “we talked about previous seasons and historically when all the girsl go early no girl makes it to final 2” (Kristen useing a lot of you knows.. kathy mst be rubbung off on her) Lane says he want’s her to tell him what information People are saying to her he could help her. lane says he’s gotten to know hayden he’s a good guy, He tells her that in the beginning Hayden and her were the closest to him. Kristen says if she goes home this week she loses everything she gave up my house (renting) she gave up her job she really wants to make it to jury house at least. (Kathy is rubbung off on her) Kristen wants people to vote for individual game not becuase the house is going to vote a certain way. Lane tells her he likes her and thinks she needs to talk to everyone in the house He thinks she has a good chance of staying. Kristen can take him further in this game then hayden so he’s considering he both votes. Lane calls the last 4 weeks the Big Brother pre-season becuase your not sending jury members out, “this bullshit with Brendon and Rachel winning everything that shit is the preseason this is the regular season” Kristen: “they have luck on their side FUCKING bitch I want to rip their eyes out” Kristen is worried that Matt has a deal with b/r. Lane: “every is thinking that” She continues about and why it could affect her

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

campaigning. If she talks to brendon it might go back to matt and then to ragan and che can’t afford to lose ragans vote. She counts her votes.. Kristen: “I have Kathy and Maybe Brits.. I’ll need to fight for the others”, Lane suggests she talk to Brendon first. Lane: “I know what is in Brendon’s head right now he’s scared that people are all after him and Rachel and rightfully so we all are”….”This is why he’s been hammering into everyone that he wants Kathy gone because she’s such a neutral target”. Lane starts to give her some tips on how to gather votes. He explains that if next week brendon wins HOH he needs to put a pawn up against Kathy. He won’t want to put a strong player up becauase then he’ll be targeted by that strong player. Kristen needs to offer him protection next week and tell him you’re the perfect pawn to take kathy out that way he doesn’t make anymore enemies. Kristen: “and you know what really get me rachel is up there expecting me to just give up to go out side and dig my grave” Lane laughs I know he really appreciates seeing Kristen fight and he thinks if she can stay it will go along way in her building respect from some of the other players.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:27pm Rachel Getting Drunk


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:27pm Cabana Room Enzo and Lane Enzo and Kristen start off the conversation IDENTICALLY like the one with Lane. Enzo says he’s out of the loop int his house he thought Brit was going to use the POV, “Whats going on yo”. Kristen explains that the POV was going to be used but Rachel told her she was going to put Lane up not Kathy. Kristen: “I want to stay in this house so i can kill that bitch (rachel)” Enzo tells her he likes Hayden they play pool and he’s a cool kid but his decision is going to be based on who campaigning the hardest and is making the most sense.

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44 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Lane: “Past 4 weeks was the BB Pre-Season It’s The Regular Season now.. game on”

  1. Brit is due for a nip slip. If enough of us wish for it to come true, it will!!! Gotta believe. Britney’s Nipple would also be a cool name for a band – thoughts?

  2. i doubt if kristen can get the brigade to go against hayden. most guys think like “bro’s before ho’s”. not calling kristen a ho or anything just speaking what i hear guys say

    1. You are probably right but you have to say that the girl has come to life and trying her best to be saved. I know, it is to late but I like that she is trying really hard. Not giving up like we thought she might do.

  3. Yeah I highly doubt the brigade will vote out Hayden, they are just saying that for the safety of not letting the secret of the Brigade out.

  4. Can Rachel handle her alcohol? She has 2 glasses of wine and is power-bombed acting like a complete fool. And the scene going on right now with Brendon, well, his parents must be really proud. No wonder there is a limit on alcohol, she makes for bad t.v.

      1. Haha! “Rachel is Vegas” – I had to go and grab a Beer to enjoy this horrible mess that I am seeing and hearing. This is like a really bad Soap Opera that you have to tune in to see everyday. I feel like a am watching a really bad episode of Days of our Lives .. Brendon is the new Austin. :)

  5. I like Brendon… he seems like a sensitive guy who cares about people and Rachel and him are good together. People judge them but I like them a lot.

    1. Jordan #1, no one is judging you for that. I don’t think these two will make it outside of the house. I don’t think she can change down to his life style. Nor can he change up to hers. Just my thoughts.

  6. OMG!! I cant believe what I am seeing right now!! WHAT A WHINY WIMP OF A MAN!! Im going to hurl!! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! If my ole man acted like that at any point in time for any reason I would have to Rachel slap him and send him on his way! NO WONDER HE HAS NO CHICKS AND IS ALL UP ON HER! My husband has said from the start…”Whats wrong with this guy? He’s good looking and looks like he can get good looking normal chicks….why is he all over her?”,,,,Then he says…”He must be playin’ her right??” Good God no he is not, he is just a big fancy pants!

      1. No worries; pretty barf inducing, don’t you think? This guy is a poster child for needy, clingy, no self worth douchey dudes. I hope he realizes that his swim team, and his “chemistry” associates might see this. That’s a lot of respect he’s going to have to gain back.

        1. are you nuts? half the geeks in the chemistry lab will be high fiving him when he starts back at school in the fall for bagging a chick like Rachel. Those nerds are yanking it right now.

          1. haha. And I think that’s shy she gets pissed at him sometimes. She wants him to realize in her culture he’s really closing, there’s something to brag about, and he’s really lucky to be with the likes of her. In his culture she’s someone that doesn’t measure up and has to be hidden from the inlaws.

  7. I hope this is worth the $750.00 a week he is getting for what he is going to endure when he gets out from everyone who knows him and has watched this Ho-mance!

  8. Brigade = charade. And I’m not talking about the game of charades. Charade as in a travesty. If they start living up to the “brigade” TAGLINE

    1. peeper – I’m wondering if the Brigade were even exposed, would it even make a difference. I think the only person who would care would be Rachel, the rest of them would shuffle their feet and walk around in a circle. It’s amazing.

      1. Then living up to a pretense .. a charade, yep, that works too. As long as they shuffle their feet along, and say something, they are at least living up to a pretense of something more. Ha.

  9. Kristen proudly proclaims she is the strongest female in the house. (laughs) Guess that’s why she has accomplished so much. Delusion runs deeps in that BB house …

  10. Was having a hard time figuring out/placing Lane … was he deliverance material? Something said yes, a little of that.
    But think he’s got some songs that define him…. Hank William Jr: a country boy can survive. Some classic excerpts:
    “I got a shotgun rifle and a 4-wheel drive
    And a country boy can survive
    Country folks can survive”
    “I can plow a field all day long
    I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn
    We make our own whiskey and our own smoke too
    Ain’t too many things these ole boys can’t do
    We grow good ole tomatoes and homemade wine
    And a country boy can survive
    Country folks can survive”
    And finally …
    “And we can skin a buck; we can run a trot-line
    And a country boy can survive
    Country folks can survive!”

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