Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel is GONE! Brendon comes in and says guess whos back!!

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11:30am – 11:50am Britney and Ragan are talking on the backyard couches about how Rachel being let back into the house has disrupted the integrity of the game.  Ragan says that three hours was enough let alone 24 hours.  Ragan says that he needs to talk to production about it not being fair.  Britney says that she already did …she says that she had a long conversation with them about letting Rachel back into the game isn’t fair.  Britney says that she really hopes she doesn’t get sent home this week …because she doesn’t want to be stuck in the jury house with Rachel for a whole week by herself.  Britney says that she is going to stay in the guest house and not talk to Rachel.  Ragan asks her if she is going to be mean to her and Britney says yes!   Britney and Ragan go over the Ragan vs. Rachel fight from yesterday.  Britney laughs that Ragan called her a parrot face with zits.  Britney says that she thinks she might dress up as Rachel for Halloween. Ragan says no don’t that’s too scary, you’ll scar the kids.  Britney tells Ragan that yesterday she had to zip up Brendons space suit …and that after she burned her fingers with acid.  Ragan says that Rachels attacks on him yesterday were so pre-planned …and that it is so easy to get her flustered… and Ragan says that all of her responses were OH REALLY!? Britney says that was the same with her fight last night with Rachel.  Britney says that Rachel couldn’t think of a response and that Britney told her that she would give her a minute to think about it.  Britney says think of something you doe-doe head.  Britney says that she wants to demand that they use the part where Rachel bashes gay people so that people will see her for who she really is…  Ragan says that Rachel is the first time in a long long time since he has hated someone.  They both say that they would never talk to someone like her in the real world. They talk about how Rachel doesn’t have any real friends outside of the house either.

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12pm Ragan and Britney talk about how after the show ends they know that they are contractually obligated to go to events together but that neither of them will spend any more time than necessary with Rachel. Ragan talks about how Rachel works at a club called Ariola… and says that the name is so fitting. They talk about how they cant wait to get out and watch the Ragan/Rachel fight. Ragan says that he can’t wait until the finale night when all the house guests will say what’s really on their minds. Ragan says that Kristen will annihilate Rachel. They talk about how they don’t think anyone really wants to go to Vegas to see Rachel. Ragan says that he is looking forward to going back to work and getting his life back. They talk about how they would both do an all-stars season of Big Brother …and fans versus favourites. Britney laughs that they could tell that Jeff and Jordon didn’t like Rachel and Brendon. They says that Janelle probably hates Rachel too. Ragan wants no more drama, and that Brendon is the only who might want to cause it but they don’t think he will. Britney says that when the doorbell rang, if it was Lady GaGa I would’ve peed my pants. Britney says that she never wants to hear the doorbell ring again. Britney says that she wants to barricade the door. Britney says how embarrassing would it be for Rachels ex boyfriends to see her on tv. Ragan says yeah they probably would deny it.



Lane Hayden and Enzo are in the cabana room talking. Lane is telling them about his conversation that he had with Rachel this morning about getting rid of Matt since he’s head of the snake and that the other two (Ragan and Britney) will fall off. Lane tells them that Matt told Britney to throw him under the bus to Brendon because he has the votes and that he wants to be the one to get out Brendon next week. Enzo and Hayden find it suspicious and tell that he doesn’t need to worry and that he has the votes to stay. They tell him that they worked on Kathy yesterday and she will vote for Lane to stay no matter what. They agree they need to try and get Matt out They head into the kitchen. Ragan leaves the backyard and says that isn’t this the best…this is what it should be like every day! (Rachel has left the house) Matt asks Ragan if Rachel is gone. Ragan and Kathy both say that Rachel left the house.

12:25pm Brendon comes back into the house. He comes in through Pandoras Box door in the HOH room and then goes out to the HOH balcony and yells guess whos back!!! Matt asks him if he was blindfolded. Brendon says yes. Brendon starts to explain what happened. He says that he opened Pandoras box and then ….Big Brother cuts the feeds.

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What he was about to say was: BB blindfolded him then led him into Rachel’s vajayjay where he was locked up for 24 hours. They needed to use a fire hose equipped with douche solution to flush him out.

sickoftheir shit

I want to know where Brenda was! Darn it!

Sunny J

I just hate FAKE people. Brittany and Ragan are so FAKE and I can’t watch them or root for them. I hope their families are embarrased by their behaviour and they way they talk behind everyone’s back. It’s fine if you don’t like someone but you don’t have to be so mean about what you are saying about that person. I do not condone the name calling and the personal attacks these two take on people who are not even around to defend themselves. Ragan was so nice in the beginning and since he started hanging out with Brittany he’s become catty, gossipy, and ignorant to whomever Brittany doesn’t like. I hope Brittany goes up and goes home!!!
Matt can try to get rid of Brendon next week, but I hope Enzo, Hayden and Lane save him and then go after Matt!!!


I totally agree but something tells me that someone other than Brit will go home if Matt is put up and the DPOV is used


That sounds like something someone named Sunny J would write. Well played.


What has ragan said about anyone besides rachel and brendan?


Ragan’s the biggest skank of them all by a long shot. I guess he’s living the childhood that he always wanted (trash-talking instead of being talked about). I think he wants to emulate Kristen. How many times does he have to bring her up? Yeah, he wants to be her.


Was that an answer to my question?

Sunny J

never said he has said anything against anyone else. He may have said that Rachel looks like a parrot, but he acts like a parrot attacking those people whom Brittany attacks.


That makes no sense. You are contradicting yourself.

Sunny J

Please inform me how i am contradicting my self… In the first response I said “Ragan was so nice in the beginning and since he started hanging out with Brittany he’s become catty, gossipy, and ignorant to whomever Brittany doesn’t like” then you asked me who he has been mean to besides B/R. I just reiterated in a different way that he is mimicking Brittany and her likes so he fits in with her.
Sorry Becks you are right Parrots are nice, but they are also pretty 🙂 Can we say Ragan is being a verbose Mime?!?!


How dare you? Parrots are sweet and docile creatures. You take that back.


how are they fake? what specifically did they do/say to make you think that?


I would like to know to, why are they fake and no one else is u sound like a Rachel fan she is rubbing off on some of these ppls

Sunny J

How aren’t they fake?? Ok two things… 1) I consider people to be fake when they smile and play nice to your face then turn around and say that you are skanky and a bitch and on and on are Brittany and now Ragan’s comments. 2) Yes lot’s of people in the house are fake, but they are fake in their game play which i can forgive, they don’t go into the DR and say that they think so and so is a horrible person and call them all kinds of derrogartory names, the others in the house may go in to the DR and say yeah I don’t trust so and so after talking wtih them and agreeing with their comments, but that’s part of the game.
There is definitely a difference between being Fake in the game to get you farther and being a FAKE person who is so insecure that the only way they can feel better about themselves is to call others down.
Truth be told, I didn’t like Brendon and Rachel in the beginning, she was too showy and loud, but she made for interesting television. I did like Ragan, Brittany was never really on my radar, but now nope can’t stand it. The way those two talk when people aren’t around and to be so condescending makes me sick. So now I say Go Brendon, Go Enzo and Go Hayden!!! I would cheer for Kathy and Lane even but they haven’t won a comp yet.
If you can’t separate game playing and personal attacks and see the difference then there is a problem… Ragan can’t and neither can Brittany.

Sunny J

and i know enzo hasn’t won anything either but i just kinda like him


i agree100%, i dismissed B/R bc the whole showmance thing seemed stupid and he seemed too controlling, but i have seen other sides of them that I like and that are entertaining and funny – but most of all Brendon seems like a good guy and Rachel is a lot stronger than i judged her to be – she is a good competitor and she is far from weak, she has Brendon listening to her – i wanted to like Ragan bc I can not in good conscience justify the things he says as anything other than inhuman, it makes me sad to know there are people like him out there:( he gets such pleasure in this, like it’s the only way he knows how to belong – and BRITNEY, there is absolutely nothing good I can say, the verbal diarrhea that flew out her mouth since day 1 hath runneth OVER….every single thing she says is infused with hate and clueless insincerity….thank goodness she is holed up in a small town, she doesnt even realize what a loser she is, getting married at 22 to the blandest guy in the world bc the girl has nothing better to do and a lot to learn


agreed super fake


They all talk about each other. They all say mean things about each other at some point.


the most obvious thing is that britney is a very mean person-playground bully-only quick with the jibes. doesn’t seem to have any actualy intelligence. but i liked rachel-everytime i thought she was truly dumb, she made me retract my thought. also, and this is the most important thing, she was entertaining. isn’t that why we watch this stuff? it sure isn’t going to have any other purpose in our lives.


for the people that wanted rachel out…….well shes out !! now tell me how fun it is to watch the live feeds now?!?!


It’s fantastic no one wants to see boy George acting skanky with her annonying laugh!!! You may not be enjoying the feeds but everyone else is!!


It’s much better, thank you.




Yeah, but you hate BB so who cares what you say.


I never new BB was a horor show. I’m so glad that all the blood and gore is over. I mean having to watch the blood oorzing from Rachel’s zitz is something I won’t miss.

just a thought

All I can say is, I cannot wait for them all to get Rachel out of their systems again so they can play the game and not gang up and hate on Rachel. I am not a Rachel lover, but I am sick of her, the drama and the hosue being obsessed with their dislike of her. It’s time to move this game forward. Reading the updates were so boring and mind numbing,except the fights, gotta appreciate that part.


Enzo is gonna look so wrong about Matt when he uses DPoV and puts up Brit.


Mat should save his self and put up kathy. It doesnt help him to get rid of brit it helps enzo and hayden. WHO never one chit by the way. Lane is too stupid to see it!


yeah i hope matt realizes the brigade is against him now and puts up either enzo or kathy…i wish brit and lane would realize that the reason matt telling them to throw him under the bus is cuz he must have some power…i loveeeee brit hope she wins


britneys lame….and her eyes crooked….ragan sucks(literally)
matt the biggest peice of shit ever


Her mouth is CROOKED too!


I will say this again and again. RACHEL WAS NOT BASHING GAY PEOPLE!! Rachel said “Its because of how you are” meaning that you are a whiny crybaby drama causing douche of a person not because you like dick! Get over yourself Regan and stop using us (gay people) as a shield for your behavior, we all don’t act like that.


you got it right, she wasn.t bashing him because he’s gay. People need to listen, not just what they want to her.


Agree. I think Ragan likes to play victim. He’s pretty (fugly) pathetic. It’s like people who use race card. No, it’s not the color of your skin, just you!


Her phrase was “Do you have to the biggest bitch because you’re gay” . I disagree with you all – that sterotypes gays as bitches. Who he is and how he acts should be defined separately.


/janelle likes rachel fyi!


and she wants Brendon to win


I heard she thinks Matt and Enzo are the best players and she thinks she and Britney would be friends outside the house.

Uncle Cool

My theory is that Brendon HEARD every conversation Rachel had with everyone.


I wouldnt be surprised


i hope so


Okay, why would Matt tell britney to throw him under the bus, that he has the votes to stay? I know he has the DPOV, but I thought no one knew of it. I know before Matt told Rachel to put him on the block, because he knew he had the votes, but what is he thinking now. Wait, maybe Matt knows about the bridgade gunning for him and this is his way at getting them before they try and get him. Or, maybe he is trying to find out if Britney needs to go or is it Cathy that needs to go. But, I thought about it some more and I think he is just setting up Britney for a fall. It looks like it is bye-bye to Britney.


Bye, Bye to kathy!

sickoftheir shit

I think Matt is feeling a shift away from him with respect to the Brigade. I am hoping he has it figured out and puts up Bozo and busts a big move.


Curious ? – remembering back to the last episode when BB was interviewing Brendon’s ex and her mother, I know the mother was sitting around drinking, I can’t remember if the ex was or not. Do you think Brendon has been having issues with Rachels drinking because his ex had the same problems of sitting around drinking during a weekday?

sickoftheir shit

I dont think Brenda has an issue with bitches getting liquored up. Christ, if that $2.00 hooker wasnt corked all the time in the house he never would have gotten laid in the first place.


He needs to get checked as soon as he gets out of there!!! He’ll have something!!!

sickoftheir shit

They probably took Brenda to the clinic. That was his prize….pencillin!

sickoftheir shit

Did they test Roach the day before she entered the house? That bitch is a $2.00 hooker. She slams 5 guys a day…at least! Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Hot & Humble Teacher-Librarian

And remember when Brenda poured nearly a whole bottle of white wine for Rachel when she was in the DR after Ragan calmly “read her” and schooled her about her delusional behavior and poor sportsmanship? And how he didn’t drink but a few sips or two as he “talked to himself” outside the DR about how persecuted they are. Wahh waaaa!


the show doesn’t air during the day. it’s at night. and clearly they had people over to watch because Brendon was on and they all knew him. i don’t think there’s a thing odd about them having a drink during a prime-time show where they know one of the people on it. to imply that they have a drinking problem based on one short clip of them, is silly.


hahahah wtf are you talking about? because someone drinks during the weekday means they’re an alcoholic?


clearly that is what I said

just a thought

I think Brendon had a problem with Rachel drinking is because she got out of hand and was losing clothing. He wants a woman he can control, Rachel and drinking is not that woman. I don’t think Rachel is that kind of woman really either. He seems like one of those guys that falls in love with any woman that gives him a minute of their time and attention. It’s pretty sad.


What? You can’t be a real Rockstar if you think drinking during the week is a problem! ; )


Are you Mormon? You aren’t allowed to drink in the evening during the week? Why? They were clearly having a social show screening and relaxing. Was this supposed to be a joke because I can’t tell?


haha no I’m not mormon. Brendon had issues with the drinking. He drinks himself but there is a limit like most people. I just found it strange or maybe classless that you’d be sitting around drinking on tv professing to be a Rachel fan and tearing Brendon a new ass hole. I think his ex’s drinking might have been a major problem.


That’s pretty over-the-top even for an insane BB fan.

sickoftheir shit

yip. thank the lord jesus.


Let the church say AMEN!!!


You’re my favorite.

just a thought

OMG, their conversations are killing me. Bring Rachel back and it’s the same old conversations and drama. BORING! UGH! I hope Brendon puts Brit up so Matt doesn’t used the DPOV. I cannot stand Matt, he needs to be brought down a few pegs. Rachel is obnoxious, but Matt is a scumbag!


Live feeds: Britney in HOH room with Brendon. She tells Brendon that someone is starting sh*t in the house. Brendon asks who? He says well Matt has been starting stuff from day 1. Britney implies that she thinks that Matt was the one who started the rumor about Enzo as sabo with Rachel….that she and Rachel were ok and then she went to the DR room and it blew up… My question to Britney…WTF?! Rachel heard exactly what you said…you WERE implying that Brendon was implying that it was Enzo. And WHEN do you think that Matt would have had a chance to plant it with Rachel? Finally, stupid Britney, once they get out Matt (which they won’t ha ha), the 3 brigade + brendon + kathy are going after you and Ragan….


the brigade is done and THE ONLY One who did anything. They cant win chit without him ,enzo and lane are the laziest ones.


I may agree with you on Britney but you are wrong about the slurs…. Rachel did imply slurs of Ragan’s being gay.

sickoftheir shit

There is only one piece of crap and that is that $2.00 hooker.


so whats in the pandora’s box room? was it luxurious??

sickoftheir shit

They took him to the clinic for some pencillin.


Yes and they found Rachel’s hair extensions wrapped around his balls, again.


Ok Ive been running scenarios, and Ive found out something interesting. If Matt gets put up for veto, and uses the diamond to put out enzo for back dooring him, he could run the table to the finale. He would then have to win hoh for the double eviction and put kathy vs brendan. With Enzo and Brendan gone, it would leave Matt, Ragan and Britney vs Kathy and Hayden with Lane as the floater who has ties to Matt and Brit. In every comp after the double evict the odds of winning would be 4-1 because kathy never wins! I know its a lot of what ifs, but it could go down as the ultimate power move of any season!

sickoftheir shit

Thats what I have been saying. Matt wants to bust a move and put up Bozo. That is why he is itching to get on the block.


ok, but she did say that he was a bad gay person. basically meaning that he is a bad example for tv viewers of how gay people act. i don’t really find ragan two faced because he talks about rachel/brenden behind their backs and to their face but britney talks bad about them and then makes up wild lies about production messed with her goodbye message. i have no idea if rachel bought that, but if she did she’s an idiot. and once/if matt uses the dpov, the brigade will be mad because he could’ve told them about it and no harm done. but he didn’t and then they’ll ask themselves what other lies has he told. they’ll think twice about getting rid of brenden next week. it’ll be hayden, enzo, brenden, and lane versus ragan matt and either kathy or britney. either matt goes, britney goes and ragan goes and finally we’ll be able to read these spoilers without having to hold our noses from the awful smell of trash.


JMHO – Matt will use the DPOV and it will fix things with the brigade. He will be able to explain to everyone that he couldn’t tell anyone about it, thus the reason for the $1 lie and the shifty behavior for the past two weeks. Right now people think Matt received money, and that makes him look bad. He can say that he was going to use it on any one of the brigade that was in trouble, thereby having their backs. He can say that he didn’t want to be tempted to tell them about it, thus losing it, if he hung around them too much, so he was keeping his distance. He is a good enough web spinner to get himself out of this mess. On the other hand, if Britney goes straight up, I don’t think that Matt will use the DPOV on Lane b/c the brigade already has enough votes to keep him safe. I wonder if Matt will be free to tell others about the DPOV after Thursday if he doesn’t end up using it.

Super Grenade Yo!

I hate that the brigade is no longer 4 deep but hell maybe if matt uses the dPOV he can explain why he did all that shit and the brigade will be stronger and hell if he uses it its just another big ass grenade on the house form THE BRI-GADE always 4 deep yo


Matt has to suspect that Enzo and Hayden are now aligning with Brendon.

Matt should DPOV himself and put up Enzo. He should tell everyone about the Brigade and say that Enzo and Hayden are now with Brendon. That makes 5 against 2 (3 if you count Enzo). With Enzo and Lane on the block, the brigade loses one member regardless. If they send Enzo home, brit/Matt/ragan/Lane could form an alliance and tell Kathy she is part of it, but throw her under the bus after Hayden and Brendon are gone.

Matt could really shake up the house with the DPOV…if he plays it right.


Terrible move! You guys seem to forget about the jury vote. Matt has already lost the votes of B/R. If he backdoors Ginzo and Lane he will lose at least those two votes and he can not win BB. He needs to think like Ginzo and have someone else do his dirty work for him. In all honesty I do not think he realizes that the Brigade is gunning for him. After all he told them he was using Ragan to gain info from him….


if the brigade falls apart now my interest in this season will fall apart as well.


Britney’s actually pretty gorgeous. She could definitely transition into acting after this because she has the looks to be a star.


Your such a cry baby Beth…They have brought back house guest numerous times…like that gay porn guy…he got voted out and then got brought back to th ehouse right after…double eliminations are part of big brother and so are bringing back house guests from the J house…
thats like saying the diamond power of vito ruins the integrity of the game….your just upset because the game isn’t going the way you want it to…booo hoooo cry baby….my toddler cries less then you
Rachel being back blew up the feeds…i know the ratings will be huge on wensdays show when they air it…

I dislike rach

Rachel should have never been allowed back in the house she is the epitome of drama and stupidity. She gets mad because someone celebrates their win. She’s crazy. Big Brother you are so wronge for that move.

I dislike rach

Hayden and Enzo are so very confused. Enzo please go home, I don’t see you making it, you can’t decide what side you want to be on. Hayden is sooo stupid he actually believes Rachel,come on.


Enzo should change his name from Meow Meow to Teflon Man , nothing sticks to him..
You sure he is an insurance adjuster he reminds me of a used car salesman . Fast
talker who changes his stories on the fly.


ok people make no sense when racgel got voted out people are like bring her back bring her back the show will be boring without her and after they bring her back ragan and brit say it ruins the integrity of the game. First of there is one thing that big brother swears by and tell everyone all the time. They always say expect the unexpected. America seen it coming julie chen told hinted it at us but no one in the house did. Since when was throwing a twist into the game that you didnt like against integrity. No one said that the twins switching spots was against integrity. Two different people playing the game as one. Production
throws twists that they believe america wants. America wanted a game changing opportunity they gave you the dpov america wanted drama they gave you rachel. Going onto the show you can have a bullet proof strategy but thats no fun so production put twists in it to make it interesting. It seems like no matter what they do this season america hates though and the main reason for that is they cant make up there minds as to what they want. Rachel no rachel rachel no rachel make up you freakin minds you either want the drama or not take your pick. Dont say you want rachel gone than when she leaves you want her back than when she comes back you cant wait for her to leave. Stop comparing the twists of this season to previous seasons thats why you guys cant get in the show. Another reason is because you compare this seasons cast selection to the past. All america thinks of is the negitives. Look at it like this eventually in a majority house of floaters the floaters will have to play because it will either be all floaters final four or not. Its the same bb as always with a new cast and new twists america just remember expect the unexpected.

no more rachel

Honestly rachel distgusts me but liz your right how can production give us what we want if we dont even know what we want.