* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon holds up the little stuffed dog and says that he’s going to win it for the dog.

10am – 1020am All four cameras are still on the have not room. Brendon gets up from bed and leaves the room. Hayden and Enzo are still sleeping. All four of the cameras switch to the other bedroom where Lane, Ragan and Matt are sleeping. Lane sits up in his bed and then lays back down to go back to sleep.

10:30am Hayden and Brendon have breakfast at the kitchen counter. Hayden leaves the kitchen. Lane comes in and asks what Brendon is doing. Brendon says that he is eating slop and then going back to bed. Brendon washes the dishes and then goes back to bed in the have not room. Brendon holds up the little stuffed dog and says that he is going to win for the dog. Enzo says hahaha yeah …alright I’m gonna win for the dog dick. Both Brendon and Enzo go back to sleep. Big Brother calls Ragan to the diary room. Brendon says BLANK loud.

10:44am – 11:20am Lane and Matt are in the kitchen making breakfast. Lane looks at the date on the milk and says okay so use by September 1st. …then says oh yeah its August. Britney and Ragan come into the kitchen. Britney talks about how they were called into the diary room early and how she was rude to them. Matt says that they have to understand that your going to be rude when they call them in early especially you. Britney says yeah. They talk about how they can hear them building stuff outside. Matt says that he is running on fumes and is going back to bed. Enzo comes into the kitchen and says that he is a have BLANK today. Enzo decides he’s going to have broccoli for breakfast…. broc broc… Ragan comes into the kitchen and says…. the amazing ENZO! Ragan comes through the kitchen and asks if the speakers in the bedroom are louder now. Enzo says that he thinks the ones in the have not room are. Ragan says okay I’ll tell them to turn them down. Enzo says that he though it was just part of being a have not. Hayden comes into the kitchen and asks Enzo if he can have some of his broccoli. Enzo says yeah …just think like you’re Tom Hanks from cast away, he didnt have anything …at least we have broccoli. Britney tells Enzo that was a movie set though. Enzo says that he is trying to break Hayden in on how to be a have not.

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11:15 – 11:30am Big Brother switches the feeds to the “We will be right back screen….

12:50pm Still showing TRIVIA on the live feeds …they are having their POV competition right now… We didn’t get to see who is playing for the POV, Big Brother cut the feeds …so we will have to wait until they are finished to see who won and who played….

1:35pm ….STILL TRIVIA..
1:50pm TRIVIA…
2:15pm TRIVIA continues…

2:37pm TRIVIA continues…

3:06pm TRIVIA continues…

3:40pm TRIVIA continues…

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426 thoughts on “* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon holds up the little stuffed dog and says that he’s going to win it for the dog.

  1. Man if they vote out matt this week I am going to be pissed. He carried the Brigade for weeks and he has been loyal to them even though it would be obvious that he is the outkast of the group.

    The only way that the brigade can be stopped is by Matt Brittany and Ragan to team up and take them out one by one.


    1. Matt never carried the brigade. Matt played a very individual game since day one. He doesn’t care about the brigade, he’s trying to have an alliance with everyone except Brendan. Matt may be the best strategic player, and that is why it would be in everyone’s best interest to get him out this week. Like it or not, you have to admit that getting rid of Matt would be the smartest thing for the remaining houesguests to do. No one would beat Matt in the final 2, and he is also most likely to win the final HoH.

      1. It isn’t smart for Brit. She needs Matt to take out some other players for her next week. It’s in her best interests to get Matt to see that the brigade wants him out. If she can do that then she’s the only person who could compete with him in final two because that would be one of the few smart moves in the game.

        1. If Brit went to the final 4 with Lane, Enzo, and Hayden, she would not have any compition in the challanges. If she goes to the final 3 with Matt and Regan she would have less of a chance in the competitions and it is also likely that Matt and Regan would take each other to the final 2. Again if Brit was in the final 4 with Hayden, Enzo, and Lane, it is likely that Lane would take her to the final 2. And I think Brit would have a good chance in beating any of those 3 in the final 2 but she would definitely lose to Matt or Regan. That’s what i think anyways, but at this point i guess it is all just speculation and it’s hard to see what her best move is. Well know in a few weeks, hindsight is always 20/20.

          1. But she’s screwed if a competition that’s highly physical comes up since Lane, Hayden and Enzo would beat her or if it’s based on luck at all since they have the numbers. If she keeps them around she has to basically win everything from here on out.

    2. if brit only knew about the brigade, she would be smart enough to tell matt so he would turn on the other boys. they wouldn’t make it with out matt. hopefully brit doesn’t fall for it.

      1. What I don’t get is why nobody in the house has figured out there is an alliance between the guys? They obviously don’t have to figure out there’s a formal name to it but just the fact that they are always with each other. You hardly see any of them alone. Being naturally suspicious, I would assume they are in alliance. HG’s biggest fault is they believe they know the machinations of BB simply because they have been fans for years. I wish for once they’d suspend all the fantasy talk about being famous outside the house and start critically looking at the remaining contestants and see what’s right in their faces. For all the education Brendon has let us know he has (ad nauseam), it amazes me he didn’t figure out who the Brigade was a long time ago. I just wish Enzo would go and we can see the remaining brainless twits devise a sensible plan that include Brit making it to Final Two.

    1. When I was typing my question, there was zero replies. I asked and I see 4 replies and simon answered. So my quesiton is answered. :p

  2. Is the PoV contest underway now? I just logged on, got a “we be right back’ message and now it’s quizs again. So I am guessing PoV right now?

          1. Oh God, it’s killing me! I want one of those 3 to win too. The anticipation is killing me!! PLEASE BB GODS, NO BRENDON, HAYDEN OR ENZO FOR POV!

  3. I would love for Hayden to win the pov, use it on Enzo. And then Brit would put up Matt because she wouldn’t put up Lane or Ragan. Ragan, Matt, and Britney will think that Matt is a pawn, then BAM, he gets evicted by a 3-1 vote. Matt’s reaction would be priceless.

    1. And CBS would love it too and that’s what they’ve probably constructed the challenge to do. Although I’m not eager to be manipulated to such an extent and wouldn’t find such a show pleasant to watch.

      I wish Matt would wake up and expose the rest of the back-stabbing floaters to Britney and vice versa so that she would put up Lane thus ensuring Brendon’s ouster (if Enzo is taken off the block). If Brendon stays, it makes MUCH harder for Britney to go further in the game — Enzo and Brendon want her and her semi-alliance Ragan out. If Matt knew the truth about the brigade and could openly turn against them, he’d be a great alliance member for Britney (Britney-Ragan-Matt alliance) BUT I don’t think CBS wants that.

    2. What about Hayedn uses the PoV on Brendon like he said. The look on everyones face would be priceless then if he really did that.

      1. Yes, that would be better so that at least Matt would have a chance to fight. But I fear that CBS wants the utter shock that will happen when Matt has no clue that he’s being evicted next Thursday until Julie reads the votes. Someone needs to ask Brit what happens when Matt’s evicted, Ragan’s evicted next since double eviction…..who would be on her side — her back-stabbing boyfriend Lane?

    3. Matt’s only good at Endurance challenges. He’s not good at quizzes, and he’s just decent in skills.
      But if he needs to stand on a surfboard or a giant paint can ledge, he can do that.
      If this current POV competition is an endurance one, then he’s got it. And obviously it shows that Big Brother Production wants him to win the POV. The competition is going on longer than usual right now, so I assume it’s most likely “endurance” based. with possibly a little bit of skill.

  4. I don’t like Lane any more. My rapidly evolving dislike of BB members has gone Rachel – Brendon – Enzo – Hayden – Lane. Lane, the latest, is a super-floater AND also a two-faced back-stabber. I don’t appreciate his back-stabbing of Matt — especially after he spent so much time (more than Hayden and Enzo) with Ragan, Britney, and Matt being their friend. I hope Britney realizes that he’ll two-face her on the way to the 500K if that’s what he needs to do. Ragan is the player with the most morals still playing.

    1. I think Britney is starting to realize where Lane’s loyalty is because she keeps asking him questions about who does he like more, her or Hayden. Since she has been HOH she is asking Lane a lot of questions that he won’t answer.

    2. Ragan is the biggest hypocrite of them all. Cries like a baby when someone talks about him and says they are disgusting, yet that is all he does. He’s a douche!

    3. I’m still not counting Lane out yet. I can’t tell if his intent is to really work with Brit to get to finals or if he’s feeding her that bull to sabotage her game for the Brigade. It amazes me how the powerless manipulate the power holders to do their bidding though.

  5. This is bad. My son just came back from camp so he missed BB all week. So I tried to tell him what happened and he just bascially guessed what happend. He said, “don’t tell me, Matt goes up uses his DPoV…” so if a 9 year old can guess how this season is going, it’s a pathetic season.

      1. I think it is turning out to be a pathetic season. The floaters (Hayden, Lane, Enzo) have taken the lesson of Jordan and played it to new heights. Why would ANYONE go out and try to win HOHs or comps after this season when it’s clear that the comp losers are the ones who win in the end? CBS should change the format into two teams, ala survivor, and have the loser have to come from the losing team — in Survivor, you are unlikely to survive if you float because your team will lose and you’ll probably eventually be voted out by your team.

        1. Someone proposed taking out the “you can’t be HOH twice in a row” rule; that would go along way in promoting people to try. If you give strong players the chance to win consecutive HOHs, they will undoubtedly try. And with the variety of HOH challenges, it’s unlikely someone will be able to win them all.

          1. That would be terrible if they removed it. The HOH’s hang themselves on their powertrips and the rule is an “in your face response”.

        2. We are eye-to-eye on our intense dislike of the floaters. I get bashed every time I state it, but I don’t care. I hate floaters. It’s one of the laziest game tactics. They might as well just remove all the skill competitions and just turn the house into a college dorm.

  6. CBS is going to have a boring show where it’s all floaters + Brendon for the last few weeks, when Matt, then Ragan then Brit are evicted. I predict Rachel will be brought back into the game just because the floater guys will be so f*king boring, yo! Yo, weeks on end of conniving backstabbing between Lane, Hayden, and Enzo — I’m getting sick of it.

  7. (ALWAYS WHINY) Walking STD: Brendon, my ‘you know what’ is really itchy today.
    BRENDA: My beloved, I would itch your scratch all day and all night no matter where the itch would need to be scratched.
    WSTD: You’re saying it wrong. You don’t itch a scratch – you scratch an itch.
    BRENDA: No my princess. It’s pronounced: ‘NEANDER-TALL’.
    WSTD: What?! You’re stupid! You think you’re so smart but you’re really a moron!
    BRENDA: I’m so madly in love with you, your insults could never hurt me. For every zing you throw at me, Cupid is shooting my heart with millions of love arrows, my dumpling – for our love is internal.
    WSTD: It’s pronounced ‘eternal’ you knucklehead. Oh, speaking of head, I really feel like doing something right now.
    BRENDA: Oh, you naughty girl. I’d love that.
    WSTD: Not to you, you weirdo. I’m gonna go find some random stranger to do it to. I’ll do it to you later.
    BRENDA: Well, I can’t say that I agree with some of the choices you make, my love, but I’ll support you no matter what, because our love knows no boundaries.
    WSTD: Wait! I can’t go anywhere. The itch is getting worse. Oh no Brendon! I’m seeing some puss. Now it’s all pussie!
    BRENDA: No, my angel, it’s pronounced, ‘pussy’.
    WSTD: Oh, you can’t get anything right. Oh well, as long as you’re okay with me trying out for amateur gangbangs and helping me apply my Gynolotrimin daily, you’re a keeper.
    BRENDA: Forever and always, my queen. Forever – and always.


    1. Kathy was a good move. His real stupid move was throwing the HOH this week after his pal Ragan was out because he trusted that everyone wanted Brendon gone.

    2. Ya i was REALLY hoping he’d see the cracks in the “brigade” and throw up enzo….cause MAN is pathetic.

  9. 2 QUESTIONS 1. wtf happened to the brigade, if they stuck together they culdv easily gone final 4, it sucks that it happened like that 2. can cbs please give an allstar season, bb7 was the best and i wuld love to see an allstar season with the rest of the seasons, that would be legendary

    1. The slimeballs Enzo, Hayden and Lane happened. They all do not think they can make it to final 2 and win with Matt. Because he carried them through the first half of competition, they all see him as too much competition. And for a lying guy, he’s been / he is incredibly loyal … to his downfall.

    1. She’d get a LOT of pressure to change them from Enzo, Hayden, and Lane but I think she’s smart enough to use the opportunity to get Brendon out when she can.

      1. That’s the thing, the Brigade is wasting their energy. Brit is dying for Brenden to go home and he’s made it pretty clear he’s gunning for her. Lane using “if you do go up next week, you probably wont go home” wasn’t much of a selling point.

  10. If people are dumb enough to be manipulated, then they get what they deserve, the game is more than winning competitions.

    1. You’re right. I enjoyed watching Russell in Survivor, I enjoyed Evil Dick BUT can anyone tell me that they’d enjoy watching back-stabbing floaters (Lane, Hayden, Enzo) + Brendon. Enzo will be running around with his chauvinistic, prejudiced rants disparaging everyone. Lane will be quietly everyone’s friend while he has his stiletto sneaking into their side. Hayden will be continuing his final 2 alliances with Enzo, with Lane, with Brendon. And they’ll all be playing pool, eating, making messes, and playing with their privates — nothing I want to watch on Live Feeds.

  11. it’s PATHETIC that only ONE person in the whole game is playing “STRATEGIC” and thats MATT he deserves to win more than anybody……

  12. I am routing for brit, ragen, and matt. Matt was the only one in the brigade actually winning and fighting for the game.. Hayden won the first one and nothing since. Brit has been winning POV’s. And Ragen (god bless) had to put up with rachel and was the ONLY housemate honest with her!! She is a witch and a child.

    1. Routing? I think this blog has the largest number of dislexic people ever assembled, site writers included. Not saying it’s necessarily bad, just stating the obvious.

        1. Well Matt doesn’t seem to be a bigot who hates women and finds them to be inferior so yeah he’s not fit to tie Dan’s shoes….wait….

  13. I’m really upset the Lane is now one of them backstabbing idiots. I really thought he was a stand up guy and now clearly I see he is just like Enzo and Hayden a bunch of users & dumpers and totally using Brit as well. Matt is the only one who has stayed true to his alliance. It’s a shame.

        1. well he told brit to put someone that wasn’t on the block on there which duh Enzo. He talks about Hayden and Enzo all the time behind there back. Enzo made the brigade and I hope he breaks them. Matt also played a part in Kristen eviction. I’m just saying that there isn’t one player in that house that didn’t trash talk or backstab. But Matt is just good at getting everyone the do his dirty work.

          1. Enzo needed to go up. He has not carried any weight for this lame Brigade. I agreed with Matt 100%. He’s doing all the heavy lifting and getting all the blood on his hands only to be smacked in the finals against one of those other three bozos.

          2. Enzo has been talking crap about Matt, for two weeks, Enzo’s paranoya went out of control, and is the one to broke up the Brigade, turned Meow Meow into Mo, and buddied up with his Stooges Larry-Lane and Curly-Haydon, and their faux stooge Brendon-shemp. Matt noticed that Enzo, and the Stooges were throwing him out, and now Matt is just trying to protect himself.

            1. Yeah, Matt is a bit more observant, but too reserved with his observations. He’s trying to carry it all on his own. He needs to let Brit know the real deal, at least he’d have her and Ragan to help dodge some of those ‘grenades’.

      1. he told brit he wants enzo to go home and tells Enzo if enzo and ragan was on the block he would vote ragan out bullshit

  14. Some choice Kathy quotes: “it’s definitely not going to last, it’s a sick relationship and it won’t last” (referring to B / R in response to interviewer joking about coming between “her and her man”), “I definitely don’t want Brendon, he’s not my type nor do I care for him at all ” (her emphasis on that last point”

  15. Does anyone remember if Matt really said to Hayden and Kristen that R & B were after them ? and did he say the same thing to R & B ?? cause i dont remember what happened and im not sure if rachel was just saying bullshit and lies like she always does. She also said to Hayden that Matt was trying to vote him out ! now this is not true and he believed her and now he’s trying to get matty out

    1. Since Rachel and Kristen had a fight IMMEDIATELY after Andrew ratted them out — and no one else had a clue about their showmance — I don’t know how anyone in the house thinks that Matt could have been the one who encouraged Rachel to put them up. It doesn’t make timeline sense. Hayden was only pissed because his side alliance and sexual tension reliever was removed. He is also pissed that Kathy was gone — I believe that Hayden wants / has wanted Brendon or Kathy with him in the final 2 regardless of his multiple other final 2 deals BECAUSE Hayden views Brendon and Kathy as the weakest competitors for jury votes.

    2. From what I remember, I don’t think Matt threw Hayden and Kristen under the bus at all. I think who really threw them under the bus was Andrew. Andrew was the one that outted their showmance. But ofcourse Hayden and Kristen and the whole house were planning to put Rachel and Brendon on the block. Unfortunately the 2 that got thrown under was H & K. And furthermore unfortunate was Rachel winning HOH right after Andrew’s eviction speech, outing H & K.
      Matt was not to blame. I think Rachel lied to Hayden about that (when Rachel was let back into the house) to persuade him to want to encourage Brendon to put Matt on the block and evict him. That scheming bitch never should’ve been let back in the house.

  16. I wonder if britney is lying about putting up matt if brendon wins POV. She ran right down to Matt and asked him if she was allowed* to put up Matt he said no and she put up Brendon and Enzo. I doubt she would put matt up if Enzo or Brendon won because her Ragan and Matt seem close. If she asked matt if he wanted to be the pawn that shows she does care about Matt’s fate and she does care that Matt is on her side. So the only bad scenario for her would be if Hayden won HOH, because she would be forced to put up either Lane who she would most likely not put up, Matt or Ragan. and she would probably put up Matt as the replacement. that is unless she sees that keeping Matt would be more beneficial for her than keeping Lane or ragan, which I doubt. What do you guys think?

    1. She doesn’t want to put Matt out. Besides Ragan, she was the only one who was genuinely happy about Matt’s DPOV. That’s why last night, she was freaking out and telling Ragan — does Matt know that he needs to play as if his life depended on it, I don’t think he does — and Ragan wasn’t quite getting the hint — he thought it was all because brendon would come after Matt afterwards in the next HOH. BUT Brit also doesn’t to go against Enzo, Hayden, she likes Hayden, and worst of all, she foolishly trusts Lane most (who has been very good at seeding doubts in her mind about Matt and Ragan).

  17. Sometimes I think “floaters” Play the best ..stay under the radar and float on through that has to be nerve racking ..lol ..I don’t care for any of these people worse pick of any season its just boring and predictable ..I was a BB addict.. I think live feeders should be giving their money back! Glad I did not get them thi yr. But i do like operation backdoor matt!

    1. Lane is planning on backdooring Matt this week and keeping Brendon (and they all told Brendon the plan last night), told Britney that Matt and Ragan were plotting against her, and Lane is planning with them on getting out Ragan next.

  18. I cant believe the brigade is wanting matt out…thats wrong…of course Matt is doing so well, he could win….britny, who i actually liked before…now not so much cause shes turning on him too just to get on the guys side and they are so going to take her out…..I want Matt to win POV and not use it…who else agrees?

    1. Britney has always been two-faced (the bubble baths with Rachel…) BUT now she’s being stupidly two-faced and joining with the side that wants her out. And she’s always been really blind about Lane. ;) but I was blind about Lane too.

  19. HAHAHAHAHA kathy lied her ass off, but i do think she was sick the popcorn comp, but she said she THREW the other comps yea RIGHT…. she she was 110% correct the Brendon Rachel thing will NOT last they have nothing in common “socially” and that will be the main reason they break up they live in 2 different worlds and neither will give up their life..

  20. What’s wrong with you people? You want Matt to win? He is disgusting, how dare he say his wife is sick with a disease to win the game you guys are all idiots he doesn’t deserve sh*t. Just like Ragan said this is a social game so Enzo should win

    1. Anon, do you watch the Live Feeds? If you saw the uneditted Enzo, you’d be sickened by his social game. He’s disgusting. His constant rants are much more disgusting than Matt’s lie because they show the evil core of his personality.

    2. Brenchel fan i suppose??? im sorry if im wrong but brenchel fan’s posts are all very similar they dwell on the same bullshit over and over…. y’all keep bring up that lie, everybody in the house has lied. SOOOO according to your idiot logic everybody in the house don;t deserve thye money they all have lied and all but lane has said some vile disgusting things

      1. You have got to be one of the biggest dumbasses on this blog. Whenever you disagree on something, you bring out the Brenchel card, thinking you’re some kind of genius compared to everyone else. Total douchebag.

      1. First off I do watch the things Enzo has done and said and I think he is hilarious. Everything he said about Britney is jokes to me she deserves everything he says. People say Rachel lies too much what about Britney who lies with every word out of her mouth.

        1. So does Enzo, and he’s just as mean with the things he says as she is. Why do you like him and not her? Because she actually wins things…

          Or because you hate women for the very same reasons you like men?

  21. What’s wrong with you people? You want Matt to win? He is disgusting, how dare he say his wife is sick with a disease to win the game you guys are all idiots he doesn’t deserve shit. Just like Ragan said this is a social game so Enzo should win

    1. The fact that he lied about his wife is a doucher move.
      I’d prefer Enzo to win the whole game.
      If not him then Hayden. And if not Hayden, then Matt. And if not Matt, then Ragan.
      And if not Ragan, then Britney.
      so, order of preference would be:

      1. I choose to believe you that Matt’s lie is a “doucher move” because based on the order of the players you want to win I think you’re the foremost expert on “douchers” on this site.

      2. What has Enzo done?? NADA! That guy bitches all the time and he can’t win shit. I love the brigade at first but do not like how they are turning on each other. They are solid to go to the final four, but too stupid to figure this out. Enzo is fricken useless, and just might steal Brendon away from Rachel, sick to listen to those idiots chat.

        1. dude, Enzo is “playing” Brendon big time.
          There’s more to this game than just winning HOH or POVs. particularly early on where it just makes you a big target.
          Enzo is flying on the radar, skillfully.
          I mean, look at Brendon.. the guy has won 2 POVs and 1 HOH. are you telling me that he’s a better player in this game than Enzo? Britney’s won 3 POVs and 1 HOH. Is she really a better player than Enzo?
          The answer is NO. Brendon and Britney are next in line on the chopping block, targeted by the majority of the house. Enzo is not gonna leave. Nobody is really targeting him. And that’s all designed by Enzo’s doing. It’s a social game. He’s the master at it. He’s got everyone liking him. Nobody is manipulating the house as much as Enzo is. Nobody.

            1. hey, i don’t like the fact that he’s around Brendon either. but he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. Enzo is definitely thinking ahead, moreso than most of the rest of the house.

          1. I think Britney is better. I think Enzo just got lucky that no one in his alliance is as big an asshole as he is. I also don’t think Rachel or Brendan will give him a vote when it comes down to it because they’ll regard him as lazy and useless. I respect tactful floating but Enzo just seems to be a useless kiss-ass.

            1. let’s say if Britney or Ragan were in the Final 2 against Enzo. Do you really think Rachel and Brendon (and Kathy) would vote for Britney or Ragan? I highly doubt it. Rachel and Brendon are voting for the Meow Meow. So is Kathy.

    2. Some us look at it as just a game. I think the lie was an unnecessary burden and pretty lame. Now he has to be questioned about it after the game is over. But it seems like the only person who questioned the lie was Andrew initially. Also other than maybe Ragan, who is really moved to keep him because of the lie at this point? You see they are trying to vote him out. Stupid lie, but I’m personally not disgusted by like other people are.

  22. Omg I dont want matt to be backdoored it sucks and britney is stupid .. hayden was telling her that matt can with anyone in final two.. does brit think that she has a chance against enzo lane or hayden ??? if she does then she’s a bigger dummy than brendon she needs to kick out enzo or hayden because they could win

  23. I agree~~Matt cannot win this game based on his lie~Go Lane, Hayden, Britney and if they can save Enzo then America will see the final four~~ With Lane being my favorite~~He is so funny!

  24. I hope Matt gets put up.
    Everyone in the house has lied and back stabbed. I wish people would stop whining about people that are back stabbing because that is what they do on Big Brother.
    I hope no one tells Matt and it is a BIG shock on Thursday.
    Brit wouldn’t win against Matt she needs him gone.

  25. I really liked hayden and enzo and lane, and now not so much…..they are all are going out eventually…why be mean about it….and for those that say Matt should not have mentioned a sick wife, I agree, not so nice, but…its a lie…just like all of the others have lied…so…a lie is a lie big or small…its a game.

  26. Why does MATT always has his hand in his pant? Hello people this is TV and every one can see that, Some one should tell me to stop it.

  27. Simon and Dawg, they chose the POV players yesterday — they were speaking about it and how Brendon acted weird in some way when choosing his player. Everyone except Ragan is playing. That’s also why Ragan was saying that he “won’t be able to watch, he’ll be so nervous” to Britney last night.

      1. Yeah, I only caught part of the comment about Brendon, but there was more about Ragan and not playing. Just wanted to let you know so that you could correct the blog, which says that we don’t know who is playing.

  28. They are all have good and bad traits, not one person is more disgusting or more of a saint than another person. They all deserve to win equally. People aren’t simple enough to be hated or liked to the degree I’ve been seeing online. How people act in the house is not how they act in real life. This is a sexed-up hyped psychology experiment and they are all getting pushed to new places.

  29. They are all have good and bad traits, not one person is more disgusting or more of a saint than another person. They all deserve to win equally. People aren’t simple enough to be hated or liked to the degree I’ve been seeing online. How people act in the house is not how they act in real life. This is a sexed-up hyped psychology experiment and they are all getting pushed to new places.

    1. Hopeless, are you watching the Live Feeds? Do you truly not think Enzo acts worse than many of the others? While his traits are intensified in the house, his acts in BB also reveal an unpleasant inner person that won’t go away when he leaves BB.

  30. Enzo fans? Really fans of Enzo? Do you watch the live feeds? I refuse to believe anyone can watch the live feeds and still be a fan of Enzo. If you don’t watch the live feeds, then maybe you should shut up because you sound really stupid praising Enzo.

    1. I don’t watch the live feeds, but I agree on you opinion on Enzo. What a floating backstaber!!!! He’s all talk!!!!!!

    2. I used to like Enzo because he was kind of a funny asshole but now I want him out because it bothers me that he thinks that he’s actually good at the game. Doing absolutely nothing and occasionally kissing butt and having ALL THE LUCK IN THE FREAKING WORLD with your alliance does not mean that you’re good at the game.

  31. Watched the video with Kathy, that was kind of amusing. She’s right it is a sick relationship from what we’ve seen.But I wished she would have played the game and not did all that butt kissing. What a waste. But I guess her goal really was to go to the jury house because if not she would have started fighting at some point. So I’m not completely buying what she said. I just think she barely tried and was coasting.

  32. Well if Brendon dosn’t win this season of BB I would rather have Jordan win again. I coudn’t stand her winning last year, but I rather see her win over anyone we have right now excpet for Brendon. Hell Even Matt I would have win because he plans things and not just become a floater.

    Let’s go Brendon.

  33. If CBS is about manufacturing drama, then the best thing they could do would be to intervene and plant doubt in Britany’s mind about the plan to oust Matt. If the POV is used and Enzo comes off, then the best plan to avoid a snoozefest season is for Hayden to be put up against Brendan instead of Matt. Brendan goes, and everyone else is left knowing exactly where they stand. No more pool tournaments and workout sessions – just the BB game. 10 to 1 odds you would see Enzo have a meltdown. He’s turning into as big a crybaby as Brendan.

  34. Matt and Brittany are the only ones actually playing the game…. Haydo and Enzo are not playing they are floating and Brendan – OMG really….

        1. Also, he has terrible instincts. His goodbye message to Kristin was priceless. What an idiot. How could he actually believe that Britney wouldn’t nominate him? This guy needs Rachel just to function in this house. He really doesn’t seem to get it.

            1. I respect the mental game more than the comps for the most part. I do think people are pretty pathetic when they can’t win anything though so yeah, I’d rather see him win than Hayden or Enzo.

    1. Your right everyone has lied. But Matt, Regan and Brit have been involved in every major blow up. They have manipulated everyone and egged it on. That’s not game. They need to just go out and win, then send people home and let the cards play. They others might have floated, but like some many have said, brit/matt/regan can’t win against Enzo, Hay, lane. Why well because most people like them they are funny and easy going. As for backstabbing well the gold, silver and bronze goes to Britt Regan and matt, it has been 10 hrs a day for week on in.

      1. I didn’t fight with anyone in the house either and I’ve done about as much in the house as Hayden, Lane and Enzo. Maybe I deserve to win this season.

  35. If by floating you mean winning the game, then yeah, Hayden and Lane are floating to the finals. Not their fault the others are stupid.

    1. Me too. I couldn’t stand Matt at the beginning, but even tho he lied about his wife I like him now. I think he is the only one with guts. He has won everything for the Brigade. The other yo yos couldn’t win anything if it were just the three of them. Go home Enzo the clown.

  36. I want to see Matt win the whole thing so we can see the reactions of the others when they find out he lied about his wife’s illness.

    1. even if matt doesn’t win, we will see the big lie exposed…..can’t wait to see ragan’s face…..since he thinks that matt has so much integrity……barf !!!!

    2. I know. It’s a great lie when it comes to justifying his actions at the end. I love the lie. No one would hold anything against him at this point, I mean, the man needs to win the money or his wife might DIE!

    3. Whether Matt wins or not I want to see Ragan’s face when he realizes just what kind of person the man he has cried over really is

    4. I don’t care if he wins or not, i just want to see the reactions. I dont know who i want to win, cause i hate them all.

  37. Im so nervous for the results!!! gah!! I hope Matt or Brit wins it and keeps the nominations the same. Enzo has got to GO! Im so tired of both him & Brendon. They are the reason the brigade is falling apart – all Matt or Britney or Ragan want is to get Brendon out – how is that such a big deal??? Thats what everyone wanted all along up until 2 weeks ago.

  38. Someone please explain exactly what it is that Matt is doing that is so Strategic?? How ishe the best player??? WHAT has he done?

    1. Marigold- he did get out Rachel. She won 2 HOH’s she was a force in the house compared to the guys and she needed to go. I think it was smart. However, Matt messed up when he didn’t put up Hayden or Enzo with his DPOV. He should have broken his alliance but he was true to his word. So, if he betrayed the brigade he would be the biggest ass or if he nominated Kathy he would be the biggest dud. Ass or Dud, who can choose?

    2. Well, i dont know about ‘strategic’ but he did make some big moves in the game – ie: getting rachel out (probably being the most important one), using the dpov, winning hoh twice. I mean, its a lot more than you can say for most of the rest of them really.

  39. After Brendon cried last night in Have Nots. Enzo and Hayden come in and Enzo sees all the kleenixes from when Brendon was crying. “Yo, were you f*king crying, man, yo” asks Enzo. “No, I wasn’t crying…I was blowing my nose….those kleenexes were here when I came into the room” answers Brendon. — I despised Brendon a little more than for not admitting that he was crying, especially after making fun of Ragan for crying, and then trying to say that his snot rags were actually Ragan’s!

    1. You have got to be kidding. You want a grown man to admit to another man that he has been crying like a bitch? It ain’t going to happen. Men do cry, however they don’t advertise it, so you can forget that thought.

      1. if a man admits to another man he is crying, is only good when he loses a family member, but yea crying over bullshit like he was a man should never admit that, thats the same as a man crying over a bad paper cut LOL, what he was saying had me rollin…. no idea why he didn[t play better once rachel was gone but he continued the brenchel tradition of playing a personal game, instead of thinking with his other head and playing strategic like they been claiming they been doing which was a crock.

      2. Not only that, I’m sure Enzo appreciated the “lie.” Do you really think he wanted Brendon to say “I was crying because my feelins were hurt…” blah blah blah. Ragan’s still in the house if Enzo wants to talk about feelins.

  40. I heard from one of the live feeders that Enzo’s cheating on being a have-not AGAIN. Asked to use Brit’s HOH bathroom and then she found candy wrappers in there afterward.

    1. Consider the source, I wouldn’t believe a damn thing. Enzo, eat up what you can, when you can. It’s a game of decieve, so decieve them till the end.

    2. BB probalbly knows about it. I think all they get is a penelty. What it is, I have no idea. I herd Brit say she is willing to take a penelty so she could eat something else besides slop.

      Anyone know what the penelty is?

    3. He is disgusting. I wish that BB, AG, and CBS would stop pandering to their Jersey-Shore wannabe and punish him for rule violations…. at a minimum, stop giving him the good edit on the regular broadcast show and show some of his many horrific statements. The guy dreams and plans for Hollywood fame and fortune from his BB experience — please don’t enable him to achieve that goal.

  41. He won 2 HOH’s with ragan’s concessions. He had the DPOV handed to him. He got Rachel out — but later admitted, it was a mistake. He’s way overrated. He is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. He’s got to go. ratings will go away if Brendon goes home == no one to complain about or plot against. Better Matt goes than Brendon. No drama if Matt stays and Brendon goes…pure and simple. AND he is offensive — sleazy (that lie about his wife) and gross (hands in his pants ALL the time). He’s very smug — without justification. He’s a worm and a weasel. Won’t miss him at all.

    1. No one cares about Brendan. People hated Rachel and maybe Brendan and Rachel as a couple but who the hell cares what happens to Brendan? He’s boring, dumb and socially awkward.

    2. Do you watch the live feeds? He really doesn’t think that getting Rachel out was a mistake. He might have said it to pander to Enzo because how do you disagree with Enzo on a rant? but no one, except Enzo, thinks that Rachel should be in the game.

    1. did you just insult them by calling them gay? dude, thats not cool, gay isn’t an insult, and frankly it’s offensive to act like it is…

  42. Will Enzo have the penalty point from before against him now? He should otherwise it won’t discourage others from just eating real food when they want.

  43. The longer it takes, the more I think the better/smarter players have a edge. Matt and Bren should have a big edge………

  44. Could they be doing the competition where each competitor has to identify the 2 HG that make up a picture or is it too early for that one?

    1. Simon when they do the double eviction next week do they let them compete for HOH then tell them they are having a immediately eviction or do the know in advance?

  45. My wish:
    To have a few people who are suffering from Melorheostosis in the audience during the finale show. And have Julie ask Matt and his wife questions about the disease and then introduce the actual people who are inflicted and get their comments in front of Matt. Now, to me, THAT would be reality television.

    1. His lie is hilarious. How does using the disease to win the money negatively impact anyone who has the disease? I don’t see the harm.

    2. I get telling white lies but a disease is serious. I hope his wife stays healthy cuz karma is a bitch. Your suggestion/fantasy is awesome. I think if Matt goes first then ragan later I would love Julie to out him to ragan as it wont matter on the jury house or cost a vote. That would be great drama. Then ragan can stop idolizing his man of integrity. That’s my dream

      1. I’m a karma girl. I would never lie about sickness but that is only because all my family are sick and are either dying or have died so I would never use that as a game tactic. I think when people do use sickess, death, abuse whatever as an excuse for bad behaviour, it makes them ugly and frankly disgusting. however this is a game and if I had the chance to win 500k, it would certainly help me out with medical expenses right about now so I too would lie my ass off, (of course it would be the truth in my case) but none the less I would still lie because I know I could make my families lives a little better and my dad wouldn’t have to worry so much and I could hopefully see him smile so in the end it would be worth it for me to lie or exaggerate something if I needed too if I thought I was going to be voted out.

  46. The Brigade can’t get rid of Matt he’s the only one in the Brigade who’s won anything. I mean seriously even Chill Town won more challenges then them, and if Chill Town has won more challenges than your alliance then there is something horribly wrong with your alliance.

    1. I totally disagree with that statement for this reason. Matt has Rae and Britt wraped around his finger. If and when it gets down to 5/6 people left, Matt will have everyone on his side. HOH and veto comps. That also includes many votes for him. Matt is almost a lock for the final 2. Enzo, Hay and Bren have the right idea and I hope they go through it.

      Bren and Hay are strong players. Bren has 2 HOH and 2 vetos. He has done the best in the house so far

      1. Yes, Brit is so wrapped around his finger that she’s going to nominate him (when POV is used) and if it were a tie, she would vote to keep Enzo — all things she said yesterday.

  47. i almost officially hate this season of Big Brother! i cant wait to see how things are about to unfold but right now it seems like Matt is going to win, its stupid to let him cheat and then brendon dont even get to play in the HOH comp, im hoping brendon and enzo get hayden and lane i guess on their side and go after brit, matt, and ragen. the whole house annoys me but if i had to choose it would be brendon and enzo. brendon b/c he actually is acting like a bb player and trying to win, not make it personal, and enzo b/c hes funny and is friends with everyone and could manipulate, im tired of matt, ragen and britt being so DAMN NEGATIVE! its like they hate the bb house and its not fun to watch, all they do is complain in the worse way i can think of. bb has failed this year in my opinion… no one deserves 500k this year cuz its been boring!!!

    1. It’s not like Matt won the CDT. He didn’t get the power Jeff had last year when he could change both nominations. All Matt got to do was change one. Not even half as good as last year in my opinion. Brendon not only got a luxury, he got Rachel back in the game. If Rachel would have been smart she would have played nice, still put a target on someone else like Matt or Enzo or Brit or even Ragan. Instead she rolled on in and went off her head making Brendon a huge target. If Brendon had won the DPOV, Brit or Ragan would have probably gone home and then someone else would have won the 24 hr visit and made the most of it. Rachel could have been smart and thought that maybe they hated Brendon enough to keep him, turn on each other and have Brendon in the final 2. Thus now that the brigade has crashed and burned and they are turning on each other Brendon swoops in for the win. In my mind, Brendon got the better deal, Rachel just messed it up for him with her stupid big mouth and sparking 3 bottle of wine personality. She flucked Brendon out of 500k.

    2. What show have you been watching. Brendon has totally made this personal. Everything he did during his HOH reign was “for Rachel” and that was clearly personal.

    3. You obviously don’t have the live feeds. The biggest complainer and most negative person is Enzo. Matt is among the people who do the least complaining.

    1. Matt would. Rachel would vote for him for sure since he got her out and egotistical players like Rachel always give the money to the person who got them (the BEST PLAYA EVA!) out of the house. She’d convince Brendan to give it to him too. I didn’t like Rachel but she’s a true BB fan and wants to see someone who played hard and played well win the money, I bet.

      1. Rachel would NOT vote for Matt. Although she says that she wants to vote for the true player, she has played an incredibly irrational and personal game….even worse, she is incredibly un-self-aware — she doesn’t recognize how personal her game is and she creates justifications for herself by falsifying in her mind past events — for example that Kristen told her that she was coming after her (no she didn’t) OR that Matt was the one that convinced her to put up Kristen and Hayden (no he didn’t, she was mad at Kristen because she saw her as a threat as are all semi-attractive women who don’t kiss her azz.).

        1. I think she will vote for him no question if he makes it to the final two. I hate Rachel as much as you do but if there’s one thing I know, it’s human behavior and Rachel will vote for Matt because he outplayed her. She’ll convince Brendan to vote for him for the same reason.

    2. Lane is one of the worst players in the house. He’s not good at skills, he’s horrible at quizzes, and he’s not good at manipulation. All he does is flirt with Britney all day.
      Of the Brigade, he’s doing the very least.
      Hayden is atleast studying hard for quizzes. But he also hasn’t won anything, other than becoming HOH by default. that was not even a real competition. But atleast Hayden has worked his butt off by getting in good with Brendon and Rachel, and everyone else in the house. Him and Enzo are the 2 people that are loved by everyone, including Brenchel and Kathy.
      Lane is pathetic.

  48. Well the nomination ceremony was really long, same for the food competion. I believe the competion could be over, but they just not airing it yet. Maybe they are cleaning up or what ever.

    I am shure the feeds do not come right back on as the competion is over, so for what ever reason, we just have to wait for the feeds to come on.

    1. I tend to watch because nothing else happening in my life right now, sadly, I admit, but I can’t imagine watching Brendon, Hayden, Lane, and Enzo only — boring and ugly. I already avoid watching rooms where Brendon and Enzo are.

      1. I have no life right now, so that is why I watch. But if I had better things to do, I wouldn’t be watching. Hopefully next year I will have a job again. So if I do have a job and BB is boring again, I can say I will not be watching, as I missed other BB series because they were boring as well.

        1. ;) I wonder how much BB’s ratings this year are because of the economy? I know, like you, if I weren’t unemployed, I wouldn’t be watching the live feeds!

  49. brendon is an idiot, brit needs to get him out. Matt lost my respect a long time ago. Enzio needs to go back to jersey and quit playing with himself. I think Brit and Hayden could take this thing

    1. He is alway playing or scratching and then he eats or plays pool sharing the stick without washing his hands so gross. I’d say something if I was a fellow houseguest. And his chewing with his mouh open. Where and by whom was he raised? Wolves in the outback?

    1. wonderloaf- you’ll always see the updates on the photographs of the houseguests to your right on the screen. right now the feeds are doing trivia, nothing yet.

    1. I think Matt or Britney deserve it. I don’t think Ragan deserves it but only because he took the easy way and told Rachel exactly what he thought of her. You have to be much faker in the BB house so that people will give you the money in the end. It feels good to tell off a loud mouth like Rachel but he knew she was worth two votes and threw them away for some immediate wish fulfillment. Matt was smarter because he never gave worse than he got. Brit didn’t either. If Matt makes it to the end I really do believe the lie could end up winning it for him. Not because people feel bad for him, but because people will use it as a justification for any harsh actions he takes.

  50. I hope Brit and Matt go to final 2. If Bonzo, Hayseed, or Lame win POV it is going to majorly suck.
    Gooo Brit and Matt !!!!!

  51. I love watching Brit in the diary room sessions…absolutly love the one when kathy said she was going to take her time on the puzzle POV…HILARIOUS!!!

  52. Can’t stand Lane or Hayden anymore, never did care much for Enzo, nasty.

    Go Matt the only decent Brigade member and Brittney!!!

  53. This is obviously a difficult and time sensitive challenge which means block partners Cheese Dick and Needle Dick stand little chance of winning and Hayden is not far ahead of them. Regan and Brit would be my bets. I just hope that if Brit wins it she realises that changing the noms is bad for her since Brendon, Enzo and Hayden at least are all gunning for her and any change would mean that she’ll end up sending someone home who will be more supportive of her.

        1. There’s only room for 6 to play. He’s the unlucky one who sits out. After this all houseguests will compete in all comps.

        2. He isn’t the HOH, either nominee, or any of the three selected out of the bag randomly. Beginning next POV all players can participate since they will be down to six HGs.

      1. Stepping it up from just throwing the bowling ball like a maniac, Brendon probably performed badly again and tried to burn the BB House to the ground this time.

    1. Right after the first eviction, they’ll have another HOH comp. Then I’m not sure if that HOH will pick 2 people to go up and they’ll all vote or if that person gets to just go ahead and evict someone.

      1. do they know when they are competting for the HOH that it is a double eviction or right after the HOH they announce it a double

    2. The POV competition seems to be still going on. As far as the double eviction goes, right after the 1st eviction there is a HOH competition, a nomination, a POV competition, and 2nd eviction that same night.

  54. GREMLIN wants CRYBABY in the final 2 with him he knows that his only shot at winning this sorry ass season bring back ALLSTARS heros vs villians

  55. I bet Lane, Hayden, Enzo and Brendon are not the only players left playing POV — if it were these 4, the former brigaders would throw it. I think Brit or Matt must still be in it.

    1. Not really, Mimimew. Enzo would stay in because he would want to win the veto for himself and use it on himself. Hayden would stay in it too, because if he wins it, he can use it on Enzo and then think Britney would have to put up Matt or Ragen. Lane thinks he is not going anywhere, no matter what happens. So, honestly, I think all the players are fighting to win it. But, hope Matt or Britney win it and leave both Enzo and Brendon on the block. Like to see other one of them leave this week.

    1. It’s worse if Hayden wins. He takes down Enzo. Brit won’t nominate Lane or Ragan — she has to nominate Matt. Lame, Bozo, and Hayden vote Matt out. Brendon is safe. Bozo is safe. Ragan or Brit goes home double eviction.

  56. if its the face morph challenge or some other challenge that they have to perform individually it should not take 4 hours!!! I’m surprised its 3:30 and we are still getting trivia.

      1. i hope thats not the case. i hope its just that the challenge ran long or they had a production complication maybe?

    1. If it is a face morphing comp, maybe a couple of the people took between 45 minutes and an hr to get through the pictures

        1. if any of the brigade had to do the face morph competition we’ll be on trivia all night. Enzo will yell Yo, I’m dropping grenades and spent 2 hours trying to figure out who is who. Ragan will see his picture morphed with Matt and faint. We’re good for the night.

          1. I think they are all pretty distinct:
            Spider Eyes Kathy
            Thin Lips Hayden
            Enzo has the high hair line and really oval eyes
            Ragan’s eyes
            Matt’s eyes
            Brit the eyes and fair skin
            Lane is such a meathead… the size should give it away
            Brendon has that sculpted look and dark beady eyes with strong eyebrows

      1. i hope thats the case. but i thought from previous seasons that it never seemed to take anyone that long to do it. or am i wrong cause big brother edits the crap out of everything for the live show and i don’t usually watch the live feeds much. oh well. i hope it comes back up soon.

      1. how is she funny ?
        & everyone plays the game .
        i dont find her hot at all , shes realy whiney and annoying and her bad personality makes her look uglier than she really is.

          1. i clearly listened to it , but i dont find her to be any of those things .
            there has to be other reasons why people like her .

            1. Nothing pisses me off more than someone who says tell me your opinion. Then when they hear your answer they say no that’s not right, your opinion can’t be right. GET OVER YOURSELF!

            2. It’s okay Morgaan – you’ll learn today that you don’t have a sense of humor – simply put, when it comes to all things funny, your senses are non-existent or numb. Britney has an AWESOME sense of humor – she can communicate in a way that’s entertaining to those who have a feel for comedy. I’m not trying to toot my horn – I’m trying to say you don’t have on to toot. Britney is also personable and adorable. Anybody in the BB house will eventually stress, so, yeah, if she gets a little whiny, that’s attributable to the stress of the game in her case. Those are a few reasons why people like her as they should. I bet she’ll get a shot at a primetime sitcom one day soon. Understand now?

        1. i agree with your pox upon the house concept. also…i think if she gets rid of matt she’ll screw up her own game. cause the brigade wants her out next and matt/ragan don’t seem to want her out next.

  57. If it’s the face morphing one I think Brendon has an advantage. He’s a physicist and probably has insane spatial awareness.

    1. Brendon had problems in school and that’s why he’s just going back now to complete his degree AND why he hasn’t had a real professional career yet. He tends to overcompensate a lot …. ;) but maybe that overcompensation is because of his pee-pee size.

  58. I wonder if Brendon is causing a delay — arguing that some aspect of the competition isn’t made for someone of his size ;)…. discriminating against neanderthals!

  59. Hopefully the house blew up and BB had to go out and get 7 new players in a new house. Why can’t BB make a new house every year. They should do it like the real world where every year the house is different but realy set up nice. Get a bigger pool. Give them more then 6 beers every other night. Make them have other little comps from Sunday to Wednesday so it’s not a snorefest. And please please get some people on here that aren’t boring and who don’t have to yell in the DR every time they say something. And no more Justin beiber look alikes (Hayden)

        1. Yeah, Arizona too, but Ragan is a professor in California. Maybe he taught in Arizona before he got his PhD – is that part of his cover story on BB?

  60. I have a feeling Matt has won the POV. It’s a long comp, and he would be good at those face morphing comps. He has won all endurance, with Ragan in second. Ragan isnt playing…

  61. I kinda wanna see Enzo snap a little. It wont be as cool as Jersey Shore, but it would make for good entertainment. Maybe some huge blowout happened, and they are holding it for production!

    1. Enzo seems on the verge. He has Brendon jabbering in his ear, he just got out played by the gremlin, lost HOH, he is a man ready to eat a bucket of glue at any second.

  62. I don’t understand why ppl Hate Brendon…he stick to his words and have been playing!! Lane Enzo and hyaden on the other hand are FLOATERS…….either way Britt is screwed cause the Boys will put her up if they win in the double eviction…she’s also Not a woman of her Word which makes No one trust her!! Team Matt/Brendon/Regan/Britt I hope Brendon stays cuz I don’t think he will nom. Britt…..uggh this season has been LAME!!

    1. Which promises has Brendon kept? The one not to backdoor Matt? The early one not to go off on Matt when Matt volunteered to be a pawn and said he’d pretend he was upset — then Matt, as promised, pretended he was upset and B / R called a house meeting? The one he made to win the POV? The one when he agreed with Rachel that it was “her house”? The why even tell this lie one when he said he was a snowboard instructor when he really just went to class to become a snowboard instructor and he actually dropped out on the first day of class?

  63. If i had subscribed to the 24/7 live feeds i think i would be screaming for a refund right about now. almost 4 hours now and still a trivia screen? absolutely ridiculous!

  64. maybe Whinedon lost AGAIN threw a tantrum and went postal killing everybody seeing the way he acts when he’s matt i wouldn’t put that past him

  65. Now that the brigade isn’t throwing the comps, they are lasting longer — we’re just used to them throwing the comp and making it quick.

  66. Whoever makes the Final 2, needs 4 votes from the Jury to win.
    Let’s break it down:

    Britney – she wouldn’t be able to get 4 votes unless she’s up against Brendon or maybe Ragan in the Final. Brendon, Rachel, and Kathy would have a tough decision.

    Ragan – he wouldn’t be able to get 4 votes unless he’s up against Brendon or maybe Britney. he’d get Matt’s vote. but Britney would get Lane’s vote. Hayden might vote for Brit. Enzo might vote for Ragan. Kathy would probably vote for Ragan over Britney too. I can’t see Rachel voting for Ragan, so she’d vote for Britney. Brendon would be the deciding vote. On one hand he has said he’ll never vote for Britney, plus he respects Ragan a little more for being a teacher. But also, Britney did break their deal and put Brendon on the block. So, Brendon would most likely vote for Ragan.

    Matt – it’s tough to tell if he’d get the 3 Brigade votes. but he most likely won’t get Brendon and Rachel’s vote. he probably won’t get Kathy’s vote since he backdoored her. The only way Matt could win is if he’s up against Brendon. If it was Matt VS Ragan…. Rachel, Brendon, and Kathy will most likely vote for Ragan. While the Brigade might vote for Matt. But then Britney will unquestionably vote for Ragan. Matt’s only chance is against Brendon.

    Brendon – there’s barely any chance anyone would vote for him in the Final, at this point. Except for Rachel.

    Hayden, Enzo, and Lane are all in the best positions to get votes. but i don’t have time to break it down.

    1. YAY Brendon won!

      RE: Votes

      I NEVER would’ve thought that Jessie would’ve voted for Jordan over Natalie last year but he did! You just never know their mindset. Are they going to vote for the ones that really played the game best or go with their buddies. I don’t think we can even begin to second guess them.

    2. You have to remember, each year a surprising number of jurists vote based on who played the best game and not based on alliances and friendships. I’m always shocked by the perspective these seemingly shallow, narcissistic airheads gain in the jury house.

      Given that, I think Brendon will win if he makes the final two. In order to get there he would have to win HOH or POV at every eviction the rest of the way. If he manages that (ridiculously improbable) feat, I think he’d have to get the votes (and maybe some grudging respect) from the gameplay contingent.

  67. People hate Brendon because he is boooooring. A rock has more personality then that guy. Not only that but he obviously has serious issues when it comes to relationships. I k ew he had problems and his ex fiancé and her mother confirmed it. This guy has some nerve saying Nick is a Pansy and should take his balls out of britts purse when he acts the way he does with rachal. This guy is going to need to be on suicide eTch when rachal doesn’t want to be with him.

  68. brit crying to lane about how he is not attacked personally. Dosn’t she make personel attacks behind everyones back? I guess it’s ok to do it behind their back instead of front of his face.

    Brit wanted Brendon out, and now she is crying saying everyone is using her for the dirty work. LOL. I am loving this.

  69. didnn’t brendon tell brit she would be doing everyones dirtywork? LOL, yes he was telling her the truth, but makes fun of him.

  70. Looks like there were prizes given out in this PoV. Brit just got 50 points. She wanted a trip to Hawaii not shure if that was a prize or not.

    Matt swearing on his wife he is not the sabateur.

    Brit crying “I did not want this to happen.” “He is going to eveict me next week.” “Brendon wins everything, I can have 5 people agaisnt him and he will still win.” So why didn’t she think about this before she nominated him?

  71. Does anyone remember the competition where there was coffins involved for a POV comp? I am thinking it was the AllStar season with Dr Will and Boogie. I think they had buttons to push to win prizes which included the POV. I remember that comp took forever.

  72. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I can’t stand him!! But I can’t stand any of them really! But still keep watching hoping it will get better!

  73. Crap!!! I was hoping Brandon would leave this week with Enzo!!! He is such a jerk when he is on the bottom and on top!!! :(

  74. brit complaining and crying brendon still here. Brit freaking out knowing she will be on the block next week. She saying that you,, (Lane) is safe no matter what so you don’t feel what she (brit) is.

    She already thinking that Brendon will win HoH. I am surprised she is thinking like this, this is a complete 180 of her before nominataions.

    She says she hates him (brendon) wants his leg to be broken so he would leave. She is so sick of him in the house. She is playing a very personal game, I do not know why.

    1. Her move of nominating Brendon and losing any chance of $500K was one of the worst moves in BB History. She may have done well in winning 4 Comps (1 HoH & 3 PoV) but she has no common sense. How does she not know she need 4 votes to win $500K. No way she gets them now. Rachel & Brendon will vote for the person sittting next to her if she was to make it to the end. AND right now I don’t like her chances of even making final 3.

  75. If Brendon wins the POV, then I am sure this whole game has been fixed. No one with the small intelligence that he has can win either the HOH or POV every week! I can understand someone winning alot, BUT not every week. If he did win, I am not surprised because I called it right after the HOH. So it’s no surprise to me. Just wonder why BB wants him in the house so bad that they will do what ever they can to keep him in there. I am done, so predictable. It’s the Brendon show.

  76. Matt didn’t win anything, or so he says. I think a trip to Hawaii, and a phone call since Lane says he wanted a phone call.

    I am trying to type what my little brain can process. Sorry for bad updates.

  77. Lane still consoling Brit. she gets our of bed and gives him a hug. I don’t think anything romatic is between them the way they act by them selves.

  78. Looks like it was a points game. You bet on the points or something like that. The more points or what not wins the prize. Not shure if there was a $5000 prize in there or not.

    I wunder if Enzo has to wear the penguin costume because everyone else dressed normally expcept for Brendon since he is bald.

  79. I would love Captian Koesher to with the $25 grand. If anyone he deserves it. Too bad he can’t come back into the game.

  80. Hayden giving Brendon a shave. You can see the botches that were in it. I am wundering if he shaved it himself or what. But now he will be clean shaven now with an electric shaver.

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