*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Penguin doesn’t like being on the Block, Enzo: “I want to rip Ragan’s face off yo”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


9:46pm Lane tells Enzo to cool down… Enzo: “I want to rip ragan’s face off yo” LAne: “Umm yeah don’t do that”. Enzo: “Should I go off on him now or after the POC ceremony” Lane: “tells him to keep cool and only say something if Ragan brings is up” Enzo: “I feel like this is a fixed fight.. I like MAtty alot but I don’t trust him no more”. LAne tells him they have to trust LAne that Brit is going to put up matt. Enzo trusts him, he telsl LAne that if He goes Lane has only Hayden and Brit then he’s BLANK. LAne knows… he’s not worried about it he thinks they should all go up and talk to her tonight and she’ll dot the right thing. LAne doesn’t think Ragan can into her head anymore thats done. Lane tells Enzo they have to win HOH back to back then there to final 3. Enzo is really pissed at Ragan for saying that he’s in an alliance with Brendon. Lane tells Enzo to just stay cool and wait it out, Lanes working brit right now and he won’t do anything to jeopardize enzo or Hayden. Lane tells Enzo that Matt asked him to throw Ragan under the bus to Brit. Matt said he couldn’t do it because Ragan is his friend and. Lane points out that Matt had no trouble throwing them under the bus (Actually matt wasn’t the one doing it) Enzo says he can’t stand being near Ragan right now.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10pm Hayden, Matt, Ragan, and Brit drinking and talking about BLANK, Whats better the movie 300 or troy hayden and Brit thinks troy is better .. Brendon and LAne playing Pool talking about buying your domain name for your name (like Brendonv.com or Lane.com etc etc ) before coming on the show. Lane didn’t know people could use your name like that. Brendon isn’t sure either but he bought his anyways just incase.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:15pm Brendon telling Enzo to maintain himself and do it for his wife and his daughter. Brendon is going to go talk to Brit and tell her if she puts up Matt then his target is Ragan if she doesn’t then his target his Brit and Ragan. Brendon says he’ll tell her that Matt is a much stronger competitor then Hayden and he’s going to win competitions, Brendon: “Matt rises to the occasion but only when the competition is conducive to him winning”. Brendon is going to also tell her that Matt and ragan are backstabbers and if she doesn’t take them out now then she’ll be next on Matt’s list. Brendon says brit is out of her mind if she thinks that Ragan can beat him in a quiz. Enzo agrees says that he beat Ragan in the last quiz, Enzo’s going to go up there tonight and tell her that if she puts Hayden up then there will be a lot of people coming after her. Brendon just tells him to watch his actions, Brendon knows how enzo is feeling when he was up with Rachel he wanted to punch Ragan in the face but he didn’t. (thats right guys keep threatening her) .

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:28pm Gremlin playing the Ogre

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:43pm The Band is BAck together, Brit, Ragan and MAtt laughing at things Kathy says most of the jokes are about Kathy taking Ambian and getting horny.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:13pm Backyard drinking and talking about Brits brothers. She says her younger brother will really like Matt.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:26pm Everyone in the backyard beside Ragan whose in the HOH listening to music. Enzo has his hand down his pants and is playing with his balls. (this dude is going to snap he’s shaking and everything) Brit talking about the Spanish language and about when she lived in spain.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:40pm Brendon, Enzo and Lane Backyard LAne is telling enzo if he loses his cool tonight then any chance of her putting up Matt is gone. Lane is confident that she’s going to put Matt up if he wasn’t he would be more upset then Enzo is right now. Brendon goes on and on about how Matt and Ragan are going to go after Brit after he’s gone and how she’s making a big mistake they need to get MAtt out because he’s sneaky. Enzo tells them if he wins HOH he’ll put Brendon and ragan up and Brendon wins POV then he’ll backdoor her. Lane tells him he needs to keep it down.. after the POV ceremony he can do whatever he wants. Enzo says what he’s going to do is going to make Ragan go off on him which in turn will make him go off on Ragan. All three of them engage in a orgy of how awesome there deal with brit is and how she’s throwing the game away if she doesn’t take it.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:55pm HOH Just the tip Hayden, Ragan, BRit and Matt. Everyone but hayden is tipsy doing just the tip.

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242 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Penguin doesn’t like being on the Block, Enzo: “I want to rip Ragan’s face off yo”

      1. Easy target after all these years…. she’s a little predictable. On another Grodner subject: I wish they would quit torturing animals on that show. I hate when they use a dead animal as a food punishment. If something gives it’s life to feed someone it should at least be treated with some respect. I haven’t eaten an animal since 1974 and it is not necessary to use them with so much disrespect.

        1. Plants, insects, animals. Of course we should hunt and kill them, we are a part of nature as human beings and we must both create and destroy in our natural state as with all other living thngs. If you choose to go against nature and be so fearful of death then that is your choice. Death, pain, joy… all are a part of life.

      2. QAZ has been doing this forever. The comments are funny and his responses to people telling him to get a life and grow up pretty much everytime he /she posts should be added to the list of Moaner’s BB12 drinking game. If you don’t like it, change the channel people. Or as I learned in Kindergarten….ignore it! Talk game not QAZ.

    1. God…you know how ridiculous you sound bitching about Grodner?. Guess what, you are obviously watching the show and the live feeds, so therefore you guarantee she keeps the job. She doesn’t care if anyone like her or not, if she’s helping the show get ratings then that’s all that matters.

      So congrats, Butthead. Your comments are immediately irrelevant.

      1. WHAAAAAH WAAAH WAAAAAAH what does he offend you because you wanna ride on they AG gravy train… CAUTION that train is going str8 to her mouth

    2. Can you explain the AG thing to people who’ve only been watching for one season? I’d love to make fun of the cow but I’ve only heard her gorilla voice once.

  1. Brendon has actually showed me another side. Without Rachael he is actually cool and wants to play the game. Him trying to help enzo calm down shows that he is a caring person. so wish he wouldnt have gotten hooked up so soon with rachael. I like Brendon now. He is not the tool I once thought…Team Brendon now.

    1. I agree in some way. Brendon has gotten alot better in my eyes now that Rachel has been gone for two weeks. If Matt leaves, then It’s Team Brendon. Enzo is a jersey shore wanna be. Hayden looks like season 12’s Braden, except he isn’t racist and is still in the game. Lane…… IDK but his face comparison in tonight’s episode was hilarious when he made that face in DR.

    2. Brendon was never a bad person to me. His relationship with Rachel is a roller coaster ride because they’re two different people. That was what you guys were looking at. The way Brendon treat other Huse Guests were great. He wasn’t mean or nasty to them. He poked a Britney one time but that was when he was trying to save Rachel from getting the votes. It was a stragetic move. Afterward, he won the HOH and didn’t put Britney up. So you know he wasn’t vindictive like Ragan and Britney.

    3. I agree about Brendon – just shows how much Roachel infected him…Damn Vegas infection!!! It’ll be interesting to see if the time away from her was enough to give him perspective on the viral disease that is Roachel…

  2. i am so tired of that SCUZO threating to hit someone ie, “if i go out im hitting someone on the way out” why the hell would BB alow him to throw threats like hurting someone in the house and not hall is nasty dirty ass in the DR and warn him with a penalty or immediate eviction….I think that that MOFO could snap he is a real nut job…why dont cbs really grab there no balls balls and show america what he is really like…A DIRTY NASTY HATRED ASSHOLE…GET HIM OUT!!!!!

        1. Um Ragan wouldn’t “crush Enzo”… Ragan is a skinny little dork. I think he and Matt make a perfect couple. I also think that Matt is a jerk for lying about his wife being ill. Man alive, make up any other lie you need to stay in the house, but leave rare illnesses out of it. That’s not cool. How’s he going to feel when he finds out someday she really is sick and dying?

        2. Ragan would crush Enzo?
          That’s like saying Britney can body slam Brendon.
          It’s not going to happen.

    1. Pretendzo wouldn’t know what to do with a fist, much less make one. He’s a HUGE windbag that just talks big. He can’t win a single competition despite talking about how much he wants to – I mean come on, he’s on the block and he can’t even save himself with the POV. Also, he talks about hitting someone and then immediately goes and kisses that person’s ass – i.e. confronting Brit about saying he’s the Sab. BB knows he’s a blowhard and that’s why they don’t reprimand him…he’s just a scared little pretender in an adult body.

      1. I so agree. He’s got wind coming out of both ends. Unless his hands down his pants playing with himself blocks the second wind. He’s a jerk, always talking about how he’s ready to win. What a joke. Mumbles, can’t talk a decent sentence without 15 F words…. his wifey should be embarrassed.

      2. Enzo is all talk. I’m tired of hearing him mouth off. I’m also sick and tired of seeing Enzo and Matt with their hands down their pants. Good grief!! (It would also be nice if Brendon would stop picking his nose for a while.

        1. Did I Miss something? I thought Enzo had the votes to stay? I thought it was clear hayden lane and brendon would vote matt out. R you just wishing Enzo out cuz Matts played a better game? I thought Brit was wanting Matt to stay.

  3. The more I see Lane the more I like him. He is just a good old boy. I really hope him and Britany make final 3 with Brendon as the third.

    1. Not gonna happen. The Brigade (minus Matt) will take out Brit at 5th or 6th place. Lane is screwing Brit over. Nick must be going nuts.

    2. after tonight’s episode lane must never open his mouth again, every time he says something he sounds really stupid, now I know why some people call him lame

    3. I agree completely! He’s working her good, and hopefully it pays off. Sadly, I think production will ultimately convince her NOT to put up Matt. They want that evil genius scenario for ratings. Plus, the curse of the costume needs to hold true. They bank on that.

    4. I agree also. Lane, Brit, and Brendon for the final 3, but please, please, please don’t let Brendon take it all. He suffers from poor judgment and Rachel will spend it on more botox and boobs.

      1. hell no let it be brit matt and brenda final three. just because those 3 actually PLAY THE GAME. lane floats more than he benches. i mean seriously what has lane even come CLOSE to winning

        1. Sometimes “floating” pays off. Lane has been locked in a house with this bunch of misfits for over 50 days and has managed to keep under the radar, not made enemies, not whined and complained every step of the way. He has kept a good sense of humor and has earned the trust of almost everyone. I’d call that pretty good strategy.

  4. She better put up Hayden or she is history on thursday too. She has to be stupid to put up matt. WAKE UP!Let them do their own dirty work! Open your eyes brit! I know ur eyes get crossed sometimes, but surely you can see half the time!

  5. Wow look how classy Enzo is. He’s threatening to punch a scrwany gay guy and threatening to yell at a girl. His wife and daughter must be proud. I would love to knock that loser out

        1. No Way Yo!!! Enzo is as dumb as they come Yo. Unless you think being out muscled by Everyone Yo, out and smarted by everyone Yo,Trying to cheat and still lossing comps backstabbing his friends and being a shit talking loud mouth makes him the man….Well all I can say is YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!!!

        2. you are either his wife or some other relative, because those are the only people watching BB that could blindly cheer for this tool!

    1. Mike ITA! I am really annoyed with how much Production is interferring. Why not just let the gmae play out the way the game plays out. It probably be a lot more interesting than Production steering the ship.

    1. She really trust Lane and its wrong how he’s using her and running back to 2 morons who can’t win a HOH or POV to save their lives! Oh I forgot neither can Lane! If Matt is a snake @ least they all know he is!! Plus, Matt isn’t throwing people under the bus trying to get them on the block!

      1. well watch the live feeds lizzypooh because your boy matt has been throwing regan under the bus for the last hour. matt is scum and will be gone thursday.

      2. It’s Britney’s own fault that she’s stupid. Britney should’ve trust Rachel, who wanted to be her friend, and Rachel would’ve kept her words. Britney also could’ve trust Kristen when Kristen was trying to tell her that Hayden and them were in an alliance……but Britney didn’t listen.
        The reason Britney chose not to listen could possible be because Britney thought that she was cool with the guys, and there is no way an alliance exist without her, for she’s their little sweetie pie. After all, Lane gives her plenty of attention, and Hayden, Enzo were cool with lane, so she must be cool with all of them as well. It’s like the Kevin Bacon six degree thing, right Britney. It appeared that she wants to be the girl that all guys pay attention to.
        She was just having too much of a good time with Lane and possibly getting some of the Hayden’s attention which she appeared to be desiring at the time, that she forgot about the game.

        Now she pays the price. She’s in the middle of the road and has no real alliance. Everyone is using her, so she might as well pack and go home. She will not make it to the end.

      3. actually your an idiot because brintey deserves to get minipulated…hell she deserves to get a nice slap from lane. Shes nothing but a pathetic backstabbing ignorant little girl who does nothing but talk bad about other behind her back. She does not have a good heart and if anything her family and nick should be ashamed of her discusting behaviour. Her and ragan both make me sick to my stomach

      4. He’s not?!? Did you miss the part when Matt told Britney to put Enzo up because he’s never been on the block?? Way to edit it to your advantage!

    2. So? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Britney is manipulating men for her own good. How is it any different?

  6. Finally Lane is doing something. He has done nothing but float so far except be in the fake lame chilltown recreation. He is Brit’s handler this week and the only Brigade member that has ever had real pull besides Matt. Also it is kinda funny that Matt is the only one that is true to the brigade. I mean he will lie about his wife being sick but he will not reveal the brigade to save himself. Weird…

      1. I think Matt might out the Brigade now that it has become transparent that they’ve turned against him, if it proves to be to his benefit. However, should he choose to do so, I don’t think he’ll be hasty; it will be strategic and meticulously decided. If he were to stay and make it to the final two, it would probably be counterproductive to out them now, as keeping the secret would be to his benefit in terms of Brigade jury votes. On the other hand, upon his eviction when he’s on his way out and it no longer matters in terms of his own game, he just might do it, especially since Ragan could definitely use that info to his benefit. Call him sneaky and conniving, but one thing Matt is not is stupid or emotional–he plays with stealth and skill. He, also, seems to read people very well. I don’t doubt that he genuinely likes his former Brigade pals, but he has always clearly been in the game to go all the way. But every one of the Brigade members should be thanking their lucky stars for the Gremlin–there’s no way that they would have gotten so far intact, without him doing their dirty work.

  7. Brendan just said who cares about Brittney once Matt goes up. The only reason why Brendan is trying to cheer up Enzo is because Enzo is a loser just like Brendon. Birds of a feather flock together

  8. CBS is disgusting that they condone Enzo’s behavior — by whitewashing his character and editing the show to make him look good. People were mad at Ragan for telling Rachel a few home truths — they have no clue what Enzo says every day.

  9. Brendon and Enzo ARE alike. Both of them like to pick on and make fun of those contestants who are smaller than them. Both of them have said sexist things against Brit and bashed Ragan for being gay. Both of them are overcompensate for their flaws by dragging other people through the mud.

    1. britney and ragan are just as bad, are you kidding they can’t talk about brit and ragan because she is a woman and he is gay, thats just stupid

      1. SO true. Britney and Ragan have shown themselves to be below-the-belt shooters–and in the DR when it’s not about game play anymore! There’s no “I just said that because I was playing the game” in the DR. Britney was the worst, as her backbiting initiated totally unprovoked. They take character defamation to a whole new level. Rachel has undeniable flaws and definitely lacks maturity, but engaging in the kinds of squabble and nastiness that they did was equally a mark of immaturity. They get way too personal. True maturity dictates your ability to simply walk away.

        1. If nobody took cheap shots and hit below the belt there would be no reason to watch. Lighten up people, it makes for entertainment. I could care less if they all sat around drinking tea and sharing life experiences.

        2. Ragan and Britney are something else. They’ve said to many nasty things either to other people or behind their backs. They should go partying together when the show ends. Create their own little nasty world.

    2. Didn’t you complain to the FCC? Then why are you still here talking shit about what EVERY person in the house is doing. Don’t get mad and go away just because your fav isn’t being treated special. Just go away.

    3. whoa whoa whoa. okay you NEVER saw brendon talk shit to lane did you. seeing as how he thought he was the sab and not to be trusted just two weeks ago. brendon literally only went after short people, he’s a sissy. he used to be the nerd, pumped some iron and now he wants to be cool. he’s still a nerd tho. “oh waah matt called me dumb waah”. oh and as far as not bothering anyone?? okay if he doesnt bother ppl why does EVERYONE collectively want him out or talks shit about him??? or better yet why do they say your trapped if you get stuck with him and his DRAAAAGGGIINNNGG stories.. oh yeah because his personality and whole “neanderTALL!!” gimmick is bothersome

  10. If Matt outted the brigade, but Britney as HOH led to Enzo going out, Enzo, Hayden, and Brendon would still vote for Matt before Ragan in the final 2.

    1. That’s right…….because he’s gay. This whole show is about gay bashing according to you. People like you make me sick.

      1. Wow. Nice bashing yourself there. Do you also attack people who don’t take racist bs? What about sexism? What kind of bashing is it acceptable to criticize?

        1. Yeah, it’s not like Britney and Ragan are angels. A lot of nasty things have come out their mouths. They both hit below the belts, going on personal attacks. I would expected that from Britney because I can justify it by thinking that she’s young, stupid and immature……….but there is no excuse for Ragan. He’s a professor, and an older man. Behaving the way he did allowed people to see what kind of character this professor really is.

  11. Lane is misleading Brit for the Brigade and she appears to be falling for it. Poor Nick must be livid. Cancel the wedding!

    1. Lane is not misleading Britney because we do not know what Lane is going to do if Matt is voted out. Lane might dump Enzo and Hayden later on and take Britney to the final with him. Britney is a little girl being chew up by the big boys at this time. She wanted to play with the big boys, now she’s in the game. She could’ve become Rachel and Kristen’s buddy but she chose the boys over the girls, so here she is. Try to keep your head above the water Britney, these guys, Enzo, Hayden, Brendon, Matt are not your Romper Room buddies.

      1. Then how do you explain this excerpt from the previous recap:
        8:44pm Backyard Enzo, Lane and Hayden There all laughing about one minute brit is taking Matt out the next she’s taking Hayden out. Lane tells them that he’s feeding Brit that they are using Brendon to take out the other players.. and she believes him.. She doesn’t think Lane is close to them all. . . .

  12. If the final 3 were to be Enzo,Hayden, & Lane every comp. would take forever because none of them would be able to decide who should throw the comp. so that someone else could get blood on their hands.
    BB would declare them all too dumb and lazy,no one wins,and the prize money would be carried over to the next season. *scratches head* Screw it…everyone DRINK just for the hell of it.

  13. enzo making fun and putting down gays now….brendon says about fruitcake and scuzo says you mean like ragen! shows what a piece of crap scuzo is…his wife has to be blind, deaf and dumb to want to carry his seed and be married to him….hopefully while he has been in the house she got to a safe house so when he comes home he will find a bar of soap and a note…lmao

    1. Yeah, Enzo. All talk, no action. A cartoon character, mafia style. I said it weeks ago. I think he only came on the show to get his name out to maybe get a movie role or something like that. He really thinks he is marketable. Meow meow. He and Ragan and Matt are three repulsive individuals. A hell of a cast they gave us this year.

        1. Have you even watched one episode of this show? Ragen is the most repulsive houseguest they have had on since James. Rachel has been gone for weeks and he still talks shit about her. He sat there doing the happy dance when his butt buddy Matt saved himself, and one day later he was crying again about how unfair the game is. Not only is he repulsive, but he is an embarrasment to the gay community. The only good thing about him is the fact that he doesn’t constantly play with his pecker like all of the other guys. But then again, he’s not really one of the “guys” is he? Go away Mimi. Your posts suck.

          1. Wow. You are taking things too seriously Eaglebirdie. I can’t wait to see you try out for the show and keep your composure under pressure when you’ve been couped up with a bunch of idiots and eaten slop for 24 days.. This isn’t your site. If you want to ban someone from posting comments you don’t agree with, you should start your own site. You would probably have fun playing with yourself and rag on whoever you like with complete agreement, because the rest of us like free speech and Simon and Dawg. ps: It’s just a TV show. Chill out.

          2. I agree 100% MIMI your honestly an idiot. What kind of person would defend ragan or britney’s character? The two of them do nothing but talk shit behind peoples back…britney sits there for hours like shes in highschool making fun of people who have never done a thing to her i.e rachel. Then she would go and pretend to be her friend…like are you delusional? Britney is a discusting human being and Ragan is a complete disgrace to the homosexual community. Hes a pathetic excuse for a man..and hes the biggest hypocrite i have ever seen in my life. Brendon never attacked either of them…he said a few things to them on behalf of rachel big deal..how is that attacking ppl smaller then the,…get your ffacts staright and get the hell out of here with your useless posts you dummy.

      1. I really wish someone would explain how matt is repulsive? The lie about his/wife? Its a game with a lot of money on the line. And you can bet your ass his wife is all for it. He made up a PHONEY disorder. Not like he said his wife is dyingf of breast cancer or some disorder that would offend patients going through it. He carried the 3 stooges this far and now they are taking cheap shots at him for the same person they have all bashed all season. I hope Britney realizes that she is going home next week IF she puts up Matt because the 3 stooges are backstabbing pieces of shit. That’s repulsive!

    1. What surprises me most this year is the lack of alliances aside from the “brigade”. Why isn’t Britney aligning with Brendon and Ragan and Matt who actually win things? I don’t understand this year’s game play… but I hope something comes of the drunken madness tonight, aside from a broken engagement.

      1. Agreed. That’s why I said this season started out as one of my favorite BB seasons ever, because it’s nothing like I’ve seen in the past many years of BB. I get the feeling this season will have a lot of people return for the next All Stars season of BB. I don’t think Enzo deserves a spot on that season, but I could see them bringing back Howie and Enzo to see who could out underwhelm one another lol.

      2. I know! I am still dumbfounded that the house is STILL blind to the Brigade. I don’t watch the feeds, but even during BBAD, they look like an alliance. Here you have three guys always talking, joking, and working out together, and no one seems to be able to figure it out! What the….? Kristen did, but it was at the worst possible moment. But I still can’t believe that it didn’t raise due suspicion! Brittney would even up the house if she put Hayden up next to Enzo, and then we would really have a fight and start seeing true colors. I am not anti-Brigade (even thought they have ousted my favorite player, Matt), but I surely don’t want to see it handed to them in the final three after having ridden Matt’s coattails to the end!

    1. Agreed, there needs to be more liquor, some rooms with privacy for hook-ups, and ” shot, shot, shot, shot, shots….” Let’s get this game going!

  14. Country hick Lane crunching his ice again. Hayden looks like he has a dip of snuff in his mouth. Can’t stand either of them, or Enzo.

  15. So there they go again. In the previous post or two posts back, they were making fun of Rachel. Who’s gone. Now they’re making fun of Kathy. Who’s gone. I don’t understand how anyone would wish any success to those 3 assholes. Enzo sucks too, he’s been getting on my nerves more and more. I don’t care if any of the remaining players win, but those 4 are the worst.

  16. If Brit keeps Enzo, she is only safe if Ragan wins the HOH, and that is a maybe because he could want revenge for Matt’s eviction. She’d basically have to win POV to insure her safety.

    If Brit keeps Matt then she is safe if both Matt and Ragan win HOH. She would need the POV if anyone else won HOH.

    It will be very difficult for the brigade to persuade her to put up Matt. They weren’t able to convince her to put up Matt over Enzo.

    1. how are they playing just the tip? because they’re obviously not putting the tip of each of their penises in britney. so just exactly what is just the tip?

  17. I’m ready to smash my tv listening to these a**holes. I want to seriously hurt everyone of them. I know it’s a game but when I see 4 guys taking advantage of a girl the way they are then I get pissed. There saying that she’s worried about 1 week. Hello. Either way it’s 1 week but if Matt goes and ragen wins pov then she’s gone

    1. …as if she has never taken advantage of anyone in the house….. yeah right. i don’t feel a bit sorry for her… she’s grown… and if she’s dumb enough to fall for it, then she had it coming…

  18. getting f’in sick of this chit…every time there’s just a wee bit of criticism of production by hg, they cut the feeds………such pussies……dang, they waited too long to start …”.just the tip”……showtime switched to it but they always end their coverage before 3…….we get screwed all the way around

    1. Brit is putting Matt up if Lane wants that to happen, but she would be better off targeting Hayden. I really hope Ragan or someone with a real agenda wins the 2nd HOH on Thursday night and turns the game on it’s ass. I think when people are drinking they cut the live feeds to give them warnings about talking game, or taking microphones off, etc. Remember Chima and the mike drama when she tossed it into the hot tub, or pool? We need more drama this season!

    2. Nope, Matt won’t go up. They need the cliffhanger and production will convince Britney to put someone else up and to get Enzo out.

    3. Do you think the DR is helping Brit by telling her that that she needs keep Ragan and Matt as the target will be on them not her next week if they stay in the game…. Also how does double eviction work the two on the block go home???

  19. If Britney is that f**king gullible to believe Lane’s bullcrap then she deserves to lose this game. Because I have watched Big Brother enough to know that she is screwed without Matt, and I believe that Ragan will leave before Brit or Matt any way so it can be them in the final 3 together against someone else.

    Enzo is such a super homo, you have turned on a dude that f**king carried you through the game you little bitch and now your trying to get rid of him saying he is doing sh*t he isn’t? Enzo hasn”t had to win sh*t this entire game fake ass jersey shore bitch. I still believe she will put up Hayden because she has to be smart enough to know that she has no chance with Enzo, Brendon, and Hayden left in the house and all she has is Ragan (Lane isnt on her side who you trying to kid?)

    Every year there are the irrelevant f**s who ruin the game for the good players BB need to do a better job with their casting I mean what happen to the days where a whole sh*t load of people won HOH n POV instead of just 3 different people? Enzo give me a break dude meow meow is code for pussy pussy dude and Hayden is a fake ass Ryan Sheckler, Britney you can either be known as the dumb blonde or the strong woman take your damn pick!

    1. Did Jordan deserve to win BB last year? Come on, these people all have grudges and agendas when they leave the house and they don’ t vote for the best player… long live the evil Dr. Will!

      1. Britney needs to put boring ass Hayden up and break up the pathetic brigade, which wouldn’t be a Brigade had matt not gotten them there….the three of them are useless and so willing to throw the only member of their alliance out the door….come on Britney see what’s going on and send Hayde packing…then Enzo will only have Lane who will immediately turn on him…..Yo. and I’m from Jersey. He’s just ignorant and homophobic.

    2. Couldn’t have said it any better myself. I’d like to add though, Lane is such a tough guy id love to see Reagan stomp his ass(no pun). Dudes who like talking about how tough they are, are the biggest pussies. Baldy Enzo, Pamela Anderson tribal tat Lane, and gay porn Hayden are pathetic bitches.

    3. the only bad thing about Brendan leaving will be the disgusting reunion w/George at the jury house. EWWW and production will show us the happy reunion.

    1. I believe that he is a nice guy and much moreso now that Rachel is gone. He definitely got a bad rap and I doubt that he would have ended up in such a targeted position if he had not hooked up with Rachel. I, also, believe that he is an intelligent guy but does not play a smart social game at all. I would like to see him go to the final two, but he does not read people well, and he needs to stop playing for Rachel who should be no longer a part of his game. He is naive and gullible and needs to stop targeting Matt and see that Enzo–and Hayden and, now, Lane–are playing him for a fool. The one thing he has to his credit is his prowess in competitions. Man, I hope he opens his eyes!

    2. nose picking Brenda? goober flicking brenda in the hottub?
      like someone said – as a swimming coach he has probably peed in the pool umpteen times!!!!
      GROSS!! No wonder some viewers have nicknamed him ‘ogre’

    1. You must be one of those retards who ignore Britney and Ragan badmouthing people long after they’re gone, touching on everything from physical characteristics to make-belief theories that Rachel is a prostitute, yet put down Brendon where, at best, he’s done only 1/10 of that himself. You have zero objectivity. I’m not even a Brendan fan. I don’t like anybody here that much. But if I am honest with myself, then there is no one worse here than Britney and Ragan and no one more manipulating than Matt. Although Matt is no genius – only reason he’s done this well is because he is up against a group of floaters.

      1. Yeah, how dare they play Big Brother! Apparently you thought you were watching a show called “Be Nice and Make Friends”. Very few people have ever managed to play a nice friendly game and win, and those have been the most boring ones to watch (Dan and Jordan).

        1. I must humbly disagree. I have enjoyed the seasons where Jordan and Dan won. ( i understand that I may be in the minority here!!) But i definitely found Jordan’s seasons fun!!! However, there is a way to play the game that I can accept even if it does seem like they aren’t keeping their word on anything, as long as they are not trying to belittle people in their real lives. So i agree with goofy, Brit, and ragan are being very disgusting humans with theri personal attacks. I even agree that Matt is coming across all super genius because of who he is up against. But really has he made any real genius moves besides his move to evict Rachel or Brendon when Rachel went out. The other moves he’s made saw him miss an opportunity and he sent Andrew home instead, and when he had an opportunity to send a competitor home he sent home Kathy. Not super genius, just being a wuss. I wish he had used the DPOV and sent home a brigade member that would have created drama in the house!!!

  20. I love what I read elsewhere that Evil Dick said about Enzo — He couldn’t win a competition if he were the only one in it.

    1. That is too funny! I have never seen a season with less competitive people in the comps… enzo and kathy were the absolute worst though!

    1. Hayden should be her move but even Lane doesn’t see the big picture on that particular nomination. The half-assed brigade wants Matt gone because he’s on to them, and he can win comps where they can’t.

      1. Plus, it would actually be a the best move for Brittney. With Enzo (and hopefully, next Hayden) out of the picture, she would have Lane’s undivided allegiance. Then, at least, she would have a fair shot at the final 2. Without it, she’s final 4 AT BEST.

    1. Women are like men, sometimes all their thinking is done south of the border. Then when they take their tequila goggles off they realize the mistake they made… too late!

  21. Please BB. Step in and stop this madness. Don’t let lane manipulate her. Call Brittney in the DR and show her the footage of what lane is doing. Don’t let Enzo the clown get away with this.

    1. So … don’t let Lane manipulate her, but let production manipulate her? How about just letting her try to make her own decision? How degrading is it that she has to get input from someone else in order to form a rational opinion?

      1. I hate how production has their hand so far up this season’s butt. I wonder if it’s always been this bad, but not as obvious or it’s just bad this season?

  22. waiting for da “penguin” to explode, he’s soooooooooo agitated……if he wasn’t H/N he would be getting snockered and smashing up something or someone…..and the way azzholes production keeps cutting the feeds, if something happens they will make sure we miss it……and right on cue, feeds cut again….really getting our money’s worth, eh?

      1. Something about putting on a costume makes these people’s humiliation level explode… can’t wait to see the outcome of this mess. The rule should be if you wear a costume you get to drink non-stop… then the shit show would really get interesting.

        1. I really kinda love Enzo having to wear that ridiculous penguin garb. It’s a great way to tumble the blowhard down some knotches.

    1. From the CBS Big Brother website
      Name: Enzo Palumbo
      Age: 32
      Current Residence: Bayonne, N.J.
      Occupation: Insurance Adjuster
      Three adjectives that describe you: Funny, likeable and obnoxious
      Favorite activities: Jogging, soccer, baseball and bocce ball
      What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: No TV
      Strategy for winning Big Brother: Winning
      What types of people would you NOT choose to live with you in the house: Dirty people
      A recurring theme on Big Brother is “expect the unexpected.” How would you handle “the unexpected:” I can handle anything.
      Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most or least: I like Justin from season 1 the most.
      What are you afraid of: Rats
      What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: My real estate license

      1. hilarious! for someone who’s strategy is to win, he sure can’t do it! The only thing he got right was being obnoxious…and he hates living with dirty people – what about playing with your balls ALL the time and not washing your hands before you touch things?

  23. Lane is working his magic on Brit. I love it! Finally something he’s good at!
    Go Brigade!! Get Matt out of there, man. He’s a snake! and a douche for lying about his wife. And Ragan is annoying as hell too!
    Meow Meow is the greatest yo!

  24. penguin going on and on about ragan being such a bitch baby, crying………bet he wouldn’t dare to say that to brenda’s face if he had seen him bawling his eyes out the other night in H/N room lmao

    1. Matt’s already been found out. Entire house knows he’s playing everybody. Except for Ragan, the dummy, who still thinks Matt is a male Mother Theresa.

      1. That’s only because Matt’s the only one out of the Brigade who has actually been playing. He takes risks. It’s because of Matt that the rest of the Brigade is still standing!

      2. Wait until Ragan finds out about the Brigade and that he was totally
        used by Matt.
        I would love to see that face and reaction.

      3. It will be interesting to see when Ragan finds out about Matt’s wife since that is one of the primary reasons he was so drawn to Matt in the first place.

  25. So, Gremlin and Hollywood Hayden are playing some game on the back of a Lucky Charm cereal box. I’ll probably do the same thing if I’m in the bb house.

  26. Hey Nick. How does it feel to watch your fiancé get manipulated by a man she just met 2 months ago?? Next lane will get her to dump you and marry him.

    1. Nick looked like a guy with a nasty heroin habit judging by the dark circles under his eyes… I don’t think he’s watching the live feeds, he’s probably nodded out with the works still in his arm.

    2. So Britney herself holds no responsibility? Britney is fully capable of a logical assessment of the situation. You make it sound like she’s a 5 year old with no world experience. You demean Brit every time you say something like that because you imply she has no voice/mind of her own. Its offensive. Brit is NOT being victimized by Lane. And, just by the way, she has used Lane to her advantage as well.

        1. I’d use him to my advantage, too. Just like his horses, he’d be ridden rough and put away wet if I had anything to do with it :)

          1. Seriously… Lane is the most all talk camera tough guy. Its comical. The douche constantly talks about beating people up like he’s fricken Rocky Balboa with the Pamela Anderson tribal band. Lmao, what a puss.

            1. He doesn’t need to be smart for what I’ve got in mind. In fact, he can be the beast all night long. That’d be just fine with me.

              1. That’s just it, I bet dollars to doughnuts he isn’t a beast. Like I said, all talk. People who continualy talk about kicking ass are more than likely the ones not fufilling their words.

                1. Lol … I’m not talking about him kicking ass. (Those DR sessions are pretty scripted anyway .. you can tell they are trying to make Lane appear aggressive). But I don’t doubt he has the type of beastly qualities I’m referring to, or at least they are there to be unleashed.

        2. Lane is all talk, guys who talk about fighting girls boyfriends stand at the bar and tell their buddies “I’d kick his ass!” and that’s as far as it goes. Lot of guys in the Pocono mountain area are like that.

  27. Prediction for the week ahead…Hayden goes up, Enzo goes home. Ragan wins HOH, puts up Hayden and Lane, Lane wins POV, takes himself off, up goes, Brit, Brit goes home. Brendan dumps Rachel for Ragan and Proposition 8 gets upheld on appeal and the happy couple adopts Matt as their baby… or maybe not.

    1. LOL…too funny. I was with you until Brendan and Ragan’s love affair! But in that case, Brendan would be all for corporal punishment of his children…daily.

  28. Britney has to realize if she sends Matt home, she is going home next week. She will have nodoby but Reagan and both will be on the block providing Reagan doesn’t win hoh, which he won’t. I’m really starting to appreciate Brendons game now that George is gone. Matt goes home this week, Brendon will cruise to 500k. Please Britney, do the right thing and put Hayden up.

    1. I hope the brigade officially announces they aren’t shit and the biggest bunch of floaters in the history of BB should Matt leave. Anyone of them against Matt, Brendon, or Britney in the final 2 will get lit up by a 6-0 vote…7-0 should America get a vote.

  29. Also, has Matt outed the brigade yet? If not why doesn’t he? That would be a very smart thing to do especially since he knows they are against him now.

    1. If he stays in the game and makes it to the final 2, it may give him the edge in the votes. It’s not a decision to be made lightly, unless he knows for certain he’s leaving. Plus, it’s valuable info he can use later should he face being on the block with one of them.

    2. agreed- out them Matt they flat out told you they were evicting you……why keep the whole thing secret at this point.

  30. Omg I hate them all. I truely hate them all. This is the dumbest cast ever. Hayden and Enzo final 2 I’ll bet everything I have. Most predictable season ever.

  31. Matt is in my opinion, is one of the more loyal people in the game despite his focus/ambition. I wish Rachel and Brendon hadn’t gone after him so hard. Matt, as an individual, was never really gunning for either them until Brendon really began to go after him for Rachel’s nomination/eviction which was done purely out of self-preservation in doing the will of the Brigade. He even riskily upheld their pact, going against the push from the Brigade to put them up the first time he was HOH. Plus, he was one of the few people I never heard say anything unnecessarily nasty about Rachel (and until later, Brendon) in the DR where game play is obsolete. I’m clearly in support of Matt–ALL THE WAY; I have been since early on and he has yet to disappoint me. Spouses having rare bone diseases–fair game in the BB house! I would love to see him and Brendon in the final two. They have both truly earned it.

    1. Ratt is showing fair game play by making that shit up about his wife? Then, YOU are a low life piece of shit just like Ratt. He only won the HoH comps cause Gaygan loves him and took himself out so that Ratt could win. He threw the HoH the other night, and probably threw the last PoV. He was tough on the block when he had DPoV, but now that he could be up there without a secret power, he squirms and whines just like everybody else.
      You people call yourself BB fans, addicts, etc. You wouldn’t know good BB play if Gaygan shoved it up your ass. And, I’m betting you’d love that.

    2. I have been saying that all along. Matt should win, and if not, it should go to Brendon. The rest can just go home.

    3. Two people I do not want to see winning this game. That’s Ragan and Britney. Two intelligent people but just plain nasty when they open their mouths. If Hayden, Enzo and Lane win, it’s by accident. God knows they have not earned it.

      1. Nobody has earned anything. Ratt won simply because of his size. It’s true, and there’s no arguing the fact. The surf boards were definitely built for little feet, so was the paint can. It’s no use, you people are stupid.

  32. I am pretty sure Matt is going up on the block and going home even though I wish it was Hayden. Matts biggest mistake is not outting the brigade and now throwing Regan under the bus. But I still hope he outs the Brigade before he leaves and I hope Brendon also leaves in the double elimination. After that I hope Britney or Regan wins HOH and Enzo is gone!

    1. Matt know the “brigade” is full of crap. But he also know he can beat their asses. yes, Matt is friends with Brit & Ragan- but they are his biggest threat for winning the money. He will absolutely win against any of the brigade members.

      I understand Matt’s thinking stringing the brigade along. Matt’s doing what’s good for Matt. The Brigade is a joke & Enzo must die (he SUXXXXX).

      Go back to Bayonne, Enzo!!! Ur a disgrace.(FYI Enzo- you’re not famous)

  33. Everyone has the right to like who they wanna like some people might like these tu-tu munchers on here. But you have to agree Big Brother does not need another “Jordan” winner. I mean seriously I was a Russell fan last year and a lot of people hated him but they can also admit he deserved to win more than Jordan did.

    Who here has heard of Jeff Dunham? Well Enzo should be known as Meow Meow on a stick because he is just about as worthless as a puppet with no hand up it’s ass. Hayden won a HOH competiton based on what? Floating across the yard last? Funny floating seems to be the thing he is best at other than being the stunt double for Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Lane is cool and all but he hasn’t done sh*t either other than having moderately entertaining DR sessions and walking around the house like the redneck version of Godzilla!

    I dont care if it is Matt, Britney, Ragan or hell even Brendon someone who deserves to win needs to win this damn thing or Big Brother is just going to become an expensive after thought in the world of reality television. Point blank and period.

  34. for me Brendon is the most honest, loyal and nice guy in that house
    i want him to win this game and i think if he makes it to the final two then he’ll win it because being a target of all the housegests and making it to the final means that that you deseve the money even Matt said that one time (he said he’ll vote for Brendon if he makes it to the final two)
    go Brendon you are the best out there Brendon FTW

  35. to confirm what i just said

    2:15 AM Hayden & Matt both agree that if Brendon makes it to the Final 2 they may have to vote for him to win, because they want to vote for the best player and take all the emotion out of it.

    They talk about how much Brendon would deserve it if he makes it to the finals, he has had to overcome so much.

    Hayden says he would have never believed after all this that he would vote for Brendon to win BB!

  36. If Matt knows he can’t trust Hayden and Enzo then why did he waste the Diamond Power of Veto on a non threat like Kathy? He knew before the eviction ceremony that they were
    going to vote him out of the house. I think he didn’t want any of the Brigade blood on
    his hands and was willing to risk it that the next HOH would get rid of one of them
    for him.

  37. Season 11 was the most intense season ever! If you don’t believe me, go back and check how many people were posting all over the forums, especially here good or bad.

    Speaking of season 11, I think Enzo has done less the GNAT and might be as worthless as anyone in physical competitions.

  38. I think Lane is turning on Britney because she has turned down his advances and he
    really likes her and is jealous of her fiance. Didn’t you see him talking about him
    in the Diary Room after he saw his picture in her HOH room?

  39. I’m so sick of this stupid show trying to control stuff. Why the hell are they feeding Britney information and trying to control her decisions. That is so annoying, that means this show is not about playing strategically, but rather what the producers want. This show is loosing credibility fast, I am not watching anymore, and I hope BB is cancelled next summer!

  40. Just a tip to the readers and house guests….When registering a domain name, one should make the registration private so that your personal information isn’t on public display.

  41. Matt go home.
    Brit wouldn’t beet Matt she needs to stick with Lane.
    Matt will throw her under the bus just like he is doing with Ragen right now.

    1. It is the B/B talk show that they do at night about what happens in the house, but of course they leave out Brendon because what they do is make fun of Brendon and Rachel. They think it is funny and when they are doing personal attacks it is.

  42. I really hope Britt does backdoor Matt. Anyone against Matt in the end is a loser because of his sick wife lie and that isn’t right. Then Reagen has got to go cause I can’t stand his whining anymore. Does anyone else find it strange the way Reagen has attached himself to Matt??

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