Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt says he is going to try and convince Britney to nominate Ragan tomorrow before the POV Ceremony..

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12:10am Brendon and Enzo are outside talking by the pool table. Enzo is really upset with Ragan tonight. Enzo says Ragan cries about any BLANK thing. Enzo says that Ragan goes into the diary room and cries, BLANK little BLANK, people get angry, I understand, but every little thing he’s crying about, this is not fair. Enzo says that Ragan wanted them to throw the Have Not competition because he was on slop for 21 days, that’s his bad. Enzo says Ragan was having a fit because Brendon won the POV. He says Ragan was complaining and saying Big Brother isn’t fair. Enzo says that he was very happy Brendon won the POV after that. Brendon says that his crying during the have-not competition was so stupid, he wanted to punch him! Brendon says and I made them all have nots. Enzo says that we should have thought about what if Matty had a special power, put up Britney. Enzo asks if he thinks he should go up there? No matter what I have to talk to her. Enzo goes into the kitchen and asks Lane if he should go up and talk to Britney. Enzo asks Lane whats going on? Enzo asks if Ragan and Matt are still up there? He says they’ll probably be up there all week now! Enzo says where I’m at right now, with this suit, if I go this suit will be dirty as BLANK. Enzo really doesn’t want to be evicted in his penguin suit this Thursday. Lane says that you just have to trust me. Enzo says I do trust you. I’m gonna bring up the whole family thing, how Britney swore on her family that he wouldn’t be the one to go home. Enzo says that he takes that very seriously where he comes from. Lane says that Britney’s going ask you if you are aligned with Brendon or you want him out. Enzo says that he wants him out. I’ll tell her if I win HOH who do you want me to put up on the block? I’ll put up Brendon in 2 seconds. I’ll tell her if I win HOH I’ll swear on my family that she can choose who goes up. Lane says that everyone wants Ragan up. If you get everyone fighting, we’ll get him out. Enzo says that if I talk to her tonight before she goes to be… Lane says and I’ll talk to her, she is definitely not going to do something that will upset me. Brendon cames outside and asks what they are doing? Ragan comes out of the HOH room and down to the kitchen. Ragan says that he’s tired tonight. Lane asks want an ambient? Ragan starts making fun of Kathy using his fingers in front of his eyes for her lashes, I’ve lost so much weight, its depressing. Lane says If I had to lose weight, this is the only way I would choose to do it being on Big Brother 12. Ragan says to Enzo whats up? He says that last year they had badminton and cards, we don’t get BLANK. They give us stuff and take it away. Ragan goes into the Bathroom. Enzo says that he hates him (Ragan) so much that I like Brendon over him, ya know what I mean? Lane laughs.

Hayden and Matt are playing a game on the back of a Lucky Charms box. Ragan is a little drunk and tells Lane and Enzo about it in the kitchen. They are talking about Big Brother taking fun stuff away from them…they want games. Ragan leaves. Hayden wins the intense Lucky Charms game. Matt is a little drunk and he has his hands in his pants. They notice the penguin on the spy screen and say that’s one sad penguin. They leave. Britney says that she is tired and that she is going to go to bed. Hayden and Matt come down from the HOH. Matt announces what liquor they have left and tell them they can’t stop this close to their goal. Lane and Matt split the sangria, Lane is taunting Matt to shot the glass of sangria, Matt doesn’t want too. Lane yells at him come on, come on! Enzo heads up to the HOH to talk to Britney.

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12:40am Up in the HOH room Enzo is talking to Britney. Enzo brings up to Britney how close he was to her and Monet. Britney tells Enzo that she doesn’t want him to go home. Britney tells him she knows what is going on, she knows Matt is shady, she knows he was pushing for her to go up last week. Britney says that she has to trust Hayden, Lane and Enzo completely if Matt goes. Britney is still worried about Brendon coming after her next week. Enzo says that they can protect her from Brendon and if Ragan were to win HOH he would put up Brendon and someone but not her. Britney tells Enzo that when Ragan and Matt are up there talking to her, Matt told her that he will never put her up and the block and drops hints that. Enzo would put Britney up. Enzo brings up how serious he is when he swears on his family. Britney says that between the three of them, Lane, Enzo and Britney there is trust. Enzo also says he trusts Hayden. Britney says that she doesn’t want him (Enzo) to go home at all. Enzo says that the only way to guarantee that he doesn’t go home is to put up Matt. Britney says that Matt and Ragan are a pair in this house. Enzo agrees and tells Britney she won’t get between that and throws out that they may be the lifelong friends in the house. Enzo tells Britney how much he trusts Lane. He says he is like his brother in this house. He also says she knows that they (Enzo and Britney) were tight in the beginning. Enzo tells Britney that he swears that she will get to pick the nominees if he is HOH next week. Enzo tells Britney that if Matt does go home this week, Brendon will calm down, he will think his mission to avenge Rachel will be over.

Britney tells him that Lane, Enzo, or Hayden have to win HOH. Britney is worried that Ragan could win the veto and they’ll she’ll be done. Enzo says that he is ready to win HOH! Britney tells Enzo again that she doesn’t want Enzo to go home. Enzo tells her he knows, you know what you’ve got to do and then I’ll do whatever you want. Enzo tells Britney to use him if it means sending Matt home. Britney and Enzo talk about the prizes from the veto competition. Enzo says he didn’t go for anything but the veto. Britney says she knows that Enzo really wanted that phone call from home! Britney says that she hasn’t won anything in this game. Enzo tells her that she won Jessie. Enzo says that he thinks Matt was the saboteur because he had the Diamond Veto. Britney tells Enzo that she would like it to get down to him, Hayden, Lane and herself. Britney worries about the drama that will ensue once Matt goes up. Enzo says if Ragan starts getting BLANK then he’ll snap on him. Britney thinks that Matt knows that there is a good possibility he is going up. Britney and Enzo both think that Ragan is much more loyal than Matt is. Enzo doesn’t understand why Ragan is so wrapped up in Matt, he mentions all the crying he did last week over Matt leaving. Enzo tells Britney that if Ragan and Matt are up there in the HOH he’ll come up and break it up for her! Britney says that didn’t want to be cornered by them up there. Enzo says she knows she can trust him because of the Monet days! Enzo says that Lane is a straight shooter and that the three of them have a bond.
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1am In the Bathroom Matt, Hayden and Brendon are sitting on bathroom couch. Enzo comes down from the HOH room to the bathroom. Hayden then goes up to HOH to talk to Britney. Matt and Ragan are talking in the cabana. Enzo is telling Matt that Britney was still undecided, he is acting all defeated. Matt asks him if he knows about the Brigade plan? Enzo has no idea what he is talking about! Matt says Britney’s big thing is to not make any enemies. He says they are going to try and convince Britney to put Ragan up on the block. He says Britney knows there are pairs in the house and the only pair she could break up without making an enemy would be Ragan and Matt, because if Ragan goes, Matt may be sad but he won’t have a vendetta against her over it. Matt says they have to get Ragan up and make sure Britney knows Matt doesn’t give a BLANK if Ragan goes, he has a wife and his own game to play. Matt says if they can pull this off and get the Brigade to final four that will be TV gold. Matt asks Lane if Britney was receptive to the idea and Lane says yeah she was but then he was called to diary room. Matt tells Enzo they have the votes to keep him here. Matt tells them he is going to talk to Britney no later than 10:30 in the morning and that he isn’t going to stall. Matt says if they can get Ragan out then the last two non Brigade members are the two people completely against each other, so the Brigade won’t be a target. Matt says that the four horsemen only made final six, so they need to make final four to go down in Big Brother history! They think their alliance is better because they had to keep it covert. Matt says that tomorrow we’ve got to work it to save the Brigade. Matt says they should still keep the Brigade secret though, just let Britney think she split up a pair. Matt says he just wants to get business done in this house. Enzo says he wants his letter and his picture, and says that was such a BLANK POV I was in. Matt says for the Brigade this move is huge… we can save our asses.

1:15am Up in the HOH room Hayden is talking to Britney. Hayden is pushing Britney to put Matt up on the block. Hayden tells Britney that if Matt is sitting in the final two then he has a really good shot of winning. Hayden tells Britney that if Matt and Ragan stay together then they’ll make it far, possibly final two. Hayden says they are both very physical and both very smart. He knows that the two of them together are smarter than say him and Lane together or him and Enzo together. Britney is very receptive and seems to be going along completely with Hayden. Britney says she just has to trust them (Hayden, Enzo, and Lane) to win HOH this week! Hayden tells Britney they are winning HOH this week. He mentions that they can study together. Britney says that she is already nervous about Thursday. Hayden says he is going to win HOH this week. Britney is worried that Ragan could win because he knows everything. Britney says that Ragan has been studying but also mentions that he studies the wrong things and gets himself tripped up. Britney and Hayden start to go over how many saboteur messages they have gotten in the house. Hayden says that he thinks that Ragan will be rattled on Thursday. Britney says that whenever she talks to Ragan he makes it seem that he wouldn’t be mad if she sent Matt home. Britney says that Matt is always playing the sympathy card (using his wife) and she doesn’t like that it makes her feel bad. Hayden brings up that the economy is bad and alludes to him and his family having money problems, everyone has a reason to be here and a good reason to win the money. Hayden says that he isn’t trying to downplay Matt’s issues but… Britney thinks good things will come to Matt because of Big Brother, whether he wins the money or not. They both agree that this game is full of hard decisions. Britney says that she has to trust them, even if Brendon wins HOH, you guys got to win the POV! Hayden tells her that Brendon will not win HOH this week, and that the power has to shift. Hayden says that Enzo always says that, that the power has to shift every week. Hayden says that he thinks he is going to have to eat some slop tomorrow. Britney tells him she’ll show him how to make it good. Britney says that the Veto Ceremony will be around 11am tomorrow. Hayden mentions that they were locked down this morning. Britney says it was because of the music. Hayden says this was before the music… Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back ..Britney says that she thinks they have a great house. Hayden agrees and thinks everyone here genuinely could use the money. Britney says she needs the money. Britney talks about her little brother and says that he will have to be taken care of forever, forever, and that someone has to do it and I’m his favourite. Hayden says he knows and starts to mention Kristen… Big Brother cuts the feeds. Hayden and Britney break up their conversation. Hayden leaves the HOH room.

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1:45am Hayden leaves the HOH room and goes down to talk to Matt in the bathroom. Matt is talks about the bigBrigade plan to put up Ragan. Matt says if he wins HOH, which he plans on, he asks Hayden if he would rather go up against Brendon, so that Hayden can still win his Jury vote, or should he put Britney up against Brendon. Hayden says if it came to that he wouldn’t mind going up as the pawn. Matt says it would be better for Hayden to go up against Brendon because Enzo would be forced to vote against Brendon, and he would lose Brendon’s Jury vote. Matt says that Enzo and Lane are going talk to Britney about this plan. Matt says if they can ride this out and keep Ragan out of the HOH until 11am when the Veto Ceremony will be then they have a chance to save the Brigade. Matt asks Hayden if Britney is still up. Hayden thinks she is asleep. Matt says he’ll wait then till the morning to talk to her. Matt says if this works then it is the Brigade left with Brendon and Britney and they will go after each other. Matt says that then the Brigade is off the radar, it’s awesome. Matt says final four, it’s totally doable. Hayden asks him how close Ragan is with Britney. Matt says she is close but she is no closer to Ragan than she is with him. Matt wonders if Hayden and Enzo can plant the seed in Brendon’s head that Matt isn’t that bad. Matt asks Hayden if he should go up to Brendon and act like he knows he is going home this week (Matt) and tell Brendon that his vote in the Jury is still up for grabs, he will vote for the best player, and maybe then Brendon won’t think Matt is that bad of a guy. Then Hayden can start dropping Ragan’s name to Brendon, that they should push to send him home, and maybe he’ll be more apt to jump on board with voting out Ragan. Hayden thinks it couldn’t hurt for Matt to make Brendon think that he could potentially still get his Jury vote. Matt says that Ragan needs to stay out of there all day (HOH) and we need to be up there hammering on Britney to put up Ragan. Hayden isn’t saying much just yeah. Matt asks him what Britney was talking about up there. Matt asks if he thinks Britney is more apt to put him or Ragan up. Hayden tells him she is leaning towards Matt, he is just being honest with him. Matt doesn’t like to hear that. Hayden says that you punked me last week dude. Hayden starts to ask Matt if production made him do something… Big Brother cuts the feeds.

2am Hayden and Matt talk about whether Ragan has thrown competitions. They talk about the surfboard and the paint bucket HOH competitions. Hayden says it would have been a lot better if Ragan had won the paint bucket HOH. Hayden says you can’y play what-ifs in this game though. Matt says what a mess, I gotta get him (Ragan) up. Matt says that the whole house will want Ragan to go up and then Britney won’t make any enemies putting him up. Matt says he just has to work really hard to keep Ragan out of the HOH. Hayden tells him that as soon as he hears the music, him and Lane will go up there. Hayden thinks it is a good idea to squash it with Brendon, Hayden says even when they are out of the house they’ll have to do functions together. Matt says he isn’t going to hold anything against Brendon outside the house. They both agree that if Brendon makes it to the final two they may have to vote for him to win, because they want to vote for the best player and take all the emotion out of it. They talk about how much Brendon would deserve it if he makes it to the finals, he has had to overcome so much. Hayden says he would have never believed after all this that he would vote for Brendon to win Big Brother. Matt says that he thinks that in the Jury he has lost Brendon, Rachel and Kathy’s vote. Hayden says that he thinks that he needs to start winning things in this house if he has any chance of winning the game. Hayden says that he doesn’t think winning one comp makes him deserving, in the Jury’s eyes, to win a half a million dollars. Hayden and Matt decide to go to bed. Hayden goes to the have not room.

2:20am In the have not room Hayden is whispering with Enzo. Hayden tells Enzo that tomorrow Matt wants to try and keep Ragan out of the HOH. Enzo says it has to be Matty who goes up, if Matty goes up then he has a chance to stay. Enzo says that he is worried about tomorrow. Hayden says that he misses the Taj talk. Enzo says that being a have nots sucks. Hayden says that these cots suck balls. Enzo farts and then they try and blame it on Brendon.

2:30am All the house guests are asleep.

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7:35am All the house guests are still asleep…

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What is the deal…why are these people so scared to nominate Hayden (and Enzo) They got all these peeps doing the dirty work and they sit back and run there mouth….MATT – YOU NEED TO STICK WITH RAGAN – HE IS YOUR ONLY HOPE….LANE, Cutt lose H and E and make finally 2 with Britt…BRENDA, I just cant stand you, go home…


I agree. Send binzo home. He’s worthless. His voice is like running your finger nails down a chalk board. And ya I can’t say kick about the neanderthallllllll that hasn’t already been said. Douche bag deluxe.


I wish Enzo would just shut up. He is sooooo annoying!!!!!! He doesn’t like being on the block, well this is part of the game so quit your bitching and Enzo does that a lot. He is such a wuss!!!


He’s irritated and rightfully so.


Matty is playing for second place. Already lost 3 votes. Throw Brigade or Ragan under the bus and lose more votes. Though Ragan is in love with him and thinks he’s playing for his wife so he would still vote for him anyway.


H, B, E, and L are trying to stop M from talking to B before POV and M gets to her anyway

Dr. Poopy Pants

Brit putting Matt or Ragan up would be incredibly dumb on her part. Matt trying to convince her to put Ragan up would also be incredibly dumb. Surely they aren’t really contemplating this and Matt is just blowing smoke.


I think Matt is serious; he already tried to get Britney to put up Hayden and that seems to have failed so he only has Ragan left. Brit would never put up Lane; there’s no one else left.


I will miss or bedtime together. Love Ragen.


What a character! Ragan that is.


If Brit puts up Matt, Matt will go crazy on her azz, but more than likely go home (Brendon, Hayden, & Lane voting for Matt). I guess they don’t know there is a double elim this Thursday….


Matt is totally playing them. If Ragan goes on the block, Matt’s vote will go to evict Enzo. Enzo will still have Hayden, Lane and probably Brendon, but Matt will probably start working on Brendon to evict Ragan splittng the vote and leaving the decision to Britney. She will evict Ragan.


Matt will not vote to evict Enzo. You can count on that one.




Have u not watched BB recentley, Matt and enzo turned on each other, they both said they want each other out because they cant trust each other


My point exactly. He wants Enzo gone b/c the blubbering baby will have his back where as Enzo told him to his face he was voting to evict him.


I really think Matt is going up and going home. I will admit he is smart, but he has gotten too cocky lately and thrown competitions he needed to win. That along with his lie about his wife is perfect karma. However, Enzo is really annoying me. Stop acting like you are so cool with wearing shades inside and always with the “Yo”. You suck at competions, you let people carry you in this game, and you try too hard to be some cool leader of the Brigade. Your a wannabee


While I don’t think Enzo is good at competitions, I think he’s a good BB player. It was him who formed the Brigade. He can’t stand Ragan and that is good enough for me.

Jumping Ship

You people kill me,,, Enzo, Hayden, and Lane need to go,, they have been riding Matt’s coat tails all this time.. Matt is the only one that has gotten rid of the idiots,, If Matt goes then goes Ragan, Brit then Brendon.. and these idiots cruise on in,, bad thing the last HOH comp will tak 4 days sine none of these punks can win anything… and BB calls them Jocks,, more like Jokes..


Matt is a JOKE! He is the biggest WUS on BB12. Granted he has won competitions, but he is a WHIP when it comes to POWER moves! He votes out people that really don’t matter. He should have put up Branden and Rachel with the first HOH. He is playing BOTH sides of the house. STRATEGICALLY MATT HAS PLAYED EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE AND TRUTHFULLY I DON’T THINK EVEN MATT KNOWS WHERE HIS LOYALITY LIES! If fact that is the problem with his game play. There is NO LOYALITY with anyone! He proved that last night throwing RAGAN under the bus. MATT WILL GO HOME THURSDAY NIGHT IN THE FIRST EVICTION BECAUSE OF KARMA AND KARMA ALONE!!! HE EFFED UP ROYALLY WITH THE WIFE’S “FATAL” NON-EXISTING DISEASE.


power moves? are you kidding? getting rachel out as a power move, and if im not mistaking it was the ONLY power move… and as for him being a joke i highly doubt that because nobody is a bigger joke then brendon granted he is a force in the game he’s a bigger WIMP and pussy playing the game for that ho rachel instead of making power moves who do he nominate a flotaer and a semi-floater and he’s probably going to buy her something that cost 500k if a miracle happens and he wins seeing as he can’t just give her the money


You know who wears sunglasses indoors?? Blind people and azz holes — Larry David


Enzo is a total asshole!


Not really. He says what’s on his mind. He doesn’t get into people’s face and kill them with insults. While he displays anger, and frustration, he doesn’t make people feel less than what they are by demeaning them in their face.


you mean he hasn’t yet…if matt doesn’t go up in place of brendon and hayden does then enzo will lose it on britney and seal his fate…the only reason he hasn’t gone off yet is because lane keeps reeling him back…he’s dumb…enzo does nothing but float from person to person that has the power and he has flipped on matt who has been the one loyal person throughout the game…well up until he threw ragan under the bus but he is the only one left to get up there instead of him so i can see why he did it…he didn’t put up rachel and brendon when he could have because he gave them his word and he hasn’t gone back on the brigade even though he knows they are gunning for him…best case scenario is hayden goes up enzo goes home matt or ragan win hoh and brendon goes home then hayden goes home…after that any of them can go final 3 and i will be happy…but enzo really angers me…he completely flipped on matt because of rachel’s lies and i can’t get over how stupid he is to believe her…matt hasn’t done anything that the brigade thinks he did and they are turning on him without just cause so when they watch this show back they are gonna feel like a bunch of shmucks!….and hayden needs to dig his nose out of enzo’s butt…and brit needs to realize these scare tactics need to be ignored and do what is best which is keep matt…sorry i had to get all that out!


Please please please Brit put up hayden and vote out Enzo. I don’t think I can stand looking at him scratch his balls or hear his voice anymore. He is the worst player this season. He’s floating along while hayden and lane paddle the boat to the finish line. Grrrrrr WORTHLESS!!!


Matt is talking about getting Britney to put of Ragan?
This is the smartest move I’ve heard since the show started.


Enzo hates Ragan this week. Last week he hated Britney. Anyway, it’s funny how a day or so things change. But it looks like it is best for Britney to go ahead and put up Matt and take a chance that way .Since Matt thinks he’s so smart and that people aren’t gunning for him after they told him he was getting voted out last week. It also looks like the wife being sick stuff isn’t working anyway. I know I wouldn’t have cared enough to let him win the money when I could use it too. So for the people who were disgusted that he lied, it doesn’t seem to be a factor for them to keep him.


Yeah, I would love to see Enzo voted out. But it seems like a far shot .He can be funny sometimes when he’s not ranting because the game isn’t going his way or someone else is trying to game play too. But he’s just as catty and backstabbing as what others are accused of being. But Matt should have or should put up a better argument than he has. I guess he thinks he’s still playing with the Brigade or that Britney still won’t put him up. Or maybe he’s not aware of how bad the other guys want him out of there. But I guess the POV ceremony is today?


ENZO NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!! He doesn’t deserve to be here as he has not won anything. He is all talk!


Agreed!!! WORTHLESS!!


Well, actually talk is part of the game. Getting in people’s face and hitting below the belts like Ragan did to Brendon and Rachel was uncalled for. That wasn’t necessary and shows bad sportmanship. Britney with her insults when no one is listening is just as bad as Ragan’s.


I agree! I’ve said it all along, talking is as much a part of the game as winning comps. If you can talk your way to a win, then that is just as much of a win as being the stronger player in comps. Forming the Brigade and keeping it secret was a brilliant idea. They might not be as far as they are now without the Brigade.


LOL… hahahaha!
Your comment is funny. He’s on vacation, huh? Well, the guy does know the meaning of work smart, not hard. Enzo is cool than a Mother. I don’t mind if he wins, but I think Matt or Brendon deserves the money. Hayden is a nice guy, but he’s not doing much, some what boring. So is Lane.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Neither has Hayden or Lane. Silly me for thinking Brit could stand on her own two feet. These dummies are muscling her big time. Enzo is the worst sport ever. He’s sitting over in the corner pouting yet he’s never won anything. Can’t even manage to save himself from the block yet others are supposed to jeopardize their game for his advantage? If Brit falls for this bull, she deserves what’s coming.


Brit is going to regret her decision if she puts up Matt or Ragan. She will watch the season and realize she was PLAYED by the loser floaters.
Don’t do it Brit!


Put up Ragan. I’m tired of seeing this man on TV, acting childish. Leave Matt alone, he deserves to be in the final 2.


Brite seems to be testing the waters of her new level of power so she may pull this win off. Brite you can get rid of Ragan and while he’s in the JH, once he’s finished crying he would vote with his head and not be vindictive at all.
I like the Brite-Brendon ticket myself.


So if there is a double elimination this Thursday, does it means that the two candidates on the block will both go home??? How do they go about a doing it…. another HOH competition on the same day, and voting takes place on the same day?

I am the saboteur

Yes… they do the first eviction (likely Matt if he goes up), then a new HOH, nominations, POV, POV ceremony, eviction, then HOH for next week. This will all be this Thursday.


After one of the 2 nominees leaves, they have another, quick, HOH. Then nominations, followed by an eviction. I can’t recall if there is a POV played in there or not.


No POV in double eviction. Hope Matt Than Gaygen Go home


POV is played during double eviction


Last time I saw a double eviction was BB10. They sort of sped up the show to keep the 1 hour time limit, so the “what happened since last time” was edited a little short. I believe then Julie Chen talks to them and informs them there is to be a double eviciton tonight. So the first live one takes place. We see her briefly talk with the evictee, then it’s to the backyard for the HOH comp. It will probably be a quiz, because those are obviously quicker than endurance and less messy than physical. The new HOH has about 2 minutes to decide and just name nominees in the living room.(This HOH’s reign will only be basically to Thursday evening or Friday morning.) They then go back outside for the veto comp, once again one that can be accomplished in a few minutes. The veto winner decides to use it or not and again a replacement (if used) is named to the block. Then they do another live eviction. Another HOH comp is played later that night or early the next day.


Only 1 person will go home and then they do another HOH, noms are done and then POV and then another elimination all happening this Thursday.


lease please please Brit put up Matt and vote out Matt. I don’t think I can stand looking at him scratch his balls or hear his voice anymore. He is the worst player this season. He’s floating along while hayden and lane paddle the boat to the finish line. Grrrrrr WORTHLESS!!!



Matt is tring to prove to his wife that he is not inlove with regan LOL!

Bye Bye Bye Matty!!

I do agree hugabug, she shouldn’t get rid of the two….but I hope she does! 😀


All Matt will get out of this is he will come out of the closet. Obvious he is gay. Cuddling with gaygen and talking about hayden. Ragen got you converted. Feel sorry for his dieing wife.LOL


Ain’t that the truth!!!


Matt is not gay. He’s just a smart player. Smart player doesn’t discriminate, they go with the flow. He was doing just fine, until Ragan acted a fool in those confrontations against Rachel and Brendon, and it brought negative attention to Ragan. Since then, people dislike Ragan and don’t want to see Matt associate himself with that Ragan.

I wonder what Ragan co-workers and students have to say about how he carried himself on the show. I would never take a class that he teach, but that’s just me. I find it hard for me to learn anything from someone who carries themself the way Ragan did. The things he called Rachel and Brendon were unnescessary.


Matt is about as gay as they come!


If she puts up Ragan, and not Hayden this show is over for me. Because it’s obvious Brit will be next, and I dont really care for watching a bunch of floating, farting, useless guys in the house. It’s getting to the point where I will have to root for Brendon, there wont be anyone that acutally plays the game left!!!!


Amen to that!

BigBrothers Big Brother

I agree with you, except the Brendon part. Never going to root for him. But if Brit screws up the replacement POV nomination, I’m done with this season.


Hayden and Enzo promise that they will win the next HOH. If they were the only two in the battle for HOH and it was a quiz the competition would go on until Christmas. It would be like watching two monkeys try to solve the cold fusion problem. Put up Hayden and send Enzo to the Jury House.




I really wish Brit had some balls (figuratively speaking, of course) and would put up Hayden or Lane with Enzo for this week’s double eviction! Although I’m happy Brit is seeing something and won’t just blindly listen to anyone and put up Matt. Now that Matt is planning to throw Ragan under the bus in hopes of having him put up instead is crazy. Lane talks so much shit about Brit behind her back and will stab her in it almost instantly. I’m so happy Enzo is leaving, I just hope Hayden would leave too. Hayden, Lane, and Enzo are the equivalent of the three stooges this season – I mean, it’s pathetic….even combined they haven’t won a thing! I also think Hayden’s first HOH doesn’t count as winning, either. He sort of lucked into it during the first comp because no one wanted that target.


Would you like one hanging from each ear?!!!……………… Brittney trusts Lane and Lane alone! IMO they are the two that knew each other before the BB House. She takes ALOT of SHIT from him about her boyfriend, NICK. If Lane was just someone that she met in the house she would be so hurt on many levels about the comments that Lane has made about Nick. They are trying to cover it up and she play acts like she is angry but you can see right through it!!!


i can’t take it anymore – this week is working on my nerves!-lol Please Brit don’t put up Matt or Regan. Lane and her need to team up with them. Lane needs to realize that he’s probably number for in the “team” after brendon. If Matt rries to get her to put up Ragan then all that does is shows her that he’ll turn on a “friend” when he needs to. When is the pov ceremony? I can’t check back here until i know it’s over and i know for sure who is going up cause all the flip-flopping she’s doing with her decision…. I can’t take it! It’s making me nervous!-lol Come on Brit – do the right thing!


I swear I wish I was on this season. These people are so dumb. Once I saw Hayden, Enzo the clown, and lane all pushing to get Matt out hard I would realize thet were all together. Lane makes me sick. But Brit makes me sicker for trustin some dumb redneck she just met. I hope Nick punches her right in her face when he sees her


You hope Nick punches her right in the face when he sees her?
Now, that wasn’t funny. We can’t condone violence. What we can condone is Nick breaking up with her for being so stupid and nasty with her words in the Diary Room when talking about other people.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Tell me about it Mike! As I’ve said previously, I’m amazed at the haze that hangs over these people. It’s wayyyyy obvious they are in an alliance. Who the hell cares if it has a name or not. It’s too obvious they are playing TOGETHER and AGAINST her. Hayden and Enzo are attached like siamese twins yet people only take notice of Ragan and Matt.


I think most everyone agrees that Enzo is resting on other people’s shoulders and wants to win the game. If they have a vote today, I bet Enzo will be on top of the list for America. Britt needs to put someone up on the block that will be voted and then Enzo can leave. Thank the good Lord!


I hope kathys sons takes Enzo up on his offer to let him punch him in the face. If he doesn’t do it I will. A matter of fact I wish I had tickets to the finaly. I would pretend I’m kathys son and knock this bozo out

BigBrothers Big Brother and me both, problem is I’m black so I can’t pretend to be Kathy’s son. That would require a helluva lot more explanation!


Enzo is a lose cannon. If I was Matt and I got put up I would call his wife every name in the book and let Enzo hit me. Then we wouldn’t have to see this loser again


For me best case scenario is Hayden is put up, Enzo goes home, Ragan wins HOH and puts up Brendon and Hayden, then Brendon and Enzo both join haggis in the jury house.
Worst case scenario would be Matt goes up and home, Enzo wins HOH nominates Brit/Ragan, Ragan goes home but if that scenario happens I cannot WAIT to see the look on Britney’s face when she realizes she’s just been bamboozled! Priceless. But oh wait it’ll mean hours and hours of tears… ok rethink – maybe I’ll just turn the TV off at that point.


Britney cant make her own decisions she just eats up whatever people tell her.


Britney is such an idiot to listen to Enzo. Matty has done nothing wrong in this game, and they turned on him long before he turned on them. For her to sit and listen to them when Matt & Ragan are her only alliance in the house is absolutely, 100% idiotic.


Some alliance! Matt and Ragan are obviously closer with each other than Brit and now Matt is campaigning to have Ragan put up! That’s not who I would want in my corner!


Britney got played HARD by everyone. She’s clueless. Doesn’t get it.


If Matt stays and wins HoH for the 2nd eviction this Thurs – has he said he will put up Ragan and evict Ragan??? If he stays he has a good shot at winning HoH. He’s trying to get Britney to put up Ragan but how miserable would Ragan be if Matt flat out put him up? If (Enzo goes home this week, Matat wins the 2nd HoH), will Mattt put up Brendon & Brit & Brendon won POV, is Matt putting up a Brigade “pawn” to evict “Brit” or will he backdoor Ragan?


The running joke in the house seems to be that Matt is “cuddle buddies” with Ragan. Apparent they are thick as thieves. If I was Brit and Matt told me to put up Ragan – would I believe him when he tells me I am “safe” from him? I don’t think so.


Matt will let everyone know about the BG if he’s going up.


Britney seems to be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea and she doesn’t seem to even really know it. No matter who she puts up the other side is going to be coming after her. I like it that Brendon keeps on foiling their plans to get him out by winning the comps. It’s so funny that no one knows what to do every time Brendon wins. Wah- wah, boo-hoo, we wanted Brendon out, but he won veto, we thought we had him so we didn’t make a back-up plan. What to do, what to do?


Well, just put it this way. They played Britney HARD!


Just the TIP:

Gaygan is a fool. He cries over every damn thing, especially when he thinks he might lose his precious Ratt. Now, Ratt is more than willing to put Gaygan on the block.
Ratt is the lowest of low. He continues to play the sympathy card, using the lie about his wife. If you condone this, you’re as low as Ratt.
These two lovers need to go. It will give them plenty of time in the jury house to REALLY bond.
BrITCHney actually looked hot in that dress. I’d keep her around a while just for eye candy. Who knows, she may get horny enough to give Lane a little taste. 😉


Still acting like an ass I see.


Still stalking me, I see. You fag. I saw the post about how you think Gaygan and Ratt are sexy. You’re one sick puppy.


fag is now being added to the spam filter please refrain from using that word in the future.


Thanks Simon.
C’mon Rat, just stop acting so juvenile. You can do that.


Hey Simon,

Thanks for preventing freedom of expression. I know it’s your site, and you pretty much can say/do what you want, but come on. Besides, EXman started the shit. I didn’t go to his post. I’ve seen helluva lot worse written on these blogs. Geez, are gays that sensitive?

Add whatever you want to the filter. You might want to add: tard, retard, dumbass, shithead, fagGOT, f-a-g, RatneySUX, KissMY_ass, Qweeeer…… I think you see where this is going. People can get the point across, no matter what’s in the filter. Just takes a little imagination. 😉


I think your gay bashing is proof that you have a very limitted imagination. It doesn’t take much intelligence or imagination though to just not be a dick. Give it a try.


Are you just stupid or what, if you want to use words that Simon and most of the rest find to be in really bad taste then go somewhere else and show how disgusting you are because we do not want to read your nasty comments.


I try my best to keep these comments as clean as possible theres literally thousands that come through everyday and I have to read them plus watch the feeds plus transcribe what is happening shit gets through sometimes.. I get to the point were i’m fed up with all the shit that is being said and the only way to ease my job is to censor the words now.


Well, you can’t stop EVERYTHING. And, people just need to get thick skin. Hell, if I don’t like something said to me, I either offer a rebuttal or just move on. We all have choices. But, I do appreciate your hard work in keeping this site going.

Kathie from Canada

Seems like a very reasonable request to me. Thanx Simon.


Thanks Simon…the f word is totally unacceptable. It was repeated over and over at me as I was beat by three guys who almost killed me 15 years ago. I still cringe when I hear or read it said in that hateful way!!


Lane doesn’t want that mess. His mind is on the $$$$.


Hayden will go tell Brittany that Matt is trying to get Regan put up and use that as proof that Matt is shifty so she should put Matt up. She’ll fall for it and walk out the door right behind him. A sad week. I’ll stop watching if it turns out like this. I hate Brendon and Enzo, now and the other floaters Hayden and Lane do not interest me at all. I hope Brit can see the light though.


Not bad Brad. I agree with all of the above. I really don’t see how some of these idiots see it any differently. But, at least SOME of us see things how they really are.


WHEN IS THE POV CEREMONY TONIGHT PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


It should be around 11:00 there time.


Team Lane!!! Only because he is funny as hell. Send Enzo or Ragan home both very annoying!

brigadelover- TEAM LANE!

Me too!!! GO TEAM LANE!!!!!


Cbs do something! Save matt or I’m done with this show. Matt makes it good tv. Tell him he needs to out the brigade!


I think that if Matt would have been willing to offer ragan up a little sooner Maybe the Brigade would have trusted him…now the only reason he is offering Ragan it is to save his own ass…

rachel's Nipple

Right. I dont see why he waited so long


My prediction is this week, for a double whammy, it will be Ragan, and then Britney.
I’m predicting Matt and Brendon, or Matt and Enzo, or Matt and Lane.
Hayden is insignificant as far as the game goes.


Britney would be best served by going to the finals with Ragan and Brendan and getting rid of Enzo and Hayden this week. Those are the people who will have the most votes in the jury house and while she doesn’t have all the information we have, she CAN figure out that they will support each other and that the votes will go to her over Ragan or Matt or Brendan.

what are yous thinking

well this show has britney looking like the biggest fool ever but whats new enzo lane and hayden will just float on by the only players in this game is matt ragan brendon and brit but they wont be staying and the show wont be worth watching i now alot of people that wont be watching if the three lazys are still there after today enzo should goneeeeeeeeeeeeee


Brit needs to open her eyes and stop being so stupid.LAME is not a friend to her, never has been. It’s one thing to game play, but another to make yourself into a traitor, liar, backstabber. He is no better than RAT was last year. He needs to go home, he is loyal to no one except the bafoon brigade. I really did want to see Enzo go home, but maybe it will be next week. Maybe brit needs to go home is she is this stupid.
I would rather Brendon stay in the game than nasty Enzo.


did you just compare Lane to natalie from BB11? Seek help, please.


Doesn’t Enzo have a penalty vote against him for eating when he was a have-not??


Wouldn’t be something if viewers order pizzas and send it to the Big Brother’s house for Enzo?

rachel's Nipple

I think they added a day of being have not


Big brother please don’t let Brit to be the Enzo/Lane/ Brendon/Hayden sacrificial lamb.
Please help her see the deadly plot she is walking in. Lane, shame on you for doing this to Brit-you are not a man worth your balls. You are disgusting!!!!


Britney wants to play with the big boys. She could’ve hung out with Kristen/or Rachel, but she chose the big boys instead. Now the game is being play big boys style and you’re crying for her? Tell Britney to pack and go home. Little girls don’t belong here.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Big boy style meaning doing nothing, winning nothing and complaining when nothing goes your way, yeah sure.


I remember the big, endless stretch of pure boredom when (in Season 9) Adam and Ryan were the only two left in the house. they lay around and gabbed, Adam with his hand down his pants – what’s up with that?? Whey do so many of them do that??? Do they think it is cool??? Anyway, Adam and Ryan were boredom in a box and it was endless. By the way, where is the chess set this season? It’s been there every season bu this one. If it winds up that the Brogade is left in the house, what will they talk about? Will they talk at all?? What on earth will Enzo have to bellyache about???


They do have the chess set up by the HOH room, just no one every sits there.


Which of them knows how to play chess? Lol. None of them are worth a hoot shooting pool.


Andrew stole a piece from it before his eviction.


brenden needs to win HOH then put up matt and ragen

boom double eviction



watching the feeds on and off. All I see right now, 1:21pm est, Matt and Britt in the HoH room. All I herd was Matt say “why would I be upset for you saving me? If Regan goes up, you are saving me, so why would I be mad?”

Looks like Brit is talking to everyone and seeing what deal she can get. She is so worried everyone is going to go after her if Matt dosn’t go on the block.

Looks like Brit shouldn’t have chosen to be HoH. She looks like she is about to cry. I am not shure if this is an act for Matt or not.

Matt saying they can be friends, they don’t have to make a deal if she dosn’t want to, or if she does ok. if not that is ok too.


So we should find out the result to the Veto ceremony in an hour or so Simon or Dawg?


Isn’t the POV ceremony in like a half hour??? what is going on this morning


They just woke up and Matt is talking to brit right now in hoh


Matt saying and Brit saying someone took the prizes but who?

Matt “I agree with you” He is swearing his life about the dollar card. Swears on his wife Stacey and something else wich I forget as I am typing this. How do you do this Simon and Dawg? This is hard to rememeber what they say. I wish I was as good as you guys.


i take Notes and have a separate system record all the conversations. It lets me browse the conversation right down to the second.