**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit’s back on the Kool aid, Brit: I’m the bloody ox and your the carriage driver”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


8:27pm Lane and Brit in the HOH Lane tells her that he trusts Hayden and Enzo 100% and he would never do anything to risk her game. He feels that if she leaves then his game is screwed so why would he put her in jeopardy. Brit: I’m the bloody ox and your the carriage driver”. Lane tells her she’s safe nobody will take her out next week if she puts Matt up.. Matt: “I’ll pinky swear”. Brit says she wishes he would win something because she feels like she’s doing all the work. Lane tells her that he wants it to be her and him against Hayden and Enzo.. he explains that he can control that side of the house and she can control Ragan. Brit is liking his thinking says that if matt goes home then she still has ragan on her side (Good grief she’s already talked out of it) . She asks him if he’s been playing to his fullest, because she’s scared of Brendon winning the HOH. Lane tells her that he’s been holding back because he hasn’t had to play hard.

Brit: “If we get to final 4 we have a much better chance of beating Hayden/enzo then Ragan and MAtt in final 4”. Lane: “Exactly you now have the chance to take out 2 competitors int eh game if Matt goes home Ragan will be completely useless in the game”. Brit Agrees (Damn she had it for a hour)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:44pm Backyard Enzo, Lane and Hayden There all laughing about one minute brit is taking Matt out the next she’s taking Hayden out. Lane tells them that he’s feeding Brit that they are using Brendon to take out the other players.. and she believes him.. She doesn’t think Lane is close to them all. Enzo is semi freaking out lane is trying to get him to calm down says if Enzo goes off then there whole plan will collapse. Lane: “the only thing she is scared of is that you and hayden are allied with Brendon”. enzo: “Fine i’m going to go talk to her i’ll swear on my family that I want brendon out”
brendon joins them. Enzo: “If she doesn’t take Matty out then she’ll have us all survivors after her.. You have to talk to her tomorrow right before the POV ceremony” Lane is worried that when Matt is put up he will start talking about shit and Brit will get upset about everything. Brendon: “Who cares about her once we get Matt up then she doesn’t matter” (these guys really smell the money) . Lane gets called into the DR right before he goes he talks about how they must win the POV next week so Ragan goes home, Enzo agrees. Brit joins them..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:55pm Brit joins them in the pool tournament

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:15pm Brit, Ragan and matt making fun of the fight Ragan had with Rachel.. HAyden and Enzo outside looking damn ass worried.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:22pm Brits Birthday Cake
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:39pm The penguin watches the Gremlin playing Brit in Pool.. He’s going to snap yo


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:45pm Enzo watching the rest of the house guests having fun drinking at the backyard couch

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91 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit’s back on the Kool aid, Brit: I’m the bloody ox and your the carriage driver”

    1. I knew that I shouldn’t have checked the updates before I go to bed. Wow, at least she has an attention span of 1 hour.

    1. Damn that dress is ugly, but WOW she makes it look nice. She is sure nice to look at! I’m really starting to believe she is diggin Lane b/c she buys whatever he’s sellin. Or else, maybe she just prefers a man making the decisions for her so she has someone to blame when her decisions don’t work out. If she takes Lanes suggestion and then ends up nominated she’ll be getting some of her own medicine after just telling Brendon (or even Rachel for that matter) just what they wanted to hear to get herself further in the game. Payback is a biatch!

      In watching tonights episode it really hit that there isn’t anyone I want to see win. There are several I believe need to go, but no body I want to see win, and this is the 1st season I’ve been in this position. The only thing I see is if Brendon can make it to the final 2, he deserves to win b/c he’d have fought his ass off to get there. I’m not on the B/R bandwagon, just my own observation.

      anyway, just my .02, now back to your regulary scheduled program…

  1. As a gay man, I have to say that I am beyond embarrassed by the oh-so-stereotypical screaming, hysterical, bitchy, catty, flaming queens that BB chooses to represent us. Ragan is the kind of bitch that other gay men gay bash.

    1. David who hates Ragan. Are you only watching the show? Ragan has gotten a really horrific edit on the show. And, if you want bitchy, melodramatic gays, watch project runway — Ragan is completely calm compared to many of the contestants on that show :).

      1. Sorry to break your bubble. I watch the BB After Dark daily and I can say for sure Ragan is really drama queen x 100. The editing actually makes him a little bearable. He is really a disgrace to gay community.

          1. How is he the best player?!? He told everyone that he is at BB to make “live long friends” and that he is willing to let Matt win the game. I called that stupid.

      1. Ragan is awesome. He has shown how he will fight to the death for a friend. That is pretty wicked as far as I’m concerned. who cares if he cries, you’re bitching about a reality tv show so what is the difference?

        1. Well Britney is also his friend but he is willin to throw her under the bus for Matt. I think The reason he fought for Matt is because he secretly loves him. It’s very obvious from how he look at Matt.

          1. Just a thought, but could that be the adoring look of someone who has a good relationship with his brother or half brother? Most straight guys in a somewhat confined space wouldn’t want to hang out with a gay guy. In fact the other “men” have done their best to stay away from him like he’s contagious. They’re both intelligent, college educated, ambitious, same body build, tattoos and if you squint your eyes when you look at them they resemble each other. And I can hear Ragan telling Matt, when they were accepted to be on the show, “Matt, I’m frightened,” and Matt reassuring him that he’s strong enough for both of them.

    2. David, exactly how I feel about Ragan as a gay man living in West Hollywood. All of my gay friends will occassionally hear them say, ‘that gay guy on BB is freaking annoying’…. btw Brendan will probably win the Favorite HG before they declare him the winner of season 12. I respect Brendan’s game and perseverance.

  2. NOOO god britney…i swear to god if she puts up matt idk if i can watch this show anymore…she needs to be freaking smart and put up hayden and get enzo outtttt god i always liked lane but these 3 are turning into complete douche bags the way they talk about her

  3. i hate enzo and his stupid meow meow! he’s all talk and hasnt won a single comp in the house yet! if he’s final 2 i think he wont get many votes.

    1. If America has to vote, please do not give Enzo anything. He deserves nothing! Lane too as they have not won anything.

  4. Great strategy Matt and Regan. Stay as far away from her as possible and don’t try to talk to her at all. Please put me in this game. Please

  5. Dont worry Production gets what Production wants, and if they want Enzo or Hayden out they will be out. Just wait and see.

  6. Omg! Unwatchable to see two lazy people make it final two. What has the game come too. I’m pissed at her now!

  7. Please production please Tell on the idiots! Its not fair for two people who have never one anything to make it to final two!

  8. Production wants Ragan out. I’m not watching the show but I read a recap and boy did Ragan get a bad edit. The recap mentioned a comment that he made that I don’t even remember….

    1. I’m watching CBS and the Feeds and I think Ragan is doing great on both. He bloody rocks. Loyal, smart, kind, emotional, thoughtful, tough as nails, he won POV. Geez what more does the man have to do to prove he is worthy. Go Ragan.

  9. Production doesn’t want Enzo or Hayden out. I think they love their pretty boy and their Jersey Shore wannabe. When I still watched the show, I never saw them show Enzo making some of the horrific attacks on other contestants — attacks that he makes at least 3x an hour every waking hour.

  10. The Brigade is still alive and strong if Matt leaves. They just switched out the Brain for another brain. Sweetness. But it looks like BB will not let this happen…

  11. ragen seems to bo a little ok with matt going home. why is he not acting suicidal like last week when he knows that there is a really good chance matt will go up? he now knows that he will have brit and both of them know they wont win against matt…and he also knows that brendon has talked about the 3 of them aligning.

    1. ragan mentioned that BB wanted a little more drama, so he said he would put on a little act, but not go too overboard.

  12. Production loves Lane. Recap talked about scenes that they showed with Lane. BB broadcast show will never show Lane lying to Brit and they’ll never show him saying that he’s thrown all contests up until now.

  13. WHy are they singing “For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow”? Is it because they would have to pay to a fee to sing Happy Birthday? Just curious

    1. no they are not. you can tell if a girls boobs are real if when she lifts her arms or opens her arms wide, her boob shape changes. If the shape of the boobs do not change when she moves her arms(which is the case with Britney), they are fake. Because when the silicon bag that they place in there(the fake boobs) are not attached to the body, thats why they dont move.

  14. Hayden is pissed because people are proposing deals?? Lmao. Hello him and the guys started the whole thing with the brigade

  15. Ok I’m on a hating run now who in their right mind would hire Haydon for as job… He might make it as a Nautical Boy… Just bobbin up and down, you know like floating what a life …

  16. Dear Production, you allowed Jordon to win last year against my wishes. Yes, you gave me my Natalie 2nd place, ok, but that was just a chocolate chip, I want the whole cookie, so come on, give me Matt FTW. You owe my ass that much. Luv yah, me. I don’t even watch NBC anymore. haha

  17. They were talking in code about the DR and the show starting so something must have been going on while the feeds were cut. Because Brit said they got in trouble.

  18. Ok another boring night. Good Matt your a great game player. Just sit there and look around like a little lost midget. And yes Regan keep talking to everyone but Brittney. No Matt don’t point out to Brittney that lane is over by the hammock whispering something to Enzo. No Regan don’t tell Brittney to look at Brendan talking to Enzo in secret. I swear don’t these people pay attention to there surroundings??

  19. Dear Production, If you send Matt home this week I will actually tune back into the show instead of just reading about it online. I can’t stand him and thus turn the channel when Big Brother is on. I will at least turn the channel to Big Brother and go in the other room if Matt goes home…. still can’t watch though since I can’t stand Ragan and Britney.

  20. Happy Birthday Britney!!!!

    Here’s your horoscope for today Virgo:

    If you are experiencing financial stress, now is the time for you to begin working your way out of it. The recent Venus-Mars conjunction in your 2nd House of Income indicates your ability to combine originality with good judgment to increase your income and feel better about your situation. Keep in mind that it could take a few days for your current actions to have any significant impact.

  21. Production : your doing a fine job…keep it up.

    Here’s hoping that Enzo and his fishy penguin outfit is out of the house on thursday. Can’t imagine that the outfit will be seen throughout the preceding programs…lets play the March of the Penguins …here he comes to sequestered once and for all

  22. *sigh* i cant believe how easy it is to steam roll brit. she needs to take a step back and realize that a) lane has never promised her much of anything b) hes a lying sack of shit who cares more about his boys survival than hers c) matt may be shady, but he’ll protect her in the game. whether you like matt or not…you gotta admit that it benefits brit to side with matt/ragan in this dilemma.

  23. I was thinking, I she goes after Hayden or Enzo What could happen if Brendon, Lane or Hayden win the HOH? I think they may go after Brit or they may put up both matt and brit. Will there be 3 playing against 2 in the next HOH? and 3 votes to (1-2?) help guys

  24. Wow classy bunch of guys. Enzo threatening to punch people. Brendon saying he will threaten her. And harden saying that last year was boring?? Lol. Bunch of losers

  25. Can one of you tell me how anyone could be rooting for Matt. Honestly, tell me. He looks like a little troll, I have yet to see him without his hand down his pants, which is just plain gross, and the lie he told about his wife is the most horrific thing I have ever heard. You know damn well just from looking at this scrawny, pint sized little twit, that he was made fun of and beat up by the bullies at school, like Lanes, Hayden, Enzo randon.

    He hasn’t made that great of choices, I’m beginning to really believe he is bisexual.

  26. i dont understand why brit can not listen to ragan and matt they have spent alot of time together she has to see that lanes best interests have always lied with enzo and hayden what is wrong with this show leaving in all the floaters to win the money not deserving sorry i honestly think they will lose alot of viewers keeping hayden lane and enzo i no personally i have talked about the show to alot of people they think the same wont be worth watching.

  27. Hey I think these guys can 2 things. #1 they all say this is BS and we are all walking out together, BOOM. #2 I am not sure how this is all going to play out. but they all sit down, and agree from now on they don’t listen to BB anymore, and play their own game, bucking BB all the way, now that would really stir it up. What are they going to do to them, kick them out of a game, they are not playing anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Brendon is the best out there get in guys and i am sure if he makes it to the final two he’ll win it
    even Matt said it

  29. What happened to the planes that used to fly over the BB house and give them messages? How did they manage to stop this (CBS)?

  30. Is there a chance Lane is planning on keeping Britney around? I haven’t noticed him doing much trash talking, he usually leaves that up to the other guys. They might just be surprised. As long as Enzo, Matt or Ragan goes home this week I don’t really care.

  31. I agree she’s getting played, but really, Matt and Brendon are the only ones (in my opinion) who have played a better game than her. So get the strong players out now and if she can make it to the final two she’s guaranteed the win against the rest of the floaters. Matt is turning on Ragan his number one in the house instantly, what’s to say he won’t turn on Britt next week.

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