**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – New Sab Message, “competition Tomorrow that will change the course of the game”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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8:43pm New SAB Message the sab message says there will be a competition Tomorrow that will change the course of the game. The houseguests are all freaking out thinking they competition will be late tonight or early tomorrow. Brendon suggests they cancel the pool tournament and go to bed early. Brit: “Your drinking a red bull” Brendon: “Oh yeah I’m a caffeine junkie” they decide to start the tournament early and “power through it”. Speculation runs crazy some of them think it’ll release a new power they have never seen in Big Brother again. Some think it might be a HOH comp they all agree that if it’s a real message then it’ll be a mental comp because they haven’t set up anything in the backyard. Matt tells them all why are they listening now to the sab every other message they have given has been complete bullshit. Everyone plans on going to bed early except for the gremlin he sas he usually doesn’t’ sleep until 4 every night.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:05pm backyard the entire house is in the backyard some of them are working out most are in the pool tournament. Kathy is smoking. Ragan is not in the backyard.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:35HOH Kathy in the tub Brendon changing Brendon is complaining that the comp tonight better not be for a power that will change his nominations because he worked hard for his HOH and it wouldn’t be fair to lose his his HOH power. (I’m calling it now if Matt uses the DPOV on Thursday and take out one of Brendons side alliances he going to pull a chima). kathy says once they find out who the saboteur is they better get 3 security in here to stop you guys. Kathy goes on about how bad the saboteur is. Brendon tells her he won a game in Pool. Kathy congratulates him. Brendon says that he’s getting so much better every time he plays but the other guys are also getting better every day. Brenodon says he was still able to beat one of them.

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95 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – New Sab Message, “competition Tomorrow that will change the course of the game”

  1. this is off topic but it’s been bugging me ever since season began,,,,,,wonder why there is no designated smoking area like there was last year…..infuriates me that Kathy is so inconsiderate of all the others…….if I had to be around and exposed to that I certainly would say something to her…….BB should do something about it…….if she indeed is a cancer survivor, she’s an idiot to keep smoking……..and look at her now, running bath water…..so far up brendon’s ass

    1. Yeah, cigarette smoke is very toxic. I don’t think it has anything to do with being a liberal bitch. But I guess they don’t care as much since it’s outside and it doesn’t bother them as much. I guess if someone had bad allergies or asthma or something it might be a bigger issue.

    2. so I might not of been so pushy but I agree. As someone who has smoked almost 15 years and is in the battle to quit these people annoy the f_ck out of me. Obviously they have never had this addiction. Cuz even people who have quit aren’t that terrible. And exactly she isn’t smoking in the house. (not like they would let her tho) but she is being considerate enough. 15 years ago you could smoke anywhere now you can’t even smoke in most bars. Damn non smokers trying to f it up for everyone else.

      1. I don’t want to start an argument but If a person is choosing to smoke then they should be the one that has to have a designated area. Smoking can cause cancer and other such things. And not just to the smoker but there is second hand smoke as well. That can be harmful. So why should there be a non smoking designated area when the smoker is the one causing the harm?

        I do agree that if they had a problem with it they could say something or move. But why should the smoker have more freedom than a non smoker? It may be an addiction but if they want to smoke so bad I don’t see why making them smoke in a certain area is a problem.

      2. So you have an addiction… I’m one of the non-smokers that isn’t denying that it’s no-doubt very hard to stop. Stop if you want, or keep doing it, it’s not my body. I’m not asking you to stop, just don’t do it in a common area with non-smokers. Why should I be subjected to a bad habit that I never picked up when in a public space? Granted it would be annoying if a non-smoker saw you smoking and would give you the stop smoking lecture. That’s not what I do, I just don’t want to breath in that rank shit. It may annoy you that you’re inconvenienced by my decision not to smoke, but it’s monumentally annoying on the other side to walk into a cloud of smoke. Not only does it toy with my health, but it also makes me stink as much as you do.

        1. Tobacco products should be banned by the government. The only reason they are not is because they make so much money off of them. So we are exposed to cancer causing second hand smoke, people die every day from smoking and they just keep raising the taxes on them and making more money.

      3. Yeah, well one thing that helped me finally quit was not having anywhere to smoke.
        Letting smokers smoke wherever they like would be like letting junkies shoot you up because it’s more convenient for them to have somebody else high around.

      4. If you really want to quit…from someone that has…prescription medication helps to stop the cravings. I was really suprised that it worked for me! BUT…back to BB…I do think it’s wierd that Kathy is smoking right by Hayden when he’s trying to workout. She could at least move to the other side of the sofa. Nobody seems to complain about her smoking, so maybe she’s not blowing it in their faces. I can see how it would be easy to smoke a lot under those circumstances, too. Part boredom, part stress…whatever.

      1. Dumb Butt, read my responce to bear on subject. I could smoke a cig as long as my arm in one smooth puff. My son was asmatic and I started getting flak from him at age two {His adult sister taught him to come to the door and call me stinky as I stood outside and smoked. I asked God for help to quit. I put then down and never smoked agin. I should have to lose the desire, but…}

        There has never been one verifiable case of death linked only to sitting outside next to a smoker. You get 10 times the toxins filling your ride with gas or cutting your grass.

      2. As a smoker, I always go far away from the crowd, but someone always walks up and then starts waving the smoke away and I just say, “I got here first.” Just shows how the HG’s perception is just as self-centered…..as we all are!

      3. nope. Current smokers opinions don’t count because they can’t be objective.
        Wow a logical, unbiased argument. How to beat that?

    3. Liberal bitch? This is way off topic, but I have to agree with bear. If I want to go outside and relax and take in some fresh air it would piss me off to have Deputy Do-Nothing out there chain smoking. If you have a vice that negatively impacts your health, by all means go for it. Binge on burgers, drink a kidney killing 44 oz super gulp, sleep with Rachel… It’s not hurting me at that point. But when your bad habit starts to impact my health or well being screw that. That’s inconsiderate, rude, and shows you have no class. We don’t say to sober drivers suck it up and try to avoid the drunk drivers, we arrest the drunk drivers because they obviously have no impulse control, and could kill someone that didn’t make a bad decision. If you can’t wrap your head around that concept, then look at it from a democratic point of view in the house – she’s the only smoker – she should move away (actually she needs to get evicted) from the others. She certainly needs the extra exercise. She definitely fits the typical cop stereotype.

      1. thank you completelybiased, well-said…..especially for drawing the analogy to drunk driving……….didn’t expect to stir up such a hornet’s nest on this topic but the fact that I lost my husband to cancer who never smoked in his life, as you can see I’m very passionate about this subject

        1. Also Bear, I am sorry for your loss and I too have lost relatives to cancer but many things cause cancer. There are toxins in the air, water, and also in many household items that are known cancer antagonists. Second hand smoke is indeed very harmfull, worse for you than smoking yourself due to the fact that it is unfiltered but don’t discount all the other things that can cause cancer. We would all have to live in a plastic bubble to avoid exposure to all of the cancer causing agents that exist all around us.

          1. Thats right Superman`s wife died of lung cancer and she was a healthy active person who never smoked. Then there are people who chain smoke all their lives and nothing happens.

    4. I don’t know if this helps or not, but earlier Ragan and Enzo were talking about Kathy (being considerate IMO) asking if she could smoke. “Ragan and Ezno make fun of how each week Kathy gets tired and gives up. Enzo says and she is always asking if she can have a cigarette. Ragan says when he was a smoker he would never ask anyone if he could light up …Enzo says yeah that he keeps telling her to just be herself” The quote is from this post: http://www.onlinebigbrother.com/2010/08/big-brother-12-spoilerslane-tells-enzo-that-when-he-gets-out-he-is-going-to-be-at-the-airport-thinking-that-people-are-trying-to-backdoor-him/

    5. Bear,
      thanks for the education and erudation on another. The plural is on the people not the type. It is “the or those” type of people as she aims at the type, not the people.
      Jesse, AA/ED, BATh/ED,MA/ED/CE, PHD. {Even I still misuse words in speaking engagements. Try telling someone they need to “go farther and listen to them go further”.

      Keep it on topic, not ad-hominum, or at the person.

      As a twenty year reformed smoker, I want to put my face two inches from a smokers mouth just to be in on the experience.

      The end couch is the designated area. People are generally not bothered that I do not wear a seat belt and I speed. My choice. The Type that complain usually do not have a say in the matter….like you.

    6. Bear, I am a smoker and I agree with you kind of. Certain areas should be smoke free such as the common area in the back yard, however, please don’t pull the grammer police roll. People don’t come on this site to learn the English language and the proper use of past, present, plural and what have you. People are generally typing in a hurry so mistakes will be made. If you’re gonna judge a persons intelligence by a five line post then you are far more ignorant than the people you critisize!

    7. She did ask if anyone minded if she smoked there, get a grip smokers are not leppers and banned from the world. I gave up smoking 3 years a go and you probaly have never smoked so you do not know how hard it is to quit. Kathy was considerate in asking. Leave her alone.

  2. I hope tomorrow’s challenge kicks brendon out as HOH and brings Russell in as the new HOH. Russell makes Enzo eat 35 pounds of pasta in order to stay off the block, Hayden make out with Kathy, and Brendon wear a loincloth and nipple rings. HAHAHAHA

    1. I wouldn’t say, because I’m not a creepy virgin. Just kidding, maybe ‘C’, probably 32C because she looks like she weighs about 90 lbs.

  3. I was just wondering when there is a pandoras box and you open it there is usualy something good for the person that opens it or am I mistaken. Yes Rachel came back but that would not be a help to brenden as he never got to see her so maybe there will be another power just a thought.

    1. Pandora’s Box is either good for the HoH and bad for everyone else, or bad for the HoH and good for everyone else. I think Matt got a good one and Brendon got a bad one lol.

    2. I’m thinking maybe Brendon’s was good for him. Because Rachel coming back into the house definitely was not good for the house. And no one could talk to him about the replacement veto person. He said something about some beers and a massage. But there has got to be more to it.

    3. I don’t have the live feeds but on BBAD they kept focusing on the Pandora’s Box door. I wonder if Brendon was inside watching. As if he got to plan with Rachel before hand. she had to ask them specific questions.

  4. Enzo likes to see his wife’s poop because she is so tiny, he likes to see how much comes out. oh man the feeds are shit tonight. haha

  5. Now did the sab say it was a competition? Not that I doubt you, Simon, but isn’t the POV ceremony tomorrow, too? So, maybe Matt has to use the PDOV tomorrow and we don’t know if Brendon got any kind of power from his pandora’s box. Maybe the competition is between them and their powers. Okay, now I am guessing. They are all worried about it tonight, tho.

      1. Simon, I think there might be something to it because Ragan appears to be really worried. I think he doesn’t know what it is either but was told to say it. Was he near Enzo when he said that when he finds out who the sab is he is going to shit on him? I was reading comments and missed seeing where Ragan was.

        1. Could it be because it is a double eviction so they need to be ready for an immediate HOH\POV comp back to back? Sorry if that has already been suggested but i just got on and saw BBGrnadma’s comment and went to check it out because she is one person who talks sensibly (Sp)so I follow…..


  6. Officially pissed about this whole Rachel thing. I was mad that she came back at all, but watching after dark I learn that Rachel left Brenden a note that said Matt. As in target Matt. That’s bull that they were allowed to communicate…it had to be one of the stipulations that they could only talk through people that would be interesting, not leaving love letters from the jury house.

    1. soooooo agree. rachel. out. by the rules.
      i will stop watching if big brother thinks she is good to bring back.
      nnnnnnoo heck of a way

      1. After having her come back through pandora’s box, yeah she needs to stay out for good. It was either a second chance or a visiting role, you can’t have both.

  7. Hey if Matt used diamond of veto do Brendon get to play in next HOH because last season Jeff used it and Chima got to play in HOH competition

    1. Last season, Jeff won coup de ta (sp?) which gave him the power to “overthrow” the HOH and make new nominations. Since Chima was overthrown, she was able to compete in the next comp. Matt’s DPOV is still just a POV, so Brendon would not be able to play… Unless his pandora reward is that he CAN play.

    2. Jeff had the Coup D’etat, not the Diamond PoV. The Coup D’etat allowed Jeff to overthrow the current HoH (Chima) and change one or both of her nominations right before the live eviction. The Diamond PoV only allows Matt to veto one of Brendon’s nominations and choose the replacement. Matt can still compete for HoH on thursday.

  8. i think cbs is just grasping at straws now b/c this cast is pretty boring and kind of annoying
    and the thing is they (the brigade) think they are the best.

    1. i think boring is much better then these kats. i would love to see katy in the tub then any thing in the house

  9. Regan’s beyond annoying.
    what’s with all the self-righteous statements? poor guy comes off as self-involved and unstable.
    he might be right about brendon being a coward. some of the things he says make him sound like he is being manipulated by the behind the scenes people. after jordan winning last year they must be pushing to get rid of passive players. or maybe he is thinking that the only way to stay is to have more big men around.

  10. I’m wondering if Matt does use the diamond power of veto would they let Brendon play in the next HOH comp. Like they did with the coup d’etat.

  11. I don’t think that it’s a competition tomorrow. I think the houseguests jumped to the conclusion that it would be a competition (I was also watching the live feeds) but I think the potential game changer is POV ceremony where Brendon nominates Matt and Matt uses DPOV on Thursday. I’m 100% sure that Production is doing everything possible to convince Brendon to nominate Matt because they want DPOV to be used and there to be DRAMA.

    1. i completely agre mimimew…production isnt going to let matt get away with keeping the dpov and not use it…just like i would bet money that the brigade is going to come out too…
      brendon is going to nominate matt..matt is going to play cool and watch people scramble and see who is on his side (if he was smart which i pray he is) and then draw his true alliance from there…dump enzo and hayden….get with people who actually win and are interesting instead of the dad of a cast member of the jersey shore and a dumb@ss with no upper lip (or balls for that matter)..im starting to like b/r more than those two…

      1. I think you’re right. Brendon will nominate Matt. Then, Matt will find out that Enzo and Hayden are throwing him under the bus, so he will retaliate by putting one of them up against Lane. Then, Matt, Ragan, and Britney will vote to keep Lane. I think Matt should get rid of Hayden because he is a stronger competitor than Enzo.

        1. i personally think matt is composing himself well by just watching and waiting….its hilarious to watch them scramble…i personally think that enzo needs to go, hayden may be a bigger competitor, but enzo has a bigger mouth and thats what gets you far in this game…you dont have to win physical competitions to win bb…..its luck and cbs’s producers…

  12. Who do you guy’s think from this season should be on all star’s besides the probably definete rachel? Simon do you think next season is even gonna be an allstar season?

  13. Anyone watch the live feeds when Britany pretty well guessed the DPOV power? She was in the hot tub with stupid Enzo. Enzo was in the hot tub to ease his butt muscles which he’s convinced are sore from swimming!!! Enzo, top fool of the world.

      1. It was after the sabo message and Britney said maybe the power is to take someone off the block and name their replacement.

        1. Maybe Brit really does know that Matt has the DPOV and that is why she is putting a bug in the brigades ear to set it up so they put Matt up and then Matt will put Bozo up and they send him home.

              1. I thought it was Rachel that went through Matt’s stuff. Remember she was so focused on asking the production if they could go through his stuff…next thing you know Matt thought someone did. I just thought it was her.

                1. I think Production prodded Rachel into questioning Matt’s statement about the $1 being put in his suitcase. She certainly wasn’t focused on that before and out of nowhere suddenly she had this intense interest in it. But who knows? BB is certainly not playing by any rules. Might as well re-brand it ‘Melrose Place-A Behind the Scenes Look’

  14. i want to see shitney cry and lose it and carry on big time when she gets put up..oh what do you guys think of enzo saying about “banging his wife” on tv or how he likes seeing her poop….nice husband huh…wonder what the family and friends think of him….nice going suzo

  15. Live Feeds now: Britney and Hayden. Britney has totally sold out Matt to Hayden. She’s talking about how she’s been suspicious of him since week 2 and how she doesn’t trust him. Then she sucked up to Hayden and said that she feels he deserves to win the whole thing because he’s been playing “fair and honest.”

    [I hope Matt gets a clue and realizes that the brigade and Britney are gunning for him and puts Enzo up on the block. ]

    1. Britney ” I don’t really think that Matt is loyal to anybody.” Hayden “No, he’s only loyal to himself.” Pot meet kettle, Britney and Hayden. Hayden has final 2s with Enzo AND Lane, final fours with multiple people AND Britney has sold out and two-faced everyone that she’s supposedly friends with.

  16. wth is wrong w/these people…who won veto and has brenden replaced the nominee if it was used? brit’s a stupid litte girl completely relying on Lane, of all people, and kathy needs to put her cig down and get in the damn game! this season sucks…

    1. Lane’s won nothing and Britney’s a great player (plus she possibly saved him from the block by not using her veto a couple of weeks ago). You must not be watching.

  17. i am watching sho2 and they are soooooo boring…omg! now brit is trying to talk to hayden like she talks to lane! she’s such a cockaroach!…lol!

  18. After watching tonights show 100 percent Katky is going home. I like brendon and would like to see him go far this game but him not taking a deal with reagan and putting brittany and lane up will cost him the game. Reagan would have honored his deal and brittany will not and also he already told enzo he was putting up brittany and lane. STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDD on your part brendon. you will regreat it and remember reagan for long time

    1. dear sick:i hope you have been nice, so santa will grant your wish….if not we get coal..aka anyone else he puts up…lol

  19. Here is how I hope it plays out………………

    Ragan takes himself of the block
    Brendon puts Matt up as a replacement
    Matt asks the Brigade how the are going to vote (either Him or Lane), they say they will vote to keep Lane
    Matt figures out that they are throwing him under the bus by not giving him the votes to stay in the house
    Matt gets pissed at the brigade and uses his Blinged out POV and takes himself and Lane down and puts up Hayden and Enzo as replacement nominees (who I must admit are just as pathetic as Kathy in the competitions)
    Enzo goes to the Jury House and gets mauled by the pimpley parrot face thingy
    Hayden freaks out
    Matt wins HOH and put Hayden and Brendon up
    Brendon and Hayden gets voted out in a double elimination

    1. i wish that would happen..but the brigade is spineless so they would never tell matt they are going to vote him out…they will tell matt that they are voting out lane and really plan to vote matt out. ….but these people have big mouths so it will get back to matt who they are really going to vote out and he will bust out the dpov and get himself off the block and put up enzo/hayden….
      matt will stay cool, calm, and collected throughout the whole thing…he has his own side alliances that actually win things so he is safe…this week.

    2. If the Brigade falls, that’s how I’d like to see it happen. I sincerely hope they work this out and go to final four though.

    3. I don’t think he can take both noms down only one and replace one that’s it…but I want things to happen that way too…I use to like Enzo but just seeing how he’s been acting drives me insane. Playing both sides. And Kathy, ha would love to see her leave

  20. RE: The smoking comments
    Those kind of people? Really?! And what kind of people is it exactly that think they can expose innocent people to hazardous toxins just because they were stupid enough to develop a disgusting and deadly habit. So let me get this right! Smokers believe they have the right to invade the air with hazardous toxins and rob people of life sustaining oxygen? NEWSFLASH, that’s whats Fu€king happening!!! where’s the logic in that? Let’s not forget that second hand smoke (you know that shit fuming off the end of your cigarette) is more deadly to non-smokers than the crap you are actually exposing yourself to. this happens to me all the time for example, Im sitting comfortably under a shaded tree enjoying a beautiful day. A few feet away is a gentleman who lights up and starts puffing away totally enjoying every second of it. Instantly my oxygen supply is depleted by the invasion of poisonous fumes, I cannot breathe at all and am directly in the path of his second hand smoke. As always I am forced to abandon whatever I am doing and move immediatly from the place where I was just so that I can breathe again. However a few feet away is never far enough because I am super sensitive to smoke. Usually I have to leave the area entirely. It is so wrong that smokers think they should have the liberty to expose their deadly habit to innocent
    people. Besides addiction is for the weak. I want to feel sorry for “you people” but I can’t. You are inconsiderate and rude. You are usually really ignorant, in denial or u just simply turn the other cheek when faced with the facts….oh but yes by all means smokers should have the right to smoke. Fu€k all the non smokers, they can just deal with it. That’s what “you people” think….addiction=weakness just quit already!…oh u prlly cant bcuz you’re weak!

  21. Not only has Enzo done shit, but the one potential money maker he would of had was mastering the brigade to go all the way to the final four. If they could have pulled that off – then yes – brigade tshirts could have been sold, and people could have picked either the Animal, Meow Meow, Brains and whatever Lanes name was. He doesn’t even get it when they say they don’t want floaters, and he is just floating now and into the deep end with the shark that is going to eat him and spit him back out to the jury house.

    1. Maybe they can sell Tshirts that say “The Brigade crashed and burned on BB.” and on the back it can say “No animals were harmed in the making of this program.” P.S. Don’t give Lane a flashlight.

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