Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo and Hayden believe it’s Already won, Enzo:”what the f*ck yo why does a floater always make it to final 3 yo”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:55pm Cabana Room Enzo and Hayden Hayden asks if matty stays what do they do. Enzo doesn’t care if matty stays or not because they need to get BRit out to. Hayden says they can pull ragan in for a week once Matt and Brit goes because ragan will have no one. Enzo:”I don’t know what this BLANK guy (brendon) will do if it’s matty or Brit we now what to do.. this year a guy is going to win it yo” Hayden: “yeah for sure”. Enzo : “Kathy needs to stop brown nosing” Hayden says he loves how kathy plays she waits until the last day then she starts brown nosing hard. Enzo: “I love how kathy says she would never say anything bad about Brendon because she’s not that type of person..bitch like two weeks ago you were ripping into him like a lunatic” Hayden corrects him it was 3 days ago when he last hear Kahty rip into Brendon. They can hear kathy talking game with brendon in the kitchen. Enzo:”what the BLANK yo why does a floater always make it to final 3 yo… Kathy is going to make it to the end”. Hayden laughs. Enzo: “when i get out of here i want to go to a hotel bang my wife go to sleep and then do the press thing” Hayden wonders what he will do, they both agree to party it up in the bar at the hotel. enzo (joking): “Matty flipped because we sucked and never won anything”. Hayden and Enzo both agree they are playing a great social game and they don’t need to win anything because they are safe and the other players are fighting each other. Enzo says the Live Feeds must be pretty boring lately.

Enzo I don’t trust Brit, Hayden we need to talk to matt and make sure he thinks we’re still together. Hayden’s is worried that MAtt will put enzo and Brendon up if he wins HOH. Enzo i just want to do the ceremony already then we know who is on the block then we can just sit back and relax for a couple days and study.

Brendon joins them and they start talking about who is going up. they all agree that whoever Brit or MAtt goes up it’ll help them in the long run. Enzo tells them that the only thing they have to do is to win HOH next week.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:25pm Havenots preparing food chit chatting about how BLANK being on slop all the time is.

(there is a huge divide now between the 3 have nots and the rest of the house. I wonder if Matt is clueing in on whats going on)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


8:30pm HOH Brendon and Hayden Brendon is thinking about putting Matt up because if he takes out Matt then Ragan will be essentially out of the game. (thats why the brigade said about Brendon) Brendon calls ragan a “Mopey McMoperson”. Brendon thinks that a better strategy will be to take out Brit and leave ragan and matt because they are a visible pair and the house will be gunning for them But Brendon is aware that Rachel really wants Matt gone so he’s leaning more towards that.

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If Brendon puts Matt up in place of Regan, what a surprise he is going to have when Matt uses the DPOV. The expression on his face will be priceless.


yeah, who do you think Matty would put up in his place ? Kathy?


I really hope Matt gets wind of Enzo and Hayden scheming against him. He probably will because as soon as Matt gets nominated, they will assume that he has no chance of staying and will tell him that they are voting to keep Lane. I can’t wait to see their jaws hit the floor when Matt saves himself and sends one of those parasites to the jury house!


If matt does use the dPOV, i m aware he overthrows the HOH, but then, can matt put brendon on the block? I hope so!


YES!! Go for MATT!! I want to see the DPOV used and the see Hayden and Enzo crap in their pants!!!


Amen to that!


Put up Matt so he can use the DPOV, and put up Enzo! PLEASE.
Matt’s probably done with the Brigade. Or at least I hope so. Or maybe Matt/Brit/Ragan can convince Brendon to put up Enzo because he’s such a floater? That would be amazing too.


hay and enzo r not better than kathy as far as floaters r concern. thanks to rach, enzo probably thinks he will win the game and americans fav. she stroked his ego big time. hayden has a final 2 deal with everyone


Thinking about what Rachel will want will be Brendons downfall. He puts Britney up she goes home, he puts Matt up DPOV is used someone like Kathy goes home wasted HOH for Brendon.


why is he even factoring her wishes into this? it seems he has no desire to win this game, only to impress his parrot, er… girlfriend. this dude is straight up LAME…


ok, let’s look at the Scenarios here, because how is it he doesn’t do what Rahcel wants?

1) Ragan uses POV and takes himself off.
A) He replace Ragan with Britney
B) He replaces him with Kathy
C) He replaces him with Hayden
D) He replaces him with Enzo
E) He replaces him with Matt; Matt uses DPOV
I) Matt Replaces himself with Kathy
II) Matt Replaces himself with Britney
III) Matt Replaces himself with Enzo
IV) Matt Replaces himself with Hayden

likely scenario is 1-E-I


Agree, unless something happens to
A) convince Brendon that Enzo is a big fat floater who needs to go
I) expose Enzo to Matt wherein he puts Enzo up
but that seems unlikely.


Yeah, and if Enzo does goes up, this will test Matt loyality to the group. He can save Lane and Enzo so it show his true trust with the brigade, but it will also expose the group too! Or he can not use it and just see if the 3 of them make it to the top. I hope this happens, no more secrets for them!


Matt can use it even if he isn’t nominated. Whoever Brendon puts up Matt has the power to take them down and put someone else up. I would LOVE for him to put up Enzo!


I can’t wait for Thursday night. Brendon, Enzo and Hayden think that they are deciding who is going home this week, when Matt has all the power. It is going to be so great to watch Brendon’s face when he stands up and says that he is changing the nominations. Brendon will probably be bitch for the rest of the week about how unfair it was, how he didn’t even get HOH… I’m going to LOVE it!


I don’t get where it went bad for the Brigade and them wanting Matt out…….because he hangs with Ragean? I mean did they expect him to hang out with them and make it obvious they are together. I wonder if the DPOV trumps Ragaen’s POV.


DPoV can put Regan back up if Matt wants, but why would h?
Enzo is dragging Hayden against Matt because he’s threatened by Matt’s ability to, well, actually WIN SOMETHING!


LOL at Enzo talking about floaters when he is the biggest one!!!




if matt goes up enzo and hay are still going to be pretend they want him there to his face so they have a jury vote so matt wont know they pushed for him to go up. so hopefully brendan tells matt or he hears it from someone else. so unless matt finds out kathy or britney is going and if he does then enzo or hayden will go.


If Brit replaces Ragan I think Matt should use the Diamond Veto, because if Brit has a better chance to win the next HOH. Enzo and Hayden don’t care for Matt anymore, they would put him up.

Dr. Phil

It’s time for Bozo to go run his mouth in the jury house. He is almost as bad as Pig Pen as far as running his mouth and producing zero results is concerned.


From what I remember the DPOV is used to take yourself off the block or anybody else and have the sole vote to evict someone, it was used in Season 4 by Allison


With the Diamond POV, Matt is allowed to take one person off the block and name the replacement. You were correct about the Diamond POV in Season 4; that is how it worked during that season.


i would love for matt to put enzo up because enzo is soooo confident he has it in the bag plus all the brigades faces would be awesome. hopefully matt would say you were coming after me and i had to do it. and they would realize they messed up.


Seeing Enzo put up would be perfection for me to see. But I doubt it because Matt doesn’t know that they are talking behind his back as far as I’m aware

these guest sucks

kat is hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt milf

these guest sucks

com tomorrow for real or stab said that


“Enzo:”what the f*ck yo why does a floater always make it to final 3 yo”

is he talkin in the 3rd person again…. he’s a floater


I think matt is not so souper jenuis…i mean come on the first time he wone HOH he had the chance to get brendone and rachele out but since he is sooo souper jenius He pute up cathy and and andrew


He should put Britney up and get her out now. Matt can’t play for HOH so they can work on him next week. Britney can play for HOH. That would be a smarter move but of course we’re talking about these idiots so that probably won’t happen.


Uh, Brendon is HOH. Which means, Matt plays HOH next week.


DPOV – what does it do – take down two players? or take one off and you get to nominate someone?

if Brandon wants players only – he should replace with Enzo….I like him – but he has done nothing, Lane has done nothing, Kathy has done nothing.