Big Brother 12 Spoilers – A Fractured Brigade Plans for Double Eviction, Enzo: “we’ll have to get our hands dirty now yo”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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4:16pm cabana Room Lane and Hayden Matt joins them Lane: “this game is almost over man it’s getting down the the end” Matt: “As far as i am concerned we have only one comp until Final 4 we need to win the next POV then Brendon will go home its the only way tto take him out” They start talking about taking working Brendon to put up Brit. Matt leaves to Play enzo in the pool tournament. Hayden this is how it’s going to happen, matt goes home this week, If Brit and Ragan win HOH this week they take out Brendon if Brendon wins POV then Enzo goes up. Hayden tells him that Lane and Him have a good chance to final 4. He goes over if Lane wins HOH he can put Enzo and Brendon up and take out Brendon. Lane wonders if doing this will put a huge target on his back if Brendon wins POV. Hayden says it doesn’t matter Brendon is going to put him up regardless. Hayden wants to get all the “smart people” out sooner then later. His ideal final 3 is hayden, Lane, and Kathy

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:28pm Bathroom Hayden and Enzo start to talk about going up to HOH and talking to Brendon together to get it all figured out. Lane joins them, They are trying to figure out why Matt isn’t worried about going up. They start to clue in that Matt isn’t worried becuase he thinks he’ll get Ragan, Kathy and Brit’s vote. Hayden: “Kathy is playing the game bro” enzo knows he says he makes a note to go talk to Kathy every day. enzo thinks that Matt may have made a deal and ratted the Brigade up. Enzo ask Lane if Lane has Brit’s vote.. Lane says he does have brits vote but Matt thinks he does. Enzo; “ohh this is why he feels safe” Enzo if it’s double eviction we don’t need to win HOH becuase thee rest of the house is going to but up brendon but the second HOH we need to win.. Enzo: “we need to make a power move, we’ll have to get our hands dirty now yo” Hayden and Enzo make a plan to talk to Brendon right before he goes to bed so the seeds they plant are fresh in Brendon’s head. Lane says that Matt is with ragan and BRit and matt is trying to make it look like Lane needs to get Ragans vote but Lane really doesn’t. They tell Lane to still act like he’s with Matt, Brit and ragan. Lane isn’t sure he’s worried that it’ll paint a larger target on himself and brendon will go after him. Again Hayden explains to Lane that Brendon will put him up regardless. If Brendon wins HOH he’ll put Lane up with Brit and the brigade still has the votes. (It’s pretty confusing what is going on in their heads I’m guessing they are going to try to get Matt out this week) )


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:19pm cabana Room Ragan and Hayden Ragan is telling Hayden how they need to take Brendon out during double eviction because they won’t have to deal with his bullshit for too long. They are both are amazed how close they are getting to the end especially if its double eviction on thrudays. Hayden pretends to want Brendon out and agrees with Ragan. ragan brings up how crazy yesterday was with Rachel coming back. ragan: “I was so shocked all the blood left my upper body and went to my feet” Hayden: “You did great”. Hayden wonders why Brendon hasn’t talk to anyone yet.. he figures Brendon will do it tonight.

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I hope so bad Matt uses the DPOV so the other Brigade members go oh, BRIGADE, we are 4 tight! I can’t believe they are turning on Matt. I believe Matt is doing all this to SAVE the Brigade. Pushing to put him up so that he can go, um yah I have this DPOV so put up BRIT.


I think they are turning on Matt because they have no idea what he’s hiding. If Matt would of been up front they would understand his game play.


bridget do you know anything at all about big brother, matt is trying to save the brigade, he can not tell he has dpov because he would have lost it enzo hayden and lane are very stupid i hope they all get sent home final 2 matt and brendon let the best man win


Matt has side alliances with everyone! I see Matt gone shortly after he plays the DPOV! That’s what happens when your sneaky and hiding important information from your original alliance!


Matt couldn’t care less about The Brigade other than to move him along in the game. He will start dumping their worthless asses as soon as he feels the time is right. He is using those three and Ragan as long as he needs to. He has NO LOYALTY to anyone but himself. That’s called playing the game. That is exactly why the rest of The Brigade needs to strike first and get him out next week if possible. If they have any chance to win then ideally they eliminate Britney this week and Matt next.

just a thought

ITA, get Brit out this week and Matt next week. However, to get Matt out, the dumbasses need to be able to win something.


i couldn’t agree more. matt IS the brigade. what are they thinking turning on him at this point in the game? very unwise.


you think Matt would choose a fellow Brigade member over Ragan?


The brigade wouldn’t still be around if it wasn’t for Matt. He’s the one who has won HOHs and who got his hands dirty by getting rid of the power duo. Enzo, stupid head, doesn’t think about where he would be if Rachel AND Brendon, the power duo, were still in the house.


Unfortunately……….I don’t think there is enough brain power between Enzo, Hayden and
Lane to win anything important or to do anything significantly to get to the Final 4 !
I really like all of them………….but………………reality bites ! If they get to the end… will
probably be by sheer luck ! Whatever !


LOL @ Ragen

he thinks brenden brings a lot of BS? what about you ragen? yeesh


Use the DPOV and put up Rachel again.


What time Eastern time will this start tonight…. stupid golf had to go over the time slot


Around 9:15


Matt’s hands are dirty enough… from touching himself too much


Best comment I’ve read so far…LOL


lmao, so true

Brendon Fan

Oh Ragan – Really ? Stop thinking your Goldilocks and Brendon is not the big bad wolf. If he is against you, it is because you proved yourself as two-faced to both him and Rachel. For your sake, you better hope that you are successful in persuading the HG to put Brendon on the block again. But for the rest of, let’s hope you’re not and we get to watch you go on the block and your inevitable theatrics . . . .


Enzo is a super schmuck. He’s in love with the fact that Rachel told him that America likes him AND he himself is so two-faced that he’s started to believe everyone else is as well. And he’s allowed himself to get suckered in by Rachel and Britney’s lies.

Even more despicable is his plan to take Kathy to the end….I hope if he does, that the others award Kathy the win.


Enzo is an idiot. Rachel cannot tell him how America feels because she has been sequestered from the outside world also. I can’t believe he fell for that, just stupid. Also every week Enzo is always saying have to do this or that and he never does anything. He an “I’m a gonna” type of guy and never does anything. LOL!!!!


Yeah I totally agree with u red. I am getting sick of watching enzo be like, “Come on guys, WE have to to this next weeek and than do that the next week.” Sorry enzo u mean to say, ” YOU guys need to put up britney and than ragan than matt…get the blood on ur hands…while I scrach my ass and drink a pina colada and suck up to brenden some more. I used to like enzo, in the beginging…cuz I thought he was funny. Now he just gets on my nurvs…win something than start saying that shit.
ALSO brit or ragan OR matt needs to win hoh (if brit doesn’t leave) cuz their gonna get wind blowin’ down on them. When either, hayden, Enzo, Kathy, (i dont know about lane) vote them on the block instead of brenden…I feel sorry for them already!!!!!!!!!!!


The best thing Brendon can do is put up Matt so that way he can use the DPOV and that way the stupid other Brigade members can realize why Matt is acting the way he is. if he doesn’t end up needing to use it, he had better tell the other members so that way they stay loyal for now. Taking Brendon with them is stupid. Taking him is a win for Rachel.


go ahead and put up matt, then he uses the dpov and if he finds out the brigade pooched him, bye bye enzo for being a useless piece of crap


I don’t LIKE Brendon, but I think you’re right. The four you mentioned are the ones left who actually try to win.. either the physical competitions or the ones that require brainpower.


Enzo, Hayden, and Lane aren’t the brightest bulbs but if you heard that Matt was telling people to have Brendon put him up against Lane because he knows he has the votes, well, what would you think if you were those three? Yes, we know that Matt has the DPOV and he is safe but those 3 don’t know that. Yes, I know that Matt can’t tell them he has it but he can’t get mad at them for thinking he is up to something because he, Matt, is telling everyone he has the votes against Lane. That is going to tear apart the Brigade in their thinking for now. If Matt uses the DPOV and puts up another member of the Brigade, that ends the Brigade here on out. I think he will not have the votes in the Jury House. He has to be thinking of that. If he uses the DPOV and puts up Kathy, the other 3 are going to be upset because their plans have been to keep her until final 5. Matt has been part of those plans. If Matt puts up Britney, the other 3 will be happy and Ragan won’t be. If you think about it, Matt is going to lose one side of his alliance either way. He has to pick sides. There is the question. I don’t think Matt has ever been true to either side and is playing for himself just he should be. He is a good player. So, to me that makes the lie about his wife useless and a cheap ploy. I also think that if he makes it to the final two and the others vote for him not on play but because they think he deserves it over the other player (whomever they are) because of his wife, he will be very disliked or hated by the others for using that to get votes. None of them will think that was great game playing. Of course they will not learn this until they have voted. Matt’s lie is nothing like Natalie lying about her age. On top of them learning Matt lied about his birthday. Would you ever be able to believe him? Yes, I know it is part of the game but it is not a necessary move and I think they will think that. They may still be his friend outside of the house but I don’t think any of them will trust him with their car keys after that.


Maybe it’s me and I missed something but Matt never said to anyone he had the votes to stay.


Rockstar, he said it to Britney and she repeated it to Lane who told the others. The guys have been talking about it.


BBgrandma, Britney SAID he said it to her. Do you believe Britney?


Mimimew, it is not a question of what I believe. The point I was making is that the guys have heard it and they are questioning why Matt would be so sure he had the votes against Lane. That has caused them to doubt him. Along with their concerns of Matt hanging with Ragan more than with them. I have no sides in this matter but just trying to say that there may be reason for them to be questioning Matt. Sooner or later the brigade was going to break. Just another point of view without a favorite.


Rockstar, I went back and found it. Look at Aug 15 in Simon’s post titled “Britney says Matt told her that he wants to go up cuz he has the votes to stay and he wants to be the one to take out Brendon”. I didn’t think I dreamed that up but sometimes the pills get to me.


Britney said it but it’s not true. Matt doesn’t talk game with Brit or Ragan.

sickoftheir shit



I totally agree. Matt is one of the best players in the game right now, if not the best. I don’t like him b/c I feel that he is cocky. I don’t like anyone that refers to themself as a diabolical super genius numerous times, but that is beside the point. He is a good player. He didn’t need to use that lie at all and in the end I think people will dislike him and rightfully so. But, I don’t think he came into the game to make friends…..I’m rooting for Brit or Brendon b/c they are the next best. The rest kinda suck.


Well, making life long friends isn’t part of the game. But, I just added that because of how they keep talking about them touring with their band and recording their rap, etc.


When will POV winner Ragan state his decision? They show it on TV on Wed, but usually it happens before.


mad wont use the dpov when hes put up cuz he will think he has the votes, he’s gonna be blindsided


Shit’s getting crazy yo.
Does this mean I can’t say “TEAM BRIGADE YO” anymore. 🙁

mother knows best

Have I missed the part on who knows or is related to each other. That was discussed at the beginning of the game. Any thoughts – Kathy & Brit or Matt & Ragan???


@Mother knows best (lol @ name btw) There are no life long friends in the house. You have 2 realize, that its the SABATEOUR saying this stuff. The whole point of being the sabateour is to mess with people’s head and throw them off. 99% of everything the sabateour says, is a lie. The ONLY thing the sabateour has said, that was true….is “This is the sabateour.” Which is why I dont understand why the houseguests dont realize this themselves and stop freakin out when they get a new message, when they’ve found out over and over again, that everything they say is a lie.


But, MisterMidas, it is like the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf, you never know when it might be true.


I think I heard from the houseguests in the house that the POV Ceremony is sometime on Monday


Hey did rachel get to talk to brendon before she went back to jury house


Im kinda confused about this DPOV thing, if matt uses the DPOV will he use it at the POV ceremony or on eviction night ????

can anyone clarify???


The brigade has pretty much floated all this time. I would be rooting for one of them
to go home this week. If Brendon had any sense, he would put up two of the brigade
members to guarantee one goes home. Matt is not going to use his diamond POV to
save his fellow brigade because he is saving the Diamond POV for himself as
his protection. This might be obvious but, if one were to take a piece of paper and
write down who people wanted evicted, you would get a picture of who is aligned
with who aside from the obvious ones like Britney and Lane. Relying on what they
tell you is a bad move. Brendon probably can be a strong contender so, he better
figure it out fast! Trust no one and figure out who is allied with whom so that, you
can make a good decision on who to evict. Imagine if you know or have an inkling
of the brigade alliance, you would nominate 2 of them for eviction and then, if one
wins the POV, backdoor the other one. You guarantee one of them goes home.
Drop hints of double dealing and betrayal and you can make sure alliances fall
by the wayside. How I miss Evil Dick who was very good in sowing intrigue.


i hope Brendon ( crap) Putt Matt up
and Matt use the DPOV to save himself. and put Enzo UP
that way he wil break the bridgate,,,get with BRIT, Ragan…and those 2 has really changes to win the POV and take Brendon and hayden ( the 2 most stpuid people in the house)/


I would like to see Brit, Ragan and Matt togrhter.
They would defienty put all the flother left out esaily ( hayden, enzo, brendon, kathy and lane)


Calm down

Previously on big brother

Regan dosent deserve any of this money he didnt do anything like wtf at least Annie did some stuff!! Like that actually desvreved the money!!