**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt will give his Jury vote to Brendon if he’s in the final 2

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:00pm Cabana Room Matt and Ragan Ragan is saying it is important how people play the game their integrity and sportsmanship. Ragan thinks there is too many players you just sit back and let the game happen. Matt tells him about his conversations with Hayden and lane and how they may want to split the vote that way the it’s up to Kathy to decide since she’s the swing vote. Ragan is sure Kathy will vote to keep Lane, Matt agrees. He thinks his only chance is to convince the 2 guys to vote to keep him in. Matt: “The argument has to be very compelling otherwise why would they want to lose a jury vote”. Ragan asks if that means convincing Hayden, Matt says of course hayden is the one you want to work with he’s honest and sensible, Enzo is a goof ball. Ragan: “is it slimy to say in a final 4 situation which one would we take with us” Matt: “I don’t think that information if useful for hayden.. Hayden knowing that information isn’t a horrible thing… there might be a way to imply it to hayden”. Ragan suggests that they start to point out that there are people in the house that are very popular (enzo) and they would be difficult to beat in the final 2. Matt: “I’ve heard hayden and lane say that enzo has the 25 grand”. Ragan starts to talk about Matt leaving and how is he going to survive, right now he’s not sure what he’ll do. Ragan: “the only person I would feel comfortable to work with is Hayden.. but i don’t know”. Ragan knows who he will not work with he will not work with Brendon or Kathy. Ragan asks if Hayden initiated the conversation. Matt says not really the pretzel talk started the conversation. Matt: if it weren’t for the pretzel incident brit would be on the block because Hayden and enzo tried hardcore to get Brendon to put her up”.. Matt says he’s been telling the boys (hayden mostly) that if he’s left in the house he will be going after Brendon, matt: “I win competitions and if i stay Brendon will be going done in flames”they head to have nots

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:13pm have nots Ragan and Matt Ragan says he’ll have another talk with hayden tonight, Mat thinks they should wait till early tomorrow. Matt understands what is going on, he knows they may be voting him out. Matt: “This season is full with lackadaisically people”. ragan agrees: “we need to ask them a question what move did you make what did you do… hayden needs to visualize what did I do” Ragan hopes that some of them will figure out that they may not win the money if they do nothing all season. Matt: “hayden asked me what if BRendon makes it to the final 2 with anyone… I told him I would give him my vote I hate him but everyone is against him and if he can survive he deserves it”. Matt adds that he was asked the same thing from Lane. Matt points out that he’s packed every week since he’s been in the Big Brother house because he’s either been HOH or on the block.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:45pm Ragan working out

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:10pm Pool tournament

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:03pm If something worthwhile is said i’ll post it

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LOL! I will give my sperm to Allison Grodner if Allison Grodner can cheat and rig this show enough to make Brendon in the final 2.

just a thought

Dude, she doesn’t need your sperm, she can make her own!

I am the saboteur

Allison Grodner does not need your sperm because her repulsiveness has forced her to develop the ability to reproduce asexually.


allison/cbs was notified of your crappy comments. just so you know.


Hahahaha….CBS notified. STFU, pussy.


You tattled to CBS?!? You can’t be serious


seriously get a life and quit writting stupid comments about her. you must be seriously obsessed with her or such a loser you have nothing else to do. i have resisted commenting on your immaturity until now but its driving me crazy.




Not me. this is someone using my name. Isn’t there a safeguard about using a name already taken? I’ll ID the imposter whenever I see they write something.


Hopefully you blacklisted them by email address and not user name. I’ll soon find out when I see whether this post is accepted or not…LOL. THANK YOU, SIMON!

just a thought

LOL Ragan working out, LOL!


I hope we see fireworks tomorrow night! This season needs something explosive that we have yet to see. If anyone can do it, it’s Matt!


Goodness, I mean Thursady night!


Is Matt wearing dpov in front of people, looks like it in the pic


Really? Did it look like they were holding real grenades before, too?!? Wow……


Uh huh huh huh huh, didn’t see the grenades nerd


it’s photoshopped in or something….like most of the other pics of Matty 🙂


if you really thought the grenades and the dpov(which i cut both in photoshop for simon) was real you REALLY need new glasses…. and just to humor you if he was wearing the dpov in front of everyone he wouldn’t be able to use it


Okay dickheads I’m looking at this on my phone, can’t tell Photoshop from a cock in your mouth so go hug a nut celestial and anonymous


I’m looking at it from my phone as well, dipshit. Maybe you need a new phone


If Brendan wins Big Brother’s new slogan will be “So easy a Caveman can do it”.

just a thought

Where’s the like button when you need one. That was funny!




hahaha good one.


that is a good one.


Comment of the season 🙂


It’s not ptonounced “caveman”, it’s pronounced “neandraTALL”


That was great… I LOL’d!


hahhahahaha awesome!!! thanks for the laugh!


LOL!!! Perfect!


You win a prize with that one! LMAO!

just a thought

I’m with you on that one!


I’m thinking Brit is going home this week.

Common Sense...

Very, very true…


i think if Matt uses the DPOV – which I am pretty sure he will. plus, this week is the last time he can use it. The Brigade as we know it will be done.

Matt has always been a little shyster(sp) – you cannot be in alliance and keep things from them. But he is out there for himself – which was proven when he did not put up Rachel and Brendon the first time he won HOH.

If he is smart he should be Enzo or Hayden – I say Enzo – because lets face it the man is funny – but he has done nothing. Nor has Lane. Hayden at least has won HOH.

Thursday should be a fun time.


Did Hayden actually “win” his HoH?


Yes….but by being on a team….without those other people he would never have been HOH


I hope she does, but you don’t think he’ll put up kathy?


he will put up whoever the producers tell him to put up


Hypothetical question:

Brendon and Kathy in the final two, who will win?


I think Brendon. They’ll figure he’s had the biggest target, but survived, so he deserves it more than she does.


yeah I’d say Brendon too I mean Kathy was too busy being a floater she hasn’t shown us her sheriff moves. I mean what did she say the other day they didn’t teach this to us in police academy! She’s too busy agreeing with everyone n floating around to win things! She’s just playing the house n not the game right!


If Brendon’s in the final 2 he deserves to win!

just a thought

Wow, that is a tough one. I think as much as everyone rags on Brendon and doesn’t like him, he is playing a more visible and stronger game than Kathy (I almost said respectable, but you can’t really say it is, but maybe compare to someone doing nothing but brown nosing?)

Go Brenchel!

Brendon because he has TRIED to win. Kathy is just sliding along.


Evidently everyone dislikes Brendon (primarily because of Rachel), but no one respects Kathy because she is awful in comps and doesn’t appear to be playing the game at all. It’s always difficult to know what direction the votes will go, but in this case I believe they would vote for Brendon’s better game play.


when is he allowed to use the dpov? wednesday or during the live show?

I am the saboteur

You mean right before eviction, right?


You mean before voting.


could someone please give me the link again thatt was posted within the last 2 days of the picture of Rachel and Boy George. Thank you in advance.


It’s on the right hand side of this page.


Enzo is such a fool. He makes me mad. Initially I had great respect for him for pulling the Brigade together and keeping it together and hidden for so many weeks. Brooklyn should know about loyalty. He accuses others of getting in too deep with their side alliance assignments yet he’s the one so far up Brenda’s butt he actually wants to take him to final three now and so delusional that he believes he can beat him. Enzo should be spending the same amount of energy keeping the Brigade together, strong and secret rather than trying to tear it apart. I have always wanted to see just such an alliance go the distance, but now I DO hope Matt sees the writing on the wall and puts him up on the block.


I agree with you, I liked him in the beginning as well, but now I hope he gets evicted.


I’m also a little amazed that Enzo is so lost in his own dreamworld. He complains that Matt and Lane are “too deep” with their side alliances, but they have both held strong for weeks. Enzo and Hayden didn’t make past a few days before they started jumping ship. Too bad… it would have been great to see the 4 of them make it to the end.


Everybody needs to let Enzo know that if he floats to final two with Brenda he’s not getting the votes. That’ll shake up his game.


hehehe ragan works out like i do……………….


You mean you sit on the bench and cry too? Looking like he’s contemplating suicide.


Does anyone know if they’re still pulling HGs inside if there are banner messages?? Simon? Dawg? Anyone? I for one think they should be able to see them, it added a little to the game.


Thanks, Simon


Allison says that “no banner planes are allowed.” However, cargo planes with food shipments and blimps are permissable!


I was annoyed by the AG fat jokes at first, but you’ve worn be down and now I am starting to chuckle at them. You guys are nothing but persistent.


🙂 As for banner planes: if they are spotted, the ominous BB voice comes on and orders they all go inside immediately. It happened in one of the last few seasons. I think Evel Dick’s season, but I’m not sure. As for what happens to them if they refuse to go inside, I don’t know since no one has ever disobeyed them. They’d probably get put on slop, or possibly be forced on the block as a nominee. Unless Allison Grodner thought they’d be good for ratings if they stuck around.


When David Hasslehoff’s “Roast” was on the other night, Allison Grodner tried eating her TV. She should buy one of those 3D LED TVs next, that way she just runs around her living room chasing objects with her mouth instead of actually gnawing on the screen.


Banner: “Matt’s wife NOT SICK!” If that ever was flown over the house then Matt’s game would be over.




why would enzo be crazy to think brenden doesnt win in a jury vote between enzo and brenden? it makes a ton of sense…look at survivor, sour grapes all the way through til they were able to watch it on TV….same wil lhappen here…its a VERY EMO jury…and enzo would easily win as IFFFFFFFF brenden made it final 2, he would have slayed quite a few of them


If Matt takes the easy way out and puts up Kathy..then he deserves to go home.
This is his chance to make a big impact on the house.


No sports on CBS Thursday!!!


If comments on here bothered Allison, last season would have been played differently. She doesn’t care.


They really need to give the HG something else to do besides pool it gets very boring. I suggestion lots of booze and a Wii at least we could laugh as they get hammered and try to beat one anouther in Wii Boxing..


There won’t be anything surprising this Thursday. He will put Brittney up and she will be screwed out of a chance for $500k. If he wanted to surprising everyone he would put Enzo up but he already said he’s 100% with the brigade. And he won’t put Kathy up even though she doesn’t deserve to be there. Matt knows everyone wants Brittney out so he will put her up so he doesn’t piss off the house. This is the most boring season ever. Everyone just votes with the house every week. Enzo is a joke. CBS only shows the funny side of Enzo but if they showed the Enzo we see on the live feeds and bbad America would hate him. Brittney is gone because that’s what the house wants. That’s been the theme this year. I love BB. I watch it every season but they casted a bunch of boring people who don’t want to stir anything up. If Matt was smart he would dump the brigade and team up with Brittney Regan because there the only one who can win anything. Other then them Brendan is the only person who won anything. Hayden won the firsdt hoh but that was more of a team effort. So watch for another boring Thursday and watch Brit walk out the door


Hayden and Enzo plan on telling Matt that they are going to vote him out right before the eviction ceremony, don’t you think this might piss him off?


Enough to put up Enzo, hopefully, and Enzo goes home with Brit, Ragan and Matt voting to send him to Rachel. Hell, Hayden might even vote to send him home with no time to think things through. Enzo has no class and needs a course on table manners! His eating habits rank right up there with the most disgusting I have ever seen on BB, and that is saying a lot after Michelle and Gnat from last season.


Sadly, I agree. This season has had a few funny/dramatic moments, but once Brit is gone (this Thursday), we have the Brigade, Kathy, the Neanderthal and Ragan. Ooooh, so exciting. I hope to be proven wrong, but I doubt it.

Yae Dum Dum



Do you guys really believe the show is rigged? I have been watching since the third season, and I have never thought that…..what evidence is there? I think the DR sessions may give insight to the cast (for example, this season when production tried to clue ragan into the brigade, but he did not bite)


Ragan talking to Matt about playing with integrity and sportsmanship – priceless!

Jewish ninja

Ragan talking to Matt about playing with integrity and sportsmanship – priceless!


Why does Matt always have his stupid hand down his pants when he’s chilling out. He’s a goober.


And the stupid houseguests do not realize it, and then he goes and gets a snack or touched the fridge. Gross!!!


touches (sorry, grammar bothers me as I was an English teacher)


As much as I do not like Brendon, if he is in the Final 2, and that is a big IF, he deserves to win this thing, considering that he dodge tons of bullet…. Also, the only people who I think deserves to win in this thing are Matt, Britney and to some point, Ragan…

give me a break

Brenden would deserve to win over all of these players the only other one that comes close is Matt and he has no morals for what he said about his wife.


I think they don’t really like Brendon because of his behavior while Rachel was there. He seems like a very insecure man. It shows that looks can be very deceiving. He’s more tolerable to watch now that Rachel is gone . But when he brings her name it up like he’s playing for the both of them it makes me want to get a crazy jacket and insist he put it on.

So I wonder if Matt is starting to realize that Enzo and Hayden have defected. I can’t tell by the conversation. I’m just crossing my fingers that he realizes it in the next day or so. I really hope they tell him about their plans to vote him out before his uses the DPOV. Because I don’t want him to put up Britney. It wouldn’t be in his best interest to do so anyway.


I’m sure Matt is going to use the DPOV. Is production going to tell the HGs to tape a good bye message to everyone? I guess it would look normal if they are doing a double eviction but do you think the HGS would get suspicious about a secret power if they had to make a good bye message to everyone?

Regan's A Dick

Matt having his hand in down the front of his pants is a sign to Ragan that all’s well in the land of Twigs and Berries. There’s got to be ‘something’ going on between those two, either they’re brothers or former lovers !


Ragan working out? looks like hes just sitting on his ass to me lol