Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo’s new name for Brendon “Number 3”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:00pm Cabana Room Brigade Enzo I got a new nickname for brendon he’s number 3 .. becuase he’s third in line on the evolutionary chart. Hayden says that Brendon told him he use to teach snowboarding up in the hills. They’re all laughing about how Brendon always has something to say when you bring up any subject matter. Hayden says that Brendon told him that he use to squast 500lbs decided he didn’t need all the extra muscle because he was never goig to play in the NFL. Enzo bring sup Brendon’s “weird” body says it looks like he has a c-section. Enzo move onto to Brit, he impersonates her during the last HOH comp when she was telling Lane to “keep going lane”, Enzo thinks her pale face is gross enzo: “get some sun now would ya… Turn around let me see your body i don’t want to see your face”.. They start talking about the saboteur and it’s messages, Enzo thinks the sab is either America or Rachel. The rest of the brigade seem to agree… feeds cut

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


3:40pm backyard Enzo and Lane Enzo mentions that Matty’s been asking people if they have the power yo, Enzo: “He’s starting to get desperate”. He tells Lane they will tell Matt he’s going home right before the eviction. Enzo brings up Brendon and how he can’t stand him, Enzo: “He’s got twinky filling for a brains.. he wants to be a doctor, a lawyer what the BLANK.. that guy actually thinks he’s safe next week”
lane brings up that Brit is trying to go behind his back. Enzo says that Brit is the biggest BLANK left in the house, he calls BLANK on ragan saying that Matty should stay becuase he diod all the work for the house. Enzo:” I don’t care if you’ve won 4 POV’s I want the house filled with people on my side I don’t care what they’ve done” Enzo: “me you and hayden are the brigade and we have one HOH but we’re still this far, competitions don’t mean BLANK yo look at Jordon she didn’t do anything until the end”. Lane: “brit is a little snake if it’s between brit and ragan which on do you want out?”
Enzo: “brit, ragan is a stand up guy… i actually wouldn’t mind it if he won” Lane agrees says ragan complains a lot and is annoying but he sticks to his principles. lane: “brit is fishy everyone has to watch out for her”. Enzo: “I’m telling you need to watch out for her who knows what she’ll be saying up in HOH to brendon”. Enzo says he can’t stand brendon he hates how he talks but he knows Brendon isn’t coming after the brigade so they should just leave him alone for awhile.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:45pm Cabana Room Matt and Hayden Matt wants to know who Hayden and Enzo are going to keep this week. Hayden tells him they will know on Thursday, hayden will tell Matt then so he doesn’t feel blindsided. Matt brings up the pretzel message and how he wishes he would of known before the POV meeting. Matt and Hayden agree that BRit is talking too much and she’s painting a giant target on herself. Matt brings up the special power and he thinks America will vote for who gets it, matt is sure that America will give it to Enzo, Hayden agrees. They wonder who America likes in the house. Hayden thinks Lane is a favorite, hayden doesn’t think Ragan is as popular as everyone thinks because of things that he says.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


4:33pm Backyard Lane in the pool, Matt and Brit near the pool talking about how long the rope was during the last HOH comp. Quiz competition studying dominates the conversation

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203 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo’s new name for Brendon “Number 3”

      1. Brendon cut a deal with Allison Grodner. She doesn’t know how to swim, so she’s going to pay him for lessons at the jury house. Expect another tsunami sometime soon.

      1. Hahaha, so true. Seducing Allison Grodner really sucked. A dinner and a movie gets pretty expensive when her food pyramid is big enough to have been built by Egyptians, and she demands buying 5 movie tickets for a showing so that her and her popcorn have plenty of room.

  1. OMG – Has Enzo heard of SKIN CANCER?! People who’ve tanned, esp the face have much tougher, wrinkled skin as they get older. Why do you think movie stars wear big hats & stay out of the sun? I think Brit is beautiful! Much more so than YO, BOZO!

    1. I know from experience that not everyone can tan. It’s not like they’re on Jersey Shore, anyway. Pale people rock! LOL

      1. Yeah, the only reason I think enzo is saying those rude comments about Britney is because hes jealous and scared of her game play. Lets face the facts Britneys a damn good player. I know I know she can be 2 faced sometimes. But just look at her game play. Thats why I think hes saying those comments cuz he knows he cant beat her and the only thing he can do to her that will let out those frustrated emotions is to bad talk her. I personally think shes a beautiful girl. And I dont think shes pale at all!!!! they should see the people in Canada lol (JK) or see meee lol. but I really do think thats why enzo’s being like that. ORR maybe hes just a dick and only likes the snookies of the jersey shore. Im not a hater of tan people either. Or pale. Everyone has their own beauty right (oh god im so cheesy)

        1. I’m from Canada. The reason we’re all so pale is because it’s too cold 10 months of year to even go out doors let alone sit in the sun to try and tan… The other 2 months you can find the men trudging through the mud to the Northern store to stock up on dry goods and salt. Why salt you may ask? It’s used to preserve the moose meat we keep in the under ground storage room out back. The women are in the bush picking blue berries which are dried and eaten with the salted moose meat. It’s a hard life up here but I wouldn’t want to live any where else !

    2. And, age spots when you age! I grew up outdoors and boy do I have them now. I try to pass them off as freckles……..not working, tho.

      1. I’m one of those people that if you locked me in a closet for the whole month of July, I’d still walk out with a major tan.

      2. Gravity and now age spots! i guess getting old ain’t for sissies! I can deal with the gravity, I am use to my ass hitting the floor before my feet in the morning, but age spots? I need to start wearing a Burka!

            1. Coco, Simon is really busy tonight. You follow up on those false comments and we will help you out from here and call out that individual.

              1. Thanks Gma. I appreciate the offer, but Simon appears to have bounced the imposter from the site. I guess that’s why they ask for your email address when signing up. It makes it easy for Simon to distinguish between real posters and bogus ones.

                1. I am glad Simon took care of that for you. I think it must be the heat but everybody is getting a little onery on here today. Lets hope it cools off tonight.

    3. people do tend to look better with tans…I am from the northeast/tri-state area and tanning is very popular here, there are a good number of guys like enzo who wouldn’t think britney was “hot”, i think she is cute but i know a lot of people where i love who wouldn’t find her that attractive bc she (and her physical characteristics) don’t represent the regional ideal…but i do not advocate tanning at all

    1. I’m not even sure if there really is a brigade any more. They have a name, but they are all working seperately. Matt with Ragan, Enzo and Hayden w/Brendon and sometime they include Lane. Lane and Brit. It’s the weirdest alliance! I’d love to see the DPOV used to blow that whole thing apart!

      1. When Matt uses the DPOV he should put up ENDzone or HayDONE!!!!!! Expose the Brigade and say since they were going to send him home instead of Lane, that the secret 4 are no more! I can’t wait until Thursday’s eviction, when he uses it at the last minute and there is no time for people to stratagize and make deals to be safe the next week, Everyone will have to just vote on the spot. At least I hope thats how it will go down.

        1. Matt needs to start planting seeds of doubt in Lane’s mind if he wants to go that route. Get Lane suspicious that they could have pulled some strings to get them both on the block, then when he pulls out that DPOV he and Lane can team up.

      2. Yes it will – Matt uses the diamond POV, names Britney or Enzo and the war really starts and if we are lucky, maybe BB12 GAME??? It’s been too much of a bitchy season. No fun at all, compare to pass years.

          1. Your point? What, it was cool for Al Bundy to do it, but not Matt?

            Matt is the hardest working, BB player. Look at the moves he makes: Not putting up B&R the first time kept him safe from both them and the fake brigade. Then he puts em up to show his alliance what’s up, then they toss him under the bus when he’s the only one keeping them safe. The alliance is a farce and he’s the only one in it that sees the end game.

    2. Hopefully Ragan trips over Brendons gnarly toe on his way to the table with his delicious eggplant tv dinner, falls and stabs himself in the eye with his fork, gets airlifted out and we get to watch Britney, Matt and Kathy sit around the table and cry about how great he is and how he prayed eveyday for them…even Brendon, Britney has a major melt down and is forced to leave..

    3. Yo the Bro-gade has done nothing make dream about what they need to do from week to week, but doing nothing about it—-they are ALL talk, except for Matt. Matt’s showmance partner, Rogain, is soooo weepy, DUDE!

      I’m going to vote for Andrew to win the Fan Favorite money at the end of the game, for real.

    1. Me too. I’d like CBS to space out the telecasts more. Too much time from Sunday ’til Thursday, and Simon has us so up tp speed. Even people on the site seem to get bored and either ask the same questions over and over again or start arguing over minutia. But I guess it does build the suspense.

    1. He talks like an idiot. He’s trying to fake a “wise guy” persona. He’s so cool. NOT. I’m from NJ and he’s an embarassment. And he is the worst in all of the competitions. He’s always the first one to turn on people or lie to them. All he does is talk smack. I want Matt to take him down.

  2. Doesnt these people have something more intereseting to talk about that isnt Brendon or Rachel???
    Stupid Enzo AND Britney

    1. Tony, you are absolutely right!…like their life revolves only at Rachel and Brandon. Enzo is boring as hell, I can’t wait for him to be the replacement nominee

      1. Jay, lets tone it down just a little. I like to see you involved but maybe just a litte less shock factor. You are funny and I enjoy you on here but you are getting a little too rough today. It’s hot outside.

        1. Hey Grandma, I think Jay is a pimple faced kid who is trying to get some attention, or sickof shit changed their handle and is back unmedicated and ready for another break down.

          1. Canadian Fan, if it is meds Jay needs, I have plenty! Jay, maybe one of my downers? I’ll cut it in half first and see if that works. I don’t want you completely out, yet. But, I will have the other half close by just in case.

        2. Hey BBGrandma I hope you are having a better day today. I always enjoy reading your comments. And to Jay – listen to the grandma – she is a well respected site favourite!

    2. they are still talking about Rachel being the Sab as if she is still in the freaking house!! So no they don’t. They should thank Rachel and Brendon because it has kept them from ripping each others throats out, they were the only source of entertainment this season and that is very sad.

  3. Matt is catching alot of crap b/c he is the only one in the Bridgrade who is playing the game. hopefully he is as smart as he claims and sees through Hayden and Enzo and puts one of them up and votes to evict them… create an alliance with Lane/Britt and Matt/Ragan

  4. The longer Enzo stays in this game doing NOTHING the less I like him. He’s just as bad as Brit and Ragan who fixate on B/R all day. Now he’s fixating on Brit. Loud mouth blow hards can only use their words as weapons as they are incapable of anything else. I wonder why he feels he’s the only one in the house who has license to talk crap behind someone’s back? I wish Production would do something worthwhile for once and plant in Matt’s ear the suspicion that Enzo is the one leading the evict Matt campaign.

  5. Do we still not have an avatar for Ragan? How about a Ray-Gun shooting, like the SAB would shoot everyone, except it blows up in his face. Kind of like a Gilligan.

    Oh, you know, put that white hat on him and he could be Gilligan!!!!!

    1. Someone on a previous post suggested Kazoo from The Flinstones. You know the little magical guy that followed Fred and Barney around. I liked that suggestion, LOL!

  6. I can’t understand for the life of me why in the hell Hayden & Enzo are talking about getting rid of Matt when they haven’t done or won a damn thing but ride his his back, I wish Britney would stop talking about Brendon so damn much she makes me think she has the hotts for him, hell I wish she would stop talking altogether! Lane is just as Lame as they come, Kathy is a space cadet, Ragan & his raggedy ass is annoying i used to like him but he’s turned into Britney jr, All their asses will be in for rude awakeing when Matt uses the DPOV!

    1. Hayden and Enzo said it in convos about do we tell Matt, not tell Matt. If they decide to tell him they are voting him out they will tell him because there is no way they would win against him. That is really why they want him out.

  7. Man…what’s up with this Brendon bashing?!! Brendon is obviously a whiny little dbag but come on…he’s alone in this game!!! Why is everyone so afraid of him and just bitching abt him. I’m almost feeling sorry for him. This season’s gameplay has been awful. No blindsides, no great moves, no nothing. Hopefully Matt will grow a pair and put up Britney as his replacement nom on Thu and vote her out. At least THAT would be a major move. If Kathy goes up, wow…well that would have been the biggest waste of a DPOV ever.

      1. at this point…matt is trying to be a game player / make bigger moves / not let america down with the dpov / and keep the brigade as well as ragen.
        because of this he will put up brit and not waste it on kathy–but–if hayden and enzo tell him they are voting him out that may cause him to put up enzo.
        he believes enzo will get americas 25,000 vote and he trusts hayden more.

  8. Am i reading that correctly? Lane was bad-mouthing Britney? I guess if she isn’t going to give into him he will throw her under the proverbial bus. She is dead without Lane making sure The Brigade is looking out for her. I LOVE IT!

    1. I am pretty sure he will because Matt feels that Enzo is the saboteur. Plus, it looks like Enzo been eating too many Hersey bars in the sun. To use the DPOV on Kathy is waste.

    1. Cause Simon has wicked photoshop skills..First time I see him do It i was the same as you going “what Matts allowed to wear the DPOV in plain site??”

    2. Ummm….because Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto. It is a photo shopped picture… isn’t like he wears it around the house since that would make it void.

  9. Enzo:” I don’t care if you’ve won 4 POV’s I want the house filled with people on my side I don’t care what they’ve done” Enzo: “me you and hayden are the brigade and we have one HOH but we’re still this far, competitions don’t mean shit yo look at Jordon she didn’t do anything until the end”.

    Little does Bozo relize that if it wasn’t for matt winning HOH for the rest of them they might be so coasty as they are.. I wounder how he will feel if its double evection and he dosn’t win HOH or POV how coasty he will feel then…

      1. Enzo wants to be “put in a ***** ring with Ragan” so he can punch him in the face and win POV.

        Wow Enzo getting down to Brendas level now why am I not surprised..Why not try a reading comprehension test and see how well you do? Oh why do I even ask..

  10. would love to see matt and brit in the finale. only 2 that are doing anything. only reason enzo and hayden and lane are where they are now is b/c of matt. Duh!!!

    1. I have a feeling Lane is going to kick into gear now. I think it was strategy for him to sit back this long, then try to dominate later in the game. Enzo and Hayden are expecting to vote Matt out, then ride Lane’s coattails to the final 3, or until they see fit to get rid of him because he’s a threat.

      1. Lane has joined the pity party in the backyard with Enzo complaining that the game isn’t rigged for athletic people so I’m not sure if he will kick it into high gear or not. I think sometimes it’s a cop out when they pretend to be throwing competitions to trick us into thinking they didn’t just f-up!

        1. He did better in the last HOH than he’s done in any competition so far, so I think it’s true in his case. He didn’t want the target, but now everyone has a target on them since there are so few people left. I predict a win out of him soon.

  11. SIMON, Jay is a little too nasty. Don’t mind the off color but he is way over the edge. What do ya think? Don’t post if you don’t want to.

        1. yea simon jay is way crossing the line. he is being vile and crude. please give him the boot. i think jay is trying to emulate enzo.

        2. I think you might lose a few of us if something isn’t done soon about Jay. No rhyme or reason for his comments. They are dragging this site down and you and Dawg deserve better.

  12. I am a Matt Fan. The more Enzo talks the madder I get. He has done nothing in his game but talk about how well the Brigade is doing. The only one who has done anything is Matt. I would like to see Enzo go.

  13. Enzo I got a new nickname for brendon he’s number 3 .. because he’s third in line on the evolutionary chart.

    Bozo know this because he’s first in line on the chart … Bozo also pick 3 because thats as high as he can count..

    1. I was calling Enzo a neanderthal BEFORE the incident with Brendon and Ragan ever happened. He is the missing link, please Matt evict him.

  14. Is it me or is imposible to find a favorite this year. I have watched every season and always have somone to root for, not this year. I cant figure out who the lesser of the evil is. I would just love to see their reactions when they get out of the house and read all the comments about themselves. Britney and Reagan thinks America loves them…they are in for a rude awakening.

    1. I’ve felt the same way all season. I just can’t get emotionally invested in any of the HGs. I could care less who actually wins, but for some weird reason, I can’t resist watching.

    2. Dawn, I have had a problem with a favorite this year, too. Does that mean I like them all or I don’t like any of them? I just haven’t found the one I really want to pull for. Maybe when they get down to two.

    3. no clear favorite and its kinda sad, because it made the shows interesting. ED was americas favorite and he was evil nonetheless. jeff used his power to shift the house. dan was going to vote to evict jesse anyway and it changed the game. hard to find one, because there is only one alliance and it sucks. its an alliance of one, matt, with three supporters

    4. You really have to wonder what the criteria is for getting on BB…. and what moron sifts through the applicants picking out ingrates like this years bunch. There’s got to be more interesting people to choose from considering the population of the US is approximately 306,000,000…… Oh well, beats watching “Dancing with the Stars” or “So you thought you could Dance”….

  15. at this point i say F*ck It and Just Put Alll Their Asses Up!..none of them are worth winning…I have watched EVERY Eposide of BB from the very first one, this is the worst shit I ever saw….good thing I get showtime BBAD free for the 3 months or id cancel in a second…Just end it all…BANG BOOM BAM…

  16. Its funny cause they sit around and say they have watched previous seasons, but none of them seem to be able to figure out that of course matt got something if not money then a power…they all seem clueless to the game. and i would be shocked if matt made a power move and voted out anyone but kathy.

    1. I still think Matt could walk around naked wearing only the DPOV and the others would still be hard pressed to figure it out.

      1. If Matt did that then the HG’s would get to see just what it is he’s “strumming” when he has his hand down the front of his pants…

    2. I don’t want to here anyone complain about jordan winning anymore, because jordan played a better game than any of these people

    1. If Matt pulls it out of his pants then they shouldn’t acknowledge it and disallow him to use the power. I’m sure that Matt has plenty of room down there for the D-POV though…ask Ragan. SAY WHAT?

    2. that would be so funny. i mean he has hand down his pants abt 75% of the time anyways
      too bad it would never make it on the air

  17. i hope matt actually does make a power move and put enzo up. If he is smart that is what he will do. that way enzo goes and then hayden and lane only have each other and brendon will be going soon anyways. and if it is britt and matt in the final 2 matt will win.
    enzo is such a hypocrite talking abt how britt runs her mouth and gossips, um enzo u do the exact same thing the only difference is you have a jersey accent
    the meow meow needs to get the voted out of the house right now now. serve him right to have to spend a whole week w/rachel.

    1. I still think Lane would team up with Matt if Enzo left because Matt has a higher possibility of winning HOH’s and he doesn’t want to be put up.

    1. It has been said over and over again…NO! The D-POV allows Matt to replace ONE nomination. The Coup d’tat power that Jeff had last season is the only power unveiled in BB history that allows BOTH nominations to be replaced. THAT was a game changer that paved the way for Jordan to win last season. Matt can only replace one person…presumably himself.

    2. Don’t think so Cat. He can remove any one up on the block(incluing himself) and put whoever he wants up to replace them.

  18. Yea, anymore I cant figure out who is actually in who’s alliance. they all talk crap about each other everytime someone leaves the room. Im getting dizzy trying to figure it out….lol.

  19. Well, for all you dudettes who would like to know about Lane’s privates, I seen his cousin Steven’s, and unfortunately not everything is bigger in texas. He’s got a needledick!!!!

  20. read this on another BB site “*Matt is pissed that BB didn’t catch the message that Rachel left behind in the HOH room. (Pretzel sticks that spelled out “Matt”, indicating that she wanted Matt evicted this week.) BB told Matt that they’re re-evaluating the rules for future seasons.”
    looks to me like rachel took some pointers from gnat(from bb11) on finding ways to cheat in BB we all know she did that on at least 4 occasions(including key hanging comp)…..

    1. Okay, I’m not a Rachel Fan but you have to admit that was pretty clever. Might have just cost all future pretzels in the house.

    2. This was also in this update or the previous one as well. Someone mentioned how the cameras zoomed in on it, so there is no way production wasn’t aware of the message.

    3. BUT even tho Rachel spelled out Matt with the pretzels – how could she GUARANTEE that Brenden would be the first to see?

      Did he return thru the Pandora door or the BB front door?

  21. Enzo is one of those kind of guys you can take in small doses. But, after awhile he wears on you. So, you take another pill, or down another drink, or just pop him. Enzo, sweetie, shut up or I might have to send Jay out there for a visit with you. Let’s all have a drink!

  22. they all sit around and say brandon is dispicable, and makes them want to vomit in their mouth. now if you were going to the final two would you want to go with someone everyone likes or thinks is dispicable. they cant seem to figure that out…. taking a buddy that everyone likes is a stupid move.

    1. You are correct. Unfortunately you are assuming these people have ANY intelligence at all. They would be smart to take Brendon or Kathy to the finals with them. Nobody likes Brendon personally (mostly because of Rachel) and noone respects Kathy’s game. Anyone in the top 2 with Kathy will win for sure. Anyone against Brendon has a 75% chance.

  23. He can use it on just himself or he can use it on him and Lane. And nominate 1 or 2 more HG (if he decides to save Lane)

  24. QAZ, could you please explain what AG did to Brendon??? You implied that she dumped all over him. What exactly did she do to him??Please explain.

    1. Well I told her she needed to repent for all her BB sins over the years, so she converted to Christianity, but I never actually thought she’d read the bible. When she found out that Noah built a giant ship and trapped two of every animal in it, and that the ship disappeared and people are still looking for it to this day, she just went crazy. She bought a bunch of maps and started spending all day in the BB house Diary Room talking to Brendon about swimming lessons once he left the game. I didn’t even have time to seduce her or steal the house keys so that I could sneak in and get nude pics of Britney. Trip was a total disaster. I blame God.

  25. I dont see how leaving a pretzel message is any different than matt going around and hinting about the power constantly..when he was actually told not too. i would love for them to take away the power, but of course cbs is not going to do that.

  26. Matt sure is quick to say someone has a special power. How specific were the rules about the D-POV? Did it say he can’t say HE has a special power or can he not talk about it at all? He is walking a fine line here and maybe BB will not allow him to save himself. That would be hysterical.

  27. for God sakes, would they put an end to Enzo…what a yappie , unhappy son of bitch.
    He is no good and is just a lazy bump of trash….lov to see ENDzo on Thursadt.

  28. Question….when Jeff used his power last year, was Chima then eligible to play the next HOH comp? I can’t remember, or did she get kicked out before having the chance?

    1. Chima was not eligible to play in the next hoh, in fact michelle won the hoh and she nominated chima and natalie for eviction, that’s when chima was practicing for the pov and she just lost her mind.

  29. Its too easy to keep writing nasty things and then changing the user name to continue.
    To the child being obnoxious. GROW UP!

  30. Why is every one down on Brit she is playing the game. all the men hate her cuz she is playing the game. kathy is a back stabbing lier. Matt should put up enzo and haydone. Enzo talks bad about every one he is much worse then ragan and brit put togetter.

  31. Whoever gave Rachel and the house the word that Meow-Meow is soo popular?? Since when? Every poll I see rates Britney and Ragan as most popular. Meow-Meow is 4th or 5th down the list. He is a complete LOSER and a jerk who has not one anything and stands little chance to win any comp. For him to say is doesn’t matter if you won any comps or not he still deserves F2–what a friggin joke!! Is that how he justifies why he is still there? How sad!! The guy is an illiterate jerk!!!

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