Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden wins the pool Tournament

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:33pm Brit asking Ragen. She asks if it gets cold in Hollywood during halloween. Ragan: “you can walk outside with you shirt off on Halloween”. Brit brings up that it doesn’t rain much here, Ragan says in texas it rains a lot “the rain will pick up a house and move it” brit asks ragan about his mother he says she lives in Houston, his mom lives close to the galleria. Matt walks by and Brit says “Matts getting all hollywood on us he’s getting tanned he’ working out. Ragan say he’s hit his psychological wall this week. Brit: “I got my second wind”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:44pm Hayden wins the Pool Tournament Brit tells him it sucks that theres so few girls because now she can’t talk about how bloated and gross she feels. Hayden starts to paint his name in the trophy bowl.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


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BB10 was better

Just watched BB10 a couple days ago, much more interesting season.


Omg yessss. So much better! I think BB is running out of ideas. makes me sad.

Dr Poopy Pants

Wow that’s saying a lot because Dan was pretty much the only interesting character.


Yea…ive seen all the seasons and this is by far the most boring. Just a whole lot of trash talking going on this year. Rachel might have been annoying but at least she kept the place jumping….didnt have to just watch pool tournaments all night…lol


So true!! Not a Rachel fan, but in the 24 hours she was back in the house there was more going on than the remainder of the week combined. I haven’t even turned on my live feed for the last few days because all it ever seems to be is pool, Ragan crying-pouting-bitching, people calling Brendon names, and HGs laying around like zombies. Oh, or the same freaking Brigade conversations I’ve been hearing since the season started lol.


bb9. that’s all i’m gonna say.


Ragan would be much cuter with a different hairstyle! Just thought I’d throw that out there, lol.


I agree.this season is spool boring. No one wants to stir things up. Everyone votes with the house. I don’t get it. Thursday will be another boring and predictable Thursday night. Matt will put up Brittney because that’s who everyone wants to go home. So he doesn’t cause any problems, Matt will put her up and then we will have another week of the 2 biggest floaters in bb history (enzo and Kathy) to deal with. I live how everyone (especially Brendan) wants the floaters out and the players to stay in the game yet they want Matt and Brittney out. Lmao. What has Enzo done to make Brendon think he desereves to be there? I think these have to be either the dumbest players in history or the weakest. Matt needs to grow a pair and put up a brigade member and team up with Brit and Regan. But he won’t. He’ll put Brit up and once again it will be another boring week. I wish someone would fly a banner over and tell Matt that the brigade has turned on him and to get rid of Enzo. I’ll pay for it.

Dixie Doll

NOT! he will put up Kathy. he’s been gearing up for it all week.

Dr. Phil

Yes, Bozo is pretty useless. I’m tired of his mouth and superiority complex, but it would be great to hear what he has to say as he’s walking out the door on Thursday. The way it needs to go down is Bozo and Hayden need to tell Matt they’re voting him out, everyone then cast their votes, Julie reveals the results and says Matt has been evicted, and as he’s getting up to leave he can say ‘Julie, I have something to say’. He then pulls out the Diamond Veto, puts Bozo up, everyone votes Bozo out, and we all get to hear him whine. As soon as he gets out to Julie, she can say ‘Why are you crying? This is Big Brother, yo.’ If that happened I would LMAO harder than I LMAO’d when Ronnie the Rat was busted last season.


You know I wouldn’t mind if Enzo went up, he’s pretty much useless yo. As long as a Brigade member wins I’m all cool with that. But I’m leaning toward Matt for the win, even if he lied about his wife. Bling Bling Yo.


I don’t get why Matt doesn’t win all the pool touraments He plays pocket pool all day so he should be a pro by now..




WOW!!! where is everyone tonight…its as boring as the bb house….ha ha


the worst part is…

enzo actually said the other day that the POV or HOH should be a pool tournament….and yeah, he was DEAD serious…

while everyone watching wants to ban it from future seasons…poor chess board is building dust

BAB - formally BB

Simon, Did Ragan just slip a letter under Enzo’s pillow?




Hmm.. I bet Enzo will freak out after that! Can’t wait to see/hear what it says!!


Hope Matt does put up Brit for some excitement. In any case, to see the jaws drop when the DPOV comes out, will be great!


Got an idea. Don’t let Ragan pick sabotages.


i cant believe America cant come up with some exciting sabotoges… i liked when Dan was Americas player and we got to tell him who we wanted him to vote for or get everyone to go against…this crap with ragan is just plain lame..then again I cant figure out why he got voted on to do anything but cry and whine.


matt claims to be a genius…so if he puts kathy up,that would be the dumbest..lame move and a total waist of the dpov, he doesnt deserve it unless he makes a power move. we need something to shake that house up, and keep us awake. I spend most of my time fast fowarding throught bbad to find any glimpse of excitement.


When did Regan turn on Brit………………………………………….


Ragan turned on Brit??? What???


@Dixie I hope your right. I would love to see that floater Kathy go home. I can not stand her. As soon as Brendan wins hoh she goes up there and says she cried and couldn’t sleep because rachal was gone. And then she tells rachal the same thing. She makes me sick. If your right I will be surprised. But I think Matt is so hung up with the brigade that listening to them always say they want Brit out will make him put her up. But I hope I’m wrong.


Whoever Matt puts up goes home versus Lane:
Brit (Enz/Hay/Bren)
Kat (Matt/Ra/Brit)
Enz (Matt/Ra/Brit)
Hay (Matt/Ra/Brit) – Though this is the least likely option. If he goes for a power move against the Brig, think it will be Enzo. Think Matt trusts Hay more than Enz and probably suspects Enz is behind getting Matt out. Don’t think he gives Hay that much credit.


Sorry – Bren doesn’t get a vote this week, so the votes against Brit: Enz/Hay/Matt since he puts her up… Since he can’t “strategize” re: DPOV, he can’t get her buy-in for Matt-Ra-Brit alliance beforehand.


Also Kathy said she is keeping Lane so she is sure to vote out Brit along with Enz/Hay.


Why would Matt puting Kathy up be lame?? The lame thing is to keep Kathy in the game. She brings nothing to this show whatsoever. She is boring and the biggest floater. Puting Brittney up would be lame because that’s what the house wants. All these people do this year is vote for whoever everyone wants. No one wants to cause up a stir. That’s why this season is so boring. Now if Matt was to put Hayden or Enzo up then that would be a bold move but he won’t do that. He already said he’s with the brigade 100%. If he puts one of them up then that will make my jaw drop.


whoever is complaining about this season being boring, maybe all of you need to get a life and save the excitement for the actual episodes only. were you all laid off or something?


Hey janellefan. It’s called having an opinion. If you don’t like people who are free to give there opinions then go live in north Korea or Iran. I’m sure if you could afford showtime or the live feeds you would watch.


you are right, i can’t afford it. “that” is the reason.

huey bear

Why doesn’t someone get a picture of Ragan’s dick for all the gay guys out there?


yes please i would enjoy that:)


I find it touching that Ragan is so upset that Matt may be leaving. Say what you wll about him, he has issues for sure, but he is a loyal and true person and he is genuinely upset for someone other than himself. Enzo, on the other hand, has to be the most annoying person. With all his noises he makes and that thing he does with his mouth…..makes me ashamed to call myself meowmeow!


that last picture ..i culdnt tell if it was matt or ragan =/