**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt is the replacement nomination DPOV here we come

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Lots of new things have happened over the past 12hours check out The early morning Big Brother Update and the Late Night Big Brother Update
11:42 Kitchen talking about how there is no competition today and the saboteur tells complete lies.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:49AM cabana Matt telling Hayden that there is a power out there and anyone in the house will use except for Kathy and Brendon. He wants the Brigade to be kept a secret because if Ragan has it he’ll use it one himself and if Brit has it then they’ll safe Lane. Enzo walks in and Matt tells him theres a power out there and they need to keep the BG a secret, Matt: “It’s not over until I go out that door.. Keep the dream alive” Matt asks them if they are still going to split the votes. Hayden and Enzo say they will be Matt: “This is the week it usually gets used” Matt tells them it’s his only chance is to hope the power is out there and the person uses it. They agree that America must have voted 2 weeks ago because only Brendon or Rachel would of used it last week.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Ragan joins Hayden and Enzo in the cabana room tells them that Brendon had approached Matt and offered him a deal to not put him up on the block or backdoor him and now he broke that deal. Enzo: “there you have it that guys word is worthless”. Ragan tells him that Brendon was trying to make a del with ragan so that if Ragan wins HOH he would only be able to put up Hayden, Lane or enzo. Enzo: “Yeah theres nothing fair about this game yo the more you play it the more you know this game is unfair”. Ragan: “I just don’t understand why Matt is getting punished for doing something that everyone wanted to”. Ragan leaves.
Hayden: “I feel bad”
Enzo: “I know i love Matty”
Lane walks in enzo and Hayden tell him about Matt thinking there is a special power and they need to keep the brigade a secret. Lane agrees they have to keep quiet.

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174 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt is the replacement nomination DPOV here we come

    1. BRENDAN IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STUPID. I think cbs fixed it to be that way. because all of a sudden the brigade wants matt out, who told the brigade anything about matt DR was planting doubts so they could urge brendan to put up matt. that is also why rachel came back.

      1. Yep Yep. Totally agree. I said the same thing in a post. I stopped watching the broadcast show weeks back and just read the updates, saving myself of countless hours. LOL :)

      2. Of course. The sab thing is a total flop. The only other big thing they have is this DPOV, and they can’t let that flop too. What are they going to do … hype it and then just let it fizzle? No. They are going to get their hands in whatever they have to so they can make sure it is used. They need something to excite the viewers. It takes so much away from the premise of this game knowing the extent to which it is “fixed” in so many areas and on such a regular basis.

        1. saying Brendan is stupid is a stupid statement by itself. Just because someone here is blogging EVERYTHING, and here we are outside the fishtank looking in and knows everything what’s going on. Did you ever realize before saying Brendan is stupid -that they are cut off to outside communication. No one outside the Brigade knows about the brigade. So everybody is stupid?, selecting Brandon not figuring it out is easy to say. THINK before you type your opinion here. It makes you look so STUPID.

      3. At least this way Matt has to use the DPOV, and Brendon now has a chance at winning POV next week. If Matt still had it next week, Brendon had no chance.

        1. Its gonna be like when Andrew left the house. Only this time Matt is gonna get up and take himself off the block and put someone else up instead of exposeing a secret showmance. Matt is gonna have to keep making sure the brigade is not blindsided which he has started doing. By by Britney.

          1. I figured Matt would use the DPOV and then put Kathy up on the block, that way Lane has the votes to stay. Do you really think he will put Britney up?

      1. Brit needs to stay another week. Her target is definitely Brendan and Matt is ‘in’ with her. I’d put up Kathy if I were him which should recement his position in the Brigade too.

    1. I agree!!! Why isn’t there any eavesdropping??? Matt, Ragan, and Brat need to start lurking if they’re going to get the upper hand in this game!!!

      1. Yes that was my thought as well. They should be eavedropping at this point. They should realize things are getting twisted.

      2. I agree about the need for them to start eavesdropping.
        However when Brittany was doing it a week or so ago the anti-Brit people jumped all over her saying how sneaky she was.
        I guess for B/R lovers it is OK for B/R to lie about hearing Hayden/Kristen smooching (when they actually didn’t hear them), but it is bad when Brit listens. Hypocrites.

    2. i don’t think he will because he would never get there vote if he makes it to final 2. no one else in the house is hated more than him and brendan, and he won’t take brendan to final 2.

      1. I don’t think Matt is hated. Matt is feared by Enzo, Hayden, and Lane because they know they can’t control him AND that he’s smarter than them AND in the final 2, several people might be swayed by the illness of his wife — which they all seem to believe! Even if he still is being duped by the the brigade, he’s smarter than them because they WERE golden with him in the brigade but they bought Rachel’s paranoid lies.

        1. it has nothing to with controlling him, it’s a matter of trust and they don’t trust him. if he makes it to final 2 with anyone other then brendan he will not win. Everyone else is more likable than matt. They will start telling each other what matt has said, and they will begin to question if he’s lying about his wife which would be the only reason they would give it to him. Meaning they wouldn’t give him squat if he made it to final 2 if’ it’s up to them.

    3. The safe play will be Brit and Kathy. That should be close. 3-2. Ragan, Lane and Matt for Brit, Enzo and haydon for Kathy. Lane could swing either way.

    4. Matt is so sneaky, he was telling the brigade they should remain a secret. I will bet just about anything when he gives his speech to use the d pov he will out the brigade himself. he is so sneaky like that.

      1. Matt told the brigade to shut up and not out the brigade when he defends them once again. Matt is sneaky for the brigade but they are against him

  1. I hope he puts up brit otherwise….

    biggest waste of a power in the histroy of the BB house goes to matt for evicting KATHY.

    Im sorry, but if you drop the lady who will get zero jury votes instead of a dangerous person like brit who is a threat to the brigade alliance….its just a bad move

    if hes smart, he takes out brit, keeps his side alliance with ragen, and will be sitting pretty with only brenden coming after him in a week when he cant be HOH

    1. Actually, if Britney, Ragan, or Matt win the HOH, the others are up a creek without a paddle because they need Kathy’s vote. Kathy is the best person to get out because she can be gotten out without anyone, unless pretending, to be insulted, because they’ve all said that she doesn’t deserve to be there. By getting out Kathy, Matt also gets to keep his loyalty to his brigade….and it would be up to Enzo, Lane, or Hayden to put up Matt — which would make clear that there was NO brigade left and Matt would come after them. If Lane wins HOH, he’s not putting up Britney. Britney isn’t going to put up Ragan. Hayden and Enzo are the only ones (if Kathy is gone) who would put up Matt, Britney, or Ragan….and then they’d have them all coming after them. And even if Enzo has really been giving up on all these competitions, I don’t think he’s smart enough to win 2 of 3 in the next 3 weeks.

        1. Exactly!!! I’m rooting for Matt to get wise to the brigade dumping him.. which he should soon figure out in the house while being on the block. Then Matt, Brit and Ragan, might be able to storm through taking Lane a little further too. Kathy OUT! Brendan, Enzo and Hayden should be sweating this one. : )

    1. the WHOLE house is stupid. how is it matt says things and EVERYONE believes him. Ragan,, Hayden nor Enzo has questioned him (yet) about this special power he’s talking about. I am surprised production has not called him on it. if it’s supposed to be a secret he is doing everything he can to expose it. he has diarhea of the mouth.

  2. AG has gone too far with this. it was clear that brit was going to get nominated after ragan talked with brendon but he was called to the DR afterwards. why cant they let the players play for themselves?

    1. they CHEAT, i had a feeling they were helping brenchel with quiz comps, guess i was right they step in when they feel ratings about to drop, the same with brendon’s hoh he was moving so fast because the knots was lose for him, ane he made it like he had problems….. i knew all along brenchel was not that good at the game how shitty they played in the house they were getting help but rachel made the problem to big for them to fix……. just like last year’s BB and Survivor seasons they FIXED it for the FLOATERS

      1. heres what i think happened, production heard how the house was voting and wanted whoever stayed to get the hoh. so then they decided to put up this endurance thing where no one but brendon could’ve done extremely well,
        lane-too big
        hayden-too narcissistic
        enzo-read above
        brit-tiny girl
        ragan-read above
        -and kathy.. really what could she win if caramel kicked her ass

        1. I forgot about the caramel. That was hysterical watching her lay helplessly unable to move for what seemed like hours while her team lost…LOL.

    1. I am sure Matt will put up Bozo. He knows they have shifted away from him and something is up. He knows he can count on Ragan and Brit.

  3. Hopefully someone will gloat to Matt about backdooring him before the vote so that he puts two and two together. If so Thursday will be just as great as the night Jeff used the CDT last season!!!

  4. yes yes yes! i think i bet he’ll put up enzo/hayden or Kathy.he i dont think he’ll put up Brit since they are in the same place game wise.not a smart thing to do.

    1. NO way!! Just wait – it’s Britney he’s targeting. He would NEVER use this sort of power to evict the likes of Kathy. Britney needs to go in order to keep the Brigade strong. Once she is gone the Brigade can then regroup and get the rest of them out of there.

      1. Um, there is no brigade. There really never was. It was just a fantasy of Enzo’s and Lane and Hayden and Matt just played along. The only reason they are all still there is because Matt has won HOH twice and he threw the first HOH to Hayden. The power behind the brigade is and always has been Matt. Enzo and Hayden would keep Lane over Matt. They are going to tell him they are voting to keep Lane on Thursday so he isn’t blindsided. All that is going to do is tell Matt what he needed to know about their loyalties. They would rather keep Lane than him because they might be able to beat Lane at something. They are too scared to try to beat Matt. Matt needs to keep Ragan and Brit and team up with Lane. Then they can pick off the traitors, Brendon and Kathy.

  5. Brendon is really the only one making any interesting power plays. This was a gauntlet thrown down to Brit, Ragan, Lane and Matt – with no apologizes. If nothing else I can appreciate that from Brendon, makes things interesting.

    1. How so? Did you see something on the feeds? For me, it was predictable because Rachel wanted Matt out. Now, let’s see if Matt can make it interesting for the rest of the week trying to make everyone think he is worried about going home. It should also be interesting to see what Hayden/Lane/Enzo do and how they act during this time. I am sure Ragan will be besides himself and trying to save Matt, LOL

      1. I agree. It would have been a power move if Brendon had a secret alliance with Matt –that would be the most powerful. And say what you will about Matt, he keeps his promises. He’s still loyal to the brigade. He kept his promise to not put up Rachel and Brendon and kept his promise to be a pawn when Rachel was HOH (Rachel was the one that blew that cover — he told her he’d have to act upset and then she was freaked out that he was upset.)

      2. Power Moves aren’t Surprise Moves…they are just a big step in the game, not taking out a powerless pawn like Kathy. Compared to everyone else who has put up people I would qualify this because Brendon put up Lane which was stirring a hornets nest on a person who has never expressed any interest, then he put up Ragan someone who was in a previous alliance with and is a total crybaby in rallying sympathy, now he put up Matt after shaking that he wouldn’t backdoor. These are all clear messages that Brendon is against these people and not trying to sugar coat it like other ppl have in the past.

        1. I understand your POV (point of view) now. Wasn’t getting it before. I guess since I know about the DPOV, it’s not a power move. I didn’t think putting up Lane was one either. I really thought he would go with Brt/Ragan. Brendon and Rachel def didn’t play the game to make friends and have their own strategy I don’t fully get. Yes, I know they want competitors and people who will fight and get rid of the floaters, but sometimes floaters are good to have around.

    1. Enzo is no more of a threat to win comps than Kathy is. These people need to keep worthless Enzo & helpless Kathy in as long as they can. I would nominate Hayden and let the HGs send home either one of The Brigade members (Lane or Hayden) on the block.

      1. I think Enzo is more dangerous than he lets on. He hasn’t won anything, but I have never seen him try. He seems to be holding back to keep his hands clean. I think that if he is left to final 4 or 5 he will start winning. Now is a good time to get him out.

  6. Now it will get good my friends. And I agree that Enzo needs to be nailed to the wall. He is the biggest floater beside Kat!!!!! BRIGADE OUT (YO)

  7. although possibly he’ll think he wont need to use it since the brigade made a pact that if two are up the other two just vote opposite eachother and ragan and possibly he thinks Kathy will vote for him.thats what im hoping for though its so unlikely

    1. That won’t happen. If that happened, then Matt would be ok that Lane was going home. Matt doesn’t want Lane to go home — he thinks he’s in an alliance with Lane still.

  8. SHUT THE F**K UP MATT. The fact that he is saying that crap will make the other HGs suspicious and he’ll lose any trust he has when he whips that thing out.

    I wonder if the DPV will allow him to put Brendan up…

  9. This is what will/need to happen. Matt needs to act shocked and stop playing this bullshit cool as ice game. He needs to go and pretend to secure votes and pen Hayden/Enzo down and see where they are voting and why…maybe they will leak something. Also, throw in that they have FAILED him when he has won…make them feel bad, taunt them for a reaction. I bet one of them will leak and say something like “well you’ve been hauled up with Brit/Ragan this is your doing to yourself, yo”. Hammer drops, end game for Enzo.

  10. Surprise Surprise. NOT !!!!! BB is not going to put into play a powerful game changer and then not use it. Just like they are not going to fail on this 2nd Sab attempt. They failed the 1st time which is why they made sure Ragen won the POV becasue they knew if Ragan didnt win he would be going to the jury house, no doubt about it. Also the DPOV would not have been played because Matt would not have used it on Ragen. So if they didnt intervene this week they would have had two “planted” powers lost and never played. THEREFORE they are manuvering things so it will plays out just like they want it……. Can you say “PREDETERMINED SCRIPTED SHOW” say it with me now….:)

    1. i know,AG has gone too far with this. it was clear that brit was going to get nominated after ragan talked with brendon but he was called to the DR afterwards. why cant they let the players play for themselves? and i bet rach didnt leave any msg in the pretzel, bb did

      1. easy solution when things dont go the way
        YOU want them too……

        throw hands up and say
        “it’s rigged”

        bull crap!

        yes, i m certain production allows stuff to happen to enhance the show, but until you can provide proof it’s rigged, then quit bitching and stop watching the show then……..

  11. Ok, Enzo needs to go. I liked him in the beginning but he isn’t really playing the game, just busy running his mouth. If Brendon is so concerned about floaters he seriously needs to get Enzo or Kathy out…Please tell me what have they done to contribute to the game, but run their mouth???

    1. hes totally played the game

      hes one of the few smart enough to realize that in your away message to a JURY MEMBER you might want to just continue to BS them as they are….A VOTE

      1. You lose all credibility when you say the word “enzo” and “smart” in the same sentence. I think everyone attempted to do that to Rachel because she is a jury member.

        1. Really if Matt does turn on the Brigade, his game is over, the whole Brigade will vote against him for Treason’s sake (which is likely why Brendon is going to work with Enzo and Hayden). Brigade votes are up for grabs if E/H/L can’t get to the final 2.

        2. wrong actually

          the only true honest “looking” ones were hayden and enzo…so they ARE playing that smart…

          and what would you think is smart for enzo to do? brit is with lane…ragen is with matt…brenden IS TWO JURY VOTES with rachel combined…why the heck wouldnt you use him while you can?

          you lose credibility when you spend time focusing on things that will end in ZERO jury votes

  12. Matt is THE smartest player in this game…by FAR. There’s no doubt in my mind that he will put up Britney. Evicting Kathy will implode the Brigade – getting Britney out of there ensures the Brigade remains strong.

    Plus – once the DPOV is used – the Brigade will then understand why Matt has been a bit distant. He wasn’t allowed to mention this power…Matt is loyal to the Brigade – and the rest of them will see that by POV Ceremony!

    1. Negative. If he were the smartest player in the game, he wouldn’t be running his mouth about the “special power”. All that is going to do is make the HGs distrust him even more after he pulls it out. “Yo, he had that thing yo and he was tryin’ to play it off like America voted for it yo. Yo he must have got it when he opened Pandora’s box yo.”

    2. Thats what i said earlier. No way he will throw away a strong hidden alliance that has gotten him this far and will get him to final four. He knows EnzoHadden are throwing him under bus but that doesnt matter with his dpov. After this is used and Brit is gone Brigade is stronger than ever

    3. Matt has always said (was it in his HOH blog or DR sessions?) that he needs to know when it is smart to distance himself from The Brigade. He said he will use them as far as he can, but the challenge is to know when to throw them under the bus. This could be the perfect time to do it since he has the ultimate power (D-POV).

  13. Please put Kathey and Britney up! I guess he won’t put Britney up, since he was laying in his bed listening to Brit and Regan speak. O well…bye bye bye bye Kathy!

  14. shut up Matt. Shut up. Rachel got her ass in trouble because she couldn’t keep her botoxed tongue from blabbing, now it will happen to you if you don’t shut up too. Shhhhh…

  15. he has to think jury votes as using this he will lose 2 for certain R and B…..however if he uses it to rid brit, they may think of it as smart gameplay…no one, NO ONE will think getting rid of kathy is smart, just moreso shows hes a liar and good at it…it makes him an instant target

    those saying “he and brit are in the same place so it makes no sense to take her out” yeah no…thats exactly WHY he should take her out…he needs to cut her out of the picture to continue toplay both sides…

    his best case scenario is brit leaves then brenden next week to his doing, followed by ragen taken out by someone else, then he keeps ragen’s vote….problem is the brigade cant win an HOH

  16. BB needs to do something so Matt sees the brigade is turning on him or else the power is gonna go to complete waste when Matt puts Brit up and screws himself over…I really hope he gets smart and uses dpov to putt up Enzo

  17. Watcher,
    I am starting to appreciate Brendon more now too. I think he is a different person without Ratchel.
    I hope Enzo goes home so bad. I am beginning to like Ratchel better than Enzo, he is just nasty.
    Can’t wait for matt to throw out his big DPOV, this is going to be good.

    Brigade is OUT!

  18. Enzo and Kathy have done nothing to contribute to the game. Especially Enzo. All he has done is to back stab and run his mouth.

    1. And start a 4 person secret alliance. And make friends with everyone in the house. This IS still a bit of a social game, isn’t it?

  19. Matt is telling that to Enzo/Hayden/Lane because he wants to plant the seed that there is a ‘power’ out there, which he will use but later tell everyone he only JUST got the power when he goes into the DR. Its actually pretty smart. They are dumb enough to believe it.

    1. He will tell the truth about the power. Everyone will understand, just like everyone understood about the CDT last season. Some people hated Jeff for using it, but they all understood that he couldn’t mention it.

  20. guarantee kathy or brit goes home… most likely brit. matt will not go against the brigade yet. too many people will be after him (brendan, hayden, lane, enzo, kathy). mark my words… brigade is still 4 deep yo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. has anyone thought that Brendon is lying about what he did when he opened up Pandora”s box?? Remember Matt was not allowed to tell what he received, that might be the same here. They had to tempt Brendon with something good, otherwise I don’t think he would of opened the box, after all, Matt’s box unleashed the sabteour, and Matt said he only got one dollar

    1. Yes. Why didnt the houseguests question him on exactly what happened when he was gone? He obviously got a prize and Roach was the punishment. Like Duhhh. What did he get?? It sure in the hell wasnt just a massage like he declared.

      Personally, I think he was taken to a clinic for tests and pencillin because Brit was saying yesterday that Roach’s tampons really stink bad. I am a woman so I can only surmises that she has something going on because that is definately NOT NORMAL!

  22. Matt winked at the camera or maybe he winked at me. OMG, my nerves. I’m seriously going to have to be medicated for the next few days. OMG

  23. I guess is he uses the DPOV and Brendon replaces him with Britney and she will go home. WHY NOT KATHY! oh that’s right she’s kissing ass to Brendon ever since he WON HOH!

    1. I think is Brendon who will name the replacement. Is not a CDT isa DPOV he can uses whenever but it is still a POV the HOH replaces the nom.

      1. It will NOT be Brendon. The card said the holder of the DPOV will have the power to remove one or both nominees and replace them with his (the holder of the DPOV) choice.

  24. Unless Matt finds out that the Brigade is turning against him, the DPOV won’t create much stir. That stupid alliance of the Brigade is shit – except for Matt, they haven’t won anything (fine, Hayden won HOH first week but nothing since)

  25. I think Brit is going to be the casualty this week mostly because of her mouth. When she thought she would be joining her best bud Lane as the original noms this week she was starting up a campaign against him. With Lane on the block against Matt she obviously is going to campaign hard against Matt and when Matt has to decide who will fill his vacancy on the block he may decide she is the one that needs to go. If Matt really wanted to end the Brigade and send Enzo home he would probably just openly admit to the house about the Brigade and see where the chips fall. I have a feeling he is going to use the DPOV to save himself and use it as a sign to the Brigade that he is committed to keeping them four deep. The problem with the whole secrecy of the DPOV has been is that Matt has been careless in telling non-Brigade members that he wouldn’t be worried about sitting on the block with Lane because he has the votes to stay. That stuff filters back tot he Brigade and makes them wonder about his loyalties.

  26. I thought the note told Matt he could lose the power if he told anyone about it, he is telling the bregade that there is a special power out there. that is cheating and they should take the power away, this game is so fixed and I am sick of it.

    1. He didn’t mention anything about the DPOV – he just said there may be a special power that America voted on and that they should keep their alliance a secret.

  27. It seems to me that the Brigade will come out of this just fine. Matt is telling them all to keep it a secret. Assuming they don’t completely blow up and get into arguments, Matt will simply take himself down and put up either Kathy (if he doesn’t want to rock any boat) or Brit (if he thinks he can have Land understand). That person is voted out and the Brigade are still 4 deep. I believe all the Enzo talk etc. is just wishful thinking for the season to get a little more interesting. If the Brigade stands tall, there is really zero drama until final four.

    1. Wouldn’t it be great to be a fly on the wall in the jury house if Britney goes though. An entire week of Rachel and Brit together alone in the house LMAO!!!!

      1. Brit and Rachel will kiss and make up and be best friends before the week is out. Then, who ever gets voted out next will either be a Brendon or someone Brit is close to and then she will shift again.

  28. Once he gets rid of Bozo, there is only Hayden and maybe Lane (which I doubt) in the Brigade. I think Matt is no longer with the Brigade and is with Ragan, Brit and possibly Lane because Lane will see that the power is staying with Brit, Matt and Regan.

    1. i agree with you. hes only really going to lose hayden if he votes out enzo. Cause lane may dislike what matt did…but he has to side with britney/ragan/matt in order to stay alive in the game…cause hayden sure isn’t going to win hoh.

  29. I am starting to really like Matt! Did he just wink at the camera knowing that he is safe? Haha – this guy in uncontrollable! ;)

    1. No he actually winked at me.. hahaha I just scared the house by squeeling. This is fun. I hope something good comes out of all this but none the less, Matt is safe and I’m ok.

    1. Wait until Matt pulls out the DPOV. So what is Matt actually saying about this power to the other house guests? I don’t have the feeds.

  30. These are the scenarios as I see it:

    1. If Matt truly trust the Brigade and doesn’t suspect a thing, he will vote out Brittney. The Brigade previously decided that Brit and Ragan were next out because they are the biggest threat. (Likelihood High)

    2. If Matt suspects the Brigade or feels that Brit/Ragan is more likely to win comps over Hayden/Enzo/Lane then he will put up E/H, solidifying his tighter bond with Ragan/Brit. PLUS if he really wants to keep Brit/Rag over Brigade he needs to get rid of a BR member because they are gunning for Brit/Ragan as next to go. (Likelihood med)

    3. If Matt wants to pretend to play both sides he will choose Kathy, however, he must realize this is going against Brigade wishes AGAIN (first HOH noms). This is the most unlikely scenario because I think Matt still feels solid with the Brigade and this will cause some major suspicions on his part since they decided to keep Kathy for final 5.

    -When Matt votes out Brittney it will put Ragan into a tailspin and cause Matt to reveal his Alliance, because R won’t know what is going on. Ragan is still technically a floater so he can cry all day but Matt knows he will still come home to papa, until its curtains for Cryfest.

      1. this is really not a likely scenario if he is still tight with Brig, which I honestly feel, to his detriment, he is. sad but true. He thinks he is going to make a power move for the Brigade. If he backdoors kathy then the Brigade (rightfully so) would be mad at him….I don’t think Matt is that dumb.

  31. matt wont use the dpov cuz he still thinks the brigade has is back, hes going to be blindsided and voted out, way to go cbs u suck this year, u never should have told them there was a sab in the first place till at least week 3.

  32. I SAID ALL OF THIS WOULD HAPPEN since I knew the Regan won POV and Rachel came in to taunt the house. And let’s be honest, that’s about all her visit amounted to, a lot of posturing and taunting.

    I said Brendon would put up Matt. I said Matt would USE the DPOV (duh-lol). I said Brit is going up and she is. Brit is going home. I felt like this COULD BE Kathy’s week, but my gut kept telling me Brit is a goner. Say goodbye to blondie. She gone.

    Last thing I said, the Brigade is STILL together and ain’t done yet.

    Watch it unfold. Folks on here AND the houseguests let Rachel’s little foray into the house get the better of them AND thier imaginations. Ya gotta see the bottomline.

    Yeah, I am a wee-bit proud of myself, IF, IF it all works out like I’ve predicted. I have been wrong many, many, many, many, many times before too. This game twists like no other.

    Brigade Power Baby. 4-Deep STILL and 4-Eva!!!!!!!

  33. Can the DPOV only be used to take one person down or both? And if it is used, can Matt put both of the noms up or just one? I forget what the stipulation is.

    Also love how Matt is bringing up this power now that he is on the block. Don’t those other houseguests see that or are they just that dumb?

    1. The DPOV can only be used to take one down and put one up. I am sure it will work the same as the Jeff’s power from last season where the HOH and POV Winner cannot not be nominated. So the replacement noms would be either Enzo, Hayden, Britney, or Kathy.

      So far, it looks like Matt has not figured out that the BG is trying to get him out and from the last bit of comments posted, the BG seem to feel bad about it now. If they keep their play secret, whoever Matt puts up in his place Thursday will be all voted out by Enzo, Hayden, Matt, and Regan.

  34. You folks really aren’t paying attention are ya? The Brigade is now going to SHINE. Enzo, Lane, and Hayden have only TURNED (and not that much really) because they couldn’t figure out why Matt was acting all shifty. Well now, that comes out. They will see what he was hiding and he will tell them WHY he had to hide it.


    He’ll tell LANE, he would have taken him off had he not been nominated and they’ll ALL believe it because they will know he couldn’t keep the DPOV IF he told anyone. Be creative folks and SEE the whole board.

    This is exactly WHAT THE BRIGADE NEEDED TO HAPPEN. It’s what Brigade fans WANTED to see happen.

    It’s all good and Grenades are flying everywhere now.

    4-Deep Yo. Kiss it. Lick it. Touch it. Rub it. Taste it. Love it. Brigade Power Baby!!!!

  35. Don’t forget they are still one player down, so there must be more twists. There can’t be a double eviction without bringing a player back in. We might get to vote on who they bring back in. Also, does anyone wonder if Matt is wondering if Brendon got a veto of some type

  36. Why is everybody up in arms about BB controlling the show? It would be pretty damn boring if they didn’t do anything and just let it play out the way it played out. I don’t think they do anything more than they feel necessary to keep the game interesting. And I think Matt will put Brittany up. If her were smart he would take Lane down too so he would keep the Brigade strong. If he took them both down he could replace them with Brittany and Kathy and then let the house decide who goes home……which I’m sure would be Brittany. By doing that he would prove to Lane and the Brigade that he is loyal to them….even if he isn’t.

  37. Upon further analysis I’ve decided that even if Matt suspected the Brigade was gunning for him he would just play dumb and try to stay on their good graces and not try to jump on the Ragan and Brittney train. Reasoning: Even if Rag and Brit were to survive these next couple of weeks they are stronger competitors in the Quiz market, plus Brit is a loose wire. Most of the comps endgame are quiz related so if he was to stick it out with Brigade (which has proven time and again that they are complete failures at comps) then he has the strongest chance to be in the top 2, rather than playing against Brit/Ragan/Brendon.

  38. SIMON – I have another drinking game rule to add for this week…

    Everyone drink when it is mentioned that Brendon gets to make the DPOV nomination replacement.

  39. BB should tell matt DPOV is no longer in paly as he chose several times to tell people there is a special power out there. he was instructed to keep it a secret and by stating there is a special power, he did not keep that secret. then every vote out MAtt. Buh bye Matt!

    1. To my understanding, the Sab has already said there is some special power or possibly a special power in the house at this point, so Matt is able to play off that as oppose to him just bringing it up out of nowhere.

  40. I love this site, first time poster!! How great would it be if all the houseguests voted on Thursday night and Julie says by a vote of 5-0, Matt u r evicted and he stands up and says I don’t think so Julie and pulls out the DPOV and he sees that the Brigade is full of shit and puts Enzo up and then they revote…..lol that would be GREAT

    1. Welcome JULZ. I think Brendon got a game changing power. If Rachel would have been smart she would have went after Enzo, Hayden and Lane and broke them up instead of going after Britney and Ragan. Rachel didn’t use her gift correctly. She could have done something wicked but she chose to not think of Brendon and think only of herself. Brendon doesn’t have a chance if he goes up against Enzo, Hayden or Lane. They will choose each other. If Brendon joined foreces with Ragan or Kathy or even made a deal with Matt of some sort, he might save himself a few more weeks.

  41. Brendon the insecure control freak is going be totally stripped of his HOH power and he is going to freak out. It’s his worst nightmare to be powerless. He is going to bitch and moan about how “unfair” BB is, and he is going to try to make himself feel better by bullying Matt, Ragan, and Britney. He is a scumbag, and his true colors are about to show (again).

  42. “Are we even watching the same show?”

    I would say No watcher. It seems like everyone else is watching something else. Sure Enzo and Lane and Hayden are upset. They don’t understand what’s about to happen. As usual Matt is carrying them. The rest of the house is hopelessly lost as it’s been all season anyways. I admit that Matt is the leader, but there has to be a leader in every group. The Brigade has Matt. They’ll be all better once they see Matt do his thing.

    Who do THEY think production loves now?? Gotta be the Brigade. Allison Grodner wants to do Enzo right about now. he’s her last ratings draw of the summer. He’s golden.

  43. I got tricked.

    I thought he showed Hayden the DPOV.


    Thursday is gonna be awesome, but I might not get to watch because now the cable company shut me off due to non-payment. Poverty sucks.

    BUT, Thanks to someone using their router without encryption, at least I have limited internet. :-)

  44. new to bb. found this site incredibly informative — for updates and historical background. kudos to you for your fine work. know little about “powers” or production’s efforts to script an outcome but —- what if brendon’s reward for opening pandora’s box was a CDT to trump matt’s DPOV?

    1. welcome newbie. T doubt there is a CDT again this year. I think the CDT is the Golden Veto of this season. BB can do whatever they want to change the game up. They had 2 Pandoras Boxes so they can add another one, have a triple exiction if they want. We are helpless against them.

    2. Honestly I have been thinking about that and with Pandora’s box being a “Something Good, Something Bad” scenario, I can bet you that BB told Brendon “If you open the box, Rachael will get to come back for the 24 hours” but the bad part was he had to Leave for 24 hours. I don’t think he got any type of power honestly. For him to get a power would show favoritism to Brencheal and turn off ALOT of viewers.

  45. Did I miss something. First Matt is telling eveyone there is a power out there. is that enough for BB to mess with this and double cross matt and tell him her can’t use it? and #2 Brendan has not said he is putting up matt, this is what was said as far as I know, “Ragan does a lot of talking, Brendon understands what Ragan is saying and agrees with his logic. Brendon tells him that ultimately he’ll be making his decision based on which player will get him furhter in the game” It could be Matt, but it could be Brit. #3 If brendan gets blindsided with putting up Matt and he is able to use this power, then Brendan will go back to Lane, Enoz and Hayden and say” you guys talked me into this so I need you to back me up and keep me here” Brendan may have got another power as part of his PBox, it seems real unfair if all her got was bring rachel in for 24 hours. Matt got a game changing power.

    1. I agree and I think they should take Matt’s power back as he told everyone that there is a special power, sure he did not say he had it but he was not suposse to say anything about it at all as I understand it. Why can he get away with that. I hope that is what happens !!

  46. Love the DPOV icon on Matt’s pics. It’s like the Wizard’s Hat for Jeff last year for the Coup de tat (SP?).

  47. Matt is going to make a dumb move and put up Brit. He is telling the Brigade to keep quiet because he doesn’t want them to reveal alliance. He realizes that the Brigade will have to take sides with either Lane or Him (Matt) and they might out themselves in the process. That is why he is hinting to them that there may be a power out there and not to worry.

    If he was smart, he would put up Kathy. Send her home. Then he could still work both alliances and let them pick off one another.
    1. Lane, Enzo and Hayden
    2. Brit, Ragan, and himself.
    Brendan is going home next.

    It will get boring if Brit goes home. That means Brigade will go all the way with Enzo winning for doing nothing.

  48. He can only take one down and put up a nonHOH or nonPOV winner. This is not the Coup de’tat where they got to replace both. If you do watch the live feeds and BBAD, you soon realize that BB does a lot of editing [Jessi wasn’t nearly as bad as what the show portrayed him to be]. As for BB being fair, no one said they had to be fair and to be honest, we only call fowl when it goes against our fav. Chima had the right to be pissed wgeb they took away all her power of HOH but since few liked her, we looked the other way and cheered the fan favorites J&J. I do not see much use in the SAB since he has had virtually no power and what he says has little game consequences – I think they should have let him pick 3 things from the fan-generated list and the twist would be once he said them make them come true – then even the SAB could have been sabotaged, such as all getting slop for the week, etc.

  49. Brendon got something out of PBox., IMO. The house got something bad (Rachel for 24 hours), so Brendon must have gotten something good. Production wins/wins/wins in ratings.

  50. I thought Matt had to keep the DPOV secret.. he’s certainly doing a hell of a lot of hinting.. he’s such an idiot!!! I can’t wait until he’s gone!

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