*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt throws Ragan under the bus again against Ragan’s wishes for him to not go ahead with his plan..

1:15pm Matt and Lane are talking by the pool. Matt is try to convince Lane that he is still part of the Brigade and that he is tells them whatever Ragan tells him. Matt says Ragan is different now and that he is not the sappy emotional one, but that he has fire in his eyes. Matt tells Lane the things that he talked about with Ragan where Ragan had told him not to throw him under the bus. Matt had promised Ragan that he would not use his plan. Matt says to Lane that he thinks Britney and Enzo have a side alliance that no one knows about. Lane doesn’t say anything. Matt makes a point to tell Lane that he will also tell Hayden that Ragan is now really crazy. Matt tells Lane that Ragan does not trust Lane, Hayden or Enzo and that his target is no longer Brendon. (Ragan never said any of this and strictly told Matt not to implicate him with this plan of his. Ragan told Matt that he only wants out Brendon and that he wants to repair his relationship with Hayden.) Matt says that Ragan’s target is Lane and Hayden. Matt promises Lane to keep Lane updated on everything else that Ragan tells him.

1:30pm – 1:50pm Enzo takes off his penguin suit to get into the pool and then gets mad at Big Brother for taking all his clothes away. Matt says that production doesn’t care about Enzo cheating on the have not diet. Enzo asks Matt what are you doing… trying to sabotage me? They all talk about how the diary room does not seem to care any more. Enzo asks Matt about Ragan. Matt says that Ragan has become a monster with no emotion, hard core Ragan with a wild look in his eye. Matt says that Ragan is being very weird. The conversation changes to talking about if there will be a double eviction or not this week. They are starting to think that there wont be an double eviction.

2pm – 2:15pm Britney comes out to lay out by the pool and she tells Matt, Ragan, Enzo and Lane that she just did her HOH blog for twitter. They talk about what she said and about how none of them knew about the twitter account last season. Ragan says that he has a feeling that this week is going to be the week they get rid of Brendon. Britney and Matt both agree and say that would be awesome!! Ragan starts to sing I got a feeling that this week is gonna be our….(Big Brother cuts the feeds) When the feeds come back they are talking about the previous season where the aliens came into the house and stole things.. The conversation changes to talking about random things. They talk about grilling some burgers for dinner. Matt asks Ragan about what his favorite era of Saturday Night Live is? Matt and Ragan then discuss the different cast member and the funny skits that they remember. Ragan and Matt head inside to make the turkey burgers.

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2:30pm Britney, Lane, Enzo and Hayden are hanging out by the pool talking. Lane explains that Ragan uses the chocolates to remember the events of the house …thats how he knows it all backwards and forwards. Lane asks Britney if she is friends with Ragan. Britney says that Ragan told her that they need to stop hanging out because they are starting to think they are together. Lane says that Ragan thinks that she is with Enzo. Enzo and Britney both ask what? Britney asks why would he think I am with Enzo?! Lane says that he thinks you’re with Enzo and that he doesn’t trust you. They talk about how Matt has no loyalties and that they have caught him in lies. Britney talks about how they can’t get rid of Brendon. Hayden explains that its not that they can’t get rid of Brendon …he says that we just keep …keeping him here… We decided to send Rachel home when he asked us to evict him. They talk about how they cant let Ragan win the HOH or POV.. Big Brother calls for an indoor lock down. Ragan and Enzo try and get into the diary room and find that its locked and they aren’t answering it.


2:40pm Ragan goes to the bedroom to lay down by himself and he studies the events of the house again. Britney and Enzo head up to the HOH room. They find that the door is locked. Matt asks if its locked. Britney says yeah … maybe its another Pandora’s Box and you guys will get an other party while I’m locked up in here. Britney decides to go lay down in the cabana room. Britney and Lane are in the cabana room. Britney says that if she wanted to show her beaver she would. Lane says that Britney is letting her roast beef hang out. Britney asks who calls it roast beef? Lane asks have you seen it?! Britney says yeah… you are being vulgar!! Lane asks her if she touches it in the shower?

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:31pm A ogre with a maxi pad on his face, A Gremlin on a sinking ship, The Target for Thursday and a collection of douches that can’t keep their mouths closed when they eat.

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95 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt throws Ragan under the bus again against Ragan’s wishes for him to not go ahead with his plan..

  1. LOL! Lane is so funny! I love his comments to Britney. Its funny because he’s such a big lug, but he comes up with these comments off the wall and out of no where.

  2. I am not sure I understand the Diabolical Super Mogwai’s plan of totally destroying his relationship with the only person in the house that likes him. Why go and do EXACTLY what Regan asked you not to do and then be foolish enough to think it will not get back to Regan?? They already know that the Mogwai is a person not to be trusted…and he keeps proving it over and over and over. By the time this moron exposes the Brigade people will not even believe it. (yo)

        1. i love matt and it’s really bothering me that he keeps throwing ragan under the bus…the only thing i can’t think of for a reason as to why he is doing it is to prove to lane and hayden that he is still and always has been 100% loyal to the brigade…which is true…matt was never a lying, throw whoever under the bus kind of person until this week and i hate that he started…but his back is against the wall and ultimately he came into that house to win the money not make friends…the thing that is annoying me more than anything is how enzo and hayden keep going on about how matt is a liar and isn’t loyal because of what he did to ragan but they did it to matt first and for a lot longer and a little bit worse…and if i have to hear hayden whine one more time about how mad he is at matt for getting them to fess up to voting him out last week when he knew he was staying because of the dpov i might throw my computer…everyone of them in that house in that position would have done the same thing…get over it!!!…i hope matt exposes the brigade asap and everyone turns on each other and possibly votes out enzo…i do not like him or the way he plays this game…the only thing he has done is float from power to power and believe lies and turn on the one member of his alliance that has kept them in this game and can win anything…he’s got to go!

          1. ^^^ I second that, Enzo needs to go! Biggest scumbag in the house. I read somewhere he tried out for Jersey Shore but didn’t get a spot cus he couldn’t stop playin with himself.

            1. I agree with all of the above. I am not sure why Matt is throwing Ragan under the bus and it’s not a good thing for him. It serves him no purpose to protect the brigade. Why doesn’t he understand the brigade is no more? Nobody likes him and protecting the brigade is a stupid move. He should be exposing the brigade and throwing Enzo under the bus so that the brigade will vote for him and not Enzo.

              I am disappointed in Matt’s strategies and at this point, feel he got himself into this position where he is now. Too bad! He is pretty much screwed and will not stay.

  3. Why does Britt keep telling they boys everything. She’s so stupid. Imagine her face if she goes home on Thursday night. I guarantee she will cry hystericly

  4. I am willing to lay bets that Brit calls off her engagement and runs away with Lane…. my prediction for the follow up of this BB season!!

      1. That would be rather a stupid move on her part as Lane the Lame is rathe unintelligent and immature. Although she is 23, she seems more mature than him. He has not won a single competition and frankly, does not even deserve to be in the game.

    1. WHERES THE BEEF!!!!!.. Britney is playing coy, but i bet if she and Lane were not on a game show, locked up in a house with 3 million cameras and thier every word being recorded…. she would gave it up 5 weeks ago.. LOL

  5. Simon, ;) daily check-in — still Team Gremlin? He’s not only being super stupid about the brigade — he’s ruining Ragan’s chances — WOW. I wonder what production has been telling him that set him on this route?

    1. “I wonder what production has been telling him that set him on this route?”
      My guess is they told Mogwai that there is nothing else coming down the pike to help him. No POV, No Pandora, No Nothing. So you will have to play your game. Get out there and fight to stay. It’s just funny that Matt’s ONLY social game is lying…and that can only get you so far. I only hope Regan finds out about his most recent trip under the bus. (yo)

  6. Wow, Matt is something else. Is throwing Ragan under the bus his only strategy?I was trying to give him a day or so but it looks like it is. They are already after Ragan so what’s the point. Ragan isn’t part of the Brigade.I guess he doesn’t know how bad the Brigade wants him out of there. I wonder who will be going in the double eviction.

  7. I mean Matt……and btw,doesn’t he have to wear the P-suit at all times,except maybe in the pool??Get Him OUT!! he sucks and he’s vile!! Enzo=Loser

  8. Your right Britt will call off her engagement to run off with lane but lane will tell her sorry Hayden and I are lovers

  9. I think Matt is trying to get Enzo disqualified for cheating while being the Have-Not. Matt is throwing everything at everybody, in hope that it will save him. I say “that’s how you do it.”
    If you’re going down, take them all with you Matt. Being loyal got you no where, so hell with them all. Do what you have to do man, and cross your fingers, wish for the best. In this game, if you don’t look out for yourself, no one will.

    1. He seemed to be only looking out for himself early in the game,but then he looked like he was looking out for the BG..Now he seems to be wanting the BG back on his side.He’s been all over the place with his “loyalty”.That has bitten him in the ass.I thought he was smarter than he really is.Just call out the BG and see where it gets you…NOW!!!….oops, too late….dumbass

      1. Is BB not watching the HGs? Enzo should be disqualified and sent home. Eating anything else other than slop is a disqualification. If he is disqualified, it would cause some drama in the house. The whole show is becoming boring and it needs some action.

    2. My guess is you gotta do somehting pretty bad to actually get kicked out. Has anyone ever been removed for eating a peanut or a chocolate? i think you practically have to hit somone to be removed.

      1. Jen ate once (“And now I will perform… eating!”) and received a penalty eviction vote since she was on the block. Enzo’s not making a big deal out of it, but he’s still doing the same. He should get the same punishment.

      2. last season kevin got a full extra day of being a have not for eating a grape and jeff got the same for having a sip of gatorade…in season 8 jen got a penalty vote for eating an apple…enzo has been repeatedly warned all day and hasn’t had any punishment yet and he has been cheating with the penguin suit too…it’s ridiculous that he can’t go through with the diet considering he was allowed to have a slop break when britney got stuck with jesse and they got to have their bbq…everyone else has been okay at sticking with the diet and if ragan hasn’t cheated enzo certainly shouldn’t be!

      3. Let’s not forget in BB past one of the HGs put a knife to someone gal’s throat ,, and he was tossed….immeduately

    3. btw he was loyal the whole time… has he ratted out the bg ? has he put enzo hayden up after winnin dpov nd figurin out that the bg are full of lazy lozsers? dam rite mat nd britney (yes the PMSer ) r playin the best game but both of them wil go home simply bcuz the bg lies nd ther aint nothin rong wit tat but they LIE and LIE and LIE………

  10. I can not figure out who is with who. Are Hayden and Enzo really with Brendon and if Regan wins HOH and puts up Brendon, who will he put up with him, Britney?

    If Britney and Brendon are up, who will Hayden and Enzo vote out? Lane will go with Britney, right?


    1. The only thing I know for sure is Hayden & Lane have a final 2…they’ve had that for weeks. They keep shifting as to who they want out next. They try to figure out who will do their dirty work for them so they don’t lose Jury House votes. No, Lane is not with Britney. He’s talked several times about when to get her out & just recently told Hayden & Enzo that he wants them to do it (chickensh*t). He’s just using her.
      Hayden & Enzo have been using Brendon & talked about getting him out next. When Brit did what they wanted & put up Matt, they decided she would be F4 with them. Now it’s shifted to Brendon being F4 with them because Matt has them freaked out about Ragan coming after them. H/L now talking about using Bren to get Enzo out. They go round & round.
      Who knows who Ragan will really put up. He keeps trying to say his target is Brendon but if he knows about H/E/L then I don’t know why he wouldn’t try to break that up.

  11. it’s obvious that Ragan’s 2 hour DR yesterday paid off. Ragan knows exactly what’s going on now. I guess I just don’t understand wth Matt is doing. He can’t seriously be that dense to think he’s still part of the brigade, yet I don’t understand this angle…I don’t know. I give up. I really don’t care who wins anymore, I was just hoping to see the BG get outed so it would spice up the remaining time. Otherwise this is really a waste of our time. He’s as stupid as Britney right now….somebody is straight laying out what’s happened & neither one of them were smart enough to believe it!!

    1. DR seems to have told Ragan some truths. DR doesn’t seem to have told Matt any truths….he may not be super genius, but if DR was hinting to him to out the brigade, I think he’d get it. I wonder if DR is hinting to Matt that Ragan is his enemy? Then there would be more drama if (when if fixed), Ragan wins HOH on Thursday.

      1. Would production tell Regan about the Brigade, or Matt’s lie about his wife’s illness? Why don’t they just leave it alone and let what happens happen. Or are they concerned the people will just walk out? I think it would be a better game if someone got mad and just left, and let the ones who really want to win stay

        If you know, what did production tell him? and Why?

        1. Mimi doesn’t know what production told anyone, Mimi has been in a real funk since Brendon won the POV, Mimi says it was rigged but hasn,t even seen the challenge, and won’t see it tomorrow night, cause she isn’t watching anymore, Mimi is like the kid who takes her ball and goes home if she isn’t winning, no correction, she is like the kid who takes her ball and stays and pouts. Mimi we know your still watching and if your not right now, your gonna fall off the BB wagon tomorrow night.

    2. I think we would have a totally different perspective if we were one of the house guests – it is very clear to us what is going on but it must be very confusing in there!! That long wait before the vote must drive them crazy .

    3. Here’s my theory: Matt is seeing if the information will get back to Ragan, to see if the brigade abandoned him so he could out the brigade. Maybe Matt is telling each person different things about Ragan to see who’s saying what. Matt wants to know who told Ragan that Matt wanted him on the block. I think Matt will out the brigade only if he knows that that they threw him under the bus. But then again, Matt’s could be losing it.

      1. On the other hand, this group never gets together to compare notes. They take things at face value. Maybe Matt is just testing the waters to see who he can target to swing votes his way. I’m not a big fan of Matt but he is dealing with a predictable bunch.

    4. I really had no idea that Production had there hand in the show this much. Why are they allowed to tell the house guests they want info? I know they are trying to stack it in foavor of who they want in the house and win. Was it always this bad or is it just more blatant this year, even the HG are talking about. I don’t remember production interefering talks last season.

  12. What’s Enzo doing out of the suit? More condoned cheating by BB? Kristen stayed in her unitard and wig much more!

      1. I totally noticed that!! So funny…..I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t show them to entice people that there was a mini evil dick in the house!!

  13. Great update, by the way :). BTW, did you see the plug for this site on Bitchy Big Brother blog?

  14. matty give it up, because unless you gonna out the brigade you have no chance to stay, you did this to yourself should have gotten brenda and racho out your 1st HOH the it would be FINAL 4 Brigade, but no you mad a deal with the “emotional devils”

  15. BB is so frigging boring! I haven’t been been on the blogs because everything is now so predictable. We know Matt will be voted out. That’s a no brainer. I don’t care about the other HGs. I don’t care who wins at this point. It may get exciting on Thursday for DE, but Brandon will probably win and put Ragen up. So boooorrrrring …

    1. I didn’t even watch Sunday’s episode, even forgot it was on. We DVR’d it and my daughter wanted to see Rachel’s reaction to Kathy entering the jury house. Well, it was deleted and we were okay with that, LOL! I read this site so I can keep up to date with well nothing at this point, just hopeful something interesting might take place, LOL!

      1. LJ and Hey, BB Grandmother isn’t me. Muc is in very bad shape. He isn’t eating. I haven’t been on in a few days because it is really hard to think about much else. I just got on to check emails and thought I would look at the site and saw a comment from LJ. I appreciate you asking. Maybe I can watch BBAD tonight and participate in comments. I see my Balloon Boy is still my favorite airhead.

        1. BBGrandma I’ve missed you and Rockstar the past few days. Sorry Muc is having such a hard time. I understand completly how you are feeling. Our pets are more than pets!

        2. BB-Ma, (didn’t respond earlier cause had to run out) Im really sorry Muc is not doing well! I really hope he gets his appetite back soon. Doggie Hugs and Licks to him from the Chi’s..
          I gotta make the hubby dinner but hope to chat at ya later!

  16. Maybe production is not saying anything to Enzo about his cheating to give him
    enough rope to hang himself.. They might give him enough penalty votes to
    get him out of the house instead of Matt.

    1. Or they’re letting him be an idiot in a penguin suit for the week, only to tell him he’s been disqualified for repeatedly breaking the have-not rules on Thursday’s live eviction. I’d like to see that!

  17. Natalie from BB9 called Matt “one of the smartest people in the world”…….this could be the new curse. Forget about the costume curse. Matty was blessed by Natalie. The mogwai goes bye bye.

  18. So, why the lockdown. Maybe something being set up in the yard, like a present for the houseguest. BB haven’t given anything to the HG, so maybe that’s the reason for the lockdown. I don’t think it is anything to do with the eviction on Thrusday.

  19. Britney is an idiot for nominating Matt. Matt and Ragan were on her side, and their target was Brendon, who is probably going to target her for going back on their deal. It would have been smart to keep Matt around to beat Brendon in the next HoH competition. Britney is stupid for believing that Hayden’s and Enzo’s target is Brendon. Why would they go after Brendon when they aren’t his targets? Also, I don’t know what Matt hopes to accomplish by throwing Ragan under the bus. Ragan is the ONLY person in the house who would vote for him at this point. Matt should just call a house meeting and expose the Brigade in front of the others.

  20. Does everyone agree with brittney and Hayden when they say that BB12 is the best casts ever and has the most characters then any other season???

  21. One thing about Ragan though is he seems to forget that he was Saboteur & he won 20k already! He talks about Matt putting a target on his back but seems to forget the target he’s put on Matt’s back because everyone thinks Matt was sab & R is lying to M too….get over it already

  22. Remember after Kristen got voted out Hayden said in his goodbye messege if it came down between her and the brigade hewould have chosen her?? I think if Kristen would have stayed some how with hayden then this ending wouldn’t be as predictable. But the moment she left Hayden was 100% back with lane and Enzo

    1. Of cousre he’s going to say that in the privacy of a good bye messege…He’s hoping to get some at the wrap party!

    2. That’s true. If Kristen stayed instead of Hayden, the show would be far more interesting than the boring mess that it is now. At this point, all Hayden, Enzo, and Lane have to do is sit back and wait for Brendon, Ragan, and Britney to take each other out. Its just too predictable. If Matt leaves this week, then this season is over for me.

  23. I’m not a Matt fan at all, he lost me with the wife lie. That being said, Matt the “D.S.G” has played an awful game when making decisions on moving forward. He had the opportunity to get out Brenchel…didn’t do it! Had the opportunity to team up with them as the other people winning comps…didn’t do it. Had the opportunity to get out a Brigade member who had told him they felt they wouldn’t win sitting next to them giving him a clear picture as to what he meant to the Brigade and he…puts out Kathy as a “power move” Ummm gutless and then could have realigned with Regan & Brendon to take out the only other person who has one something (Brit) and the other two floaters. (And note: before I get smacked down by Hayden lovers, he was given the first HOH win and didn’t even want that!)

  24. The Gremlin has made one bad move after another and his game play of “constantly lying” has gotten him in the position he is now–ready to get his ass kicked to the curb–woot! woot!

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