Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt tells Ragan about his plan to save himself by throwing Ragan under the bus …

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12:20pm Matt and Ragan are talking in the cabana room. Matt says that if he needs Hayden and Lanes vote … then how he sees it Lane has Britney’s ear and Hayden has Brendon. Matt says that Hayden and Brendon don’t know what Ragan is thinking and that he could bridge that gap. Matt says that they know what Britney is thinking through Lane. Ragan says that he doesn’t like that plan at all because it paints a bigger target on him. Ragan says it doesn’t matter those guys want you gone … THEY WANT YOU GONE! Matt says that the odds are that Ragan is going to win the next HOH if he is out of the house and Britney cant play. Ragan says that Matt cant really understand why they want Matt gone …that he is in denial about it. Ragan says that its not fair to him and that he doesn’t want them gone …he wants Brendon gone. Ragan says that it makes a bigger target on him rather than making him less of a target. Ragan says that doing that will make him the next one out of the house and that he doesn’t want have another obstacle to get over. Ragan says that he doesn’t think Matt understands the magnitude of the forces that are fighting to get him out of here. Matt says that he does understand. Ragan says that because of last week he doesn’t want to have his name involved or to be apart of it … Ragan says that if he makes it past next week it will be an upset. Matt says don’t get upset but besides it painting a bigger target on your back …

12:45pm Ragan says that Brendon is a definite lock on their side and that they have been working on Brendon for weeks now… Ragan says that you appealing to them to get Brendon out wont work because they want Brendon here. Matt says that’s not what I am saying at all … I’m trying to say that because you are gunning for them I could be here to give them information. Ragan says no I don’t like that… that hurts me. Matt says okay okay ..thats why I came to you and asked you. Ragan says if they think that I am trying to come after them …then I need to try and repair that friendship… especially with Hayden. Matt says that he can try and help repair that …because he owes Ragan. Ragan says I would appreciate that. Ragan says that if you want to stay you need to think of something on a much grander scale …something that busts up an alliance. Matt says that the votes that he needs are the strongest part of the alliances. Matt says that unless he hears other wise he needs to just keep playing the way he is. Matt and Ragan start going over the events of the house and confirming the numbers and information that they remember…

Enzo and Lane are sitting at the kitchen table talking.  Enzo says that its best to get out Matt because he knows about the Brigade.  Enzo laughs and says that even if Brendon found out about it he would be like HUHhh?!  They laugh.  Enzo says that he had a dream about a huge M&M … that’s what the have not room does to you man..  Matt and Ragan come out of the cabana room and tell them about all the ants on the walls.

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Enzo and Lane are sitting at the kitchen table talking.  Enzo says that its best to get out Matt because he knows about the Brigade.  Enzo laughs and says that even if Brendon found out about it he would be like HUHhh?!  They laugh.  Enzo says that he had a dream about being a hyena biting into a huge M & M and dragging it into the woods.… that’s what the have not room does to you man..  Matt and Ragan come out of the cabana room and tell them about all the ants on the walls.
12:50pm – 1pm Ragan is talking to Hayden and Britney in the backyard about Matt.  Ragan is telling the whole conversation he just had with Matt.  Ragan says that he had done something nice for Matt and then the next week he threw me under the bus.  Hayden says that what pissed him off was that Matt had asked him and Enzo exactly how they were going to vote when he knew full well he have the diamond POV to save himself and that it was completely unnecessary.  Hayden says that he had to tell Matt that he was voting him out and the reasons why and when he knew he would be staying …so he put me in a bad position. Hayden, Ragan and Britney talk about all the have not foods the house has been given and which ones they liked and hated.


1:10pm Lane is in the kitchen blowing up the air pillow for the pool. Ragan comes through and says that hes like a little boy. Then Brendon comes by and says let me know if you pass out. The cameras switch to the backyard. Hayden and Britney talk about making up a game and using dice that they could make out of play doh. Hayden leaves to go eat. Enzo comes out and talks to Britney about how they both want to go to New York after the show is over and all the things they want to do… Britney jokes with Enzo that Matt spends more time putting on sun screen than he will actually be in the sun. Lane goes over the pool does some pushups and then gets into the pool. Matt joins him by the pool..

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John Q. Public

Dude, I’m like awesome for being first.

DR's mom

No,you’re just Q. Public, John…lol


Weewee Gremlin has officially lost his mind.


Gald to see Ragan is finally trying to separate from Matt. Matt is just in denial.


Matt’s not denial, he has played a good game, he wud have been alot better maybe if he hasnt lied about his wife but ignore that and hes a good and nice guy.


Brendon needs to somehow manage to make it to F2.




people. you have to work on your sense of humor.
she was not serious. 50% of what she says is meaningless and harmless.
i thought it was very funny each time.


Matt is being so stupid! … he is more interested in pulling off this Brigade thing than he is about saving himself … If he doesn’t out the Brigade soon then he deserves to go home!!!

DR's mom



I think he already deserves to go home for using the DPOV on Kathy.


Exactly! I mean what a waste!


So true! He is in total denial and thinks the brigade is on his side! Wake up Matt, you can’t be that naive.


he’s not naive. he is just a bullshitter. and you are falling for it. 🙂


agreed 🙂


@jojo Agreed. Keep in mind though that he has to exspose the brigade at the last possble moment. Say three hours before the live vote. If you’ve watched Matt knows he’s out of the brigade anyway.

It was a good effort last night on showtime AD telling hayden that Ragan will more than likely win and put him and Enzo up though. I think Hayden’s thinking a little about that.

Bottom line before the evictions brendon and britt and ragan will know all about the brigade…. my guess is they won’t believe him though.


I think he would be better off telling them sooner than later … You are right, they may not believe him so he needs the time to convince them all …. lets face it …. he knows all the conversations and details about what the brigade has done … I think with enough time he could convince them that he is telling the truth … I also think the others will panic a little when the truth comes out …. just there reactions might confirms this for Brit, Ragan and Brendon.




Matt needs to drown in the pool.




Okay Matt has officially lost his mind.


He better get it back: it’s a diabolical super genius mind! GAG!


“Ragan says that if you want to stay you need to think of something on a much grander scale …something that busts up an alliance”. ——– C’mon Midget u dummy Ragan is laying it out there for u. All u gotta do
is SPILL the beans. I think Rag knows whats going on, he just wants to hear Matty say it first.


Well said!


Ummm – what is on Matt’s left shoulder?? It looks really gross… almost like a huge scab or something.


It’s covering up his I Love Ragan tattoo!!!


It looks like a huge bandage. Production probably makes him wear it so they don’t have to blur it out all the time like they did with Adam’s. Blurring is pretty expensive.


dried slop?

DR's mom

nicotine patch


when i 1st saw it at the beginning of the season he probably got a tat that they can’t show on TV, so they make him cover it up


Matt is leaving and now the lies are hurting him and he don’t know why.


Matt needs to be the typical Matt! If he would just calm down and just did what he did best then he could actually pull this off. But if he stays in this panic mode where he is saying all kind of stupid shit which just hurts his chances more then he’s going home in a flash.


MATT!!!!!!!!!!!11 Please bring Brit, Ragan and Brendon together and tell them about the Brigade. If you can convince them, there’s your 2 votes, Brittany would be the tie breaker. Enzo goes, you stay and the brigade is the brigade no more.

DR's mom

He’s still got a little time to wait for the right moment,but it appears that he’ll wait too long to out the BG…I hope not though !! Whether he stays or goes,he needs to do it…maybe they’ll,BB, tell him to do it


maybe he’s waiting to give one of those Andrew/Brendon type pleas before the votes, he’s sure to say something stupid as well.

tipsy topsy turtle

OMG!!! Let the slim ball go! I can’t stand him.


YES! But idk how u like Brendon, total jerk! But Matt, Ragan and Brittany need 2 stay together and fight.


Even the ants at my house are leaving to go to the BB house, damn!

Matt hater

Matt is a dumb ass and needs to go home Ragan and Britt need to go to Brendon and make a deal its their best shot at winning the game Enzo, lane , and hayden haven’t won a thing so why would you want someone like that looking out for you


Could Ragan have been any clearer? He practically spelled out for Gremlin that he knows about the Brigade, he knows Gremlin is part of it, and if it doesn’t get exposed – and in a big way – the Grem has no chance of staying in the house. Hopefully Gremlin will figure it out in the next few hours, or I will dump my entire box of wine on his head and smack him in the face with the empty carton. I am pissed! and nobody wants to see the angry drunk moaner.


@just me…..that’s a band-aid he’s wearing to cover up a tattoo…doesn’t meet BB standards


thanks – I couldn’t really tell from the pic that is posted. Guess it’s not so gross then.


Matt cant really out the brigade, because if by some miracle he stays, he will never get their vote in the jury, so he’s in a no win situation.


But what’s worse? Making it to the final 2 and being runner-up with $50k? Or leaving now with nothing? He outs the brigade and makes it to the end, he’ll at least get $50k.


Matt is going through the stages of death in his game.
1. Denial
2. Anger ( He probably out the brigade at this stage)
5. Acceptance

tipsy topsy turtle

He is like a drunk…he will never accept anything. Why should he, he is always right and he always knows everything…Just like my x-husband.


…sounds like a smart man!


Bargaining?? hmmm, that’s a new one. I’ll have to remember that when a family member dies, maybe I can get a good deal on their car! I’ll try it!

Dr Poopy Pants

Good point. Matt is a complete fool. He needs to stop talking about throwing Ragan under the bus and instead expose the Brigade. blah is right. Get Brendon, Brit, and Ragan together and you’re gold.


the brigade has the votes though


ok…. one point to ponder. Who’s better for production? Matt or Enzo? Let’s not forget that Enzo is breaking the rules by eating as a have not. We’ve seen Jen in season 8 get a vote against her for the same thing. How does that change things?


Maybe Matt is waiting until morning of eviction to out the BG. trying to see if there is just enough time for it to sink in to B, B & R that he could be speaking the truth, but not enough to confront the BG and have them work out an excuse. I imagine the DR told Regan that Matt has info about a secret alliance, remember how long Regan was in there. BTW- this site is so much better than watching the live feeds. I think I’m going to make a donation right now.


ok quick question why does matt where the big band aid patch?? like seriously is production making him cover up an inappropriate tattoo or whats the deal he seems to always have that covered up


Even if Matt did tell the others of the bridgade, what good will it do? Brendon thinks he is in with Hayden and Enzo, so he will not vote out Enzo. So, the votes will still be three votes to evict Matt. And, Brendon is too stupid to think that the bridgade is still together and Matt is just lying to try and get the votes.

tony b

Outing the Brigade lets all the others that they have been played since week one and that these guys are super tight. It lets Brit know that while Lane does like her, she is way down the ladder regarding who he would protect. And it might be enough to scare and piss them off enough to break it up and take Matt on their side. Then it will be 3 against 2 in the next HOH and 4 against 2 total rather than the other way around.

DR's mom

It probably doesn’t matter if they’re outed.Simply because Brit will,at this point,believe almost anything H/E/L say.You know they’ll spin it their way. What gets me is why does Brit like Enzo so much? I guess no one has told her what Enzo has said about her,not even a hint from the DR.


Brit is looking kinda hot.

enzo hater

Too bad she’ll be gone b4 Friday morning…..Then what do we have to look at? Probably Enzo spankin it while he’s thinkin about her..

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

Production REALLY wants Matt out. If they wanted him to stay, they’d be telling him to out the brigade. Production gets what Production wants — Kathy wasn’t doing anyting for the show ratings — OUT. Kristen, the nonentity — OUT. Boring and not cute Andrew — OUT. Further the romance/revenge plot line, as he battles against the forces of evil, Brendon remains IN as production gives him every win he needs to remain in the game.


Man, I cannot stand Britney as a person, but she is so freakin’ hot.


how is that vile thing hot?
comes off as selfish and entitled.


Has somrthing happened to alienate Britany and Lane?Saw just a portion of Showtime last night and there seemed to be a rift.


1:14 last night, camera 3 & 4 you see enzo cheat his have not diet by eating a peanut. So is he going to get an automatic vote against him?


I got a question. Hayden said he was on probation for breaking the vause. What kind of punishment can/did they give him?


Matt is missing a crucial piece of info. He thinks the Brigade went up to HOH and in the span of 45 minutes tried to convince Brit to put up Ragan. I don’t think Brit has told him that they were all pushing for him to go up, is this correct?

rachel's Nipple

Sure looks that way. After the eviction Thursday he was all psyched “the Brigade is back. The plan is still on” I couldn’t figure out out if he was serious or playing them. I guess he is diabolical super naive.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Exactly. Matt caught onto Enzo trying to dispose of him last week so what makes him think the Brigade was gonna actually go and flip it to push for Ragan to go up? I still am not certain it was Brit who told Ragan about Matt flipping on him. I think it was one of the Stooges.

hooked on bb

does anyone know why Matt always has a huge bandaid on his upper left arm? I’ve also seen it on the backside of his left shoulder…just curious if he was told to cover a tatt or what?

Saying So...

Many times Matt has worn a big bandage over some of the tats. Must be unacceptable tats according to BB. What could even level itself out on the same degree at Enzo’s language?


Next HOH competition:

BB Production Says! (like Simon Says)

– If your name begins with a B, step forward!
– If you have a penis, step forward!

Ding ding ding, we have our winner!

That’s how rigged it will be.

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

Good one! It’ll depend upon whether BB can temporarily create a better storyline with “Ragan revenging his friend Matt’s surprise ouster” — but even if they do allow Ragan to win HOH, then Brendon will win POV and Brendon will win the next HOH and eliminate Ragan next week.

enzo hater

Ragan is SO over Matt..


I sure hope not! Them 2 and Britt r awesome!

BigBrothers Big Brother

I agree. I think Ragan is gonna wait to see the show after it’s over and then decide if he wants to continue being friends with Matt. For now, his allegiance is to himself and surviving the next noms.


Nonetheless, Ragan could at least dispose of 1 of the 3gade remaining (he won’t seek revenge against Britney even though she put him up and esp’ly if Matt ‘fesses up about the Bgade). And hopefully Ra will put up Lane v. Hayden (for his sake) – not Enzo. Reasoning: Enzo’s only bud is Bren so he can go at any time and he sure can’t win anything; Lane/Hay are bigger “threats” to win out of those 3. Plus 2 Brigs up means only 1 Brig vote = effective. Bren & Enzo prob vote to keep their boy, Hayden, so Lane goes home, which means Brit gets her thinking cap back on as straight as she can with Hayden in the house.

Yeah, if Brendon wins the following HoH, he’ll likely put up Ra & Brit, for the sake of the “AA” – unless he seriously considers and observes (if) what Matt confesses about the Bgade. Then maybe he throws down the gauntlet against Enzo/Hay. If POV somehow (miraculously) saves Enzo, then use a pawn. Unless Hayden is saved with POV, (for their sake) they need to vote out Hayden since he “may” win a physical comp. Enzo can languish pathetically for that last long week alone. Then Bren-Brit-Ra compete for final HoH. But unless Bren hears something about the Bgade that really angers him, he’ll protect them to get rid of Brit (probably) or Ra.

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

Justin, BB doesn’t seem to care that Enzo cheats. He’s cheated before (supposedly ate candy while “smashing” in Britney’s HOH bathroom). BB will only give him a penalty vote if it doesn’t impact the game (it won’t) and doesn’t impact the funny, Jersey guy story line…. so far, they haven’t shown anything on the show that makes him look bad. They’ve edited out all his foul remarks — I bet the cheating on Have Nots will be editted out as well.


Is Enzo really eating on slop? Have they called him out on it?

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

Ragan – smart / dumb move counter

+) SMART: To see Matt’s problems and continue to tell Matt that he’s being voted out

+) SMART: To call Matt out on selling you out and making it harder for you

– ) DUMB: To tell Hayden what’s Matt’s doing. Matt in the game is still your best hope. Hayden, Enzo, Brendon, and Lane will want you out no matter what.

– ) DUMB: For studying in front of people — because they’ve seen what you know, you’ve become a bigger target.

– ) DUMB: For not playing to the camera — if BB liked you, they’d make sure that you stayed around. You are good for drama, but don’t have the tv persona of a winner — you’ve been editted to look like a weaselly wimp.


Your right Brendon thinks he’s with Enzo that’s why in one of my earlier posts I mapped out what he needs to say. He needs to tell them listen I know I’m going home. It sucks because Enzo tries in 1 comp and gets rewarded I try in them all and get punished. So I know everyone wants me out and I’m going home but I want you guys to know the truth. Lane, Enzo and Hayden are all in an alliance. There all using you to get each other out until it’s those 3 against 1 of you. How do I know this? Because I was suppose to be a part of them but they used me to do all the dirty work. Then he needs to tell them to not say anything to them just watch them. Watch how they will go in a room together. Watch how they interact. The reason why they have been able to do it is because they kept it a secret. So you guys need to keep it between yourselves. Brit don’t go tell lane and Hayden and Brendon don’t go tell Enzo and Hayden. I know I’m being voted out and it sucks but if I can leave with sone dignity and right some of the wrongs I did then I can leave with me head held high. I don’t wanthine of them to win because they have done nothing but use people. I want to see 2 people who have really played the game in the final 2. When you guys go home and watch the show back you will see that Enzo started this on day 1. You will look back and see that thees 3 stooges got over on you. Don’t let it happen. He also needs to apologize to Brendon about what he did to him and Rachel because that’s how you get to Brendan. He wants people to apologize to him. He likes that stuff….. That’s how Matt has to do it. It’s kind of like reverse phsychology. Then the 3 will not say anything. They will watch the 3 boys The DR will get involved and say something to make them suspicious and then Brit Brendon and reg will come together and maybe keep Matt and if they don’t keep them then maybe they build an alliance.

DR's mom

I couldn’t agree more..Especially the part about how you say Matt needs to do/say something,even semi-dramatic or game changing at this point,so that the DR gets involved..Don’t any of the HG’s see that or do that ? I guess not..They are the most STUpid bunch that’s ever been in this house,as a whole anyway. In the end,you would think the’y’d all get what’s coming to them,but not this group. The jury will probably vote as if they’re in a “Jury Alliance”….and then think that BB will reward THEM!!
I’m tellin ya….DUMB !!! est ever


dude does matt have a tat of sloth from the goonies? i don’t whether to cheer or sneer at him. it looks ugly anyway. the top of the head is all wigglely.


“Enzo says that he had a dream about being a hyena biting into a huge M & M and dragging it into the woods.…”

enzo got issues man… 1st he has a dream of howerd stern sucking off a midget and now he has one when he put a hit out on the M&M people….


The houseguests need to keep Matt and send that ass wipe Enzo home. I can’t stand that guy (meow meow) he acts like his sh*t don’t stink, well I got news for you brrrriigggade.. Act like a man stop pouting because you were put up for eviction, every other house member has been on the block and now it’s your time. That penguin suit fits him to a tee. This guy thinks he is playing the best game, what game he hasn’t won any competitions (weak) he’s a waste send his ass home!!!!!!!!!


If Brendon, Ragan, & Brit all got together they would be able to take out the other 3. too bad brit is brainwashed and ragan and brendon hate each other. the other 3 can’t win anything [[except for week 1]] and are all talk. I don’t really even like any of them but I need something interesting to happen.