Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt says Britney’s brother Dylan will turn out to be a great son like him some day. Britney says we saw how much your folks loved you.. your lawn sucks, and we’re not sure Stacy is alive..

10:40am Britney heads down to the kitchen to grab a bowl for her cereal, then heads back up to the HOH room and pours herself a big bowl of Honey Comb cereal. Britney then sits on the bed to eat while listening to her cd. Meanwhile Brendon is working out on the elliptical in the backyard. All the other house guests are still asleep.
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11:35am All four cameras remain on Brendon working out in the backyard…
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11:40am Britney comes out into the backyard and sits on the couch. She drinks some coffee and says to herself and the cameras that she just regurgitated some coffee. Then she says good morning live feeders. Brendon comes over and Britney tells Brendon about the events of last night …the weight bench space ship, her tiara out of tinfoil, Hayden breaking the vase and getting in trouble. Brendon says man it sounds like I missed out. Britney says that he didn’t really miss much except for the space ship …she says that was pretty funny. Brendon says that he is still trying to catch up on sleep. Then he heads inside to make some slop.

12am Brendon is in the kitchen making slop … and Matt starts wandering around the house and then heads out into the backyard and see Britney talking to herself. He jokes around with Britney. Britney says that she is talking to her mother. They talk about her younger brother Dillon and how he’s acting up. Matt tells Britney that he will be a fine young man, just like Matt, and not to worry. Matt says Britney’s brother Dylan will turn out to be a great son like him some day. Britney says we saw how much your folks loved you.. “your lawn sucks, and we’re not sure Stacy is alive..” They both laugh. After he heads in Britney says to herself ..too bad I had to put Matty … (and the cameras switch to the kitchen again….) Matt goes back to his bed and lays there staring at the wall… All four camera are on Matt in the bedroom… complete silence..

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I wonder if the BB crew will wear hazmat suits when they have to clean up or tear down the BB house? God it has to completely wreak by now!!

Just a Thought

They should make the have nots have to deep clean the house. Don’t they leave them cleaning products?

BigBrothers Big Brother

I think LA County will condemn it and demand it be destroyed for sure.


See …. I think if Matt would just WAKE UP and FESS UP about the Brigade …. there might still be a chance ….. COME ON BB SHAKE THINGS UP A LITTLE … we are all getting a little bored!

Just a Thought

I wonder if Matt really wants to see this 4 person alliance through to the end to see if it will work since it’s never been done in BB history. He has such an ego, that may be the driving force for him not to out them. Also, I am not too sure that outing the brigade will save him. He isn’t trusted any more and he’s on the block and will do what he can to get off.

DR's mom

what he needs to have now is a sudden Napoleon Complex…he’s really small

Just a Thought

You mean France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy moment since Napoleon was average height for that period of time, LOL!

DR's mom

too funny !! but yeah lol



Just a Thought

Simon/Dawg, I know you changed servers recently. Are others experiencing weird delays or things not refreshing when you click on the Onine BB link at the top of the page?


When the site is busy things may take awhile to refresh, we’re really seeing a huge increase in traffic. Thanks for the feedback i’ll see if theres anything I can do.


Mine is really fast now but there are times when I get an error message about a script on the page making my computer freeze up…hasn’t happened as much lately. Maybe try restarting your computer?

Just a Thought

I have recently restarted it. I’ll have to see if I have anything on my end slowing it down.

DR's mom

Matt will do something today,but it just might be HOW he does it that changes or doesn’t change the game…probably find out how smart or stupid BB wants him to look

DR's mom

b/c right now he looks DUMB


Thursday will be great action when Matt goes home.

enzo hater

how will that be great action? just like everything else,it is just so freaking predictable


Well the only chance Matt has a chance is right before voting, he talks about the Brigade and how that Enzo is the Brains. That would get Brandon and Ragen to Vote Enzo, Hayden and maybe Lane to vote out Matt, leaving Brit to be the final vote and say bye bye Enzo.

I can’t see any other way for him. Right to the end he will have to play it cool.

DR's mom

brit will vote to keep the joizee boy


Enzo wouldn’t even fit in the Jersey Shore jerks, wait maybe he would!


Cant wait to see Matt walk out the door.
Go Brendon…

DR's mom

Hey Street,after Matt, who do you think goes in the double live gonzo eviction? I hate to say it,but I think it’s Brit


I think Brit or Ragen..


i think Brendon though i hope its not. wanted to see him get further. he played the game more than lazy enzo and sneaky lane and no lip hayden…man please let it be someone other than Brendon in double eviction


I’m wit U! Brendon is fighten hard every week. Its him vs every 1. Lane doesn’t anything Hayden goes back n 4rth tellen every 1 wat they want 2 hear. Britt still aint over Brenchel.Aloha from Hawaii!


I hope Matt put up the bregred. ALOHA! From HAWAII


Sorry, but this whole game is a game about lying and deciet. how can you actually be upset with perhaps the ONLY player that is actually playing the game as it is supposed to be played?!


Every time I refresh I’m hoping something exciting is taking place …. but no luck … the game is suppose to get more exciting at the end … but it’s just plain boring …. MATT : SHAKE THINGS UP!


I totally agree- the whole game is going to suck big time with Matt gone.


I am drawing a blank and wonder if someone can remind me. On double eviction night:

1. Will Brit get to play in HOH?
(doesn’t seem fair if she doesn’t)
2. Will they do a quick POV & Ceremony?
3. Will the next HOH competition be held the same night or over the weekend?

Please let me know I can never seem to remember.


1. Brit won’t play.
2. There will be an HOH comp right away. HOH will put 2 ppl up. Then they have the POV. Then POV ceremony. Finals pleas then eviction.
3. They start the new HOH comp…usually endurance and they end the live show.

Usually the quick HOH is a quiz and the POV is also something similar. Hope that helps!


1. No she does not (I agree it’s not all that fair)
2. Yes there is POV followed by eviction
3. They usually have an endurance competition so it will be shown for a little on TV.


1) Brit doesn’t get to play in the first HOH comp.
2) yes
3) same night but most likely will be extended past the time the TV show ends – you will have to come to this site or watch the feeds to see who wins that HOH.


Same as regular hoh…outgoing cannot play. She will be able to play for veto and then the second hoh. No more name picking for veto, there are so few they all get to pay.

Just a Thought

I’m glad you asked how it worked and we got the answers 🙂


If Brendon and Matt teamed up,. they could win the whole thing. Matt needs to out the Brigage sooon .


I have being saying that all along keep ur friend close and ur enemy closer
With Regan go talk to Brendon apologize for calling him a dummy say u respect him as a player and that the brigade wanted him out because he is a good player (he still there isn he??) Talk logic with Brendan ask him to take emotions out of the equasion and to think what’s best for Brendan and keep your word Sometime playing straight is best
Brendan and Regan vote for him to stay Brittany will have to break the tie and hopefully goes that way (her and Lane are chummy so I don’t know maybe Ragen can work the friendship angle)
Penguin boy goes home
Then either Brendan Matt or Regan win hoh
Put Lane and Hyden up
send Lane home (because of Brittany’s tie to him)
Remaining Brandon Matt Regan Heyden and Brittany Hopefully britt doesnt win HOH
Put her and Heyden up
and who ever remains battle it out


i know its a long shot but i want enzo gone i cant stand to to hear him eat he sounds like a dog licking his ass and i want to dip his hands in japelenos so when he puts them in his pants it will burn

DR's mom

it may not be that much of a longshot lilly……..we’re all hoping he goes right after Matt!!!


maybe he will get a penalty vote for eating that candy bar last night


he has been eating more then that he should get a penalty vote he also have been taken off the suit (he can to go in the pool) but he jumps in and out and sits minus the suit 2 penalty votes
Maybe is going to get kicked out


If he tells them right before voting than it won’t be enough time for them to process it and they will vote the same. So really, if he is going to say something than today or tomorrow seems like his best chance. It looks like he thinks he’s still in good with them why else would he repeat things that Ragan has said. I don’ t get Matt’s strategy right now unless the Brigade they really have him fooled.

DR's mom

Matt’s “all over the map” strategy got him this far,but he surely needs to out the BG now,if he WANTS to stay..timing is everything right now,though..too soon and he gives H/E/L time to strategize amongst themselves,and too late the rest of the dumby HG’s won’t know how to take it..


I really think they will let america vote back in another houseguest. They were one player short due to a houseguest dropping out a week before. America will vote back matt. Just my prediction.


I don’t usually text for have not food and other things. I’ll vote all the times it will let me if they let someone back in.


Save Matt Big Brother! I would love to see him and brendon in the final 2! That would be a great season final! Please pick more interesting people next time BB! I would love to see an all star season. Go team Matt! It is not over until he dances out the door.


Somehow I wish Matt would get another power…..Enzo should be penalized for eating by getting a vote, DR & Ragan & Brit needs to convince Matt to sell out this brigade and get nasty enzo out


O there is always the costume curse
Every Hg that got to wear one has always been evicted like in Survivor every person that won a car got eliminated
I do not like Matt but I would be happy to see penguin boy leave he hasnt done anything and does’nt deserve to be there and I m Italian for God sake but fair is fair leave the real players in and Brendon I hope u go all the way and win


Im so upset right no. Muh man is acting all defeated….It ain’t over until its over Matty….Come on now…..I am sick with agony and grief….Please you got me more twisted then your big toe.


while his little toe cries wee wee wee all the way home(thanks geico!).


Matt doesn’t want to out them because he thinks that there’s still a chance they will keep him. So what he’s doing is keeping that a secret just in case they keep him. But what he doesn’t know is that they all went up to Brittney and said to put Matt up. Brittney told Matt that all the guys went up to Britt and said put Matt up. But for done reason everytime Regan says they want you out Matt asks him is there something you know or just intuition? And instead of Regan saying it’s just his intuition he should say all the guys went to Britt and said to put you up. Matt screwed up by throwing Regan under the bus and by not being on brittneys hip every second she was hoh. Matt and Regan should have Been with her at all times. Instead they were in the CB room staring at the walls.

Go Brenchel!

I would be furious if they brought back Matt after an eviction! And yes JUST BECAUSE of the lie he told about his wife. That’s just lower than low to me and I can’t forget that.

I don’t think I am alone in that thinking either.


k cbs we can do without seeing all the damn nose picking and playing with their balls. that shit is just nasty now. wow dont they realize they are on tv i mean geez


hahaha my wife might be dead hahaha. i’ve never seen someone so jovial about the (fake) illness of their wife. he laughs every time he brings it up. if it were true, that person would probably find it hard to even talk about it without getting emotional. he may be the worst liar i’ve ever seen. like when he lied about getting the dollar for pandora’s box. it was like watching a 1st grader lying about stealing the lunch money.