Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt tells Britney that this morning Brendon came down and had his shirt tucked into his underwear. Britney laughs.

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9:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Brendon, Enzo and Kathy are in the kitchen. Brendon says guess whos back… rub my back. Brendon is going around the house cleaning the windows and mirrors. Hayden and Brendon talk about the music Big Brother played to wake them up. Brendon says that they played Rage Against The Machine, he says that he loves it because it gets you pumped up. Brendon and Hayden are talking about Hayden’s Native American heritage. Kathy and Lane are laying out on the couch. Brendon, Lane, Hayden and Enzo are sitting at the kitchen table talking about random things.


10am Matt and Ragan are talking out on the backyard couch. Matt is talking through the scenarios and how to get people to vote for him to stay. Matt says that Kathy tells people what they want to hear and makes you feel like you have her vote but that she probably makes everyone else feel that way too. Matt says that he feels like he has her vote but that he is sure she makes Lane feel like he has her vote as well. Matt says that tomorrow he will start talking to people about votes. Ragan is worried about Matt leaving. Matt wont do any game playing today, he wants people to be comfortable. Ragan is trying to figure out what the upcoming competitions will be like. Matt tells Ragan that Brendon is studying with Enzo and Hayden and that they think Brendon knows a lot about the house. Matt tells Ragan that Hayden and Enzo play stupid to get information from Brendon. Matt says that he thinks the diary room is lying about Rachel leaving behind a message using pretzels and thinks its all bullshit. Ragan really doesn’t want Matt to leave. Ragan wants to know if anyone has said anything to Matt regarding the votes. Matt said no, he asked them to give him a good reason, other than a Brendon one, when they tell him they’re voting him out. Matt wants them to tell him he’s too strong in competitions to stay. Ragan says that Britney doesn’t trust Enzo. Matt agrees and asks who does? ..Enzo is shaddy. But how does that help me? Ragan tries to think about who would vote out Enzo, after this week. Ragan says that if it gets down to the final six and Britney and Enzo are still there Britney will gun to get out Enzo. Matt says that he is just going to rid out the day and start talking to people tomorrow. Ragan tells Matt that he only needs three votes to stay. Matt says not much game play today and that he is just going to chill. Matt and Ragan talk about who will be left in the game come Thursday night. Matt says that he is going to chew out Rachel for that pretzel shit she pulled.
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10:40am Ragan, Lane and Matt are in the bathroom talking. Lane tells Matt that Brendon told Hayden and Enzo last night that the house was full of cowards. Matt tells Lane that he told Kathy the same thing. Ragan and Matt don’t understand why they’re cowards for playing strategy and not giving into Brendon’s bullying. Lane asks Ragan if he saw Brendon just watching Ragan and Hayden on the Hammock last night and Ragan says he did, that it was freaky. Lane says that he probably wanted to ask Hayden what Ragan was talking to him about.


10:50am Matt and Britney are in the kitchen talking. Matt tells Britney that Brendon Button is back. Matt tells Britney that this morning Brendon came down and had his shirt tucked into his underwear. Britney laughs. Britney and Matt head outside to eat on the couch. Brendon comes out in to the backyard and Britney asks what dating show he was on. Brendon says that he was on Dismissed. Brendon goes back inside. Matt says that the girls on his show probably dismissed themselves. Matt asks Britney if her and Nick were ever rocky would she ever go on that reality show where they hook up with their ex’s. Britney says that if wasn’t with Nick and was ever curious she wouldn’t go on a show to see an ex she would just text him. Matt asks what if you and Nick were really rocky. Britney says that they wouldn’t be rocky. Matt says you wouldn’t be rock …you would just be over. Britney says yeah. Matt tries to think of a show that her and Nick could do together. Britney tells Matt that Nick doesn’t want to be in the spot light or on TV. Matt makes up a show called In The Nick of Time, where Nick gets to play 18 holes of golf and at each hole he spends time with a different girl and that Britney would be the finally at the end. Britney laughs and says that would be a good show. Britney thinks up a twist for the show. Britney says that if Nick really likes the girl he has to make par, and if he gets an eagle or a birdy then he gets an extra fifteen minutes with her. Matt says that if Nick gets a hole in one then he gets to bang her. Britney laughs and says yeah sure since he has never gotten a hole in one… They both laugh.


11:10am- 11:30am Matt is folding his laundry, Enzo is laying on a lounge chair trying to nap and Brendon is working out on the elliptical.  Britney goes to lay in the hammock and runs through some studying for the upcoming competition. Britney gets up and then heads inside the house and goes into the have not room to lay down.  Matt is laying in the have not room as well.  Matt talks about how Brendon was out in the backyard playing pool by himself for hours last night until 2 or 2:30 in the morning.  Britney laughs and says oh god.  Ragan joins them.

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87 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt tells Britney that this morning Brendon came down and had his shirt tucked into his underwear. Britney laughs.

    1. Why is Matt whining in the DR about Rachel leaving a message in pretzel with his name for Brendan. He has the D POV. Did he have another plan for using it or was he going to keep it a secret and now that he has to expose it does he feels it makes him a target in the game. I am just wondering because he is going around trying to get votes so he must not want to play the D POV.

      1. He says in his blog that he doesn’t want to use it b/c of the target it will put on him. I feel like he will use it since he is on the block, otherwise, I don’t think he would ever have used it. He would be a fool not to use it now. A target on your back would be better than leaving Thursday.

      2. because thats CHEATING, you can’t leave messages makes it unfair to the rest of the house, bad enough they brought an evicted HG back into the house for 24 hours…. but why the hell don;t he wanna use it? i think he will use it otherwise he’s gone and they will need lane and him, they will make him use it, you know production steps in when they feel its necessary just like bringing rachel back in the house they did that intentionally if someone else had won noway would they do that for them. i hate that the game is rigged

      3. and why i think it was intentional, becuase didn;t it seem as a prize? then why didn’t get get to see her? or talk with her? only then would it be a prize…. they brought her back to stir up drama and made pandora’s box a pathetic excuse for them rigging it that way

  1. Question for fellow viewers: Ragan or Britney win HOH Thursday and put up Brendon and POV is physical … do Hayden and Enzo throw POV so that Brendon wins it?

    I don’t think that Hayden and Enzo are throwing every comp but I think they are throwing the majority of them because they don’t want “blood on their hands.”

    1. I totally think they’d throw it. They think they’re solid with Brendon and of course most importantly they could get him to do their “dirty work”!

    2. Hayden maybe, at the behest of Enzo probably. But Enzo is not throwing anything. He’s just incapable, as most big mouth people are. Watching him last night working out with the other guys, I noticed how uncoordinated he is and how quickly he gave up, no endurance abilities at all.

    3. It doesn’t make any sense to throw a POV. At the very least, you would guarantee it doesn’t get used so you don’t end up on the block as a replacement nominee

    4. No, but they have quite a bit of Brenden shit on their lips from kissing his ass. Brenden just loves to have his ass played with. “Dirty Sanchez”

    1. I actually think using it on Kathy is a power move. It means whoever wins HOH next has to put up Brendon and a member of the Athletes Alliance OR if a member of the AA is up and doesn’t put up Brendon, then he outs the AA. Yes, it would be great if Enzo were eliminated by Matt on Thursday, but then Matt has lost Enzo’s, Rachel’s and Brendon’s jury votes and potentially Hayden’s and Lane’s jury votes as well because they’ll think he back-stabbed the brigade (even though they’ve been back-stabbing him all week).

      1. I thought the same thing at first, that using it on Kathy was a waste. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that getting Kathy out is a really good move. First, Everyone is going to be gunning for Brit because of her game knowledge. Keeping her in the game would keep an extra power player to potentially win HOH and put up Brendon.
        Also… instead of thinking Kathy’s eviction as a waste of the DPOV, you could think of it as a complete waste of Brendon’s HOH reign.

        1. Haha! I will love to see the look on Rachel’s face when Kathy walks in. She will totally think Brendon is an idiot! Of course, Kathy will explain it to her, but until then….hahhaha!

      2. It is kind of a waste of a chance to get out a better player, but on the other hand, it will keep him safe from eviction and lessen the target from using the dpov. Nobody really cares if Kathy leaves, but if Brit goes, then Lane and possibly others will be mad.

  2. My dream scenario. Matt nominates Kathy as his replacement on Thursday. Kathy is evicted. Ragan wins HOH. It’s a double eviction night and he nominates Brendon and Enzo. Brendon wins POV. Ragan nominates Hayden. Enzo is eliminated. Matt wins next HOH — still on Thursday because Th was double eviction. He nominates Britney and Lane or Hayden. Britney or Hayden is eliminated.

      1. Just stop. I think the majority of people on here want some MAJOR drama like Brit gone or Enzo out. Kathy is snooze fest 2010.

    1. I posted this a few days ago, so sorry if im recycling it but if Matt wants to make a power move he will do what im hoping he does. It depends on how much he trusts Lane, how much Lane trusts Britney, and whether or not he is on to what Hayden and Enzo have been planning…….I think Matt should stand up before he uses the DPOV and call out the Brigade. Apologize to the rest of the house and say that they formed on Day 1, and that he kept his word to them, carried them, and did his best to keep his other friends in the game. He should then explain that they are throwing him under the bus, pull out the DPOV, put up Enzo, and then turn to Lane and publicly ask him to form a new alliance with Britney, Ragan and himself……ensuring that Lane will receive the necessary 3 votes to stay this week. Enzo goes home, making the HOH comp HUGE. Odds are, Kathy wont win it, Brendan cant compete, so its pretty much Hayden vs the new alliance to see who will be running the house. I think that watching Enzo shit his pants on National TV would make for a good episode, and put Matts move down as some of the ballsiest BB actions I have seen. I dont know how it would affect him if he got to the final 2, but I would hope the jury could recognize how well played it was.

  3. I think at this point in the game throwing any competitions would be dangerous, but who knows with those two, or better who knows with Enzo……it’s like his secret game play is to literally float to the end with Kathy………Kathy has been throwing them since the very first one where she fell off the giant hot dog 1000 times…….yeah, Im guessing she stays away from giant hot dogs for the most part! ok……that didn’t really answer your question, did it?? If they did throw it for Brendon to win wouldn’t that put them in danger to be a replacement nom??

    1. L.J. you are more polite in the morning and I like your now. last night, we was wondering if your a raging foul mouth drunk. i hate kathy to.

        1. I am literally in tears!! That is funny!
          Let me just get real for a second……the truth is that last year I was laid off from my job after 10 years with the same company (along with 4 of my peers) and it has been very hard on me and coming here is the best escape there is!! LUV all you guys, no matter what nighttime LJ says!

      1. Yes Billy! You are right! There are actually two LJ’s….yes, they are both me! Nightime LJ has a love of expensive Tequila and is very Rachelesque! She likes to come home from nana’s and unwind with several shots! Daytime LJ has a love for Butterflies and Puppies and always wakes up happy! Nightime LJ drinks too much when she gets home and likes to talk shit to the hubby, but lucky for him he is usually in bed when she gets home (why he has stayed with her for 15 years is anyones guess) so since he is in bed she turns to the internet ……Daytime LJ and nighttime LJ do like each other tho for some reason…….tho daytime LJ has been known to slap the crap out of nightime LJ on occasion when she has gotten out of hand and punished her by not letting have any shots that next night………

        1. Whichever one shows up, I still like. You have to take the good with the bad. Everyone has got to let go once in awhile. Besides, there are a lot more on here that are why more feisty than you got. You are entitled to a night of routy behavior. I will drink with you tonight and we will get this bar a rockin’. Watch out boys, the routy gals are coming out tonight.

            1. Why make such a comment? I know LJ can handle herself but really she is far from so many on here. And, I wouldn’t like that comment on them either.

    1. He can only remove ONE nominated person. So he can only remove either himself OR he can remove Lane (that would be stupid). We don’t know 100% if he can nominate Brendon but our 99% guess is that he can’t because HOH can’t be nominated.

      1. I thought he could remove one or both nominees, which is why he said he controlled who went home both last week and this week.

  4. OMG. How boring is the house right now? I think sabo should also have kept them up last night with messages. 2 nights with little sleep and weird paranoid theories would have been true sabotage.

  5. If Brendon or Matt leaves right now this game would become really boring! Since they are make all of the moves at this point! I would love to see Brit leave Thursday she’s lot of talk. Don’t think that Matt will create a lot of enemy if he uses the DPOV because he kept it a secret and doesn’t Brendon get to play in the HOH comp, if he does?

    1. Sorry, you’re not making a lot of sense. IF Matt uses the DPOV…. he HAS TO use the DPOV or else he’s going home. He might be stupid and believe Enzo and Hayden will split the vote, but I don’t think he’s that dumb. And it’s a POV, so Brendon doesn’t get to play in the next HOH — it doesn’t make Matt the HOH, it just is an enhanced veto.

      1. Its not just a regular POV and yes they may let brenden play the next hoh because they gave away his power. we will just have to wait and see.

  6. Brat is so bratty — from what she says, she’s always b*tching at production in the DR — they must also dislike her.

  7. I do so love the strat planning between Hayden, Enzo, and Lane when they plan out the next couple of weeks because they are so bwahhhhhha ha ha wrong because they don’t know that Matty’s not going home. All their scenarios are with Matt gone.

    I also think it’s funny that Enzo and Hayden were freaking out earlier that Matt wasn’t worried that Brendon MIGHT nominate him BUT now that he’s nominated, they don’t realize that Lane might be looking suspicious to Matt since Lane doesn’t look worried about going home?

  8. Why I don’t understand is, if Enzo is so worried about Matt being such a strong player and not wanting him in the game any more, why the heck would he stick with Brendon who will out perform Enzo just as easily?

    1. I think that he assumes Brendon will be targeted by all the others in the game, whereas Matt will be safe with Ragan and paossibly also with Brit. Brendon is sure to be the target next week if Ragan or Brit win HOH – Matt, not so much. Don’t forget, Brendon can’t compete in the next HOH, Matt can.

    1. I’m sorry but if you want skin flicks after dark go to cinemax. I don’t think we should cater to people’s pervy desire to stare at some vicious drama queen who has more shit out her mouth than the entire house does through their rear.

    2. This is what keeps me from tryout for the show. I don’t know if I would be the old lady or the sausage, tho. I am pretty fried at times, too.

  9. Who does everyone think Matt will put up? If enzo and hayden say they are voting matt out to his face they may go if they arnt careful.

  10. Love him or hate him, Brendan makes the show interesting. If he goes, how boring can it get? VERRRRRY! Maybe I’ve missed something, but do they bring Rachel back? When will we know who the life-long friends are? I change my mind about that every episode. This week I t hink it’s Ragan and Matt, but that could change at any time!

    Maybe next season on American Idol they can have Matt on there singing “Hands in the Pants.” (Just one of my totally stupid thoughts for the day).

    1. Uh, no, Brendon is the antithesis of interesting. He’s a lame duck. Rachel was captivating in a ‘car crash’ kind of way, but Brendon is just the chalk left on the sidewalk. AND he’s a turd.

    2. I hope Brendon goes ’cause I like to see the houseguests bash someone, but I think the bashing will continue ’cause that’s how some of the bond. I want to see who’ll actually be a good sport about getting booted (I think Matt will be a good sport but hope he wins). Enzo will be fun to watch; he’ll be bitter. Lane and Hayden will probably be cool. Kathy should’ve been gone a long ago; she only wanted to make it to the jury house so they should make her dream come true. Britney is a witch but she is playing the game rather well so I don’t care if she wins. Ragan should be another fun one to watch get evicted.

  11. Matt will take the easy way out and put up Kathy which is not any kind of game play. Ragan lies so bad Brenden never made a deal with him and if anyone on here seen that he did say when and where and tell me where to see it.

    1. If Matt sends Brit home, it was Brendon’s second choice. If Kathy goes home, Brendon’s HOH ends up being a total joke and Rachel gets pissed off. Plus, Brit could actually win HOH (unlike Kathy) and put Brendon’s stupid ass on the block.

    2. When they were meeting in the HOH room, Brendon said that if he didn’t put Ragan up, he expected the same from Ragan in return. Ragan said absolutely. He made a deal, but Brendon didn’t b/c he put Ragan up. The key word was IF! Ragan isn’t thinking about that. Brendon didn’t follow through, he was only exploring his options.

    3. getting rid of kathy will be a blow to brendon because then he really will be ALONE… and she the biggest flip flopper in the house

    4. I only see what cbs shows and what I read here but from the show, it showed Ragan went to the hoh room and was pleading his case why he shouldn’t be put up. Brendon said if I don’t put you up, then you can’t put me up or backdoor me and Ragan said right. Ragan was saying how it would be good for Brendon if he kept him and Matt because he thinks Lane, Hayden and Enzo have an alliance and Brendon pretty much was in nodding, very noncomittal. They didn’t have a deal.

  12. What if Hayden and Enzo tells Matt he has the votes to stay, so Matt decides not to use his DPOV, to possibly use it for next week, when indeed they do vote to evict Matt. They might lose Matt’s vote in the jury house, but I bet you they’d get Brendons and Rachaels.

  13. The caption under Ragan’s picture above should read: “And to think, I gave up the opportunity to do a 3 month gig as a “Cagelle” in the current Broadway revival of “La Cage aux Folles” I should just “stick my head in the pool, take a deep breath and die!”

      1. Hey, BBGrandma! I guess we are both slummin’ around here this afternoon. It so hot here in Boston, just hanging in the AC and cleaning upmy computer files. Feelin a little better today? How’s Muc?

        1. Jimik60, thank you for asking about him. He is on the couch laying in front of the fan. I had a dentist appointment today and asked my grandson to come sit with him. The Vet told me that in his condition, he could easily have a heart attack if he got stressed. He can’t stand it if I leave. But, the dentist had to change my appointment. So, we are here on the net with you. It is hot here, too. Because it doesn’t get real hot here often, we don’t have air conditioning. We are trying to share the fan but he is bigger than me!

          1. Dear BBGrandma, oh my, it IS hot in Portland, I people say it always rained here! Maybe you can start getting bedclothes and undies set aside for when you must leave Muc’s side. I’m headed to the OR ocean later. Everything in PDX is within an hour and beautiful, you are fortunate!
            I am switching sides just like the houseguests (hate that term) and loving the drama, subtle as it is! Loved Brendon, hate him now along with Rachel. Hated Brit, love her now, but she is so sad. Loved Ragan, and still love Ragan. Loved Kathy, now she is just a user. Hayden and Lane, so so. Matt, loved, hated, and love again. & Love that my grams is involved in this site!!! You are the best, and a deep long Muc hug.

            1. Electra, we always tell people it rains here all the time, so, they won’t move here. But, we love visitors. It will be much cooler on the coast. That water is cold! Nothing like southern Calif. I still don’t have a favorite. You just keep switching, I like people that are indecisive. They keep me on my toes. Muc thanks you for the hug. And, my love back to you!

  14. brendon only one that does any thing rest just lays around eating farting sleeping and talking bad about him.meow meow and brit running around showing off that ugly body of hers. and cathy chain smoking get a life people hayden acts like he,s so sorry dead lice could drop off him.

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